Paisley Photographs, official Paisley website containing Photographs of Paisley, Renfrewshire, Scotland with some superb videos of Paisley and the town.

Here are some photos of the afternoon session with the Fire Engine Rally in Gilmour Street and County Square, Paisley.

All photos are taken by Ian McDonald for

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Here is the second part of this amazing set of paisley Photographs showing the night sky over Paisley. All photos taken by Gary Chittick.

The ISS has made frequent passes over the Paisley night sky follow us on Twitter @paisleyorguk and we shall keep you up to date with sighting times.

  • First row of images shows the Aurora Borealis (looking West) from Paisley.
  • A selection of night sky, satellites, ISS and Renfrewshire scenery (usually black!!)

All photographs are taken by Gary Chittick and has kindly given permission for Paisley on the web to use.

Should you wish a copy of these images for print or for use then please contact us using the contact button in the top menu and we will pass on your details to Gary.

Here is a collection of some amazing photographs taken over Paisley during the weekend of the Perseid Meteor Shower over Paisley.
All photographs are taken by Gary Chittick and has kindly given permission for Paisley on the web to use.

Should you wish a copy of these images for print or for use then please contact us using the contact button in the top menu and we will pass on your details to Gary.

All images are taken from Glennifer Braes.

  • Image 1  the Perseid Meteor Shower
  • Image 2  the Milky way
  • Image 3  the Big Dipper
  • Image 4  the ISS a Satellite and an Aeroplane all in one photo.

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A dancing flashmob checked in at Glasgow Airport today (Monday 13 August) to launch a six week campaign which celebrates the best of Scottish food, drink, culture and entertainment.

More than one million passengers will pass through Glasgow Airport during the Best of Scotland campaign, which will showcase the best tastes, sights and sounds the country has to offer.

Today 26 young dancers from the Ballochleam Dance Troupe in Falkirk gave a short flashmob performance for passengers and staff in the terminal building to launch the campaign. The troupe is a member of the Scottish Official Highland Dancing Association (SOHDA).

Some of Scotland’s most iconic brands and successful exports including Irn Bru, Tunnocks, Mackie’s ice cream and Harris Tweed will be exhibiting in the airport over the coming weeks while a series of musical, theatrical and comedic performances create a carnival atmosphere in the terminal during one of the busiest periods of the year.

The campaign also celebrates Glasgow Airport’s ongoing multi-million pound refurbishment programme which has seen the recent arrival of new retail and catering units.

Amanda McMillan, managing director of Glasgow Airport, said: “Glasgow Airport is for many, their first and last impression of Scotland and our Best of Scotland campaign is a great way to celebrate Scottish produce and culture while also providing entertainment for our passengers.

“In addition to reminding Scots what is great about our country, the various events and live performances we have planned will hopefully make a real and lasting impression on the tens of thousands of people visiting Glasgow during August and September.

“It is also a fantastic opportunity to highlight the improvements we have been making to the airport over the course of the past 18 months, during which time we have invested millions of pounds in enhancing our retail facilities to deliver an improved service to our customers.”

In 2011, Glasgow Airport invested almost £12 million in capital projects designed to provide a better experience for passengers and a further £9 million is being spent this year on airside developments and further improvements to the fabric of the terminal.

All photographs taken by Tracey Clements for Paisley, photographs are copyright of

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paisley 10k

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Gerry Rafferty Gig

Taken by Alex Kyle for

Stars take to home-town stage for Gerry Rafferty tribute

Paisley Abbey

All Paisley Abbey Photographs taken by Various Paisley Photographers

Paisley Town Hall

All Paisley Town Hall Photographs taken by Various Paisley Photographers

Thomas Coats Memorial Church

All Thomas Coats Memorial Church Photographs taken by various Paisley Photographers

Emirates super jumbo A380 10th April 2014

Emirates super jumbo A380 touched down in the city at 12.45pm.

This is the first time the impressive double-decker airbus has handed on Scottish soil.

Glasgow Airport tweeted: “@GLA_Airport the first Scottish airport to welcome an A380. Thanks @emirates.”

Spectators across the city took to the social network to share their images of the multi-million plane as it circled overhead before descending.

The airbus is piloted by Iain Weir from Clydebank and is visiting the city to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Emirates introducing flights between Glasgow and Dubai.

David Muir from Paisley Captured these excellent shots from Paisley. (first 6)

Ian McDonald Captured the 7th Image of the A380 in flight.

Glasgow Airport Captured 11th-12th of the A380 images.

Mark Harkin posted the remainder of the images of the A380.

Paisley Mill’s Photographs

All Paisley Mill Photographs taken by Various Paisley photographers.

Paisley High Church

All Paisley High Church Photographs taken by Various Paisley Photographers.