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Got an idea for a business, but don’t know where to start? It’s a problem faced by many budding entrepreneurs. Starting a business requires a fair bit of planning, and it’s best to go in prepared with knowledge of the necessary steps.

In Paisley, many entrepreneurs have overcome the initial hurdles. In 2020, there are 4,565 small businesses in Paisley and Renfrewshire, data from the Office of National Statistics shows. In the past year, growth in the number of small businesses has been low. Compared to 2019, there are 40 more businesses with less than 50 employees in Paisley and Renfrewshire, showing only a 1% increase.

So, what steps should you take to join the ranks of small business owners in Paisley (and beyond)? Here’s how to get started.


Putting together a business plan

First things first, every business should start with a plan. In order to do this, begin with conducting a bit of market research. Which similar products/services are already out there? How would you differentiate your offering from them? Also, look at how well other similar businesses are doing. It can help you gauge the size of the market, but also spot the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors. After you’ve done your research, write down a clear plan of how you’ll structure, fund and run your business.


Deciding the business structure

You’ll need to decide upon the type of company you’re setting up, where you’ll be operating and whether you plan on taking on employees. Most businesses register as a sole trader, limited company or partnership. As a limited company, there’s less personal liability for the company’s debts than with being a sole trader or partnership. Then again, limited company insurance is more costly, and you’ll have more reporting and management responsibilities. What would be the best choice, depends on the circumstances of your business.


Sorting the paperwork

When you’ve got the business plan in place and the basics decided, it’s time to file the paperwork. You’ll need to register the business, check if any licenses or permits are needed, and get the necessary insurance. Using the UK government’s license finder makes this easier to figure out. Reading up on the types and cost of business insurance can save you a fair bit of trouble, and money, as well.

When you have the registration and licensing ready, it’s time to open a business bank account. Make sure you’re clear on taxes and bookkeeping, too. Many businesses choose to hire help with accounting, but with a bit of research and numeracy skills, it’s not impossible to handle yourself.


Setting up shop

Finally, when all the boring (but crucial) steps are taken, you can set up shop. Getting the business going might not be easy, and can take more than it gives back. Utilising your network to find customers and investing some time (and possibly money) in marketing can help you along at this stage.

Starting a business can seem like a great deal of work, and it is. Before launching into entrepreneurship, it’s a good idea to think the whole process through. Doing proper market analysis and putting together a plan will save you much trouble in the future.


Whether you’re travelling from overseas or you’re looking for the perfect UK staycation, there are always great ways to make your UK getaway that little bit more special. Adding a little luxury can be the ultimate treat for a well-earned break or a prime opportunity to splurge if you’ve spent so long being cost-conscious when planning your holidays.

So how can you add more luxury to your getaway?

Choose a Luxury Car

If you’re planning on driving a substantial amount for your UK getaway, perhaps as a road trip or to reach your ultimate destination, upgrading your vehicle can be a treat that makes all the difference, especially for a UK road trip. Driving in comfort and style not only makes your trip more comfortable but could be one to tick off the bucket list if you choose a dream car to hit the open road.

Upgrade Your Flight Plan

Anything which makes a flight that little bit more comfortable can be considered a luxury, after all! If you’re planning on taking a long flight, perhaps from another country to the UK — or even if you’re planning to fly from one end of the country to another — there are ways you can make your trip a bit more luxurious.

You could upgrade completely to the highest class for more room and comfort, upgrade your airport lounge for a less stressful experience or add extras such as food and drink to enjoy during the flight.

Upgrade Your Accommodation

Your accommodation choice is going to make or break the luxury aspect of your trip, and upgrading will make all the difference. Luxury can be found in any accommodation type, from hotel suites to a room with a view. You can even grab a slice of luxury in the woods. Enjoy luxury lodges for you and your family in the Sandy Balls New Forest holiday park. Parks like this can ooze luxury and indulgence, making this the perfect destination for your next holiday.

Order Room Service

Your idea of luxury might be to avoid cooking altogether; or, even better, to have your food ready-made and delivered straight to you in your room. Room service means you can enjoy more frivolous luxuries, like breakfast in bed, or enjoying an expensive meal complete with champagne on your own balcony. Bliss!

Stay for Longer

Sometimes, the only luxury you need can be for your holiday to last that little bit longer. If some of your holiday time is taken up by travelling, planning, and getting settled in, extending your stay can mean you have more time to actually relax, indulge, and enjoy. An extra week, or even just an extra few days, can mean something more special and allow you to plan for a special occasion.

Plan at Least One Extravagant Night Out

When planning your holiday, you might usually budget your food allowance and look to make savings, such as all-inclusive so your meals are provided. Yet sometimes battling the queues at the all-you-can-eat buffet doesn’t scream luxury, so you might want to plan for at least one expensive meal at a posh restaurant where you can get dressed up and enjoy three courses of your favourite dishes, without feeling guilty for it.

So there you have it — some great ideas for adding luxury to your next getaway (or maybe all future ones, too).



The Spring and Summer lockdown saw a dramatic decrease in the number of cars on the road. This dramatic fall was mirrored across the country and even the globe. In fact air pollution in China was estimated to have fallen by almost 50% in the first 20 days of their lockdown in February, as a result of less traffic on the roads.

However, as lockdown eased and people were encouraged to avoid public transport where possible the number of cars on the road has steadily crept back up. So how has the safety of the roads been affected by the unprecedented events of 2020?

The verdict is a bit murky to be honest. On one hand with less car users on the road there was a decrease in road accidents simply due to there being less cars on the road overall. However the number of pedestrians, and cyclists especially, took a big leap and this is where things get a bit unclear.

Surveys have shown that cyclists believe they are now being treated better by drivers than ever before. 20% of drivers say that they are now more patient when it comes to sharing the road with cyclists. From the cyclists point of view an amazing 46% now say they think car users are showing better road manners when it comes to interacting with them. Compare this to a previous finding that said a whopping 78% of cyclists were frustrated with driver habits and the change is huge.

However, a survey by Scottish Government and Road Safety Scotland found that just under 40% of drivers said they had not changed their driving style to accommodate the increase in cyclists on the road. So it is clear that safety on the road is still a major concern, especially as the nights get darker and people are once again urged to avoid public transport where possible.

Luckily there are a variety of car free cycle routes available to cyclists that avoid any conflict with cars. You can find out more about these options here. There are options for getting from Paisley to Glasgow and Braehead. You will also find ways of heading west to Johnstone, Linwood and Lochwinnoch.

For cycle journeys that cannot avoid the road it is wise to wear reflective clothing and add lights to your bicycle. The nights truly do draw in quickly and the weather can easily take a turn for the worse. Even if you plan to be in by sundown it is wise to kit yourself out with highly visible clothing in case you are out longer than you expect..

Drivers can also help keep all road users safe by paying particular attention to situations that are traditionally the cause of most accidents – not slowing down or stopping at junctions. Cyclists are not just at risk here, pedestrians are also in danger of finding themselves victims of road traffic accidents, according to solicitors, Thomsons Scotland, due to cars not reducing speed or coming to a stop at junctions. Just like cyclists, visibility is also an issue for pedestrians and school aged children especially should have some sort of highly visible clothing or accessories on at all times..

The need for social distancing on narrower streets has also increased the likelihood of pedestrians stepping out onto the road in order to avoid others, making heightened awareness of your own personal space and the road users around you even more vital.

With this second lockdown set to go on into December it is clear that while less cars can mean less danger, staying aware at all times and being respectful of all road users- whether cars, bikes or walkers is of the utmost importance.


The 2021 Paisley Book Festival will take place online from Thursday 18 – Saturday 27 February 2021. The theme for this year is Radical New Futures, which centres around the pandemic and our ability to be resilient, to explore our imagination and creativity to devise new and different narratives for our lives.

The Festival is delighted that one of its headline events will include the 2020 Booker Prize winner, Douglas Stuart, who will be joined by two other acclaimed Scottish writers, Andrew O’Hagan and Graeme Armstrong, both of whom have had their books Mayflies and The Young Team published in September and March respectively. Stuart’s debut novel Shuggie Bain is an uncompromising exploration of love, pride, and poverty. The book was also named winner of the Scottish Waterstones Book of the Year. All three books shine a light on the complexities of class and masculine identity.

This event will be chaired by Kirstin Innes. Her book Scabby Queen was also published this year with Nicola Sturgeon describing it as ‘Gripping and moving. A literary triumph’.

The Paisley Book Festival is funded by Renfrewshire Council and delivered in partnership with Renfrewshire Leisure as part of Future Paisley.

Victoria HollowsChief ExecutiveRenfrewshire Leisure said: “I am delighted that our 2021 event is going ahead. Whilst we may not be able to gather physically, our innovative production team is doing great work to create an interesting and interactive virtual festival experience. We have an excellent line-up of writers taking part – and to have Douglas Stuart’s attendance on the back of his fantastic Booker Prize win is incredibly exciting – highlighting the success of our inaugural festival amongst both authors and our audiences.”

She added: “The festival’s theme could not be more appropriate. Covid-19 has created a new narrative to everyone’s lives. Yet, despite the challenges, some of the ways in which we have had to broaden our outlook and approach may prove to be for the better. In our Radical New Future, society will undoubtedly be more resilient, and a creative environment where we can tap into the power of our imagination will be more important than ever for us to thrive.”

Paisley Book Festival Co-Producer Keira Brown said: “Reading has been a great source of comfort, especially as we are living in challenging times. It has provided so many people with an escape route from reality, which has been evidenced through increased borrowing figures in Renfrewshire Libraries over the last eight months. Due to Covid guidelines, we have transitioned the 2021 Festival to an online format, which we will use to our full capacity. Working with our steering committee from Renfrewshire Leisure’s Arts and Libraries teams, my co-producer, Jess Orr, and I are planning a rich and exciting book festival programme, as well as introducing our first Writer-in-Residence.”

She added: “We can’t wait to share more of the enriching and lively conversations and workshops that are planned with you.”

Jess Orr, Co-Producer said: “This has been a tumultuous year for so many people and we hope that the second edition of Paisley Book Festival – different as it will be from its inaugural iteration – will be a much-needed opportunity to heal, to reconnect with others, and to be inspired by our favourite authors to imagine a brand new

future which we can all play a part in creating.”

The full 2021 Paisley Book Festival programme will be announced in January 2021.

For further information contact: Wendy Niblock PR | wendyjniblock@btinternet.com | 07961 814834


We live in a very turbulent time right now, and most of us are struggling with finding different ways of constructing new daily routines regarding every aspect that has changed since the pandemic started. It can get pretty hard just navigating and pacing out daily lives in such a manner that we are productive, get the work done, stay safe, and still find some time to tend to ourselves. This is especially hard to do since many of us have to do all that at home due to confinement, self-quarantine, or just as a precaution.

We need to take care of ourselves more than ever

It is without a doubt that all this turmoil affects people’s mental states, and in most cases – it happens quite gradually, until one day you just realized that you have eaten, slept, worked, worked out, had some time off in one same space for days, and that has a big impact on our wellbeing. Not to mention the impact of social distancing.

While all of that does sound daunting, and it can be, there are different ways for us to make the best of this time, the first step being to take care of ourselves – even spoil at some points, and that’s what we are going to talk about in this article.

The importance of going outside

Not getting to go outside and change your environment is one of the most frustrating things right now. That being said, if you have any chance to switch things up, take it, even if it’s just going to a different grocery shop on the side of the town that you don’t usually visit since it’s a bit further than your regular one.

A weekend escape – where and how?

Sure, switching up your daily routes is good and all, but let’s talk about some more drastical getaways – now’s the better time than any to do so, as long as you are being safe and following the health related protocols. 

So, why not go to a hotel & spa? There are plenty of wonderful locations out there for you to explore – Scottish Highlands, Highland castles…and you can surely find a holiday accommodation that will suit your needs. Sure, we have narrowed the locations quite a bit, but if you are from a different region or a country, there definitely are some beautiful places nearby that you don’t usually get to visit. 

Now, one might think, now’s not the time to spoil yourself with a weekend trip, but it really actually is. Doing this will provide you with a much so necessary reset, giving you the energy to be able to continue enjoying your day to day life after you are back home.

Overcoming the monotony of everyday settings

Here’s the thing, one of the toughest things when it comes to this pandemic is the fact that days tend to mold into a one, same, long routine. Sure, you can do many different things at home, but after a couple of weeks, it all seems bland and like it has been done before – the excitement of getting to do new things seems to fade out exponentially. 

This is why it is extremely important for you to find different ways in which you can turn even the most mundane things into something new – creativity and attitude are key variables here.

Making the most out of simple things

How can you possibly make something grand out of watching netflix in your bed after doing so for weeks? Well, turns out you can, and you should. There are a lot of cheap projectors out there, if you happen to have a clean wall – utilize it, make yourself a little DIY cinema! Or, order some special food every once in a while, don’t settle with pizza. Somedays, when you are feeling like it, go and buy a bottle of champagne! 

The sole fact that this is something that you wouldn’t do on normal occasions, is the reason for why now’s the best time to do so. Treat yourself!

Have you spent a bit more than usual on online shopping?

Many people these days tend to spend a bit more on online shopping than before. Sure, overdoing it and leaving a hole in your wallet is no good, but if you aren’t extreme about it, there is nothing wrong with that. So what if you have bought something that isn’t going to be useful all that long? Why should it be deemed wrong if you are doing the best you can to have some fun and enjoy something that you usually wouldn’t – especially if it brings you joy?

Nowadays, it is crucial that we do find joy in all the things that we can, and if that means spending a bit more on something different and it doesn’t really financially impact you, by all means – go for it. No need to feel bad about it.

In the end, it all comes down to doing regular checkups with yourself, realizing what’s bothering you if there is something, and gently acting upon it. No need to be hard on yourself, life’s pretty hard already. So what if you spoil yourself a bit more? You surely deserve it, and if it’s helping you get through this period a bit easier, then it’s absolutely worth it. Hang in there!

Even though we have moved into Level 4, you can still support our local businesses!

Many essential businesses remain open for food, medicines and other essentials.

A large number of our town centre hospitality businesses are still offering takeaway and delivery services.

And a number of retail businesses are also still operating by offering click and collect, shipping or delivery services so you can still order Christmas presents, Christmas flowers, homeware and clothing by phone or through social media.

For those in the food and drink sector, and those in our health, hair and beauty salons, gift vouchers can also be purchased remotely.

You can see the full list on our website here https://bit.ly/33aebdg

Colette Cardosi, Chair of Paisley First, said: “We’ll be keeping you updated on social media during the next few weeks on what’s available and where!

“This also means there are still plenty of chances to be one of our Golden Ticket competition winners!

“So please continue to put Paisley First when it comes to getting your essentials and your Christmas shopping.

“Our local businesses need your support more than ever!”

Remember, even in Level 4, there’s no limit on outdoor exercise.

Plus, six people from two households can still meet outdoors and children under the age of 12 are not included in this maximum number.

So, if you are looking for a good walk and some fresh air, then why not enjoy some  festive cheer with Paisley town centre’s Christmas Buddie Bear Hunt!

Paisley First has joined forces with Renfrewshire Council to pay tribute to the heroes of 2020 with every Buddie Bear dedicated to a key worker!

All the bears are on display inside business windows so it’s the perfect activity to help the kids have some fun and get outdoors for a little while.

Plus watch out for the Paisley Advent Calendar, beginning on 1st December on Paisley First Facebook, where there will be prizes up for grabs every day until  Christmas Eve!

Love Local, Love Paisley this Christmas!



Selling my mobile phone for the highest cash

Several new handsets get released every year, tempting mobile users to buy them. No matter how hard people think of not buying them, it becomes tough to resist the urge. Most people today use their mobile phones for around a year or two. However, there also exists a certain section of users, which buys a device as soon as it hits the market. It leads to old handsets ending up in closet, drawers, or garbage. Instead, the better option is to sell it and receive some quick cash in return. Here is a guide that will answer your question of how selling my mobile phone for highest cash is possible.


The thought of selling my mobile phone

Selling my mobile phone” thought can be overwhelming for some. When you get rid of old gadgets and items that you no longer need, it can be a satisfying experience seeing your space decluttered. You not only create some space for other items but also get some money in return. It is advisable to sell any old handset irrespective of its condition. Advantages of getting rid of old devices are much more than keeping them with you. If you are not comfortable selling it, you can give it to the needy or donate it to a charity. If you do wish to sell it, make sure you do it as soon as possible to prevent a decline in its value.


What is the worth of my old handset?

A device in good condition with all the original accessories and box will get you a much higher price. If you have an old or broken handset with no accessories, you cannot expect much in return. Getting the highest price will also depend a lot on your research skills as you need to get quotes from different sources.


Keep the original box and accessories handy

When you decide to sell your mobile phone, the first thing you need to do is gather all the original accessories and the box. It would include the charger, earphones, cable and any other accessory that came with the package. You will end up making a good impression in front of the buyer and come across as a genuine seller.


Unlocked phones will fetch you a higher price

Carried-locked phones will not fetch you as much amount as unlocked ones. Since you can only use a particular network with locked devices, it becomes a major drawback for buyers. Before considering unlocking your phones, take a look at whether it will be worth the effort involved in getting a significantly higher amount.


Wipe the data from the handset before selling it

You would not want to compromise your personal data by handing it to a stranger. When you are up for selling the device, make sure you do a factory reset so that all the data gets wiped off. Sign out from all your accounts before initiating the reset. Also, it is essential to back up the data before doing the reset.

Backing up the data and resetting the handset is simple irrespective of whether you are an Android or Apple user. It is also essential to remove activation locks, if any, from the mobile phones. Lastly, make sure you haven’t left behind any SIM card or SD card in your mobile as you can easily forget it. Also, watch out for any dents or damages on the handset.


Where to sell the old mobile for maximum cash

Opting for a specialist mobile buyback company like Rapid Phone Buyer can be your most suitable option. Getting a quote for your old handset with us is easy as all you need to do is enter a few basic details. We offer the top price for any handset, depending on its condition. We make buying and phone recycling a seamless process so you can expect to receive the cash for your old handset within no time.

The packaging would be free from our side, reducing your hassles and costs involved with shipping. All you need to do is pack the handset and send it to us for a quick inspection and further process. To know more about services, contact us today.



The amount of online casinos that can be found on the world wide web just keeps growing continuously. There are thousands of different online casinos to choose from depending where you are based.


But what should you be looking for in a good online casino? How do you choose the best option for your gaming needs?


Let’s take a look through some of the basic things you should be looking for when deciding on your best options.


The Very First Thing To Look For

The first thing you need to be looking for when trying to find an online casino to play on is whether or not they accept users from the country you reside in.


Different countries and cities have different gaming laws when it comes to online gambling so you need to check that the online casino website that you are going to use allows you to sign up and play depending where you are based.


While most will accept users from any country across the world this is not always the case, so before deciding on your choice this should be the very first thing that you check out.


Make Sure They Have The Type Of Games You Want To Play

There are almost as many different variations of casino games as there are online casinos to choose from.


But if you are looking for a certain or particular game to play such as slots online, then before signing up and depositing any money, have a search through the website to discover what games that particular website has on offer.


Although you are likely to find all the standard traditional games on pretty much all online casinos like roulette, blackjack, bingo and others you might find different variations and rules of these games are available on certain casinos.

For example it’s likely you should be using an American online casino then the roulette table will be the american version that has a double zero on the board compared to the European version that doesn’t.


Does The Website Have A Good Reputation?

This is another important thing to check out before ever depositing any money to an online casino. You could potentially be gambling large sums of money with their services so you need to be sure that they have a good reputation and good customer support should you have any issues.


Make sure that the online casino uses the language that you speak on their website. This becomes important if you need to use their online chat or support as you will be wanting to speak to someone who understands the language that you speak or type in.


Read up reviews from other users of the online casino to discover for yourself what you can expect from them in terms of service and customer support.


User Experience

You will want the online casino that you choose to play on to have a good looking website that is easy to navigate round. Some websites can feel cluttered and badly designed so you will want to avoid using any that are like this.


You may possibly be wanting to also gamble on the go, for example you might like playing slot machine games like book of dead to kill time while you are travelling to and from work, so you will want the online casino to have at the very least a workable user friendly mobile website or a mobile application so that you can play on your mobile smartphone


So again before committing any money and signing up, explore the website to make sure it is easy to navigate around and that you can find whatever you are looking for with ease. With so much competition for online casinos there is no excuse for them not having a user friendly interface.


Check Out The Bonus And Sign Up Rewards On Offer

If you have ever looked at signing up to an online casino before then you are sure to have come across their sign up bonuses.


Online casinos use these rewards and a way to entice you to using their website. Some of these deals can be really good but a lot of them comes down to the small print and finer details.


The offer may seem amazing but often they will be limited with how you can use them or withdraw the winnings from any such offered betting.


So read the small print and all the rules and regulations with what comes with using the bonuses that are on offer, and as most online casinos will offer some kind of sign up bonus don’t rush to pick the first one you come across as you may find better offers if you look a little longer.


Make Sure They Have A Proper Gaming License

Unfortunately there will always be bad eggs in this world and online casino websites are no different.


You may come across some fraudulent websites and although these are normally quite easy to spot, sometimes we can be fooled.


So make sure that your chosen online casino has all the licenses that they require to have depending on what country they are based before signing up and giving them your personal details.


If you are unsure what to look for then do a little research online to work out what licenses they should have for the country or city that you live in.


These should be quite easy to find on their website but if you are unsure and have a bad feeling it’s probably best to avoid using their services. There are many other online casinos you can choose from so don’t feel pressured into signing up to a website you feel uneasy about.


To Sum Up

As an online casino user you have such a wide choice to choose from so don’t feel the need to sign up and use the first one that you come across.


Do some research before signing up and depositing money to play with to make sure your chosen online casino is one hundred percent the right choice for your needs.

sam lion

Black Friday is arguably the biggest shopping day in the whole calendar. It originated in the USA and is an informal name for the Friday which follows Thanksgiving and is always celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November. This day is regarded as the beginning of the shopping season in the USA and has been since 1952. In recent years the phenomenon spread overseas and is now widely celebrated in the UK too. Black Friday has also evolved from just one day and now spans over the weeks leading up to it too. Here are some top tips to save money with Black Friday…

sam lion

Don’t be afraid to brave the shops

While many of us will save our Black Friday shopping for online, you could also head to shopping centres such as the Braehead shopping centre for top deals that you won’t find on the internet. They have a whole myriad of deals and Black Friday offers which you will only get if you head to the shopping centre itself and it is worth getting there early for the best bargains. Be sure to plan your visit ahead of time as there is likely to be queues. By knowing where you want to go and a plan of action, you won’t waste time aimlessly wandering around.

Decide on the products you want beforehand

It is no use getting a bargain then finding out the product you’ve nabbed is useless. Do your research ahead of time and be sure to read reviews of any products you are looking to buy. It is a good idea to have a few different iterations in mind (such as beauty products or brands of TV) that all have good reviews, so you aren’t as limited on the day.

Make a list of different retailers selling the same thing

Different retailers may have different prices for the same items. Make sure you shop around this Black Friday and don’t just go straight for the very first deal you see on the item you want. It also means if one stockist sells out before you get a chance to buy what you want, you will know exactly where to try next without wasting valuable time doing research.

Check the returns policy ahead of time

Different stores will offer different return policies, and in the run-up to Christmas, you usually have more time to return items you have bought. Be sure to check out the returns policy before buying so if something breaks you aren’t stuck with it or forced to take store credit somewhere you never shop. If you purchase online, you have 14 days to cancel an order once it has been delivered, and 14 more to return it.

Only buy things you really need

On Black Friday, it can be tempted to impulse-buy things just because they have a great saving. This might be true, but you can end up wasting money on things you don’t need and will never use. Try and stick to items that you have decided on ahead of time and only impulse-buy if you genuinely think you or someone you love will benefit from it.
Photo by Sam Lion from Pexels


Hemp is commonly used to make a variety of everyday products including ropes and clothing. However, there are less well-known uses of hemp that may actually surprise you if you knew about them. Thanks to the growing popularity of cannabidiol (CBD), many consumers are now turning their attention towards its natural source — hemp plants.

Although some users may be repelled by the natural taste of hemp, there is power in hemp flowers. Hemp buds (flowers) contain a large number of compounds known as cannabinoids. These all interact to produce an “entourage effect” (the principle that cannabinoids give better results when they are taken together, instead of in isolation). Smoking CBD hemp buds also creates a pleasurable experience as a result of the entourage effect.

CBD Hemp Flowers

Hemp is a cannabis variety that’s cultivated for industrial applications. In the United States of America. Under normal circumstances, hemp should not have tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) concentrations higher than 0.3 percent. In Europe, the threshold is around 0.2%. Due to its negligible levels of THC, pure hemp CBD products are not psychoactive (meaning they will not get you high).

In recent years, the public’s desire for CBD products has been soaring. Hemp farmers are actively taking steps to produce more hemp flowers while ensuring that their CBD concentrations comply with regulatory standards. As a result, there are 100 percent legal hemp buds that have a similar taste and appearance to THC cannabis. The good news is that hemp-derived CBD has been proven to have no addictive properties. However, researchers are still learning about its long-term health effects on users.

CBD-rich hemp flowers are common in places such as the United States and continental Europe. The passing of the 2018 Farm Bill means that hemp farming is legal in America. Moreover, CBD products such as hemp flowers are available to the public. If you want to learn more about hemp flower use, you can visit TheFrisky.com to learn more.

What Are the Best Ways to Use Hemp Flowers?

  •       Vaping

Vaping is the act of using electronic cigarettes and has become a popular method of consuming cannabinoids. The vaping movement is getting more popular with each passing year.  Since no combustion is involved in vaping, it’s often regarded as one of the safest techniques for consuming cannabinoids. To vape means to inhale a vapor (aerosol) that is produced by a non-combustible cigarette (an e-cigarette).

When you vape CBD and other cannabinoids, the terpenes and flavonoids get into your bloodstream quickly through your lungs. In a matter of about one minute, vapers can experience the noticeable effects of the cannabinoids they consumed. It’s believed that vaping offers consumers quick relief from chronic pain and other conditions.

  •       Smoking CBD hemp flowers

Compared to vaping, smoking hemp buds is believed to be riskier since the process involves combustion. In spite of that, it’s an effective consumption technique for CBD. Smoking also produces quick results in a way similar to vaping.

A growing number of users continue to smoke hemp buds in the belief it helps them quit cigarettes and also avoid THC-rich cannabis and its side effects. The added benefit of the relaxation they bring is another factor that influences people to smoke hemp buds. Available in different kinds, you can smoke hemp bud cigarette rolls or by using water pipes.

  •       Hemp flowers for cooking

Did you know that dried and raw hemp flowers are powerful ingredients for trying new cannabinoid recipes? Some consumers choose to extract CBD oils for cooking and baking purposes. They don’t miss the effects of hemp oils at all.

In conclusion, the rising demand for hemp flowers is expected to continue to prevail in a booming industry for some time as long as legal constraints don’t prevent farmers from growing these wonderful plants.