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Founded in 2004, Sbobet is a popular betting website based in Asia. The company also has licenses with the Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission. These licenses with the Isle of Man helped Sbobet expand into Europe and broaden their customer base significantly. Sbobet also has licenses with the government of the Republic of the Philippines. It is for these reasons that the company is able to maintain its large presence in Asia.


Interested in learning more about Sbobet and why they are so popular? Read on, and we will walk you through the many features that make Sbobet so beloved. 


Sports Betting


What helps make Sbobet so successful is their exhaustive list of sports betting services. The company covers more than 1,500 sporting events every week. They also sponsor several top UK football teams including Southampton, Swansea City, and West Ham. 


Other Features of Sbobet


Although football appears to be Sbobet’s bread and butter, they have betting markets on many other sports as well. Some of these sports include golf, tennis, rugby, cricket, and American football. They even cover lesser known sports like hurling and beach football. The organization handles much more than just sports betting though. They also run their own online casino and allow financial betting as well. Some of their most popular casino games are Blackjack, Baccarat, and Roulette. 


Asian Popularity


Sbobet is so popular in Asia that they were awarded the Asian Operator of the Year Award in both 2009 and 2010. It is easy to see why so many people rave about Sbobet. From their powerful live betting services to the range of payment options (Mastercard, Skrill, Visa, and Neteller are all accepted), it makes sense why customers continue to flock to the site.  


Asian Handicap


Thanks to their strong presence in Asia, their Asian handicap betting has a lot of support. Asian handicap is a type of betting on football. In this market, teams are handicapped based on their form. So a stronger team starts out with a deficit before the match even starts. This helps makes the odds fairer. Sbobet offers Asian handicap betting on a number of football leagues. Aside from the English Premiership and Regional leagues, they also provide Asian handicap on Spanish, Italian, German, and other top European football leagues. 


Sbobet’s Principles


Sbobet prides itself on the trust that it establishes with its customers. Their website is protected and secured so bettors don’t have to worry about their personal information ending up in the wrong hands. 


Their 24/7 customer support is always standing by to answer any questions and assist with any problems that a Sbobet client might have. Their website also supports a wide range of the world’s most popular browsers. Some of these browsers include Google Chrome, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and many more. 


Opening an account with Sbobet is free and easy to do. Depositing and withdrawing money are also easy to accomplish and can be executed in a relatively short amount of time. Withdrawals typically take between a few hours to a few days at most. Try it today!


When starting a business, things can be challenging no matter what the proposition. Whether you are delivering a service in the form of expertise or selling physical items, you will inevitably come across a variety of challenges you will need to overcome to make your business a success. 

However, in the case of a retail business, particularly where there is a customer facing element of the business, you will find that particularly at the outset, as well as during the course of the business, there will be various challenges specific to or at least more pronounced in retail businesses (source: Bobblehat). 

Initial Business Outlay

For service-specific businesses, such as online estate agencies and businesses delivering expertise, once the business’ infrastructure is in place and the brand set up, there is limited outlay, with no physical entity to peddle. However, in cases of ‘traditional’ businesses; those that sell items or products in any form, you will need to have the cash to purchase the stock to sell in the first place. 

Although many businesses do require loans for their starting up and to fund their entire model, no matter what you will need to buy the goods at a price to then be sold on at a profit. Hence, this is one of the most important parts of starting up retail businesses as without the stock, you will have no business proposition and nothing to generate profit. That said, once you are an established brand, the name and brand itself may well be worth money in time.

Securing Your Stock

Equally important as having stock and the items to sell which will power your retail business is having that very stock secure and safe. Whether you are selling clothes, electronics, windows or something else, you will need to make sure that your storage facility where the stock is kept is safe and secure.

This may mean investing in security measure if you own the premises, such as CCTV cameras, alarms and secure windows and doors. However, if you rent the premises you will have to ask the owner and landlord of the premises to facilitate this for you. Many businesses will keep only limited stock on their own premises, with much of the backlog kept with the suppliers until needed.

Retail Design and Experience

Much like how a business based online needs a good website that looks great and performs for clients and customers, a business that relies on its premises must reflect these same principles. 

When it comes to presenting the goods for sale, you are also presenting the brand and an experience for the clients and customers. Therefore, you will need to take time and spend some money investing in an enjoyable and even unique experience for anyone who comes into your shop. Ultimately, if people are not drawn in by the brand and the offering, before even considering specific items for sale you will not be off to the best start.

Consider taking account of things like:

  • How are the goods and products presented?
  • Are there different options where necessary?
  • How easy is it to navigate the shop floor?
  • Is browsing and moving around the shop enjoyable?
  • Does the shop look, sound and smell nice?
  • Who is your target market and what do they want and need from a retail premises?

For college an assignment have lots of facts and purposes but the main structure is same as no matter but for college requirement. Students may be writing assignment to argue for a necessary point of view or the details steps necessary to complete the whole assignment. If you can write well without any disturbance so then it is a good thing actually but if not then you have to follow the tips and instructions of experts, teachers and professors. 

assignment must brief, clarify, argue and non-fiction that describe well. Usually students might encounter assignment assignments in any of the school subject and at any level of college. As before getting into the critical time and actual thing is assignment writing is the term which is must to learn for student.

College assignment writing service are available to solve the issues of students who cannot write well written assignment enough to submit in the class so they can hire assignment writing services from here.  

Extra support

Usually assignment writing services designed to get the extra support and that is required in completing the appropriate university assignments. Due to their emphasis on depth and breadth, there is a great demand for educational work at the grassroots level. College students must have the skills and skills to write comprehensive and well-rounded college assignments.

Before getting into the realism of actual assignment writing, students need to know how to develop possible frameworks that enhance their effectiveness to meet goals and standards. The first stage of the drafting approach to college assignment must include a clear understanding of the topic at hand. In cases where students have to choose their own topics, choosing a topic that the author knows well will be an ideal option. Immediate brainstorming and follow-on reflections on a given or selected topic will go through recent findings or literature on related topics on college dissertation.

Identifying relevant sources of writing

The drafting initiative involves identifying relevant sources for broadening the author’s point of view and focusing on various existing ideas. The move will require students to identify the availability of identified resources. Successful college assignment writing is always a step-by-step approach in which students must pay close attention to the individual needs of the subject. Comprehensive assignments will be written using clear and unambiguous descriptions. 

The main body of the assignment should contain relevant and concise arguments, depending on the requirements of the college’s assignment or dissertation statement. Writing your college assignment is an important part of your entire application. In writing your assignment, you’re not just writing a page full of words. You are sharing a portion of your time with people who will decide if you want to attend their school. Are appropriate or not. This time is not going to stop you from trying. When you prepare to work on your college assignment, there are many things you need to keep in mind.

See Requirements

Most colleges will have a set of guidelines that you should follow when writing your assignment. It is important to make sure you read their instructions carefully. The people who review your assignment will be sure that you meet all their requirements in your assignment. There may be a word limit that you need to abide by, so make sure you do not ship too much. It will be approximately two double-spaced pages in length.

Choose a good title

Most colleges will give you ideas for a few different topics to choose from. The title you choose will be reflective of you, so choose a good one. You want to give the admissions team a real look at who you are but you don’t want to select a hot button for a title that has a negative impact and the reaction they can judge also could be bad. 

To be unique

Admissions people read a plethora of application assignments. You should immediately ignite their interest and see them as an asset to the college. Need to find a way. Imagine what everyone else will write about and choose something else. Many students want to write about their summer in Europe and summarize all the work they did along the way. 

The best Superbowl commercial ever accolade goes to Apple for their efforts in 1984. However, as successful as that was, it wasn’t all plain sailing, so what can we learn from it?


Communicate your Message


A commercial is short and so, you have to get your message across quickly. Therefore, you need the right people who can help you achieve this. Whether you are creating a TV commercial or you want an advert banner by UB, it has to have an impact and communicate your message almost instantly. 


Put Your All into it


If you are going to do something, then you have to fully commit. Even if it is not the best idea in the world, if you put everything into it, then it can become a success. If you only give 50% then this will be seen and that will only give the impression that you never give your all.


Ideas Have to Evolve


Sometimes it is not the first idea that works and it might not be the second idea but coming up with new ideas helps your work to evolve. It can also help to use some outside perspective here as they can help to bring new ideas that others might not see. 


There is Always a Risk


Creating a TV commercial is a big thing and with the costs involved, you have to get it right. However, when you do put yourself forward, you need to know that your job is at risk. Despite this, from risks come rewards and so, get it right and it could make you.


Not Everyone Will Love It


The truth is, when you are creating advertising, the ideas won’t resonate with everyone, even if you feel as though you have the finished idea. Even if the idea is disliked and the business owner or board are against it, it can still work.


Find the Decision Maker


If you want to give yourself the best chance of success, then you need to build relationships with those at the top. These are the people who make the decisions. If you can get them on board and liking your ideas then you are on your way to success.


Focus Groups Don’t Always Work


Commonly, ideas will be put to focus groups but even when they offer their negative opinions or criticism then it does not mean the end of the road. Remember that they consider how familiar an idea will be and not how big it will be.


Don’t Give it All Away


If you believe that you are onto something yet the results of say, a focus group do not work in your favour, then you don’t have to share them. While this could be considered to be a sly move, sometimes it is more about what you don’t share than what you do share.

Your Work Will Be Criticised


Your ideas will come to several dead ends, especially when it comes to those who don’t believe in it. However, you can choose to roll over or defend your work to the point you make it become a success. 


Sometimes You Need Luck


Sometimes it looks as though things are going against you and that failure is imminent. That is until something happens and there is light at the end of the tunnel. What you should do, is enjoy your success even if they happen by luck.


Recognition Follows


You won’t get any recognition for your efforts before the ad goes live. However, you will benefit from a lot of recognition if you get it right after. 


Everyone Will Want the Recognition


So, you have gained recognition for creating something brilliant which is great. However, those who were against it will come crawling back, looking for their slice of success and recognition.


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While most people’s minds would immediately spring to German cars when asked about the best and most historic German brands out there, the country truly boasts an impressive portfolio of top-notch products that stood the test of time. 


Highlighting the innovative design and solid engineering that has become practically synonymous with German-made goods, the country’s market proudly carries everything from luxury watches and accessories; clothing and luggage; toys; beers; cars and cell phones, among other complex industries that rely on advanced technologies. Today, we discuss five industries where historic German brands are major market players. 


  • Cars: Volkswagen, BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Audi


Even if you know just a little bit about cars, you certainly know that some of the most popular car manufacturers in the world come from Germany. Volkswagen, BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Audi have always been staple names in the automotive world, with innovations that still impress until this day. They take their cars very seriously that there are car museum and factory tours in Germany for tourists who happen to be car enthusiasts. 


  • Watches: Braun, Zeppelin, Laco

Although the Swiss are globally renowned for their watch industry, German watches have solid market grounds because of the fact that they are simply timeless. Some of the most stunning German watches are courtesy of brands like Braun, Zeppelin and Laco, among others. German-made watches are unique and appealing because almost all of their pieces come in vintage and minimalist designs, meaning that they never actually go out of style. 

  • Clothes: Boss 

The meticulous nature of German manufacturing means that everything they make is pretty much flawless, and the clothing industry is no exception. Whether you’re a die-hard Fashionista or simply a moderate clothing enthusiast who likes to invest in good, well made items, you must be well acquainted with powerhouse Boss. The German luxury fashion brand – with labels HUGO and BOSS – caters to men, women, and children, and is globally synonymous with subtle elegance and class. 


  • Toys: Steiff 

The toy brand Steiff holds the historic claim to have created the original teddy bear, named after US President Theodore Roosevelt – Teddy! It’s worthy to note that the company till fabricates many of its products by hand, and their cuddly, highly coveted creations still bear the trademark Knopf im Ohr (“button in ear”) stamp of authenticity that’s been a hallmark since 1904. The plush toys at Steiff simply exist to be cherished mementos for generations to come. 


  • Industrial Manufacturing: Siemens


You may be familiar with the brand because of their household products such as telephones, kitchen appliances, washing machines, refrigerators, cell phones, and many more. In reality, Siemens is the largest industrial, manufacturing company in Europe with branch offices across all continents. The brand’s business activities are involved in industrial manufacturing, energy, healthcare, as well as infrastructure and cities. 

The German Machine 


We hope that this article shed some light on a few of the most iconic German brands. That said, we would need much more time to truly do justice to the dedication, efficiency and resilience of the country’s powerful industries, and the brands that make them stand out in any market. 



There are following types of maintenance of a water and water pump:

Reactionary Maintenance

This type of maintenance is needed when a part of the pump stopped working. However, it is easy to fix as you just need to replace the part. You must have water pump accessories in your basement. These extra accessories so when an accessory fails, you can fix it immediately. It is the most cost-effective option as you do not need to visit the market for buying the part.

Preventive Maintenance

This type includes steps that you need to take to prevent the entire unit from failing. Anyhow, there are many cost-effective options to choose from.

Predictive Maintenance

In this type, a user can calculate the time remaining to failure to predict when the problem can occur. For this, you need to collect a lot of data which you need to use effectively. If you see that the time is coming then you can extend the limit to put it back to reactive maintenance.

Continuous Maintenance

Basically, you take constant readings to note any kind of change in the equipment. You are constantly reading the changes and note them. Using this data, you can predict the possible failure. For this, a pump can have fault-tolerant controls that note readings and automatically adjust the pump speed to avoid it.

Pump Records

As a responsible pump user, you need to set up files for each of the pumps. It can help you increase the effectiveness and to prevent maintenance of the water pump.

You need to store data such as flow rate, efficiency, input power, pump head, and speed. Also, need to make performance curves that include, NPSHR vs flow rate, efficiency vs flow rate, input power vs flow rate, etc. Moreover, the supplementary data and specification sheet at the time of purchase. Moreover, you should include installation and maintenance instruction by the manufacturer in these files.

Where to Concentrate Maintenance Resources

It is always better to have resources to apply fault-tolerant controls to every pump you have. But these resources are not cheap and are limited. So who we should use these limited resources to maximize the reliability of the pump? We can do this by following these steps

In the first step, we need to set all the records and should know the MTBF for every pump. After that need to determine the MTBF of all the pumps by dividing the number of pumps with a total number of repairs and then multiply it by time period. The pumps that are using most of the resources should be top on the priority list.

In the second step, you need to concentrate on the components of the pumps that have a high failure rate. Bearings and seals are those components that have a high failure rate.

In the last step, those who have low MTBF value should be examined to find the root cause of the problem. Finding the root cause is the only way to improve the performance of the pump.

For the uninitiated, Paisley is a historic town bordering the city of Glasgow in Scotland, located in the scenic central Lowlands. A warm and welcoming place, it is often called the largest town in all of Scotland. Located close to the Glasgow Airport, Paisley has plenty to offer even the most discerning traveler looking for sights to see and things to do.


Summer is often the best time to visit the fair town, and there are plenty of attractions all around the city to keep you busy. From historic landmarks to modern museums, to shopping and dining experiences, outdoor adventures and more, Paisley has them all. Here is a quick look at some of the experiences that await you in our town this summer:


A visit to the Paisley Abbey


This 12th century Abbey is located at the heart of the town and is intricately linked to its history. William Wallace, depicted by Mel Gibson in Braveheart, was a student at this abbey in his youth. It was burned down once by King Edward I of England but was quickly rebuilt within a century.

In 2019, you will find the Abbey in tranquil surroundings, close to the river, and the midst of well-tended grounds. It is a great landmark for history and architecture buffs, with its tombs, many archaeological artifacts, stained glass windows, and the Barochan Cross which dates back to the 10th Century. The latter is among the oldest surviving examples of the Govan School sculptural style.


Of special interest to sci-fi fans are the gargoyles located on the exterior of the Abbey. One of these became an internet sensation, due to its close resemblance to the Xenomorph from the Alien movies. It was crafted by a stonemason who undertook restoration work of the 12 gargoyles at the abbey in the 1990s!


Explore the Rouken Glen Park Waterfalls


Located south-east of Paisley in the Rouken Glen Park is a series of waterfalls that has mystified countless visitors due to their unique appearance. Over the centuries, these natural falls were modified countless times to power textile mills in the region during the Industrial Revolution.

The falls are a great place to experience the natural beauty of the Renfrewshire countryside around Paisley. They also offer you a window into the industrial past of the town of Paisley and its surrounding regions.


The Rouken Glen Park is a great place for walks and treks, as it is dotted with woodland trails. Summer is the best time to visit, as there are marshes and steep paths which can get quite slippery in the rains.


Shop at intu Braehead and Soar


The intu Braehead is the premier shopping and entertainment destination in the Renfrewshire council area and Glasgow metropolitan area. This place has everything, a huge mall, an entertainment arena, a massive food court, and even an ice rink and ski slope.

Shopping is the primary attraction at Braehead, with over 100 different stores and retail brands. There are many dining options including both fast food outlets as well as fine restaurants in the food mall, which had 20+ establishments as of 2019.


If you want a fun day for kids and family, the Soar is the place to be. The entertainment arena has tons of activities, including cinemas, rock climbing, skiing, ice skating, adventure gold, dodgem cars, laser tag, and even a roller disco. They have their own dining area here with even more restaurants and outlets.


The centre is located within easy reach of both Paisley and Glasgow. Parking is available aplenty, and there are plenty of buses connecting it to major towns and villages nearby as well.


A spot of gambling at Glasgow casinos


If you want something less family and more adult-oriented, then the city of Glasgow is right next to Paisley! If you desire some gambling or betting action, Glasgow is the best place to be in all of Scotland. Of the dozen casinos in the country, at least half call the city their home.


Alea Glasgow is considered of the best gambling destinations in the city. Located on the shores of the River Clyde, this place is open 24 hours and has everything you would need from an offline casino. There is a spacious gaming floor filled with slots and live tables, two amazing bars, and even a classy restaurant.


The Genting at Glasgow is slightly smaller with fewer slots but has a good number of live tables (around 12). Other similar-sized casinos around the city include the Grosvenor Casino Merchant City and the Grosvenor Casino Riverboat. All these offer a balanced game selection of slots, blackjack, poker, and other games like Punto Banco and Baccarat.


As you can see, you have a fair amount of choice when it comes to legal gambling in Scotland. But if offline casinos are not your thing and you prefer playing online make sure to check out Nodeposithero.com



Go for a Walk at Gleniffer Braes Country Park


Waterfall, lake, scenic hills, and tranquil farms, Gleniffer Braes Park has them all. And the best part is, if you are visiting Paisley, the park is just a 10-minute drive away from the town center. It is a great place to visit in summer as well as winter.

Yes it’s that beautiful


From the park, you can soak in majestic views of Ben Lomond, one of the most famous mountains in the Scottish Highlands. The braes (hills in Scottish) around the park are perfect for moderate hikes and offer you stunning views of Glasgow and surrounding countryside.


The park even has its lake. With a very peaceful and tranquil atmosphere, the park is an ideal place for families as well as solo visits. And it is also quite dog-friendly. There is plenty of parking available but the park does not have any cafes or dining options. So don’t forget to bring your own snacks and drinks!


Now Just Plan Your Visit


These are just some of the top destinations that wait for you in Paisley. There are plenty of other things to visit here, including an observatory, a Cenotaph, gardens, art galleries, museums, and more!  


Bridging Trends’s latest reports reveal that investment property continues to be the number 1 most popular reason for taking out a bridging loan. Bridging Trends collected its figures from the following lenders and finance brokers within the industry: Brightstar Financial, Clever Lending, Enness, Complete FS, Impact Specialist Finance, MT Finance, Pure Commercial Finance, Positive Lending, UK Property Finance and Y3S.


This is the area’s second quarter for the year as the most popular reason for taking out a bridging loan, contributing 22% of the entire lending sector in Q1 (for 2019) and 25% in Q2 (also for 2019). Following investment property, the second most popular use of a bridging finance loan was a chain-break, contributing 18% of the entire lending sector.


The amount of loans that the contributors of Bridging Trends handled went down to 37.5% in the second quarter for 2019 compared to 38.3% in the first quarter. by Following this reduction in transactions, there was a subsequent decrease of £500,000 from Q1 to Q2 for this year, going down from £185.32 million to £184.82 million respectively. Monthly interest rates increased by 0.05% from the first to the second quarter, being 0.79% in Q2.  


Impact Specialist Finance’s managing director Dale Jannels has commented on these results, stating that “I’m not surprised that chain break finance was the second most popular reason for obtaining bridging finance in the last quarter. We’re in uncertain times and this uncertainty transfers into property transactions also.” 


Jannels furthers their point, reflecting on the fact that “Customers are also being gazumped and looking for short-term finance assistance to speed up the purchase of their dream property. Add in the complexity of many property transactions and the high-street lender will say no, yet short-term finance might get them over the initial line.”


MT Finance was one of the major organisations that Bridging Trends used in their reports. Launched in 2008, MT Finance is a lender in bridging finance that has won numerous awards. Awards received by MT Finance include the following; Business Moneyfacts award for the Best Service from a Bridging Finance Provider (2014), Financial Reporter Awards for the best Short-term/Bridging Lender (2015), and Property Wire Awards for Bridging Lender of the year (2018). It has helped to provide finance to a multitude of different property investors as well as businesses and individuals, helping to further their customer’s growth and success. 


MT Finance’s commercial director Gareth Lewis has made the following comments in relation to the property investment sector, stating “Now that Boris Johnson has been announced as the new PM and has made Brexit top of his to-do list, this should help to give the market the certainty it needs” 


Krabi, a gorgeous location on the west coast of Southern Thailand, is an incredibly popular tourist destination. Characterized by its sheer limestone cliffs, jagged-edged rocks, and dense mangrove forests, Krabi has become the number one destination for people who want to take in breathtaking natural sights and explore the beauty of this area. Some of the popular destinations here include the Phi Phi Islands and Railay Beach, which has become one of the most popular rock climbing spots in the world. If you are traveling to Krabi, there are many things that you need to consider. One of the first things you need to do is to book your hotel in Krabi. Here are a few tips for booking a hotel.

Find a Reputable One

The Ao Nang hotels in Krabi have become an incredibly popular choice for many people. Whether you are going simply for sightseeing or want to get the best out of your honeymoon trip, these are an excellent choice. The hotels are centrally located and give you access to many of the major destinations throughout the province. Not only that, but they are very well-maintained and you will be able to enjoy some of the best days of your life here.

What Kind of Hotel?

Should you book a 3-star, 4-star, or 5-star hotel? It primarily depends on your personal interests. A 5-star hotel will obviously cost you more money, but the level of service provided and the kind of amenities you will have access to will also be considerably better. It’s incredibly important that you read about each kind of hotel and see what amenities are offered before making a decision.

The best way to narrow down your options is to set a budget first. There are plenty of websites that allow you to compare the rates charged by different hotels and then make an informed decision. By narrowing down your options, you will have a better idea about which hotel to book. It needs to fall within your price range, because you will be staying at the hotel for several days to come.

Check out the Features

What kind of hotel room do you want? More importantly, what services are included along with the hotel room? It’s important that you do your research carefully and find the best hotel in your price range by checking out the cost of various hotel rooms. Some rooms are available at a discounted price from time to time as well. This is a great idea for people who are interested in saving money and who want to get a good upgrade on their room. You should also check the location of the hotel. It should be situated in a central location to make getting around easier for you. These are just a few simple things that you should know about booking a hotel in Krabi.



The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has stated that new proposals will impose a ban on contingent charging when it comes to pension transfer advice


This will mean that pension advisers will now need to provide evidence and demonstrate as to why any scheme that is recommended to customers is better than the consumer’s workplace pension scheme.


Why has the FCA implemented this ban?


The watchdog has said that it is implementing these new rules in order to help better protect customers against potential conflicts of interest. This can happen if the financial adviser aiding them with pension transfer advice only receives money when a transfer is successful.


In a statement given by the FCA following their announcement, they said that ‘the proposed ban would apply unless consumers have specific circumstances that mean a transfer is likely to be in their best interests.’


Are the FCA enforcing other measures?


Tackling pension transfers and ongoing fees


Yes, the FCA has also stated it will be looking at the issues that can arise when a financial adviser stands to receive ongoing fees for pension transfers, which could lead to a situation where the customer does not necessarily receive the best deal available. 


These ongoing fees could last for 20-30 years after the transfer has taken place, which increases the chance of conflicts of interest. 


As a result, the FCA has outlined new proposals that means that financial advisors will now need to provide evidence as to how their recommended scheme is better than the consumer’s workplace pension scheme.


Providing abridged advice


The FCA has also revealed proposals that looks at addressing the issue of how financial advisers manage and provide pension transfer advice to its customers.


How does the FCA intend to tackle this? New proposals include making sure abridged advice is provided, so that companies provide inexpensive advice to customers who shouldn’t transfer their pension. 

The FCA also wants more transparency in terms of the charges imposed, to make the system fairer for customers who look for pension transfer advice.


In addition to pensions, the FCA is currently reviewing car finance, guarantor loans (and non guarantor loans), rent-to-own and catalogue finance. Since the regulator started overseeing the UK financial industry in 2015, there has been a notable and successful crackdown on payday lending, consumer credit and bank overdrafts.