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Starting a real estate business is not as easy as many people might think. According to a recent survey, around 90 percent of the real estate businesses fail within just five years. However, for those people who know how to start and run this business, it could turn out to be a dream job. In this article, we are going to share with you the best pieces of advice about how to start a real estate business. When you get a strong starting base for your business, it is definite that it will grow and prosper once fully established.

1.    Craft and Ideal Business Plan

To smoothly run your real estate business, it is important that you make an ideal plan for it. Your business plan will decide how you will take each step and reach your ultimate goal. Therefore, it is important that your business plan is properly streamlined so that nothing takes place haphazardly and ruins your efforts.

Most of the real estate business owners start their business without any plan. They listen to what others advise them and do not bother to it out step by step. In this way when they start it with random thoughts in mind, they make things complicated for themselves and at last give up on their business. So, the most important thing you have to do before starting your business, craft a plan for it.

2.    Align a Marketing Plan

Well, this is the most important thing to do to save your real estate business. Your amazing business plan alone will not do any good for you if you do not have a good marketing plan for your business services. It is the heart of your business, and this is what many real estate owners ignore.

When you are done with designing your business plan, start your work immediately on your marketing plan. This is because when you start your business, you will need to attract your target customers. This is possible only if you have the marketing plan to reach them. This plan will help you reach every corner of your country. For instance, you have your real estate business office and flats to rent in Dundee, but you want to reach your potential customers from all over Scotland, you can do this through your marketing campaign on social media, print media, etc.

3.    Prospect Consistently

You have to prospect consistently if you are really serious about the progress of your business. Some people think that such a system is very complicated and they cannot handle it in their business. These are all myths. In fact, it is very easy to maintain it through mailers, phone calls and emails. It will be a winning system for you and would need simple scheduling.

Now, the important thing to notice here is not just that a real estate business need a prospecting system. But, another point to ponder is that it should be consistent. Only if it is consistently followed, then it will bring out its true benefits for your real estate business.

4.    Get Organized

Your business is not a machine to make money for you. It is a system that needs to be run in an organized manner. All your tasks must be properly streamlined. Only then you will be able to do everything smoothly and at its right time. So, follow this basic principle and stay organized in your work.

These are some of the pieces of advice that could prove to be beneficial for you and your real estate business. You can read them thoroughly, further research about them on your own and implement them practically on your business. You will see the results would be extraordinary.

Paisley pirates

Paisley Pirates continue to add to their impressive list of local sponsors, following on from the news that Abbey Services, based in Underwood Road, Paisley, have returned to support the club for another season The company provides a full range of building services ranging from the provision of CCTV, roofing, alarms to all forms of building maintenance and extensions.


“We regard ourselves as a local business working in the local community, and we like to give back something in that respect, by investing in it,” explained Derek Ross, for Abbey Services. “The link to the Paisley Pirates, a club which is very much a community organisation, seemed to us to be a natural tie up to enter into, and we’re very pleased with the response we’ve had since we began our partnership with the Pirates. It’s very satisfying to see a club that we support doing so well, and we hope the association continues to bring success to both parties.”

Jackie Turley, Head of Off Ice Operations for the club, commented, “It’s always very pleasing when a company returns to support us after the first season, as it indicates that we must be doing something right, and that they’re quite happy with what they’re receiving from the Paisley Pirates in return for their support. More and more companies are beginning to come on board the Pirates’ ship and it’s absolutely vital that they do, as the cost of running an ice hockey club increases with each passing season. We work very hard to attract sponsors, and we keep working very hard to keep them, because every single one of them is crucial to the continued survival of the club in the ice. We’re very grateful to Abbey Services and, indeed, all of our sponsors for their continued support.”

Saving money and running a business, especially at the initial stages, sound like two pretty incompatible ideas but they really shouldn’t be. Set up costs, equipment updates, and employee salaries all add up quickly and must be taken care of even if cash flow isn’t particularly healthy. Saving money as you run your business should be a habit but it’s understandably difficult to do so we’ve come up with some great tips to help your business do just that.


Manage Expenses


Whatever the size of your company, you’re likely to encounter staff expenses that need to be managed carefully from the start. Filing and reimbursing paper receipts is not going to cut it if you want to have a precise picture of employee spending since, inevitably, ‘no receipt’ claims will be made. Adopting an expense management platform is a possible solution, making expense tracking and approval a breeze through an easy to use mobile system that’s far more likely to become second nature in this digital age then keeping physical receipts. Good expense management will help you to create realistic budgets that will inevitably help to save cash in the long run.


Choose Your Office Carefully


Traditional office spaces, ones with a range of meeting rooms and a kitchen, tend to come at a premium – especially if you want to be situated near your city’s industry hubs. Most companies do need office space and realise that it’s an inevitable expense but there are other solutions that can help to save money. Most still don’t think of co-working spaces or serviced offices as an option when it comes to the right office space though it’s a great alternative to renting traditional offices. You may find that renting a small office and using the services of co-working spaces or serviced meeting rooms when seeing a client will make more financial sense overall.


Employ Freelancers


Full time staff are a large expense for any business but depending on the type of work your business does you may be able to save some money by employing freelancers, without compromising on quality. There are a number of talented individuals available for hire on a project-by-project basis that your business can benefit from; perhaps you need help from a graphic designer or a copywriter on a project but otherwise believe you can get by without employing both, then hiring freelancers is the ideal solution. It’s also a fantastic way to get to know other professionals, building up a database of reliable contacts that you can call on as your business grows and full-time positions become available.

Saving money whilst running a business, without comprising on quality, is a difficult thing to accomplish but looking outside of traditional approaches is one to make it happen. The market is full of digital and innovative solutions that can save your business money and make operations smoother and more efficient too.

In this present day and age where the world is far more global and interconnected, it is vital that you take measures to ensure your safety. Although everyone’s approach is different, there are key ways that you can protect yourself from the many threats that are present in the outside world. The first thing that may come to mind when you think about security is locking your doors at night or not carrying valuables around. Beyond these things, there are several other ways to keep yourself safe, and one of them includes guarding your identity. If you continue reading, you’ll see everyday ways to protect your identity below.

Keep Documents Safe

One of the first ways that you can protect your identity is by keeping your documents as safe as possible. Your information can easily be picked up from documents with personal information, so ensure you shred them if you can. If you’re wondering exactly which personal details you need to protect, ideally, it should be your name, date of birth and address. Such information can be used to take out loans, credit cards, or mobile phones in your name.

Review Bank Statements Regularly

Another way to protect your identity is by reviewing your bank statements regularly. Seeing as so many transactions are likely to occur on your account on a regular basis, it’s key that you’re able to keep track of them all. By reviewing your bank statement, you may be able to pick up on any strange activities or unauthorised transactions.

Use Social Media Wisely

Social media has become a platform for expression as well as a diary for many. This means that personal details are shared online either through status updates or images. To avoid personal information being stolen and used, try to avoid sharing such things with everyone online. Only share minimal information so that you reduce the chances of your identity being stolen.

Create Strong Passwords

In addition to the mentioned, creating strong passwords is also crucial if you want to protect your identity. If not, outsiders may find it easy to break into your email and other accounts with sensitive information. To create a strong password, try choosing a strong password that includes uppercase, lower case, symbols, and numbers. Password manager and two-step authentication could also go a long way. For instance, have a pin and also a fingerprint logged on your smartphone.

Avoid Sharing Sensitive Information

Other sensitive information that you should try and avoid sharing is your pin numbers as well as passwords. You never know where someone may write it down or share it, and at that point, it could become public information. If you must share it with someone, ensure that you can trust them and it isn’t written down anywhere.

What if You are Accused?

If you are wrongfully accused of fraud, it is imperative that you build a strong case to defend yourself. There are many lawyers who specialise in fraud; they can help you out of a serious fraud case, be it business fraud or tax fraud.


Protecting your identity both on and offline is important. The stress associated with someone stealing your identity can be overwhelming as well as inconvenient. In light of this, hopefully, the tips above are ones you can use in your everyday life.

For many people, work takes up a significant amount of their lives. In light of this, it can be hard to find a healthy balance and ensure enough time is spent doing what you love and enjoy. However, for many, it’s an ongoing process which requires a continuous evaluation of how their time is being spent. Balance can be achieved if you find what works best for you and create the time for activities that you love. Below, you’re going to find out how you can make work-life balance a reality if you’re struggling to do so.

Separate Work From Home

People often struggle with separating work from home. However, if you ever want to achieve any kind of work-life balance, learning to do so is important. One of the approaches that you can try is learning to work smart as well as hard. This means being more productive while you’re at work so that you don’t end up needing to do work while you’re at home. Exercising regularly could also help give you the energy and boost you need to work more productively.

Negotiate Work Hours

If you find that despite your efforts to create balance at work you still can’t seem to escape your workload, perhaps consider negotiating your work hours with your employer. Work pressure and long hours are said to be the most common factors impacting work-life balance. If this is the case for you, have a discussion with your employer regarding how you feel and the effect that the long hours may be having on you and see if your workload can be reduced. If you find that you’re becoming overwhelmed and any terms of your contract are being breached, you could also take it up with a solicitor and explore the option of compromise agreements if you win.

Schedule Leisure Time

Unfortunately, leisure time doesn’t always fall into your lap which means it may have to be scheduled. You should create opportunities to do things that you enjoy and spend time with people who matter to you. Research shows that physical activity is important to employees and many wish they had more time to exercise. You should, therefore, think about engaging in a sport or dance class next time you schedule time off.

Maintain Meaningful Relationships

One of the things you should find yourself doing to create a work-life balance is nurture your relationships. When you’re busy working all of the time, it’s easy to lose track of these relationships, so keeping in touch and reconnecting with them regularly is key. You can do so by taking the time out to send a simple text or including quality time with them in your schedule.


Work-life balance is something that can be achieved when you make it a priority. If not, you find that you continuously chime away at work and never seem to have enough time for anything else. By learning to separate work from your personal life and planning activities ahead of time as mentioned above, you should find that you can begin to enjoy the best of both worlds.

Giving birth can be a beautiful experience for all parties involved. It’s an opportunity to bring forth new life and dedicate your life to raising a little human being. Most families hope that they’ll have a healthy birth and safe delivery, but this isn’t always the case. You can’t always predict what will happen in the delivery room as well as the changes that will occur in your body. It is, however, good to hope for the best but preparing for any unexpected outcomes. On that note, you’re going to find out how to cope with complications after birth below.

Understand It’s Not Your Fault

Dealing with complications after birth can be difficult. It can be easy to blame yourself, but it’s vital that you remember it isn’t your fault. There are many postnatal symptoms that women everywhere experience such as heavy bleeding, large blood clots, dizziness, or an irregular heartbeat. Understand that sometimes things beyond your control happen, especially while giving birth. Also, try and surround yourself with people who love and care for you so that you have as much support as you need.

Get as Much Information as Possible

When trying to cope with complications after birth, it’s essential that you understand what went wrong. This could mean asking the doctors as many questions as possible to understand what has caused your personal complications. It’s also important that you know that if you or your child are now suffering from a serious condition as a result of negligence on the doctor’s part, you could be compensated. If, for instance, your child got a condition such as cerebral palsy after you giving birth, you could contact a solicitor for advice regarding next steps to take. Overall, having adequate information is also essential as it should help you understand what you need to do to ensure the health of you and your baby moving forward.

Seek Counselling

If you’re having a difficult time dealing with the effects that the complications of your birth are having on you, perhaps consider seeing a professional. You can typically get free therapy or counselling under the NHS, so it may be something worth thinking about. They can help you deal with any negative emotions you may be experiencing such as anxiety, depression, sadness, insomnia, and anything else that may be weighing you down. The good thing is that you don’t need a referral from your GP and you can refer yourself directly to a physiological therapies service if you want to.

Join a Support Group

Sometimes, after experiencing complications after birth, getting the support of women who have experienced something similar helps. You should, therefore, see if you can find a support group filled with women that you feel comfortable sharing your challenges with. You can try asking online, other mothers, or your GP for recommendations.

Dealing with complications after birth is something families sometimes have to face. However, with the right support system, you can get through it. It’s also key that you try and take it one day at a time. By doing so, each day is a lot easier to cope with.

The prime key to corporate production for your brand is to describe an engaging story in a concise way. Video production is a beneficial and compelling way to engage the audience. It is a fun way to showcase your business visually. It is not a high-pressure source of advertising. These corporate videos work more effectively on products use and industry trend than hype or sales. The video reminds people who share similar beliefs and values.

Why Video Production?

This is the true way to tell your story interestingly and entertainingly. For the small business, corporate video production is effective because it gives you the opportunity to tell the advantages of your products and services without commercial constraints. While radio and television commercials are limited to thirty and sixty-second spots, the corporate videos are not subjecting to these limitations. Your video production can be produced as long as you like. If it is under 5 minutes, then it works best online.

What Type of Video Is Good for You?

Videos get Search Engine favor. You need to use the strategy that is thoroughly clean cut and documented with the tags and description. You need high-ranking in the search engine. You have the opportunities to build a loyal online following, even if you have a small business. YouTube is a social network and with the use of the transcriptions make easy to engage with your followers. By posting your content in the videos and text format, you can build your case as industry experts.

Types of Videos

A full-service film production service helps you to make a video in a professional way. In this way, you can guide your clients in the better way from the script to screen through video production procedure. There are different types of videos, and some are given below.

  • Facebook videos
  • Corporate videos
  • Recruitment videos
  • TVCs Television videos
  • Event Videos
  • Animated videos
  • University videos
  • Professional service videos and financial videos
  • Brand ambassador videos
  • Training videos
  • Destination videos. Tourism, Real Estate videos
  • Beauty and healthcare videos

Hire Professional Video Production Services?

The professional video production services are available to the organizations for promoting your services, messages, and news to the worldwide audience. In this way, you can engage expert technicians and broadcast journalists to edit your corporate messages or new story to the high standard. These services allow you to use their expertise and high-quality equipment such as edit facilities and full broadcast cameras.  Some of the professionals distribute your videos online throughout the world. Isn’t it great?

Creating videos takes place in 4 phases such as delivery, post-production, pre-production, and production. You can get more information about video production from Eureporter. It provides the services for video production. You can consult the professional services about the type of your video. These services provide details about shoot schedule, production schedule, props, location scouting, casting, CAD pre-check, Storyboard, scriptwriting, concept, and brief. They will guide you about actors, voice over artists, time-lapse video, green screen, wardrobe stylists, production crew and many more.

This week, St. Vincent’s Hospice, are taking part in Hospice Care Week 2018 and are looking for your help in shaping the future of their services.

The theme for this year is “Heart My Hospice”, led by the national hospice and palliative care charity, Hospice UK, and St. Vincent’s are asking you to get involved in a very simple way – by sharing your voice as part of their Community Services Review.

Director of Care for St. Vincent’s, Brona McGee, said: “Hospice Care Week aims to encourage people to become actively involved in supporting the vital work we carry out every day, but this year we are asking you to do this in a slightly different way – by filling in a short survey.

“As we get ready for the future, we are inviting members of the public and our professional colleagues to be directly involved in shaping the direction of our services. This involves reviewing our existing community services, as well as exploring new opportunities for developments.”

The Hospice will be reviewing their Community Nurse Specialists, Day Services, Bereavement Support Service and considering proposals for new support services. This aims to ensure they are prepared for the future and continue to offer the right care in a way that is best suited to meeting the constantly changing needs of the community.

Brona added: “Every year more than 200,000 people in the UK receive Hospice Care, with a direct impact on local families and patients from all across the community. By offering your voice to our survey, you can play a real and meaningful part in helping us provide the best possible care for the local community for years to come.”

The deadline for submitting comments to the Community Services Review is Sunday 14th October. To take part, visit: https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/MFR5HVT

We’re willing to bet that you’ve heard of CBD before; it’s a trending product which, as a derivative of the cannabis hemp plant, has the potential to treat and alleviate several health problems such as aches, pains, inflammation, diabetes and cancers, just to name a few. It comes in the form of many products from vape juices to bath bombs and CBD gummies, it is widely accessible and is completely legal, even in places where cannabis itself isn’t.

Royalty Free Photo

CBD has zero side-effects, it does not get you high, and it has even been used by FDA-approved companies to treat major forms of conditions such as epilepsy.

#1: What is CBD?

CBD is a cannabinoid, a compound found in hemp plants, and there are more than one hundred of these found within the plant. These include CBD and THC (the one can get you high), and CBD is the most abundant of them all, making over 40%.

Pretty much all the CBD products currently found on the market come from the hemp plant, a variety of the cannabis plant which contains less than 0.3% THC. Therefore, it is completely safe to consume CBD without the worry of getting high.

#2: What’s the Point of Using CBD?

At the moment, we are only just beginning to learn about CBD and all the benefits that it has. Several research studies on both mice and humans have shown that it has a real impact on several chronic illnesses.

One study on mice showed that CBD helps to fight diabetes. In the study with 200 mice who were prone to diabetes, only 32% of the group treated with CBD developed diabetes whereas 100% of the group without CBD ended up with the disease. CBD has also been shown to be effective in treating a whole host of other illnesses and ailments such as arthritis, anxiety and drugs cravings.

#3: Is it Really Legal?

In most cases, yes, it is completely legal. There’s a bit of an asterisk here, however, because it depends on the plant that it comes from. If CBD is derived from a legal plant such as hemp then it is legal, however, if it has come from a plant which is illegal where you live, such as the marijuana plant, then it is questionable at best.

The safest way to get hold of CBD is to ensure you are purchasing a product that has been derived from a hemp plant—it will say so on the bottle—because industrial hemp is legal all over the U.S. and most of the world, and it always has been.

CBD is, in most cases, a completely legal cannabis derivative which can be used to aid a whole range of health problems, including mental health problems such as anxiety. When derived from the hemp plant, it is always legal (in the U.S. at least), and it has zero side-effects (it is THC which gets you high) so there is no need to worry about any ramifications.