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Acrylic paints are the best options for color for people who need a paint that does not require too much time in drying, and they are also easy to make at home. Although they are widely sold on the market, you can quickly improvise yours in the house with the use of the required products.

How to Make your Acrylic Paintings

Get a Squeezable Bottle

A squeezing bottle is required to make it easy to get out the required amount of the paints needed. Just make sure the nozzle is large enough to allow out the paint, and at the same time, the opening should be large enough to fit a brush in case you want to get the paint direct from the container.

Use the Ingredients in Halves

One area that a lot of people fail when making acrylic paints is the mixing of the ingredients especially the water. Keep in mind that the amount of water you use determines the adhesive effect of the paint and also its color. So, be cautious when adding water, so you don’t end up putting too much water to the ingredients. Just measure 50: 50 of each element to get a good proportion of the items. Apart from water, the other items that you are required to add include the golden acrylic, glazing liquid or even the professional glazing fluid.

Add the Acrylic Solution

After you have mixed the above ingredients in halves, the other thing that you need to add to the solution is the acrylic paint. Be cautious when adding the paint to avoid getting the wrong solution at the end. For example, if you add too much paint, the solution may fail to mix well, and in the case where you add too little of the solution, it may end up not give the right color or the right consistency for adhering on the painted surface. Learn how to mix the acrylic solution from the acrylic pouring cells recipe to ensure that all the mixtures are poured on the bottle as required. You can also, create a funnel that would prevent the solutions from spilling outside the container.

Mix Well

Mix all the ingredients by shaking the bottle thoroughly. Make sure all the ingredients are mixed well and there no lumps that are visible on the bottle. You can use a coffee stirrer to mix the ingredients as well.

Test your Paint

After all the ingredients have mixed well as required, you can test the paint by the use of acrylic pour painting table. This provides a surface where you get to practice different methods of painting and also how to make patterns. Some boards are a purchase, but you can also improvise yours at home with the use of canvas materials.

Wash the Bottle after Use

This is important if you are planning to use the bottle in making more paint. So, immediately you finish up painting, make sure to clean up the container and the nozzle. This prevents the paint from clogging and getting stuck on the bottle.

Making your acrylic painting is entirely comfortable with the use of the above steps. You can make different paints with different colors if you want to make a color painting. Just ensure all the ingredients are measured equally to get a consistent mixture.


E-cigarettes have become popular in recent years, with a larger number of e-cigarette companies, such as VIP, appearing on the market. This has led to many smokers deciding to ditch their cigarette packs in favour of vaping, with 3 million vapers in the UK. However, while tobacco companies have been required to display health warnings and images on their packets, e-cigarettes have remained a source of controversy.

With conflicting information about the benefits or health-related concerns of vaping, the information given to consumers has been unclear. As such, many people are unsure as to whether vaping offers any real benefits when compared to smoking.

Debates and Health Concerns

With fears relating to impact on health, there has been much debate about the safety of vaping. This has been particularly prevalent during the last couple of years, as the use of e-cigarettes has become more widespread.

There have been numerous articles and reports speculating that e-cigarettes were as bad – if not worse – than their counterparts, with one study claiming that ‘vaping could be as bad for the heart as smoking cigarettes,’ and another stating that e-cigarettes contain more carcinogenic chemicals than actual cigarettes.

At the same time, there have been a myriad of opposing views, claiming that e-cigarettes provide vapers with numerous health benefits, reducing the risk of diseases associated with smoking. But just where does the truth lie?

Less Dangerous Than Smoking

Research conducted by Cancer Research UK recently found that e-cigarettes are a much safer option when compared to smoking. The study highlighted that e-cigarettes have less impact on heath as they do not contain cancer-causing tobacco. Furthermore, the research showed that second-hand vapour is less harmful than second-hand smoke, and that e-cigarettes also help people to quit smoking.

In addition, Public Health England have backed vaping. Publishing a report that states e-cigarettes are ‘95% less harmful than smoking,’ PHE have also said that they should be available on an NHS prescription, as they help people to quit.

Lastly, NHS Scotland have seconded these positive findings. In a bid to clear up confusion and provide more accurate information, Dr Fraser of NHS Scotland has promoted the use of e-cigarettes, as they pose less risk to health than smoking.

The Future of E-Cigarettes




We live in a complicated world where there are thousands and thousands of things to do.
There is just a vast amount of different kinds of jobs and hobbies that you could take part in.
Even with sports, there is a huge number of them that you could try.

How about starting your own stamp collection or building your own company as an
entrepreneur? How about chilling out with your friends, watching footie or just drowning
yourself in endless Jersey Shore re-runs?

There is a million ways to pass your time. This time, you are going to hear us making a case
why you should let casinos into your life and why playing at them is a ton of fun. You can
read more on dreamz.com, to get in-depth knowledge in online casino basics, rules and a
chance to read some game reviews.

Reason #1: You Could Win
One of the most common reason to get yourself into casino gaming is the fact that this could
actually end up winning you some cash to use in your daily life. The prospect of having a lot
of money is what keeps many of us flocking to casinos, the national lottery, scratch cards and
numerous other things. After all, if you don't play, you cannot really win.

Most of us do not possess the kind of extraordinary talents or business acumen and ideas
required to get rich the normal route. Not everyone has the pipes needed to become the new
Freddie Mercury or Michael Jackson. Not everyone could invent something like Windows or
just inherit millions. For most of us, getting rich by the so-called organic route is just not in
the cards.

With the help of gambling and raffles, even the common folk have a fighting chance to get
closer to owning private jets and living in a 20 bedroom mansion.

Reason #2: It Is Entertaining
People who have never wagered a pound in their life will not know how thoroughly
entertaining it can be to play your favourite slots. In the modern world, the newest slot
machines are technical beasts with amazing graphics and incredible sounds. These games are
not like your average one-handed bandits were—these are audiovisually impressive works of
art that are absolutely pleasurable to play.

In addition to the technical side of things, modern slots are filled with cool features designed
to make you fall in love with them. Game providers these days truly know how to entertain
the masses.

Reason #3: Who Doesn’t Like Adventure
Especially most men have the inherent need for adventure. When we grow up as little boys,
we always want to build our own treehouses and see and experience new things. Online
casinos give us all the tools to have a more mature adventure.
Each gaming session is just that—adventure. You have the highs and the lows, the victories
and the setbacks. You always want things to end in that cathartic feeling of overcoming the

odds, but there is a chance you may not. This has all the elements of a great story, and people
tend to just love it to pieces!

Bringing a sense of positivity to work is sure to help you through the day, right? Let’s take a look at the statistics to find out. Additionally, if you’re an employer with employees that aren’t seeming to enjoy their working days, contact Cezanne HR for a smart HR software that will help organise your employees.


Happy workers


Were you aware that happy workers have an increase in productivity of 12% compared to those who consider themselves unhappy? That’s a lot of extra productivity!


Plus, happy people at work spend less than 10x the amount of sick days than those that are unhappy. So being happy at work not only benefits your working moral but also creates a better overall health.


What about unhappy workers?

Sadly, a disappointing 32% of us would say we are engaged in our work and a massive 70% would call their role a job, rather than a career.


Now that just doesn’t seem right, does it? People have the right to feel as though their job roles have meaning, and can lead them somewhere in life.

How do you become a happy worker?


According to a recent study, people consider close friends or relatives, generosity, freedom and trust as being the main contributors to living a happy life.


Which means for the managers out there; allow your employees a good work-life balance, give them the freedom to be trusted and offer praise when they achieve something.


As for the unhappy workers; try going into work believing you’ll have a great day, set achievable and bitesize goals, focus on the bigger tasks first and allow yourself reasonable short breaks.

Are you happy at work?

Have you ever been stuck in a job where you just don’t feel appreciated enough? Rant to us about it! Sharing your experiences with our readers

might help to let off some steam and get the conversation about mental health in the workplace flowing.


It’s important to talk about these issues when they arise, it means you can open your mind to the possibilities of improving your own outlook and gives employers an insight into what they might be doing to contribute to your unhappy work life.


All the best!


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Finding the right casino game can sometimes be boring if a player doesn’t know where to look. Every gambler has his/her own taste and playing style and depending on those parameters, bettors can easily track down their favorite game. Another important thing is a playing device. Earlier, a gamer would have to go to the land-based casino to place betsм or you can go and get online casino bonus codes. Today, gambling can be done directly from home. Now, gaming technology provides a chance to spin the wheel of luck in just a few clicks, swipes or button presses. Most popular devices these days are mobiles, tablets, and PC gadgets, but gaming consoles also found their place among gamblers. They can be easily installed and activated by anyone even by a total beginner. The Xbox gaming console is one of the most used devices of this type worldwide and now, a player can easily check out his/her favorite casino content from any place where this machine can be placed.

Benefits of Using the Xbox Console


Game producers are trying their best to replicate the exact betting feeling like gambling from a real casino. So basically there is no need to go to the nearest gaming place to put real money stakes. Bettors can now set the playing console, download the desired content and the game is on. This will provide a total comfort feeling because a gambler will have a chance to get casino features anywhere he/she wants to play. It means that bettors can lay back in their soft chair, turn on a big TV, invite friends and have fun. One of the biggest advantages of using the Xbox console to play casino games is the simplicity. Controllers have basic functions that can be mastered in just a few minutes.

How to Find Xbox Casino Games?


There are a couple of ways to track down some of the best casino games that can be played using the Xbox gaming console. Players can visit lots of online sites and read reviews to get all the necessary information to start betting. This can be done via any device, so before beginning, open any desired browser (gamers can use some of the supported engines like Opera, Google Chrome, etc.) and search for a list of casino games. When the right one is found, visit the store and download it into a device. Bettors should know that there is no real money betting option when using the Xbox console, but this will not stop a player to have lots of fun while doing it. There are numerous features that can be tried with this device for a complete gaming experience. Here is a short list of some of the best casino games:

  • World Series of Poker: Full House Pro is a betting casino game created by the Microsoft studios. It can be checked out for free which makes it available for all bettors who want to test their gambling skills. This game provides a chance to play against other gamers in different rooms and skill levels. The best thing about it is that players can choose avatars that are going to represent them at tables. The goal in the World of Series of Poker: Full House Pro is to increase the starting cash amount the be better than other gamers on the leaderboard. Gamblers can make a quick progress and play some of the biggest tournaments like the WOSP for an example with announcers and full gaming atmosphere like being in the real casino.
  • Casino Nights in another big hit launched for the Xbox gaming device. It provides one of the biggest game selection where bettors can check out their skills at poker tables, roulette, red dog, keno and many slot machines. This game can be downloaded from a store for 1$ which makes it available for every player who wants to have some fun and enjoy in his/her favorite casino machine. At the beginning, bettors will get a starting chip amount and participate in low-stake tournaments and as the game goes on, gamers will get an access to high-roll tables.
  • Pure Hold’em is a perfect casino game for all fans of the Xbox console and casino features. The reason why it is one of the best games for this device is a multiplayer opportunity which allows gamers to enjoy poker events together. Players will make progress by playing at different tables. The final goal is to play games on high-roll tables in a master and VIP league.
  • Prominence Poker was made by the 505 Games and this is considered to be one of the best casino features that can check out on the Xbox gadget. Gamers can play in a 3-D environment and climb the leaderboard in a single playing mode at the beginning. As the game goes on, bettors will get a chance to participate in events versus players all around the world. A gambler will probably be surprised by computers moves sometimes and to beat it, gamers would have to put some effort which makes this game so interesting.
  • The Four Kings Casino and Slots is a game for all players who want to enjoy in smooth graphics which provides the betting feeling like being in a real casino. Another reason why this Xbox casino game is so popular is the opportunity to create an avatar and a big game offer.

Playing casino games via the Xbox console is always fun and it provides the full gaming experience in a single and multiplier mode. Download the desired content and test your skills against the computer or other gamers.


Top Careers in Scotland for People Who Love Helping Others


Choosing a career is an important step in determining long-term happiness and self-fulfilment. Many people get stuck in jobs they don’t enjoy and may not know what path to take to change their future. In today’s changing career landscape, staying in one job or profession is becoming a thing of the past, so expanding your skillset and knowledge is important for securing a career you love. Deciding on where your characteristics fit in a particular sector is key to finding work that is satisfying and rewarding. For people that want a job that not only provides personal satisfaction but helps others as well, there is a host of opportunities in Scotland that will give you both job contentment and financial reward for the things you love to do most.


Take a look at some of the top careers in the area for people that love helping others.


Nursing and healthcare


Although you have to have a degree to become a nurse in Scotland, there are many jobs in the healthcare sector that do not require higher education to apply. Beyond the many hospital jobs available, you’ll find healthcare careers in nursing homes, adult care centres and home care worker positions. This type of job offers a varied working environment with the chance to meet and care for people on a daily basis. If you have a compassionate nature and want the best for patients, this type of career may be for you.


Teaching and education


Imparting your knowledge and skills is a great way to help other people. A great career to achieve this fulfilment is in education. The education sector is a broad field with many positions from Headteachers to teaching assistant roles available. For some positions, you may need a degree, but there are also many other avenues into teaching including adult learning and teaching English as a foreign language. There are many English courses in London that can help you gain the qualifications needed to follow this career path for a successful and varied experience.


Social work


For people that want to give back to the community and support some of the most vulnerable people in the country, social work may be for you. Some of the most common jobs in this sector include working with elderly people, adults with mental health issues and children with learning difficulties. This type of work is very rewarding although not without its challenges. This job is suited to people that not only love helping others but have a compassionate and patient nature due to the high degree of change and complex situations related to this position.


There are many jobs in and around Paisley for people of all ages looking to start their career or change directions. You’ll find a host of positions in this sector plus other roles such as charity work, the emergency services and the public sector that provide a rewarding and personally satisfying role in which you can help make a difference to peoples lives.


You can do many things to make your assignment more attractive and useful to prospective readers who want to see what you have to offer in your work.

It is vital for you to think about how you are going to write an assignment in any subject. You can get assignment help to assist you with figuring out where you will go when getting your project completed. There are several good things to see when getting an assignment organized and prepared the right way. Much of this entails not only impacting other people who read it but also positively making it easier for you to succeed in your studies.

With Homework Help, High School and College students can ask academic questions and get an answer from an expert in less than 24 hours. The micro-tutoring platform covers a wide selection of topics including math, chemistry, computer science, psychology, engineering, and more. To make it easy, questions can be asked by using a formula builder, attaching a photo, or typing the question. Students can also browse the previously answered questions to see if another student had the same challenge.

Think About the Psychological Benefits

The psychological aspects that come with writing a big paper are important to explore. As you work on a project or you buy assignment assistance, you will see that it is easier for you to manage a huge paper than what you might think. In 2013, Psychology Today stated that writing helps students with comprehending many concepts that they study in class. When a student writes something, that person will have a better idea of what causes certain ideas to be valuable in one’s studies.

You can get a better idea of whatever it is you want to talk about when you understand the positive benefits that come with your project. Knowing how to manage your content is always worthwhile for your general success. You will feel as though you could do anything when getting your paper written right.

Consider Your Audience

Take a look at the audience that you will write for when getting your paper ready. It is easier to write something when you think about who is going to read that paper. You will not only understand what you have to do with your work but also figure out how well you are capable of interacting with those people.

Look at how you can tailor your words to make them easy for your audience to read. Watch for how well you explain concepts and that you keep things in check while writing. This not only helps you reach your audience but also gives you a better approach for writing that you can clearly understand.

Think About Unique Points

One idea for writing an assignment to consider entails looking into any unique concepts relating to your subject that might be important. Let’s say you were writing a psychology paper. You could write about how two different philosophies or theories relating to psychology link to one another. This could help people to understand certain existing concepts in new ways or to simplify the way how people might think about these points.

This also improves upon your understanding of the subject matter. You will have a better grasp of what your subject is about without any complication or confusion involved in the process.

Be Thorough

One point to see when writing an assignment is to be as specific as you can. You have to be thorough as a great sense of detail in your work will positively influence your studying process and future. When you work with more content that is as specific as possible, it becomes easier for you to delve into the more specific or distinct points about your subject. This should make you feel more immersed in your work, thus improving your chances at success and getting your assignment to read its best.


You have to look at how well you can get an assignment written and that you fully understand what can make it work. You will be impressed with how well a quality paper will look and read when you think about how you can put in a strong effort into your work at large. It is all about not only making something that your audience can read well but also about giving you the confidence needed to succeed.


It’s the season of new beginnings, of freshly cut grass and daffodils in bloom. Spring is prime time for wedding nuptials, and with the warmer weather and gorgeous wedding-worthy hues, it’s not hard to see why. Whether you’re planning an outdoor celebration or a formal, indoor affair, there are plenty of romantic ways you can make the most of this time of year. Here’s everything you need to know about hosting a springtime wedding.



Spring’s milder temperatures are perfect for outdoor parties. Although the weather in the UK can be unpredictable, spring days are usually light and sunny without being too hot, and once April has passed there doesn’t seem to be quite so much rain. There are no guarantees, however, so it’s always best to have a backup plan. Host your reception where there is an indoor as well as an outdoor option. Or, failing that, hire a large tent or gazebo (check out gazebo weights) so you can carry on the celebrations even if the skies open up.



With the glorious weather that comes with spring, it makes sense to celebrate outdoors. However, (and we really can’t say this enough) the weather is never guaranteed, so it’s best to choose a venue where you have options. Why not choose a stately home with glorious grounds where you can take photos and enjoy a glass of champagne after the ceremony, or perhaps an old castle with plenty of space for indoor and outdoor festivities? With plenty of deals on the most beautiful wedding locations, UK Wedding Savings can help you find the perfect venue at an affordable price.



Spring provides the perfect theme for your wedding day, so you won’t have to give much thought to what colours to use or how to decorate your reception. This season is associated with a string of different colours – including pastels, reds, blues, violets and yellows – and nature provides its own decorations in the form of tulips, hyacinths and peonies in bloom. You don’t have to stick too rigidly to the springtime theme, however; remember, it’s your day, so you can use whatever colours, decorations and table favours you like.



Spring weddings (especially those based outdoors) often give off a more relaxed vibe than formal ceremonies indoors. Therefore, you have more options regarding food and drink to serve your guests. If you’re looking to keep costs down, you could plan a huge picnic on the grass, or ask each guest to bring a dish to your buffet table. With temperatures on the rise, chilled cocktails or punches will go down perfectly, so why not have a “make your own drinks” bar or hire a cocktail maker?



You’ll have lots of dress options for a springtime wedding, as you won’t be worried about feeling too hot or too cold. Opt for lighter fabrics and higher hemlines if you wish, but don’t be put off choosing a long gown if that’s what feels right. Anything goes in spring, and your big day is no exception.


If you’re trying to increase the value of your home or simply update it, then painting the house is a great option. For most people, you’ll want to hire a painting contractor, as it can be difficult to paint well. Not only do these experts provide great work, they also take the stress out of the process. Before you choose a contractor though, you should be aware of how to choose a good one.

Consider Word-Of-Mouth

Although there are a variety of ways to learn more about contractors, one of the best options is to ask friends and family for their recommendations. If you especially like the paint job on their homes, ask them who did the work to get a recommendation. You can also ask if they’ve had any bad experiences, so you know who to avoid. Getting a little more information before you choose a company is a good idea and can save you a great deal of stress in the long run.

Ask for Quotes

The cost of painting your house is not going to be the same for each company. You’ll want to ask for an estimate as rates may vary. Some painting contractors charge by the area they have to paint while others may have an hourly rate. You’ll also want to consider the supplies in the total cost.

A painting contractor who is very inexpensive may also use low-quality supplies or hire people who don’t do a good job with their work. When you meet with the contractor, do a little digging on what types of materials they use in addition to the price. Often, going with a well-established company such as athdecorating.co.uk will help to avoid any problems along the way.


Although it’s always best to give the company adequate time to paint your house, you probably want the work to be done within a reasonable amount of time. Ask the paint contractor about how long it will take to complete the job. Most jobs can be completed within one or two weeks, depending on the size of the house and the complexity of the job. You may want to avoid any contractors who can’t provide you with a time frame.

Monitor Responsiveness

When you’re going through the process of choosing a paint contractor, pay attention to who responds to your enquiries and how good the company is at customer service. Ultimately, you want to choose a paint contractor who listens to clients and responds within a reasonable time frame. Although busy contractors aren’t going to be at your beck and call, you should expect them to respond to your calls within a day. You may want to avoid any contractors who take ages to respond or don’t seem interested in your business.


These are a few of the considerations to keep in mind. Before you go through the work of having someone paint your home, do a little more work ahead of time to avoid any problems down the road, and you’ll be much happier.


There are a few crypto-currencies in circulation right now but the most famous one is Bitcoin (BTC). While it’s working methodology is confusing for some, the concept is quite simple. It has been formulated in such a way that it is decentralized i.e. it is not governed by any bank. Established in 2009, it had a meteoric rise after 2011.


Let’s leave all the technical jargon to the techs and read ten amazing facts about bitcoin.


The Mystery Founder


Bitcoin was founded in 2008 by a mystery person named Satoshi Nakamoto. No one has any idea about his identity, even whether he is an individual or an entity. Satoshi Nakamoto is believed to have mined 1M bitcoins.


It’s finite, not infinite


Bitcoins are generated by a process called mining. There’s is a finite number of bitcoins i.e., 21M. By the year 2140, all of them will be mined. The process gets difficult and difficult as all the bitcoins are about to get mined.


Bitcoin Network – one of the most powerful in the world


The Bitcoin network is the most powerful in the world; even more than the world’s fastest supercomputers. The computing power of five such supercomputers cannot reach the potential of the bitcoin network.


Bitcoin transaction cannot be reversed


The records of the Bitcoin transactions cannot be altered once it happens. This is because once the transaction takes place the record of the transaction is logged in multiple destinations.


Lose your wallet and you lose everything


Bitcoins are normally saved in what’s called a bitcoin wallet. A bitcoin wallet is like a physical wallet, which is created when you sign up. A bitcoin wallet is owned by one person only. If a bitcoin owner loses the bitcoin wallet, the bitcoins are lost forever. It’s unusable by any person who finds the bitcoins too.


No one controls bitcoin


Currency or money is controlled by banks, and the value is based on the current global market. But, bitcoin is controlled by everyone who uses the software which logs and approves the transaction. In fact, every transaction that happens in bitcoin is transparent, but the personal data is not.


Largest bitcoin wallet is owned by FBI


Silk Road, the online marketplace was accumulating a fortune in bitcoin through illegal activities. Silk Road was the reason for around 5% of bitcoin’s economy before it was seized by the FBI. After the seizure, FBI holds around $120M in bitcoins i.e. 1.5%. But the fact is that FBI could seize only 20% of the bitcoins owned by Robert Ulbricht, the man running the Silk Road.


How much is a bitcoin worth?


During the first bitcoin transaction, one bitcoin was less than a cent. Since then, it has been a series of ups and downs. In 2011, the price of a bitcoin reached $1. The price steadily increased until 2013 when the closure of the Silk Road caused the price to fall yet again. December 2017, the bitcoin reached a record high of $19455 and has had a fall since. As of Feb 2018, one bitcoin is trading at $10700.


Bitcoin purchase


A pizza was the first legal purchase made using bitcoins. The pizza was worth 10,000 bitcoins. If you are a casino lover, you can use bitcoins for transactions at a mobile casino. You can even donate to a charity. When WikiLeaks was asking for donations, money transfer companies refused to process the donations. Donations were made in the form of bitcoins then.


Gambling using bitcoin


Bitcoin offers anonymity and little to no transfer fees that the money transfer intermediaries levy otherwise. Many mobile casinos with excellent casino games like online Blackjack, Roulette, Slots mobile and much more played at the comfort of home are in the process of creating a system which allows them to accept bitcoins as a payment from the players.


The information is provided by Jackpot Mobile Casino which is one of the reputed casinos that offers seamless casino gaming experience. You might have read the facts about the bitcoin for yourselves and it is up to you to use it or not.