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Many people struggle with debt strictly because they don’t know how to put their finances together. When a person gets used with a certain pattern of earning and spending money, it becomes a habit. In most cases, these financial habits are the main cause of why people accumulate debt.

Financial literacy became a highly discussed topic in the past few years, as people could change their situation by getting informed about what habits are beneficial and what habits just ruin their budget. As in any other domain, doing thorough research and gathering relevant information about this topic should propel you to the right path. This short guide explains which habits should be adopted in order to handle finances better, without encountering unpleasant situations or accumulating even more debt. Here’s what any person who’s not familiar with good finance practices should do:

Spend less than you earn – the basic principle

This is basic knowledge – to stay away from debt, you can’t spend more than you can afford. Figuring out the numbers and staying within the limits is not as difficult as some people consider. You just have to build a consistent monthly budget plan and stick to it in the future. Expense tracking starts with separating the needs from the wants. People end up drowning in debt because they don’t know when to stop spending money for their own entertainment. Start by calculating your monthly income, from all sources. Once you know how much money you can spend each month, separate the fixed expenses from the variable ones and notice what amount is left. Keep in mind that paying debt faster involves making some financial efforts that can get inconvenient at times. You can also use mobile apps where you can add both your income and expenses. This automates the process and it will become a habit easier.

Always have an emergency fund

Even though you are currently struggling with debt, you can’t skip your emergency fund. This fund can save the day when the most unexpected events occur. Without an emergency fund, you will have to obtain a loan or borrow money from friends and family. Such a situation will send you back to the hellhole where you’ve come from. No matter how small the amount you save each month is, having an emergency fund prepared is mandatory. Instead of eating out two times a week, do it less often. The money you save can go directly to the emergency fund and you will possess some extra cash for an unexpected situation. This way, you don’t need to borrow more money and you get to keep the expenses on the same line for a while.  

Use the avalanche method to pay off debt

When you have multiple debts to pay, you need to focus on the interest rate. The interest rate determines how much money you are going to pay in the end. By paying the debt with the highest interest rate quicker, you repay less money. Moreover, prioritizing your debt and paying the high-interest ones first should help you get out of debt quicker. To form a habit out of this, determine which one of your debts has the highest interest and focus on it until it is gone. Do that for the other debts you need to repay and you will get used to the avalanche method in no time.

Get informed about IVAs

If you can’t figure out which debt you should pay out first, there’s a more convenient method that will spare you the effort. IVAs, or Individual Voluntary Agreements, are an alternative for people who don’t want to go bankrupt. Bankruptcy comes with many downsides, while IVAs have a series of benefits that could be convenient for any person struggling with too much debt. IVAs can write off up to 70% of a person’s debt, once the debt is managed. What is so convenient about IVAs is that you decide how much time you allocate for repaying the money. IVAs bind creditors to freeze debt interest, so the amount you pay each month will remain fixed. You can understand how IVA companies work by accessing this link.

Create multiple sources of income

Relying on one source of income only can be dangerous, especially for those who need to repay debt. You can get informed about various methods to produce passive income. The second source of income could keep you away from bankruptcy if an unfortunate event occurs and you no longer have enough money to pay off debt. In this situation, you are one step closer to bankruptcy. Think about methods to generate money from different sources and focus your attention on debt consolidation, IVA companies, and other similar solutions to make sure that you can afford to repay the amount you owe.

Automate bill paying

Another habit that could help you handle finances better is bill payment automation. Bills are part of the fixed expenses that you will have to pay at the end of the month, regardless of how much money you won. Many people end up having debt without even realizing it because they postpone paying their bills. The amounts add up to a bigger, unaffordable one and you find yourself in a very uncomfortable situation. Check with your suppliers and see if they have an option for automating bill paying. If yes, it would be recommended to opt for this method instead of paying the bills yourself. It will seem inconvenient the first couple of months, but it should become part of your financial planning quite soon.  

Implement a spending freeze

Starting a spending freeze challenge could change your life completely. Spending freeze involves buying just the things you need to survive and redirecting the rest towards paying debt or contributing to emergency funds. In order to stick to a spending freeze challenge for at least three months, you need to come up with a plan and set clear goals for this period. If you live alone, the spending freeze challenge shouldn’t be complicated. If you live with your family, you must ask the rest of the members to join you Always keep a positive attitude during spending freeze periods and don’t get discouraged after each obstacle that you encounter.


Sports betting is becoming increasingly popular and more and more people are enthusiastic about taking part in the betting events. However, only very few people manage to be successful in the long term. For betting in the field of sports betting involves a little more than just listening to your own gut feeling. So there are some clues, tips and tricks, which make the introduction and especially the playing itself a little easier, and above all make sure that the pleasure in playing does not vanish again immediately. Knowledge, self-control and discipline play a major role here. But that’s only a small part of what really matters. However, the following article is intended to provide information on the rest.


Watch the odds

Betting odds are the be-all and end-all in betting and can be found at any sports betting provider. But what exactly are odds and why are they so important? When it comes to betting odds, one must first note that behind such a betting odds is a bookie, which has created them with a probability calculation. This probability indicates how high the bookmaker estimates the chance that a certain event will occur. And here it is important that you make your own calculations in order to compare the bookmaker’s quota with your own. However, it is important to note that the bookmaker’s own value and that of the bookmaker will always differ slightly. Because the bookmaker has other information and, above all, he also adds his profit margin, which is usually around 7%. If you have then made your own probability calculation, it is called odds comparison. And it is always an advantage if you register as a user with several betting providers. For this one finds naturally in the Internet numerous web pages like Wettenerfahrungen.com which make a bet offerer comparison available.


Leave emotions out of the equation

Feelings and emotions have no place in sports betting. If you want to bet successfully in the long run, you have to leave your own fan feelings out of the game. That is, no matter how great the love for your own club is, you still have to let the facts take precedence and take them into account. It can happen that, if you want to win, you have to bet on the opposing team, even though the favourite is also in the game. But also teams, which are normally not as popular, as for example a team, which has achieved many successes only by sponsoring money or investors within a few years, can have advantages. Because even if one’s own pride may not allow it to bet on these teams, the expert recommends jumping over one’s own shadow here. Because betting on such teams can, because they are avoided by most, often score points with values.


Value bets  

The Value says a lot when it comes to betting. Because it is he who indicates the added value of a bet for a user. So a betting user should see each of his bets as a kind of investment, which is worthwhile for a certain probability or rather not. However, this does not simply happen with any odds, but only if a value is also available. And this is exactly the case when your own calculated odds are lower than those of the betting provider. The question that one should ask oneself here as a user is whether the investment in the bookmaker’s offer is really worthwhile.  


Especially for betting enthusiasts who only bet for fun, it is in most cases the gut feeling that determines what is bet on. Those who want to win in the long run should never rely on gut feeling alone. Because success requires knowledge, facts and figures. But also statistics and form curves should not be missing when searching for the right tip. Basically, it is a matter of drawing conclusions on the basis of measurable figures about events that lie in the near future. And a correct probability calculation then results in a value that can be used to weigh up whether a bet is worth it or not. The gut feeling should therefore be at the back of the balance.


Combination bets aren’t what they promise.

One or the other betting enthusiast expects a lot from so-called combination bets. So there are already real strategies that have been developed just to play combination bets. The theory behind this is simple: By combining individual bets you increase the odds and thus your chances of winning. So there are plenty of providers advertising with their combination bets and promise the user winnings in the thousands and even added a bonus. But here, too, it must be remembered that sports betting is always about value and there is no combination bet to help. The probability calculation is important no matter how many bets are placed with each other. And you always have to keep in mind that the fact that a bookmaker advertises a betting option in such a way and equips it with bonuses is only proof that this betting option can’t be very lucrative. Because why should providers advertise with a strategy and even distribute bonuses if they are not sure that they are the winners?


The right money management

When betting, it is very important to be clear about how much money you have available and how much you are willing to lose. Because it will happen even more frequently at the beginning that one or the other bet will be lost. And this requires discipline and above all self-control. Bets on bets should always be placed in relation to available capital. This means that only as much as you are prepared to lose should be set. Because even if all factors, such as probability calculation, statistics, shape curve etc. have been taken into account, there is still the risk of landing a false step. Because you must never forget that betting is still a matter of luck. The expert therefore recommends never betting more than 3-5% of the available capital on a bet. Because if you put your entire budget on an event and then lose it, you lose your chance to play more games. At least without getting into financial difficulties.  



Everyone who places sports bets should keep a record of what they have bet, how much they have spent and what they have won or lost. Because from this it is possible for the player to calculate a yield from a certain number of bets placed to see whether he is on the right track himself or not. In addition, the accounting department is very helpful in keeping everything under control. In addition, the user takes the entire betting process a little more seriously and does not forget that this is an investment and not a game of chance. The positive return then ensures that the stakes increase automatically and that the approach to the matter is even more motivated.


Sports betting has become firmly established on the British market. After long efforts of many companies to reach the customer base in this country, there was an opening of the market in 2011. This made it possible from now on to legally offer and take up sports bets. Previously, this was only possible via foreign servers, not very easy to implement and also not quite legal. But that’s in the past. Currently, many millions of people are gratefully accepting the legal offer of betting in the sports sector, with a strong upward trend in the number of customers. The charming thing about sports betting is that it is a hobby where you can earn a little money on the side. Of course, these are not large sums of money with which one could afford the next apartment in Paris, but it is well known that “those who do not honour the cent are not worth the euro”. As a rule, amounts between three and ten euros are set. You don’t have to be an expert to successfully place sports bets. There are a few aspects to consider which will be explained in the following article.


In order to be able to explain the basics and most important terms of sports betting in more detail later in the article, it is advantageous to know exactly what sports bets are. A bet is an agreement between two or more persons about a particular event about which the opinions about the outcome or the result are different and on these opinions right is asserted. In order to give more strength to his opinion and conviction, an effort has been made since the beginning, as the Greeks and Romans did two thousand years ago. If you win the bet, you get your bet back completely and you also get the bet of your opponent. Sports betting in Britain has been regulated by the Gaming Act since legalisation. There are clear differences to common games of chance, such as roulette or poker, which are also explained later, but the British Gambling Comission sees the following justification for it. Gambling is defined as the performance of a bet on an event that lies in the future. It also says that the result of gambling depends on chance – but more about that later.


Sports betting offer

This is the definition of betting and gambling. Sports betting is a part of both. In the sports sector, bets are offered on the Internet on about forty different sports, including football, basketball, handball, golf, Formula 1, motorcycle racing and many more. The offer is as follows. You choose a sport, for example football. In the next step, the different countries including leagues as well as national and international competitions such as the Champions League, EM or the WM are displayed. You select a country, for example Britain, and can then select the first, second, third and fourth Bundesliga. Then the individual matches of all teams of this league are displayed, including betting options and odds. For example, a betting option is the winner of a game, the number of goals a player scores, whether a penalty is given, how many corner kicks, free kicks or fouls there will be per team. In short, there are numerous betting options, in football up to 40,000 options for a first division game. So the choice is huge. For the between thirty and fifty sports, there are the national and international competitions, usually the first three leagues, including all teams and countless betting options.


The different types of a bet

There are almost infinite possibilities of a bet. There are also different types of bets. The smallest measure of all bets is the single bet. This is a single bet on a single sporting event on which an amount is bet. A concrete example is a 1 Euro bet that team A will win against team B. The next stage of a bet is the so-called combination bet, which is a summary of several individual bets. One use for several sporting events is indicated. An example of this is that you put 10 Euros on team A winning against team B, team C losing against team D, team E playing against team F drawing and team G losing against team H. The advantage of a combination bet is that the risk is spread and the chances of winning increase. The background is that if a single bet is lost, the money is gone. However, if an event does not occur with a combination bet, you still make a profit if the other games run well. However, the goal is still to have all the individual betting options in a combination bet right. A system bet is a combination of several combination bets that exist on the same basis and have the same goal – more profit and less risk. For example, 10 euros on the match day of the first and second Bundesliga combined.


The importance of odds

When a bet is placed, the odds are revealed. A odds is the result of a statistical probability calculation with which the profit margin of a bet is ultimately calculated. The odds provide the first indication of how likely and risky a betting option is. If the number is low, the probability that the event will occur is high. An example is that the odds on the betting option that the first player in the table wins against the last player in the table are low. On the other hand, the odds that the outside will win the game are very high. The basis for the calculation of the quota are statistics, tables and current news.


The selection of a betting provider

The odds are not the same for every betting provider. For professional betting players, the average odds of a provider are an important decision criterion. The higher they are, the more players can win. Appropriately, Sportwetten.org offers a list of all licensed betting providers, including the most important details, tests and odds. The odds are of course not the only decisive factor in the selection. A serious betting provider needs a valid license for gambling, security certificates, competent customer service and a qualitative but also wide range of sports, competitions and betting options.


The basis for successful sports betting

The most important aspect of successful sports betting is knowledge of sport and the ability to identify a safe and profitable betting option. The knowledge comes from tables, statistics and general news, as well as from the calculation of a quota. This is where gambling and sports betting differ fundamentally. You can prepare for a bet by using existing information. Take as an example the bet on the sports event FC Bayern against Liverpool. After a short research it is clear who is the favourite and who will win the game with a high probability. That’s not possible in gambling. You can’t use information to predict how a cube will fall. There is always a share of luck and risk in sports betting, but this can be reduced to a minimum through research and responsible gambling, i.e. high risk betting omitted.


Sports betting is probably the most beautiful minor matter of sport. At the moment there are several hundred bookmakers who are courting customers. One betting provider has particularly high odds, another has a high welcome bonus and yet another does not charge any betting tax. There are some facts that should be clarified before choosing a betting provider. However, these are usually individual concerns, which each customer interprets and evaluates differently. However, there are also some basic criteria that a betting provider must meet in any case. What these are is explained in the following article.


The own demands on the bookmaker

If you are looking for a suitable betting provider, you will first come across a confusing offer. In principle, you can create a user account with all bookmakers and place bets on it. There is no obstacle or regulation that would prohibit this. The majority of professional bettors do this in order to be able to access the different odds. They vary from supplier to supplier. This allows smart players to take a better odds on a bet option than players who only have one account. Before one reads the account created with a bookmaker, the most important criteria are put to the test. An often cited issue is the average level of odds. But that’s not the only thing that matters, because for most people sports betting is a hobby and not a source of income. The range of sports on offer and the possible betting options are therefore usually the decisive factors, which are interpreted differently from customer to customer.

The license for gambling

The first step in choosing the right betting provider is to determine what you expect from the bookmaker. Then the basic requirements come into play. The most important criterion for a trustworthy and serious bookmaker is the license for gambling. Other countries from which the licences originate are Malta, Gibraltar, Curacao and some of other countries. The licences come from these countries because gambling has been allowed there for a long time, which clearly defines the legislation. This benefits the company because it can plan its activities on the market on a solid legal basis and customers can feel secure under legal protection.


The certificates and awards

A license is the basis for a company to present its offer legally and in a verified manner. If you don’t see a license on a provider’s homepage, it’s a bad sign and you should look for another bookmaker. A betting provider may also have several licenses from different countries. It is similar with the certificates and awards. The certificates originate from different testing laboratories, which can be private as well as public origin. In addition, awards are given for a provider’s offerings, services and support. After a bookmaker has rendered a service, awards are presented for it, as with products or other services. The more awards and licenses a betting provider has, the better and more qualitative it is. As a rule, the certificates received are displayed directly on the start page next to the license. In addition, an award or certificate is accompanied by a detailed test in which individual points, such as the betting offer, the payment methods or the bonus payment are evaluated with an explanation.


The overall appearance of the betting provider

The search for a suitable betting provider can be made much easier by checking the offer on trustworthy platforms. At Betting.org all licensed bookmakers are listed, including the most important details at a glance. This speeds up the process tremendously and the wide range of bookmakers can be selected further using a search function. In it, individual criteria such as a certain sport or the payment option with crypto currencies can be selected, whereby the list of bookmakers is re-sorted. The best hits can then be checked one last time. The appearance of the supplier plays a particularly important role here. For one thing, the site must have a serious appearance. The more popular a site is, the safer it is. Another decisive factor is the overview of the offer and the services. This also includes customer service and how well it can be reached – and of course how competently it helps. With regard to the overview, it must also be checked how clear the page is when placing bets. This is especially important if you are interested in live betting. Another important point is the provision of information. On the one hand about the betting provider himself and on the other hand about sports and betting. In this section you can also read tips and tricks from experienced players, which give new customers advice on how to make successful sports bets.


The opinions about a provider

If all factors are checked, you can open an account without worries. If you are still unsure and have open questions, you can solve the last doubts in two ways. You contact the customer service of a bookmaker, who also helps non-customers who are thinking about creating an account. It is also possible to directly determine how helpful, reachable, competent and friendly the contact persons are. The second way, of course one can do both, which holds twice better, leads over the opinions of the customers. There are numerous websites where users can publicly reveal and discuss their opinions. On the basis of the information you can read in advance how user-friendly, qualitative and secure a provider is. However, one has to mention that the opinions differ from time to time and end in conversations on different topics. In addition, if you read customer reviews, you should visit several pages for them. There was already with a handful of online casinos the case that customer ratings were fake. Nevertheless, the opinions of the users are usually helpful in the decision.


Gambling has a very special charm, young and old are fascinated by it. You feel a bit like James Bond, even playing online poker from home. In principle it’s about entertainment and fun, although there are of course some players, especially the stars from Hollywood, who risk a lot with huge stakes. The gross normal consumer, however, plays differently or with different amounts. Nevertheless, society has a rather negative reputation. Why this is so and where this perception comes from is explained in the following article. In addition, there are a few tips on what to look for when looking for a good online casino.


The long history of gambling

If you want to play games of chance nowadays and go on a search, you will find mainly online casinos. But what was it like before the Internet? Before there were online casinos, players were forced to leave their homes and go to real casinos. They’re still there, by the way. And these casinos have a long history, one can almost speak of a kind of tradition. The Romans and other ancient cultures already knew fun and games, even though gladiator fights were not entertaining for all participants. There is even evidence that people played gambling 3000 years before Christ’s birth. From this time there are documents from China and India, which describe the rules of different games and there are even dice made of ivory from this time. According to documents, the first casinos, i.e. a collection of several games of chance in one house, were built around 1630.


The success story of casinos

With the opening of a casino it did not take long until the second and third opened the doors. The principle is simple and simply ingenious. It offers people the opportunity for balance, a lot of entertainment and the chance to get in touch with other people. For the customers there was food, drink and games. At the beginning of the casinos there were mainly card and dice games. With time and the progress of technology, slot machines also came into the repertoire. The first playhouses were more or less overrun. Business has been booming since day one, but not everyone liked it.


The casino and its critics

Especially the church did not like the new entertainment wasteland. They called casinos a place of shame and sin. Today one would say that this is their opinion and well so, but at that time church and state were not necessarily two separate instances. Many kings and heads of state of the past were in direct contact with the church. So it wasn’t long before the first bans and prosecutions of casinos and their players came up. Then gambling no longer took place in public, but behind closed doors. That’s one reason for the bad reputation of gambling.


The new players on the field

After gambling came into disrepute as a sin and was driven into the corner of crime, this site gratefully accepted the offer. It didn’t take long for organized crime to recognize its opportunities and to get fully involved in the business. Thus the business became less controllable with gambling, was further criminalized and came more and more into disrepute. At the end of the 20th century, the American Mafia brought this development to its peak. It controlled a large part of the casinos and was the organizer of all kinds of sports bets. Again, gambling and its players were criminalized. This once again brought the reputation of the game and its participants into disrepute in society.


Control and regulation of the market

Like many other things, a ban is rarely the right thing to do. This was followed by a major campaign to regain control. Sports betting was controlled by the state and new laws were passed. In Europe, the Gaming Act forms the basis. Thus the providers of gambling were no longer henchmen of the mafia or other criminal gangs, but normal employees. There were a lot of controls and the safety of the players as well as the fairness of the game was taken care of. But even though the state did a lot to better regulate the market, it took a long time for the first people to change their mind about gambling. Even today, the reputation of crooks, money collectors and playful houses is still alive, even if this opinion is less and less held. Nevertheless, it is ironic that a large proportion of European like to play the lottery regularly and participate in other lotteries, but consider gambling to be too risky and not entirely legal.


Gambling on the Internet

The Internet created completely new possibilities and made many things easier. It’s the same with gambling, too. Especially for the cozy players who actually don’t like to leave the house to play poker, blackjack or roulette in casinos. Her wish to play online from home on the couch was fulfilled in 2011. Although online casinos existed before this year, they only became legal in Europe after a partial opening of the market. That brought some advantages, the gambling then became much better controllable. Customers log on to websites, deposit money into their user account and have been able to play, but it is no longer possible to gamble more money than there is in the account. In addition, licenses and control certificates issued by public and private inspection bodies indicate the security for customers. Of course, the state also took a share of the profits and introduced the betting tax of five percent in 2012.


The online casino

It goes without saying that it didn’t take long for a large market for online casinos to emerge in Europe. There are currently many hundreds of providers on the Internet. All of them have different advantages and disadvantages, comprehensive information can be found on sportwette.net. The selection is an individual matter. What an online casino has to show is a valid license, otherwise the offer would be illegal. The good thing is that the licenses, like the awards and certificates, are normally placed very visibly on the website. In addition, countless evaluations by Stiftung Warentest and the customers provide further information about the security of the platform, the range and the service.


The Football World Cup is the biggest football event. Not only because it takes place every four years or represents probably the most popular sport, but because the world’s view of the host country is right. The country hosting the World Cup must not only have a long and arduous career tested by FIFA, but must also be subject to extensive criticism. Germany, too, was initially viewed critically by other countries in 2006, but after the end of the year the opinion about the host country changed. So was Africa in 2010 and Brazil four years later. The positive side effect of the great popularity of the sporting event is that grievances but also positive aspects in a country are dealt with and discussed. In this sense, Russia is no exception. It has tried to make a good world championship and the world saw a flawless implementation.


The world looks to the east

Whenever major sporting events come closer, reports on the country, its problems and critical aspects, but also on culture and positive aspects, increase sharply. It was the same with South Korea, for example, which hosted the Olympic Winter Games in the same year as the World Cup in Russia. There was a lot of news about the country, its society, past as well as current events and developments with the neighbouring country North Korea. When it sent a group of athletes to take part in the games, the world followed the event. Russia had to face similar challenges and criticisms. Various aspects of the country were dealt with and discussed.


The political situation

The foreign policy activities of the country were probably the biggest point of criticism of the country. The World Cup, which was also called “Putin’s Games” by some voices, clearly put the country in a better light. Not only because the country made a great effort to be a good host, but also because the world was more involved with the country. However, foreign policy activities have led many to be critical of the host. Furthermore, the security of the country and visitors, freedom of expression, freedom of the press, political freedom of the Russians themselves, but also the infrastructure were criticized. Ultimately, however, none of the fears or anxieties proved to be a real threat. The security forces took good care of the spectators and riots of the dreaded hooligans were also prevented. This not only ensured a smooth process without incidents, but also a positive perception of Russia’s security and political stability abroad.


The social situation

Of course, the social and domestic political situation of the country was also scrutinized and critically examined. During the World Cup, many visitors to the country were amazed at the openness and hospitality of the Russians. The exuberant hosts let all prejudices fade and celebrated together with the world. So, for example, Nikolskaya Street in Moscow, which was actually highly secured, became a fan zone with exuberant celebrations on the first matchday. Such more or less spontaneous events offered full tolerance and freedom. These also included political issues that pointed to the points of criticism in their own country. This was reported only marginally and these reports were not broadcast in the sports show which most people were following at that time. But despite the comparatively minimal media coverage, the focus on social, domestic and societal issues has been a success. Finally, it should be mentioned that Russia, the largest country in the world, of course did not benefit from the World Cup everywhere. Regarding the infrastructure or social hotspots in the country, it is not possible that all cities and areas benefited from the success of the World Cup. Moreover, the World Cup is over after a month and the euphoria that swept and swept the whole country along cannot last forever. Thanks to the World Cup, the country’s image was able to score numerous points.


The sporting success of the World Cup in your own country

In the discussions about politics, society or the many social issues of the country hosting the World Cup, one should not forget that despite everything, sport is still the issue and should be the focus of attention. Before the start, the Russian team was under suspicion of doping and the test matches of the national team were not necessarily marked by success and many goals. With the first match of the world championship the team showed its qualities. With a more than convincing 5-0 win over Saudi Arabia and a 3-1 win over Egypt, the country finally made a name for itself in football and created joy and euphoria throughout the country. Although the host nation had already finished in the last 16 against Croatia, both their compatriots and other national sides praised the entire team for their outstanding performance and dedication. With the surprising successes at the World Cup, the Russian Football Association took a big step forward. But not only football has become more popular in Russia. Since the Olympic Winter Games in Sochi in 2014, the sport in Russia has moved more into focus and is enjoying more and more active participants, talent promotion as well as spectators. Both the World Cup, international sporting events and the Winter Games have brought the country very far forward in terms of sport and have strongly influenced its image in a positive sense.


The economic aspect of the World Cup

The countries are not trying without reason for the World Cup and are increasing their entire infrastructure. To such an event of such dimensions enormous crowds of people stream into the country, which want to be entertained and supplied. Locals, bars, restaurants, supermarkets, hotels, restaurants and public transport must be available, accessible and usable in sufficient numbers. These points will be assessed by the FIFA Review Committee, as well as the political, social and security situation. If the challenges of a World Cup can be mastered, the country can apply for the World Cup. In order to meet FIFA requirements, many corners are being rebuilt and renovated. In the end, however, it is worth holding a world championship. Both for the land and its inhabitants. One thing in which the World Championships in Russia left other World Championships far behind were the sums of sports bets. With no world championship yet, the odds were so profitable and the betting options varied – as can be read on www.openodds.com. In summary, the World Championship in Russia was a complete success for the country and the sport.


There used to be, in the perception of many, two kinds of children. Some of them were the ones who played outside, did a lot of sports and were always the first to be elected to the team in sports lessons. The other were the nerds, the children who sat predominantly at home in front of the game console or the computer and who were more familiar with technical refinements and subtleties than with the offside rules in football or with the concrete rules in basketball or handball. What’s changed about that? Who would have thought that computer gaming would one day become a real sport – and in addition a sport that brings in more active money than many other athletes in Europe can bring in their respective sports.

E-Sports is coming – but does not always have to have something to do with sports.


The most interesting thing is that E-Sports doesn’t always have anything to do with sport. When you hear the term e-sports, you usually first think of events where games like FIFA or Pro Evolution Soccer are played against each other by different teams or individual players until a winner or a winning team is determined. It is not predominantly the sports games that make it into the top paid E-Sports events category. It is much more the team events, which are about first-person shooters or comparable games, that move the masses and thus the large sums and markets. Meanwhile it is even possible to place bets on E-Sport events. You can find out which games the bookmakers have in their betting product range and which e-sports games are particularly suitable for betting on sites like esport.net.


What does it take to become a successful e-athlete?

As in any other sport, there is a lot of practice. For e-athletes, staying power and the ability to concentrate as well as the speed of action, the ability to react, the ability to work in a team and the ability to understand a game quickly and to read the tactics of the opponent are essential. There are always events where e-athletes from the hobby and professional fields cross their blades. And since the professional sector in Europe has not been around for so long, it is still comparatively easy today to jump from one camp to another. This requires a lot of time, enthusiasm for the game and an exact knowledge of the game with all its tricks, ideas and backgrounds.


And those who don’t play themselves can still earn good money with it.

As with most things on the way, the e-sports sector has attracted a lot of attention in recent years. Attention that has also not escaped the attention of the creators of online sports betting providers. And so most betting providers have now formed their own department for the area of e-sports betting. So if you can’t get into the professional areas of the E-Sport leagues yourself, you can still have a lot of fun and maybe even draw some profit from the events of the professional E-Sport community.


Sports betting has now become socially acceptable. In Europe alone, several million people regularly take part. There are many reasons why the number of participants increases every year. The reason for most participants is to want to test their own knowledge. Football is known to be the most beautiful minor matter in the world. In addition, European football is one of the most interesting and exciting in the world. While in Spain, Italy and England the second leagues are hardly traveling with anyone, the second, third and fourth leagues here are more exciting than ever before. Whether it’s the local football team, a team where the favourite player plays or the eleven who play the most attractive football in the league. The interest leads to the fact that one would like to prove one’s own knowledge against others. Sports betting is perfect for this. In addition, many have the desire to earn a lot of money with successful bets. The following article explains which profits are really realistic and what there is to know about sports betting on a professional level.


The sports betting business

Sports betting has existed since the first sporting events. The Greeks were already betting on the winners of the first Olympic Games. Over time, there have been ups and downs of individual sports as well as the betting business. Lubricated players and referees, other manipulations, illegal sports betting organised by criminal gangs or scandals by large associations such as FIFA. However, betting providers on the Internet are successfully working on polishing up their own reputation and that of players in society. Most of the bets are now placed online with the bookmakers. Fast, easy and still high profits. Even if the odds and the number of sports bets allow large sums to be won, the average amount played is between three and ten euros. But even with small stakes it is possible to make considerable profits by placing many individual bets.


Sports betting as a kind of gamble

In Europe, the betting business is regulated by the Gaming Act. The reason for this is that the result of a game of chance is in the future and is influenced by chance. However, professional bettors are convinced that luck no longer plays a role in targeted sports betting. The forecasts for the games come from extensive research on the tables, statistics and general sports news. A simple example is a game in which a top team from the first Bundesliga plays against a relegated team from the third Bundesliga. Already after a short research it is more or less clear which team will win the game. Of course, surprises cannot be ruled out, but if you consider all the influences on a game, including the weather, injured players or the squad of the teams, you keep the proportion of unforeseen developments in the game to a minimum.


Playing sports betting with responsibility

Meanwhile, the big betting providers are attracting attention on television, the Internet or on posters in public places. You see either prominent faces or cheering players. The euphoria, about a successful bet and the associated profit, is of course on great. Nevertheless, the path to success should not be underestimated. Of course you could put your beginner’s luck to the test and place thousands of Euros on an attractive bet. But sports betting with responsibility looks different. This is also explained in detail on the websites of the online bookmakers. The probably most mentioned advice on the pages of the betting providers is to start with small stakes. It is by no means worth gambling away all your money at the first bet. Small stakes, safe betting options and extensive information about betting and sports. Those are the rules of success.


The professionals of sports betting

In every activity there are experts and professionals. Only as an external example were computer gamers smiled at years ago and were tricked into wasting their time and youth. Today there are world championships in FIFA, WOW or DOTA, with prize money that is higher than the annual salary of most Europeans. There are also experts in sports betting who pass on their knowledge on the subject of betting and there are professionals in the industry who earn their living with their bets. That’s a different level. As a rule, bets are not placed on the first Bundesliga or Champions League winners, but on matches in the third Bundesliga and below. Also the U20 games are much more interesting and above all more profitable. So we are betting on games that don’t interest the majority of sports enthusiasts very much, but rather, dry on the games with the best and safest bets. A successful weekend can then yield winnings of between 5,000 and 15,000 euros – of course, the amount invested is not the average 10 euros. But the large sums also make betting riskier. The betting professionals are self-employed, have no employment contract or other income. Therefore losses are very risky in the long run. As a result, professionals spend most of their time reading sports news, analyzing odds, searching for attractive betting options, and doing accounting. A proper accounting system involves entering the amounts played, the losses and profits together with the date. The professionals also use special algorithms to analyze, evaluate, and apply tables, statistics, and odds faster and more efficiently.


Everybody starts out small

But also the betting professionals started with small steps and had to accept many losses and instructive situations on the way. The first step is to create an account with a betting provider. On Bonus.net all licensed bookmakers are listed together the most important details and achievements. This makes the search and selection of a reputable provider easier and faster. Once the account is created, you have access to the bets as well as to the resources, topics, reports and experiences of professional bettors. It goes without saying that you should read this information carefully before making your first bet. Furthermore, further news from the sports sector as well as tips and tricks for successful bets will be collected. Safe bets with responsibility are only possible on the basis of this information. Then you need patience and good nerves if some bets don’t go well. Thus positive and negative experiences are made, also which must be learned.


Sports betting has been the focus for some time now. Not only sports enthusiasts or gamblers take part, because sports betting is something for everyone. Although there are now millions of players in Germany who bet week after week, there are still many uncertainties about the subject. This is not necessarily due to the fact that sports betting does not have an impeccable reputation in society or that it is a niche market, but to the fact that it was not freely available in Germany until a few years ago. The following article explains the topic of sports betting. It explains what sports betting is all about, how it works and what you can bet on.


The history of sports betting

Betting and gambling have been around for a long time. There are indications that bets have already been placed on the first Olympic Games. Even the Romans did not hold back when it came to betting on gladiator fights or chariot races. The special thing about this time and the bets was that they were made completely bluntly in public. In the past, however, there was a phase in which sports bets were placed in the hands of criminal gangs. As a result, the business, including the players, as well as the general perception in society slipped. This is probably also the reason for the bad reputation. This was followed by a legal prosecution of the illegal sports betting and its partners.


Business with sports betting

It goes without saying that the sports betting business is a very profitable market. That’s why it was so attractive to the mafia and other criminal gangs, and that’s why the law enforcers tried everything to regain control. Meanwhile, the market is largely very well regulated and controlled. Nevertheless, the value of illegal sports betting on the black market is still well above the billion mark. The good thing is that the sum is slowly but surely decreasing. This is the result, since there are numerous providers of sports betting on the Internet, which are fully legal, so the interest and attractiveness of illegal sports betting is no longer so great. Because no normal citizen chooses the illegal way if the same offer is also legally available.


A brief introduction to sports betting

Now the history of sports betting is clear. Even if this is of course a somewhat shortened version, the most important facts have been clarified to date. The only thing missing is how sports betting works today and how it is regulated. The market has now been largely tapped. On the Internet you can find many bookmakers who have a serious appearance and a wide range of sports. If you go on the search, you get to websites that list countless bookmakers. An ideal platform is for example Sportwetten.net. There are large and small providers to be found as well as extensive information about the bookmakers. But there’s more. Thanks to a practical search function, it is possible to sort the range of bookmakers that is initially confusing. Thanks to individually selectable criteria, the list is rearranged and the best hits are listed at the top.


The legal situation

As already mentioned, there was a time when sports betting was not legal. Because of this, the perception of many Germans is still that it would be illegal to participate in sports betting. So this statement does not come from anywhere, because sports betting as we know it today has only existed in Germany since 2011. Only since then has it been possible to participate legally in sports betting on the Internet. On the one hand, big bookmakers were pushing their way onto the huge sales market in Germany and the German state recognized its chance to get a piece of cake. This led to a partial opening of the market in 2011, which made sports betting and participation legal, and in 2012 the betting tax of five percent was introduced.


The license for sports betting

Nowadays, you can participate in sports betting with complete peace of mind, without worrying about doing something illegal. Also practical is that you do not have to worry about the tax levy, because the bookmakers deduct the tax directly after winning a bet. There are a few things to keep in mind when choosing a bookmaker. The first is the valid license for sports betting. This allows the bookmaker to offer sports betting legally. As a rule, licences come from countries such as Malta, Gibraltar or Curacao. Some would like to think that the choice of location is due to the low taxes. That’s not the reason. Sports betting and gambling have been allowed in these countries for some time. There are therefore clear guidelines and legal requirements for the bookmakers on which they can organise their business activities. This is of particular benefit to customers, who can be sure that the offer is legal, secure and reputable.


Attractive sports alongside football

A serious bookmaker is not only characterized by a valid license and positive ratings, but also by an extensive range of bets. Even though football is often the focus of attention, there are numerous other sports which may not only be more exciting, but also more profitable. Usually there are between thirty and forty different sports on offer. Meanwhile even bets on surf tournaments are offered. Tennis tournaments are particularly attractive at the moment. The sports betting market, i.e. the odds and safety of the sport, is above average there. There is also basketball, Formula 1, NASCAR, volleyball, hockey, horse racing, athletics, water polo and even material arts. So there are plenty of sports. In addition, there are the individual betting options. This is, for example, the winner of a tennis game or the number of sets. In football, there are even up to 40,000 different betting options on a match in the top leagues.


Success in sports betting does not require luck, but knowledge and experience. This means that you have to deal with news, statistics and tables and use other information and strategies about betting to be successful. This reduces the proportion of happiness towards zero and makes it possible to make accurate forecasts with responsibility and certainty. These topics and news about sports and betting can be found on the bookmakers’ web


Those who want to start with sports betting will not be able to avoid dealing with the wide worlds of sports betting providers. And even if it takes a little time to compare the providers and analyze them, it will pay off in the end. As in every industry, there are black sheep in the betting industry who are not out to do something good for their customers. And even if that’s now the outnumber, you should prepare for what’s out there. And that’s what this is all about. As a beginner it is often difficult to find the right provider and to weigh up which aspects are decisive for a registration. Therefore, we have listed a few of the most important criteria that should not be ignored when choosing a provider.


.What makes a reputable provider

In order to find a serious provider, an Internet is first and foremost helped by the fact that there are many websites that offer a betting provider comparison.


Does the Operator have a licence?

Due to the legal situation in Germany, it is crucial to ensure that a betting provider has a license. Because if this is not available, it can happen that won contributions may not be paid out and you can not complain against it.


What betting offer does the provider have?

The betting offers of the different providers often differ enormously. Even if you don’t think so, the differences are sometimes immense. A good betting provider is characterised by the fact that it not only appeals to the majority, but also offers good betting options for marginal balances. And even if football, basketball or ice hockey lead the list, the smaller sports such as tennis or golf should not be neglected.


The Design

Even if it sounds superficial at first, the appearance of a provider or its website also plays a role when it comes to weighing up who is serious or not. The navigation of the site should be simple and transparent, so that even beginners can quickly understand what it is about and where to find what.


Bonus offers

Especially for beginners it is helpful if the betting provider offers a bonus for beginners. This is because the additional capital made available by the bonus makes it easier for you to enter the betting scene risk-free. Furthermore, the feeling is conveyed that the provider is not only out to make the big money himself, but simply wants to offer a platform for betting enthusiasts.


Customer support

Easy-to-reach customer support is a very important aspect, and the most important questions and answers should already be clarified in a clear FAQ menu. This is because the contact to the support is often not even necessary. However, if there are problems which cannot be solved with this help, there should be a German support available which is easy to reach and above all free of charge.

Payment Methods

The best betting providers are characterised by the fact that they offer deposits and withdrawals via PayPal. Because this kind of payment, which comes from America, has meanwhile worked its way up to its own quality label. Because PayPal only approaches its partnerships with secure and reputable providers. In addition, direct booking systems, credit cards or prepaid methods should also be offered. But the payout period is also a good indicator of whether a provider is serious or not. As a rule, the payout should not exceed 24 hours.


Odds and Taxes

In order to be able to participate successfully in the betting events in the long term, it is important to be familiar with the odds. Because even if the difference seems very small at first glance, it can cost you several 100 euros in the long run. Therefore it is advisable to register with several bookies to have the direct comparison in mind and to set where the odds are best. And then there’s the betting tax, which has been in effect since July 1, 2012. This has a direct impact on the customer’s earnings. It amounts to 5 % and some suppliers pay the tax. However, it should be recalculated whether this is also the most profitable way.


Positive customer reviews

A sports betting provider is basically a service like any other. And that’s why there are usually field reports and reviews from other bettors here as well. But also certificates should not be missing because to get such a certificate, the entire offer, as well as the odds and the usability of the site are evaluated. The customer reviews can then be used as additional support to find out even more details about the vendor. So there are some clues that beginners can stick to when it comes to finding the right betting provider. And those who take them to heart should be on the safe side.