There are many ways we can take a break from our daily lives – we can pamper ourselves with a day at the spa, we can take a long, refreshing walk, or we can even go shopping! But if you want to recharge for a longer period, say, a weekend, it would be in your best interest to go on a weekend break. Weekend breaks offer a bevvy of advantages, and these short periods of rest can allow you to recharge and recoup and be ready for the new week’s responsibilities. But a weekend break is advantageous in terms of economy as well – and if you aren’t sure what it can do in regards to helping you save money, here are the actual cost advantages of a weekend break within the UK.

  1. Various transport options

It will depend on your chosen destination, but more often than not, you will have a few options when it comes to transport. You can drive there by car, which is a lot cheaper than going by plane. But you can also go to your chosen destination via train or bus, and it could add a level of adventure to your weekend getaway and make it more exciting.

  • A less costly alternative to a long holiday

Another cost advantage of a weekend break is that it’s a better alternative to a long holiday. It’s obvious – since you won’t be going on a two-week or so holiday, it will be better on your wallet. You don’t have to spend as much on food, entertainment, and various activities, and you can even splurge a bit on your accommodations and choose an entire private home just for you and your brood or friends. You can, for instance, look for big houses to rent, and some of these houses offer the perfect opportunity to relax and have fun, with pools, Jacuzzis, expansive grounds, game and cinema rooms, and so on. The best thing? It will still cost less to rent one for the weekend than buying a plane ticket and staying at an expensive hotel packed with other guests.

  • An opportunity to bond with family and friends

Here’s one aspect that not many of us may think about when it comes to short breaks – it allows you to bond more with your family or friends. The logic behind it is simple: since you know that you will only have a few short days together, you tend to maximise the time you have. If you were to go on a longer break for a few weeks, you may not feel the need to bond with your family or friends that much because you have plenty of time. But this isn’t the case if you have just a weekend to spend time with your loved ones – time is limited, so you will make the most of it! Sometimes, a short weekend holiday does more for our relationships with the people we love than a long, extensive holiday.

  • No check-in luggage!

It may not sound like a big deal, but if you’ve ever had to wait for your checked bags for an hour or more at an airport or worse, have had to deal with lost luggage, then you know exactly what we mean. A weekend break within the country, even if you take a plane, will only entail carry-on luggage – which is a big relief.