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Ever since the first online casinos arrived on the scene, people have been bombarded with offers to play for free and win big by playing various games, and slots are no exception. The allure of sitting at home in your jammies and winning money is irresistible, and the idea that you could be a big winner by playing just for fun is too tempting to ignore. The inevitable result of this is that many people have started playing online slot machines for free, and some have even gone on to take out real money credits to play with.

Can you win real money while playing slot machines online?

The short answer to that question is yes. People every hour of every day are winning money while playing online slots. And that’s no surprise all you have to do is start up your favorite slot machine and play for fun. The software that powers online slots games is designed to produce a certain percentage of winners, so you have a reasonable chance of winning every time you spin the reels.

As with any game of chance, however, the more spins you play and the longer you play, the higher your chances of winning will become. And so it is with online slots. The longer you play for, the better your chances of hitting that big payout.

What is the best strategy to win playing slot machines?

The best strategy is to find a slot machine that you like to play and stick with it. If you’re having fun, you’re more likely to keep spinning the wheels, and that’s the first step in winning. Only play a slot machine for the money if you’re having fun at it.

The second step in winning is to find a slot machine that gives you the most coins per spin. The higher the rate of return, the better your chances of winning will be. The third step to winning is to play slots that give you the best payouts. The most popular slot games give you the most coins per spin, and more coins mean you have a better chance of hitting a big payout.

Enjoying the slot machine experience ensures you’re a winner regardless of the outcome

Everyone who enjoys themselves is a winner. The only way to win in the long run is to play with discipline, enjoy yourself, and keep going back for more using your slot deposit pulsa. Whether you win or lose, once the fun factor is gone, it’s time to move on. The only thing that matters is finding a slot game that you really enjoy playing. That way, you’ll always be a winner.

Try your best to set a playing budget every session, and don’t go over it. When people play online slots for money, they tend to let their emotions take over and spend more than they should be. However, when you only play for fun, there’s no need to worry about wins or losses. Just enjoy yourself and keep playing until you’re ready to move on.


Something we often like to think about is how immensely gobsmacked Charles D. Fey, inventor of the world’s first commercial slot machine, would be if he was to see how far his creation had come in the 21st century. Back in his day slot machines were purely mechanical and very simple, nobody would have ever anticipated that they would exist online not much more than a century later. But that’s history for you, isn’t it? 

The popularity of slots even back then was nothing short of crazy, with Californian bars and saloons almost struggling to cope with slot gambling demand in the early 1900s where casinos were still largely illegal. These days, however, the online slot industry has solved this problem, as there are several thousand different slots for people to enjoy – visit Wizardslots. People can often wonder what rollover requirements for slots are, and it’s something we’re going to explore below. 

A few reasons why online casino bonuses are simply the best 

If you don’t know approximately what rollover requirements are in slots, we’ll just quickly mention that they are all to do with online casino bonuses. Online casino bonuses have definitely changed the game when it comes to modern online slot gambling, as they offer a variety of positives.

Take a look at a few different reasons behind why online casino bonuses are simply the best: 

  •         Extra money: By far the biggest reason why people love online casino slot bonuses so much is that many of them offer gamblers a chance to pretty much end up with a load of free money. You see, there are several quite lucrative online casino slot bonuses out there that can give you 100% cash back on your initial deposit, for example. That’s double your deposit back as free cash back! All you have to do is make sure you satisfy the wagering requirements.
  •         Extra excitement: Obviously most gamblers will be primarily concerned with extra money, however online casino bonuses are also great for injecting an extra bit of excitement into proceedings too. Is there much more exciting than receiving a load of free spins on iconic slot games like NetEnt’s Starburst? We’re really not so sure, and the best thing is that these free spins can easily translate into huge wins too!
  •         Good for deciding which slots site to play on: These days it can genuinely be pretty damn difficult to decide on a specific slots site to even play on, which is another reason why people love online casino bonuses. With online casino bonuses the decision of which site to play on can be made for you – just choose the one with the best bonus!

What is a rollover requirement in slots? 

Okay, so what is a rollover requirement in slots? If you have ever heard of slot playthrough, rollover requirements are pretty much the same thing. You see, online casino bonus offers will require players to wager a certain amount of money before they can claim their winnings, and this is called a rollover requirement.


Bingo is one of the most popular forms of gambling out there, and it probably won’t surprise you to hear that it is a worldwide hit – visit https://www.barbadosbingo.com! People from all continents of the world enjoy a cheeky round of bingo now and again – it truly is a huge industry! You might assume that bingos global success means that the game changes depending on where you are playing it in the world – and you would be correct to assume this! There are too many versions of the game to list, but we’re going to discuss:

          UK vs USA bingo

          TV Bingo

          Banned Bingo

Bingo Variants you are probably familiar with

If you ask the average person how many balls are used in the game of bingo, most of them would probably say either 75 or 90, depending on where they usually play the game. Our favorite of the two is 90 ball bingo – it’s most commonly found here in the UK whilst also being played in other countries such as Japan, Italy and Sweden. People often say that everything is bigger and better in the USA, but that certainly doesn’t go for bingo as they are limited to a measly 75 balls! We love playing here in the UK and knowing that we get the extra 15 chances to win!

What about bingo from the other side of the world? Well, we’re going to go over some of the countries where bingo is most popular! We will explore:




Bingo around the Word

For some countries, the way that people access bingo is completely different. Russia have an interesting one – TV bingo. Whilst you may have come across a TV Bingo channel when skipping through the TV channels late at night, it’s not very popular in the UK, and therefore is a less convenient and fun option. In Russia however, people go crazy for it! It’s even more popular than online bingo, due to the fact that the TV bingo shows have been running for so long – people just don’t like change’.

It’s pretty convenient to play bingo these days, but don’t take that for granted – many countries still have conflicting laws that prevent them from enjoying a nice game of bingo! Notable examples include Japan and Brazil – both these countries have suffered long and frustrating laws making bingo and other casino games illegal! Rules such as these are becoming increasingly uncommon, but sadly still exist. We hope that our friends on the other side of the world will someday be able to have a trouble-free game of bingo!

Bingo: a game of many variants

In conclusion, there are not only many different variants of bingo, but many different ways to play, in addition to situations where it is not even legal! We’d suggest sticking to playing in the UK – this way you know that you get your full 90 balls worth, don’t need to figure out the exchange rate, and most importantly that you’re not going to get into legal trouble for playing it! Have fun!


The rise of the web and e-commerce has become a driving force to lower the barrier for fledgeling entrepreneurs. All you need to do is buy a domain, make a website, and off you go, right? It may sound very simple, but an online company is still a business, after all. You still have to deal with taxes, customer service, liabilities, and the security of your investment.

So, don’t be discouraged as you already have an advantage against your competitors—the Internet. Not all businesses have an online presence. If you’ll use it to gain more customers, you could reap the benefits that firms like www.packagingworld.co.uk and countless others are enjoying. 

business digital online is small business a new start up in the present for online shop. By woman and man owner have a warehouse used to send to customer. SME entrepreneur concept

Here are four considerations you should think about before setting up shop in the online world:

  1. Decide on Your Business Structure

For all businesses, owners should decide if they want to incorporate or not. Although incorporation isn’t required, especially for small companies and some partnerships, incorporation does help in shielding the owner from liability concerning the business. So, in deciding to incorporate your business, your assets, such as your bank accounts, house, and investments, aren’t at risk if your business goes under.

Many people think corporations should employ hundreds or thousands of employees, but this only applies to the more traditional ‘C-corps.’ This type of corporation allows you and your shareholders to be taxed separately from your firm. C-corps are also the most common type of corporation, and it will make your organisation subject to corporate income tax.

But your choice is not limited to C-corps. Here are the other types of companies you can form:

  • Private Company Limited by Shares (LTD): This is a type of corporation that can only be owned by a small number of shareholders. But it will still give you protection from the business’ liabilities if you have invested in the firm.
  • Limited Liability Partnership: The UK doesn’t recognise LLPs as partnerships but as incorporated entities, which makes them closer to C-corps. If you decide to form an LLP, you and your shareholders would be responsible for your negligence or misconduct. But unlike other types of incorporation, partners can run and manage the business.

2.  Learn How to Deal with Taxes

If you don’t have other sources of income like a salary from a day job, you need to pay a sole trader tax on the profits made by your business. But this also depends on what products and services you offer. If you qualify for the said tax due, you’ll only start paying income tax for the profits made by your business if it exceeds GBP£12,500 and you’re under 75.

If your business still hasn’t made GBP£12,500, you’re over 75 years old, or you have another source of income, you might need to pay your income tax sooner.


3.  Decide Where to Locate Your Office

Since you’ll be setting up a business, you should take advantage of as many tax perks as you can. So, home office deductions should make a lot of sense for your online business, right?

Not really. The HM Revenues and Customs or HMRC has set some guidelines if you plan to use your home as an office. They can claim a flat rate deduction or claim a reasonable amount based on your actual expenses. These might cover your bills for electricity, heating, water, and rent or mortgage.

Thus, you must keep track of bills or other evidence to the amounts you’ve paid and the basis of how you calculated the proportion. This will come in handy when your business undergoes tax audits.

These factors can also affect the amount you’ll receive from the HMRC:

  • The size of your home office compared to your whole property
  • The number of years or months you’ve spent working from home
  • The equipment you’re using and your average power consumption
  • If you use a room only for business or for both business and domestic purposes
  • How many people currently reside on the property


4.  IT Security

Your business is very reliant upon the Internet, and it’ll cause a lot of headaches if you don’t prioritise your website’s security. Your credibility with your customers can also be gravely damaged if their data is leaked. Also, your business operations, such as inventory management systems, accounts receivable and payable, and customer service systems must be secure at all times. You must invest heavily to secure the IT systems you’re planning to use. 

Aside from online security, you should also learn about online marketing requirements and laws. If you rely on communicating with your customers through email, you should be extra careful. The Anti-Spam law prohibits businesses from sending unsolicited or spam emails to their customers. But you can still send unsolicited emails to corporate clients if they’re relevant to their industry.

This law is enforced by the Information Commissioner, and the penalties can reach up to GBP£500,000. A small business usually doesn’t have enough funds to cover the possible fines, so it pays to be careful.


Final Thoughts

Although some of these steps might be difficult to follow, especially for first-time business owners, it could help you set it up the right way. Being meticulous when it comes to planning can allow you to see what you need to adjust, such as the financial aspects of opening a business.

But once you get all of these things right, the real work has just begun. It’s now time to start putting your plans into action and start selling to your first batch of customers. 



Pandemic is a worldwide fatal disease that can be spread through numerous mediums. Examples of such diseases are influenza and coronavirus etc. During the wave of a pandemic, the disease can be transferred from patients to healthcare staff, coworkers, and the public in the workplace.

For many people, the COVID-19 outbreak is emotionally draining, altering their daily lives in unprecedented ways. At the same time, it is extremely important to take care of one’s health in this risky and dangerous situation. For this, you should not stop working out and exercise in gyms, but the solution is to do this task securely despite the epidemic. This will not only make your health and immunity strong but also cut your time in quarantine periods.

There are some guidelines, with the help of them we can remain safe and work out safely despite the epidemic.

Risk Assessment While Working Out At Gyms And Parks

Risk assessment plays a key role to remain safe from the pandemic. With the help of risk assessment, we can be aware of the current position of the pandemic, and decisively, we can take necessary measures to control the situation of the epidemic.

The following is the bare minimum required by the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999: 

  • Identify potential sources of injury or disease in your workplace (hazards)
  • Determine how likely it is that someone will be harmed and how seriously they will be harmed (the risk)
  • Take steps to eliminate the danger or, if that isn’t possible, manage the risk.

Risk assessment is only one step in a larger process of risk management at any type of work whether working out in gyms or working at home.

Usage Of Face Masks

Using a face mask is an important factor to remain safe during the epidemic. The use of a face mask can protect you as well as others from the splash which contains serious pandemic spreading agents.

During pandemic situations, we can only be protected from the disease by using a facemask, social distancing, and remain away from crowded areas. In such situations, working out in outdoor as well as indoor gyms requires strictly following all the necessary safety precautions.  So, a face mask for running and working out plays a key role in remaining safe from dreadful situations. It is indeed your moral and social duty to follow safety measures efficiently.

Following Social Distancing At Work Out Places

During the period of the epidemic, we should manage a safe distance of 2m apart but with the use of risk mitigations. Moreover, we should remain away from crowded places. Because people can spread the virus before they even realize they’re sick, it’s important to keep at least 6 feet away from others at all times, even if you or they don’t have any symptoms.

Like in other life activities, we should follow this measure in working out to save one’s own and others’ lives as well. For people who are at a higher risk of serious illness from COVID-19, social distancing is particularly important.

Provide Awareness Among The Masses:

Seminars and workshops should be conducted to educate the masses about the seriousness of the epidemic situations. To minimize safety-related risks, people must be constantly aware of how they workout by using different machines at gyms and be able to identify hazards.

 Accepting what we can and can’t control for those we love can be difficult. It’s critical for stressed caregivers to become aware of the draining consequences of their work. To maintain resilience, you must seek solutions, set aside special time for self-care, seek support, and fight isolation.

FAMILIES can enjoy an eggs-travaganza of fun events and activities during the Easter break from the comfort of their own home.

Renfrewshire Leisure Arts, Libraries and Museums teams have created an exciting programme of online events for children and grown-ups that would have the Easter Bunny jumping for joy.

All the events and activities – from theatre performances and music sessions to arts and crafts and library workshops – are easy to access by logging on to www.renfrewshireleisure.com . The majority of the events are free to access online.

For the youngest audiences, Ipdip Theatre present Up and Down at 10.30am and noon on April 12.  This is an adventure on Zoom for children under five, giving them a chance to connect to distanced friends and relatives who are encouraged to join the fun.  There is a £3 charge to view this event.

The over-fives will love M6 Theatre’s beautiful short film When We Started Singing, exclusively on the Ren TV online channel from April 12-18.

For 11-15 year olds The Big Data Show by Civic Digits is a ground-breaking, immersive theatre experience using performance, gaming and digital magic being shown online 10am on April 7, or 7pm on April 14.  There is a £3 charge to view this event.

And youngsters can shake, rattle and roll with TRASH percussion, at 10am on April 17, or enjoy some gentle movement and simple crafts at Balloon Babies, 10am on April 10.

Scotland’s top musicians continue to entertain with Sally Simpson and Catriona Hawksworth on fiddle and piano – and Valerie Barr on classical accordion, our Sunday Continental brunch-time boogie sessions will be recorded live for you to enjoy.

And don’t forget the weekly Stuck In The House Music sessions on Ren TV every Thursday, at 8pm.

They are encouraging people of all ages and abilities to become inspired to create a piece of art based on the outdoors. The artwork could be in the form of collages, sculptures, or photographs. If you submit a photograph of your artwork to the Renfrewshire Leisure website, there’s a chance it could be included in the online exhibition.

There are also two Library Workshops broadcast on Ren TV, on April 7 and 14 at 10am. The first is Wooly Easter Crafts and the second is Growing Green.

Renfrewshire Leisure’s Arts Manager, Rikki Payne said: “Our Easter programme this year is all about entertaining, informing and passing on new skills to young and old alike.

“Although our venues remain closed due to Covid restrictions, we’ve pulled out all the stops to bring a wide range of quality events and activities into people’s homes.

“The emphasis is on fun and there’s plenty for young and old to enjoy.”

The Easter events are made possible with the support of Future Paisley – the radical and wide-ranging programme of events, activity and investment using the town’s unique and internationally-significant cultural stories to transform its future.


Shopping for furniture can be a blast, or it can be a massive headache. It’s a big choice that you’re going to be living with for a while, and you want to ensure you’re keeping everything you need in mind. The following will explore aspects of choosing furniture you need to consider when redecorating.

Understand Statement Pieces

It will be obvious once you think about it, but it’s not something people talk about enough when they refer to home decor. Some pieces of furniture are loud, and some are quiet. Suppose you have too many loud pieces in a room. In that case, the effect will be overwhelming, and kind of uncomfortable—like how walking around the mall feels during the holidays where every item, package, and the ad is screaming for your attention all at once. All you did was go to a few stores; why are you so tired? That feeling. 


In contrast, some pieces are quiet, and if space is full of silent pieces, the result can be underwhelming—nothing catches your eye or holds your interest. Therefore, Homes Direct 365 points out that, ideally, you want to start with one or two statement pieces per room—the sofa or a unique coffee table or the dining table. Once that’s done, you can fill the surrounding space with quieter, complementary pieces.

Be Honest About Your Family and Habits

It doesn’t matter how pretty that couch is; if it’s neon white and your three-year-old love finger painting and hates washing her hands, you have a potential problem. 


Think about how you and your family use the space and choose pieces to handle your daily life. What color is your dog’s fur? Is it kid-friendly? Does the chair you’re looking at seem like it could withstand the everyday wear and tear that your family can expect to give it? Or is it one of those “only for the guests” pieces? Will having a chair no one is allowed to sit on change up your living room’s feeling? Make things a little less welcoming? 


It can be frustrating to admit to yourself that you’re never going to have an ivory living room set (at least not for the next fifteen years) but trust us, it’s going to be far more frustrating to purchase the set and have it be destroyed—staring at ink stains every day for the next few years.

Learn About Materials

Like anything else we put in our house, furniture can be made out of a vast array of materials; some of these are more toxic than others. Some are eco-friendly and won’t harm pets or babies that stick the kitchen chairs’ legs into their mouths. More than this, materials like sofa upholstery can be made with some really scary stuff resulting in a puff of volatile organic compounds floating around in the air each time someone sits down. 


And that doesn’t necessarily go away after the new couch smell is gone. That can keep happening for years (reducing your life expectancy in the process). Avoid flame retardant materials as these tend to be regular materials sprayed with carcinogenic chemicals.

Always Be Thinking About Storage

Furniture has a functional aspect to it—that part is obvious—we sit on chairs, put our dinner on tables, end tables hold nightstands, etc. But on top of the standard function, all furniture can either be adding to the clutter in your home or taking away from it. Television stands can have enough space for those DVDs you can’t bear to throw away or the extra blankets you always need when you’re cuddling on the couch or the baskets you use to hide the myriad of cords and wires that are now part of your life forever. 


Your coffee table can double as storage space, your headboard and bedframe too—ensure that whatever you choose has enough storage elements to accommodate your storage needs. Most of us could use two more bookshelves than what we have (at least). That gorgeous kitchen cabinet isn’t going to be so pretty when it’s covered with overflowing dishes and those odd pots you rarely use (but when you need them, you really need them).

Understand Color Theory

This seems like a strange thing to include on the list, but you won’t think it’s so odd once you read the science. It turns out that the colors we see the most (particularly in large swatches like on our walls, floors, spread across our windows and beds and sofas) have a drastic impact on our mood and overall sense of space. Before purchasing any large item, check the impact its color will have on you and your family.


The above tips should help you keep the important things in mind while shopping for furniture. Of course, every home is different, so everyone’s furniture needs will be different as well.


Beer is considered the oldest and most extensively used alcoholic drink worldwide. After water and tea, it comes as the third well-liked drink around the globe.

You might have heard a lot about the hazardous effects of beer and other such drinks. But never thought that it can be advantageous as well. Beer has some surprisingly beneficial effects on the human body that everyone should know about. 

Given below are some of them:

1. Lower the Risk of Heart-Related Diseases

By the research of the effects of beer on humans, we came to know that it tries to control heart-related diseases and can be used for the prevention of heart attacks. It minimizes the percentage of death through heart attacks. It increases the concentration of high-density lipoproteins or HDL which is also famous as good cholesterol. 

Beer also contains vitamin B6 known as pyridoxine which decreases the homocysteine level of the beer drinkers. Homocysteine is the key factor that causes the risk of heart attacks. By taking beer the risk of heart attacks by homocysteine will be minimized. Studies and research showed that by taking a drink a day, the drinker could remain safe from congestive heart failure even at the age of 65 years. Taking one alcoholic beverage per day is good for health but the extensive use of beer may lead to death.

2. Lowers the Risk of Brain Stroke

Beer can be used to decrease the risk of brain strokes. With the help of taking one beer a day, an individual can remain safe from brain strokes. As the brain stroke is caused by the clotting of blood in the vessels which is known as ischemic stroke so the clotting of blood can be reduced by taking beer.

It not only provides positive health impacts but it can be fun too if you have a beer-making kit with you. So, make a drink for yourself, enjoy it and reduce the chances of getting a threatening disease like brain stroke.

3. Lowers the Risk of Having Diabetes

Researches showed that people who drink a controlled amount of beer or alcoholic beverages have less risk to be a type 2 diabetic patient. Diabetic patients who take one drink on a daily basis have less threat of coronary heart disease when compared with non-drinkers having type 2 diabetic illnesses. All these risk reductions are for those who take light to moderate amounts of beer.

4. Effects on Memory or Thinking Capacity

Beer affects the memory of the drinkers positively when taken in a controlled amount. People with old age who are taking one beer a day for years proved to be having better general knowledge and sharp memory as compared to non-drinkers. 

However, drinkers who are taking a larger amount of beer in a day like four or more drinks a day harm the memory with age. And they have less memory as compared to those who are non-drinkers or controlled drinkers.

Research showed that beer has good effects on humans when taken in a controlled amount. It may be dangerous as well when taking in excessive amounts. So, you can enjoy it but at your own risk!


Renfrewshire Leisure is delighted to announce that Paisley Book Festival reached a global audience for its 2021 Festival programme. 20,296 people tuned in from as far afield as India, Malawi, New Zealand, United States, Canada, Australia, Thailand, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and Israel as well as most of mainland Europe.

The most popular events included Scottish Masculinities with Douglas Stuart, Graeme Armstrong & Andrew O’Hagan, Get the Door Frank with Janey Godley, Songs for a Scabby Queen with Kirstin Innes and Outi Smith, Melanie Reid, and Chris Brookmyre & Dr. Marisa Haetzman: In Conversation with Ambrose Parry.

The 2021 Guest curated strands from Kirsty Logan and Malachy Tallack were also a resounding success, stimulating lively discussions across social media and in the YouTube live chat.

Councillor Lisa-Marie Hughes said: “We are thrilled with the engagement with the second annual Paisley Book Festival, with events attended by people from all over the world and in significant numbers. I’ve personally really enjoyed attending the events. A particular highlight for me was ‘Working Class Lives in Fiction with Ely Percy and Julie Rea, not least because Ely’s fab book ‘Duck Feet’ is set in my home town, Renfrew.”

In addition to continuing partnerships established last year with the University of West of Scotland, Glasgow Women’s Library, Open Book, The Fountain, and Renfrewshire Leisure’s ArtBoss group, the festival also established several new relationships this year including the Lochwinnoch Arts Festival, Extra Teeth magazine, the Edwin Morgan Trust, the National Library of Scotland, the University of Glasgow, Scottish PEN, and journaling/bookbinding duo Cassandra Barron and Julie Galante.

A wide range of local groups and talent formed part of this year’s programme including the Renfrewshire Makar, Brian Whittingham as well as local poets and authors including Ely Percy, Ross Mackenzie, Jim Ferguson, Basia Palka, Kay Metcalfe, and Sean McMenemy, and more.

The ArtBoss group showcased their new graphic novel created in lockdown, and three local authors – Donal McLaughlin; Mairi Murphey; Charlie Gracie – presented What it Means to Overcome, readings based on their experiences of emigration from Ireland. Morag Smith and Jim Aitken presented a host of local writers featured in A Kist of Thistles, a new anthology of radical Scottish poetry.

Drawing on local talent played another important part of the Festival success. The inaugural writer-in-residence, Imogen Stirling’s digital residency involved 15 workshops before the festival and culminated in three highly engaging public events at the festival itself. These events showcased both Imogen’s creative work and that of the community groups she had worked with for the residency, as well as introducing some of Imogen’s own favourite

Scottish writers/musicians in Imogen’s Big Night In.

Rikki PayneArts ManagerRenfrewshire Leisure said: “Our first digital Paisley Book Festival has defied our expectations. Reading has been a huge solace and escape for many during Covid and we were delighted to be able to offer readers something so positive in these times. There is no substitute for a live encounter with your favourite authors but

audiences responded to the exceptional digital programme with lively chatrooms and warm feedback. A huge thank you to those who donated and helped ensure the future of Paisley Book Festival.”

He added: “Next year, all at Renfrewshire Leisure hope to welcome our audiences back into local venues for Paisley Book Festival 2022.”

With two successful book festivals under its belt,  the Paisley Book Festival has, quite rightly, earned its place on Scotland’s rich cultural calendar of events.


When you enter the online world, there are always scams to be aware of, this pertains even more so to currency when it becomes involved. When you begin to learn about the new form of digital currency known as cryptocurrency, you will soon enough figure out that there are certain risks that you need to be aware of. While there is volatility to be aware of, that is the least of your concerns if you end up the victim of a scam.

There are scams all over the internet that aren’t even involved in the cryptocurrency world, so don’t think that it is just cryptocurrency that has scams. As you begin to get into it and start investing, remember that you need to be aware of many things. If you’re lucky, you will be able to find reliable apps and other online help much like when you head to the News Spy login, however, unfortunately, not everyone is lucky to strike gold straight off the bat.

Here are some common cryptocurrency scams that you should avoid at every cost and know to look out for just in case. Stay aware, stay educated, and stay investing.


Fake apps

People love apps. They’re in your pocket, they’re easy, you can play them no matter where you are, overall, they’re extremely convenient. However, just because there are plenty out there, it doesn’t mean that all of them are made equally, in fact, there are many scams that are fairly easy to identify.

You are able to download these apps through the Apple App Store or Google Play and usually, they seem too good to be true. Usually, these apps are found and removed before they do any harm, however, there will always be some that slip through the cracks. There have been thousands of people downloading fake crypto apps and there is an even bigger risk with Androids.

Usually, there will be misspellings that are very obvious or an inauthentic look. If you feel that an app is a scam, don’t forget to report it.


Scam emails

Everyone is aware of scam emails, perhaps it is a man named Greg that is emailing you from India wanting to leave his whole fortune to you, or maybe it is a simple email with no subject line, either way, emails scams are one of the most prominent forms of scams. They are fairly easy to weed out because they are usually packed with spelling errors or distinct errors. Even if it looks legit, always make sure that you are aware and proactive, do your research first. If it seems too good to be true, it likely is.



While you may think you’re an internet expert, there are many ways that you can become a victim of a scam website. It is sometimes surprising just how far people will go to create a scam website and you’d be surprised how many slip through the gaps. Judging by the statistics, you likely encounter at least one scam website every time you internet surf.