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paisley pirates

Paisley Pirates leave behind an unsuccessful campaign in the inaugural Stuart Robertson
Cup competition as they start their assault on the league title with a double header this

paisley pirates

The club finished unbeaten in their section, but lost out to North Ayr Wild who had
a superior goal difference after two draws and four wins in the group stages to both clubs.
The Renfrewshire club comes off the back of a 9-2 win over Solway Stingrays and is looking
to continue their unbeaten run on Saturday when they visit Kilmarnock Thunder in their first
SNL league match at the Galleon Centre (face off 5.00pm), In their last meeting there
Pirates had to twice come from three goals behind to win 7-4 and another close game is

The hosts lost narrowly by 7-6 in a Scottish cup tie to Aberdeen at the weekend
and will therefore be hoping to take that good form into the league match against their local

On Sunday, Pirates are at home to Dundee Tigers, the latter not having had the best start to
their season with a very difficult grouping in the Stuart Robertson Cup (East Section) which
has seen them go up against some of the strongest sides in the SNL. The home side will be
hoping to get their campaign off to a flyer with two wins, the match at Braehead Arena
similarly facing off at their new regular 5.00pm slot.

With virtually all of the side having chipped in with vital goals and assists so far, Pirates look to mount another serious challenge for a title which only eluded them on goal difference last year.


For many casino lovers, part of the entire experience is interacting with the dealer.


Although the live casino dealer is usually quite trained not to give anything away, the player can at the very least have an enjoyable experience speaking with them and making a connection. The same is true for players with other players. For those who are looking to have that experience but don’t necessarily have the means to travel to a physical casino, there is a solution in the world of online and mobile gaming. It may seem silly to think that one can play live games via one’s laptop or phone, but online casinos have crafted a perfect recipe that allows players to interact with a real dealer live. The dealer can even communicate back!


As such, one can experience the full casino adventure without ever having to leave one’s home. For those who are interested in spending their time using the best live casinos, read on to discover just where they are located.


1. Mansion Casino

Mansion Casino games one might expect for their live casino options include Casino Hold’em, 3 Card Brag, Roulette, Blackjack, and Baccarat. Some of their best features include a high-limit Blackjack game and multi-game functionality, so one can play a few different games at the same time. They also offer a welcome bonus of 500-pounds, so one get started practically immediately. With these casino favorites, the player is sure to have a great time.


2. Betway

Another excellent choice for live casinos, Betway offers some interesting games like Dream Catcher and Unlimited Blackjack. Their live casinos excel by providing VIP tables for the professionals and even has Hold’em available to play. They also offer a bonus of 1,000-pounds, so either way, a player is practically a winner at Betway.


3. BetVictor

For those who love Roulette, BetVictor has an immersive Roulette experience unlike anything else. They also offer an interesting live game known as Lightning. The highlight of this casino is that they offer exclusive Blackjack tables. So, if one wants to play with a specific group of people, one can get in on that exclusive table. Another highlight is that they have wide betting limits, so the serious players can bet some serious cash. BetVictor offers its players a 50-pound bonus.


4. 888 Casino

For lovers of Roulette and Blackjack, then the live games offered at 888 Casino are the place to go. There are more than 40 tables of Blackjack available that come with varying limits, so no matter what one’s skill or experience may be, one can join in on a table and enjoy the adventure. In regards to their Roulette, there is also varying limits for each game. They even have dealers who speak different languages, so if English doesn’t happen to be one’s native tongue, then one can likely find a game where one can feel connected and right at home.

The holiday season is typically quiet for the Scottish housing market. People are so busy with Christmas festivities that both buyers and seller take a break, leading to fewer sales. There’s an incentive, therefore, to get the sale out of the way right now, rather than waiting for the New Year to roll around.


The trick to a quick sale is to ensure that your house is presentable. You want potential buyers to be able to imagine themselves living in your home as if it was new.


It’s hard for many sellers to see how they have put their mark on their property – after all, it’s their day-to-day environment – but homes that are too quirky tend not to sell as well.


So what tips and tricks can help you sell your Paisley based house quickly? Here’s what the quick house buyer expert Susan Jones at Ask Susan Scotland have to say on the matter.


Hire A Storage Unit


When it comes to selling a home quickly, clutter is your number one enemy. You might think that enlightened buyers would see past the mess that will be gone by the time they move it, but it can make a profound difference.


The temptation is to cram all your excess possessions into cupboards and closets, but this only creates more problems when buyers start snooping. Cabinets bursting with stuff reminds them that your home probably doesn’t have enough space and that they should look elsewhere.


Try hiring a storage unit instead. Not only can you avoid the embarrassment of cluttered storage areas, but you also have space to remove excess furniture, giving you more options when it comes to staging your home.


Upgrade On A Budget


Some sellers believe that they have to spend £20,000 on a new kitchen or bathroom to make their home more appealing to buyers. But these kinds of investment rarely generate positive returns. Often sellers are better off doing nothing.


However, this isn’t always the case, especially when it comes to minor upgrades. Swapping out dull lighting for cheap LED bulbs, recovering kitchen cabinets, and installing high-quality door fittings can all make a difference and can be done on a budget for less than £1,000.


Boost Your Home’s Curb Appeal


First impressions matter. They colour buyers’ perceptions of your home, affecting how they perceive issues as they explore your property. Buyers view well-presented homes more favourably, making a sale more likely.


Boosting curb appeal is easy: make sure that the front door has a fresh lick of paint, trim your hedges, and make sure that your driveway and walkways are clean and free of rubbish. Small changes can make a big difference.


Promote Your Home On Social Media


Your agent has an incentive to sell your home quickly: they want commission. But you don’t just have to rely on them to promote your home. Advertise your home for sale on social media and get in touch with old friends to see whether anybody is interested.


Use A Professional Home Stager


Home staging is the art of arranging furniture and other features in such a way that maximises the chances of making a sale. Although you’ll have to pay a home stager to stage your interiors (and possibly exteriors), it usually pays for itself. Staged homes, especially those photographed professionally, tend to get much more attention on property listing websites. Studies show that properties with more than six photos tend to receive more views online than those with fewer.


Can’t afford to hire a professional? No problem. Just ask a friend to give your home a look over with a fresh perspective. Ask them what would put them off buying your house and then do something about it.


Create Airy Interiors


It will come as no surprise to many homeowners that buyers do not like dark, dingy rooms. They feel depressed and uninviting. But owners can do a great deal to improve lighting in their homes.


First off, swap out low-powered bulbs for those with higher wattages, especially in kitchens and bathrooms. When showcasing bedrooms, make sure to switch dimmers to full brightness. And do the basics, such as drawing and tying back curtains and opening blinds.

A fresh coat of light grey paint can also help rooms appear brighter, as well as clearing scuff marks of white-painted doors and skirting boards.


Finally, make sure that there is room to walk behind all the seating in your home, especially sofas, if you have the option. Furniture pushed up against the wall gives the impression of a lack of space and can make a room feel cramped.

For business owners large and small, money is an ever-present concern. It’s needed for all kinds of activities, from paying staff to expanding product lines. But securing money when you need it can be a challenge.


With the help of business finance expert Jason Andrews at Lending Expert we’ve compiled 6 examples of different types of financing options you that could prove useful in your business.


  1. Bank Business Loans


Although the credit crunch in 2008 briefly put a stop to bank loans as a viable source of finance, now that they have been recapitalised, they’re back in the market, providing business loans to enterprises. Bank loans can be a good option for some business owners, especially those with excellent credit scores, because of the relatively low interest rates. But the problem is forging a relationship with the bank in the first place.

Banks want to know that they are going to be paid back and that you have a viable business with profit potential. Convincing banks of this fact can be a time-consuming process. Often you need a loan right now, and so going through the traditional banking system can mean that you either miss opportunities or can’t afford to meet your obligations. However, if time is on your side, bank loans are still a reasonable choice.


  1. Invoice Financing


Sometimes customers don’t pay on time. It can be frustrating and lead to short-term cash-flow issues. The good news, though, is that there are companies that are willing to buy your accounts receivable (money you’re owed from customers who have not yet paid), providing you with a cash injection up front.


There are costs to this: the factoring company will charge a fee for the service. But in some circumstances, invoice financing can get you out of trouble, especially if you think payment is still weeks away.



  1. Crowdfunding


Crowdfunding relies on the internet to connect groups of lenders with a single borrower. Lenders benefit because they can offer small sums of money to many borrowers and spread their risks. Borrowers win too because they can get their hands on large unsecured loans without having to jump through the usual credit check hoops.

Crowdfunding is great for businesses with an exciting product or project that people care about, particularly things like video games. But this source of income may not function well for companies with less inspirational products, especially those that struggle to generate buzz. Furthermore, it can take time to build publicity, during which, the opportunity may have passed. Thus crowdfunding might not benefit everyone.


  1. Peer to Peer Loans


Peer-to-peer loans work in a similar way to crowdfunding, the critical difference being a smaller pool of lenders. Borrowers and lenders meet on an online platform, and then lenders offer borrowers all or a part of the money they want at a given interest rate. For businesses, peer-to-peer loans offer some enticing advantages: they’re unsecured, they don’t rely on the borrower having an excellent credit rating, and they tend to be more flexible. Individual lenders are more likely to see the merit of a project than traditional lenders.


Lending Club is currently the world’s largest P2P lending network. Loans typically range from around £1,000 to over £300,000. The site charges a fee of 1 percent of all payments the borrower makes on top of regular interest payments.


  1. Merchant Cash Advances


A merchant cash advance (MCA) is a relatively new form of business funding. Businesses that use point-of-sale terminals can borrow money more easily because lenders can track their moment-by-moment cash flow. These advances are particularly useful for firms without a substantial credit history: lenders can simply assess the point-of-sale history of the company and decide how much to lend and at what rate, there and then. Repayment plans reflect how much money a business is likely to make based on POS sales.


  1. Asset Finance


Growing businesses often have significant capital requirements. Tesla, for instance, has spent more than $5 billion on Gigafactory 1 to produce batteries it needs for its electric vehicles. Asset finance is a particular kind of secured loan that businesses use to get the equipment they need for production. Rather than paying upfront for the asset, asset finance allows companies to spread the cost over a fixed term.


Asset finance can work in two ways, either allowing companies to lease equipment and roll over financing at the end of the term, or hire purchase, where the business owns the product after completing the hire term.


In summary the good news is that there are plenty of finance options available which provide various advantages. Some you may be familiar with, while others could be new, but all can play a part in helping you to expand and grow your business.


Paisley in Scotland is well known for its unique cloth, but it’s also famous for another reason, paranormal activity. There have been many unsettling and disturbing events that have taken place in the town of Paisley over the years, with some suggesting the place is very much cursed. With somewhat of a tragic past, it’s easy to see why people visit the area now, as they go in search of ghosts and other paranormal beings.


It’s believed that Paisley is haunted due to a dark curse from a group of witches. Back in 1696, an 11 year old girl became unwell in mysterious circumstances. Her behaviour became increasingly erratic, with the cause and cure for her illness unable to be found. It then became apparent that the girl was being affected by a group of witches. In the end, a group of seven suspects were convicted of their crimes, being sentenced to death by hanging and burning at the stake.

Witches have always been a huge talking point and of special interest to most of us, which one of the main reasons Paisley has kept its allure. In fact, witches continue to inspire many aspects of lives, whether it maybe movies like Into The Woods starring Meryl Streep to games like Which Witch created by mFortune.

These events have led several in the supernatural world to believe that Paisley has been cursed ever since, with various locations said to be haunted as a result. Sma Shot Cottages on Shuttle Street has played host to ghost hunts in the past, where many have heard doors slam and experienced feelings of extreme emotion. Oakshaw High Church is said to play host to a ghostly sprite known as “Wee Leach,” who is believed to lurk around the spire.

Other haunted places to visit include the Royal Alexandra Infirmary, where a grey lady is said to float around the place. Some have also reported seeing a man dragging a body bag, whilst footsteps and beds moving have also been heard. Paisley Abbey is also said to be a hotbed of paranormal activity, with a ghostly monk said to float down the aisles, while at Glencoats Memorial Hospital you can expect to find the ghost of Lady Glen-Coats herself. There have also been claims of a White Witch roaming the venue too, who is believed to be a former nursing sister from the hospital.

With Paisley being known for paranormal activity, it will come as no surprise that the town uses this to their advantage. Their annual Halloween festival has been a big hit with people as it is spectacular and loaded with everything Halloween related that you can think of. It takes its inspiration from the Paisley Witches, and features some amazing aerial performances and acts, as well as pumpkin carving, story telling and trick or treat booths. There’s arguably no better place to enjoy Halloween in the UK, with the festival having been listed as one of the best in both 2016 and 2017.

If you’re into ghosts, witches and all things spooky, then Paisley is the perfect place to visit, especially at Halloween.

best vacation

Belize, Central America

A strip of sandy beach perfect for burying a chest with pirate treasures, several hundred coconut trees, a pair of huts is what you expect to see in such a beautiful place as Tobacco-Reef Island, which is part of Belize. All of the most important things are hidden in the azure waters of the Caribbean Sea. So don’t forget to grab your equipment for snorkeling. A walk along the coast of this atoll will take just a few minutes, but the magnificent barrier coral reef, which is a local landmark, extends far beyond the limits of visibility, as it is part of the world’s second largest barrier reef. If rest in paradise will get boring, you can get to the neighboring Goff Reef, which is smaller.

best vacation

Kuna Yala, Panama

The Kuna Yala Archipelago, also known as the San Blas, is located in the Caribbean, off the coast of Panama. This semi-autonomous territory is inhabited by the Kuna aborigines. The islands that make up the archipelago are often nothing more than small palms that grow on a small piece of white sand. Some of the islands are inhabited. This modest, natural beauty peacefully coexists with aboriginal shacks. Beach holidays here can be varied with tours to local villages, where women are still dressed in sophisticated traditional dresses. Before taking a photo, don’t forget to ask if the locals are OK with that. Also, vacationers can feel themselves like Robinson Crusoe by visiting any of the uninhabited islands.

These places are better enjoyed in the company of a loved person, so be sure to give this East European dating site a visit. Trust me – you won’t be disappointed!

Ilha Grande, Brazil

Even members of the royal family do not have the right to ride a car through the local territories. Access to transport is prohibited in the Brazilian Ilya Grande which is covered with rain forests. This tropical island is designed for a quiet and simple life. You can spend evenings here in one of the beach restaurants, enjoying meals from freshly caught fish. During the day, one of the entertainments can be almost a three-hour walk to the picturesque beach of Lopez-Mendez, which has preserved almost pristine natural purity.

Koh Tarutao, Thailand

The word “Tarutao” comes from the Malay language and is translated as mystical or simple. Koh Tarutao is an island in the Andaman Sea, framed by magnificent beaches. The rainforests in the depths are inhabited by venomous snakes and other wild beasts. Thousands of political prisoners once lived here, forced to survive and become pirates during World War II. The remains of the prison have survived to this day. Tarutao is a well-protected national park. You will not find tourist crowds and luxury hotels here. This is a great place to relax in a rustic style. You can reserve bungalows but only in three zones for guests of the island. Each has its own restaurant, which serves simple Thai food. Be sure to check out https://www.travelandleisure.com/travel-news for all of your travel-related news!

Heron Island, Australia

Many tropical islands boast beautiful, azure-colored ocean waters, white sand, and palm trees swaying in the wind, but most of them seem to have come from some postcard. Heron Island is not like that. It is located at the southern tip of the Great Barrier Reef and is far removed from the Australian Queensland. There are all the characteristics of a tropical paradise but with one exception – there is still wildlife here. Herons, terns, thin-necked petrels, whales, sharks, turtles, and other fauna are the main inhabitants of the island. Their life flows before the eyes of anyone who visits the island.

https://www.travelpulse.com/news/ is a great website dedicated to travel. Be sure to give it a try and find the best places for traveling right now!

The number of tourists is limited and strictly controlled: the surrounding nature is extremely sensitive to any changes. So, a small island, 800 meters long and 300 meters wide, is never crowded. Guests stay in wooden beach bungalows. There is only one restaurant on the Heron Island, but there are excellent opportunities for diving and snorkeling.

The phrase “practice makes perfect” can be applied to many instances in life, but perfect is perhaps not the most appropriate word when considering the development of trading skills. The potential volatility of markets and unpredictable real-world circumstances can catch out even the most rehearsed and experienced of traders, but that does not make practice a futile endeavour. If anything, it is the contrary; practice in a safe and simulated environment can educate new traders on how to respond to markets in the most effective manner. 

In 2018 and beyond, trading is no longer the preserve of those who can dedicate all of their time to the endeavour. Part-time, “hobbyist” trading is becoming increasingly popular, a result of the ease with which trading platforms can be accessed. Traders are able to follow market prices on the move via smartphones, enabling a quicker response to any important changes. Despite that increased flexibility, it is important to set aside a regular time for practice.

Technology makes practising trades on the move easier than ever.

It is widely advised that new traders have set routines, whether following the opening and closing of a market or making trades in a 24-hour market at a similar time each day. Therefore, it is useful to practice at the same time in which you are likely to be making meaningful trades. It is ideal that online trading platforms offer simulations that give traders a taste of the real world. It is essential to fully explore one of these demo platforms before jumping into the world of trading. These demo modes give users a virtual sum of money to facilitate a risk-free practice of strategies.

Yet even a demo may not be the most suitable starting point for a beginner, so some brands go one step further by offering educational material in the form of videos and online courses to give traders the best possible grounding in what can be a complex business. For example, Saxo offer a range of investment options but also make sure to take time to explain them in depth to new traders. These include specialist products like exchange traded funds, which are marketable securities that follow a collection of assets that have been divided into shares. Maintaining a firm grip on the terminology is a necessity to trade effectively, and it will take practice time to become completely familiar with types of indexes and investments. 

Knowing your strategy and its steps inside out are essential to being able to operate quickly and sensibly. It is inevitable that traders will experience times of success and times of difficulty. The key is to maximise the length of the former by developing effective responses to the latter. Asking experienced traders for assistance is one of the most useful ways of gaining a better understanding of how to react to certain fluctuations in markets.  

Ultimately, it is up to the individual to determine their own development and level of engagement. Trading should be whatever the trader wants it to be; the best way to find yourself as a trader is to take enough time undertaking research and building resolve before dipping into the markets. The best traders are those who can anticipate patterns and spot trends immediately, and the only way to develop those skills is through practice and experience. 

mirren house


mirren house


mirren house

Rents inclusive of service charge, utilities and car parking space.

Office size and rent:
240 sqft – £250 pcm + VAT
250 sqft – £350 pcm + VAT
450 sqft – £530 pcm + VAT


Casino bonuses no deposit, modern gaming platforms, a wide range of payment options – nowadays most virtual casinos offer these things. But in the 90s, they were entirely different from the ones we can find today. Internet gambling has become available to almost everyone and many changes have been made.




Without a doubt, the internet is one of the greatest inventions in our history. It’s an infinite source of information and entertainment and there are also many ways to earn money online. Nowadays, life without the internet seems impossible for most of us. It has become an important part of our daily life and a lot of industries depend on it. One of them is the gambling industry and the internet has drastically improved it. Gambling has been around for many centuries, but a big change occurred almost 25 years ago, in 1994. That year, the first virtual casino started operating. It looked nothing like the ones we can see today, but back then it was something new and groundbreaking. Ever since then, the online gambling industry has been evolving and today we have countless gambling sites. Thanks to virtual casinos, gambling has become accessible to nearly everyone. Now people can gamble without leaving the comfort of their own home. It’s easy and convenient, especially for those who don’t live close to a casino complex. From our point of view, the things will continue to get better. Soon, we will see virtual reality casinos, more gambling sites, and even better graphics. The number of players will also grow and online gambling will probably become an everyday thing for even more people. We just need to wait for it to happen.  


1994, 1996 and 1997


The first virtual casinos started operating in 1994 when Antigua and Barbuda passed their famous Free Trade and Processing act. The same year Microgaming was founded. This small Caribbean country granted licenses to many online casinos and they’re greatly responsible for the situation we have today. Another important year in the history of virtual gambling is 1996. That year, the well-known Kahnawake Gaming Commission was established. In the 90s, they issued licenses to a significant number of online casinos. This commision is still present today and they play a huge role in the gambling world. In 1996 there were only about fifteen gambling sites and by the end of 1997, over two hundred of them had started operating. This included virtual casinos, websites for poker as well as for sports betting. Many of the casinos that were established back then are still active today and have thousands of loyal players.


Sports Betting


Sports betting had been popular for decades before the first online platform was opened. But when it finally happened, everything became different. Exactly 22 years ago, InterTops became the world’s very first sports betting site. Shortly after, numerous bookmakers made their own platforms and this type of gambling took off. The competition was stiff and it was difficult to survive on the market. Many changes and improvement have occurred in the last 22 years, such as peer-to-peer betting and some others. Nowadays, it remains one of the most popular forms of gambling. The future seems bright and it’ll only become better.


Mobile Phones and Cryptocurrencies


These two inventions have really revolutionized the online gambling industry. The majority of virtual casinos have its own mobile platform and many of them support different cryptocurrencies. Mobile gaming is very convenient and now players can gamble even when they’re far away from home. Most players don’t even want to consider playing at casinos that don’t offer a mobile version. Bitcoin was the first one to be accepted. It happened in 2014 and since then a few other cryptocurrencies have become accepted at virtual casinos. In the future, all virtual casinos will accept them as a payment method, it’s just a matter of time.  


The History of Online Poker


On the first day of 1998, Planet Poker started operating. It was the very first website where you could play poker online. The internet connection was poor back then and the site often had technical issues. In spite of that, thousands of players played there. This site didn’t last long and very soon other similar websites started working. They were significantly better and we can find some of them today. The best sites that started operating around that time are Paradise Poker, Partypoker, and PokerStars. These sites had more modern platforms and better servers. This means they were able to welcome thousands of players at the same time, without frequent issues. During the last decade, online poker has become even more popular. You can play it at numerous virtual casinos and on the sites that specialize in online poker. The choices and the gaming experience are now better than ever.

paisley winter

With Glasgow International Airport and Glasgow Prestwick Airport just a short drive from Paisley, the opportunities to grab some last minute winter sun are plentiful! Whatever your reason for travelling abroad, it is important to assess the risk and potential dangers. You may assume that accidents are more likely with more risky types of activities such as sky diving, snowboarding or bungee jumping.  The reality is that often it is just everyday situations which present the most risks, which could not only dampen your holiday experience, but leave you suffering both physically and financially.

And while some accidents cannot be avoided, some simply can. So here’s a quick guide to staying safe and minimising the chances of sickness and medical misdiagnosis on holiday.

Pool Practicalities

The pool is often a central gathering place for holiday makers and a great place to kick back relax and even make new friends.  With UK citizens up to 5.5 times more likely to drown in a pool abroad than in the UK it is important to remain alert at all times.

It can be easy to get caught up in the excitement of being on holiday, but it is important to remember to only swim in depths that you are confident in . This is also the case when visiting water parks too. Water parks are a firm family favourite, but there are many pitfalls here too.  Make sure the kids choose slides and rides that are age appropriate. Many countries have different rules to the UK and lifeguards are not always compulsory so you should always make sure you can see your children at all times.

Stay Sober


Many incidents are put down to being under the influence of drink or drugs. You can also reduce the risk of accidents if you are heading to the beach.  Many popular tourist destinations have lifeguards and you should check the flag system and only swim in the flagged areas. However not all beaches have lifeguards so always swim to your strengths and again, never under the influence of drink or drugs.  If you find yourself caught in a rip tide always swim parallel to the shore until you feel you are not being pulled any more. This way you won’t tire yourself out and you should not get swept away. You should then come in with the waves however if you are still having difficulty try and get the attention of the lifeguard or other swimmers.


Report Illnesses


Getting ill on holiday is a common occurrence and many will be struck down by sickness bugs, infections and viruses, which can seriously impact your holiday experience. In most cases, the symptoms and causes are relatively minor and will disappear on their own, but if you notice any strange or worsening symptoms, it is always advisable to visit a local GP or hospital to get checked out. Some more serious conditions can start out with very minor, generalised symptoms and so there is always a risk of medical misdiagnosis, particularly in the early stages. Information on the www.medicalnegligenceassist.co.uk website advises those who are unwell on holiday to closely monitor the situation, keep records of any correspondence, any medical diagnoses and details of any medication prescribed, and to always call for medical assistance if you are at all worried about your symptoms.

Road Safety

Did you know that road traffic accidents are amongst the most popular causes of serious injury or death for holidaymakers? This can be due to vehicles not having seat belts or the same strict guidelines as the UK. Driving on the other side of the road doesn’t help with gaining your bearings on the road’s either!

Always make sure you learn the ways of the road in the country you are visiting to ensure you cross at the right time.  Try and use vehicles that have sufficient safety measures and always make sure you use licensed or public transport.

Accommodation Alert

Although accidents in your booked accommodation would not be the first thing you think of, these are surprisingly common.  Again, many countries have different – or softer – rules than the UK and so smoke detectors, balcony railings or room structures may not be as safe as the UK.

Always know where your fire escapes are and what to do in a fire.  All accommodation should have these details displayed prominently so there really is no excuse not to know what to do.

If you have opted for a campsite holiday, make sure check out the location in advance of your arrival and once there, make a note of where to go in the event of a fire or emergency, as well as where the first aid kit is situated.  It is worth finding out if the site permits open fires too. Also consider what the terrain like where you have pitched. If you have pitched near sharp bushes or a cliff edge you could easily have an accident, especially if under the influence of drink or drugs.  It is always best to pitch at a regulated site to reduce the risk of scrapes and falls.

Excursions and Extreme Sports

Most holidaymakers book excursions or extreme sports through their holiday representative or a reputable company.  However there are many countries where the regulations are not so strict and this is where accidents can occur.

Although most trips will pass without any incidents there are many more that do not.  Always book your trips through a reputable company. There are many online and you can check their feedback by searching for independent reviews.

You should always check that you have sufficient insurance if you are planning to partake in any extreme sports, as if you suffer an injury and did not state this kind of activity would be happening, you may not be able to make a claim.  It is very important to only choose reputable providers of these kind of activities to make sure they have all the right equipment, insurances and training of staff to ensure you have the safest experience possible.

Finally, when holidaying in a hot country, it is important to always stay hydrated, take regular breaks from the hot sun and ensure you regularly apply a high factor sun lotion. Suffering from heatstroke can lead to fainting as well as potential accidents or injuries, which could be prevented by staying aware of your limits when it comes to sun and heat exposure.

Unfortunately nobody can predict when or where sickness or an accident may occur, how bad the accident will be or even the outcome.  Yet we can take measures to prevent them. By taking some of the steps above – and by being extra cautious – some of the most simple accidents can be avoided.