Drone Footage with Durrockstock Park, Foxbars Nature reserve which is only one of two reserves in the town of Paisley, or the dam as its known locally, with footage of Oliphant Court the last remaining high rise in Foxbar.

We also pass by the side of Montrose Care home, the area has changed dramatically in years gone by.

A former industrial area, now a refuge for wildlife and a valued park for the community The Local Nature Reserve is sited within Durrockstock Park in Paisley. At the western end an old reservoir has transitional marshland forming a large expanse of open water which provides a variety of habitats for invertebrates, birds and amphibians. A Scots pine plantation on the eastern side was planted approximately 100 years ago and offers potential for biodiversity management. There is a path around the periphery of the LNR and reservoir which visitors can easily access and there is limited street parking.


Thanks to Paisley Buddie for supplying us this footage.