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The year 2016 has been a countless one for the world of sports and betting. Here we are going to recreate some breathtaking moments and memories by watching back at the 10 best moments from the previous years and even recently. There is no perfect time to look back on the year that was, than as we approach to the ending climax of the year. In as much as this was a year devoid of the Olympics and other renowned international athletic competitions, it was full with unforgettable sports for sports.

This article helps shed some light on the Top 10 Best Sports Moments 2016 and beyond.

Here are some of the most unforgettable Top 10 Best Sports Moments 2016 carefully compiled by our skilled researchers.

Cristiano Ronaldo Wins His Fourth Ballon D’Or


Cristiano Ronaldo emerged as the ultimate winner in the tightly contested individual award this year. The announcement was not shocking as such, but definitely breathtaking for the supporters of this great Real Madrid forward, arguably the best ever from the prestigious club football. It was even a more breathtaking moment for those who staked their bet on Cristiano winning the prize in our Arabic Online Casino. Ronaldo was bold in form scoring 48 goals in 52 games in 2016, as well as winning the Champions League with Real Madrid and Euro 2016 with Portugal. A result which saw him pip the Likes of Messi and Antoine Griezmann to the prestigious award.

LeBron James wins his first NBA title

2016 is coming to an end but we still cannot forget when NBA superstar LeBron James led the Miami Heat to the 2012 NBA Challenge, arguably his main and after thumping Oklahoma City Thunder in the top of 7 Finals series, 4-1. Season MVP and Finals MVP Lebron put on a controlling presentation scoring 26 points, splashing out 13 supports and moving down 11 bounces in Game 5, becoming the key player since Magic Johnson to best a triple double in a finals series.

Sports betters who staked on this game made such a sum from their stakes when he won the first NBA title. We also have similar bets on our Arabic Online Casino.

Michael Phelps makes past

Michael Phelps, the great American swimmer was one portrait of motivation and strong spirit when he rose to become one of the best decorated Olympian of all period at the 2012 London Games. It is a few years down the line but worth remembering. Phelps took home his 19th medal as a portion of the winning 4×200 men’s convey them, seizing the top of most Olympic medals in a profession. He soldiered on to 3 more successes by the finale showdown of the Games. His total of 22 Olympics medals include a record of 18 gold, 8 of which all came from his remarkable Beijing promotion. It is definitely wise taking a moment or so to remember this one.

Leicester City’s 500/1 Premier League Title

It is unusual for the odds makers to even bother putting any team’s shot to eventually win a title below 100/1, this is because there is literally no point in this. Who will even bother betting any real money on such a long shot team? For those who seek some action, it has to be reasonable too. Despite all these, Leicester City, just a year after securing promotion to England’s top flight football competition, come into the season at 500/1 to win the 20-team league. Thunderously upsetting the odds which was against their favour; a year in which we saw Jamie Vardy rise from rags to riches all the way to the finish line. We saw Leicester City take down England’s most elite clubs like Manchester City and co, with no fear, no favour. Sport betting fans who were staking their cash on the Foxes surely had a lot to thank Leicester City for.

Kerri Strug’s Surprise One Footed Vault

Kerri was a gymnast who trended in the 1996 Olympics. In just her first attempt ever, Strug replaced the landing of her first effort, causing her to fall and hurt her ankle pretty bad. She then hobbled marginally to the end of the runway for her second attempt. Surprisingly, she landed the dome briefly on both feet, almost suddenly hopping onto only her good foot. She upraised her arms after her arch, saluting the judges. What a vault to remember!

Michael Jordan’s ‘the Shot’

This is for the lovers of NBA; a moment so sublime that a phrase was created for it. The shot is arguably the highest basketball player has ever made in the past, Michael Jordan’s shot is possibly one of the most affected buzzer beaters in the entire history of the sport.

New Zealand Win the Rugby World Cup

The New Zealand Rugby sevens national team won the Rugby World Cup in England in November, 2016; in addition they also became the main team to positively defend the William Webb Ellis cup and the first nation ever to claim the award for a third time. A 62-13 silencing of the France team in the quarterfinals was followed by a slim 20-18 victory over South Africa in the last four and a swift 34-17 win over Australia in the last at Twickenham. For Rugby lovers ad betters, what a tournament they witnessed.

Cathy Freeman Earns Gold Medal at the 2000 Sydney Olympics

Taking a glance over the shoulder at the 2000 Sydney Olympics, one major event we can’t ever forget is Cathy Freeman winning the gold medal. A time when Australians all over the world believed they group breath as Australia’s healthy golden girl cruised into first position in the women’s 400 meter sprint with apparently no energy at all. It was such a memorable moment for those who were lucky to witness this.

Rocky Marciano Retires As Heavyweight Champ Undefeated at 49-0

Rocky was undoubtedly the tough winner of the boxing world from 1952 to 1956. Marciano bragged a whooping 43 hits to his glory with a high knockout rate of 87.8%. He still remains the only heavy-duty winner in boxing history to leave having won every single fight in his specialized profession.

For those sports lover who missed in these varieties of episodes in the sporting world, worry not, a New Year promises greater things both even for the betters. Our website will be capturing every single event in terms of offering convincing odds every single da


Paisley has some fantastic nights out just waiting to be experienced. Whether you’re looking for food, drink or music you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for right here.

Saporito Wine Bar

Why not opt for adding a bit of class to your night out in Paisley? When you first walk in the décor is one of the first things you’ll notice. It’s very nicely done up with a sort of mix of old and new going on in the interior design. It feels both homey and classy. The second thing you’ll notice in the Saporito Wine bar is the amazing smell. The Saporito Wine Bar is first and foremost a bar, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t be one of the best restaurants in Paisley. In here you’ll find excellent food and drinks for very decent prices. An even better thing to know is that they don’t skimp on the portions. Whereas in a lot of nice restaurants they tend to get good food and less off it, at the Saporito Wine Bar you’ll find that portions are the sort of size you want them to be when the food is that good. You’ll have an empty plate at the end of the night but you won’t be leaving hungry.

The Jam Jar

The Jam Jar is another bar/restaurant with excellent drinks and food. You’d be surprised how busy this place can get on the weekends, so don’t leave it too late to book a table if you plan on eating out. The Jam Jar is all about good quality, simple food and amazing cocktails. With an Italian and a Scottish owner you’ll find everything about the Jam Jar to best of great cultures, especially when it comes to the food. You can choose from simple, well cooked meals like burgers and pork chops, or choose from the more Italian side of the menu with one of their incredible pizzas or ciabatta sandwiches. It’s a modern, fun and laidback place to get a great meal for a good price and sip on one of the many, many cocktails from the menu to finish off the evening. The décor has that glitzy, fun-loving sort of quality. You’d almost expect there to be a line of slot machines in the corner, but alas everyone is playing slots online nowadays. Still, playing slots online just means that you don’t have
to leave the table and risk someone else stealing your delicious food. At the Jam Jar also get a good range of local beers and ales to choose from if you’re not a cocktail sort of person. It’s a great place for a night out with a little bit of something for everyone to enjoy.

Club 69

And the guardian even included Club 69 on their list of the best clubs in Glasgow (even though it technically isn’t in Glasgow). It is one of the coolest and one of the best hidden gems in Paisley, full of the young, wild and Techno crazy. In the 90s it was one of the best known dancefloors in Scotland was even one of the best small clubs in the UK for a while. However, there’s not a lot of time left to visit this national treasure. It’s been announced that on January 1 st 2017 Club 69 will close its doors for the last time. No details have been given as to why the club is closing, but it’s a serious blow to Paisley. If you want to experience one of the best nights out of your life and send Club 69 off with a band then you can attend their last ever party on New Year’s Eve.


When it comes to purchasing your first home, the toughest part can be putting together a deposit. It’s not always easy to scrape together enough money over a short amount of time for a 5% deposit on a house, let alone the 20% that many people have come to expect. It is always a huge positive if you can save up more and put a larger down payment on your house in Paisley, but when you find a property that steals your heart, you’re going to want to move in straight away. With a larger deposit, your mortgage will be smaller, but that doesn’t mean that you have put down a larger down payment. In order to help you manage your finances, we’ve put together a few quick tips on how to make sure you can put a down payment on a house.

Set Up A Savings Plan

Sitting down and analysing your personal budget, how much you have coming out each month in bills, and how much you are spending on other things each month will help you to find ways to quickly reduce your expenses. I you don’t yet have a budget in place, then you’re going to need to create one quickly. You’ll end up being able to put away money that you may not have thought you ever had before. Automatic transfers into savings accounts is the easiest way for you to budget your month accordingly.

Get Rid Of Any Debts

One of the biggest problems that younger generations of people in Paisley and across the UK, is that they are relying on things like credit cards and the benefits of taking out a quick loan. While these can help in the short term, they’re not always going to be the best form of money management when it comes to saving for a down payment in the future. Make sure that you clear any debts that have high interest rates first, and prioritise all of the debts in order to get them cleared off quickly. The quicker you get rid of you debts, the better your credit score will be, meaning your chances of purchasing a property in Paisley will dramatically increase.

Government Help

Ultimately, the government will want you to buy a house, due to a number of benefits that they can reap in taxes and more when it comes to someone buying rather than renting. While there is a generation rent issue that appears to have been taking over the UK, the government is looking to help out younger buyers when it comes to purchasing a property in Paisley and across the rest of the UK. There a number of government schemes such as the Help To Buy ISA and more, that can help young buyers when it comes to putting down a deposit or down payment on their Paisley home. It is important that you take advantage of these schemes while they’re around, because as soon as you start putting money towards them, the faster your down payment will begin to appear.


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So you are a sports fan, who follows the major events of a preferred sports league and knows all the key players of the favorite teams – that’s quite a start. Do you catch yourself thinking of receiving profit out of your hobby? You are not alone in your speculations. The fact is, millions of people think the way you do when they feel like doing more than just watching. As a result, many find betting extremely attractive in terms of financial gaining and fun achievement.

Pick one of the known betting sites (sportsbooks)


The primary aspect of winning some funds is choosing the right betting site. Such online resources are usually called the sportsbooks in bettors’ circles. Different sportsbooks may offer different lines for one and the same event. In an ideal scenario, a bettor should have a couple of accounts, all on various sites.

Thus, when you compare the sites’ offers, you’ll know exactly which one’s got the best online betting odds and where you can win more. The probability is, surely, another factor. Yet, doing all your best to raise winnings is what’s supposed to be done by every successful punter. In order for you to know which sites are worth attention, we’ll add the three most popular sportsbooks names: Bovada, Bet365 and 5Dimes. Each one provides fast calculations and quick withdrawal of your money. Picking the most suitable one is, of course, a matter of preference.

Place your wagers considering the odds


Evaluating the odds is the second aspect of a correct betting. However, if you still have little idea of the existing odds types you should first learn how to read them. There are two major types of odds: American (used mainly in the USA) and decimal (used in Europe). We’ll speak of the decimal style, as it is more often used by the UK residents. To calculate one’s payout one simply needs to multiply the amount they’d like to wager by the decimal odds, introduced in a line. It usually looks like this:

Germany (2.30) vs Brazil (1.75)

If you wish to wager $10 on Germany at 2.30 you just need to multiply $10 by 2.30 (the index in brackets). The total payout is $23 in this case, while the pure profit is $13. The decimal style of odds is very easy to follow and most of the sites allow it to be chosen as a preferred one. However, mind that some of those have American style set as the default.

Mind the season and the month

Like any other sort of activity, betting is subjected to more and less productive time periods. In what refers to sports betting, June and July are usually considered to be least profitable months. You are unlikely to get some good piece of advice or raise your funds sufficiently during this period. In the context of payouts, it’s better to wait a bit and switch to something else so you could get some savings.


You may think modern cars incorporate enough high tech security features to deter thieves but the truth is somewhat different. Although car theft numbers have dropped significantly over the last ten years, the better part of 70,000 cars are still stolen each year.

Greater London is the UK’s ‘theft hotspot’ with prestige cars most at risk – they filled the top ten of cars stolen and recovered in 2015 with no less than three Range Rover variants appearing on the list. If you’re thinking of running one as your next car the following tips may be of particular interest.

Keeping your car safe

A combination of taking basic security steps and perhaps investing in more security hardware could help ensure your car stays where you parked it.

Check it’s locked properly – remote control ‘plippers’ can make us complacent when locking the car. A quick ‘plip’ with the key and walking away may not be enough; it’s worth checking for certain the car has actually locked itself.

Thieves can use remote control blockers to interfere with the radio signal transmitted to the car by your key fob so stopping it locking; if you’re in any doubt the car is locked check it manually.

Leaving unlocked and engine running – never leave your car unlocked and unattended. Even popping back indoors for a few seconds to fetch something while leaving the car unlocked is all the time an opportunist thief needs to jump in and drive your car away.

Leaving the engine running in your unattended car is asking for trouble – and it’s illegal.

Parking carefully – try and take the time honoured advice of parking in a well lit street or car park, preferably amongst other vehicles. Thieves much prefer to work in dingier conditions rather than under strong street lighting.

Turn the front wheels towards the kerb when parking on the street or towards another car when using a car park. It makes it harder for the thief to move your car; likewise driving front first into a driveway or parking space makes it harder to quickly drive your car away as reversing will be involved.

Visual deterrents – investing in a visual deterrent such as a steering wheel lock can help. This extra level of security may make a thief think twice about trying to steal your car; they usually give themselves mere seconds to break into a car, so anything that could cause delays might dissuade them.

Valuables on display – don’t leave tempting items in clear view such as briefcases, cameras, sat navs or laptops. Even a plastic bag with basic shopping could tempt a thief to break in and see what’s inside. Take valuables with you or at least stow them out of sight in the boot.

Trackers – it’s worth fitting a Thatcham approved one to a prestige car; if the car is stolen the police can more easily find it. Advertising the fact the car has a tracker fitted will help deter the thief.

Take care of keys – modern key security which enables the car to ‘recognise’ its key, makes keyless theft hard for thieves, so they may try and steal this. Don’t leave yours lying about and ensure your property is secure as a thief may try and break in to get at your car key.

Common sense

Much of the above is common sense and a matter of taking care and not taking any chances. Falling car theft figures and improved security tech has made some a little complacent; it still pays to be vigilant.










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Grounds for online gambling popularity:

  • Comfort and convenience – living in the 21st century is very beneficial since almost every single person has a personal computer, tablet, and a mobile phone. These devices automatically make everything simpler. There is no need to travel through the city, waste time in traffic jams, etc to finally reach a casino. Having at least one of the aforementioned devices, it is already possible to gamble online in a nice homely atmosphere;
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Making conclusion

As a result, you have to understand that all these and much more online gambling benefits automatically make your life way more comfortable and easy. You can use any gadget you have and play with its help. The only thing that is need is an internet connection, which is not a problem at all.

All the offered games and slots are very easy to understand and don’t require additional knowledge or skills. So, chose one or a few favourite games, enjoy playing anytime of the day and night, make new friends, and simply have fun.








For those looking to climb that first rung on the property ladder, a new build is enticing. While the UK housing market may appear stagnant at the moment and doesn’t look set to improve in 2017 when it comes to housing prices, the cogs are still turning for developers and contractors as new development phases continue to be approved up and down the country.

New builds offer value for money you may not find on the open market, they are priced relatively fairly and will gain value quickly as soon as you are handed the keys. If you are debating on buying a new build, there’s a lot to consider but there are also plenty of positives that come with purchasing such a property. Here are a few to bear in mind:

Variety of properties to choose from

Most new developments have every style of modern house available, from snug coach houses to three storey properties, so whatever style you are looking for there’s a good chance you’ll find it.

Up and coming locations

Land acquisition companies and developers – First Urban is a good example of such a company – will look for towns and local areas where change is occurring. Developments near shopping centres and retail outlets are popular, as are new builds located near schools and public transport routes. New communities are being created now when it comes to developments, ensuring those moving into the area have everything they need right on their doorstep.

Start fresh

When moving in to a new build there will be no nasty surprises when it comes to decorating or moving things around. You won’t discover mould in the corners, garish 70s wallpaper in the living room or ‘bodge jobs’ anywhere. And if you do discover anything that you are not happy with you can immediately notify your developer, who should fix the problem for you.

Guarantees as standard

For many, buying a home can feel daunting as you use all your savings to get into the property and then have no back up funds to fix any issues that may occur in that first year or so. New builds come with guarantees, on the building itself – many in partnership with the NHBC – that usually cover the external features of the property for ten years, items such as the boiler for one year and flooring and plasterwork for three. Obviously this is something you will need to confirm with your developer, but expect to enjoy a guarantee on something on the build.

Financial advice and support

Many developments come with a sales team of experts who are on hand, should you need any advice about your application or the processes involved with buying new. They can also point you in the direction of reliable mortgage advisors and conveyancers you may have not known of before.

So, is buying new for you? If the list above is anything to go by it’s definitely a good choice! Of course, there are drawbacks with everything and time delays are one of the main issues with new builds. However, developers will always keep you in the loop should this issue arise.













With many start-up schemes available for budding entrepreneurs, it is now easier than ever before to start your own business. A big factor to consider when starting your own business is the location of your business. Many people may presume that London is the best place to be, and while it is a very popular city and the central hub for a number of business opportunities, for many start-up’s it is not economically viable due to the high prices. Today many British cities have undergone regeneration and have UK wide offices for rent, which makes them very appealing for new businesses.


It’s not too long ago that Liverpool was the official city of culture, plus it previously hosted the International Business Festival on two occasions. The city centre is constantly evolving, plus there is a busy port, which could be integral if your business has international connections.  The John Lennon airport is close by if you need to travel anywhere on business, and a train will only take two hours to get you into London.


It should come as no surprise that more and more businesses are deciding to open shop in the north east of England. With a low cost of living being the most attractive prospect, Newcastle is also growing as a city, especially with technology and science businesses deciding to open up in the area. By train you can be in London within three hours, plus Newcastle International Airport is very geographically handed for any international business meetings.


The largest city in Scotland has undergone regeneration on a huge scale and even won the Technology Strategy Board’s Future Cities Demonstrator competition, plus a £24m grant and the status of a ‘Smart City’. BBC Scotland is based in Glasgow, and the area is keen to encourage the arrival of creative businesses, especially in the realms of film, television, technology and entertainment.


Labelled as the “Shoreditch of the North”, Manchester been rapidly growing, especially since BBC opened Media City in the area. As a result, Manchester now has quite the pedigree in the creative and digital industries. With the biggest university campus in Europe, Manchester are nurturing the next generation of talent at a young age, plus they have the largest economy outside of London. Business meetings are easy to attend with a two hour train ride into London or Manchester Airport, the third largest in the UK behind only Gatwick and Heathrow.


The Welsh capital is the centre for all financial and professional services. Banks, insurance brokers and pension providers all make a very good living in Cardiff, but technology has also been growing in the area recently, especially in the fields of aerospace and biotechnology. Now is a really exciting time to set up a business in Wales as they are expected to develop over the next 20 years following a £1.28bn City Deal from the UK government. This means local authorities will be in a better position to support local infrastructure, both physical and digital.