retail unit available to let in Paisley, 39 Gauze Street. Please see the details below and pictures attached.

Retail unit to let in Paisley, 39 Gauze Street – ideal as a coffee shop, take away, beauty or barber/hairdresser space, estate agency etc.

The space size is 850 sqft and is available to let just now.

Please call on 0141 843 4211 to get more details! 


MIRREN COURT, 119 – 123 Renfrew Road, Paisley
Mirren Chambers, 41 Gauze Street, Paisley

A variety of different offices available at Mirren Business Centres in Paisley suitable for small businesses up to larger business requirements.


Both our locations benefit from:

  • Private car parking
  • Excellent access to public transport and M8
  • On Site Management
  • Passengers lift
  • Double glazed windows and gas central heating
  • Bright spacious meeting room facilities
  • Wide range of amenities nearby.

We offer very competitive terms and if you wish to relocate we would be delighted to provide you further information or arrange a viewing.

Please feel free to give us a call 0141 843 4211 or contact us by email

Martha Reeves

SCOTLAND’S first café inside a Primark store has opened at intu Braehead shopping centre.

Shoppers can now buy a cappuccino along with their chinos, a latte with their T-shirt or a bite of pitta pizza with their newly-purchased polo shirt.

The Primarket Café is serving all kinds of coffee and cold drinks along with toasties, paninis, pitta pizzas, waffles, cakes and other sweet treats to sit in the café’s comfortable surroundings or to take away.

Primark is also making sure their café is environmentally friendly by using takeaway cups that are 100 per cent compostable and if customers bring their own takeaway cup, they’ll get ten pence off the cost of the drink.

The coffee is sourced directly from smaller coffee bean farmers around the world paying a fair price to cover all production costs and making sure the quality of the coffee is high.

And in a bid to cut back on the amount of plastics being discarded, the Primarket Café allows customers to refill their water bottles for free.

Marketing manager for intu Braehead, David Lyon said: “The new Primarket Café within the Primark store at intu Braehead is the first of its kind in Scotland.

“It’s a great idea to give shoppers a place to have a coffee and a chat with friends inside one of our most popular stores.

“You can’t beat a refreshing cup of tea or coffee after a shopping session!”

C-Jay Dickson, aged three, from Renfrew meets Marshall from Paw Patrol

MORE than a thousand youngsters turned up at the intu Braehead shopping centre yesterday (Saturday) to meet their TV cartoon heroes.

All 600 tickets that each admitted two children and an adult to the meet and greet event with Paw Patrol’s Chase and Marshall were snapped up in just three hours.

C-Jay Dickson, aged three, from Renfrew meets Marshall from Paw Patrol

And the lucky youngsters with tickets were shown how to move like their favourite characters by taking part in Pup-Pup Boogie dance masterclasses.

The fun PAW Patrol experience is visiting the shopping centre as part of a tour of intu destinations across the UK.

Marketing manager at intu Braehead, David Lyon said: “You could see how excited the kids were to meet the Chase and Marshall cartoon characters.

“We had an incredible response when we announced the event was taking place.

C-Jay Dickson, aged three, from Renfrew meets Marshall from Paw Patrol

“The characters were at intu Braehead throughout the day and although we had 600 tickets snapped up very quickly, many other familiies came along so their children could catch a glimpse of the Paw Patrol heroes.”




ReMode ReLocate – Sale Night

After a fun year at UWS we’re moving on to pastures new as our programme in Paisley grows and develops.  Come along for a Sale Night & Social and pick up some bargains as we say goodbye to the space and share our plans for the future. Take a look at the £1, £2 and £3 clearance rails!

Friday 9th August 6.30pm – 8.30pm   ReMode@SAUWS, Storie Street, Paisley


Redress Programme Launch 

Old friends or new to ReMode, we’d love you to join us for this event where we’ll be sharing more details about our programme of work for the coming year.  There will be film screenings plus rails of ReMode and Upcycled clothing to browse. And some refreshments too! 

Saturday 31st August  7pm – 9pm, ReMode Lochwinnoch


Meddle & Make

A regular set of make, mend and upcycle workshops led by experienced designers and makers. Bring along a garment you would like to adjust to a new size, mend with some beautifying embroidery, adapt a hem or add a new zipper.  Or maybe you have an ambitious make project you’d like some advice about?

Once we’ve helped you get started, feel free to come back and carry on your project at one of our drop in sessions!

Thursday 8th August 7pm – 9pm Brew Paisley, 3 County Place PA1 2BN*

Wednesday 4th September 7pm – 9pm Remode Lochwinnoch

Thursday 3rd October 7pm – 9pm Brew Paisley, 3 County Place PA1 2BN*


* The café will be open throughout the workshop


Make Workshop: Fashion Jigsaws

Join us for this 2 session course in colourful and creative upcycling.  You will be shown how to design and make a one-of-a-kind garment using ‘jigsaw’ elements from donated garments.  Select from sleeves, collars, pockets and cuffs to combine in your own unique design. I

t’s free to take part.  You can either choose to leave your creation with us to be sold in our shop, or take it away with you for £20. (or use membership tokens as part-payment)

Thursday 22nd & Thursday 29th August 6.30pm – 9.30pm Brew Paisley



Make Workshop: Bomber jackets

In this 2 session course, you will work alongside our specialist designers to learn how to make an on-trend bomber jacket.

Using upcycled fabrics you’ll be shown how to work with a pattern to create and sew a lined and stylish jacket. 

It’s free to take part.  You can either choose to leave your creation with us to be sold in our shop, or take it away with you for £20. (or use membership tokens as part-payment)

Places limited – booking essential

Thursday 19th & Friday 26th September 6.30pm – 9.30pm ReMode, Lochwinnoch



07340 910852

Facebook remodeyouth

Instagram remode_youth

Twitter @ReModeIt

aesthetic suites

Aesthetic Suites are delighted to introduce our latest treatment!


Fat dissolving treatment


Aqualyx can be administer by injection in the face and body; chin, jowls, stomach, muffin-top, bingo wings,  buttocks and knees

Aqualyx is a water-based solution that is injected into fatty tissue, surrounds the cell and destroys them. The remains of the fat cell are excreted by the body safely as waste.  This treatment is used for people who want to get rid of stubborn areas of fat in their faces and bodies and is clinically proven for these purposes.
aesthetic suites
Must ONLY be administered by fully trained medical professionals, this solution contains local anaesthetic

Aqualyx requires a particular injection technique that must be administered correctly to attain extremely good results.

Introductory offers available for chin area £150

Please note: Aqualyx is not a substitute for diet and exercise; Consultation required by our highly trained nurse-led team

Phone: 01412371750
Location: Mirren One, 119 Renfrew Road, Paisley
Iconic Fitness

The benefits of exercise are well documented, mental and physical health, stress relief, weight loss, toning and strengthening the body to recover from injury and prevent escalation of existing conditions, all of these are great reasons to exercise and to get, and stay, fit.

Iconic Fitness

Of course you can do all of these without joining a gym, you tube now has millions of video tutorials that’ll lead you through countless exercise routines and Amazon will deliver everything you need to turn your lonely bedsit into a fully equipped workout zone.


Apparently there are even yoga classes online, some of them are even interactive where the teacher can see your down dog and offer suggestions on your padangusthasana that you can ignore in the privacy of your own bedroom.


So why even leave your house, journey to a gym, expose that feeble unexercised body to the silent critique of everyone else in the room, why put yourself through that?


Simply, because it works.


The support network in a gym is fantastic, the shared knowledge you receive from fellow members and staff is amazing, and mostly free.


At Iconic we have a wide range of equipment that allows you to tone and strengthen every part of the body, the fully adjustable kit can take you from feeble noodle wristed beginner to vest ripping strongman in no time, whether you prefer resistance machines or heavier plated rigs the choice is yours.


And as for company, the theraputic benefits of exercise within a class session are well documented, the support you receive from fellow class members to spur you on to achieve you best results is worth the entry fee alone, combine this with the training being offered from experienced, trained instructors and it’s a no brainer, the wide variety of classes on offer at Iconic ensures you’re never going to run out of inspiration to push yourself to your limits, and maybe push those limits too.


And video yoga?


It’s ok, not as good as the real thing though.


Full details of memberships, class times and prices are available on our website:


Hope to see you all soon.

Doors Open Days 2019

From medieval underground structures and buildings steeped in history, to allotments, fire stations and music schools, there will be plenty to celebrate about Renfrewshire at Doors Open Days (link is to 2012 photos enjoy) 2019.

Doors Open Days 2019

On Saturday 7 and Sunday 8 September, venues all over Renfrewshire – many of which do not normally allow access to what’s going on behind the scenes – will throw open their doors and invite people to delve deeper into their history.

Doors Open Days is Scotland’s largest free festival that celebrates heritage and the built environment, old and new. This year marks the 30th anniversary of Doors Open Day nationally, with more than 1000 buildings set to open across the country.

This year in Renfrewshire, more than 50 venues will welcome people of all ages across the weekend.

Many of the old Doors Open Days favourites – including Sma’ Shot Cottages and Paisley Abbey – are getting involved again this year, and a few new venues have stepped up to share their stories.

There will also be the opportunity to see inside Paisley’s medieval Abbey Drain. Look out for more detail on that in the coming weeks.

Renfrewshire Provost Lorraine Cameron is encouraging people of all ages to get involved across the weekend.

Doors Open Days Lamont Farm

Provost Cameron said: “We’re so lucky here in Renfrewshire to have such a fantastic array of beautiful, historic buildings, but we don’t often get the chance to see what goes on behind the scenes.

“Doors Open Days is a great opportunity for people of all ages to find out more about these buildings and to hear stories about our culture and heritage which will help inform our future.

“Venues have organised a brilliant range of activities across the weekend and learning will definitely be fun.

“Major events like this are great for the local economy as they get people out and about and spending money with local traders.

“We should be very proud of our history and heritage here in Renfrewshire and I hope that people of all ages take time out to get involved.”

Activities will be taking place in Paisley, Renfrew, Linwood, Johnstone, Lochwinnoch, Kilbarchan, Bridge of Weir, Houston, Erskine and Inchinnan.

Doors Open Days is coordinated nationally by the Scottish Civic Trust and is part of European Heritage Days supported by Historic Environment Scotland.

A full list of venues can be viewed online at

For a look forward to what’s coming up across Renfrewshire visit or

aesthetic suites


Treating Hyperhidrosis – Addressing a common but not so familiar problem

There are some health issues which, while not being serious, are widely known and offer clearly defined treatment paths. Then there are conditions like Hyperhidrosis
..despite affecting between one and three in every 100 people in the UK remains largely unknown and leaves patients struggling to identify viable solutions.
aesthetic suites
This is a condition that causes people to sweat excessively, It can also become a huge source of embarrassment, stress and anxiety when left untreated. Although it most commonly affects your underarms and the palms of your hand, it can afflict the entire body and leave people struggling to live their everyday lives.
At aesthetic suites our medical experience and training enables us to fully recognise this condition allowing us to deliver a suitable treatment for sufferers. This is how it works:
aesthetic suites

You will attend an initial consultation to discuss the extent of your condition and to ensure that you’re suitable for treatment. We’ll also make sure that you’re not allergic to any substances that we use as part of the treatment plan.
Similar to our anti-wrinkle treatment, we’ll then superficially inject Botulinum Toxin Type A into your underarm region.
You may begin to notice that excess sweat production has ceased within one week of treatment, while a single set of injections will deliver results that last for up to 6 months.
aesthetic suites
This simple treatment is both clinically safe and effective, with a personalised plan of action laid out during your initial, no obligation consultation.


Sweating is just the human body’s way of cooling down known as thermoregulation.
A normal adult will sweat from the eccrine glands up to a maximum of around 2_4 litres per hour or 10_14 litres per day, dependant on exertion and hot weather, which will cause people to produce more sweat than normal inactivity and a cooler environment. Unfortunately, in some people this mechanism of thermoregulation is broken and becomes overactive, with the body sweating 4 or 5 times more than needed as it attempts to cool down .