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A leading cancer charity is urging people in Renfrewshire to raise millions of pounds for cancer services – by taking part in the World’s Biggest Coffee Morning.

Macmillan Cancer Support wants people across the county to take part in the event to help raise millions of pounds to fund local cancer services.

In 2018, Renfrewshire raised a fantastic £78,000 in total with a variety of fantastic Coffee Morning’s happening across the county.

But this year the charity is hoping even more people will get involved to raise even more to help fund local cancer services such as the Macmillan Library Information & Support Services, Macmillan Move More Classes and the 5 Macmillan Cancer Nurse Specialists based at the Royal Alexandra Hospital.

Macmillan’s fundraising manager for Renfrewshire Julia Perrie, said: “Macmillan is there to help from the moment someone is diagnosed with cancer and the support we provide is vital.

“From the nurses we fund within the NHS, to the benefits advisors we fund in local communities, we want to be there for everyone who needs us.

“It’s only thanks to the incredible generosity of people taking part in events like the World’s Biggest Coffee Morning that we’re able to be there for people at the toughest time of their life.

“The people of Renfrewshire have always got behind the event and we hope to see even more of them taking part this year.”

The official date of the World’s Biggest Coffee Morning is Friday, September 27, but people can sign up and host their own coffee morning whenever suits them.

“We’re taking part in the World’s Biggest Coffee Morning as every day we see how cancer impact people’s lives.

“It doesn’t just affect people physically. It can affect every aspect of their lives. We want to make sure we can continue to be here for people who need us. Enjoying a coffee and a cake with the community is also a great way to let people know we’re there for them.”

To get a free fundraising pack visit https://coffeeregister.macmillan.org.uk/ or call 0330 102 7810.

To get support from Macmillan visit www.macmillan.org.uk or call the support line on 0808 808 0000.

Award winning theatre maker Andy Manley returns with hit show for young children – Stick by Me – At Johnstone Town Hall on Thursday 26 September.

“Completely delightful. Children’s shows of this calibre are rare”

Audience member

Andy Manley’s performance for young audiences, Stick by Me, is a quirky, non-verbal show about friendship and play, and the importance of treasuring little things. The show, created for children aged 3-6 years, and winner of the 2019 CATS Awards for Best Production for Children and Young People will be touring to Johnstone Town Hall.

Created by the duo behind the critically acclaimed play, White, Andy Manley and Ian Cameron’s new performance, Stick by Me, builds on their vast experience of creating work for very young children.

Alice McGrath, Creative Director at Red Bridge Arts said: “Stick by Me is a real celebration of friendship and children’s play. The creators, Andy and Ian, are experts in connecting with children’s humour and interests and presenting life back to them in an entertaining and thoughtful way. Hearing children and families responses after the show is always heartening and at the end the children are gifted their own Stick friend which brings a huge amount of joy to all”

Stick by Me was originally commissioned in 2017 by Gulbenkian Arts Centre for the Boing Festival, it then played the Edinburgh Fringe as part of the Made in Scotland showcase where it was a great hit with audiences and press. The show has been nominated for the 2019 CATS Award for Best Production for Children and Young People and has received rave reviews from audiences:

“Stick by Me is a charming and witty dance piece for all ages from Red Bridge Arts, commissioned by ACE and supported by The Gulbenkian, and is brilliantly performed by Andy Manley. Everybody in the audience, young and old, left Dancebase with a smile on their face – and a lolly stick.”

Darren Henley CEO, Arts Council England

“Absolutely loved this and so did my 3-year-old. It’s beautifully crafted with great attention to the little details that make the difference between an okay show and something that’s a bit special.”

Audience member

Stick by Me co-creator and director Ian Cameron has worked with and developed Andy’s physical performance and approach to non-verbal storytelling. Set design by Katherina Radeva supports the exploration of material and creation of an abstract world for the story to take place. Music and sound design by Will Calderbank and lighting design by Craig Fleming underpin the performance and bring a full, sensory world for audiences young and old to immerse themselves in.

Call 0300 300 1210 or visit www.renfrewshireleisure.com/whats-on to book for Thursday 26 September at 2pm at Johnstone Town Hall.

“The Diane Mitchell Music School offers one to one lessons in Singing, Guitar, Piano, Ukulele and more for people of any age or level. 

There are a variety of classes for children such as Theory, Musicianship, Piano, Violin and Kodaly in the music schools two locations – Paisley and Barrhead. 

With new classes starting in our Barrhead venue on Saturday the 21st of September such as Violin tots, Maestros and Musical Tots. Learning music in a fun, Interactive way.

If interested visit us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/dianemitchellmusicschool/ 

Email: info@dianemitchellmusicschool.com or call us on 07896689816″ 

An exciting new film festival is coming to Paisley this year, organised by award-winning independent filmmaker and former Paisley Grammar pupil Gary Hewitt.

The HB Film Festival will be held at The Wynd Centre on the 19th & 20th October, with a packed programme of short and feature films, live entertainment and a charity film quiz in aid of Medicinema at the Royal Hospital for Children. 

The event aims to bring independent film to the local community, showcasing films by Scottish, UK and international filmmakers from genres including comedy, animation and horror. In addition to a variety of film screenings, the festival will also feature live comedy from local comedian Chris Thorburn and music from Paisley singer Lisa Kowalski.

Festival director Gary said:

“I started my filmmaking career in Paisley, so I am absolutely delighted to be holding this event in Paisley, particularly when there aren’t many cinema options available in the town. The HB Film Festival is a wonderful opportunity to see some fantastic films from across the world – we’ve got something to suit all tastes, so come along and join us for what is sure to be a fantastic event for movie lovers and filmmakers alike!”

The two-day event culminates in an awards ceremony with 17 awards up for grabs for filmmakers, and a judging panel that includes Rab C Nesbitt writer Ian Pattison and Outlander actor Scott Kyle. 

You can grab a weekend pass for just £15, and tickets for individual screenings start at just £2.50 – get your tickets now on Eventbrite

To stay up to date on HB Film Festival news, follow us on social media:


Twitter: @TheHBFilmFest

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheHBFilmFest/

Wedding Fayre – Free Entry

Sunday 22nd September 12-4pm

Brought to you by Wedding Services Scotland, over 35 local wedding suppliers offering everything you need for your big day from wedding stationery, to vintage wedding cars. Enjoy a fashion show, bridal catwalk and live music to entertain you.

Wedding Open Evening –Free Entry

Monday 23rd September 6-9pm

A great opportunity to see this beautiful, iconic venue fully dressed for a grand wedding. Whether you just want a few last-minute touches or you want your venue dressed top to toe, the decorations by Purple Willow Weddings will not fail to delight.


You’ll be ecstatic by your kid’s happiness when they see their favourite Disney characters come to life in front of their eyes, dancing on the floor, twirling in the air, and performing stunts breathtaking enough to take you back to your childhood.


But the amazing extravaganza called ‘Disney On Ice’ has a lot of details you need to know and take care of. If you wish to create a memorable experience for your child rather than playing free spins live casino on your couch, continue reading.


What is Disney On Ice?


Disney On Ice is a series of touring ice shows produced by Feld Entertainments Ice Follies and Holiday on Ice, Inc. under agreement with The Walt Disney Company. The show is primarily aimed at children and portrays figure skaters in the roles of popular Disney characters in performances derived from various Disney films. 


A new show is launched every year and is hosted by Mickey Mouse, sometimes assisted by Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy, and Buzz Lightyear.


Tips for the best ‘Disney On Ice’ experience


  1. Pick the best show


Disney On Ice has multiple shows on different days, so make sure to pick the one that’s best for you. Here’s a summary of each of the shows:


  • Disney On Ice presents Dream Big – Everything from Disney princesses and princes to villains and the 7 dwarves. This show is for people who like the royal side of the Disney universe.


  • Disney On Ice presents Reach For The Stars – A truly star-studded show featuring only the biggest stars like Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy, Anna, Elsa, and many other Disney princesses.


  • Disney On Ice presents Dare To Dream – Your favourite Disney princesses including the latest ones like Moana.


  • Disney On Ice presents Follow Your Heart – Classic Disney princesses are accompanied by iconic Pixar characters from Nemo, Inside Out, and Toy Story.


  • Disney On Ice presents Frozen – Prepare to let it go with the phenomenal Frozen characters.


  1. Dress smart


The ‘Disney On Ice’ website specifies that the temperature in the arena is usually 10+ degrees cooler than outside. Though the inside of the arena is surprisingly comfortable, it does depend on your affinity to cold. So it’s advisable to be prepared and don some extra layers both on yourselves and your kids.


  1. Break Time


Disney On Ice shows usually run from 90 minutes to two hours long, and you only get a 15-20 minute intermission halfway through them. The show is captivating, but kids may get restive from time to time. Spot out the restrooms beforehand and take breaks as needed. The restrooms may have a long line during the intermission, so be prepared for it.


  1. Make it Magical


The festive magic from Disney’s amusements parks carries over to their Ice shows, so don’t hesitate to get creative with your kids’ fashion. Dress them up in Disney Princess gowns and Toy Story costumes, but make sure to add some layers on top to keep away the cold.


  1. Sit Down


Usually, the stadiums where Disney On Ice shows are held are huge, and that presents the problem of where to sit. The best seats come at a higher price but are worth it if the front row is important to you. However, the view and experience will definitely be wonderful wherever you sit.


Calculating film dimensions to flow wrap your product is one of the most difficult tasks. A slight mistake can either create a big gap or can leave a small part outside the flow wrap. In this article, we will teach how to calculate film dimensions accurately in order to flow wrap your product. Once you have the right dimensions you can easily wrap the product using flow wrapping machine

Basic Details about Wrappers

Every wrapper has a back stand (film feed assembly), an infeed conveyor, a cutting head, a discharge area, a film-forming area, and a fin seal (bottom seal). All the products (food and non-food) are placed on the infeed conveyor of the flow wrapper by the processing equipment. This can also be done manually by hand feeding. 

As the infeed conveyor drop-ship a product to the forming space, the film is drawn from the ‘film feed assembly’ into the forming space, and a movie tube is made around the product and a fin seal is formed. The film tube and therefore the product both are delivered to the cutting head. The cutting head creates the top seals and it cuts the adjacent wrapped product into individual packages, and delivers it to the discharge space. 

Types of Film

There are two types of films cold seal film and hot seal film. The type of film to use depends on various reasons including product characteristics, material costs, required capacity/speed, necessary barriers (ultraviolet, oxygen, etc.), hermetic seal strength or integrity. 

A base material (carrier) and a skinny layer of glue are the main components of cold seal film. In order to make this sort of film waterproof, it is pressed with two layers of glue together. This is why cold seal films can be used at higher film speeds than heat seal films. Hot seal films area unit is usually multi-layered and includes an outer coating to stop the film from melting. The core of the film includes plastic, and a sealer layer on the inside that has a lower melting temperature and bonds to seal the package along.

Calculating Film Dimensions

The first step to calculating film dimensions is determining the correct cut-off length. This is more important for registered film with graphics that need to be at the center of each package. To determine the amount of film taken by the angle to the seal, divide the product height with 0.86603. 

Once you’ve determined the cut-off length, its time to determine the film web width. The 5mm (o.2″) is often explained by the gap (including the peak and thickness of the deck plates) from the merchandise to the fin seal rollers and a few further films to assure sensible chase within the fin seal rollers.  Common fin seal roller heights square measure half dozen, nine and fifteen metric linear units along with the 5mm of film for chase functions, this leads to fin seal widths of eleven, fourteen and twenty metric linear units severally.

Final Thoughts

The above-mentioned formulas are just for calculating the basic film dimensions. For better and accurate film sizing and cut-off, test it on your machine with the actual product and film.


Between working, looking after children, cooking meals, and just trying to find some downtime, it can easily seem as though your house is getting on top of you. Running a home isn’t cheap, and keeping it tidy doesn’t just happen overnight, so what can you do when you have very little spare time to create some order amongst the chaos? Well, if you would like to get a handle on your household so that you can reduce the stress that comes with running a home, then here are a few simple tips on how to make your home more financially and physically manageable. 


Reduce clutter


Do you ever look around your home and think you have a lot more stuff than you really need? Well, that’s because anything that you’re keeping around your house that doesn’t add value to your life in some way is just clutter which you would be better off without. It may seem like a daunting task right now to go through everything you don’t need and get rid of it, but it is possible that you may actually find the process quite therapeutic; after all, decluttering can help to reduce stress and provide you with a sense of control. 


You may find it easier to work outwards from a room which you don’t use as much, such as a loft or basement space, because that way you won’t notice the mess created by your clear-out as much. Set goals and come up with a sorting system, and then you can just work through it in your own time. Try to avoid simply throwing away items where you can, as you could donate them or even make money off of them by selling the things you don’t want at a boot fair or online. 


Prioritise storage space


The more items you have out on display along your surfaces, or left out on the floor, the more cluttered your home is going to look and feel. It can be incredibly off-putting to walk into the house after a long day and be confronted by mess. Therefore, you may find a great amount of benefit to increasing the quantity of storage space you have in your home.


Make use off all the space you have available to you by fixing cupboards and shelves to the walls, allowing you to free up some of the square footage of your home. There are also a lot of brilliant ways to bring storage into your home without it being noticeable, such as with under bed storage devices, as found in ottomans and divan beds. Under the stairs is another perfect storage space which is often under-utilised: use this space wisely by building in a cupboard with shelving, or even build shelves directly into the side of the staircase for easy access. 


Reduce your energy bills


There are lots of different ways that you can make a huge difference to the cost of your energy bills over time. To start simply, you can manage your energy usage by always switching off plugs and lights when they aren’t in use, and not leaving appliances plugged in overnight. You could also benefit from a smart thermostat, which allows you to easily adjust the heating usage of your home and program it to accommodate your personal needs. 


If you’d like to go a step further and make a long-term investment in reducing your energy bills, then you might want to consider looking into solar energy with Green Power Technology. Renewable energy sources such as this are not only beneficial to the environment but could also save you money in the long run. Additionally, by better shielding your home with wall insulation and double glazing on your windows, you will be able to reduce the amount of energy you waste each day. 


Choose a more minimalistic layout


When your house is full to the brim with furniture, it doesn’t matter how much stuff you clear out or how much storage space you introduce, its always going to feel like there is too much stuff in a finite space. In a minimalist home, everything has a purpose and place, making the space much easier to utilise and clean, and creating a more visually appealing aesthetic.


For example, instead of having a mix match of seating options in your living area, you might find that giving those items up and replacing them with one or two larger seating options creates a more uniform and useable space. Over time, you may find that these simple changes alone could have a huge impact on how clean and manageable your space feels.

People living in large cities often see someone zooming away on an electric bike, often referred to as an e-bike. Over 40 million e-bikes have sold so far, and manufacturers estimate that demand will only grow in the coming years. 

With more people choosing to use e-bikes as a primary mode of transport, lawmakers had to create suitable environments and re-examine how the new vehicles are classified.

Let’s look at what led to the astounding growth in the popularity of the e-bike?

It’s a Car on Two Wheels

Before we jump into the details, let’s start with the basics. 

What is an e-bike?

Electric bikes resemble traditional bicycles. Users cycle to increase speed and gain momentum. But unlike the conventional bicycle, the e-bike has an electric motor. That’s what makes it possible for the electric bike to move and support motion like any other vehicle.  The motor charges using electricity and has zero emissions. 

An e-bike appeals to people who love to cycle but wish to sweat less; people that enjoy driving electric cars but choose to conserve the environment. It functions as a car but with two wheels and zero emissions.

Reduces Carbon Emissions

Seen the news lately? 

The Amazon is burning, and the ice caps are melting. Experts say that in 100 years, the earth will be uninhabitable. Such dire predictions spurred the public to search for other modes of transport which conserve the environment. 

Exhaust fumes and electricity generation are the leading causes of pollution.

They are negatively impacting the ecosystem in innumerable ways, which makes more people open to the idea of alternative means of transportation. Allowing you to let go of the carbon-emitting vehicles in favor of something more environmentally friendly. The zero-emissions e-bikes came along at just the right moment to meet these demands.

E-Bikes Are in Style

Bicycles are widely popular, the fact that the e-bikes are stylish adds to their appeal. But that’s not the only thing; manufacturers are tirelessly working on designing e-bikes that are sleeker, affordable, more comfortable, and in general, more practical, prompting more people to use them. To add to that, big cities in most parts of the world created separate environs that favor bicycle commuters. Such reasons contributed to the skyrocketing popularity of the electric bike.

Appeals to Everyone

E-bikes are not only in style, but they appeal to everybody. Manufactures market the vehicle as an effective means of transport for people of all ages. 

For instance, companies came up with a variety of models, a particular line will focus on stylishness, others on speed and efficiency, while the rest on ensuring the comfort of a user. Such an approach makes it easy for the right marketing strategy with experienced salespeople to sell electric bikes to everyone. Which ultimately leads to higher sales.

Endorsements from Influencers

The electric bike has received several celebrity commendations that are arguably the main reason the new vehicles are so popular. 

Olympic gold medalist Sir Chris Hoy has on various occasions spoken on the benefits and recreational value of riding an electric bike. Another Olympic gold medalist, Victoria Pendleton, started her own e-bike company. The celebrity endorsements sparked the interest of the public, which prompted many to rush to stores and buy it.

Since their invention, the popularity of the electric bike has only grown, and the trend is unlikely to change. Manufacturers are coming up with models that appeal to everyone and are a practical means of transport. Soon everybody will be using an e-bike so if you are yet to ride one, try it and see how it goes.


The online casino has evidently evolved over the last few years, especially for UK residents. These casinos came out of the blue and became a major talking point both online and in the high street.

They sponsor several events and teams and bonuses offered by these online casinos have helped them become tremendously big. We will consider how bonuses from online casinos have contributed to their development and marketing campaign, and the procedures behind it.

How bonuses are used to attract customers into online casinos.

First of all, online casinos offer bonuses as a major advertising and promotional tool, which has contributed to its enormous size in the last couple of years. You must be aware of several TV advertisements from the likes of Casumo, Royal Panda & Mfortune offering no deposit bonus cash and free spins to new customers.

Casinos having a physical store, customarily give out bonuses to the heavy spenders in their casino. The industry refers to them as “comps”. You might get the opportunity of a free meal or drink after spending a significant amount of time at the table. You can also get free access to the Casino’s hotel after spending a significant amount.

This is the technique used by many online casino bonuses to compensate their customers, except for the fact that they provide them before the betting starts majorly to draw them in. The casino bonus market is a competitive one in which different casinos come up with a unique reason for a potential player to register and deposit with them. 

Types of online casino bonuses.

Today, several online casino bonuses are available, but a prominent one is the “matched deposit” bonus. A player is rewarded with an amount that is equivalent to their initial deposit which could either be a 100% match or more. The player is however required to bet with the specific amount which can include their bonus funds before a withdrawal can be allowed. This gives them additional funds for betting.

The “no deposit” bonus is also another popular bonus type. This bonus is made available to players before deposit and can be used to bet for free. This is usually used to attract players, but the majority of them are eventually unwilling to spend.

Several bonuses, offers, and special awards are likewise used to attract players such as free spins on slots and many more.

The Modifications of Online Casino Bonus.

Any bonus can be initially be used to meet the betting requirement of the club before withdrawing. This makes a lot of players to clear their betting requirement with the blackjack since the house will have a very small advantage by simply putting the most ideal blackjack technique in place. The necessary amount can then be used to bet, mostly without any loss of the bonus or any initial deposit before cashing out on profits.

Casino soon modified their terms after discovering what was happening. Now,  players can either bet bonuses on slots (that comes with a significant house edge) or on other games with a really substantial betting requirement. Although there is no assurance of making profits, bonuses are still an excellent method of attracting players to begin betting in the casino each year.