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mhairi black toy bank
MP for Paisley and Renfrewshire South Mhairi Black is asking people to support the Renfrewshire Christmas Toy Bank this Christmas. The Toy Bank will help provide Christmas presents to children in Renfrewshire who may otherwise not receive any gifts on Christmas day.
mhairi black toy bank
Renfrewshire Christmas Toy Bank has been set-up by local mum Lauren Roy-Sutherland. She has been working with many businesses, charities and organisations around Renfrewshire to act as drop-off points for people to donate toys.
Mhairi Black is the latest supporter to get behind this cause and is now a drop off point for people to donate toys for those who may not have any presents to open this Christmas Day.
Lauren Roy-Sutherland from Renfrewshire Christmas Toy Bank said:
“I cannot thank everyone who has already donated enough. The local communities support has been vital in already completing over 200 referrals however we have hundreds more to do.
“If anyone is able to donate gifts or money it would really help ensure all Renfrewshire children enjoy the magic of Christmas.”
“Thank you to Mhairi Black for being our latest supporter and offering her constituency office to be used as a drop off point for Renfrewshire Christmas Toy Bank”
Mhairi Black MP said:
“It was a pleasure to meet with Lauren and hear about this fantastic cause. It is an unfortunate truth that some families will find themselves struggling this Christmas leaving some children in Renfrewshire with nothing to open on Christmas Day. Every child deserves the joy of opening a gift on Christmas morning and my hope is that the work being done by Renfrewshire Christmas Toy Bank will make sure that kids have something to be cheerful about this Christmas.”
“The Toy Bank have done a fantastic job of making sure many local businesses and organisations in Renfrewshire take part by acting as drop off points for people to donate gifts. My constituency office on Wellmeadow Street in Paisley already welcomes donations for Renfrewshire Food Bank and now it will also be a drop off point for any gifts that you wish to donate to the toy bank.”
The Renfrewshire Christmas Toy Bank cannot accept second hand gifts and all donations of toys must be new.
You can drop off donations from October 20th to December 17th at the following drop off points –
RENFREWSHIRE LIBRARIES – All libraries across Renfrewshire will collect toys and gifts
RSA CONVENIENCE STORE, 27B Moss Street, Paisley, PA1 1DJ
COMICRAZY CAFE, 45 Old Sneddon Street, Paisley PA3 2AN
C ALLAN AND SON ACCOUNTING FIRM, 102, Embroidery Mill Abbey Mill Business Centre, Seedhill Road, Paisley PA1 1TJ
OLD SWAN INN, 20 Smithhills St, Paisley PA1 1EB
THE GANTRY, New Street, Paisley
NISA LOCAL, 45 Hazel Avenue, Johnstone, Pa5 0BP
OUR PLACE OUR FAMILIES, 234 Paisley Road, Renfrew, PA4 8AA
INTU BRAEHEAD SHOPPING CENTRE, King’s Inch Road, Renfrew (collection point located near the customer service desk in the upper mall) – http://bit.ly/2zh53DV
JIMS FOOD & WINE, 1 Stoddard Square, Elderslie, PA5 9AS
THE VILLAGE PAPER SHOP, North Street, Houston, PA6 7HF
Gifts the Toy Bank are currently short of –

In many ways, marketing  B2B business is trickier than solving a Rubik’s cube one-handed.

Persuading a pernickety public to part with their cash is a considerable challenge, but convincing hard-nosed businesspeople that you solve their problems can be even tougher.

Large B2B firms have the bottomless budgets to throw big bucks at this problem, but thanks to digital marketing, small firms can compete too.

Here are four ways to boost your B2B business online.

1. Social Media

Social media platforms can be useful for getting your marketing messages out to the masses — but a scattergun approach isn’t effective because you won’t find your target customers on every platform.

For B2B business, LinkedIn is the preferred choice, because no other platform makes it so easy to segment and target an audience according to criteria like business sector and job grade.

If you want to harness the power of this networking site for your business, read this guide to publishing LinkedIn thought leadership content from business bible Forbes.

2. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

When your website, social media channels and any content output you publish online is optimised for SEO, you’ll be very visible on powerful search engines like Google at the exact moments customers need you most.

The content on your website should contain the high-value search words and phrases which customers actually type into their browsers — and as well as references to your products and services, they can be linked to your physical location, or in other words, localised.

Combine this with a well-designed website which has good internal and external links and your SEO is in good shape. Maybe think about employing the services of a good ‘link building agency‘ or SEO company to help you.

For example, if you search online for a private investigator in Renfrewshire just take a look at the companies that pop up in the organic results — it’s likely that their SEO is on-point.

3. Case studies

When you’re trying to manufacture and market a niche product, you’ve got to be clever about how to convince customers that it’s perfect for their project.

So once your top-notch SEO brings them to your website, product descriptions full of tech specs might not be enough, but case studies which demonstrate them in action in a range of diverse applications are very effective.

For instance, you might have an inkling that buying catenary wire will help support heavy trees in your landscaping project, but a case study of a similar setting complete with photos would seal the deal.

4. Reviews

Word-of-mouth is still one of the most effective ways of getting new customers through your door or making your telephone ring.

And positive reviews on Google, social media, comparison websites and your own site work wonders — so be sure to make the most of them.

If you’re starting from scratch online and don’t have a website yet, grab a free Google My Business listing for a start — it’s an easy and effective way to share your contact details, a photo and positive reviews on the search engine’s wide network.

Follow these four tips and you’ll be punching above your weight online in no time at all.

How do you approach digital business? Share your tips in the comments section.


Starting a business in a small town or city is the stuff of dreams for some people. It allows you to have all the fun of a major entrepreneur, but with fewer of the pressures associatedwith working on an international stage. 


For a long time, however, the plight of the small business on the high street was woeful. 

Behemoth corporations like Amazon stomped on SMEs like they were a bug on Godzilla’s foot, and at one point a high street business was shutting its doors once every second in Britain. 

This was a nation of shopkeepers under existential threat – but, as with all threats to dear old Blighty, it found a workaround. 


While many SMEs continue to struggle against their larger opponents, many consumers have turned back to the high street for their groceries, books, records and coffees. 


Small business owners have figured out the joys of the internet, and have cultivated brands that rely on a passionatecustomer base to continue their ventures. 


We’ve looked at how many of these companies operate and thought we’d share their wisdom. So here’s how to tool yourself up in an arena of hard knocks. 


Know the law 

Here’s something that seldom gets covered by business blogs – as the owner of an SME, you have numerous legal obligations to uphold, and you’ll have the government on your back if you don’t. 


Some of these can be incredibly obvious – don’t refuse to pay your staff is one – but many seem incredibly opaque to an outsider. 


The world of the law is designed to be complex. Legal documents are written in a circular fashion, with every word pored over like Bible scripture. It’s a terrifying world, and one that requires a very qualified guide. 


For our money, Switalskis are a solicitors that are ideal if you’re based in England, and they’re professionals in business law. Give them a call. 


Know Instagram 

Social media isn’t a terrifying unknowable entity – it’s the key to your customers. 


And Instagram is the easiest of all social media channels, in terms of creating distinctive content. 

As an image-heavy site, all you really need to do is populate your Instagram page with pictures of your shop’s/office’s day-to-day operations. Chuck in a few hashtags and, bish bash bosh, you’re done! 

Maintaining a good profile is slightly more complex than that, but you’ll learn as you go. 

Know your customers 

Do you attract golden oldies or bumbling hipsters? Not sure? Then it’s time to profile your customer base.


You can do this in a number of ways, but the easiest is to send a survey to your existing customer base. Once their surveys are filled in you’ll have barrel loads of information to utilise in marketing campaigns. 


That’s our list! Got any suggestions of your own? Then let us know in the comments below!

mhairi black
Campaigners welcome Mhairi Black’s support for national community energy initiative
mhairi black
Power for People, an organisation campaigning for more local, clean energy, today welcomed the support of Paisley and Renfrewshire South MP, Mhairi Black, for a Bill introduced in Parliament that, if made law, would allow communities to sell locally generated energy to local people.
Currently, if a community owns a local energy structure, such as a field of solar panels or a wind turbine, they are not able to sell the energy it generates to local people. The Local Electricity Bill, if made law, would create a ‘right to local supply’ for communities, allowing them to benefit from the money currently received by larger utilities.
Power for People is campaigning for other MPs across the country to support the Bill.
Steve Shaw, their Director, said, “We warmly welcome Mhairi Black’s support for this initiative. People like clean, local energy most when they know that their communities are receiving benefits from it. The Local Electricity Bill would enable this to happen across the country.”
Mhairi Black MP said, “It is vital that communities benefit as our economy transitions to one with increasingly more decentralised and clean energy. The Local Electricity Bill will enable local energy generation to benefit local communities. I will do all I can to ensure it becomes law.”
mhairi black
MP for Paisley and Renfrewshire South Mhairi Black, along with a cross-party group of 200 MPs, including the majority of Scottish MPs, are calling on the MP’s Pension Fund to stop investing in fossil fuel companies, such as Shell and BP, following growing concerns about their role in fuelling climate change.
mhairi black
SNP, Conservative, Labour and Liberal Democrat current and former MPs have signed a ‘pledge’ calling for the MP’s Pension Fund to review and phase out fossil fuel investments. The call follows growing concern among Parliamentarians about the environmental, social and financial risks posed by climate change.
29 out of the 35 SNP MPs have now signed the pledge, including the SNP Westminster Leader, Ian Blackford, Mhairi Black, Angus MacNeil, John McNally, Dr. Philippa Whitford and all of the Glasgow and Edinburgh SNP MPs.
The UNs recent report on limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees demands additional effort from world leaders to enact rapid, far-reaching and unprecedented changes in all aspects of society within the next few years.
Mhairi Black, SNP MP for Paisley and Renfrewshire South, said:
“The current generation of children, and their children and grandchildren will face devastating weather impacts if we don’t take action on climate change now. This means a rapid phasing out of fossil fuels and investing in a progressive and just transition to a zero-carbon economy. Scotland is already leading the way in this: we have set ourselves ambitious climate protection goals, and are rapidly scaling up renewable energy technologies. I am very pleased to join my fellow MPs from Scotland and around the country in urging the UK Parliament to show climate leadership and remove their pension investments from fossil fuel companies.”
Caroline Lucas, Green Party MP for Brighton Pavillion, who first established the campaign, said:
“We’re now a 200 strong cohort of cross-party MPs who believe it is morally indefensible for Parliamentarians to be investing in companies which profit from wrecking our planet. MPs have a duty to take action to prevent the worst of climate change. One simple step we can take is ditching our investments in fossil fuels – and instead invest in clean, renewable energy, and low-carbon technologies”.
Sally Clark, a Scotland Divest Parliament campaigner, said:
“It is extremely encouraging that so many Scottish MPs from all political parties are speaking out about the urgent need to divest from fossil fuels in order to keep global warming below 1.5 degrees.”
Ric Lander, Friends of the Earth Scotland, said:
“People across the world are rising up to demand action on the climate crisis and its biggest cause in fossil fuels. We need our leaders to respond to this call, and cleaning up their own pension funds is a great place to start. By going fossil free investors like pension funds can help the world break free from fossil fuels and invest in a brighter future for everyone.”
If successful, the campaign would see Parliament joining the Irish National Infrastructure Fund, the New York State Pension fund and two thirds of UK universities, including Glasgow and Edinburgh, in committing to fossil fuel divestment.

Glasgow, the most popular and populous city of Scotland, is a historical marvel. The city is life bursting, has a rich culture and great attractions. But if you are a student and you are studying the wonderful history of this city, then you better not skip the following:

Ancient Trees

The Fossil Grove in Glasgow’s Victoria Park has a few trees that are even older than the Dinosaurs. The park is home to extinct fossil trees which date back to 330 million years. They have lasted this long thanks to Glasgow’s warm and humid temperature.

Third Oldest Underground Railway System

Glasgow’s Clockwork Orange is famous around the world because of its unique color. But little does the world knows it is the third oldest Underground Railway system in the world.

It first opened in 1896 and went under heavy renovations in late 1996. This underground system only consists of a circular line. The color scheme was inspired by the wagons and their seat upholstery in warm tones, thus the name Clockwork Orange. The underground railway system of London is the world ’soldest underground railway system while Budapest has the second oldest. Clockwork Orange was conceived at the height of the Industrial Revolution. 

Oldest Building 

The Glasgow Cathedral is perhaps the most intact medieval Cathedral in Scottish Mainland.  Better known as the High Kirk of Glasgow, it remains as the oldest building in Glasgow. The history of this Cathedral date backs to the foundation of thisCity. It exists right where the patron of Saint of Glasgow built his church. The tomb of Saint, Saint Mungo remains in lower crypt till this date. It is said the building was built years before 1136. 

Glasgow Hunterian Museum

The Museum was built in 1807. The Museum is known for its extensive collection of Art and Scientific Relics which even includes the world’s first ultrasound machine. 

It remains the oldest public museum in Scotland. However, today The Hunterian is also recognized as a leading university with a collection that is of great national significance. It attracts scholars and visitors from every corner of the world. 

The Horseshoe Bar

This Grand Victorian Bar was first established in 1884. Captain John Sculler founded it. The bar is a landmark in the city’snightlife as well while it adds a great historical significance. It is known for the 104 feet and three inches continuous bar. This is perhaps the longest bar table in Europe. 

The Britannia Panopticon

This is perhaps the oldest surviving music hall in history. It was built in 1850’s largest city of the British Empire. This music hall is still alive as artists from around the world still perform here. 

The Industrial Revolution

Not a landmark so to speak, but if you are a student who needs essay help with history, you better not skip the Industrial Revolution of Glasgow. The Industrial Revolution took place in Glasgow at the start of the 19th century. 

The city was a hub for manufacturing cotton, textiles, chemicals,and other products. The demand increased rapidly, andimmigrants from Highlands in the 1820’S and from Ireland in 1840s came forth to form a recognition workforce. 

This revolution had its root back at the start of 18th century, probably around 1710 when Glasgow Tobacco Lords traded with the New World.

renfrewshire bin lorry

Renfrewshire’s new bin collection service is set to begin next week after every household was provided with a new green recycling bin.

renfrewshire bin lorry

Renfrewshire’s new bin collection service is set to begin next week after every household was provided with a new green recycling bin.

From Monday 3 December, residents will now separate their recycling as part of a drive to improve the quality of material collected and reduce the costs associated with disposing of general waste.

The new green bin provided is for plastics, cans and glass and the blue bin will now be for paper, card and cardboard only.

Those on a sack collection will be provided with a new green sack to separate their waste, with glass continuing to go directly to the nearest recycling centre.

renfrewshire bin

To reduce any potential space issues, some flats and tenements may have been provided with shared bins for communal use with residents sharing responsibility for presenting this for collection.

Councillor Cathy McEwan, Convener of Renfrewshire Council’s Infrastructure, Land and Environment Policy Board, said: “We’ve been working hard to ensure we provide residents with all the information they need to adapt to the new service and we would encourage all residents to read their information pack closely as it outlines what the changes mean for them.

“It’s extremely important that we all consider if our waste could be recycled before throwing it into the grey bin and the new recycling bin should provide extra capacity to help people recycle.

“We’re here to support residents with the new service so if you have any questions then please get in touch with us at the council.”

Due to the overlap of the new service from the current provision, some residents will receive an additional collection to ensure they do not wait longer than they should for a grey bin collection. Letters will be delivered to the affected households outlining the exact date.

Information packs specific to each household in Renfrewshire have been delivered to ensure residents are fully informed of what the new service means for them and include a service guide, a full collection calendar for the next year and details on any change in collection day.

If residents haven’t yet received their information pack then they should report this via www.renfrewshire.gov.uk/missinginfopack.

For more information and a full list of FAQs, visit www.renfrewshire.gov.uk/mybins or email mybins@renfrewshire.gov.uk.


Situated on a tributary of the River Clyde to the west of Scotland, Paisley is often overshadowed by its much larger neighbour, Glasgow. But it is still Scotland’s fifth largest town in its own right, with many opportunities for things to see and do, especially for romantically-inclined couples who’ve met through typical uk dating web services. Here are five of the most highly recommended.


Why not start your special day out in ‘Scotland’s largest town’ by spending a few adventurous hours involved in different activities? Head over to ‘Soar at Intu Braehead,’ located in the Braehead Shopping Centre, where you can make the most of this ultra-modern entertainment hub. Amongst the pastimes on offer are laser games, a bowling alley, a cinema, and a climbing wall. Take your pick of these, or why not spend some time at each?! Afterward, you can satisfy the thirst and hunger you will undoubtedly have built up by retiring to one of the many choices of dining outlets.

Gleniffer Braes Country Park

Situated on the town’s Glenfield Road, this park is the ideal venue to spend a couple of romantic hours taking in the wildlife and gorgeous scenery. There is a heavily wooded area where you can enjoy pleasant strolls, keeping an eye out for grazing cattle. Follow the many hiking trails, listening to the background chorus of birds. Scenic streams gurgle by, while there are also lookout points where you can take a break from your walking and absorb the tranquil Renfrewshire scenery. If you’re feeling particularly energetic, you can follow some of the walkways to wider networks outwith the park’s boundaries, such as the Brandy Burn Way and the Fereneze Braes paths. There are picnic spots, as well as the opportunity to indulge in kite flying.

Snow Factor

Also located within Intu Braehead, Snow Factor will bring out the daredevil winter sports enthusiast in you and your partner. Open all-year-round, this venue consists of skiing and snowboarding opportunities, with classes available if you expect you’d spend more time flat on your back than gracefully coasting along. There’s also an ice-climbing wall. If all that hectic activity is enough to prompt some timeout, the two of you can retire to the nearby eatery and enjoy delicious snacks, washed down with drinks from a bar.

Dams to Darnley Trail

Walk hand-in-hand by not one but five separate reservoirs, each a haven of aquatic peace and tranquility. The open waters of the dams attract birdlife, while the wetlands and burns are perfect places to explore as you search for species local to those habitats. Keep an eye out for palmate newts – at 7.5 cm these are the smallest of such native amphibians. They are a ‘priority species’ within the Glasgow Local Biodiversity Action Plan, due to their fragile ecological position. Staff are on hand to provide advice and information.

Trattoria Genova Restaurant and Takeaway

Finally, after such an energetic day, the perfect antidote to so much activity would be to book a romantic table-for-two at the Trattoria Genova. Located on Paisley’s Glasgow Road, near the town center, this restaurant is known for its excellent cuisine, cozy atmosphere and attentive staff. Modern-looking and well-lit, the menu serves a selection of delicious authentic Italian dishes which are cooked with taste being the top priority, rather than trying to impress with unusual ingredients. So expect to be served minestrone soup, followed by mouth-watering lasagne and chicken stroganoff. The prices are always reasonable, too, and what better way to seal your romantic Paisley date than cracking open a bottle of plonk?

Scottish towns have a rich history when it comes to mystery, spirituality and even the occult. Paisley is not exempt from this, whether you’re looking at the way it stands today or the history of the town.

Spirituality Today

In recent years, the Johnstone Spiritualist Church has been a part of Paisley’s culture, although it is currently not operating. Its aim was to provide a bridge between two worlds, the spirit world and the living. Guests met with trained mediums and there was opportunity to receive free spiritual healing. In its absence, people of Paisley are still able to partake in spiritual practices in other ways, often more modern. For example, you can engage in tarot readings online and over the phone, which can illuminate your understanding of a particular situation you’re in by giving you guidance that’s beyond the realms of your typical world. The ancient cards are full of knowledge and wisdom, and rely on energies and even spirits to give you their outcomes.

Our Pagan Past

Although Christianity is the most prominent religion in Scotland, our past is rich and diverse, which means it wasn’t always this way. In fact, the Celts were thought to practice something called Celtic polytheism, which focuses on a belief in multiple gods or goddesses, as opposed to one singular god. Little is known about these people, but it’s thought that they probably practiced some form of paganism or druidism, which often deals with spells or rituals. This suggests spirituality was important to them.

It’s very likely that the people of Paisley would have also partaken in these traditions, but by the time Christianity came to Scotland, it took over. You’ll be familiar with the medieval Abbey here. It dates all the way back to the 12th century, and by that time most of the pagans would have been long gone.

The Paisley Witches

While the majority of those of the druid faith would indeed have long departed, that didn’t stop certain townsfolk being accused of witchcraft! Everyone has heard of the Salem Witch trials, but a lot of people don’t know that similar persecution happened right here in Renfrewshire and all over Scotland. The Paisley Witch Trials of 1697 seem unfathomable today, with seven individuals being accused of practicing magic when it was absolutely frowned upon to be anything but dutiful to the biblical God. A strange altercation with a child who then experienced fits was believed to signify it had been “cursed”, and seven individuals accused of exhibiting strange behavior in relation to this were put to death.

Today, people here in the town are far more forgiving and realise that the child’s fits were probably based on medical issues. However, the town has a memorial in remembrance of the tragedy that features a horseshoe – just in case the curse is real, and bad luck falls upon us all!

Paisley is a fascinating town for a plethora of reasons, but its spiritual, often occult nature (both past and present) makes for a more interesting story than most. 

gavin newlands mp

Gavin Newlands, SNP MP for Paisley and Renfrewshire North, is scheduled to go head to head with Robert Skillen, the disgraced director of the now liquidated company HELMS. Skillen and HELMS are accused of miss-selling thousands of solar panels and Energy efficiency adaptations to households across the UK.

Shockingly, HELMS operated under the backing of the UK government, through its flagship Green Deal Scheme, households have been left struggling, burdened with unaffordable debts, faulty workmanship, and at times trapped from selling their homes.

gavin newlands mp

Newlands has previously called for Skillen to see the ‘inside of a courtroom’ after discovering his constituency of Paisley and Renfrewshire North has been affected by Green Deal miss-selling more than any other constituency in the UK. He and other MPs are calling for accountability and redress for their constituents. Gavin, after seeing first-hand the affect this has had on households in his constituency is determined to see resolution. So much so that, Skillen has recently appeared in the media, struggling to defend his actions.

Newlands and Skillen have both been invited to participate in a discussion on STV’s flagship current affairs program, Scotland Tonight, which will be taking place this Thursday (29th) at 10:30pm. The head to head will be centred on the accusations that MPs have laid on Skillen in parliamentary debates.

In anticipation of Thursday night’s broadcast, Newlands said:

“I am looking forward to challenging Skillen face to face. He has been incognito for some time now, in hiding, cowering away from any accountability.

“His company was responsible for severe financial stress and who knows what other problems, all so he could make a quick buck. He has used classic underhanded dodgy salesman tactics to deliberately miss-sell so aggressively that he may well have to face criminal charges.

“Skillen has been a blight on the communities that I represent. But make no mistake, his actions were enabled by a careless UK Government who were more concerned with positive PR than seeing a policy implemented properly.

“It is ultimately the UK Government in Westminster that is responsible for cleaning up this mess, I urge them to act now to provide immediate financial redress to my constituents and anyone else out of pocket thanks to Green Deal miss-selling.”

Gavin on Facebook: