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Website Glitch

The website is back up and running, it must have been the server space being updated as promised from our hosting providers, we are sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused. I thought at first I had done something as I am creating the new page for the homepage if you want a sneaky […]

Website update

The website seems to have just gone off, I did get an email last week telling me it may go down for approx 15 mins so hopefully this is that 15 mins.. They are installing some server side technologies into the host for me which I can have a play with… If not I will […]

Roof Update 31st Jan

Got a letter from the council today and they apologised but said that normally when someone reports a repair that there is no need for the council to get back in touch with that person, IM sure though that I had told them that they would get someone to call me back. However they go […]

Roof update

Now i know you are on the edge of your seat about my roof problems, so I thought I would update you, I called the council again today as still no one had got back to me and I have found out they have to organise the scaffold company to come out and repair the […]

New menu

Ive added a new menu, hopefully it displays well and everyone can see it alright, if you cant or the text is too small please let me know and i will increase the size as I think its bordering on the small for now, but on the plus side it gives me tons of room […]

my roof

I have taken some video of my roof and the damage that the winds at the start of January did to my house 3 weeks ago on writing this blog, Renfrewshire council have done nothing “granted thy may be busy” but they have not so much as returned my calls or even came out to […]

Paisley web design

I have now designed my own website and uploaded it last night check out www.paisleywebdesign.co.uk it offers my services such as web design “obvioulsy” hosting, domain name registration, email etc its a really nice design and was inspired by my picture of tree face out my backdoor lol also as i have also noticed the […]

tree face

tree face, originally uploaded by paisleyorguk. This was taken when the winds and the rain were a distant memory, it was taken in .. cant remember that name… ahhhhh summer… its the wee tree out my backdoor and it has its very own personality now thanks to my stupid imagination. http://paisleyontheweb.blogspot.com/


This is a test post from , a fancy photo sharing thing. http://paisleyontheweb.blogspot.com/

New pro gallery from filckr

Got great news one of our visitors has kindly donated and this has been of great help and Ive managed to pay for the pro gallery that we needed in flickr so that I can now show as many sets and photographs thats needed.. whoooohoooo and thanks to that person… http://paisleyontheweb.blogspot.com/