The English Premier League is one of the main tournaments on the planet. Now, you can follow its footy scores on the sports statistics website. Here, it is easy to follow the individual successes of particular players. For example, a bombardier race. It is always tense and exciting in England.

Dozens of top forwards played in the Premier League, but not every one of them succeeded. As for the best scorers of the championship in its entire history, then Alan Shearer takes the lead with a wide gap.

During his career, the striker scored 260 goals in the Premier League. None of the competitors ever approached such a number. Such an impressive result looks even more unexpected if considering the fact that Shearer didn’t play for the giants of English football. He only played at Blackburn and Newcastle. Fortunately, when playing for the former, Alan managed to sensationally become the champion of England in 1995. It was his effective actions that were reflected in the scores footy of the Vagabonds’ games. 

The best period in Shearer’s career is traditionally considered to be in the mid-1990s. Then he became the best sniper of the Premier League three times in a row. He had offers from the grandees of English football, in particular from Manchester United but at the last moment the deal was cancelled. As a result, the forward moved to his native Newcastle where he played for 10 years and finished his career in 2006.

Secrets of the striker’s performance

Not playing for top clubs and not having fantastic anthropometric data, Shearer managed to score much more than his competitors. If you look at today’s Premier League results of his Newcastle, you can see that the team lacks an equally efficient forward now. Alan’s unique scoring achievements became possible thanks to:

  1. No serious injuries throughout almost the entire career. The footballer always played a lot, the coaches rarely gave him a rest. As a result, he played numerous games. Many of his competitors were often injured, which didn’t allow them to approach Shearer’s scoring records.
  2. The game of the whole team focused on the forward. Tactical formations were built around the attacker. He often got the ball, which allowed him to hit the opponents’ goal repeatedly.
  3. Ability to choose a successful position, a more open style of the league in those years. 

Now Shearer’s name is inscribed in golden letters in the Premier League history. It is unlikely that his scoring record will be surpassed in the years to come. However, you can already follow today’s results Premier League and see who tops the list of the best snipers of the tournament this time. Information about the bombardier race is updated in real time, so you will definitely notice all the changes in the list.