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For businesses in Paisley and visiting professionals, you will find that you will be spoilt for choice if you decide to throw your corporate event in the area. Both in and around Paisley you’ll find great food, great fun and great adventure for you and the rest of your company.

Food lovers in Paisley can do a lot more than just tour the best restaurants during their corporate event. If you’ve got a small team, the Ashoka Cook School is a place where you and a few others can take a short cooking course. It’s a great way to combine a love of food with a love of knowledge and can be great fun for everyone on the team. There are also cocktail masterclasses available only a train ride away in Glasgow where you can mix and taste some delicious drinks and even invent your very own cocktail.

Around Paisley, there are a lot of excellent activities that are both productive for your company as well as fun. Team building activities, in particular, tend to be a big hit and are an excellent method of strengthening relationships within your workforce. There are lots of Paisley activities that can bring your team together, including room escape games by The Exit Games, and one example of a team building activity that’s bound to be a success is a corporate treasure hunt. A company will bring the treasure hunt to you in whatever location you choose, be it close to work or anywhere in Europe you and your colleagues feel like escaping to. You can have up to 500 people taking part, so no one in your company has to miss out, and you can request all sorts of entertaining themes for your personalised treasure hunt. Your teams will need to work together to beat the challenges ahead you can get a chance to explore the history your chosen treasure hunt location and learn a bit more about it. It’s a great way to explore Paisley and discover some of its hidden treasures.

If you and your company love learning new things then taking a historical tour through Paisley is a great way to get to know the town better and have a laugh. Walking Tours on Wheels will give you a fun and informative walking tour of Paisley. You can choose between the normal, cultural tour and a walking ghost tour at night where you can run into a few spooky characters along the way. You’ll discover all of Paisley’s hidden gems and history buffs would love to know more about the town’s fascinating history. There are also a lot of places just outside of town where you can learn some entertaining new skills. In Glasgow you can take part in a Samba Drumming workshop or learn archery. You’ll also find a range of dance workshops with all kinds of themes and hilarious genres. One in particular that we would recommend to those who don’t mind making a bit of a fool of themselves is the ‘School Disco Dance Lessons’ by GoBananas party planners. Grab a school tie and take a trip back to the awkward 90s with your team to learn some of the best and worst dances of the 90s youth.

So, don’t hesitate to bring your team closer together and throw an excellent corporate event in Paisley!


At the most basic level, a brand is a promise. Over time, customers or businesses buying your product or making use of your services will build a picture of what they expect from your brand. The experience of interacting with your business will leave a lasting memory which, depending on the nature of that memory, will keep those customers coming back. Here are five of the benefits of a strong brand identity.

Customer loyalty

By far the biggest benefit of having a strong and consistent brand is the sense of loyalty it brings to customers. People are attracted to brands that they share values with, and over the long run, they form an emotional connection with the brands they interact with.

The net effect of this loyalty is that some businesses continue growing without having to do much marketing at all. In effect, the love for their brand is what propels their future sales, and this is a powerful and indeed cost-saving effect. Secondly, it ensures stables business revenues, saving your business from constant market swings and making a profitable business a more predictable scenario.

Casting a wide net

A strong brand with universal appeal can propel your business to new heights, and failure to identify this could put a cork in your growth projections. For example, your storefront brand may be appreciated by the local population but you should question whether its appeal translates beyond international waters.

A great way to approach this is to implement a digital marketing strategy to build your brand’s online presence. Of course, no-one knows your brand quite like you do, but if you are unable to commit the time nor workforce, then a good option will be to use a content marketing agency to put together a strategy that makes the most of what your brand has to offer.

Easily introduce new products

It is increasingly common for the most respected brands to flex their branding muscle and enter new markets. These markets would have some connection with the existing products or services the brand underwrites, but a very strong brand identify is a powerful tool – companies have stretched strong brands across what would seem to be almost unrelated marketplaces with great success.

If a large number of customers have a very strong sense of respect for your brand, you will be able to utilise this respect to push new products or services successfully, because the core associations your brand carries will automatically apply to your new offering – even if the customer has never experienced your version of a particular product.

Higher profit margins

Businesses that have strong brands find that their customers are willing to pay a premium in exchange for what they perceive to be reliable and consistent quality and service. If your customers have a strong positive association with your business, they will think twice before opting for a cheaper and less established product.

This sticky effect is one of the underpinnings of more profitable businesses. Because of their brand equity, these businesses can add a layer of profit to their revenue, which is simply not available to a new business, or to a business that has not taken equally good care to build a solid brand. Even if the actual product is identical to others, the trust embodied by a strong brand makes a higher price sustainable.

Competitive advantage

The powerful effect of a brand leads not only to higher profits but also to a very strong overall competitive advantage. It is much more difficult for a new company to enter into a market when there are already very strong brands in place.

Your brand will also act as a defence against many of the competitive tactics often used: a competitor with a weaker brand would have to massively undercut you in price to counter the value of your brand, which in turn means that your business would not need to lower its prices all that much to be back in competitive territory.

Branding underlines profitability

It is far cheaper to maintain the custom of an existing consumer compared to the costs of acquiring a new one, so maintaining a strong and positive brand identity is highly beneficial to the bottom line of your business. It is also very effective as a measure to ward off competitors, while leaving everyone from employees to shareholders with the sense that they are involved in a business that is widely valued.



Owning your first home is a huge commitment but also extremely satisfying. Once you feel you are in a position to buy a house there are some important things you need to consider doing before you decide on your dream house.


First things first, you need to get your finances in order. No bank will lend a mortgage to someone they don’t feel can make the monthly repayments. Start by looking into your credit rating to make sure it’s healthy, and if it isn’t, speak to a financial advisor and sort it out. Once you’ve got your financial history sorted, you should begin to approach banks to see what sort of mortgage they can lend you along with their interest rates.

They will want to know your salary (including documented pay slips), job security, expensive hobbies that you might participate in and any other monthly outgoings that could affect you managing the mortgage repayments each month. Once they’ve established how much ‘spare’ cash you will have left over each month, plus the deposit you can put down, you’ll be given an estimated mortgage valuation.

Love your area

If you’re buying a house you need to be really enthusiastic about the area it’s in, otherwise there’s not much point in buying. You shouldn’t really be looking to move for around five years so make sure you are in love with the City and the job you’re in before you make a rooky error and get stuck somewhere you hate. If you have children then it’s a good idea to check that the local schools are going to work for you too. 

Create a list

From your experience of everywhere you’ve lived so far in life, what have you decided you can live without and what you need in your life? Things like: if you’re a bath person, you’ll want a bathroom with room for a bath, or if you need office space then an extra room is something you might want to consider. It’s a good idea to draw up a plan of the dream home and have something to aim for. Of course you may have to have some leeway, but it’s good to get an idea of what you need.

Get shopping and vetting 

Finally it’s time to start looking in your area, both online and by visiting estate agents to get your name on their lists. The more homes you look at, the happier you will feel about what the home you end up living in. Make sure you have a walk around the neighbourhood and get a feel for the people who live there, the local pubs, shops and schools. Also keep asking yourself: can I really afford this? Take note of the things you would change in the house such as decoration, carpets and flooring and add this on to the price so you know how much you’re looking to spend.

When you find your ‘dream home,’ you’ll need to have a mortgage inspection, which is usually arranged by the lender. It’s a good idea if you turn up for it, just in case anything isn’t quite right. For a more detailed inspection for your own peace of mind you could pay that little bit extra for a RICS Homebuyer Report.

Offer and close

Once you’ve had a mortgage inspection, you should be told an accurate valuation of the property. If there are major problems found along the way, you should try to reduce the asking price and be honest with your lender about how much you think their property is really worth. Then, make an offer! If the house is in a desirable location and you know it’s going to get snapped up quick, you really ought to just offer the asking price… especially if it’s everything you’ve ever dreamed of. The rest of the process will be left to your mortgage lender and solicitor, so sit tight and look forward to enjoying the day you move into your dream home!


If an elderly relative or friend is unable to live independently due to a lack of mobility or serious health condition such as dementia, you might believe you have no other option but to move them into a care home. The idea of moving a family member out of their home and into a care home is bound to be a more than a little daunting, so you might be relieved to learn it is a decision you may not have to make with the help of Elder.

The leading live-in care provider can provide an experienced care professional within 24 hours, ensuring your loved one receives immediate care in the comfort of their own home. The English-speaking live-in carer will stay in a spare bedroom, providing 24-hour support seven days a week, two weeks at a time, before they rotate with another regular carer.  A loved one often benefits from the regular companionship provided by a carer, which can improve their quality of life.

The Live-in Carers

You can trust your family member or friend will be in safe hands, because each carer will have extensive experience and will have received a full DBS background check. They are also interviewed in person to ensure they meet Elder’s high standards of elderly care. This will therefore provide both you and your loved ones with the peace of mind that your relative will receive exceptional care when you are unable to be there.

Not only will a live-in carer manage a family member’s medication, appointments and prescriptions, but they will also help with everyday tasks, such as personal hygiene, dressing, dementia care (if required) and helping a person in and out of bed. They will also perform light housework duties and will prepare their meals, so every aspect of their home life is looked after during their time in the home.

Friendship & Function

Home care is about more than helping a person perform daily tasks, because the service provides an elderly person with some much-needed company. Many elderly people across the country are sadly living with loneliness every single day, but a live-in carer can ensure your loved one will have someone to talk to, so they do not feel alone at home. You can therefore go to work, relaxed in the knowledge a live-in carer will be by their side to provide essential support.

You can also match a carer to a loved one’s mutual needs. For example, if a relative is living with dementia, an experienced carer will provide the assistance your family member needs within the home.

Try to weigh up the pros and cons of the many care services available for your elderly relative, so you can discover the best solution for their needs, which could be around the clock care at home or the decision to move a family member into a care facility


We’ve all been invited to a house party at one point or another and while some of the nights out sounded promising, many tend to inevitably descent into either boredom or chaos, filled with engaging with people you don’t know or going home after an hour by sneaking out of the back door. A party should be the ultimate social gathering experience, where unlike with a club or venue, the host is in control. The music, guest list and other elements of planning should offer you hours of fun as the details are all in your hands. If you are looking to throw the best birthday bash of the century or simply want to do something new and exciting to look forward to at the weekend, then it may be time to read our tips of becoming the ultimate host for the party of the year! Bring your favourite friends together and have a blast by following our guide to throwing a party that even your neighbours will want to attend!

Be Selective With Your Guest List

A major contributing factor to the success or failure of many parties is who the host chooses to invite. While inviting people who you know like to have a good time is great, your guest list will also need to include those that will make the event run smoothly. Balancing out the group of people you invite and playing off of their best attributes (a friend who doesn’t drink to help look after others and a friend who is super neat to tidy up) will mean that you can be rest assured that your night will flow as perfectly as possible.

Do Something Different/ Memorable

The thing that a lot of party hosts get wrong is the fact that they don’t have a memorable feature or idea that makes their event stand out from all the others during the year. If you want to keep things exciting, spontaneous and memorable then why not consider something like rodeo bull hire or booking out a photo booth? This will get your mates excited and will give them something to talk about long after everyone has gone home for the night.

Lie About The Time

While some people are punctual and can be relied on to get to a location on time, it is important to note that many will inevitably be late upon arrival to your do! To keep a steady flow of people coming to your party, give different people different start and end times. Tell your time conscious friends to arrive at 10pm if that is the time you know you will be ready. Tell those who are usually late comers to show up at 8pm if you want the party to start at 10pm.

Make Sure Your Food Is On Point

People go to parties expecting to be fed, even if just on a few snacks. Remain mindful of the people who you’ve invited and the guests they may bring with them – try to have a food that is both ideal for vegetarians and meat eaters as you don’t want to alienate people. When it comes to alcohol, the ‘bring your own booze’ is always the best way to go.


If you’re a student in Paisley who’s considering taking the next step in your academic journey, then you’re probably wondering about how you can prepare yourself for university life. Life at university is often very different to life at home, so you might find yourself feeling a mixture of excitement and apprehension when it comes to addressing your first chance at independence.

If you’re feeling nervous, it may help to keep in mind that going to university is a fantastic way to improve your chances of long-term success. After all, a university education can prepare you for a well-paying job and give you the skills that you need to excel when you’re living alone.

How can you begin the preparation process?

 Choose the right university

The first step in making sure that you’re ready for a positive new step in your life is to ensure that you choose the university that is most appealing to you. Different schools have different benefits, and you’ll often find that the best way to get a feel for the atmosphere of a campus, and how life might be for you if you enrol, is to visit the location yourself. Visiting campuses will also give you a chance to interact with students that you might get to know better if you decide to attend that specific school.

For instance, Bolton University is one of the top options for Paisley students in search of an active social community and fantastic learning experiences. From a comfortable campus to plenty of amazing options for education, such as masterclasses in health, Bolton has been the number one choice for students from a range of different backgrounds.

 Prepare for homesickness

It’s worth keeping in mind that although you’ll be excited about your new sense of independence – particularly if you’re planning to live on-campus – going to university can also bring up feelings of homesickness. You might find yourself longing for Paisley and the unique culture and history that you left behind, but if you attend a campus that’s close to home, you can always go back for visits whenever you feel overwhelmed!

 Learn important skills

Another thing to keep in mind if you plan to live on campus is that you won’t be able to rely on your parents to do all of the hard work for you. If you haven’t learned how to wash and iron your own clothes, cook your own meals, and clean up, now’s the time to start working on these essential life skills. In university, you’ll quickly find that you learn new things as you go, but it’s worth getting a head start, and getting organised if you can.

 Know how to live on a budget

As a student, you’ll quickly learn the value of living within your means. Many students find unique ways to make their money last longer, but you will need to carefully budget your expenses if you want to avoid getting into debt – beyond the loan that’s already been taken out to pay for your education. Remember not to spend too much money on socialising, and focus on creating a hierarchy of essential purchases.

 University life

University life can be a huge change for most new students, but you should find that it’s also one of the most incredible experiences you ever have. At university, you’ll uncover unique chances to grow and learn more about yourself as a person, while expanding your all-important education.


Corporate events don’t have to be limited to a drink at the pub or an evening dinner. If you and your fellow employees have been working hard it’s only fair that you’re rewarded with a decent day of fun. So, if you’re stuck for creative corporate event ideas, here are a few ideas to get your gears turning:

Do something educational

Taking a class with people in your company can help you see people in a completely different light, and can be incredibly funny. Cooking, cocktail making and pottery classes can all lead to some pretty hilarious scenarios and some pretty big messes, but it’s all great fun in the end. You might even find some hidden talents within the company. So, why not give it a go and make your corporate event something educational?

Do something physical

If your team is reasonably young and healthy there are some incredible and creative options to choose from (especially if you have a competitive nature). Some tried and tested options that always seem to be a success are laser tag, paintball, zombie survival training, a Ninja Warrior course, and stuntman training. At these sort of events your co-workers will all learn and practice valuable skills, such as how to sneak up on people and shoot them with paintballs, or how to outrun a hoard of zombies, or how to backflip onto a beanbag. While we have yet to find a real life application for these skills, there is surely some value in having them in the workplace.

Do something sporty

Most people love sports, one way or another – either watching or taking part – so a sporty corporate event will be sure to lighten the spirits of your co-workers. When it comes to watching the games, corporate hospitality is the way to go. With packages like centre court Wimbledon hospitality you and your colleagues will get champagne, snacks, a private booth and a 5* dinner after the match. Whether or not everyone on your team is a tennis fan, you would be hard pressed to find someone that doesn’t enjoy a little bit of pampering and good food. Or, if you want to get really stuck in, you could do something like kayaking, rock climbing or just rent a pitch and play a really great game of football.

Do something delicious

While it’s nice to take your team out to dinner every now and then there are some great ways to turn a meal into an event. One excellent way to do this is to turn a dinner or drink into a tasting night. The world of tasting has come a long way since simple wine tasting. There’s chocolate tasting, whisky tasting, tea tasting, hors d’oeuvre tasting, cheese tasting and there was even a known cereal tasting event at one point. Or, if you’re not adventurous enough to try a tasting night, why not organise a cooking event? Many restaurants across Scotland and the UK will rent out their kitchen and a chef for an event and teach you how to make one of the restaurant’s dishes. The typical favourites for these types of parties are usually pizza, sushi or dessert, but with a little bit of research you might find something especially special just for your corporate event.


Gone are the days when taking tuitions was considered as an indicator of being weak at studies. These days taking tuitions is in trend. It is quite normal to see students heading towards tuition centres. This trend that has gained momentum in the past few years is now changing its appearance. Instead of joining the tuition centres and making ones schedule more hectic, parents are now showing preference for hiring a tutor for their kid who can provide the home tuition.

There are several issues that are related to availing tuitions at the centres which get rectified if you go in for the hiring a home tutor. Some of these are inconvenience of commuting, overcrowding, tiredness etcetera. This article tends to highlight certain merits of taking home tuitions. Some of these are as follows:

  1. No need to commute: The biggest advantage of choosing to take home tuition is that there is no need for you to go from one place to another. Directly after attending the school, college or university you can come home, take rest and then with a fresh mind get ready for the tuitions.
  2. Time saving:  You save a lot of time from traveling to and from the tuition centre. This time you save can be utilized in either taking rest or doing something concrete. Travelling only tires your body to exhaustion. You also need not spend time on getting nicely dressed and then chit chatting with the other tuition mates at the centre for no fruitful reason.
  3. Proper attention: As the tutor will be coming to your home specially to teach you then she will ensure that she gives you the desired lessons and do not ignore any of your query or doubt howsoever small or big it may be. This will boost your confidence.
  4. Better concept clarity: There is not a much difference in the schools and tuition centres these days as there are equal number of students there. Hence the question of concept clarity needs to be answered. If you take home tuitions then you can ask all the questions that you have and ask the teacher to adjust according to your learning capacity and speed.
  5. Better results: Not to forget, home tuitions in one way or the other assure the better results. This is so because when you have the clarity about the concepts and somebody has told you the same in person then there are bleak chances to make any mistake. Eventually you will end scoring quite well.
  6. Cost effective: Initially it may seem that you have to pay to the tutor heavily but later you will realize that you save at other places like commuting.

All in all, there are several advantages offered by home tuitions. All that you need is a good home tutor that you can find at our website.



Essay writing requires a little precision on your end. If you want to prepare an essay effectively then you need to be well aware about certain rules of essay writing. You cannot simply jot down the points and expect to prepare an effective essay. With the advancement of technology nothing has remained out of reach, be it the essay writing techniques or anything you say. With so much of essay writing material that you can avail online, essay writing has no longer remained to be a hectic task. For many of you, who are not at all enthusiastic about essay writing there is a good news. The news is that, now instead of seeking help at writing an essay, you can directly hire the professionals from http://gplabs.com/uk/  who can do the same for you for a minimal charge that you as a student can easily afford and the other benefits that you can avail are many.

Besides, if you do not wish somebody else to do the essay writing task for you, then you can simply seek the help online and prepare an essay on your own. Here is a list of certain tips that you can follow in order to score well in an essay writing assignment:

  1. Follow the format: comply by the format when you begin writing an essay. Keep the word limited quoted and the paragraph formation idea in your mind when you sit down to prepare an essay.
  2. Maintain relevancy in content: essay writing is not all about including those ideas as a part of content that hit your brain but those which are actually relevant. Include the ideas that most closely relates to the topic of the essay. Giving indirect points will surely help you to complete the format in terms of the word limit but will not satisfy the criteria of content relevancy.
  3. Use appropriate vocabulary: Do not add the words that you consider to be a part of your vocabulary just for the sake of making it a part of your content. Make use of the vocabulary appropriately and at the places where they render some useful meaning to the content.
  4. Proper placement of idioms and proverbs: idioms and proverbs form the important part of the linguistic range in an essay that has its own motive to satisfy. However, excessive use of these or else the wrong placement of the same can have an adverse impact on the quality of your content as well as the representation of your essay work.
  5. Do not indulge in plagiarism: you should surely use internet where a whole lot of ideas are present these days but the only restriction is that you use it as a source of help to get ideas and in no case indulge in the intellectual copying of someone else’s text which means plagiarism.

All in all, following these basic tricks can help you a lot in your essay writing task and you can surely prepare an effective essay with the help of these tips.


Are you getting a less score on your essay despite the hard work that you have put in? If yes, then you need to know that there is somewhere an error that you are making unknowingly. No body intentionally leaves an error in the work that he does with so much of interest and effort.

All in all, these are the errors that might have occurred in your essay because of which you are unable to score good marks. Next time you write an essay, make sure that you do not make any of these errors. Do proof read your essay, this will help you a lot to avoid all the mistakes. You can also read the essays online to see this in practical.

Such is a case with you also who is sitting there, reading the article and wondering where you lack that every time you score less. Your confusion is now going to end with the list of common errors that you tend to make being listed here. These errors are as follows:

  1. 1. Negligence of the criteria of format: It many times so happen that you do the best on your part but then when it comes to scoring you get less. One reason is the format that somehow has slipped of your mind. Every time you tend to be lenient with the format, you lose a good proportion of score.
  2. 2. Repetition: This is another place where you lose marks. Sometimes you tend to repeat the words time and again and sometimes it so happen that you give the same ideas and fact repeatedly claiming it to be a fresh one by rephrasing it each time. This results in use of poor vocabulary and the linguistic range.
  3. 3. Irrelevancy: Sometimes it so happen that you cite plethora of ideas in your essay but again less scores. All your vocabulary and linguistic range tends to fail when it comes to scoring well. This might be because the content that you are delivering in the essay sometimes tend to be irrelevant or less relevant. In such a case despite the good ideas you tend to lose scores on the ground of irrelevancy.
  4. 4. Grammatical errors: It is not true that you get marked for the essay if you give good ideas. The truth is that each and every aspect of your essay is checked. Here the grammar plays the most vital role. Every time you tend to make a grammatical mistake you lose a good proportion of your scores. Sentence formation and use of punctuations play an equally important role here.
  5. Spellings: Sometimes you tend to ignore the little things that actually count a lot. Spelling of different words is one such thing. When you are brainstorming you tend to have an inclination towards writing each and everything that comes in your mind. In this attempt you tend to rush through the task. While rushing through it, ignorantly you make many spelling mistakes that actually can be avoided. Here you lose a great proportion of your marks again.