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If you are fond of wearing fashionable places, and you are from Scotland, you must know a number of top fashion designers in Scotland. Fashion is something, which is related or associated with your everyday life, and if you live fashion, you should worship the fashion designers, as without them, fashion is just blind. If you search for fashion designers, you can find hundreds of fashion designers, who plays an important role in developing the fashion industry. But it is not possible to mention all of them. Here are the top four fashion designers, and they also contributed a lot to the fashion industry in Scotland.

Christopher Kane

Christopher Kane is one of the top fashion designers, whom you can find a Scotland, he came to the fashion industry or became a popular face in the Scotland fashion industry in the year 2006. He was also named the Scotty designer of the year twice. He has contributed a lot to the film industry, which eventually turned into personal life fashion of a number of people who live in Scotland. The costumes he designed has also earned popularity outside Scotland. Keeping all that in mind, he can be considered as one of the top are the best fashion designer in Scotland.

Jonathan Saunders

The next best fashion designer is Jonathan Saunders, worked with a number of the most popular faces in the fashion industry, which include British fashion Council, Vogue Fashion Fund, and and was also awarded with the Scottish fashion awards once. He graduated from Glasgow’s school of art in the year 1999, and then he attended the most popular and the prestigious Central Saint Martins, which is located in London. His work has been appreciated not only in Scotland but also in various other countries like London and New York, and his work is also seen in New York fashion weeks, which is really a prestigious show. If you are looking for cool dresses then opt for The Clothing People.

Holly Fulton

Another great icon in the world of Scottish fashion industry is Holly Fulton, who appeared in the fashion industry in the year 2007, and she is one of the most popular faces, and the most popular fashion designer among the young generation. She also got the British Fashion Council NEWGEN award in the year 2010, which is an hour given to the fashion designers for immense contribution to the young generation of the fashion industry. Apart from it she also became the Fashion Forward Winner in the year 2013, which is also a lot prestigious award.

Graeme Armour

Among other to fashion designers, who are popular in Scotland, Graeme Armour is another popular face, who has earned popularity as she stared designing dresses from the age of six, an age when people don’t know what fashion is. He stared designing dresses for Barbie, and has worked with a number of fashion icons in Scotland. He has also earned a number of awards, and contributed a lot to the Scottish film industry, as well as the Hollywood film industry. For more such people, go to Look at the best fashion designers in Scotland.


Look at the 4 best gyms in Scotland to visit!

Gym is the best place, where you can visit on a regular basis in order to have a healthy figure and to lead a weightless life, which is a dream of many people. But if you are visiting to the gym regularly, you must be visiting the gym which is located within the four walls, and under a roof. But if you want to know the best gyms in the world, you should visit Scotland which houses the top four gyms of the world, and they are worth visiting at least once in your life. The beauty of those top four gyms are given here.

Silverknowes Outdoor Gym

Have you ever thought of outdoor gyms! If you have already seen gym located in the open air, the Silverknowes Outdoor Gym is a gym which is completely different from the other outdoor gyms, which you find at different places. The best part of the gym is that, the gym is located at a place, where you can get a beautiful view of the beach. But there is a difference between the other outdoor gyms and the following gym. In the mentioned gym, you can get air conditioning comfort, which means the gym is actually made in a glass house, and the gym has glass walls around it, which make the difference.

CrossFit Scotland

If you want to lead a life, where you will shed certain calories from your body, and you want to go through a certain system for proper weight loss, CrossFit Scotland is the gym, where you can visit. Similar to other gyms, you can find cardio, gymnastics, weightlifting, and a number of other instruments, but the difference is you should visit the classes, which are organized in the gym. The difference makes the gym great, and thus you should definitely visit the gym along with your friends. But then at times when you are looking for good diet plans then you may be searching for useful Diet Pill Resource then you should be quite careful with the resources like whether or not it is authentic or useful etc. Once you are certain about the authenticity then only avail those Diet Pill Resources.

One Spa

It is really going to be great, if you can get spa along with gym. Yes, if you are looking for such a gym, One Spa is a gym, which is located in Scotland. The gym is located on the top of a five-star hotel, in the famous city of Edinburg. Apart from getting a spa, you can even get a luxury swimming pool, where you can even practice swimming, which is also quite great for your health. Visiting the gym once in your life can be great, as you can get all kind of comfort at least once in your life.

Pure Gym

All the gyms come with a monthly subscription, and you will have to pay that amount in order to be a member of the gym. But Pure Gym is a gym located in Scotland is a network of gym, which has its branches in a number of cities in Scotland. The gyms are open all the 24 hours a day, and you can get the best out of your money. It also offers a number of different instrument such that you can work out in all the ways. For more such beautiful gyms in Scotland, you can visit Look at the 5 best gyms in Scotland to visit.


Small children are always fond of gifts. If you are a guardian, there are a number of occasions, when you can give gifts to your small children. But depending upon the age of your child, it can be a very difficult task to choose gifts. Not everybody of the same age like a certain gift, and a certain gift cannot be suitable for all the ages. Thus, here are the top four gifts, which can be given to your small children, such that they can use it extensively, and it can be used by small children of all the age groups, to find the best things for your kids, you need to find the best website for cool stuff.

Study table

Nowadays the small children are fond of reading or studying on the beds, and in such a situation, study tables can be considered the best gifts. Such tables can be folded and can be kept at one corner of your bedroom, and they can be unfolded, when you or your child actually need that. Though, it is apparently a gift meant mainly for small children, it can also be used by you or any other adults, who require or need an elevated platform to do official tasks, and a number of other jobs. The prices are quite affordable, and they are also available at various price ranges.

Lego bricks set

Lego bricks can be considered as great gifts nowadays, when the small children spend most of their time playing games on computers and smart phones. Lego bricks are made from plastic, and they can be joined with each other to make a number of different items. They are also available in multiple colors, such that they can get the designed item of a certain color. Designing various items with the aid of cool Lego sets can help them increase the imagination power, and also their skills. Depending upon your capability to invest, the number of bricks present in it is a subject to vary.

Learning tablet or laptop

Learning tablet is one of the best items, which you can give as a gift to your small children, if you want that they learn a number of items through an interactive media. It is used as giving them smart phones and tablets, which adults use, as they can get unlimited access to a number of services, which did not want, and thus, they get addicted to it. But in case of a learning tablet, they are only bound to use services, which are meant only for learning, and they can play a few games in a way such that they are not addicted to it. You can also give learning laptops instead of learning tablets.

Outdoor kit

If your child is fond of playing outdoor games, it is a wonderful interest. In such a situation, you can give him or her a soccer ball, or a cricket bat along with a tennis ball. You should try to know the game which they are interested


If your bedroom is starting to become the catch-all location for clutter and mess in the home, or you walk into it and feel anything but romance, it may be time for a mini-makeover. While most people love the idea of a romantic bedroom, achieving it can be a little tricky, especially if you don’t know where to start. Here are some simple and inexpensive steps you can take to help create that romantic bedroom of your dreams.

Get Rid of the Electronics

The very first step in creating a romantic bedroom is completely free, and really quite simple. You want to be sure to remove all of the electronics that take away from the whole idea of “romance” in the space. Maybe you’ve got your tablet beside your bed so you can enjoy a selection of the best slot games each evening, perhaps you’ve got a TV placed on the dresser, or maybe you’ve got a laptop sitting on your bed at all times.

No matter the device, it’s time to move it to another spot in the house. These are all great sources of fun and entertainment, and can even be relaxing for people, but they just don’t belong in a romantic space.

Give the Bed a Makeover

Another place to make changes is with your bedding. If you’ve had the same tired linens for years, and the bed never seems to be made, it’s time to change things up. Pick lovely soft neutrals like beige, cream, soft greys, and lilac for a soft look. Another tip is to add decorative pillows in various textures. This will help give a more luxurious, almost hotel-like feel to the room. Be sure to also make the effort to make your bed each day, as this creates a more inviting space.

Remove Any and All Clutter

Now it’s time to clear the clutter. How can you create a vibe of romance when you can’t see the floor, dresser, or bed because of the clutter? Make sure that everything is put away and that the dressers stay relatively clear. This creates a sense of openness and is very inviting.

Choose a Warm Palette for the Walls

Paint is able to transform a space immediately and is guaranteed to help you create a romantic space. Opt for warm colours on the wall, such as caramel tones. You can always ask for help picking a warm neutral tone when you go to buy paint.

Add Candlelight

Of course candlelight is one of the most romantic lighting options out there, and your bedroom is the perfect space to use it. You may want to choose scented candles with soft fragrances. Once you purchase them, make sure you make a habit of lighting them and creating that beautiful atmosphere.

A Transformed Space

By using these simple steps you will be able to transform your bedroom into a beautiful, inviting, and romantic space that looks like something out of a magazine spread.


A delightful cup of coffee will undeniably help you to boost your work ethic. According to some, coffee is a talent. It has boundless health benefits too. Coffee lessens the risk of type 2 diabetes, is a decent source of antioxidants, great for the liver. And among other health benefits, coffee has been known to improve ones intellect. There is nothing nicer than catching up with somebody that you care about over a strikingly prepared brew or cuppa. Below is a list of the 5 best coffee shops in Scotland.


Melt gallery & café.

Different to some, not only do they have an extensive range of unusual jewellery and art. This is a nice, quirky location to stop for a browse and a brew. The Melt Gallery specialises in Lavazza coffee but, if you don’t feel like going outside to grab yours, you can order Lavazza coffee beans from A1 Coffee. Melt, it is the newest addition to the Pitlochry coffee scene. Many people have claimed this to be their new favourite in its area.


The Steamie.

Here they use Artisan Roast coffee beans. And they also sell a range of wonderful food and cakes amongst other beverages. Located slightly west from Glasgow, this is a very chilled out, casual café. It is so cosy in there that you could show up in your pyjamas, and the workers are that relaxed that they probably wouldn’t bat an eyelid!


Castello Coffee.

Situated near Princes Street and Castle Street, Castello is one of Edinburgh’s favourites. Known for its pleasant, subtle service and remarkable surrounding location, Castello is definitely one to visit.  They also offer a refined range of food, with plenty for vegetarians also. You have the option to either sit outside with umbrellas or the inside seating area. If the weather is decent, why not walk over to Princes Street Gardens below the Edinburgh castle for a picnic and a cuppa?


Bearded Baker.

Honestly, it is in the name. This café offers some exquisitely made bagels and doughnuts among delicious cakes, meals and tasty Williams & Johnson coffee. The décor and style is effortlessly sophisticated and simple. Rowan and his staff ensure systematic batches of baked goods so that famished customers stay pleased and not disheartened. They are open seven days a week, usually early until five in the evening on weekdays. And on weekends, they are open 9am-4pm.


Round square Coffee House.

This has been set up on Morningside Road, right near the Dominion Cinema. The décor is trendy but also warm. There are white walls and one covered in matt black tiles, with chrome coffee equipment, wooden benches and tables the look really comes together nicely. You can expect to taste their house blend for espresso-based beverages.  And, of course, you can buy some Roundhouse beans to take home with you!


Paisley and Glasgow may not be the size of Silicon Valley, but nevertheless, let it not be said that we can’t keep up in the field of technology. Developments are being made within the area, especially with regards to software development, security and 3D printing. Take a look for yourself, here are just a few notable companies that are doing great things in the tech industry.

Edge Testing Solutions

Based in Glasgow and Bellshill, Edge Testing Solutions provides an ideal first stop for any software developer, as it provides a place for them to test their software for free. They claim that they understand the challenges of their clients and even list the fields in which they have some expertise, which encompasses multiple businesses across both private and public sectors.

They credit their award-winning services and 53% in sales over the past three years to their commitment to integrity, flexibility, and professionalism. As a company that specialises in helping one of the fastest-growing fields with its job, Edge Testing Solutions is worth watching.

ECS Security

Also hailing from Glasgow, ECS Security is dedicated to providing security protection and consultation to big businesses at affordable prices. They strive to keep their clients up to date on the latest news and services available, which is no small feat, considering the intense regulations that govern their target client base.

They must be doing something right, since their sales growth has shot up a remarkable 86% in the last three years, and it can claim three of the UK’s five most prominent banks among its clients. With the wide range of services that ECS Security offers and their clear success thus far, they’re bound to continue rising among the ranks of technology stars in Scotland.

3D Print Works

The name of this company is self-explanatory; it’s exclusively about 3D printing. This niche involves the creation of a 3D object such as a drawing pen, from a digital file. With experience in plastics and practice serving clients in areas such as architecture, research, and design, 3D Print Works is quickly becoming a formidable force in its field.

The careful skill required for this type of technology has been carefully honed by this company’s employees, so much so that the majority of its customers’ reviews are highly positive. They’re eager to share their gifts with many more people, so keep your eye on them. Their growth could be stunning.

Small though the area may be, Paisley and Glasgow prove that you don’t have to travel far to find competent technology services.


Online dating: how to succeed

Gone are the days when it was believed that only desperate people used dating agencies. Online dating has become the best and most enjoyable way to meet people. Nevertheless, some singletons still feel apprehensive about taking the plunge and signing up with an online dating site. For these reluctant people, here a few tips to succeeding on online dating sites.

Online is better

With modern lives getting busier every minute, it can be difficult to meet a new face as a friend, let alone find a new romantic partner. Websites and apps can cut down on a lot of wasted time. With these services, a person can see a photo of a person, read their profile and decide if they would like to spend time with them, all without setting foot outside their front door.

The first step toward success is getting your online profile just right. This is trickier than you may think as it can be difficult to see ourselves as others do and blow our own trumpets when it comes to highlighting our best qualities. This is why you should get someone else who knows what they are doing to provide help with writing dating profiles if you are serious about succeeding. The help you receive will ensure you present yourself in the best way so you can attract the kind of people you want to meet and avoid the ones you would rather not.

Another tip is not to be swayed by a photograph alone. Some people take bad photographs and look better in person, so do not let a great profile with an unattractive picture put you off. Follow your instincts; if a profile intrigues you, get in touch.

Once you get in touch, start asking questions because their answers will tell you quite a lot about them. If their answers interest you, take the next step by phoning them. Consider this another stage of vetting. Only then, when you are sure you want to meet this person face to face, should you set up a date.

Online dating can be scary, but if you approach it in stages and plan safe for actual meetings, you will find that it can be easy to succeed at online dating. Who knows? You might just find a mate for life!




Nowadays, because of the advances in technology and the easily accessible resources, a student’s life is a lot easier than before. The new technology led to the development of new services because it removed the physical boundaries. People can access a service from anywhere in the world. Even so, the development of the educational system didn’t keep up with technology’s pace and students still need to do the well-known assignments.

Another thing to consider is the fact that a great majority of the students nowadays have a part-time job. These three things led to the development of new services. Students ask for professional help when writing an essay or assignment in order to get good marks and be able to deliver them on time. The professional writers also help them with analysis, adaptation of the paragraphs and lastly, they check for writing flaws.

Because of the high demand, this kind of services appear on a daily basis and the offer is quite large. On one hand, it’s a good thing because their prices are getting lower and lower. On the other hand, lower prices mean lower quality. So, what do you do? Here are a few tips you should consider when searching for this type of services.

1.Quick Response It’s a Must

No, this doesn’t mean that their customer service is spot on. It means that they should be able to deliver your product quickly. People choosing this type of services don’t have a lot left until the deadline and they should be able to keep that tight deadline.

At this type of services, time is an important condition when appraising it and many providers will try to rip you off. Many would be tempted to pay that humongous amount of money in order to respect the deadline. You won’t because you know there are lots of service providers out there and you can ask for their help. You can easily find other essay writing services, one of them is BestEssays. They have good prices and the quality of their work is very high.

2.Writers are essential

When choosing your writing service company you should take a look at their team and its writers. The team should consist of writers with different specializations. These writers should be able to write a high-quality essay in a short amount of time. Even though you might pay some extra cash, the end result will not disappoint you.

Apart from that, they should have comprehensive knowledge of the educational system and the requirements needed for every level, high school, college, masters degree, Ph.D. This knowledge helps them create and adapt the essay according to the needs of the client.

3.Originality it’s a must, not the plagiarism

In order to make easy money, some writing services tend to sell the same essay over and over again. The chances are that a colleague of yours might’ve asked for the services of the same company and your professor will have two identical papers. This might lead to you having a low grade or, even worse, getting expelled.

When you are searching for writing services, always check if they’d be able to write you an authentic essay, without copying parts of it from other ones. You pay quite some money for it, its quality should be directly proportional.

4.Low Response Time

This refers to the response time of both the customer’s service and the writer’s. The possibility of checking your paper’s progress should be a must. Being able to check your paper’s progress is vital because you don’t want to end up empty handed 2 hours before the deadline.   Apart from that, they should be very communicative because some requirements might change along the way and you should be able to let the writers know about them.

A good way of checking the response time of the customer service is by asking for extra information during the ordering procedure. Ask them a few questions about their services. If they answer swiftly, they have a good customer support and they are reliable.

5.Quick ordering procedure

The main reason why you use this type of services is because your essay deadline is very close and you have no time to do it yourself. You shouldn’t take into consideration a service provider with a time-consuming ordering process.

The professional writing services don’t ask for useless amounts of information. Some basic guidelines, the subject, quantity of the essay, distinct demands and your contact info. Those are the most important things they should consider. If they ask for a lot more information, you should try and find another service provider.

6.Check their past works

A good thing that came along with the internet is the customers’ ability to talk to each other quickly and offer advice regarding different services and products. You should take advantage of this and check the reviews of the company you chose. This reviews will help you have a good idea of what the company offers and the quality of its services. Once you know all that, you can choose which company suits you best.


A student’s life is not very easy, and from time to time, they need extra help. The new services that emerged in the past years, due to the development of technology, can make their life a lot easier. If you want to have good academic results, these tips will help you find the best writers.

Todholm Primary have been crowned Renfrewshire’s Fair Trade Primary School of the Year after their work incorporating the subject into their School Improvement Plan (SIP).

(L-R) Miss Ashleigh Welsh, Todholm Teacher, Former Provost John McDowell, Councillor Jim Sharkey, Chair of the Renfrewshire Fair Trade Steering Group, Mrs Lynne McGinn, Todholm Head Teacher and members of the Todholm Fair Trade Committee.

The annual John McDowall Award was created by former Provost McDowall to reward the primary school who has shown the greatest commitment to fair trade across the year.

Former Provost John McDowell with the Renfrewshire Primary Schools Fair Trade Trophy

Taking the crown from last year’s winner, St James Primary in Paisley, Todholm were the recipients after holding a number of events within the school as well as embedding the topic into the curriculum.

Todholm’s SIP aims to raise awareness of fair trade throughout the school and local community, work towards the FairAchiever School Award and increase involvement with local fair trade organisation Rainbow Turtle.

The school have set up a committee which consists of staff members and pupils for across all stages and classes of the school.

Members of the Todholm Fair Trade Committee

The committee have shown their dedication by holding a ‘Big Breakfast’ during Fairtrade Fortnight, hosting stalls from local fair trade organisation Rainbow Turtle and organising assemblies delivered by both the Senior Management Team and Rainbow Turtle.

The school were also awarded funds by Renfrewshire’s Dragons Den to produce a cook book full of healthy, fair trade recipes to be sold to school stakeholders. The money will also help to fund ‘Todholm Tearooms’- an intergenerational community cafe.

The school have also achieved the Fair Active Award from the Fairtrade Foundation and are currently working towards achieving the highest possible award- Fair Achiever.

Councillor Jim Sharkey, Chair of the Renfrewshire Fair Trade Steering Group, said: “The message of fair trade is one of real value to our children as it allows them to appreciate what they have through learning of the struggles others face across the world.

“By learning the process of how food and products make into our stores, the children learn why it is essential that those at the beginning of the chain are paid a fair price.

“It’s important that we reward the schools in Renfrewshire that are incorporating fair trade into school life and I would encourages every school to work towards trying to win the award next year.

“My congratulations go to Todholm for the fantastic work they have completed this year.”

John McDowall said: “I’m extremely passionate about fair trade and believe that the way to change the injustices in the world is through our children.

“It is important the next generation are set on making the world a fairer place and they can learn these ideals through learning about fair trade in school.

“Todholm have undertaken fantastic work this year and I’m delighted they have won this year’s trophy.”

Todholm Primary School Head Teacher, Lynne McGinn, said: “We are delighted to receive this award which recognises the hard work and dedication of our staff and children.

I am so proud of our school- in particular the members of the Fair Trade Committee- who have demonstrated commitment to the variety of fair trade events that have taken place in the school.

“A notable success saw our Fair Trade Committee work together with our Health and Global Citizenship Committees to produce our Fair Trade Cookbook, prior to the grand opening of Todholm Tearooms.”

“Following on from being awarded Fair Active status, we are confident we can achieve the prestigious Fair Achiever Award in the near future.”

Fairtrade Fortnight 2017 begins on Monday 27 February to Sunday 12 March and this year’s theme is ‘Take a Break’ for fair trade.

For further information on Fair Trade in Renfrewshire, visit www.renfrewshire.gov.uk/fairtrade.

ROMANTIC shoppers can take a leaf out of Cupid’s book and tell the world who their Valentine is by hanging a note on a specially-created Love Tree.

Ready for romance – Jack Gilmour and Ramona Giorgetti, as Cupid at the intu Braehead Love Tree. Photograph by Martin Shields www.martinshields.com © Martin Shields

They’re being encouraged to write a Valentine’s message to their loved one on a leaf made of card and then hang it on the branches of the Love Tree, at the intu Braehead shopping and leisure destination.

There will be a Love Tree in the shopping mall and another in Soar at intu Braehead and it could also be a unique way to make a marriage proposal to a loved one with a ‘Will you marry me?’ message written on a leaf.

People can write their messages and see them hung on the Love Tree between noon and 5pm on Saturday and Sunday, February 11 and 12, in the shopping centre’s upper mall between Thornton’s and Pandora and at the entrance to Soar at intu Braehead.

Everyone writing a Valentine message on a leaf also has the chance to win £500 to spend on a holiday of their choice from Barrhead Travel. There will also be free gifts, like meal vouchers and chocolates also being handed out.

Marketing manager for intu Braehead, Christine Macdonald said: “We just love this time of year seeing shoppers in the malls carrying their heart-shaped balloons around and buying Valentine’s Day gifts.
“We thought we’d make this year’s Valentine’s Day that bit more special at intu Braehead by creating a Love Tree giving everyone the chance to say how much they love that special person in their life.
“And who knows, we might even get someone popping the question on one of the leaves on our Love Tree!”