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the cloud

Finding the right call center communications system for your enterprise can be a minefield. So what are the options? Typically, a business will look at either a cloud, on-premise or a hybrid combination of the two. Which is the best option for your organization? Let’s take a closer look.


An on-premise communication system is an in-house system often used by more prominent organizations such as banks and hospitals. This is where you have to house your communications and telephony hardware on site.

The most notable advantage is that you have more control, and a one-off hardware expenditure can cost you less in the long run. You also don’t have to rely on external providers to build new integrations.

If you rely on an external provider, you’re entirely dependent on them to keep your systems up and running; whereas, with an on-premises system, you can avoid that. If your hardware is on-site, your IT pros can get it up and running again.

Lastly, on-premise comms solutions are the best choice for companies handling particularly sensitive data. As we’ve already said, you have greater control over the system. Therefore you can tighten up security to improve your compliance with all the regulations pertaining to your industry.

The Cloud

This is where a business subscribes to a cloud-based service that’s provided by an external company. You may need to invest in routers, phones and a robust internet connection, but the rest is up to your third-party provider.

Most cloud-based solutions provide enterprises with both live and automated outbound and inbound communications. This usually includes interactions via SMS, email, webchat, social media and voice.

The benefits of this choice are clear. There’s no expensive hardware or cabling, so it’s cheaper. It’s also quick to install, whereas an on-premises network can take months. Plus, it’s flexible because you can add features and phone lines easily, although this may cost more. Typical examples of industries using this model include healthcare, tech, start-ups, marketing groups and traders.

Hybrid Communication

This is a combination of the above two options. So, not only does your organization have complete control over your hardware (as it’s stored in-house), you also get access to cloud-based comms services.

There are multiple benefits to such an approach. For instance, the transition from using existing PBX infrastructure and hardware to a cloud-based solution is much smoother. After all, you and your IT team don’t have to let go of all the machinery you’re familiar with in one go.

This solution also comes in handy if you want to enjoy the security of hosting sensitive data in-house but the flexibility of empowering your employees to work remotely. Needless to say, if you’re running a high-risk enterprise and you’re expanding rapidly into new offices, the ability to scale a hybrid solution also comes in handy.

Which Is Right for Your Business?

More and more high-security businesses like banks are choosing hybrid and in-house call center solutions. Namely, because they provide maximum security, good value for money and a higher degree of control.

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach, so choosing the right communications software for your organization is imperative. You need to pick a system that not only fits with the current needs of your business but also complements your future plans for growth.


A bacterium called legionella can cause severe pneumonia disease called legionnaires. It is commonly found in freshwater sources but rarely causes this illness. But it can cause this disease in water management plans. That is why; it is very important to maintain these big water sources. These water systems are very complex and hence a good place for this bacterium to multiply itself.  Moreover, it can also be found in other water sources such as cooling towers in large buildings, whirlpool spas, heaters, and hot water tanks, decorative fountains and showerheads. A little change in the temperature of the water increases the growth of Legionella. legionella risk assessment should be in place in such buildings water management plans.

A small amount of this bacterium cannot cause illness. If a sufficient amount is present in the water droplets then it can make a person ill. When a person breathes in such air, it directly enters into the lungs to cause pneumonia. However, this illness cannot transfer from person to person.

Who Is at Risk?

Healthy persons with a strong immune system have a low risk of this disease. But a person who has lung disease or older is at high risk. It includes;

  • People who are 50 years of age or older.
  • People who have any kind of chronic disease.
  • Peron with weak immune system.
  • People who certain health conditions like kidney failure, cancer, and diabetes.


Some common symptoms of legionnaires disease are as follows:

  • Shortness of breath
  • Cough
  • Fever
  • Headaches
  • Muscle Aches

Other common symptoms include diarrhea and nausea. However, these signs can take up to 10 days to appear after exposure. If you start to see any of the symptoms then you should see a doctor right away.

How It Can Be Treated?

The doctors can treat this disease with antibiotics. However, some patients need close monitoring to fully recover. This disease can also cause death and lung failure.

How to Prevent This Disease?

A simple way to prevent this disease is by regularly maintaining the water supply of the building. With proper maintenance, the bacterium cannot grow and multiply. Hence it is really important to regularly maintain the water system and disinfect it. If you have decorative fountains in the building then clean them regularly. This bacterium cannot grow in your car air conditioner because it does not use water for cooling. It spreads mostly in large buildings with complex water management plans.

There are many species of it but the most common that causes legionnaires is legionella. In all the previous outbreaks, this species was responsible. That is why; it is important to test the water samples for its presence. There are many tests, but the main test for this species is the most important. Rapid tests are not able to provide accurate results. A regular test for Legionella pneumophila is a way to make sure the water system is effective. Moreover, you need consistent data about the location of the bacteria to respond.


Betting online: learn helpful tips about making more money with sport and increase your winnings on a reliable website. 

Are you a sports lover with good knowledge in this area? Perhaps, you don’t miss football or any other matches and can predict the score? Then learn how to turn your hobby into the essential income with the opportunities of betting online service. Even small investments before a game can make you a rich person if the results of your predictions are right. Devote several minutes to reading the following tips and learn how to make more money with sport. What things can increase the sum on your deposit and which factors can influence on the frequency of your winnings?  

How The System Works

Gone are the days when anyone wishing to place a bet should go out and look for a reliable betting shop. Now everything is much easier: due to the options of online platforms for betting you just open the trustworthy website, choose one of the available sporting disciplines and try to predict the result. All the famous events can help you to earn. You can choose one of the following kinds of sport:

  • soccer;
  • basketball;
  • tennis;
  • handball;
  • icehockey;
  • other directions. 

After getting registered make a deposit to start your money working. And you don’t have to stop on one prediction. Divide your investments into several parts and place two or more bets to increase the chances of winning a lot. After doing that your task is just to watch the match and get the money if the game was lucky for you.   

Helpful Tips to Earn More

The working principle of the system is clear, everyone can make a deposit and take a risk. Sometimes the results will be really budget-friendly, and at the same time you are risking to lose some money. That’s exciting: the gamble makes all the match so emotional. But if you are going to place bets regularly and want to win more often, just use the tips below. How can you learn to make more money with sport?

  1. Don’t hurry up. Your decision shouldn’t be irrational when it comes to choosing the potential outcome of the game. Find the previous results of the team, compare them with its opponents’ and figure out your own strategy.    
  2. Learn the rules beforehand. To be a professional user of betting online websites you have to learn all the terms and find out the available sums for making a deposit or withdrawing, other important conditions. 
  3. Place bets only on reliable platforms. When it comes to sharing your personal information while getting registered, making a deposit or getting the money on your credit card, choose the betting online website in good standing.  
  4. Don’t make the deposit on your last money. The chance to win a lot is very attractive, but still you have to be rational and remember that there is a risk. Your bet should be placed only when you have some money left.   
  5. Always keep a sum on your online deposit. When you were lucky to win, don’t withdraw all the money from the system. If you leave a sum for the next bet, you have a chance to get a big prize again.

If you are not sure in your predictions, try to view a few matches without placing any bets. Write down the potential outcome and compare the results after the match ends up. If you see that you win pretty often, then it’s time to make a real deposit and to earn money by predicting the score. By the way: the more details you choose, the higher your coefficient becomes. 

What Kind of Sport to Choose

Your income also depends on the sporting discipline you choose. Of course, you can do it randomly and just trust to luck. But when you are looking for a way to win more often and earn a lot of cash permanently, choose the kinds of sport more carefully. You have to  explore the previous matches and learn the rules of the game which can make you rich. Pay attention to the sportsmen in the team, their weak and strong sides. Remember that the results at beginning of the season can be rather unexpected, so think and analyze a lot before placing your bet. Only in kinds of sport which you know well the predictions and the strategy will be the most exact. Do not despise the preparation and then the result will satisfy you a lot.    

Advantages of Making Money With Sport

The way of earning money with sport is not new, but nowadays betting is more affordable. You stay at home, watch a match of your favourite team and also have all chances to take a major winning. You even don’t need to have a PC if you prefer to use your tablet computer or a smartphone. Find out all the available information about the team, place your bet and then wait. All the work is done by the players, while your task is just to choose the right outcome. Due to this kind of making money you also stay up-to-date and find out all the interesting facts from the latest sports events. So, it’s right one of those times when you can just relax and get your pay for doing nothing.   

The Summary

There are lots of tips here to make your money work on you, especially with the impressing opportunities of sport events. You should prepare properly, be responsible and enjoy the match, of course. But the main advice for all users is just to give it a shot. You won’t learn exactly whether it’s profitable if you don’t try. Perhaps, even your first bet can bring you a fortune. And with the proper knowledge this kind of earning can become your main income. So, join the betting online platform, use the tips from the article and give it a try. 


Can you name some of the most famous Artificial Intelligence (AI) services that we use? You must be familiar with famous names like Google Assistant, Cortana, Siri, Alexa, and what not! Based on what the fundamental concept of AI offers, these applications help us a lot in our daily mobile usage. In our mobile phones, we use their services to have smarter and seamless experiences. Do you think that the capabilities of AI have limitations that end with the switching-off of your mobile?

Perhaps, no is the answer to this because AI is limitless when it comes to functions. Taking the help of AI, you can even set pricing rules for your company’s products. Surely, you did not expect that at all, and in this post, you are going to read about it. 

So, here are eight ways how Artificial Intelligence can help you in fixing pricing of your products:


Making Fast Business Decisions Is No Longer A Headache

In this exceedingly competitive market, if you want to make your company survive, be sure that you are fast. Not how you run physically, but how fast you can cope up with the market changes and respond accordingly. That is what the fast-paced digital world wants owners to do; just be fast in making business decisions. If you are asking how, then AI is your answer.

Just, for example, customers always expect the most advantageous prices for the products they will buy. A human can’t keep records of the updating best prices. Just rely on Artificial Intelligence as it can keep you updated now and then. Thus, making fast business decisions will never be a headache.


AI Services Never Mess With Accuracy

Just as said before, AI is practically limitless when you start to count its functions. Unlike programmed task-based systems, which do have limitations, AI focuses on machine learning technologies. You can use AI to get accurate support before taking the next big step with your business strategies. Using AI can be the safer choice to choose over human errors, thanks to its advanced analyzing capabilities of data patterns. 

In this respect, you can guess that your pricing decisions will also be more accurate than before. Better analysis of customers’ buying histories will make the idea clearer to you regarding how to set optimal prices.


Machine Learning Can Predict Prices Better

Being able to predict prices is just one of those amazing things that Artificial Intelligence does. AI’s main power is machine learning, which is itself capable of doing things better than what we do. Machine learning might sound simple but is complex, with a lot of actions going on to thrive better the next day. 

With the help of self-made algorithms, Artificial Intelligence can figure out the choices of individual customers and make better recommendations. As for you, the owner of the business, AI will help you in predicting prices better through machine learning.


AI Does Advanced MAP Monitoring

If you have missed out on what MAP stands for, then here you go – Minimum Advertised Price. So, what does MAP monitoring mean and, how AI plays a role in it? MAP monitoring is just like keeping a trace of the optimal pricing of a product. By MAP monitoring, you can get to know what the minimum price of an item appears on advertisements. 

Doing MAP monitoring through AI, you can decide the pricing of a product. AI uses its advanced algorithms to know the MAP of every product you sell. The reason behind MAP monitoring is to avoid selling a product below that price so that customers can rely on the standard.

Artificial Intelligence does a lot more than just deciding the best prices for your products. Mainly, if you are a retailer, then you can get more benefits in growing up your business with the help of AI. 

  • AI plays a big role in maintaining company-customer relations. Customers make you secure, so making them feel proud to be a loyal fan of your company is essential. AI does that by analyzing past data and histories.
  • Sorting out products based on different minute categories can make a customer find the needed things faster. That will encourage them to spend more time on your website. Well, that means your sales are about to rank up soon.
  • Rely on machine learning and start marketing in a different approach. Get to see better responses from more people.
  • Lastly, saving money using AI technologies can indirectly help your business. Otherwise, you would have needed to hire more laborers and spend a lot of them.

AI technologies are growing fast with every passing day. It is worth appreciating how it is helping retailers and owners grow up significantly and smartly.

athlete CBD

For the last decade or so, CBD has become the go-to remedy for inflammation, pain, and stress. It’s also gaining significant traction in the running world. Runners and endurance athletes are now turning to CBD oil for benefits such as:

athlete CBD

  • Anti-inflammatory effect 

During competitions and training, runners tend to experience joint inflammation. It’s even worse for retired athletes and amateur athletes. However, with the help of CBD oil, athletes can reduce joint inflammation as well as the long term cost of replacing knees or other joints. 

Additionally, CBD oil for inflammation allows for joint preservation as well as faster recovery. 

  • Improve sleep and reduce motivational disorders 

As an athlete, the one thing you need for recovery is sleep. However, a good number of runners have insomnia, which significantly affects their performance on the tracks. 

CBD oil helps reduce anxiety, especially before a race. This will help you rest and wake up fresh for the race. According to research, CBD has a therapeutic potential to treat insomnia. Enjoying better sleep before a race day will ensure that your heart rate stays balanced. 

The one thing that keeps athletes going is the will to persevere, which can be severely affected by motivational disorders such as depression, stress, and anxiety. Fortunately, CBD oil can help combat these issues. It will provide the necessary relief you need before a race. 

  • CBD for pain 

CBD oil can help relieve pain, especially sprains or other minor injuries that athletes experience when training or running. However, it’s not a cure for the pain. Therefore, regardless of how effective CBD oil is at combating pain, be sure to see a doctor. 

Unlike OTC painkillers, CBD oil doesn’t put you in a fog, thus allowing your brain to understand that your body is hurting. It’s a clearer and better way of relieving pain as it doesn’t clog your mind giving you a false sense of belief even when you are clearly injured. 

  • Faster recovery time 

Injuries are inevitable for athletes, especially in athletics, where runners push their bodies to the limit. The more you exercise a muscle, the more you’re exposing it to stress, which could lead to injury. This is why muscle recovery is a vital part of the training. 

After a workout or training, the immune system begins to repair and recovery of the microscopic tears from your training. This cycle of tear and repair allows your body to grow bigger muscles or adapt to the training. 

CBD oil fastens recovery in three ways; reduce muscle soreness, relieve pain, and help with sleep. After training, you can apply CBD oil to relieve soreness and muscle pain. Rest is also a crucial part of recovery. Therefore, using CBD to combat insomnia will help your muscles recover. When sleeping, the body will produce a growth hormone known as Melatonin, which facilitates muscle recovery. 


CBD oils like Love Hemp are great for athletes, and their benefits are immense from improving sleep to controlling appetite. All of which are vital for longevity and performance.


It starts as early as your baby shower – friends and relatives often write generous checks in Baby’s name in lieu of gifts. Even though it may seem early, now’s the time to put those checks away and start planning for Baby’s future! 

There are many ways to save for the future of your baby, regardless of whether you have a little or a lot to put away. Even if you start small, with the right strategies you can make your child’s financial outlook a lot brighter.


Many new parents are given this advice. But along with the advice, myriad questions arise: What if we are just starting out and don’t have much to contribute to an account? When should we start saving? What type of an account should we open? What should we do with a large gift of money given to our baby? 

Whether you have a little or a lot, almost everyone can begin saving for their baby. “My advice is just start – even if it’s only five pounds a month,” says Barry Gore of St. Paul, Minn., father of 2-year-old Mitchell and one-year-old Bradley. Most banks allow an account to be opened with a balance of £10. Gore’s mother began a savings accounts for him and his three siblings when they were very young. “At first she just kept the money in an envelope,” Gore remembers. “Then, as the savings grew, Mom opened a savings account in the bank for each of us.” Through the account, Gore’s mother gave her children the opportunity to learn about money management. “We had to fill out the deposit slips, sign the backs of checks written out to us, learn all the paperwork involved,” Gore explains. “It’s a way to teach kids so that when they start raking leaves or mowing lawns they can contribute to their account and become savers.” Gore is now saving for his children, regularly putting money away for their college years. 

James Knoll, a tax and financial advisor in Strathclyde stresses the importance of beginning early. “Parents should estimate projected college costs and what their annual funding should be to cover these costs,” Knoll says. The ability to spread out the cost of college out over a long period of savings “will reduce the financial stress associated with education planning.” 

Do the Math! 

How much will you need to save each year for Junior’s college tuition? Follow these steps to find out: 

  1. Choose a school similar to the one Junior may attend. 
  2. Inquire about yearly tuition costs. 
  3. Multiply by the current inflation rate (5 percent). 
  4. Add extra amount due to inflation to the yearly tuition cost. 
  5. Multiply by four, for the four years Junior will attend. 
  6. Divide by the number of years between now and Junior’s first year of college.

This is approximately how much you will need to save each year to cover Junior’s college tuition. 


Tuition: $20,000
5 percent inflation: $10,000
Yearly total: $30,000
Four-year total: $120,000
Divided by 17: $7,060

“Even if you can only afford to put in $25 a month when your baby is born, at 10 percent interest you’d have $13,000 when Junior turns 17 years old,” says Thomas Nohr, certified financial planner from Castro Valley, Calif. and co-author of Financial Success in the Year 2000 and Beyond. For parents who don’t have a lot of money when their baby is young, Nohr recommends starting a Roth Individual Retirement Account. Up to $2,000 can be contributed yearly, or $4,000 for a married couple. A Roth IRA then allows a $10,000 withdrawal, without taxation, to be taken out for each dependent for the purpose of education. 

After building the Roth account to $500, Nohr suggests that parents then expand into an education IRA account, which allows a contribution of $500 per year per social security number listed on the account. “When Uncle Bob gives Junior $25 for her birthday, an education IRA account gives you a place to put the money without being taxed,” Knoll says. “The money can only be used for education, and there is no tax whatsoever” when the money is withdrawn for that purpose. Another plus is that “if more than one child is on the education IRA account, and one child decides not to attend college, the amount can be used for other children named in the account.” An additional advantage is that the savings in an education IRA should not detract from a student’s eligibility for financial aid. 

Once parents have more to invest, Nohr recommends looking into a section 529 plan (also known as Qualified State Tuition Programs) or a Universal Gift to Minor Account (UGMA). “These 529 plans let you invest larger sums of money than other education savings programs with the advantages of tax-deferred earnings growth and reduced taxes on withdrawals,” Knoll says. 

A section 529 plan allows you contribute up to $10,000 per year for each beneficiary. However, as much as $50,000 for each beneficiary may be contributed in one year ($100,000 for married couples) without paying federal gift tax, provided that no more contributions are made to that beneficiary over the next five-year period. Once the total amount for a single beneficiary totals $246,000, no more can be contributed. The earnings, however, can continue to grow. 

The UGMA (similar to the Universal Transfer to Minors Account – UTMA) allows a minor to own mutual funds or stocks, or can be used as a place to accumulate gift money given to the child. Such an account may not be the best choice for college savings, however, according to Nohr. If the account is registered in the child’s name, the money in the UGMA may work against the child being able to qualify for financial aid. “If Grandma and Grandpa want to keep the money out of that crazy son-in-law’s hands, though, the advantage of a UGMA registered in the child’s name is that it is irrevocable – it can’t be taken out” except by the child when he reaches majority age. On the other hand, when Junior turns 18 or 21, he may decide to use the account for party money, Nohr says. “If the account is in the parents’ name, they can choose what time is appropriate to give a monetary gift to the child.” Having the account in the parents’ name also works for the child’s advantage when Junior applies for financial assistance. 

Ways to Save for Baby’s Future 

  • Bank savings account 
  • Roth IRA account 
  • Section 529 Plan 
  • Mutual funds 
  • Trust fund

Bank fees for maintenance of the account are one of the disadvantages of a UGMA, whereas many mutual funds companies have no fees. Equity based investments and mutual funds have historically proven to offer the largest return over a long period of time. Knoll cites a Standard and Poors 500 Index Fund as an example of an indexed mutual fund that would be a good saving vehicle for Baby. An S&P; 500 is diversified along asset classes and does not try to compete in the stock market, according to Knoll. Therefore, it’s a safe and steady way to increase your money. “If parents put £5,000 into a bank savings account at 4 percent interest when Baby is one year old, Junior will have £9,800 when she turns 17,” Nohr says. “If put into a mutual fund, however, at 10 percent interest, Junior will have £27,000.” 

Using loans 


It is extremely important that when conducting a search for instant cash loans that you take your time in finding a suitable lender. 


There are lots of emergency cash providers out there that are ready to give you the cash you need in an instant. One such lender, SimplePayday, advises all customers to look for licensed websites only and to be on the lookout for scams and unprofessional companies that are ready to sell your information or con you out of your money. This is why you should never just start filling out an application without first doing your homework. Here are a few tips to help you out: 


  1. Check review sites – People talk. Whether they’ve had a horrible experience or a good one, they are going to tell it to others. You can find review sites with loads of customers talking about their experiences with a particular loan provider. By doing a quick search on the company you want to apply with you will easily discern whether they are legit or a scam of some sorts. 
  2. Check privacy policies – when you apply for a cash loan you are providing the lender with a lot of important and personal information that in the wrong hands could be dangerous. Therefore, before you fill out the application, find out what the company’s policies are on privacy. They should have this clearly listed on their site for you to see. You want to make sure that they don’t sell your personal information to anyone without your prior permission. 
  3. Check their licenses – there are some areas that don’t allow for payday loan lenders to operate. Therefore, before you apply check to see that they are bonded and/or licensed to provide loans to residents in your area. If you can’t find this information a quick call to customer service should do. 


More options for saving

Another option is a trust fund, and there are many ways to set one up. According to Nohr, inheritances are, on average, spent within 17 months of inheriting. Parents or grandparents can set up a living or testamentary trust and stipulate conditions. “For example, Junior can have one third of the value of the trust at age 21, receive half of what remains at age 30, and the remaining half at age 35. It’s a way to save kids from themselves.” While “trusts are very flexible in their use for education funding, they can be expensive,” says Knoll. “There are costs associated with their creation and continued administration; for example, the necessity to file an income tax return on the trust each year.”


However, Marc Freedman, a certified financial planner in Peabody, Mass., says “some mutual fund companies have designed ‘trust funds’ which may meet your needs at a much lesser cost.” 

Brette Sember of Clarence, New York uses a combination of methods to save for her 8-year-old daughter, Quinn, and her 3-year-old son, Zayne. “They both have savings accounts, government bonds and investment accounts,” says Sember. “The savings accounts were opened when they were babies, the bonds were gifts at birth and the investments were set up by their grandparents after birth.” Holiday and birthday money is deposited into the savings accounts, but the investments have been left to grow on their own. 

Sember has also chosen a combination of ways to register the accounts. “The savings accounts are registered jointly with [me or my husband], one of the investments for our daughter is joint with one of us and the others are in our names only. Our financial advisor suggested putting the latest investments in our names only so that we would have control of the money even after the kids are 18.” 

Sember agrees with Gore that “it is important to think about college far in advance. If you wait until the child is a teen it’s almost impossible to save enough.” But Nohr says not to beat yourself up if you haven’t saved. Parents are often stretching just to fund the regular expenses of raising children. “Today, kids cost $106,000 to raise,” Nohr says. “That’s a lot of money!” 

Your best bet, according to Nohr, is to get the advice of a trustworthy and knowledgeable financial planner who can show you how best to grow Baby’s money. Even if you start small, as did Gore both for himself and his children, with the right strategies you can make your baby’s financial future a lot brighter. 


Being a student can be financially tough and unless we are fortunate to have a wealthy family that can provide everything for you then you will need to be able to fund yourself through your studies as it’s increasingly expensive to go to university or college with free tuition and the existence of student grants being a thing of the past. This can be done via student loans and getting yourself a part-time job. Traditionally a student part-time job would be something like bar work, or a Saturday job in a shop, but here we look at some more out of the ordinary ways of making money as a student


Seat Filler


Did you know that for large televised events big production companies like these events to look successful? So much so that sometimes they are willing to pay people to sit in these otherwise empty seats. It’s not a regular way of getting work but is a bit out of the ordinary and you can easily register to be considered for something like this.


Freelance Work From Home


There are so many opportunities for young students to work remotely from home, or anywhere else for that matter, this is a new phenomenon with the rise of online life. There are so many things you can do as well, from writing, to design or maybe teaching or tutoring, the possibilities are almost limitless. This can allow you to set your own schedule, work around your studies and take on a heavy work-flow when it suits you and not so much when it doesn’t.




Why not consider using your looks to make some cash, pretty much anyone can be a model and if you are comfortable showing yourself off and being photographed then this can be a very good way to make money, again working around your schedule. If you want to find out what work is available for your then modelling agencies can help you find this out.


Medical Trials


You can be paid for being a participant in medical trials for new drugs and treatments and the pay can vary from small payments going right up to ones in the thousands for more complicated or risky trials. These trials are run by both the NHS and private drug companies, but no matter who conducts them they should be under obligation to fully disclose to you what is involved in terms of risks before you begin. You will find more opportunities in larger cities such as London but there are trials held over most of the country.


Brand Ambassador


One new and novel way of being paid is to be a brand ambassador. You will be responsible in many ways of simply promoting the brand of the company that employs you. If you have a strong social media, blog or YouTube presence then you demand more money for the influence you are essentially leasing out to the firm. So if you love being outgoing and promoting things then this could be for you.

free app

free app

Smartphones these days are occasionally used for taking or making calls, as most people are hooked to the apps that they can download and use. There are thousands of standalone apps that are made to serve a specific purpose, and more are in development.

There’s an app for most of the things that you can think of. Be it for games, restaurants, flights, hotels, reading, gambling, shopping, etc. – if you can think it, there is an app for it.

Apps specifically for Android and iOS

Most of the apps are designed for two most popular platforms – Android and iOS. There are apps for other platforms as well, such as Windows and Blackberry, they really occupy a very small percentage. The operating system that your smartphone uses determines which app store they can download form. For android, it is Play Store; for iOS, Appstore.

Some of the apps are free to use, others need to be bought, while some have in-app purchases that you can make. For this article, we have compiled a list of 10 apps that are, in-essence, used by most of the smartphone users.

  1. WhatsApp Messenger

WhatsApp is an instant-messaging service that really makes making calls seem obsolete. It is free to download and use to send messages, photos, videos, make video calls over the WiFi. If you are using 3G or 4G, data charges may apply.

  1. Google Maps

Thanks to Google Maps, all our maps have become compressed and neatly organized in our smartphones. Using GPS-navigated real-time maps, you can easily get from point A to B on the quickest route. It also highlights various other establishments such as banks, restaurants, gas stations, and much more.

  1. No Deposit Bonuses

If you want to unwind and play a few casino games such as Spin Palace casino NZ login you can even avail casino bonuses on your smartphone for free and require only a sign up on a casino. After only a few taps, you will be playing all your favorite pokies for free.

  1. Dropbox

Dropbox allows users to store and share large files on a cloud-like storage platform. The basic account is free and has a storage space of 2GB. The file sharing allows users to send files even to people who do not have a Dropbox account. The shared folder capacity allows users to choose who gets to share or edit their folders.

  1. Facebook

With more than 1.4 billion users, Facebook is the world’s most used social media platform. It can easily be downloaded on smartphones for free and comes in a lite version as well. Users can also make use of the standalone app Facebook Messenger which is similar to WhatsApp.

  1. Quik

If you like to record and edit videos, then this video-editor app is a must-have. You can even add up to 200 photos to your videos and make a montage with some music behind. Thereafter, you can add effects, texts, or titles before you share it across different social media platforms.

  1. Kindle

Kindle is a free e-book reader built by the ecommerce giant Amazon. It allows you to read various books that are available on Amazon as well as those on your smartphones. You can also get free books if you give their search a shot, some of which are classics that are a delight to read.

  1. Google Translate

Given the multi-cultural nature of our world, a language translating app is a boon when it comes to communicating with people who hail from starkly different backgrounds. Use it to type in a phrase or dictate it and get the translation instantly in your preferred language.

  1. Instagram

Instagram is one of the world’s most popular app where users can display their creativity through photos and short videos. You can follow other Instagram users, be they your friends, or celebrities. The posts on Instagram are designed to be shared with other social media as well.

  1. Twitter

Twitter allows users to share their thoughts and opinions with their followers, and has been around for a while now. With only a maximum of 140 characters, it limits the users from dumping a ton of information on the followers, thereby keeping things succinct and light. You can also respond to, retweet or call out to other tweets as well straight from your smartphone.

frozen tree

christmas feet up

Now that winter’s well on its way you might think the best thing to do is batten down the hatches, put on the fire and settle down in the warm – especially as they’re predicting weather that’s going to make the Beast from the East in 2017 just seem like a bit of cold snap. But staying in’s boring and there’s so much to do for almost everyone that there’s really no excuse. With that in mind, here’s a round-up of ten ways to get out and about over the next few months and have the time of your life.


Paisley Winterfest


Let’s start with a great event that’s very popular every year. The Paisley Winterfest runs from November 23rd right through till December 30th with only one day off for Christmas. There’s going to be plenty of fun including Santa to visit, food stalls and much more besides. At the heart of it all will be a fantastic open-air ice rink where you can get your skates on and see just how good you’d be if you found yourself competing in Dancing on Ice!


Christmas Lights


Nothing says the festive season is coming quite like the big switch on of Christmas lights and this year’s event in Paisley promises to be one of the best ever. It’s on Saturday November 16th and the day starts off at 12.30 with the ever-popular reindeer parade. Then there’s an afternoon of music and dance on the main stage culminating in a special performance from the X Factor stars Reggie ‘n’ Bollie at 5.25. Then, at 6, it’s the big switch on and the real festivities begin.


Christmas Craft Fair


If you’re looking for the perfect gift for friends or family, then you’ll be sure to find it at the Craft Fair at the Kilnside Evangelical Church. It runs from midday till 3pm on Saturday November 23rd. Pop along and you’ll find all kinds of crafts for sales from delicious jams and chutneys to pictures, Christmas cards and even hair bands and other accessories. It’s also the perfect place to get a bite to eat and a hot drink too – a very welcome treat on a cold November Saturday!


A Night at the Bingo


Here’s a great way to brighten up a dark winter night. Bingo’s fun at any time of year but it’s best when you’re inside in the brightly lit hall alongside all your fellow players. The best place for a traditional bingo hall experience is in the Mecca Bingo in Saucel Place. And it’s not just open at night, it’s there for you all through the day, seven days a week. Of course, you might want to stay indoors and play online instead. In which case just a quick search will make finding the best bingo sites easy.


Fountains Gardens

frozen tree

For a real breath of fresh air then why not head for Fountains Gardens? As long as you wrap up warm – as Billy Connolly famously said “there’s no such thing as bad weather, it’s more a question of wearing the wrong clothing” – it’s a great place for a walk on a crisp winter’s day. Make sure you check out the spectacular fountain that gives the park its name as well as one of Scotland’s very best statues of Robert Burns.


Renfrew Museum


If museums are your thing then the one at Renfrew is a must. Open every day of the week and free to enter, it may be compact, but it packs an awful lot in. The galleries are divided into the four elements with Earth looking at the area’s social history, Fire exploring heavy industry, Air highlighting the importance of Renfrew Airport and Water revisiting the area’s shipbuilding heritage. After just one visit you’ll appreciate that, for a relatively small place, Renfrew’s had a big influence on the world.


Hogmanay Ceilidh


If you want to see 2020 in with style, then there’s nowhere better than the Hogmanay Ceilidh that’s going to be held at the Salvation Army meeting rooms in Paisley from 8pm till midnight on December 31st. You’re promised a traditional accordion band who will play all the traditional favourites and there’s even a light supper included in the £10 ticket price – plus under 16s go free.


Glennifer Braes Country Park


If one of your new year resolutions is to be more fit and active then Glenniffer Braes Country Park could be a great place to start. There are miles of trails to cycle, run or walk. Wherever you go in the park you’ll come across unexpected and spectacular views as well as all different kinds of wildlife, even in the middle of winter. If you want to take things a little easier it’s also ideal for a gentle stroll and you can even download some routes before you go.


Snow Factor


It could be that we’ll be lucky with the weather and avoid heavy snow. In which case you can satisfy your urge for the white stuff at Snow Factor. Just off Junction 26 of the M8 half way between Glasgow and Paisley, it’s the UK’s premier ski and snowboard centre with the country’s longest indoor natural snow slope. There’s also an ice wall to try and scale and a sledging track to speed down. You’re certain to also build up an appetite and where better to satisfy it than in the centre’s Bavarian-style restaurant?


Music Medicine Fest


Running from 10am until 4.30pm at the Thomas Coats Memorial Baptist Church, Paisley on Sunday January 26th this is your chance to work with others to make some great music. Even if you’ve never picked up an instrument before, by the end of the day you’ll know all about how to collaborate on pieces that use rhythm for the body, melody for the heart, harmony for the soul and silence for the mind.


Hopefully these suggestions will give you more than enough to keep you occupied through the long winter months – and you could even pick up a new hobby or skill in the process!


What is paraphrasing? Why do writers need to paraphrase content before making a submission? Let us go through an example to gain more understanding and clarity. Consider that you want to work on the web content of a website related to furniture. To get some idea, you would access the internet and collect related content. Usually, several websites and other online sources are accessed to get relevant information.

The key point is that the information collected does not belong to you. It belongs to the actual author who has created it from the start. Thus, if you are using the content for web content writing or any other writing task, regulations have to be followed in this relation.

Paraphrasing is required to combat copied content

A writer who even submits copied content once loses his reputation for ever. Hence, irrespective of the purpose for which content submission has to be made, proper paraphrasing is important. The problem is that paraphrasing is not something you can complete instantly. A lot of time is needed to read through each line and then paraphrase the content.

One has to be very careful while performing paraphrasing tasks. Even if you skip one line or part of the content, your submission would be rejected. In case of web content, if plagiarized material is published, both the writer and the website would lose the credibility forever. Thus, it is important to be sure that paraphrasing is done with complete efficiency. This is only possible if a paraphrasing tool is being used.

The advantages of a good paraphrasing tool

It is an undoubted fact that Prepostseo paraphraser offer several benefits to the users. Some of them are written below.

No fears of skipping deadlines


Skipping deadlines is not a positive act when you are submitting content. For instance, students do skip deadlines when they are working on tough academic papers. This mostly happens when they are unable to complete the paraphrasing tasks on time. The use of a paraphrasing tool saves the day whether you are a student, blog writer or web content writer.


  • Simply compile the content and paste it in the given text box. This is one way to upload the content. If you have the content as a PDF or DOC file, it can be uploaded directly without being uploaded as a file. In other words, users can use any of the two options. When you are done with the content uploading, click the “paraphrase” button given below. After that, the tool would paraphrase the content on end to end basis. In other words, the content would be rephrased without any manual rewriting.


  • When all the time spent on paraphrasing is saved, it would be much easier to submit things on time. If you have to submit multiple blogs, using this paraphrasing tool would be big help for you. Once you have collected relevant material for each post, use this tool for paraphrasing and you are good to go.


100% original content without a thought of doubt


One cannot afford to have doubts when content is paraphrased. There should be 100% assurance that the content has been rephrased without any mistake. The use of a paraphrasing tool is the best solution for this problem. These tools check content through automated programming methods as compared to humans who use manual proofreading. As humans, when we are working on a task, there is always a chance of making errors and paraphrasing is not an exception. Thus, if you want to attain complete assurance that the paraphrasing has been done without any errors, using this tool is the most convenient way out.


  • Once you have submitted the content, there is no turning back so taking chances is not intelligent thinking in any manner. If you are using a quality paraphrasing tool, you can be rest assured that no part of the content would be left unchecked. In a nutshell, you would not have to be worried about submitting plagiarized information.


An easy User Interface to deal with


It can become a frustrating situation when you need to use a tool that has a difficult interface. If the features are hard, a certain span would be required to understand how the tool works. You would only be able to use the tool once you have attained complete command on the user interface. If you are dealing with tight deadlines, this can obviously be a problem for you.


  • Paraphrasing tools are very simple so any user can use them without facing hardships. There is no need to learn a long list of options and then use the tool. Once you have uploaded the content in the form of a file or as text, the tool would run through the content and paraphrase it. No other task has to be completed by the user.


  • If you are using a paraphrasing tool, a lot of time does not have to be spent. There is nothing to worry if you are running out of time. This tool paraphrases content instantly so as a user, you don’t have to worry about anything. Students who have less time left to complete a submission can instantly complete the paraphrasing tasks using this tool.



Paraphrasing is not something optional. Before submitting content for an academic assignment, blog or any other purpose, paraphrasing is absolutely essential. If you are using content that has actually been written by someone else, it has to be paraphrased properly. Submitting copied content is a big problem and writers should avoid it.

Using a paraphrasing tool is the finest way to get content rewritten. The writer does not have to spend any time to rewrite the content. He only has to upload the content and the tool would do the rest. This tool makes it a lot easier to submit original content without skipping deadlines.