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When you are over-restrictive with your diet it can cause you to eat excessively and doing this often can lead to a bad habit, weight gain, and be detrimental to health. –


Here are five tips to help you stop overeating.


1  If you are always hungry your body is trying to tell you something . Increase your calories to get rid of food cravings and raise your metabolism.

2 There is no reason you can’t enjoy your favourite foods in moderation . By allowing yourself to eat the foods you enjoy can stop you from overeating. One piece of chocolate a day is better than several large bars a few times a week.

3 Having a cheat day can lead to a bad relationship with food . Get rid of binge days and allow yourself to have a few treats throughout the week so that you will feel satisfied.

4 Being too strict with your diet can be unsustainable, and sacrifices will have to be made, eating with family and friends etc. This can have a negative effect on the relationship you have with food. Instead, try to follow a balanced diet that includes health foods and foods that you enjoy Unless you have a short term goal that you are pushing for.

5 Never go shopping hungry!

6 You can look into many well prepared calculated diets at GetLeanerToday

Going shopping hungry can lead to you buying instant easy made foods and junk foods because you need to eat something fast. You could end up with a cupboard full of biscuits 😆


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For Personal training enquiries or any more nutritional information DM or email briansheapt@gmail.com

rays of hope

What to say when silence has been my solace?

Where to go when I’ve been all over the place?

Will the tears ever stop rolling down my face?

When will I  learn to walk with grace?

Now I’ve found Rays of Hope

With their support I know Ill cope

Cancer conquered, a future altered,

Walking forward, she faltered.

Falling to her knees…

Give me strength, she begged.

Give me what I need to cope.

And God delivered



RAYS of HOPE is a Cancer Support Group established in 2015 to help anyone who has had cancer. We provide a safe, confidential environment where you can openly talk about your cancer to others who have had a similar experience. We support you through difficulties following a diagnosis, whether they are emotional, practical or physical, and hope to help you turn a negative experience into a more positive one and help you regain control of your life.


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Here are five ways to stay motivated and keep yourself moving! –


▪️Set a fitness goal.

If you have a clear idea of what you’re working towards and what you want to accomplish it’s a big step in keeping you motivated. Keep focused on your target and keep working for it! –


▪️Track your progress.

Keep a record of your workouts, your progress and results. On the days you feel like you’re not making any progress you can look back and see how far you’ve come. Knowing that all the work you’ve put in so far is paying off should be enough to keep you moving forward. –


▪️Work out in a class or a group.

One of the benefits of working out in a group is that the others know when your slacking. Staying accountable to each other and even adding in a little bit of competition will give you the extra support and motivation needed on the days you just can’t be bothered moving off of the couch. –


▪️Stay Accountable.

Check your progress and revisit your goals regularly. By training in a group or hiring a trainer will give you the extra accountability. having others push you on that extra bit will help to keep the motivation level up


▪️ Make it fun!

Enjoy what you do. If you don’t like something eventually you will stop doing it. Find an activity you like to stay active. Mix up your workouts now and again. Set mini-challenges to keep things more interesting. Compete with yourself to get one more rep than last time, run a distance a little faster than last week, or lift a little heavier. –


Motivation won’t always be there. Make exercise part of your daily routine and it will become a habit.


For any fitness/nutritional questions or for Personal training enquiries direct message Facebook / Instagram or email briansheapt@gmail.com

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iconic fitness

If you are just starting out and struggling with your overall goal and finding it difficult. Try to slow it down instead of trying to change everything at once take things one step at a time , break it down and once a new habit is in place add another.

iconic fitness

1/Focus on your food. Try to eat single ingredient foods and home-cooked regular meals. Create a small calorie deficit and try to build a routine.

2/Improve your sleep. Sleep has a big role in performance, recovery, mood and adherence to any plan . So work on getting enough sleep. – –

3/Make exercise a habit. You don’t need to try and commit to five-six days a week, make time to exercise once/twice a week, and as your fitness improves and your lifestyle changes momentum will pick up and you will be training every day before you know it. Even 20-30 minutes a day is a start. Make time!

4/Stick to a simple plan . The basics will always work best! Keep your plan simple and easy to follow. Get good at the basic exercises that will be best suited towards your goal. I would suggest learning and working on your compound lifts.

5/Progressive overload Make sure that you are progressing with your plan and lifts, you should be getting stronger. Increase your weights whenever you are hitting your desired reps of weight easily, this will ensure you are putting the correct amount of stress on the muscle for progression.

6/Permanent Change. Once you have made a small change over time it will be easier to make it a long-lasting change and all the small changes will add up to being able to achieve your overall goal. Be consistent and patient.

For more information making a change to your diet or nutrition and for all personal training enquiries email briansheapt@gmail.com or DM direct –

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Iconic Fitness

The benefits of exercise are well documented, mental and physical health, stress relief, weight loss, toning and strengthening the body to recover from injury and prevent escalation of existing conditions, all of these are great reasons to exercise and to get, and stay, fit.

Iconic Fitness

Of course you can do all of these without joining a gym, you tube now has millions of video tutorials that’ll lead you through countless exercise routines and Amazon will deliver everything you need to turn your lonely bedsit into a fully equipped workout zone.


Apparently there are even yoga classes online, some of them are even interactive where the teacher can see your down dog and offer suggestions on your padangusthasana that you can ignore in the privacy of your own bedroom.


So why even leave your house, journey to a gym, expose that feeble unexercised body to the silent critique of everyone else in the room, why put yourself through that?


Simply, because it works.


The support network in a gym is fantastic, the shared knowledge you receive from fellow members and staff is amazing, and mostly free.


At Iconic we have a wide range of equipment that allows you to tone and strengthen every part of the body, the fully adjustable kit can take you from feeble noodle wristed beginner to vest ripping strongman in no time, whether you prefer resistance machines or heavier plated rigs the choice is yours.


And as for company, the theraputic benefits of exercise within a class session are well documented, the support you receive from fellow class members to spur you on to achieve you best results is worth the entry fee alone, combine this with the training being offered from experienced, trained instructors and it’s a no brainer, the wide variety of classes on offer at Iconic ensures you’re never going to run out of inspiration to push yourself to your limits, and maybe push those limits too.


And video yoga?


It’s ok, not as good as the real thing though.


Full details of memberships, class times and prices are available on our website:




Hope to see you all soon.


Xiu Yang (pronounced ‘sheow yaang’) is the Chinese art of self-cultivation. For centuries the aims of xiu yang have been improved health, a long and happy life and harmony with the natural world.


When flying, the instruction for a sudden decrease in cabin pressure is to fix your own mask first, then help others, in first aid the first thing you are trained to do is check for danger to yourself before attempting to help someone else, and on the battlefield every soldier knows to use the field dressings of the injured soldier before breaking into your own.

Before we can be of use to others we have to cultivate a culture of self care, take care of yourself and then you can begin to look outward and see if there is anyone else needing care or attention.

Self care is more than an occasional visit to a spa or a pizza, it should be practiced continuously so that it becomes as natural as breathing – in fact practising breathing is one of the first things we do in yoga – deep nourishing breaths into the lungs and a full exhale to remove any toxins and waste products from the lungs and the body.

In her recent book “Xiu Yang – Self-Cultivation for a Happier, Healthier and Balanced Life” Mimi Kuo-Deemer explains how to  really take care of oneself from the context of the Dao, the religious and ethical teachings of the Chinese, through yoga and qigong and suggestions of appropriate foods she sets out a daily schedule of diet, exercise and philosophy to bring the body and mind into harmony with nature.

This is exactly the same as the philosophy behind Seasonal Yoga.

In Seasonal yoga we work with the traditions of Chinese Medicine – the five elements, and the body clock – to bring the body and mind into harmony not only with the seasons but also with the time of day.

The gentle exercise that yoga and qigong provide ensures that the body maintains its functionality throughout life, and can extend the life of the body well beyond the usual boundaries of modern living.

Through yoga, breathing, mindfulness and movement we can firm up the body, loosen tight joints and ensure a clear run of energy (qi in TCM or prana in yoga terms) through the body keeping the organs nourished and vital and removing waste products efficiently and effectively.

By taking care of ourselves we can ensure we’ll still be around to take care of others for a while yet.




I used to hate summer, it’s hot, I’m fat, you can’t get to sleep because it’s too hot, if you go outside insects bite you or you burn to a crisp in the sunlight, even when it rains it’s not proper rain, it’s rubbish hot summer rain so that you have to put on a kagool and get even hotter.
Then I got into yoga and Summer Yoga is the best, not just because it’s the season my final exam was based on and it’s the one I know best, no, not at all, ahem…
in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) summer is associated with the element of Fire (the best element), the organs Heart and Small Intestine (nurture and nutrients) and with midday (lunch, wee nap on the grass, take off you’re tie if you still live in the eighties).
In yoga terms it’s the season of big energetic postures and flows, wild thing, rockstar, power yoga and strong fast-moving vinyasas that build up strength and energy, then relaxing restorative headstands and handstands to calm the system and promote deep restful sleep.
It’s a time of connection, connecting with yourself and with others, stay up late, meet up with old friends, make new friends, dance naked in the moonlight, make more new friends after those ones ran away at the suggestion of dancing naked in the moonlight.
Food wise it’s a time for eating little and often, lots of crisp stir fried veg, fish, white meat, avoid red meat which introduces heat to the body and use lots of spices and chillis which dispel heat, similarly don’t put ice in your drink –  the body can’t absorb cold liquid and has to heat it up before it can get any benefit, making you warmer, not cooler.
And summer is a time for taking care of yourself, go for long walks, join a gym (iconic fitness in Lawn St is only £20 a month rolling membership, no joining fee www.iconic.fitness/join) take your yoga mat outside or enjoy more classes – yoga every day at iconic – www.iconic.fitness/schedule for details. You could take up a new hobby, read more, make the changes you planned in Spring, build new memories to get you through those long winter nights, which, thankfully aren’t too far away – what! It’s still too hot, I’m still fat, I love the yoga bit but the rest of summer is still rubbish…
See you on the mat
There can be no growth without leaving your comfort zone, they say, well Saturday 15 June 2019 saw 20 of Iconic’s members leave their comfort zones and venture south to Drumlanrig Castle to take part in the Tough Mudder event.
“Tough Mudder is and endurance event series in which participants attempt an 8 to 10-mile long obstacle course tattiest mental and physical strength. It was co-founded by Will Dean, a former British counter-terrorism officer and Guy Livingstone, a former corporate lawyer. the obstacles play on common human fears, such as fire, water, electricity and heights. The Tough Mudder organisation values camaraderie throughout the course, designing obstacles that encourage group participation.” Wikipedia
A combination of a cross country run, with extra mud, an assault course with electric fences, and mud, climbing ropes, with mud, cargo nets over mud, monkey bars, with mud, freezing cold water, with mud and mud, with extra mud thrown in.
Iconic PT James Miller had prepared the team well training way in advance, James is no stranger to Tough Mudder having completed the course last year along with other Iconic members Angela Little, Mia Mortimer andMartin Millar (who used a trip to Uganda to build a school as an excuse to avoid this years event), under James excellent tutelage they were ready to take on any obstacle, no matter how high, how wet, how muddy, how physically and mentally challenging, so forewarned if not forearmed  we set off from Lawn St, in an excellent luxury coach organised by the excellent luxury John Rae, a two hour journey to the dark heart of Dumfriesshire.
Bit drizzly on arrival we bundled together and got through the registration process, got our team start time of one o’clock and made last minute preparations for the race, wrote letters to loved ones, completed the wills forms that the chaplains passed out, sorry no, that was D-day, we were just running up a hill in the mud.
I’ll get the obstacles out of order but from the start they were a stretch, a rope climb, a ducking under three huge pipes, hurdling over straw bales, and then it got worse! Swinging from ropes, electric shocks, having to be carried for 50 Metres (thanks Mia), you get the idea, it was muddy and wet and cold, weather was nice though I got a lovely beetroot coupon as you can see below, thanks also to our support team Craig, Fiona and Katie who popped up occasionally with cider and chocolate.
Twenty of us started, aged between 16 and 56, and I’m happy to say 20 of us finished after an afternoon of laughter, terror, pain, cooperation that I’ve never seen before, both from team members and from complete strangers, when faced with a 15 foot high barrier to have 2 Edinburgh Bikers say “stand on me” was the one way any of us were getting over!
Money raised for charity at time of writing stands at an amazing £5000, achieved the unacheivable, had one of the most insane days of my life and enjoyed every minute of it.
Would I do it again?
Aye, right, it’s called a comfort zone for a reason!!!

The light in me acknowledges the light in you, or Namaste, for short.
How are we all this week? As we move into summer, late nights, warmer weather, a chance to connect more with others and with ourselves, in theory anyway, even if the weather doesn’t quite agree.
Anyway, as Sir Billy Connelly would say, “there’s no such thing as bad weather, put your coat on and shut up”. Probably.

In seasonal yoga we talk about the organs that are connected with the various seasons of the year, for early summer (21 May to 21 June) the organs are the pericardium and the triple heater.

Have you just made up a season, and an organ? you may ask, no, I haven’t, honest it’s a thing.

The triple heater is the name given to the connective tissues of the body, the fascia, microfascia, tendons, cartilage and all the other wee gristly bits that hold the body together.

Like the sma’ shot, the tiny threads that hold woven fabric together, the triple heater holds the body together, muscles are attached to tendons which attach to cartilage which attaches to bone, without that connection you can flex all you like but nothing’s going to move.

So, why are you telling us all this, weirdo, you ask, again, interrupting me.

This is the season of connecting, see, connection, connecting, connectivity – there is a point to this.

Holding poses for longer periods in yoga strengthens and lubricates the fascia, the muscles are encouraged to switch off and allow the tendons etc to get a good stretch and their own turn at the synovial fluid that oils up the movements of the body, without that fluid, connections become adhesions, things that should slide, stick, and when they stick they tear, and tearing a tendon is never good.

So keep moving, keep connecting and keep it seasonal.

See you on the mat.

Em, excuse me.. pericardium?

What, oh aye. It’s the thick bag of sinew that the heart lives in, keeping it safe and protected, it’s part of the triple heater too, see, connections!!

Morning yogis, it’s me again, blethering about mental health and why it matters, and, of course, how yoga can help.

So, there’s two parts to your nervous system – the sympathetic Flight or Fight part that’s the reptile brain the bit that saves you from being eaten by a bear, and the parasympathetic Rest and Recover, the bit that helps you heal, digest your food, maintain your mental and physical health, for want of a better term – the useful bit.

Sympathetic is good but I’m not likely to get eaten by a bear, and my reptile brain hasn’t evolved to realise that just because the man in front of me has put his fish at a weird angle on the conveyor belt and if he’d just straightened it slightly I could get my whole basket laid out neatly and properly and I wouldn’t have to still have this cheese in the basket and now someone’s put their stuff down on the end of the thing and I can’t….

That sympathetic response is fine, muscles are primed for running or fighting, pupils dilated to take in any movement and make full use of the available light, breath is shortened, blood pulls back to support the muscles, heart rate increases, adrenalin floods the system.
All done unconsciously, led by the wee lizard at the controls.

So how does yoga help, baldy? you ask.
I’ll tell you, but don’t call me baldy, I was just about to fight a bear in Morrisons, you’ve no chance.

Yoga puts You back in charge, not the wee lizard, not the wee bunny that runs the parasympathetic either, YOU, the essential being that is YOU.
What? How? Who’re you calling YOU? 

You can control the body’s response to stress, breathing, controlled and moderated, releases the tension brought on by the stress response, conscious mindful control of what’s going on inside will calm the system and put you back in charge.
There are loads of helpful strategies to bring you back from the edge of a panic attack, the most effective one is breathing, Take Control of your Breath and you take back control of your body and of your self.
A wee free exercise for you: breathe in for a count of two, then out for a count of four, keep going, if two’s not enough try three in and six out, controlled, breathing through the nose deep into the lungs, keep going, increase it to four if you have to but that’s a long exhale at eight, if you’re going for five in try five out, feeling calmer? how about six and six, too much, go back to two and four, or anywhere in between, you’re in control.
That’s yoga.


iconic fitness

Family memberships available at iconic fitness Lawn St Paisley. Mother and daughter team Moira and Mia have lost 6 stone between them since joining iconic gym.

iconic fitness

They exercise 5 times a week and are loving the gym and classes but most of all their Personal Trainer James Miller who is a family friend and a world class PT. Moira and Mia are taking part in the Tough Mudder Challenge in June and cannot wait to get stuck into the obstacles.

Iconic fitness is a family friendly gym where the staff and clients get along great supporting each other to get outstanding results. Moira and Mia’s journey continues.

Please join at www.iconic.fitness/join from £15/month. Non members most welcome at classes, check out our schedule to book at www.iconic.fitness/schedule


iconic. – not just another gym. At iconic they help create an active and healthy community.

I’ve been asked in the past year “Mhairi, with so many gyms around, why do you go to iconic.?”

There is not one definitive answer. The reasons are many why I choose this diamond in the rough.

I may go off on a tangent, so please bear with me…….

Fiona, female gym owner. Marathon runner. Personal trainer. A mother. A friend. Motivator. Enthusiastic. Conscientious. Redefining the idea of working out in Paisley town centre. Designing a lifestyle brand to turn an exercisintoto an enjoyable routine. The right attitude and lots of energy!

Harry, James and Martin. Personal Trainers at iconic. All extremely focused, committed and knowledgeable. Notable results. Observing, learning and inventing new ways to challenge, inspire and bring fun and excitement in an ever expanding fitness market.


iconic. members. All ages, shapes, weight, sizes, goals and reasons for being there. Non-judgemental. Motivate, praise and encourage. Ignore how disgusting I look (and smell!) post workout.

On a very personal note, I started back training at the end of 2017 after being quite ill for a number of years. Exercise and strength training had always been my “go to”, my “sanctuary” but being poorly meant I could no longer escape. After being given the all clear from my consultant in Nov 2017, I started at iconic. and I’ve never looked back. I’m back to the old me. The me I’d never thought I’d ever find again. My health has improved. I’m on less medication. I’ve lost weight. I’ve gained a new sense of me. Gained friends, knowledge and a belief. These are all things money can’t buy.

So, this is my snapshot of “why I go” and also “why I’ll stay” at iconic. Yes it’s not quite the finished shiny gym that you see popping up ten a penny. Yes it got things that could be better. But that’s part of the appeal and charm. This coupled with the knowledge that I know Fiona is in this for the long haul. She has a vision and is committed to delivering it. It’s not a “one size fits all” attitude. It’s a determination and energy which is also reflected in the whole iconic. team.

I would recommend iconic. in a heartbeat to anyone looking to improve their fitness goals with a dedicated and knowledgeable team.