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Making kids happy is not as easy as we think it is. It is a difficulttask. For this, parents should keep in mind the likes and dislikes of their children. Kids look up to events very eagerly because they expect their parents to surprise them with their desired gifts. The most common feeling of parents is to see their child happy and content. They want to make sure they fulfill all their desires they afford and just see their kid joyful.

Some toys for the learning process

Kids learn a lot at this age. Parents must provide them educational toys, from which they can learn something.

Wooden puzzles
Small musical instruments
Art box

Such gifts help a lot in kids learning and grooming. You can see the ideas they create on their own. These gifts help a lot in the development of the child. Besides toddlers, if kids are grown or in middle age, you must provide them a diary so they start writing what they feel or think.

Electric motorbikes

Kids these days are fortunate. They are born in an age where electronic gifts are trendy. I am so surprised to see the toys of kids nowadays. For a boy, the most exquisite gift would be an electric dirt bike for kids. Here are some different electric bikes you can get your child:

Hoverheart kids electric power motorcycle
24V electric dirt bike
Dirt rocket bikes

These electric bikes are fun to have, and they are easy for kids to use, either with foot pedals or with grips. For mothers, they should feel good too, as this gift is an outdoor activity and cannot be played or ridden within the house. You can keep your home clean as desired.

For boys

Ride on car toys

Boys, no matter what age group they belong to, love cars. They are always passionate about it. This is, no doubt, the best gift for boys or toddlers. Some of the power wheels and electric cars are:

Power wheels jeep wrangler
Power wheels dune racer kids
Electric dune buggy

For girls

A dollhouse

Girls are comparatively more emotional than boys. The most common desire or wish of little girls is to buy a dollhouse where she can decorate her house and display her perfect family. There are several dollhouses even designed for specific ages. Some of them are:

Barbie dream house dollhouse
Disney frozen kids Kraft dollhouse
Beauty and the beast kid Kraft dollhouse
Dollhouse cottage

Jewellery and accessories

Teenage girls are always worried about their appearance. They want to look pretty and always dressed up as they see their teachers and mothers. Parents must know the interest of their girl so they can buy something that she wants or loves. Teenage girls now start to go out with friends, go on trips, and enjoy parties. They become conscious and want to look best. Parents, seeing her needs can gift those stylish handbags, jewelry like delicate bracelets, necklace, earrings, and light make up kits.


To make your child lead a healthy and satisfied life, you better fulfil some of his/her little dreams first. You should show them your love by giving them something they can make memories with and can cherish all their life.

Photo by Pietro Mattia on Unsplash

Dubbed as the “Sport King”, horse racing tournaments gives the best sporting entertainment for all sports enthusiasts across the globe. If you look at the bigger picture of what horse racing really looks like, it gives lots of sports betting categories for all sports bettors to partake. Unlike other sports that are being attended by two teams only, the horse racing tournament is mainly composed of more than twenty entries. All of the horse racers attending these events were all trained with full agility, speed, and confidence.

Undeniably, this is the main reason that there are lots of grand and prestigious horse racing events being held in some parts of the world. Not only these horse racing events bring an action-packed horse racing show, but they also have the biggest prizes at stake, fashion at the races, Hollywood stars on the red carpet, and of course the bragging rights that each horse racer may get if they win.

Hence, let’s get to know the world’s best horse racing tournament where you can ultimately maximize your horse racing experience at the same time you expanding your horizons when it comes to sports betting. Here are they to get you started.

Kentucky Derby – Louisville, Kentucky

Kentucky Derby 2019 will hold the newest edition on May 04, 2019. This grand horse racing event is the first leg of the prestigious Triple Crown Series often graced in the race track of Churchill Downs, Louisville, Kentucky. The Kentucky Derby is dubbed as the “Run For The Roses” and “The Fastest Two Minutes In Sports”.

Aside from that, it is also expected that over 150,000 estimated crowds will fill the dirt track of Churchill Downs on 4th of May. This has always participated with a large number of the crowd since it was inaugurated way back in 1875.

Preakness Stakes – Baltimore, Maryland

Two or three weeks after the Kentucky Derby, the second leg of Triple Crown Series which is the Preakness Stakes follows right away. The event is also attended by a massive number of crowds filling up the bleachers of the dirt track in Pimlico, Baltimore, Maryland. This racing often is usually graced by horse racers who also attended the Kentucky Derby showing off their full speed and confidence with high hopes to clinch the most expensive horse racing crown given by the Preakness Stakes.

Called as “The Race For The Black-Eyed Susans”, the event is honoring Maryland’s state flower. Aside from that, there are also Pre-Preakness Parties and Infieldfest you can attend to fully enjoy the racing show.

Belmont Stakes – Elmont, New York

Thought it comes as the final leg of the Triple Crown Series, this is the most awaited horse racing event out of the three. This is for the reason that the Belmont Stakes identifies the Triple Crown winner. It also deems the most challenging race course compared to the two races mentioned above because it has the longest race course that each horse racer needs to finish. This is the true test of the real Triple Crown winner.

The fastest horse racer was Secretariat which is also a Triple Crown winner way back in 1973. His record was left unmatched and this year,  each horse racer are doing their best to break the record and hopefully gain the coveted Triple Crown.

Prix de I’Arch de Triomphe – Paris France

Simply known as the Arc, it is said that Prix de I’Arch de Triomphe is one of Europe’s largest horse racing show. This event is usually held at Longchamp Racecourse often attended by hundreds and thousands of elegant horse racing fans. It is often celebrated on the first Sunday, the month of October.

Aside from that, it is also said that Prix de I’Arch de Triomphe gives out the highest price in the world of racing amounting to almost 4 Million Euros. During the racing day, the Qatar Village is often filled with live jazz party music showing off the festive culture of the country.

The Grand National – Aintree, England

This horse racing event offers a different horse racing experience for all horse racing enthusiasts. All horse racers are going to compete in about 4-mile racecourse challenged by 30 fences. The Grand National horse racing is often celebrated on early Saturday of April.

Besides, three days before the Grand National racing show, all spectators can enjoy partying in the grandstand while savoring the tastes of different food buffets served in al restaurants surrounding the race course.

Dubai World Cup – Dubai, UAE

The latest horse racing show to dominate the horse racing world is the Dubai World Cup. It was primarily inaugurated in 1996 at the racecourse of Meydan. The Dubai World Cup is also considered to be the richest horse racing across the world as it gives out a purse of almost $10 for the winner.



If you have a business, having a website is a must and something that you should organise as close to the start (preferably before you launch) as possible. Some websites are incredibly complicated, with lots of different pages and a variety of menus and sub-menus. This is just not necessary. In fact, having a simple website, no matter what you might need to use it for, is always the best idea; here are some of the reasons why.


Focus Your Customers

If people are coming to your website to find what they need that is a great start. However, if, when they get there, they are distracted by all the fancy graphics and all the different options that are presented to them, the customer might never actually get round to buying what they came there for.


To truly focus your customers, put them first, and keep them moving towards their goal of buying something (and your goal of selling something) a simple website is best. Something that guides them to where they need to be and offers them an easy checkout is much better than something that looks good but is not easy to use.


Fewer Updates

As well as being suitable for your customers, a simple website is also good for you. It means that there is a lot less to update, and you won’t have to change how your site looks quite so often either to keep up with whatever trends happen to be around. A clean, simple website will be classic and timeless, so no matter what other sites might be doing, yours will never look out of date which can have a detrimental effect on your company’s reputation.


At times, updating your website will be important – you might need to do it for security reasons or to change prices, or perhaps you have a branding change and need your site to match – which is why it is essential to choose a good hosting service. Onyx is a prime example of a service that is easy to use and can respond quickly when need be.


Faster Loading

Although a complicated, flashy (maybe even literally if Flash is involved) website might look impressive, it isn’t going to make the user experience a better one, and it won’t be long until this is discovered. Lots of images and videos on a site can make it slower to load, and when everyone is so busy and impatient, this could just be too slow. Your customer might get tired of waiting – even if only for a few seconds – and move on to the next site which loads faster and still offers them what they want.


The quicker your website loads up, the calmer and happier your customers will be. Make the buying process as simple as possible, and they will return, and even tell others about the good experience they had, and this is priceless marketing. Not only is word of mouth marketing free, but it boosts your reputation too.


Have you been wondering how to keep the kids entertained over the school holidays? It can be difficult to find fun activities, especially if you are trying to keep costs down or the weather isn’t great. The weather forecast is looking pretty mixed for the next couple of weeks in Paisley, so we have a variety of activity ideas to suit all different types of weather (as that is usually what we can expect in the holidays!):

Clydebank Museum

A great idea for those rainy or cold days is a trip to the Clydebank Museum, and it is completely free to visit. Discover the history of the area, including large model ships, the impressive Singer Sewing Machine collection and the exhibition of fine art.

Gleniffer Braes Country Park


On the nicer days, why not take a trip to the picturesque Gleniffer Braes Country Park? The perfect spot for a walk with the family, surrounded by beautiful woodlands and farm animals.

The Riverside Museum of Transport and Travel


Head into the city for a day at the award-winning transport museum in Glasgow. With free entry and loads of fun things to do, you can spend a full day here. The interactive displays are very popular with children, bringing history to colourful life in a way that your kids will love. You can even get on board some of the old modes of transport to understand the progression of transport systems over the years.

Celtic Park Stadium Tour

For the football fans who follow The Bhoys, a visit to the stadium to do one of the tours is a great treat. Get closer to the pitch, take a look at all of the silverware and see the areas of the stadium that you can’t get to on match days, like the dressing room and the tunnel. Tickets start at around £12.50 per person.

The Scottish Football Museum

Another one for the football fans, a visit to Hampden Park and the Scottish Football Museum will give you access to see a large collection of Scottish football memorabilia, including the oldest surviving association football trophy!

Glasgow Bus Tour

Even though you may have been into Glasgow plenty of times before, taking a bus tour will probably reveal some information about parts of the area that you never knew about and it is a fun way for the kids to learn more about their local city. Of course, it will be much better to go on open top buses if the weather is dry!

Get away from it all

If you are thinking about getting away from it all this Easter holidays, maybe a trip to the US could be on the cards? If you are thinking of booking a last minute deal to New York or any other area of the United States, make sure that you apply for your ESTA visa in advance, so that you have permission to enter the US. You can complete a group ESTA application to cover all of the family to save time.


With 2019 in full swing and with Scotland’s best and top athletes competing for gold medal champions of their sport – when it comes to gathering the best athletes that showcase their strength, speed and teamwork.

From sporting events officially taking place on the 12th of January with the ‘SimplyHealth Great Stirling XCountry and Castle Run’ which consists of four races against the fastest in Europe, USA and of course, Great Britain. The Village event offers hot food and drink to embrace your taste buds. So, come down and cheer on your favourite runner for this spectacular event.

Next, we have world’s most famous and athletic elites compete in Glasgow for the European Athletics Indoor Championships 2019 at Emirates Arena. The three-day event will showcase over 600 athletes ranging from Olympic, European and world medallist from 45 countries around the world – As it’s held at Emirates Arena you will be closer the athletics.

Returning to Scotland for the first time since 2005, we will see the striking and exciting event which is the World Wheelchair Curling Championships. While we get the witness Latvia and Estonia making their official debut at the event. The line-up is an array of fresh and familiar faces and the first time 12 teams have competed in the Wheelchair Curling Championships – so, it is something that shouldn’t be missed.

Carrying on throughout the year two events are held in April, first being Ultra Tour of Arran – which is a two-day off-road running adventure which is held by Rat Race, this popular event with have you running high and low around the island while viewing the beautiful scenery as you travel around the best Scottish landscapes. The other is the Scottish National Surfing Championship – Yes, you heard right – Surfing. The gathering of the best surfing pros, enthusiasts and beginners are welcome from across the country.

Held in Summer, the 2019 Guinness Pro14 Final on 25th of May. This huge event takes another iconic step with it not being held in a traditional rugby venue for the very first time and being held at Celtic Park Stadium. The event does also include entertainment for kids like – Xbox and play areas for all ages.

Going forward to 2020, the UEFA Euro 2020 is being held in Hampden Park, Glasgow – A great event with their international food options and for all the vegan and vegetarians out there, Glasgow was named PETE’s most alternative options. Get bookmaker offers so you would be in with a chance of grabbing some extra cash with not only with these events and other throughout the year as Timeform offer everything from free bets to betting on high wager games.


One For Arthur made history by becoming the first horse trained in Scotland to win the Grand National when he triumphed out of Lucinda Russell’s yard in 2017. The bay gelding missed out on the opportunity to defend his crown last season when he was forced to miss the event at Aintree due to injury.

Red Rum is the only horse since the end of the Second World War to have won the prestigious race on multiple occasions. Ginger McCain’s charge won back-to-back events in 1973 and 1974 before winning the final of his crowns in 1977. There are have been horses that have been close since, but no one has been able to claim the title for a second time.

The 10-year-old, trained in Russell’s yard an hour away from Paisley in Kinross, has displayed the pedigree to thrive at Aintree, although it will take a special effort to triumph. One For Arthur is backed at 25/1 among the Grand National runners, placing him in the middle of the pack, although a long way behind the leading contender for the crown – the defending champion Tiger Roll.

The Irish-bred horse has not been in great form since his return from injury. He has unseated his jockey in his two races this term in the Many Clouds Chase and again at the Peter Marsh Handicap Chase. However, he could be a horse that simply rises to the occasion at the Grand National, thriving on the rigours of the four-mile course and 30 fences. There have been others before him that have excelled and almost broken into the company of Red Rum.

West Tip

Michael Oliver’s charge was made to race in the National, although his first experience did not go to plan, falling in his debut outing in 1985 at Becher’s Brook. However, he bounced back in the following season to take his place in the winners’ enclosure with a brilliant run.

Richard Dunwoody at the reins got a perfect performance out of his charge to win the event by two lengths with a surge down the stretch. The following season, West Tip was in the running, although he lacked the speed to close on Maori Venture, settling for a fourth-place finish.

It was the same story in 1988 with an identical placing. However, he rolled back the years in 1989 with another fine display, battling Little Polveir down the stretch, but he failed to close on his rival and lost out by seven lengths. There have been closer calls, although no horse has been as consistent as Oliver’s charge since Red Rum.


The horse was responsible for Willie Mullins’ breakthrough at the National, becoming the trainer’s first and only triumph in the prestigious meet to date. Hedgehunter fell at the final fence in 2004, handing the crown to Amberleigh House after he appeared to be closing in on the win. However, he responded with a brilliant performance in 2005, finishing 14 lengths ahead of the field.

Mullins’ charge returned for the defence of his crown in 2006 as the joint-favourite for the win alongside Clan Royal. In a tight race, Hedgehunter battled down the stretch with Numbersixvalverde, although the latter managed to forge ahead with a fine jump at the last fence. Numbersixvalverde was able to see out the victory by six lengths ahead of Mullins’ horse. No horse since has been able to come close to a second win, highlighted the challenge ahead of One For Arthur.

The Scottish National is our local treasure and one we’re all looking forward to here in Paisley. But while we impatiently wait out the next couple of weeks, the Aintree Grand National – the most anticipated horse race of the year (outside of Scotland, of course) – is a good way to get us warmed up and ready to go when our day comes around.

Naturally, picking out a winner in this enormous race can often be difficult. With 40 runners heading to Aintree, we have narrowed it down to a few selections well worth backing.


Top pick Tiger Roll

You can’t start anywhere other than Tiger Roll in terms of tips for the 2019 Grand National. Last year’s winner comfortably prevailed in the Cross Country at the Cheltenham Festival and he is a worthy favourite to come out on top once again.

It is worth noting that only one horse has ever won back-to-back Grand Nationals, and so a short price of 5/1 could well put you off. Yet Tiger Roll has proven on many occasions he is in a different class to the rest of the other field and with a clear round, he might well take some stopping. His price may be short, but it is arguably also fair.

Horse racing” (CC BY 2.0) by Paolo Camera

The whole Mullins yard

Willie Mullins has a three-pronged attack in Pleasant Company (22/1), Rathvinden (12/1) and Up For Review (40/1). This year, Mullins won his first ever Cheltenham Gold Cup and the yard is very much in form heading to Aintree, with all three declared to run.

Rathvinden has proven stamina over three and a half miles which may prove pivotal over the gruelling four-mile slog. The former National Hunt Chase winner can handle all kinds of ground, from good to heavy, which also puts him on the shortlist.

Pleasant Company was just brushed aside by Tiger Roll last year, improving on his ninth in 2017. The now eleven-year-old is one of the veterans in the race but so were Neptune Collonges (who won the National in 2011), Auroras Encore (2013 winner) and Pineau De Re (successful in 2014).

A third and much-anticipated woman trainer?

Sue Smith is looking to become the third woman trainer to win the National with Vintage Clouds (14/1), who came second in the Ultima Handicap Chase at this year’s Cheltenham Festival. Smith also runs Lake View Lad (16/1), who could be a great each-way shout.

The 2017 winner One For Arthur has been out injured for an awfully long time and has pulled up in his two attempts this season. Punters may be quick to forget his impressive performance two years ago, but the return to Aintree may spark some life into him and odds of 33/1 may well be overpriced.

This year’s renewal looks to be one of the most anticipated Grand Nationals and if Tiger Roll can win two in a row, it will be one of the greatest moments the sport has ever seen.

MAB_0097.jpg” (CC BY 2.0) by MBandman


Being able to run your own business is one of the best things you can do with your life. You get to be your own boss, choose your working hours, and be contributing to an industry that you have a real passion and drive for.

This being said, it is a not an easy road to success, and you need to put in a lot of thought before you start your business to ensure that you are making the right choices and spending your time and money wisely.

This guide is going to walk you through the three most important things that you should consider before quitting the day job and deciding to pursue your dream of running your own business. While the road may be long, if you take advice and make the right decisions along the way, there is nothing stopping you from having a viable business in the next few years that can support you and your family.

Finding your business’s niche

The first thing you need to do is look into how to find a gap in the market for your small business. You need to make sure that whatever product or service you are trying to sell offers something different from your competitors in order to avoid direct competition with someone who is already well established.

What could you do if you’re finding it hard to find a gap in the market?

If you are struggling to identify a gap in the market, take an existing product that you love and think about how it can be improved. What is the product missing that you could add?

Managing your information in an effective way

Running a company involves dealing with a massive influx of information that all needs to be stored securely and accessed easily. To do this, it is worth paying a visit to Krystal.co.uk, which offer a VPN Cloud Service that helps you to secure your company’s data. There are lots of different options that mean you can have control over how much you are spending, to begin with, and tailor the hosting service to the specific needs to your business.

There is nothing worse than when a company gets into hot water about not protecting their data, so making this a priority to investigate right for the start will always put you in a strong position.

How to learn to work from home

Last but not least, you will need to consider how to be productive working from home. When you don’t have an office to go to, it can be easy to slack off and become unmotivated.

One of the easiest ways to combat this is by making a specific work area for yourself. This might not sound like much but having some form of a home office where you always work will replicate the feeling of going into an office every day and give you more motivation. Also, always working from the same place means that you will begin to associate the office with working on your business and be able to get into a business mindset quickly.

Renfrewshire Council Sheltered housing tenants have taken starring roles in their own theatre production, thanks to funding from Renfrewshire Council.

Tenants from four complexes across Renfrewshire took to the stage to perform ‘UpLIFTing Renfrewshire Folk’, performing two sold out performances at the Starlight Youth Theatre to rave reviews.

Karen Herbison, Director of H-Arts has been involved in working with the tenants, using their life experience and stories to write and produce the show, with many tenants appearing in performing roles.

Assisted by her core team, Karen and the tenants developed a performance telling stories that touched audiences, showcasing new and original sketches and featuring monologues, poetry and song.

Sally Logan, Health and Wellbeing Co-ordinator for Renfrewshire Sheltered Housing Service, said:

“All the tenants worked really hard to produce an unmissable piece of theatre and had a great time in the process.

“It has provided our tenants with the opportunity to channel their inner creativity. It also shows how important it is to keep active and socialise to reduce the effects of loneliness and Isolation.”

The project was supported by Renfrewshire Council’s Culture, Heritage and Events Fund (CHEF). Launched in 2016 to support Paisley’s bid to be UK City of Culture in 2021, CHEF has supported over 100 projects across Renfrewshire with the aims of increasing participation in cultural activity and showing how creativity can boost education, social inclusion and quality of life.

Leader of Renfrewshire Council, Iain Nicolson said:

“The CHE fund has been key in involving local people in cultural and creative activity and I’m pleased to see our sheltered housing tenants benefit.

“Involvement in culture has a positive impact on health and wellbeing and it’s fantastic that the tenants have had this opportunity to take part in what was a new experience for many of them.”

Applications for the next round of the Culture, Heritage and Events Fund are now being accepted. More information about the fund is available online at www.renfrewshire.gov.uk/CHEF.

Which horse will create their place in Grand National history?” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by David Holt

One For Arthur flew the flag for Scottish sport when capturing the world’s most famous steeplechase, the Grand National at Aintree, two years ago.

True trials for the extended 4m 2f race are hard to find, but the Scottish Grand National at Ayr Racecourse some 30 miles or so south of Paisley can provide clues for the Merseyside showpiece.

With the 2019 Grand National fast approaching, here are the Scotland trained hopes and those who ran well in the Scottish equivalent last season with claims at Aintree.

Only Ayr runner-up Ballyoptic guaranteed a run

The first three home in the 2018 Scottish National all get entries into the big one this time, but unlucky second Ballyoptic is the only one of that trio guaranteed to line-up in Liverpool.

This is because, at the time of writing, Nigel Twiston-Davies’ charge is among the first 40 horses in the 2019 Aintree Grand National weights. That is the maximum field of runners that can go to post.

Ballyoptic was just beaten a nose at Ayr by Joe Farrell, but the inmate of Welsh trainer Rebecca Curtis’ stable would need almost 20 horses to come out of this race in order to meet him again.

Neither of these horses have won this season. Ballyoptic fell over the Aintree fences in the Becher Chase back in December, was then a well-beaten sixth in the Welsh National at Chepstow and pulled up at Haydock last time out.

Joe Farrell, meanwhile, was a rusty looking sixth in a veterans’ chase at Newbury on his first start since winning the Scottish National but then a creditable second at the same venue. These performances are reflected in top prices of 50/1 for both him and Ballyoptic with bookmakers.

If there is an Ayr runner worth putting a free Grand National bet on, then it may be the Scottish National third Vintage Clouds at 16/1. This Trevor Hemmings owned grey hails from the Yorkshire yard of Sue Smith, who saddled Auroras Encore to Aintree glory back in 2013.

While Vintage Clouds needs five horses to forego their Grand National entries to get a run, that looks likely as many trained in the Emerald Isle have the Irish equivalent at Fairyhouse as an alternative option. He was only four lengths behind the front two at Ayr and looks solid each-way value.

Lake View Lad leads Scottish bid for more success

Both Vintage Clouds and Lake View Lad are set to run in the 2019 Grand National in these colours” (CC BY 2.0) by Henry Hemming

Although One For Arthur looks set to make a bid to regain his Grand National crown for Lucinda Russell, it’s another Perthshire trainer in Nick Alexander who saddles the leading Scottish hope this year.

Lake View Lad has really improved for racing in staying handicaps this season when winning Listed and Grade 3 prizes at Newcastle and Wetherby. This other grey gelding belonging to leading Grand National owner Hemmings also ran a huge race off top weight when just behind Vintage Clouds at the Cheltenham Festival.

Bookmakers now have Lake View Lad at prices between 20/1 and 14/1 for the big one. One For Arthur, meanwhile, is a 33/1 shot but has history against him with Aintree icon Red Rum the only horse to reclaim the Grand National.

Captain Redbeard is another Scottish trained horse who could make it to Aintree from the Selkirk stables of Stuart Coltherd. He got no further than the deceptive Foinavon fence on the Grand National course last year – an obstacle which can catch you out. Captain Redbeard needs about 10 to come out of the race to run in it again this year and is another 50/1 chance.