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Driving doesn’t have to be a frustrating bumper-to-bumper crawl  enduring endless stops and starts, in fact it can be rather fun. Everyone considers scenic driving routes to be based in America and eastern Europe, well if you thought that then you’re in for a surprise because here, in the UK, contains some driving routes that can rival those in America and take your breath away. It’s fair to say that the UK might be one of the most crowed places to live in Europe, but don’t let that fool you because there are ways to escape the endless traffic lights, all you need to know is where to go.  So ditch those cities and those stressful commutes and indulge yourself in these beautiful roads.

Before taking your journey, make sure you have your insurance, because these roads can prove to be rather rocky and if you find out that the date you’re taking for this trip exceeds your insurance date then don’t fret because you can find a range of short term insurance quotes at http://www.shorttermcarinsurance.org.uk/ ensuring that you are safe and covered on the roads.

Now that you are covered let’s have a look at what you are in stored for:

Kendal to Keswick

You’ll be surrounded by towering hills as your venture through this 30-mile stretch in the Lake District. This winding section of the A591 will provide you with unmatchable views of the Lakeland fells and the banks of Lake Windermere and Lake Thirlmere. The beauty of this country side has indeed inspired poets such as Wordsworth and Coleridge, and you can even take a peek at two of Wordsworth former houses en- route in the picturesque village of Grasmere.

The Northumberland Coast

The roads that wind along Northumberland’s most northerly coastal region are the perfect antidote to motorway tedium. You will honestly feel like in the world of Harry Potter once you past the castle in Alnwick, but this is the northerly point of England and looks more like a fairy-tale than something in reality, the place is filled with a number of ancient castles, as well as sandy beaches, rolling hills, rugged moorland and picture-postcard market towns. If you fancy a longer road trip, this drive is only a few hours from Scotland where you can enjoy even more UK beauty such as the vibrant town of Paisley of the vibrant atmosphere of Edinburgh

The Glens of Antrim

Another fairy-tale like environment, the Antrim coast road passes by the foot of each of the nine glens, running along coast for about 25 miles from the Black Arch near Larne to the Red Arch near Cushendall, passing through the villages of Ballygalley, Glenarm, Carnlough and Waterfoot. If that not enough for you, then this route is considered as one of the most scenic drives not only in the UK but the entire world.

Ribblehead Viaduct

In the heart of the Yorkshire Dales, the B6255 is not short of impressive natural beauty, but the highlight is the most distinctive man-made road. This awe-inspiring 400-metre construction which has history as it dates back to 1870 and is listed as a Scheduled Ancient Monument to satisfy those historians out there and for any of those film ‘geeks’, you’ll notice that this area was a cameo in the Harry Potter films.


There is no denying the fact that gambling is an extremely fun activity. It is the reason why it is a hugely popular industry around the world with revenues more than $230 billion. The opportunity for normal people to win big while also being entertaining is one of the greatest aspects of gambling. Even though there is a stigma around gambling, it is also hugely beneficial to a player in many ways. Here are some of the top seven ways through which gambling makes a person better:

  1. Improves Concentration

Gambling requires a lot of concentration at all times. When a person is gambling, it is highly likely that he will be fully concentrated on that task, which enhances the mind activity. Research has shown that gambling also increases the sense of priorities while helping the concentration levels. Casino games, like those found at https://pokiestar.com/free-mobile-pokies-and-slots-online/, are one of the most addictive around, as they become so intense after playing for a while and it almost becomes impossible to stop. It is largely because of the intense concentration required to stay in the game. Ultimately, this concentration takes over and keeps the player in the game.

  1. Alleviates Stress

Since stress has become a common element of day-to-day life, it becomes important to alleviate this agreement in order to ensure a happy and peaceful time. Aside from providing the opportunity to get out of the stress, gambling also provides a player with the chance to win money at the same time. Doing away with stress can make you a better person straight away, as you would be in a better mood more often than not.

  1. Improves Math Skills

A crucial element in terms of being successful at gambling is working on numerous calculations. In doing so, you are inadvertently sharpening your math skills. A poker player is the best example of someone who is having to perform several calculations whenever he is playing the game. Since math forms a great part of our daily life, being extremely good at it – courtesy of gambling – is a huge bonus.

  1. Enhances Focus

Research has shown that regular gambling increases the sense of priorities. As a result, gambling players would be much sharper than non-players. A social stigma prevents large-section offers from enjoying that little bit more in a poker game. Yet, such research elements show that it is better to get rid of the guilt feelings when gambling as it is only beneficial. It also helps a person become better at dealing with the different personalities he would encounter in a day. Gambling gives a person the chance to meet new people from different walks of life.

  1. Enhances Decision-Making Skills

A poker player or someone involved in the table games like blackjack and roulette has to make plenty of decisions over the course of a game. There will be a variety of situations and reacting in a positive way is essential towards being successful. It is this decision-making ability at incredible speeds that makes a person better with time. Being surrounded in such an intense environment regularly also improves the quality of those decisions.

  1. Makes a Person Think Positive

Gambling has two faces – winning and losing – just like any other element in this world. Both these elements give a good learning curve. Going into any bet, however, a gambler does not think in a negative sense. This attribute becomes a transformational element in his character with time. As a gambler has to come up with regular bets, he would naturally develop a positive attitude towards every aspect of life. The more a person plays, the more joy he would get, and the more money he is likely to win. All these elements would enhance the positive nature of the person even more.

  1. Improves Bank Balance

The primary reason for gambling has to be money, and it is available in abundance. Over a period of time, a gambler would immensely appreciate the numerous qualities mentioned above. Yet, the single defining factor that drove him to the gambling world would be money and this is available in plenty. Being focused and adhering to several rules and regulations would see a person when more than lose. It is not surprising that smart poker players have made so much money that they retire as a millionaire.


Several skills are required to survive in this world, and few are better at providing those in one go than gambling. Aside from providing intellectual stimulation, gambling also enhances mental function, social skills, and concentration to make you a better person. No, we should not criticise gamblers nor should we believe this is not a healthy hobby. If practised correctly, it can improve one’s life in numerous ways.


Online card games for two players

Will you win or be defeated?

What could be better than playing a favourite game alone? Playing it with your friends or family, obviously! There exist dozens of games specifically created for two players – so why talk when you can compete with your dear rival for victory using the same computer, tablet, or smartphone? And it’s totally up to you whether this will be cooperation or competition. After all, little could be better than hanging out with your friends for free!

Basically, one can play any card game with two players. However, most people would name Rummy, Poker, and UNO as the most popular classic card games – and for a good reason. The said games have long earned a reputation of excellent activities for spending free time. But what if you have learned them all too well and got tired of them?

Card games for two: refurbishing the classics

Let’s take a look at some of the celebrated table games, namely:

Double Solitaire: This is a special two-player version of the ever-popular Solitaire. Double Solitaire features rules pretty similar to those of its predecessor, although it also adds a peculiarity: it is possible to hinder your opponent in their attempts to get rid of cards.

Speed: An engrossing and fast-paced game, also designed for two players, which tests both yours and your rival’s reflexes. Many deem Speed to be the best game for whiling away time in waiting rooms.

War: After the super-quick game, there comes one that sometimes seems never-ending. Either called Battle or War, the game remains the same in terms of rules. The players that oppose you must take possession of all your cards to win.

66: This curious title has been affixed to a card game by Germans. For playing it, you will need only basic knowledge of strategy and mathematic calculation. Do not worry: it stays fascinating without overloading your brain so you can chat with your rival freely.

Gin: Gin is a renowned derivative of Rummy. Variations like this, online games casino bonuses, and many more can be found at prestigious e-casinos.

Durak: Being a true hit in Russia, Durak is engrossing both for a pair of players or for a bigger group (up to six people).

Unique card games for two

Those who search for really peculiar games might like to try Schnapsen or The Bidding War.

Using a 20-24 card deck, Schnapsen immediately captures the attention of the rivals. The 9-10-J-Q-K-A set is all that is needed. The game requires a decent thinking effort and might not look especially social. Still, for all card game aficionados who are in search of something brain-stimulating or just something to outplay their friends in, it’s perfect.

The Bidding War bears some similarity to the abovementioned game War, and yet it demands a little more of your gaming skillfulness. Basically, great skills here will open for you an opportunity to gain an edge on the opponent and turn the balance to your advantage.

Read more at this site to learn about outstanding card games for two. Get you funniest and dearest friend – or invite your partner – to spend time making cunning plans and enjoying the spirit of intellectual competition!



There are a lot of people that have once thought of moving to or holidaying in Mayfair but almost immediately found their hopes dashed once they looked at the prices. London in general is very expensive, but Mayfair is probably the worst when it comes to prices. A bathroom in Mayfair costs as much as the average house elsewhere in the UK. So, why is there so much wealth in Mayfair? Why are people willing to pay so much to live in this part of London?

Mayfair is an area of London that’s in incredible demand. It’s close to all of the main attractions of central London, including the famous Hyde Park. You will find some of London’s best restaurants, bars and clubs in Mayfair and all of the shops in the area are designer boutiques, famous brands, authentic vintage, or they sell extravagant luxury items. There’s nothing that Mayfair doesn’t have and everything that Mayfair has is f spectacular quality. But, the demand for Mayfair property might go a bit deeper than it simply being a nice place to live.

It has been speculated that one of the biggest contributors to the incredible property prices in Mayfair is due to offshore investors snatching up property and foreign elite buying holiday homes.  For offshore firms, London properties – especially around Mayfair – are used as an investment. Their traded off for incredible prices, no matter what state they might be in. Most of these big mansions and historic buildings remain completely empty and haven’t been occupied for years. Many of them are in ruins but are still valued at £50million and more. These ‘buy-to-leave’ investors know that Mayfair property is always in high demand and so they know that they can sell off these properties for ridiculous prices no matter what condition they’re in.

On the other hand, you also have the elite buying property in Mayfair to use for holidays. For most of the year, these properties are empty until the owners decide to pay a visit for a couple of weeks during the year. These wealthy owners over time have attracted more wealthy property buyers because Mayfair has changed to accommodate them. Mayfair used to be a very typical area of London, with butcher shops and corner shops and old fashioned tailors. But, when the extremely wealthy moved into the area, the more expensive shops moved into Mayfair in order to attract their business. Now you have designer clothing shops, world renowned jewellers and watchmakers, and the local fish and chips made way for five star restaurants and cafes.

Although buying a Mayfair property is out of the question for most of us, rentable apartments are still available and many people are using them as their holiday destinations. Mayfair London serviced apartments to rent are almost like a hotel, in that you’ll have it cleaned, monitored by security and have staff to call if you need anything fixed or replaced. It’s certainly a far less expensive way of staying in Mayfair and they come fully stocked. So, to get a taste of Mayfair without paying an extortionate price, consider renting a serviced apartment instead of looking to buy.


A jaw crusher is one of the primary crushing devices used in mine and ore processing plants. This specialist equipment is designed to feature either a square or rectangle opening at the top of the machine where the jaws ae placed (the jaws can also be called the feed opening). A jaw crusher essentially reduces the size of a large rock or ore by placing it into the compression chamber of a jaw crusher. Throughout history the greater part of the mining and crushing process was carried out by man power, until explosives were discovered. The industrial revolution began to see the making of crushing processes and machines which have resulted in the jaw crusher being born.

How Does A Jaw Crusher Work?

A fixed jaw of a jaw crusher acts as the initial breaking surface, while a movable jaw exerts force on the rock by forcing it against another plate. The space found at the bottom of the jaw plates is the size of the crushed product from the jaw crusher and the rocks placed into the jaw crusher stay in the jaws until they are made small enough to pass through the bottom of the jaws.

Do You Need A Jaw Crusher?

A jaw crusher is used extensively in the aggregate and mineral processing industry. Companies such as Sandvik are well known for producing high quality mobile jaw crushers as well as other specialist mining equipment. If you’re looking to hire jaw crushers for any reason, be sure to find a trusted company for optimum construction solutions.

Types Of Jaw Crushers

Jaw crushers vary and can come in the form of bare jar crushers units, modular and portable (mobile) jaw crushers.

What Are The Advantages Of A Jaw Crusher?

Jaw crushers are useful tools and are designed for heavy duty work performance. Their design and the materials they are made from mean they have a long life span, making them a cost effective tool to use. They also have standard replacement parts and so are easy to fix or refresh. Alongside this, jaw crushers offer high productivity, making light work of breaking down the material that is placed into them. Jaw crushers enable productivity to remain high as they take away the need for manual labour to break down rock and other hard materials. Jaw crushers have a high crushing ration and produce a uniform final product size which is ideal for generating a fixed size output of material.

Primary And Secondary Jaw Crushers

Primary jaw crushers are typically square in shape at the opening whereas secondary jaw crushers feature a rectangular opening design. Primary jaw crushers are heavy duty machines used to reduce the size of ore to a manageable size by secondary crushers and operate in a circuit.

What Happens With The Material Processed By A Jaw Crusher?

The waste material produced by a jaw crusher after it has been processed can be either disposed of or recycled. Jaw crushers are great as they make the materials easier to deal with. They also enable the reduction of size of a solid mass of raw material such as rock ore and enables us to differentiate between materials.


Paisley in winter can be beautiful, but it can also be pretty miserable. Temperatures can get as low as 1.6°C in January and all of the commuters have to waddle their way to work across slippery pavements and frost covered grass. Winter is a pretty miserable time of year and these are only a few reasons why:

Lack of Sun affects your mental health

You wouldn’t believe some of the strange ways that winter can affect our brains. The low temperature and the lack of sunlight work together and sap all of our energy and make us feel pretty miserable. It’s not a coincidence that winter makes us sleepy and sad. Natural light acts as a sort of clock for our bodies. When it’s light and sunny outside our bodies know that it’s time to be up and about and doing important things. But, when it’s dark, our bodies think it’s night time and that we should be sleeping. It’s almost as though we’re supposed to be hibernating during winter. So, trying to go about our daily routine when it’s cold and dark outside can be incredibly exhausting.

Winter makes us ill

A lack of sunlight doesn’t only make us sleepy. It can also make us ill. Vitamin D – the sunshine vitamin – is essential for our immune system and our cell regrowth. So, when the sun isn’t out and shining our body isn’t as skilled at fighting off viruses as it normally is. There are also a few other factors that contribute to the common winter illness.  Bacteria and viruses can travel from one person to another through condensation. Indoors and in dry environments (such as the cold winter air) infected water droplets hang in the air for other people to breathe in and pick up.

Winter makes us gain weight

Gaining weight during winter is common and our gluttony isn’t completely to blame. Our bodies don’t just warm themselves by magic. It takes energy to keep our bodies warm and when we’re exposed to especially cold temperatures for long periods of time our body uses up more calories to stop us from getting too cold. These calories come from special fat storages on our body called ‘brown adipose tissue’. When it gets cold our metabolisms don’t work in the same way they usually do because our bodies do their best to keep hold of everything we eat and turn it into this special type of fat so that we can stay warm. This wouldn’t be so bad if it wasn’t way too cold to exercise. It’s impossible to keep up your usual morning jog if you’re having to wear 3 or 4 woolly jumpers on top of your normal exercise clothes.

We can’t dress the way we want

While this might not be a horrific consequence to some people, to others winter is a fashion disaster. All of our favourite clothes get tucked into the back of the wardrobe and out come the vintage woollen jumpers, ridiculously fluffy hats and the winter boots that no one would wear if they had the choice. Looking good in winter is only for the lucky few that can tolerate the cold while the rest of us are just glad that we can still feel our fingers.

There’s no shame in giving winter a miss. Everyone is better off in the sunshine. You’ll be happier, you’ll have more energy, you’ll be healthier and you’ll be able to wear all of the fashionable clothes you want. All of the Thomas Royall designer clothing you’ve been saving for a special occasion can be finally freed from its wardrobe prison and shared with the world. So, instead of suffering through the next few freezing cold months, make the most of winter by getting away to somewhere warm and sunny.




Live dealer casino games are more popular now than they have been in years past, but I expected live dealer games to become huge when they were first released, but that simply hasn’t happened yet.

Once you experience the thrill of playing live dealer casino games from the comfort of your home, you’ll never want to step foot into another casino again. This guide will walk you through everything you need to know before playing.

Where to Play 

The majority of online casinos today offer live dealer games. In fact – many online casinos offer live dealer games from multiple software providers, but my favorite are live games by Evolution Gaming.

Some online casinos offer live dealer games directly from brick and mortar casinos around the world. That’s right, you don’t even need to visit a casino to play anymore. You can play from the comfort of your home.

Live Dealer Casino Games 

There aren’t a lot of live dealer games to play. The most popular game is live blackjack, although you can also play roulette, baccarat, sic bo and casino hold’em with live dealers at leading online casinos.

Players will be able to play multiple variations of these games as well. Plus, there is a wide range of tables. There are tables with female dealers, male dealers, special themes (Playboy, etc.), zero commission baccarat and more.

Betting Limits 

Depending upon where you choose to play the minimum bet is typically $1-$5 per hand or spin. The reason you need to bet at least $1is because the casino has more overhead with live dealer games than traditional RNG casino games.

Betting limits can reach huge limits with live dealer casino games. High-rollers will fit right in. You can wager up to $20,000 or more per hand/spin at some online casinos, which is a huge amount of money.

I’ve seen some huge bets on YouTube and Twitch streams, but I’ve yet to see a player betting five-figures a hand/spin. If you’re playing blackjack, you can expect to play about 50 hands per hour.

Some of the games, such as casino hold’em won’t have such high betting limits.

Playing on Mobile Devices 

Yes, you can play live dealer casino games on your mobile device. However, for the best playing experience it’s best to play on a tablet with a nice sized screen because it’s hard to see the entire table on a smartphone.

It’s possible to play live dealer casino games on your smartphone and some will work just as well as on a tablet, such as live blackjack. Just make sure you don’t press the wrong button, because there’s no “back” button when gambling.

Bonuses and Promotions 

Live dealer casino games don’t offer the same type of bonuses to players. Casinos typically don’t offer deposit bonuses to players that plan to exclusively play live dealer games, but often there is a smaller bonus available.

Always make sure you read through the terms first. If live dealer games are restricted and you’re only going to play those games in the casino then you definitely don’t want to lock yourself into a wagering requirement.

Some live dealer casinos offer regular value-added promotions, so keep an eye out for these. You may be able to earn small free bets or bonuses just for playing at a live dealer table during the promotional period.


If you’re thinking about going to Europe on your holiday from Paisley, then you’re going to need to be sure that the company that you are using is going to be reliable. This will give you peace of mind that everything is in hand so you don’t have to worry about a thing. When you use a well-known, international holiday company, you can be sure that your flight, hotels, transfers, and sometimes even all of your food and drink for the holiday is completely organised and all put into one price. All you have to do is ensure that you get your EHIC renewed at www.ehiccardrenewal.org.uk before you leave, and pack before you head to Glasgow Airport. Here we’ve put together the biggest holiday companies in Europe for your next holiday.


Thomson are one of the world’s biggest holiday companies and with over 50 years’ experience in the industry, they have perfected the holiday options that they are providing families, couples and solo travellers. Everybody likes to do their holidays differently, and Thomson have understood this in order to encompass everything. They also fly from 23 different airports with the option of 9, 10, 11 and 12 day holidays (alongside traditional 7 and 14). Thomson have over 2000 hotels on their site, and many of these come highly recommended on review sites such as TripAdvisor. With Thomson, there is a holiday for everyone, whether they’re looking for a budget holiday or they want to pay premium.

Thomas Cook

The Thomas Cook Group are said to be one of the oldest and best known names in the travel industry having started back in 1841, and because of this they have ultimately tried to perfect the destinations and hotels that they have on their site. With over 20 million customers, while the prices tend to be a little pricer than the likes of Thomson, their high-tech, personalised holiday experiences that they tend to produce for their customers are second to none. On top of this, they also supply everything from self-catering to all-inclusive and in between to suit all of their customers’ needs.

First Choice

If you’re looking for an all-inclusive company and you want to narrow down your options to just this for your holiday to Europe then First Choice is a great option. Having won numerous awards such as ‘Best Large All Inclusive Holiday Company’ they are a reliable company to book a holiday to Europe with. Whether you’re looking for Holiday villages perfect for families, sports-orientated holidays, budget conscious holidays or a Premier range there are a huge number of options to choose from with First Choice – with every holiday including flights, accommodation, transfers, three meals a day and local drinks all in one price.

British Airways

British Airways celebrated their 90th anniversary in 2009, and while most people know about British Airways through their airline and flying heritage, they also offer a range of holiday packages, particularly suited for those who live in the UK and want to travel to Europe. On top of this, they also offer a range of experiences, including attractions, stadium tours, theme parks, and much more all as part of the deal. British Airways are continuing to grow over time, making them the perfect airline/travel company to choose if you’re searching for an inclusive holiday that features breakfast or just a room and flights.

renfrewshire council logo .JPG

Renfrewshire Council has expressed concern at Scottish Government proposals to create regional education boards.

renfrewshire council logo .JPG

Plans put forward by ministers in Edinburgh could significantly change the role of local authorities in running schools, giving powers to new regional boards while placing extra responsibilities on head teachers.

Councillors across party lines unanimously agreed a response to the Scottish Government’s consultation on the plans, which emphasised the strengths of current arrangements.

It expressed concern the proposed reforms would increase teachers’ workload and threaten existing partnerships that see schools work with other agencies to meet children’s needs.

The plans were also criticised as reducing the ability of communities to make their own choices, as appointed regional boards could take over decision-making powers currently held by locally elected councillors who are responsible to voters.

Councillor Jacqueline Henry, the convener of education, said: “The current structures have served our children well for many years.

“They place our schools at the heart of their communities, giving head teachers significant powers to adapt to local circumstances and make the best decisions for their areas.

“Our children are already the central focus of highly effective partnerships, which ensure all agencies can work together to meet children’s needs.

“These arrangements are flexible and adaptable. There is simply no need for an externally imposed governance arrangement that will be bureaucratic and cumbersome.”

She continued: “Schools throughout Renfrewshire already deliver high quality comprehensive education.

“I’m concerned that imposing regional structures would detract from successful integrated approaches, while adding significant extra workload onto our head teachers.

“It is only right that decisions affecting Renfrewshire schools are made in Renfrewshire by its elected representatives – not by regional boards made up of unelected appointees or by councillors from other authorities.”

The Scottish Government consultation is open until 6 January 2016. Residents can express their views by visiting https://consult.scotland.gov.uk/empowering-schools/a-governance-review/


If you own a property, then you need to make sure you do all you can to look after it. The bricks and mortar in your possession is a big asset, provided that it’s maintained. This can be a challenge when you own and live in the property but buy-to-let investors have to be even more careful.

As a landlord you are likely to have an arm’s length relationship with the house you own, which makes it even more vital to protect yourself with insurance. It’s important to read up on what insurance providers offer and ask yourself the following question: ‘am I protected if the worst should happen?’.

Loss of rent that leaves you out of pocket

We might define ‘the worst’ in different ways. If you have invested in a property in order to secure a steady rental income, then losing this income can cause problems and leave you out of pocket. This could easily occur, however, if your tenant decides to leave and you can’t find a replacement or if your tenant falls into arrears. Rent arrears is, according to the Money Advice Trust, the fast growing debt problem in the UK.

With that in mind, you can protect yourself with a policy that will keep your money coming in regardless. Search for this so that you can get some degree of certainty over your investment.

Issues with your tenants

It’s said that landlords are out of pocket to the tune of £5 billion every year as a result of rent arrears and damage caused by tenants. Yet, while rent arrears aren’t insignificant, the vast chunk of that amount – £4.5 billion – is related to damage caused by the tenants themselves. Whether it’s appliances, furniture or carpets, these can be expensive items to pay for out of the blue.

At worst, you might even find yourself requiring legal support to settle a dispute with a tenant who refuses to pay what they owe. It might seem negative to think about this, but you’ll have peace of mind if you’re covered for any damage or disputes that arise over your property.

Costly emergencies

There’s a third ‘worst case scenario’ to consider too, and that relates to emergencies that are out of your control. Flooding, boiler breakdown or storm damage are three things that could leave you with a big repair bill in the short term and even harm your asset in the medium to long term too. The average cost, for example, of repairing a three-bedroom house that has suffered flood damage is £30,000 according to RICS and this could all take several months to carry out and return the home to a state in which it could earn you a rental income.

If you’re covered against the loss of rent, damage and disputes relating to your tenants and any one-off emergencies that may just pop up out of the blue, then you can safely say you are prepared for the ‘worst’.