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 Introduction of new recycling stations offer sustainable solution for disposal of thousands of coffee cups –    Glasgow Airport’s new recycling stations have arrived with a sustainable solution for the disposal of single-use coffee cups in the terminal.  Three stations have been introduced in the James Martin Kitchen, Panopolis and Starbucks catering outlets in the […]


How will Bitcoin Affect Casinos?

Casinos have been one of the most popular industries in the world. In 2018 alone, the AGA showed that casino gaming revenue managed to reach a new high of $41.7 billion. But other than being among the biggest industries in the world, it is also one that has managed to change with the times and […]

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Recycling campaign set to tackle contaminated bins

A campaign is set to get underway to tackle contaminated recycling bins as part of a drive to further improve the quality of recycling in Renfrewshire. From 17 February, collection teams will be checking blue recycling bins for anything that isn’t paper, card or cardboard in a bid to reduce the cost of processing and […]

Can I get a mortgage if I’m self employed?

Being self employed opens up a lot of opportunities, but one thing that many self employed people worry about is their ability to get a mortgage. Prior to the 2010 financial crash, self-employed people could simply self-declare their earnings to lenders. This resulted in a lot of people abusing the system and borrowing more than […]

Best Watch in 2020

Throughout the years, the watch became a necessary part of our wrist. Knowing time becomes a necessity for a lot of people. Thus, making a watch is not just an accessory but an essential device to be aware of time. Probably, a dreadful deadline is approaching. Having a watch is a handy tool for those […]


Importance of Photo Evidence In Road Accidents

Without a doubt, accidents are horrific! They leave a devastating effect on the victims and as well as everyone else who witnesses it. Asides leading to death, physical injuries and bruises, they also leave a long-lasting traumatic effect on the victims.  However, in a case where a car crash occurs, it is of vital importance […]


Must-have Services On Any Event

You have the best intentions at heart to make your upcoming event spectacular. You put your plan down on paper, and your imagination is running wild with all your creative plans. This might be for a wedding, graduation, a birthday party, or any other special occasion. Yet the best intentions in heart and the best […]

How Much Trouble Can You Get Into If You Spoof Call Someone

Spoofed calls have always been a major confidential act of agencies such as CID and other such highly sensitive information holding agencies that hide their caller ID while disguising themselves from an unknown source as they come from a source that is known and trusted. But, since the acts of harm and falsifying have been […]


Importance Of Having An Online Calculator For Your Business

Image Source: https://images.pexels.com/photos/907489/pexels-photo-907489.jpeg An online calculator helps potential customers and regular ones who visit your business can easily use it. There is no better way to prove your business is transparent than embedding an online calculator. Take for instance, if you offer insurance services, visitors to your website will love to know whether your services […]