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According to some established sources and consumer advocates, many British people use fast payday loans to acquire small amounts of funds for a short period of time.

Most of these are perilous loans because loan companies don’t always apply sound business practices (not the case with all lenders, most of the companies are registered with local governmental bodies), and people get stuck in situations and can’t repay.

Learning the tips on choosing a reliable payday loan company and how to get a payday loan refund can help people who need short-term credit and want to avoid some of the major risks involved in this type of lending.

Choose Lenders That Are Associated with Larger Institutions

Loan companies that branch out in different types of financial loans may be a bit more legitimate than various other small, fly-by-night companies.

Some national lending institutions or even statewide ones have entered into the short-term loan industry (i.e., “payday loans”).

Many of these loan providers are more inclined to follow trustworthy lending practices than the independent loan companies that might just work from a single shop or at any street corner.

Make Sure You Check the Lender’s License

Approximately half the subnational divisions or counties with the consent of some districts of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have passed legislation that allows specific payday loan lenders to operate.

This legislation requires all those loan companies to acquire licenses to be permitted to operate in the country. The license signifies that the lending company has been reviewed by federal or state authorities and generally follows authorised business practices.

Before you decide to borrow from any payday lender, you should ask for their license number and some other details. You can also contact the office of the Attorney General of your region to make sure that a license number is valid or to find out if a loan provider has a reputable record.

Examine the Lending Fee or Interest Rate   

Many financial institutions or some other established lenders advertise their interest rate. Some payday loan lenders do not advertise their interest rate. Instead, they set their “lending fee” or finance charge.

The lending fee seems acceptable at the moment, but when you calculate the interest rate, you might not be interested. So. always negotiate the lending fee before determining the interest rate.

Be Mindful About the Practice of Multiple Loans

In the UK, the law restricts payday loans of some particular lenders that exceed amounts. To operate under the laws, lenders break up a large amount of loan into multiple smaller ones that stay under the limit.

In this particular way, they charge a lending fee and set payment dates that in any other case would violate regulations. If your loan provider recommends creating a couple of loans out of one, you must be careful. As this may hinder the approval process in case the government bodies identify the company that is breaking up one loan into the multiple ones.  

When it comes to sustainable countries, Scotland plays an important role. The visions that are soon to be developed in Scotland regarding becoming more sustainable and encouraging projects that will transform the country in the long run stirred interest among other states. Since the Global Goals was launched in the 2015, Scotland decided to sign in and commit to a list of projections and goals that not all countries can promise to fulfil. Today, the Global Goals reached no less than 190 state members. Scotland promised to support the Global Goals by all means. Some of the goals that this country is involved in are very ambitious and might remain just goals for now. By 2030, most of them should be completed though. One of the factors that is disused in the Global Goals Agenda is represented by sustainability. Here are some other facts about sustainable development that have to do with Scotland:

Scotland’s mission in terms of sustainable development

Some of the goals that Scotland adopted to become more sustainable are related to the education or economy of the country. This happens because – without proper education or a good economy – the country wouldn’t be able to achieve the goals that it projected. In this sense, the number one goal that Scotland is trying to achieve is eradicating poverty. No family or individual in Scotland can be poor. All people should have a place to stay and food to eat. This has to do with the second goal of Scotland, which is ending hunger in the country. Ending hunger contributes to the third goal, which is encouraging better health and the well-being of the citizens. The quality of education comes next, as well as promoting gender equality.

In terms of sustainability, there are a few specific goals that need to be achieved as soon as possible in Scotland. The first one has to do with implementing an affordable, clean energy system. The country actively invests money in this sector, as it will be profitable itself in the future years, when it reduces the general costs of the country. Modifying the way industry and infrastructure are handled is part of the goals because new criteria is involved, taking into account the eco-friendly changes that the world is trying to make. Transforming cities in sustainable ones and educating communities to encourage this way of living is part of Scotland’s mission for the next few years. Encouraging a responsible consumption and production should help achieving another goal that Scotland has, which is taking climate action. The country protects life below water and life on land. All these wouldn’t be possible without offering decent workplaces which will lead to a visible economic growth and strong institutions. Scotland sets partnerships with other countries that are oriented towards these goals in order to achieve them faster.

Resources and organizations that sustain these goals

In order to achieve the goals and respect its mission, Scotland invested a lot of time, money and effort in raising organizations that are entirely dedicated to transforming the country into a more sustainable one. The organizations that fight for changing the country’s way of living are very numerous and they have diverse projections. Here are some of the most important ones:

  • Community Resource Network Scotland

This organization dedicated its time to inform the community about all the things they don’t know about a sustainable lifestyle, including details about Scotland’s efforts for recycling, reusing and reducing waste. The organization also puts together educational events in this sense. It is based on the example of baling and compacting waste in the UK.

  • Energy Saving Scotland Advice Center

This is an organization that is meant to help the citizens of Scotland to learn how to reduce their energy bills to a minimum by adopting a sustainable lifestyle. The company helps with providing people with important information regarding insulation, heating systems, A+++ appliances and so on.

  • Keep Scotland Beautiful

This organization is mostly based on helping people understand the impact of their activities on the environment, while offering convenient measurements to change the habits that are not eco-friendly with those that are beneficial. The organization is enhancing the importance of litter-free streets and investing in a sustainable environment.

  • Trip Share Edinburgh

This is a company that helps people find other people in the area that use their personal car to go to work or other places and encourages carpooling. This means that the number of cars in traffic is reduced and the level of pollution is decreased. The company also encourages renting bikes, walking on foot or sharing taxis.

  • Walk It

Walk It is a map that gives you the shortest, fastest routes to your destination so that you can walk on foot. It tracks the journey time, the number of calories burnt until reaching the destination, a precise step counting feature and the quantity of carbon saved by walking.

Universities that teach sustainability in Scotland

Because Scotland encourages sustainability practices, the country’s universities are now promoting obtaining a sustainability degree. One good example of institutions that teach sustainability is represented by the School of Interdisciplinary Studies at Dumfries, which offers students the chance to get their Environmental Science and Sustainability degree.

The modules at this school involve studying core environmental science, researching and discussing the global environmental issues that currently worry the world’s countries and understanding core Earth system science, absolutely paramount for making good choices in environmental moves. In the second year, students will learn what methods can be applied in environmental science, how farming systems can help a country become more sustainable and what options a country has when it comes to energy. In the third year, things get even more complex, as students will discuss the human impact on the Environment and applied ecology. During the final year, students will finish their studies in the environmental field, will complete their knowledge on environmental policy and management and will discuss future perspectives on the environment.


Paisley, a hidden town situated in the Lowlands of the beautiful Scotland, garners some of the best kept secrets bound to attract tourists venturing out to unexplored lands. As one of the biggest towns in Scotland, there are a surprising number of hidden attractions, things to do, scenery to admire and cultural history to explore without getting lost. For those seeking adventure and entertainment or something a little out of the ordinary, Paisley would be the ideal destination for camera happy folks. Here are some of the hidden tourist attractions you need to tick off your bucket list upon your next Scotland escapade.

Paisley Town Hall


The recently refurbished Paisley Town Hall has been the talk among tourists lucky enough to witness the majestic beauty of the building. Some of the biggest events are hosted here and visitors are allowed to explore the architectural expertise of an incredible building.

Admiral Casino Paisley

Situated in Moss Street, the Admiral Casino is a relatively new feature and considered to be one of the hidden best kept secrets of Paisley. Visitors can enjoy all the land based casino perks one would expect from a notorious established casino, however Paisley visitors can expect more! A selection of the latest slots machine releases are featured as well as free drinks and new specials on a daily basis.

For the tourist on a tight schedule, check out 2019’s live bets and never miss out on the chance to win some extra holiday cash.

The Hamills Waterfall

Definitely a must see, the Hamills Waterfall is the ideal location to post Instagram updates, Facebook posts and to snap up keepsakes pictures for the family photo album. The breathtakingly beautiful site holds history as well as beauty and can be explored at a leisurely pace. The hotel accommodation allows tourists to admire the beauty of the river and the waterfall during both evening and daytime.

Doors Open Days

The event ‘Doors Open Days’ isn’t so much an attraction as it is a well hidden secret. The event unfolds annually which allows visitors access to otherwise private locations and attractions. Only recently have more locals been taking part in the event which expands tourists discovery through Renfrewshire, normally kept away from tourists’ cameras. Each year is different and tourists would need to plan their vacations around the dates of Doors Open Days in order to gain access to more hidden gems of Paisley.


Cruises offer this perfect blend of excitement, relaxation and sightseeing. There’s something blissful about letting the cruise line do all the organizing while you and your family just sit back, eat stuff and wait for your next amazing destination to arrive.

While cruises offer a host of cool experiences, what they usually aren’t is cheap.

With the right planning though, you can make your big cruise plan a reality in 2019. Here’s seven savvy solutions for sailing the seven seas in 2019.


1. Earn Some Sweet Cruise Money

If your household is on a fixed income and saving is a real challenge, why not look into starting an awesome side hustle?

These days, there’s any number of mid-level-marketing businesses opportunities out there, from cleaning products to cosmetics. But for a more creative and life-affirming MLM business venture, why not start a home-based business?

DoTerra offers a beautiful selection of essential oil products, and they’re great gifts. Better yet, the company offers a decent commission plan provided you have a good social network around you to make some sales.


2. Hunt For Great Deals

Another great way to make your cruise dream a reality is to look for amazing deals. An obvious place to look is Groupon, but if you’re looking for a more targeted collection of cruise deals, it can’t hurt to go check out Expedia’s cruise page. Here you’ll find a regularly updated list of cut price cruise options.

But don’t leap at the first deal you find. Some deals are much better than others.

If you enjoy the thrill of the hunt, you might also want to follow @cruisedeals and @cruisedealsbtd on Twitter. These accounts regularly drop links to cruise deals with some pretty decent savings.


3. Book Off Season A Long Time in Advance


Booking off-season is a classic way to save money on your next vacation. It’s an especially good option to consider for a cruise though, because an off-season cruise is arguably a much more pleasant experience if you don’t like crowds!

Traveling off-season is also a cool option if you’re looking for a more authentic experience at your cruise destinations. Less tourists equates to more locals and a less manufactured local experience.

Of course, if you also book a long time in advance you’re doubling down on the potential savings. If you don’t mind a wait, that is.


4. Save Those Pennies (The Clever Way)

Sure you could stick an envelope on the fridge and throw spare pennies in there, but just being realistic, that isn’t exactly a quick way to build up a nice little cruise fund!

What if I told you though that there are apps which take the change-saving tactic to the next level?

Check out this site to see what I mean. Here you’ll find a handy list of savings apps.

These apps will track your bank transaction and round up, sending that little bit of extra change to a savings fund. The additional transactions are so small, you probably won’t even notice it working.

But before you know it you’ll have a cruise nest egg tucked away.


5. Go Large

It’s an inescapable law of economics that buying in bulk immediately lowers your price. This is as true of your next cruise as it is of buying a bumper packet of hand towels at Costco.

Instead of just thinking of your next cruise as a nuclear family affair, why not see if you can get the whole extended family to tag along? You might even want to look at the possibility of friends and coworkers. After all, it’s a big ship. You don’t have to live in each other’s pockets!

It’s worth pointing out too that big group bookings don’t just get lower ticket prices. Depending on the cruise, you may also be eligible for perks like onboard credit, discounts on excursions and meal vouchers.


6. Look Into a Repositioning Cruise

Cruises take a certain route for optimum cruising pleasure. Sometimes though, a ship has to move from one port to another in preparation for the upcoming season.

Now bear in mind, these aren’t always the full cruise experience. They may be quieter. The full range of entertainment options are unlikely to be on offer. But for many folks, that’s actually a good thing!

These quirky cruise options are offered by most cruise line websites but they’ll often be tucked away. Do a search for “repositioning cruise” and see what you find.


7. Consider an Older Ship

This is an obvious one but surprisingly, a lot of people overlook it.

Just like phones or cars, you’re going to be paying a lot more for the latest model. It’s the same thing with cruise ships. A cutting edge ship is going to set you back way more than a luxury cruise ship from a few years ago.

Check with your travel agents for cruises on older boats. You might be surprised at the savings.


Cruises can be pricey, but with the right combination of tricks and tips you stand a good chance of saving some serious money on your next big oceangoing voyage. Just don’t forget to pack the seasickness tablets.

Cheltenham Festival race” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Carine06

Thoroughbred racehorses are named after all sorts of things these days, and Paisley residents will claim Paisley Park as one of their own after winning the JLT Long Walk Hurdle over the Christmas period.

Victory in the three-mile festive feature race at Ascot was a first-ever Grade 1 success for connections of the seven-year-old bay Oscar gelding. Although trained in Wiltshire by Emma Lavelle and more likely to be named after the home of the late American pop sensation Prince, Paisley Park has thus emerged as a leading home hope for the Stayers’ Hurdle at the Cheltenham Festival.

Racehorse owner Andrew Gemmell plotted a campaign taking in handicaps at Aintree and Haydock en route to Ascot. In the Long Walk, Paisley Park was held-up well in touch andpushed along after three out making smooth progress before the penultimate flight to lead soon after the last. All jockey Aidan Coleman had to do then was drive his mount out to score by a cosy couple of lengths.

<iframe width=”853″ height=”480″ src=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/adZTbrwKWT8″ frameborder=”0″ allow=”accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture” allowfullscreen></iframe>

Bookmakers reacted to the sensational victory in a race where established staying sorts either failed to complete or disappointed by slashing Paisley Park’s price for the Stayers’ Hurdle in half. He is now best ante post odds of 12/1 with Ladbrokes – one of many firms that are sure to have 2019 Cheltenham Festival special betting offers aplenty come March.

There is some stiff competition in the Stayers’ Hurdle to be sure. And, the open nature of the race means there is some value to be found away from the favourites. Joining Paisley Park in what can be termed as value bets include: Next Destination at 16/1 (BetBright), Midnight Shadow at 20/1 (Betfair) and Black Op at 20/1 (Betfair). The latter had a couple of disappointing runs over the winter, but the fact the 8-year-old is as low as 11/1 with some bookies shows Black Op is still highly respected.

However, the plan is now to send Paisley Park to contest that other three-mile Grade 1 race at the Prestbury Park venue in the Cotswolds and he might just represent Britain’s best hope. He begins 2019 as the shortest price British trained potential runner in a market dominated by Irish raiders.

Strength-in-depth with Irish stayers

Horses from the Emerald Isle have won the last two renewals of the Stayers’ Hurdle, so it’s no real surprise to see the head of the betting packed with those trained there. Among Paisley Park’s possible opponents are reigning champion Penhill, who came to the Cheltenham Festival last year with no prep raceand still delivered for Willie Mullins.

<iframe width=”853″ height=”480″ src=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/-3BASuHO-tw” frameborder=”0″ allow=”accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture” allowfullscreen></iframe>

While Penhill is a top-price 7/1 ante post favourite with Coral to retain his Stayers’ crown, Gordon Elliott trained wonder mare Apple’s Jade is likely to have an entry after winning the Grade 1 Christmas Hurdle during the four-day festive meeting at Leopardstown. Owners Gigginstown House Stud tend to keep her against her own sex and drop back in trip for the 2m 4f Mares’ Hurdle, however, and that explains why bookmakers are as big as 10/1 in places but short as 3/1 elsewhere.

Gigginstown are also represented by Samcro in the market, yet he is a best price of 12/1 with Betfair after disappointing in three winless starts this season. Connections look to havewritten the campaign off and go again with novice chasing in the autumn. If neither of these oppose Paisley Park, then there’s no way his current odds will be available on the day of the Stayers’ Hurdle.

Ireland still holds a strong hand in the versatile and consistent Grade 1 performer Supasundae, however, who is a top-price 10/1 with Boylesports for this race after chasing Penhill home in last year’s renewal. This longer trip may be more to the Jessica Harrington trained gelding’s tastes now he’s a nine-year-old.

The same can be said of popular veteran Faugheen, who fell in the Christmas Hurdle but looked the force of old when beating Penhill by 13 lengths at the Punchestown Festival in April. Mullins’ other mount is 12/1 for Stayers’ success come Cheltenham where he’s previously won the Champion Hurdle and Ballymore for novices.

Paisley isn’t exactly known for opulent palaces or stately gentleman’s clubs, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of places to feel like a million pounds. The city and the surrounding area has long been home to titans of industry and well-heeled members of the nobility, who have left a legacy that everyone in Paisley can enjoy today. If you want to spend a day feeling like royalty, here’s where to go. 

Stately Homes 

When it comes to magnificently opulent homes, you can’t do much better than the Ardgowan Estate, just outside of town. This sprawling country pile has served as a film set for countless blockbuster films, with pretty much every big UK star having shot a BBC historical drama at least once here. The 300-year old estate is so over-the-top that it makes Downton Abbey look like a studio flat. It’s the perfect place for a member of the public to wander around the 100 or so rooms for an afternoon, pretending to be aristocracy.

For a more modern and unusual setting, see if you can arrange a day at the historic Formakin House, located close to the city centre. This early 20th-century mansion was built by an eccentric millionaire who made a fortune almost overnight on the stock market. The gothic pile is a curious blend of traditional Scottish architecture and more avant-garde styles of the era. This decadent homestead is a great place to feel like royalty.

Feeling special is about more than being in wealthy surroundings – an air of exclusivity is often necessary as well. If you want to feel like a member of the upper echelons, Paisley has some enticing options for you. To hobnob with the elite while experiencing some of the best golf on the planet, a membership to the exclusive Paisley Golf Club is an absolute necessity.

If you’re unable to blag your way into the hallowed grounds of the Paisley Golf Club, there are other options available to make you feel like a VVIP (Very Very Important Person). If you’re looking for some Monte Carlo-style glamour, as well as exclusive membership activities such as trips to Miami and Lapland, then signing up for a leading VIP Casino like Mr Green’s Club Royale is always an option. You’ll feel well-heeled wherever you are, without the stately golf club fees.

Drinking & Dining 

If you really want to drink and dine like its the last days of Versailles, head to the historic Cristal Restaurant at Mar Hall, which features all of the high ceilings, chandeliers, haute cuisine and £3000 bottles of champagne you could ever wish for. It doesn’t get much more regal than that. 

But for an indulgent night of fine dining and good wine in Paisley that’s a little more affordable, look no further than Pendulum on Gauze Street. For the ultimate gastronomic experience, make sure to try and book yourself a table, which features innovative contemporary Scottish fare in elegant surroundings. 

Paisley isn’t your typical luxury destination, but the rich local history and thriving cultural scene mean that there’s something for everybody, no matter what your tastes might be.



The festive season is a fun time for most people for many reasons. People are usually happier than usual because they get more time off work, get to spend time with their family, or look forward to the endless parties. However, this time of the year is also when people can become victims of crime. Unfortunately, there are people out there who want to take advantage and create misfortune for those out to simply have a good time.

In order to prevent your Christmas holidays from turning sour, try and stay as safe as possible. With that in mind, below are a few tips for staying safe.

Outdoor Safety

During the holidays, it isn’t uncommon to find that your things go missing or items get stolen. A safety tip would be to keep your valuables hidden at all times. It could be anything from expensive jewellery to gadgets that could draw the attention of criminals.

When walking on the pavement, you should always try and face oncoming traffic as it would make it harder for you to get your property stolen by two-wheelers. In addition to this, listen and be aware of your surroundings, especially at night, which means leaving the headphones at home.

Another tip to try is to make sure you move in groups of twos or more when going out to paint the town red this Christmas. At night especially, you want to try and be aware of your surroundings and avoid going places alone, especially areas that are unusually dark and quiet. Doing so should help make you feel safer and mitigate the chances of you being attacked or mugged.

For those who drink, remember to avoid driving and organise a taxi or public transport instead. Ultimately, it’s good to try and drink as responsibly as you can to avoid finding yourself in dangerous or harmful situations.

If you happen to be in an area or situation where things are getting rowdy, or you find yourself in the middle of a compromising situation, it may be best to leave. In the case that a conflict spirals out of control at any time and you’re arrested, the best thing to do would be to reach out to legal professionals such as criminal law solicitors London as they could help you resolve any legal complications.

Christmas Decorations

Fire safety is also a big one during Christmas, so remember to replace your alarm batteries and test it to ensure it’s working effectively. If you’re big on decorating, then other Christmas safety advice is to make sure your fairy lights are safe. You can do so by replacing any bulbs that blow, turn them off before bed and avoid overloading sockets.

Additionally, you want to try and make sure any decorations that you choose don’t burn easily, and you keep them away from lights, heaters and anything else that could trigger a fire.

Christmas should be a period filled with love, joy and happiness. However, accidents or mishaps could make it turn for the worst, so do all that you can to prevent them from happening. Hopefully, the above tips coupled with your intuition will make this Christmas the safest and most memorable one yet.


Security is a key priority when you run a business, especially online. Cyber-crime is an issue that is becoming more prevalent, and hackers are continuously developing ways to steal information from your business. Information that gets into the wrong hands can be damaging, so keeping your business protected online is essential. If you are wondering where to begin, here are five easy tips to get started.


  • Robust Anti-Virus Software – Make sure your anti-virus software is up to the job, and has all the features you require to protect your business. Threats can come from different places online, such as through emails, malware, and SQL attacks. This is when a multi-layered protection system comes into its own, such as from Sonicwall.




  • Regular Updates – You should always update anti-virus software regularly, as new developments make it better able to keep up with changing forms of online threat.




  • Encrypt WebsitesEncryption is used to make the data that is stored by your website undecipherable. It does this by turning it into an abstract code, and the only way to make it readable is if another party has the ‘key’ that unlocks the code. Encryption is added protection that can prevent hackers from getting access to sensitive information. Your web hosting company will be able to give you advice on encrypting your website, if you are unsure where to start.




  • Password Security – Have you noticed that when you are asked to create a password these days, you are often required to choose one that has over a certain amount of letters, must have at least one capital, use numbers as well as characters? There is a good reason for this. Hackers that try to get access to password protected areas may try combinations of common words, such as Password1. Easy to guess passwords will be quick to overcome, whereas having a broad range within a password is more difficult to crack.




  • Regular Back-Ups – When you back-up your files, you are saving yourself any hassle and potential irreversible damage, should your website or network be compromised. Ransom attacks are one form of cyber-attack that uses malware to harm your website and software you may be running. It is called ‘ransom’ attack, because a hacker will demand a sum of money for the malware to be removed. Having your files backed up to an external source means that you don’t have to bend to the demands of a ransom attack, saving you time consuming and costly work.



Keeping your business protected online is a key part of security, not just from the initial threat of cyber-crime. When done correctly, online protection helps your business to grow. This is because a well-protected business is trustworthy to its customers, because they know that the information you hold about them is safe. With ever more sophisticated ways that hackers use to gain access to information, keeping up-to-date with the best ways of protecting your business is a must.


Hospitals are supposed to be places that safeguard our health and wellbeing, but unfortunately there have been a number of cases over the years of children being abused by hospital staff while in their care.


In recognition of this, the government launched a new system at the end of 2014 to facilitate better sharing of information between health and social care professionals and help protect children at risk of abuse.


The Child Protection – Information Sharing project (CP-IS) brings together various IT systems to ensure staff have complete access to records of all of a child’s interactions with health and social care services, making it easier to recognise and support children at risk of abuse.


But what can you do if you suspect a child is being abused or is at risk of abuse?


Reporting child abuse to your local council


If you believe a child is being abused or is at risk of being abused, you can contact your local council and report the abuse. This will then be investigated by the council’s social care team.


More information on how to contact your local council to report child abuse can be found on the government’s website.


Report child abuse to the police


If you believe a child is at immediate risk of being abused in hospital, you should contact the police to trigger an urgent intervention.


Call 999 if you believe a child is being abused or is about to be abused.


Call 101 if you wish to report abuse that you believe has already taken place.


Speak to the NSPCC


If you have concerns, but are not sure what the appropriate action is to take it, you can contact the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC) for advice and support.


When to report suspicions of child abuse


Many people make the mistake of waiting to report their suspicions because they are not sure whether or not abuse has taken place. This risks missing the opportunity to prevent abuse or further abuse, so it is important to take immediate action if you think a child may be at risk of abuse.

The signs of child abuse vary from case to case and can be hard to spot, but common things to look out for include:


  • Unexplained changes in behaviour, such as becoming quiet, secretive or withdrawn
  • Reluctance to be left alone with particular medical staff
  • Use of sexual language
  • Unexpected knowledge of sexual information


Take a look at the NSPCC’s website for more information on the signs of child abuse.


Claiming compensation for child abuse in a hospital


Hospitals and their staff owe a duty of care to their patients, so if you or a loved one have been the victim of abuse in a hospital or other care setting, you may be entitled to compensation. Claiming compensation is often the only way to fund the help and support you need, such as counselling, as well as helping you to cope with the other ways in which being an abuse survivor can impact your life.


If you believe you may be entitled to compensation, we recommend speaking to a legal team with specific experience handling claims related to abuse in hospitals to ensure you get the sensitive, expert support you need.







Research is showing that household debt in the UK continues to grow at astronomical rates, and the government is trying to curb the trend and find solutions to this growing overspending epidemic. According to recent research, the average debt for UK citizens is now reaching a whopping £60,000, and there are no signs of this slowing down. Over this year, the average citizen has accrued an additional £870 in debt. This new reality has given rise to a whole host of alternative lending solutions and more demand than ever for debt management services. It’s also changing the relationship UK citizens have with finances and prompting more of them to adjust their spending habits accordingly.

Personal Debt Behind the Rise in Bankruptcies

It has been reported that over 270 people per day are currently forced to declare bankruptcy due to their high personal debt load. Credit card spending is also a main culprit in the country, which reached a grand total of £17b in the month of October alone. Charities and financial organisations are trying to help UK citizens be more aware of the dangers of credit card debt and look for alternatives instead.

The Rise of Alternative Lending Options

Lower credit scores and availability has given rise to a variety of alternative lending options that allow UK citizens to access favourable loans even with a less than stellar credit situation. Online lenders in particular tend to be more lenient with terms and allow applicants to apply for short term loans much more easily. Online loan brokerage services will even allow applicants to apply at one place and save them the trouble of having to look online for loans by connecting them with a wide variety of different lenders. This allows people with a rocky credit history to access the best interest rates and get a loan that works within their terms. The process is also much simpler than traditional lending solutions and the speed and ease through which applicants can access their funds is another reason many decide to turn to online lenders such as Cash Lady instead.

Low Income Households are Suffering the Most

PriceWaterhouseCoopers analysts also found out that low income households are the hardest hit when it comes to household debt and are also the most affected by the rise in interest rates. Debt levels are increasing at a much higher rate than economic growth, which is a growing cause of concern.

Problem is Not Limited to the UK

However, this issue is not limited to the UK, but is actually part of a bigger trend globally. Debt rates have been soaring worldwide and are at risk of causing a global financial crisis. More and more households are now feeling the crunch and find themselves unable to pay prior debt while accumulating more debt to cope with their immediate needs.

Consumer debt is a growing cause for concern for officials and we can expect more and more actions to be taken to resolve the situation. Either way, monitoring consumer spending is something each and every one of us have to be mindful of if we want to see any change.