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Friday 4th April 2008

The Shining City, Paisley Arts Centre, Rapture Theatre present a riveting, chilling, urban ghost story from multi-award winning author, Conor McPherson.
On leaving the priesthood, Ian sets himself up as a therapist. One of his first clients is John who, following the tragic death of his wife in a car accident, has repeatedly seen her ghostly figure. But surely it must be his imagination…
This humorous, haunting and fascinating play will have you gripped right up to the shocking twist in the tale., 7.30pm £8.50 (£5 conc)

Friday 4th April 2008

Kidston Kids Playgroup and Crafty Toddlers Open Morning, Kidston Hall, High Street, Kilmacolm, Would you (or the grandparents!) like to get involved in activities with your child? Are you new to the area and would like to make new friends? Drop in and find out how Kidston Kids can be fun for you and your child. To find out more contact Janet Johnston on 01505 612875, or Donna Hood on 01505 844901. 10am till 11am

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At last those in charge have now seen sense and Glasgow Airport is to be renamed Paisley International Airport as from next month, the move has been welcomed by Paisley Buddies worldwide and will be a unique way of putting Paisley, Scotland on the international arena for the first time ever.

Dr Joe King of Glasgow Airport said “Paisley deserves this more than Glasgow since Paisley’s brilliant and Glasgow is ……not as good as Paisley”

We spoke to a representative of Renfrewshire Council and Cllr I P Freely said “the town was awash with rumours about a possible take over of Glasgow Airport, but I can neither say these rumours are true nor are they false but the price of cheese sure is high these days”.

What do you think of the new name change?? please post your comments below and let me know if you think this will benefit the town.


We are nearly finished our Paisley and Renfrewshire events section and it will contain updated events on a regular basis hopefully for months in advance, but we need something from you.

We need you to tell us about your event or activity be it the annual dance to the weekly activities such as the local community hall bingo, the Boys Brigade, the Local Scout group, special events such as the Paisley Beer festival or Accord day and even tell us if you hear about an event that’s happening.

We will display your event or activity weekly or monthly depending on when it takes place this is a free way to publicise your event to thousands of people and boost your numbers, we can even display your event on our frontpage for a short time to highlight your event in the Paisley or Renfrewshire area and beyond.

All we need is some basic details.

  • The Name of the event
  • Where is it taking place, i.e Paisley, Johnstone, Linwood, Barrhead, Renfrew, Houston etc etc
  • The location of the event i.e Paisley Town Hall, Foxbar Community Centre etc
  • The time and date of the event and when it finishes
  • The description of the event and if there is a price or booking number
  • And also any special information that is attached to the event.

Remember it is free, send your event in by using the contact page on the paisley website


Paisley Town Hall

Paisley Beer Festival 2008 is coming!

The 21st Annual Paisley Beer Festival is coming to the town hall soon, Are you ready?
The festival opens on Wednesday 30th April and runs until Saturday 3rd May. Opening times as follows:
Wed 30th 5pm -11pm
Thu 1st 12pm -11pm
Fri 2nd 12pm – 12am
Sat 3rd 12pm – 9.30pm

Admission £5 / £3 concession Wed/Thurs, including a festival glass, program and free entry on any other days (just bring your glass along)

Entertainment – Friday: Medicinal Brew. Saturday: The Caledonian Brewery Pipe Band.

Attendance compulsory for Camra Members, We need Volunteers badly or this might be the Last Festival! Set up starts 28th, See you there!

For more information please visit CAMRA by clicking here. “I cant wait”


In an attempt to jump start the debate, Scottish composer Edward Cairney has put together a website containing 13 of his own anthems with the facility to vote for your top 3 personal choices.
For more details log on to

Sent in by Mhairi Heron..


I have been asked a few times ‘what is a blog?’ and what is its use in the Paisley website?

Well I will try and explain in layman’s terms, this blog is basically an online journal of an individual or individuals thoughts and wittering. I am trying to put things that cant be put into a section on a website into this blog, like the Chinese numbers, taxi numbers etc.

Also the blog can be written from anywhere and is archived in a chronological order from new listings at the top to oldest at the bottom.

Also I want people to comment or even write their own journals on here this way people who are visiting this website don’t get the view of one individual.

So how do you comment? well from the main paisley home page click on the header of the blog that is being listed and it will take you through to the new or blog page, at the bottom you will see your name, email and comment box so that you can write what you need to write “keep it clean” but please feel free.


I was at a meeting today in the Wynd Centre held by the Paisley vision board and hosted by the PR company that has been assigned to focus on the regeneration or brand Paisley to help regenerate the town.

The meeting was very positive and I’m sure that the Vision board have started on the right path to help revive Paisley and its fortunes.

I think the great thing about today was that there were so many passionate people who are proud of the town and  wished to change the town for the better, someone said and i loved this it was like a pregnancy and something was ready to be born… which is quite true.

Every one should now stop focusing on the negative aspects of Paisley’s past and now think to a future and focus totally on the positive aspects that make us proud Paisley buddies and are proud of our town.

We were asked what made two words we would use to describe Paisley I said historic and friendly. What two words would you say? use the comments form below to air your views..


If you are planning on visiting Paisley then getting about “or getting back from the pub” is a priority and you will be wanting to know the number of some local and trustworthy taxi /cab companies in Paisley and Renfrewshire.

  • Paisley Cab Co Ltd telephone number 0141 887 7770
  • Paisley Taxi’s “Hackney” 0141 884 5760 website
  • Airport Taxis telephone number 0141 848 4900
  • Paisley Radio Cars telephone number 0141 889 6677
  • Paisley and Glasgow Airport Taxi Owners Association “Hackneys”telephone number 0141 889 5050

Johnstone Taxis:

  • United Taxis telephone number 01505 331 555
  • Gryffe Taxis telephone number 01505 324 111
  • Johnstone Taxis telephone number 01505 321 444

Renfrew Taxis:

  • Clyde one cars telephone number  0141 886 7111
  • Arkleston Radio cars telephone number 0141 812 6666

If you are like me you order a carry out once a week or once a month depending on finances of course “or like my sister every night lol” .

But what is the best Chinese restaurant in Paisley? We go to a few including the Kwang Tung in George street, or Redcap on Broomlands street which is also excellent or the good old Happy Valley on Brediland Road which does a mean Chicken curry. We have tried loads of different ones “we will do Indian restaurants and Pizza soon”.

My Favourite is always the Kwang Tung, here are my favourites phone numbers just in case you want to try them out.

Kwang Tung, George street, Paisley. telephone number: 0141 889 9586

Redcap, Broomland street, Paisley. telephone number: 0141 849 1133

Happy Valley, Brediland Road, Paisley. telephone number: 01505 81 5336

Ruby, Broomlands street, Paisley. telephone 0141 889 2194

You also have favourites like the Ruby, but I want to know your favourite, leave your comments at the bottom of the page “email is only for verification purposes and wont be displayed.


Quick Cup

Have you ever been gasping for a cup of tea but can’t be bothered to boil up the kettle? This time is over thanks to Quick Cup, an extraordinary invention that serves hot or cool water in 3 seconds. It only heats the water you need and uses only a third of the energy of an ordinary kettle – so a great time, energy and money saver.

Patented Opti-Quick heating system for hot and cold water in 3 seconds

Energy Saving product: it consumes only 1/3 the energy of a standard kettle

Claris filter cartridge, fresh filtered water on tap

Versatile, perfect for any hot or cold drink or instant snacks


  Stainless Steel control panel
  Stylish design
  Flowstop system: Manual or automatic flow
  1.5L removable water tank Easy filling
  Cool touch body
  Anti-dust tank lid
  2800 W


If you want to Buy the Tefal Quick Cup click here and go to and use the online shop.