It may only be August, but RAMH have already announced the date and venue for their Christmas Fair! The event will be held on Saturday 7th December from 11.30am-3.30pm at Holy Trinity & St Barnabas Church (between Paisley Sheriff Court & Gilmour Street Station).
We will have shopping, live music, a festive bake sale, refreshments and various other entertainments still to be confirmed. It is family friendly and free to attend.
We have had lots of interest so far, but we are still looking for some more local businesses who would like to take a stall for the shopping part of the event (boutiques, jewellers, gifts & crafts, etc)
 *The stalls are £15.00 each*
For more information or to book a stall, contact
We hope to see you all there!
Dee Dental Paisley

5 County Place

Dinah is a friendly happy and energetic Dentist who always has a smile for her patients!

dee dental paisley

She has been a qualified Dentist since- 2013 is also qualified in Botox and dermal fillers since 2015 in Perth and Glasgow. We also provide private adult braces, mini smile makeovers and also implant restorations with a strong link with the Centre for implant dentistry.

In June 2019 Dr Dinah Naasan followed her dream and took over the practice at 5 County Place in Paisley and willing to make it one of the best dentists in paisley! With her kind and caring nature putting new and existing, anxious or nervous patients at ease within the first appointment of meeting her and starting treatment.

Our practice features 1 Dentist at the current moment even though we are a 3-surgery practice, in the future we will expand and have more Dentists available for a wide range of treatments.

Elaine who has been a massive part of this practice for 25 years is a Qualified dental nurse and Practice manager with a great rapport with our existing patients who have decided to stay with us after the takeover to our delight!

Jackie who has been a part of the practice since July is a Qualified Dental Nurse since January 2018 and a Qualified Childsmile nurse since June 2019.

All of our team are bubbly friendly and approachable individuals who are able to give a wide range of advice and information on all treatments we offer here at our surgery.

So why not contact us today to get registered with us either by telephone on 0141 889 2741 or book on our website at

Also please like our Facebook page – Dee dental paisley to keep an eye out for our competitions for your chance to win dental goodies that can’t be missed!

MFG Bucket intu Braehead

THE iconic cartoon character Oor Wullie has been given a new name.

He’s been dubbed Oor Buddie after his statue in the middle of one of Scotland’s largest shopping centres had his shirt and dungarees painted in the famous Paisley Pattern design.

MFG Bucket intu Braehead

Staff at the intu Braehead shopping centre then gave Oor Wullie the new nickname and yesterday Renfrewshire Provost Lorraine Cameron visited the mall to see the Oor Buddie statue after its Paisley Pattern makeover.

The statue is on display in the mall until the end of this month after intu Braehead became one of the sponsors of the Oor Wullie’s BIG Bucket Trail to raise money for the Glasgow Children’s Hospital Charity.

The charity has also been given space in the mall to raise awareness and collect donations towards the vital work they do.

Provost Cameron said: “I’m proud to be a Buddie and it’s great to welcome such a famous character to our ranks.

“It was a great idea to have Oor Wullie dressed in Paisley Pattern clothes and to paint the wall behind the statue with iconic buildings in the town.”

Provost Cameron added: “I’m sure we’ll see Oor Buddie along with PC Murdoch, Fat Bob, Wee Eck and Soapy Soutar walking along Paisley’s High Street every weekend!”

As part of the sponsorship, intu Braehead also received a smaller statue that they have gifting to Riverbrae School, in Linwood for the pupils there to decorate with their own designs. This has also gone on display in the shopping centre before going back to the school.

Community development manager for intu Braehead, Lydia Brown said: “We thought we would jazz up Oor Wullie’s dungarees and shirt by giving them a Paisley Pattern design.

“And when we saw the fantastic results of the makeover it was obvious he needed a new name.

“We’ve had lots of people taking selfies and photographs of family and friends sitting on the bucket we’ve placed beside Oor Buddie, so he’s certainly been a very popular attraction in the centre.”

Glasgow Children’s Hospital Charity supports babies, children and young people being treated at the city’s Royal Hospital for Children. Other charities benefitting from Oor Wullie’s BIG Bucket Trail in other parts of Scotland are Edinburgh Children’s Hospital Charity and the ARCHIE Foundation.

Kirsten Sinclair, Chief Operating Officer at Glasgow Children’s Hospital Charity, said: “Oor Wullie’s BIG Bucket Trail has been such a hit with the public this summer, and we’re incredibly grateful to intu Braehead for their support in bringing a sculpture to the centre.

“It’s thanks to the generosity of sponsors that the trail has been made possible, and we hope that lots of trail-goers manage to visit the centre before the trail closes at the end of the month.

“The vital awareness and funds raised by the trail will help Glasgow Children’s Hospital Charity support nearly 200,000 patients each year, and we’re very grateful for everyone’s support.”

Prints and postcards of the statue have been created by the artist, Shona Heaney, which are on sale at charity’s pop-up shop at intu Braehead.

Dee Dental Paisley

5 County Place

Just across from Paisley Gilmour train station and The Last Post pub.

In June 2019 Dr Dinah Naasan took over the practice and has been modernising our surgeries and has introduced a fully computerized system with the very best in digital imaging. The practice has also had a makeover and we have invested in the best equipment to allow us to provide the highest level of care to our patients on the NHS and privately.

At Dee Dental we provide a range of services from routine dental exams right through to complex dental implants, braces, mini smile makeovers, cosmetic and aesthetic procedures and also teeth whitening.

Dr Dinah Naasan, a qualified dentist, is fully trained in anti-wrinkle treatments and dermal fillers and has been providing treatments since 2015 in both Glasgow and Perth.

We currently have our summer teeth whitening offer, with it only running until the end of August at this amazing price of £149 grab it while you can!! :D  t&c’s apply please do not hesitate to contact us to book in for a consultation on 0141 889 2741 or you can also book online at

Head on over to our facebook or Instagram page for more information, pictures and videos on our wide range of treatments and also keep an eye out for our competitions running on our facebook page!! :D  – Dee Dental Paisley

csr financial services

Colin Roe whom has just started up CSR Financial Services Colin writes.

I started my career In Property Management working with a well known Property Factor. After 9 Years I started with LET it and spent a further 20 Years growing now successful Letting Agents covering West Central Scotland.

csr financial services

Recently changes in the rental market have launched the business into Sales and Mortgage Advice which allow us to cover all aspects of property purchase from finance to sales, letting and business protection.

I have built a career on providing honest advice to clients and enjoy problem-solving for customers.

Must-know Tips to Move Out of State

So, have you decided to pack up all your entire home and moving out of the state? Though moving out of state is an easy decision but making it a reality is not the same. Luckily, we have out of state moving companies to choose who can make this task easier. Here, we have gathered the most important tips that will be helpful to move out of the state. Check these out: 

Must-know Tips to Move Out of State

Craft a master plan to move successfully out of state 

Once you have decided that you want to move out of state, you should craft a master plan to make the process organized. First of all, determine how much money you can spend on your move. Check how many belongings you can ship in your factory. Determine will you leave everything on the professionals or embark on a DIY move? Check moving companies or the cost of truck rental as per your needs. 

Also, prepare a list of friends and family who can help you with this move. Plan everything and then embark on your journey. 

Secure employment and housing before moving out of the state 

Though it seems difficult to have a job lined up in out of state if possible, try to make it. Take help from friends or family and get a job lined up there so you will not face a financial crisis when you move out of state. You can use social networking sites to make it possible. It is recommended you to save finances for at least 3 months before embarking on move out of state.  

Apart from job, housing is another one of the most important things to look before you move. Though it might not be your dream home still you should have at least a roof on your head, a cousin’s couch to sleep or where you can stay safe. If you have kids then you need to look for schools as well. 

Budget everything before you move

Moving is an expensive process especially when you embark on a long-distance move. So, it is important to save money before you move. Whether you are going to use recycled moving material or embarking on a DIY project, it is very important to stick on the budget. Create a master spreadsheet, enter all related moving costs and embark on a journey where you are flexible in the budget. 

Decide to choose between a professional or DIY 

Cost and convenience are the two most important factors that you have to consider while deciding whether you need professional’s help or can do it by yourself. Once you are clear with your budget, it makes you able to decide on hiring between professional movers or DIY. 

Though the budget is not only the factor that makes this decision, there are also some other factors such as distance and how long will it take to move from your old home to the new one. 

Get answers to these a few questions:

  • How far is your new state from your current location?
  • Are you traveling with family or alone?
  • What is your budget?
  • How much time you can before starting your new job?
  • How much stuff you want to move?
  • Do you want to have full control over packing and moving of things?
  • Do you have friends or family who can help you?
  • Can you manage heavy lifting by yourself?

Get answers of these a few questions will prepare you for your next move. 

Spot red flags while choosing movers 

There are some rules and regulations set by different countries that moving companies have to follow. Have a look at a few:

  • You should hire movers who are licensed and completely insured. 
  • There should not be a Jorgen when it comes to offering information. The company should provide all the information about the company on their website. 

Apart from that, if you want to save yourself from a big moving scam then read out all the reviews given by people on their website. Get as much as information you can get. This is the best way to get rid of any moving scam. 

Don’t forget to prepare yourself to ship your car 

Moving includes lots of tasks making it one to forget about car shipping. You need to hire shipping car services especially when you are embarking on a long-distance move or out of state move. Schedule and your car shipping budget are the two main factors that will help you in deciding the way to ship your car to a new location. If you opt for coast to coast car transportation then it will take around 1 to 2 weeks. So, it is recommended you to plan it before one or two weeks before your move so that your car will reach to your home when you reach there. 

While deciding the car budget, it is recommended you to look at the overall budget. It will help you to find out how much you can spend on shipping your car to a new location. 

Research about the number of travel options 

It is considered that packing up with family in a van and driving across the country is the best and the cheapest way of move. There are also several other available moving options, research for all and then select the right one that will make your move easier and stress-free and that fits in your budget.

iconic fitness

If you are just starting out and struggling with your overall goal and finding it difficult. Try to slow it down instead of trying to change everything at once take things one step at a time , break it down and once a new habit is in place add another.

iconic fitness

1/Focus on your food. Try to eat single ingredient foods and home-cooked regular meals. Create a small calorie deficit and try to build a routine.

2/Improve your sleep. Sleep has a big role in performance, recovery, mood and adherence to any plan . So work on getting enough sleep. – –

3/Make exercise a habit. You don’t need to try and commit to five-six days a week, make time to exercise once/twice a week, and as your fitness improves and your lifestyle changes momentum will pick up and you will be training every day before you know it. Even 20-30 minutes a day is a start. Make time!

4/Stick to a simple plan . The basics will always work best! Keep your plan simple and easy to follow. Get good at the basic exercises that will be best suited towards your goal. I would suggest learning and working on your compound lifts.

5/Progressive overload Make sure that you are progressing with your plan and lifts, you should be getting stronger. Increase your weights whenever you are hitting your desired reps of weight easily, this will ensure you are putting the correct amount of stress on the muscle for progression.

6/Permanent Change. Once you have made a small change over time it will be easier to make it a long-lasting change and all the small changes will add up to being able to achieve your overall goal. Be consistent and patient.

For more information making a change to your diet or nutrition and for all personal training enquiries email or DM direct –

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The Hollywood star of the Highlander movies, actor Christopher Lambert on Saturday revealed he feels like an adopted Scot.

Lambert was at the Glasgow Film and Comic Con event held at intu Brahead where he met fans, posed for photographs and signed autographs.

He said: “After appearing in Highlander with Sean Connery I feel like an adopted Scot. I just love coming to Scotland and it’s great to be back.

“When we were on set, Sean would talk about Scotland all the time and he even taught me how to speak like a real Scot.”

The Film and Comic Con event at intu Braehead attracted thousands of people from all over the country.

And there were even a few visitors from a galaxy far, far away!

Shoppers must have thought they had walked through the doors of the popular shopping centre straight on to the set of a sci-fi movie.

They were met with the sight of characters from all kinds of films, TV shows and comics having a look round the shops.

More than 5000 visitors are expected to turn out for the Film and Comic Con Glasgow event being held in The Arena at intu Braehead, over the weekend.

Many fans were dressed in the costumes of their favourite sci-fi characters and they certainly caught the attention of shoppers in and around the malls.

They also flocked to hundreds of stalls set up in The Arena to snap up movie memorabilia and sought-after rare comics.

The event continues today (Sunday) and marketing manager for intu Braehead, David Lyon said: “We welcome everyone to intu Braehead – even Darth Vader and his Stormtroopers.

“We look forward to the Film and Comic Con event coming to intu Braehead every year, as it makes for a fantastic spectacle with the fans dressed in amazing costumes.

“You just never know who you’re going to bump into when you’re out in the malls.”

The Old Firm fans Billy and Tim are back with the hilarious new sequel, Singin’ I’m No a Billy He’s a Tim 2, written by the award winning Des Dillon.

The show is coming to Johnstone Town Hall on Friday 27 September at 7.30pm. Log on to to buy tickets.

Scotland’s most lovable rival football fans make a bet that backfires in spectacular fashion during the Scottish Cup Final at Hampden Park. Throw in a wee Gallus ghost on a mission from God and Polish nurse with a short fuse and watch the comedy unfold.

This will be the first ever national tour for the production, having only ever been shown once previously at the Pavilion Theatre in Glasgow. The tour is not only being produced and directed by Chris Taylor but he will also be taking on the role of Tim once again.

Chris says “It’s been a pretty manic few months but I’m loving every minute of it. I’ve got so much faith in Des’s script it helps ease a lot of the pressure. Also, we have a really strong cast with Gary Morrison as Billy, Neil Bratchpiece (The Bam Whisperer/Scot Squad) as the ghost, and the fantastic Zofia Sokolowicz as the nurse. In fact, Zofia is flying all the way from Poland just to play the role.

“I’m really looking forward working with them all and getting this great show out to the masses across the country.  It’s selling really well already and we have been constantly adding more shows, so it’s great to see the love for Billy and Tim is still there.

“And I can say with confidence that if you liked the original then you will be in bits at this one. It’s one of the funniest shows I’ve ever been involved in”.

Chris and the team will be performing at 16 venues across the country during September.


 retail unit available to let in Paisley, 39 Gauze Street. Please see the details below and pictures attached.

Retail unit to let in Paisley, 39 Gauze Street – ideal as a coffee shop, take away, beauty or barber/hairdresser space, estate agency etc.

The space size is 850 sqft and is available to let just now.

Please call on 0141 843 4211 to get more details!