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Human error causes 94% of all car accidents according to Lawinfo.com, however, other factors such as poor road conditions and speeding also play a role. Paisley residents who know the town’s busiest roads like the back of their hand can become easily distracted behind the wheel which is why one in three accidents happen within a mile from the driver’s home. Most recently, one lucky male came close to being crushed at Station Road’s busy roundabout when a moving trailer full of manure tipped over and shed its load onto his vehicle. Thankfully, Paisley’s worse roads are to be repaired as part of a £7.2 million investment of Renfrewshire’s roads, but there are things drivers can do to maximise their safety, too.

Keep your eyes peeled

Paisley is surrounded by beautiful countryside and country roads, therefore, it’s not unusual to encounter vehicles carrying livestock and slow moving vehicles, such as tractors when you’re driving on the town’s busiest roads. You should always be aware of who you’re sharing the road with and consider that they may not be able to travel at the higher end of the speed limit. Pedestrians can also be a distraction and you may worry about whether they’re paying enough attention to the road they’re walking next to. The AA states that 70% of drivers witness pedestrians who are distracted by their smartphones step into the road. While, there is nothing you can to stop someone from walking into the road, you should adjust your speed and be vigilant when you’re passing them.

Maintain and repair 

A report from the Retail Motor Industry Federation and Scottish Motor Trade Association revealed that 91% of garages have seen an increase in the number of cars they’re seeing which have no valid MOT certificate. The annual safety check is required to ensure your car is roadworthy and safe to drive, so make sure you utilize a MOT reminder service. Many car owners simply forget or don’t have the knowledge to perform safety checks on their vehicle, but items such as your oil level and tyre tread depth should be checked regularly. When it comes to protecting yourself and your car, insurance is a must have and will safeguard you when you’re travelling on Paisley’s busy roads, so don’t forget to renew your policy.

Slow down 

According to The World Health Organisation, cutting the speed drivers travel at by 5% could reduce the number of road fatalities by as much as 30%. Drivers often misjudge stopping distance and the speed that others are travelling. On a main road, it can be tempting to put your foot down, but you never know when another vehicle is going to suddenly appear. Therefore, stay safe by monitoring your speed at all times as the penalties for speeding are severe, as Aidan Collins discovered when earlier this year he was fined £1,500 and given a three year driving ban after being caught travelling at 131 mph in Renfrewshire with a four year old passenger.

Human error plays a key factor in the number of road incidents which occur in town, therefore, it’s essential you take steps to eliminate the risk of being involved in an accident. Staying vigilant of pedestrians and other road users is a must and cutting your speed is necessary, too. And, it’s important that you keep your vehicle in a good state of repair and that regular safety checks are performed.


St Mirren Park” by Fragglerock52 (CC BY-SA 4.0)

After securing promotion to the Scottish Premiership this past season, St Mirren boss Jack Ross was always in that young manager likely to attract suitors from south of the border bracket and so it has proved.

Having guided the Paisley club to second tier safety after joining from Alloa Athletic in October 2016, Ross subsequently steered the Saints to the Scottish Championship title. That raised his profile and inevitably led to links with English Football League clubs.

The lure of making a relative short switch to Sunderland – despite their dismal drop down divisions in consecutive seasons – has proved stronger than staying at St Mirren Park and trying to hang in the Scottish Premiership next term. Ross now faces the biggest challenge of his coaching career to date. How is he to stabilise the beleaguered Black Cats and manage expectations among the significant fanbase on Wearside?

Change of ownerships gives Sunderland glimmer of hope

There’s been nothing but misery at Sunderland for several years now as perpetual Premier League relegation battles took their toll on a succession of managers – all more illustrious figures in football it must be said than Ross. The Black Cats lost top-flight status in 2017 under the stewardship of another Scot in ex-Everton and Manchester United boss David Moyes.

You could see it coming and another relegation with former Wales manager Chris Coleman at the helm mean they’ll play the EFL’s third tier in 2018/19. If such tried and tests coaches couldn’t stop the slide, then that begs the questions how will Ross?

Stability and Sunderland haven’t been in the sentence. Steve Bruce was the last boss to get two years or more in charge. Departing owner Ellis Short has chopped and changed coach ad nauseum, appointing seven different permanent managers since removing Martin O’Neill in March 2013.

A change of ownership, however, gives long-suffering Black Cats fans some cause for optimism as Short has sold the club to a consortium headed by Stewart Donald, the chairman of Eastleigh who must cut ties with the non-league side before the takeover is complete.

Sunderland are Sky Bet’s 9/2 betting favourites to win League One next season. Before anyone is willing to wager a free bet or two on them, Ross’s immediate priority upon taking up the reins at the Stadium of Light is surely a squad overhaul. But don’t be fooled by Sunderland’s perceived stature of a being a ‘big fish’ in League One: Barnsley (13/2), Charlton (11/1), Portsmouth (11/1) and Scunthorpe (12/1) will all be backed to overtake the Black Cats.

Money talks

The Stadium of Light Sunderland” (CC BY 2.0) by Mickyboyc

The prospect of spending Premier League parachute payments two divisions below that level ought to give the Black Cats plenty of clout. Ross made just two permanent signings for a fee in his 19 months with St Mirren, so it’ll be interesting to see how he does with resources.

Rebuilding Sunderland’s roster must start from the foundations. Long-serving centre back and captain John O’Shea is out of contract, alongside versatile pair Billy Jones and Marc Wilson. It’s hard to see several loan players making permanent transfers to Wearside either.

Names sent out to get them off the wage bill – notably Italy’s Fabio Borini and Tunisia midfielder Wahbi Khazri who is set to feature at the World Cup finals in Russia this summer – need to find new homes too. There are players like Jack Rodwell, once an England midfield prospect, who don’t want to be there but are on big contracts and such loveless marriages need solving.

If Ross can get injury-prone talent Duncan Watmore fit and firing, he also has fellow winger Aiden McGeady under contract still. Between them they should be capable of providing enough service to a striker with proven form at League One level, if one can be found.

CHARITY campaigners yesterday (Monday) kicked off Scotland’s Dementia Awareness Week at intu Braehead with some fun and games.

Staff from the local Alzheimer Scotland hub were given the chance to take part in activities to #ChallengeDementia at Soar at intu Braehead leisure destination.

They were given a free sledging session at Snow Factor; a round of golf at Paradise Island Adventure Golf; a daredevil Fandrop, at Climbzone; a game at Laser Station and the chance to decorate their own doughnuts at Krispy Kreme.

This was the fun before the serious business of Alzheimer Scotland raising awareness about dementia today (Tuesday) at a special event being staged at the intu Braehead shopping centre, from 10.30am to 5pm.

Staff at intu Braehead are also playing their part in the charity’s Dementia Friends initiative by attending special information sessions.

The aim of these sessions is to give staff a better understanding of how they can help those living with dementia feel more comfortable and relaxed when they visit intu Braehead.

Lydia Brown, intu Braehead’s community development manager said: “The Alzheimer Scotland charity staff and volunteers do a wonderful job and we thought it would be nice for them to have the chance to enjoy themselves at Soar.

“They’ll have a busy time in the shopping centre during the awareness day in the shopping mall.
“We’re committed to making sure everyone who comes to intu Braehead feels comfortable, relaxed and safe and as part of the Dementia Friends initiative, our staff will be trained in how to make life easier for people with dementia when they visit us.”


Everybody has their personal opinions when it comes to the significance as well as the role of
technology in their everyday lives. However, the good thing about technology is that it has a way
of enhancing your experiences, especially when it comes to gadgets. technology sometimes
takes ordinary things and finds ways to improve them so that they’re easier to use, more mobile
and offer greater convenience. You may or may not have noticed that everyday things that you
use likely have a tech alternative or something similar somewhere out there. In light of this,
you’re going to find three fun tech alternatives for everyday items in the following article.

Smart Battery Case

Nowadays, smartphones are used for almost everything and have become a social gadget.
They can be used to take high definition images, like alarm clocks, reminders, music players
amongst other things. However, the result of having a phone with so many functions is that the
battery is often quickly drained. This means that often times, you may have to resort to taking a
charger everywhere you go. The tech alternative to the everyday item like a phone charger,
however, is a smart battery case. If you happen to have an iPhone and need a battery case,
some of the best ones that you can get include the official Apple iPhone battery cases.

Vaping Mods

Another fun tech alternative for everyday items is a vaping mod or for those who have never
heard of this term before, an e-cigarette. This is ideal for those who enjoy smoking or are trying
to break the habit and are looking for an alternative. Another reason that it’s a great tech
alternative is because it enables you to smoke almost anywhere and is more affordable than
buying cigarettes on a regular basis. It also comes in different shapes, sizes, and flavours and
has advanced features in comparison to a regular vape pen. In case you’ve been thinking about
buying one or are interested in learning more, you can visit redjuice.co.uk for more information.

Bluetooth Speakers

For those who are tired of the speakers on their mobile devices or laptops, Bluetooth speakers
may be an ideal as well as fun tech alternative. It enables you to carry speakers anywhere you
go seeing as they come in different sizes and don’t require any wires. As long as it’s well
charged, it’s a gadget that can be used just about anywhere and they’re relatively loud
depending on the type of speaker you buy. They can also last for several hours, and the most
attractive feature is usually that all you need is a Bluetooth connection for them to work meaning
you can play music from your phone, tablet, and in some cases your laptop. Doing your
research can help you find the best Bluetooth speakers.

No matter what items you use on a regular basis, it’s likely that there’s a technologically
advanced option on the market somewhere. This is likely because technology seems to always
look for solutions to everyday problems as well as ways to simplify things

seeing as they come in different sizes and don’t require any wires.

bove are ones that you use regularly, you can consider adding these. Hopefully, if any of
the items mentioned a


A recent survey revealed the top places in the UK for teachers hoping to get their foot on the property ladder. Glasgow and the surrounding areas made the top 3 places where this is the easiest to achieve the goal of owning a home. It’s easy to see why, with the large city appealing to many for it’s culture, beautiful scenery and fantastic people. If you hadn’t considered this beautiful Scottish city before, you might just have a rethink about where your next career move as a teacher could be.


Recruitment specialists, Randstad recently conducted the survey looking at average salaries for teachers versus the average house prices and evaluating how long it would take to save up for a house deposit. It will come as no surprise that cities such as London and Cambridge didn’t look very favourable for teachers looking to save for their first home. However, coming in at one of the top places was Glasgow and surrounding areas.


One of the positives coming out the survey was also the commuting time for teachers in this area, being 26 minutes, which is more attractive than other commuting times in larger cities. This can be a positive benefit for many people looking to relocate as saving time on a commute can have a positive impact on your happiness outside of your job. Work life balance is something that people consider a lot when they take on a new role, especially with a role such as teaching, where the hours can sometimes stretch into the evenings, marking homework and getting ready for the week ahead, can be time consuming! So benefits such as lower commuting times can help to reduce the amount of time spent not enjoying your home life.


The average salary for teachers in Glasgow is £28,500 with the average house price at £185,700 making affording a home in the area more of a reality for most teachers. There’s plenty of reasons to consider relocating to Glasgow. Although it’s not Scotland’s capital it is the biggest city within the country, with an estimated 1.2 million people within the greater Glasgow area. With this comes a lot of opportunities, especially for teachers.


The schools within the Glasgow area are also closing the gap on ambitious targets that were previously set, the executive director for education Maureen McKenna states that “Our schools and young people should be very proud of their exam results – last year they record Glasgow’s best ever results”.


Operating a local business is often even more challenging than running a usual business, an already very difficult task. While operating a local business throws up a lot of unique challenges, it also presents a variety of unique opportunities. We all know people who will buy locally sourced products whenever they can, and this is an increasingly common feeling in many parts of the UK.

In order to make the most of the opportunities that operating a local business presents, you will need to market it in the right way. Marketing a local business effectively requires a very different approach to marketing a chain or larger retailer.

Utilise Social Media

Social media is by far the most important marketing platform available to modern businesses. There are numerous ways of using social media as a marketing tool. For example, there is one consumer survey which shows that more than 90% of consumers now consult online reviews before they make final purchasing decisions. However, knowing that customers use online reviews is only half the battle, you need to be able to generate reviews and put them in front of potential customers.

One of the simplest ways of getting more reviews of your products and putting your business in front of more potential customers is to utilise your social media channels. Social media is a great way of putting updates in front of both loyal and potential customers; those updates might as well be examples of positive reviews.

Another excellent way of using social media as a powerful advertising tool is to work customer testimonials into your marketing efforts. Customer testimonials give your marketing a more organic feel, something that is especially effective when promoting a local business. In fact, when you are promoting a local business, whether you operate B2B or B2C, if you are hoping to sell to local people and businesses, you need to find ways to connect with them.

Some businesses are uncertain as to whether their target demographic will make enough use of social media to make investing in advertising on social media worthwhile. However, with the demographics of social media users constantly shifting, and a significant portion of the online population using social media in some form, there really is no reason to not embrace the potential on offer.

Social media is the ultimate platform when it comes to brand awareness. There are a multitude of tools and techniques available to businesses who want to use social media to target specific demographics. If you put up physical adverts or pay for advertising on radio or in a publication, it is relatively simple to control the audience who will view it. This kind of targeted advertising has previously been very difficult and expensive in the digital space, but social media has changed that.

Generate User Reviews

You won’t be able to make the most of your social media pages if you aren’t generating any user reviews to share. Remember, if a customer has a positive experience with your business, they may well come back and use you again. However, what you really want is for your most satisfied customers to go out there and tell all their friends about your business. This is how you will drum up interest and expand your business as fast as possible.

If your business operates any kind of loyalty or reward scheme, look for opportunities to offer your users rewards and incentives for leaving reviews. For example, you could include a review form on the confirmation page for any online orders, and then offer to automatically enter participating users in a raffle for a variety of prizes.

Alternatively, you can encourage your customers to leave their reviews on your social media pages where you can easily respond to them, and they can potentially start conversations. Using your social media page as a review platform is a great way of generating interactions between customers, and therefore fostering loyal relationships with them.

Customised Number Plates

You may well have seen customised number plates on cars before, but have you ever seen them used to promote a business? If your business operates any vehicles in public areas, consider adding the business’s name to your vehicle’s number plates. This is a very simple step to take, but it can make a considerable difference to the amount of exposure that your business receives on a day to day basis.

Any motorist in the UK can purchase a customised number plate, for example through one of the top provider’s britishcarregistrations.co.uk. There are only a few restrictions on what you are allowed to print on a personal car registration plate. Obviously, you aren’t allowed to include anything rude, but it’s unlikely you’d want to put anything controversial on a business vehicle. As long as your number plates are unique, you can register them to (almost) any vehicle you like.

Work with Other Local Businesses

The effectiveness of your marketing efforts can be greatly enhanced if you are willing to work with other local businesses for both of your benefits. Forming a marketing partnership makes it possible to stretch your marketing budget much further than would otherwise be possible. The key to making a marketing partnership with another business successful lies in identifying the businesses that are most suitable for forming a partnership with.

Many businesses enter into a marketing partnership with another local business simply because it is convenient to do so. This is not an efficient approach to take and leads to businesses squandering what should be one of the greatest marketing opportunities available to their business.  Businesses that you partner with don’t have to be in the same industry or field as your business – whatever they do doesn’t even have to be directly linked to what you do – but there should be a reasonable overlap between your customers.

Partnering with a business that caters to demographics who will have no interest in your products and services won’t be very effective. It is also important that whatever business you do partner with is one that your customers can get on board with. Don’t pick any business whose values or tactics conflict with your own, or those of your users.

Give Your Website Local Appeal

Your website is like your digital storefront. It is here that you lay out your business and what you do for the world to see. If you are hoping to drum up local interest, you should try and include sections that will be of interest to local people. This can include a blog that keeps customers informed of news relating to both your business and the local area in general. Make sure that you keep your website regularly updated, and that you advertise its existence around the local area. By generating more traffic to your website, you will increase the amount of exposure your business receives.

In order for any business to succeed, it will need an effective marketing strategy. Promoting your local business in the right way is a crucial step in achieving the maximum possible level of success. Customers can’t take their custom to a local business if they don’t know that it exists. As long as you approach your marketing strategy in the right way, you can make a local business every bit as successful as the larger retailers who operate nearby.

Image: https://flic.kr/p/rTX36Z

Would you like to visit Peter Pan, see a ghost and a Loch Ness monster? Then plan your holidays in Scotland! Scotland is a paradise for those who want to test themselves for strength. A harmless hill can easily turn out to be an impregnable peak, a summer walk can become an Arctic expedition, and crossing a tiny river can easily turn into unexpected rafting. But deafeningly beautiful views, traces of ancient history at every turn and a sexy Scottish accent redeem everything.


Places to visit in Scotland have become one of the frequently chosen topics for academic papers. More and more students spend their holidays in this beautiful country. Some prefer to ask professionals “Help write my research paper” because it is difficult to describe Scotland in the vivid colors if not having the great writing skills. Now you are offered to persuade yourself that this country is worth both visiting it and writing about it!

The Best 5 Places in Scotland You Should Definitely Go To


There are a lot of fascinating things to do in Scotland. We will begin the route from the capital of Scotland – Edinburgh. We will move north to the islands of Lewis and Harris, and then back to the south via Oban, Glasgow, and Dumfries. We will drive around the whole of Scotland, on the way looking into the most unusual places of the northern region, marveling at the unusual nature and human creations, tracing the whole history of this incredible country. Don’t forget you can also find out more information on all Scotlands beautiful places and book to see them here.


Arthur’s Seat


Arriving at Edinburgh Station, the traveler goes straight to the central valley between the Old and New City. The first thing that opens in front of your eyes is the rock overlooking the city with the Edinburgh Castle. There, behind the stone towers, there is the National Park Holyrood – a rugged landscape with the highest point of Arthur’s Seat (251 m), which opens a great view of the city and the bay.


An ascent to the top is an exciting adventure and an opportunity to experience the power of the Scottish mountains in the very center of the capital. Directly in front of the palace, there is the Scottish Parliament – a modern building with very informative excursions and lots of interesting details: for example, the Scottish cross can be found in the drawing of floors and windows, and on the walls in the meeting room, you can see the figures of people.


Rosslyn Chapel


All fans of the “Da Vinci Code” remember a small church where the characters of Tom Hanks and Audrey Tautou found the former burial of Mary Magdalene, where she “found peace under the stars.” The chapel itself is a work of art of the 15th century. Being unremarkable outside, inside it is an impressive world of carving and stained glass. The most surprising is the theme of the patterns, which is full of unusual and mysterious plots. Some researchers find Masonic sources in them. It is possible to dedicate several hours to an independent study of all the riddles of the chapel.


The Wallace Monument


The Wallace Monument is the second highest point in Stirling. It rises in front of the castle. The huge tower is set on a high cliff, which overlooks the battlefield of the Scots and the English in 1297, in which William Wallace the Braveheart became famous. Besides, you can do the following things:

  • learn the history of the battle
  • assess the size of the national hero’s sword
  • and, if lucky, look at the representation of amateur actors playing the Scotsman and the Englishman the morning after the battle


Falkirk Wheel

Image: https://flic.kr/p/25MnLdA


On the way from Edinburgh to Stirling, you should stop by the Falkirk Wheel, a giant ship lift made to facilitate navigation between Edinburgh and Glasgow. You can look at this miracle of technology, not only standing on the edge of the channel but also from the inside. A couple of kilometers from it, closer to the track, there is a huge monument Kelpies – 30-meter metalheads of horses, symbolizing the importance of these animals in the history of Scotland.


Dunnottar Castle


Before reaching Aberdeen, stop in the village of Stonehaven, from which it is worth taking a walk to one of the most amazing castles in Scotland – Dunnottar. It stands on a rocky cliff being impregnable to enemies. During its history, it was owned by the Scots, the English, the Jacobites. Now the castle is a stone ruin, around which gulls nest and cows graze. When standing on the cliff, you can see a true Scotland.


Include the above-mentioned places in your list of places to go to when planning trips to Scotland. You can explore new places on your own using a virtual guide or find a professional tourist who will tell you more about Scotland tourism, which becomes more and more popular nowadays.



Although Scotland is famous for its beautiful and dramatic landscape, the country is also filled with
wonderful buildings and visitors to Scotland will be spoiled for choice when deciding where to visit.
From castles and Victorian manors to country houses and contemporary museums, Scotland has a huge
number of great attractions waiting to be explored. Read on to discover five must-see places in

Braemar Castle
Braemar Castle is a stunning 17 th century fortress situated within Cairngorms National Park in Braemar,
Aberdeenshire. This castle has turrets, curtain wall and dungeon. The grand rooms with furniture inside
the castle include morning rooms, dining rooms, Victorian bathrooms and games rooms where visitors
can imagine old games being played long before the invention of modern online games such as those at
https://onlinebingo.co.uk. With steep stone staircases and a lovely courtyard this castle has a wonderful

Mount Stuart
Mount Stuart is a 19 th century manor house located on the Isle of Bute. This house showcases stunning
Victorian gothic architecture and sits within 300 acres of grounds and gardens. This property costs £3.50
to visit and can make a memorable day out for families with a picnic area and adventure play area in the
gardens and a gallery, shop and restaurant.

St Andrews Cathedral
Situated in St Andrews, Fife, this ruined cathedral was the largest to have ever been built in Scotland.
Built in 1158, this medieval cathedral had a central tower and six turrets, and after a fire destroyed the
building it was restored in 1440. It fell into decline and has been abandoned since 1561, however since
the 19 th early century St Andrews Cathedral has been tended and cared for so that it can be visited and
admired today.

Kelburn Castle
Kelburn Castle in Ayrshire is a stunning sight as it has been decorated by graffiti artists who were invited
by the Earl of Glasgow to create a bright design for the exterior walls. The castle features breathtaking
gardens and 3500 acres of grounds plus a 7 feet high wall that circles the main estate. The Kelburn Glen
nearby is host to wild flowers, waterfalls and woodlands.

VA Dundee
Opening in September 2018, the V&A Dundee is one to watch for modern design enthusiasts. This
exciting new design museum is the first of its kind in Scotland and will be free to enter. Located opposite
the Dundee railway station and situated on the waterfront, this striking building was designed by

Japanese architect Kengo Kuma. It has the look of an ocean liner about it with staggered, diagonal sides
making a bold statement.

Many businesses, both local and nationwide, ignore the potential impact that they can have through a simple thing like their choice of envelope. Just think, for many people it’s the first interaction they may have with your business to receive mail from you. Thinking outside the box and using something different to the competition is a quick and easy way to make sure you’re giving your recipients the right message when you send them mail. Local businesses in Paisley should profit from this benefit to get their business know within the region.

The options are essentially endless; just spend a few minutes browsing around an online specialist website and you will see how easy and affordable it is to have something printed just for you. Square envelopes are available in many options and are a good way to be distinct and capture the attention. So what can you use these square envelopes for? Here are some ideas.


Be Different with a General Mailing

Using a square envelope is a great way to mark yourself out from the crowd and give a subtle cue to your recipients that you do things differently to the rest. After all, you’re even being different with something small like your choices of mailing stationary. Whether it be to your customers or business to business, you’re going to be sending a very subtle but no less poignant message, and it’s a great way for you to differentiate yourself without needing to spend much money.


Envelopes for Invoices

A square envelope can have a much more practical application too and can be easily used for more mundane business tasks such as accounting and invoicing. Thanks to their practical shape, a square envelope makes the job much easier. It can also serve as an easy way of keeping the process of keeping your books efficient – if you only use those envelopes for invoicing then it makes it much simpler to keep track of your paperwork.


Send Special Invitations

Using a square envelope is ideal for a more “special” purpose than your day to day mailings, if you want to help make sure your recipients don’t confuse what you have sent them for something more “mundane”. This becomes particularly useful for something like invitations to local events in Paisley and functions that you’re taking part in or organising. It´s allowing you to make sure that your recipients understand from the moment it comes through the letterbox that it’s something special, something different from the norm.


These are just some of the ways that a square envelope can be used to make your business stand out from the rest in mailings. Just remember that there are no rules, and anything you can do to enhance your business’ appeal economically and easily, has to be worth considering.


According to a recent study, the global value of the online e-commerce community is at least $2.3 trillion dollars (£1.7 trillion pounds). Not only is this a burgeoning industry, but even those with little experience will be able to enjoy their own “piece of the pie”. This is why building an efficient, attractive and user-friendly e-commerce website is of critical importance. Thankfully, this venture will not necessarily have to cost a great deal of money. Those who are concerned about limited funds will be pleased to know that there are economically viable alternatives at their disposal. Let’s break the concept of a free web store down into its core components. 

Coding Conundrums and Much More 

Coding is arguably the most daunting challenge facing those who have never built an e-commerce platform from the ground up. One of the primary benefits associated with many modern website templates is that they automatically assume that the user has little experience. They are also flexible in terms of the input (incorporating different options such as CSS and HTML). So, prior expertise is no longer required. 

Another issue involves what can only be called a sense of anonymity. Older website generators only supplied a handful of themes to select. As a result, many portals were associated with a rather bland appearance. This dramatically impacted their visual appeal and as a direct result, sales suffered. 

It is now possible to access an abundance of pre-formatted themes. Not only are these highly advanced, but they are able to accommodate the viewing requirements of mobile devices. Such “liquid” templates can likewise be adjusted with the click of a button; providing the owner with an amazing level of personalised control. 

Quick, Simple and Modular 

The ability to uncover a successful e-commerce solution does not necessarily have to involve brain surgery. In fact, there are many programs which have been specifically designed in order to suit the needs of those who are looking for quick and efficient solutions. Shopify provides several unique advantages such as: 

  • Customised themes and templates.
  • A modular nature (the ability to add or subtract elements as may be required in the future). 
  • Options and payment plans to suit discrete budgetary constraints.

Above all, the creative process is much more efficient when compared to many typical in-house design solutions. This will enable you to have your site up and running in no time at all. These advantages are then enhanced through a wealth of downloadable apps which will allow you to proactively manage any portal while addressing basic concerns such as SEO and marketing. Such an all-around sense of functionality has been engineered to address even the most daunting CMS requirements. 

Assuming that you possess a viable product or service, the next logical step is to present these options to the online customer. No longer will you be forced to deal with a middleman in regards to web design and e-commerce solutions. The power is now entirely in your hands.