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It can be a tricky decision to choose between running on a treadmill or taking it outside to run around the park or streets. Many are influenced by time, money, and motivation levels. Here we will compare the treadmill and running outside and point out the differences you should consider.

The differences between running outside and on the treadmill

You don’t actually need to choose between running outside and the treadmill, you can always do both depending on your mood throughout the week. Morning runs outside can be refreshing but if you’re working remotely, it might be more convenient to jump on a treadmill running machine at home, particularly if you don’t have long breaks or much time.

As you most likely already know, running can help you lose weight quickly and provide amazing mental health well-being advantages. The number of calories you will burn will all depend on the speed you’re running at, of course you can change this up and down on a treadmill. It will also be easier to track your progress on a treadmill as you have the minutes and calories right in front of you on the screen. The only way you can track your calories successfully while running outside is with a smartwatch or fitness band.

Think about where you live

Location can help you decide whether you’d like to run outside, or not. If you live near a beautiful big park or beach, for example, running outside could benefit you hugely if you like the area. However, you might live in a very urban community and not have convenient places you’d enjoy running, perhaps a treadmill would suit you better. Unless you would like to get to know your surroundings better by running. If you would prefer to stay in the house, you can find many treadmills available online to order, but you could still run outside on the odd occasion when you fancy it.

Benefits of running

There are many benefits of running, whether you’re outside or on the treadmill inside. You will only reap the advantages if you are consistently getting into a routine of running a few times a week. It’s a great idea to plan out the days and hours you plan to run, as this will maximise your motivation and keep you on track. If you’re getting outside to run you will be getting fresh air, but it may be harder to push yourself, especially in the cold months when the weather isn’t on your side. Investing in a treadmill might mean you will run more often as it is in your home, consequently easier to access and jump straight on before or after work, or even in your breaks.

Now that you know the differences between the treadmill and running outside, you can work out the best method for you and invest in a treadmill if you need one. Perhaps a new pair of trainers to start you off on your fitness journey?

Hand drums, in all their variety, keep gaining popularity nowadays. Their sound is distinct, they are easy to carry and play, and almost everyone is unique. Have you ever thought about mastering a hand played drum? If so, here are the basics of choosing one and learning to play it.

Types of Hand Drums

Types of hand drums are diverse. The only thing they have in common is the fact that it can be played with bare hands, not using sticks, mallets, or other accessories. Given how simple the idea is, no wonder many nations of the world have developed their own types of hand drums. To name but a few, there are:

  1. Bodhrán. Did you expect us to start anywhere else? This Celtic hand drum is probably the most interesting for those interested in Celtic music. These are large drums that are still lightweight and easy to hold and carry. The first modern bodhráinwere spotted in the mid-19th century, though some researchers date it way earlier. 
  2. Djembe. These West African drums are goblet-shaped and probably the best known when it comes to “ethnic” drums. Varying in size, they can be big enough to sit on while playing, resembling a chair. A djembe is capable of producing diverse sounds, from low bass kicks to sharp snaps.
  3. Bongo. Originated in West India, these drums come in pairs — sometimes they are almost identical and sometimes very different in size or tones. The sound of bongo is what you call “Latin”, adding percussive elements to the soundscape of a band. Bongos can be played alone, though, especially when combined with vocals. The body is usually made of wood, and the head is of calfskin.
  4. Congas. They are similar to bongos, also made of calfskin and wood. Congas are often much bigger than bongos, though, and make lower sounds. So, combinations of bongos and congas are a popular sort of a drum kit in Latin music. Each type, though, can be played independently.
  5. Tabla (sometimes known as darbuka). This hand drum has come from India and is still wildly popular there. It’s a combination of a bigger metal drum and a smaller wooden one. This pair is capable of creating a high wall of sound on its own. There are two types of darbuka: Turkish and Egyptian, with differently polished edges, which implies different techniques.
  6. Cajon. It’s hard to confuse this box-shaped drum with anything else. It can be played while sitting on it, as the player uses its front and its sides to make different sounds. Cajon is probably one of the most versatile hand drums.

This list is not definitive. You can find other hand drums you may also like. But when it comes to choosing, you need to answer some questions to yourself.

  • What music do you prefer? It may depend on the region you like the most, or your views, your origins, and so on. Most of them are equally easy to play, though some (like cajon or bigger versions of darbuka) may require a different approach.
  • Where do you want to play them? There is little to no difference for playing at home. But if you plan to attend drum circles or other parties, you better prefer portable ones. On the other hand, if you join a serious band and play at gigs, the size does not matter anymore. The sound does.
  • What’s your favorite position? It implies your weight as well (sorry, but that’s the way it is). Drums to sit on (like cajons) may be a poor choice for overweight persons. On the other hand, with a pair of small bongos on their lap, someone large may look ridiculous. If you are too small, a big drum may be harder to carry and handle. If you really like it, though, you should not care.

How to Hold the Drum

It depends on the type of drum you use. Smaller ones may be placed on your lap. Bigger djembes or darbukas are better placed between your legs, with the head up, so you can easily reach it with your hands. As for a cajon, it’s okay to sit on it (they are durable and sturdy enough for that), so you can reach its sides as well as its front head. Still, you can position it in front of you and have the same effect. With a bodhrán, you hold it with one hand perpendicular to your body, so your other hand (the playing one) can easily reach it, no matter if you’re sitting or standing.

In short, there is no versatile recipe. Each type of drum has its placing tradition, which can vary, depending on the drum size. In addition, you can as well develop your own style. But don’t hurry with it until you have mastered (or at least tried) the most popular existing styles. Along with making great sounds, they have proven to cause less harm to the players’ hands.

Finger Techniques

The basics of playing may be understood intuitively. Still, there are some things you need to know before you start. Let’s start with a djembe, though the principles apply to any hand drum:

  • to make a softer sound, use a relaxed flat hand. The closer to the center of the head you hit, the softer is the beat;
  • to make a harsher sound, use strained fingertips and hit closer to the edge;
  • to make the sound resonate and last, raise your hand immediately after you hit the drum;
  • to mute the sound immediately after, leave your hand on the drum for a moment.

The effects may differ depending on the drums. You have probably noticed that when you play the bodhrán, a hand moving up produces a higher sound than the same palm moving down the head. 

Combine using various parts of your hand: the full palm, fingertips (together or separately), the heel of the palm, and so on, in various combinations. Watch videos: they show you how gestures and moves result in sounds.

Fingers or Sticks?

It may seem a strange question, as we’re talking hand drums — so what’s there to add? But don’t rush. Mallets, sticks, or other implements may diversify your manner of playing, enriching it with softer or harder sounds. If you play for long, switching to these can spare your hands from getting tired or damaged. The best way to choose is to hear the way it sounds and looks with various accessories.

Hand drums are extremely popular. No matter if you choose a Celtic hand drum or something hot and exotic, there are lots of manuals and great examples from masters. All you have to do is follow it carefully and then find your style.

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Slot games are among the most plentiful type of games and most popular at casinos. Therefore, it is expected that online casinos such as make more money with slot games than any other game. Many players who are already familiar with casinos might have started with betting at the slot games.

Some experts believe that slot games are the easiest to play at a casino, and beginners should first start here. Others believe that slots are just a waste of money and time. Whichever theory you believe, we all agree slots are quite popular among gamblers. This guide covers some of the reasons why players love slot games:

  • Slot games are familiar.

It is almost impossible to miss slot games in any casino. These are among the most common games you will find in virtually every casino. Slot games dominate the casino world, meaning that most casinos you sign up for will have slot games.

  • Entertainment

Most players see slot games as a form of entertainment. Playing online slots is immersive and thrilling, just like gaming or films. Technology is becoming more sophisticated, and slot games manufacturers are looking for ways to connect the world of entertainment and traditional slots. 

Today, slot games acquire inspiration from different places. You will find slot games that are video games and others are films. We have come across slots like Witchcraft Academy by Harry Potter, Jumanji, Playboy Gold by Micro gaming and Castle Builder II. With all these stunning games in the slot games, players will be joyful to engage the slots.

  • Deposit bonuses

Free stuff will add the excitement and thrill of the slot games. Today you are sure to come across thousands of mobile and online casinos and thousands of online slots. Most of these casinos offer a wide array of bonuses to their customers. Some of these bonuses include deposit bonuses, welcome bonuses and no-deposit bonuses. 

All these bonuses are given to players to entice them to sign up and play with that particular casino. Bonuses are different both in type and size but what they have in common is rewarding the player. However, there are some requirements for the bonus to work or for you to withdraw it. Some slot bonuses are only usable in specific slots; you must have used the bonus to wager on bets, etc.

  • Huge game selection

Many games in any casino offer players a wide selection of games. A game like a blackjack has other subsections that players can bet on, like progressive and match up. However, slot games are not comparable to any other game in the casino in terms of game selection. Slots have a wide range of games that punters can choose.

Dozens of categories involve slots and thousands of betting options for players too. With this massive selection of games, you can never get bored with slot games. Players can even find games that are of interest to them. For example, adventurous players who love treasure-hunting stories can play games like Jungle Jim El Dorado, Gonzo’s Quest, or Book of Ra. 

Players who love vampire TV shows and movies will enjoy games like Dracula and Blood Suckers. Typically, the number of games in slot games will only be limited by you. Be sure to find a game you will love and enjoy at the slot games.

  • Small bets can become big payouts.

Another great reason players love slot games is the opportunity to scoop huge winnings from small wagers. Even though chances of scooping the progressive jackpot are low, players can still take home huge winnings from other bets. Slot games become even more entertaining when you play the progressive jackpot. With this jackpot, you have the chance to win massive amounts, perhaps eight-figures. 

However, if you do not feel like engaging the progressive jackpot, you can play the other games to stand a chance for big winnings. 

  • Slot games involve skills.

For many years now, slot games have been random games that players lack control over the results. What you do is just bet some money. Push the button and let the machine decide what is up. However, there are new developments in the slots world that are making players go crazy. 

The introduction of skill-based slot games enables players to have some influence over the results of the game. These games entail skill-based bonus rounds. The rounds allow players to engage in fun mini-games. These skill-based slots attract younger players to casinos, but any player can play them. The slot games have not yet flooded the casino market, but in the future, you can expect to see more of such slot games. 

Take Away

Lots of players love slot games because they are easy to play. You do not have to think hard about the next move or do some calculations with these games. All you do is spin a wheel and wait for the outcome.        


Natalie Don MSP was delighted to visit the Erskine Community Garden on Friday to discover the valuable work that the team of volunteers are doing to support the local community.

The MSP for Renfrewshire North and West was welcomed by volunteers Heather Clissett, Chrissie Johnson and Sylvia Sneider to the project which, since its launch in 2018, has flourished into a beautiful area with something for everyone including an eight-seater picnic benches for teenagers, a stick store for four-legged friends and a sensory area will soon be available for children’s play.

The development of the area is hugely appreciated throughout the community, with thanks given in the form of donations which have been integrated into the garden. The trees are decorated with bunting gifted by neighbours and the path is accompanied by benches kindly given by members of the wider community.

As well as providing a safe, relaxed environment for people to meet at any time, Erskine Community Garden hosts organised activities for many groups within the community such as a children’s garden club which entertains and educates local young people about the great outdoors. Sylvia also hosts meditation sessions as part of mental health support as we move out of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Heather Clissett from Erskine Community Garden said: “We were extremely pleased to welcome Natalie to the garden. Knowing her interest in the communities she supports, it was good to tell her of the garden’s openness and inclusivity, what has been achieved and what we hope to achieve in the future in keeping with the garden being a positive resource for all.”

Natalie Don MSP said: “I really enjoyed my visit to this beautiful space and was very impressed by the Erskine Community Garden team offering so much to support people and encourage wellbeing locally.

“It was a real pleasure to learn about all the different areas and features within the garden from the labrynth to the up and coming sensory area and I give my thanks to Heather, Chrissie and Sylvia for showing me around and giving me a great insight into their inspirational work.”

Renfrewshire Council also recognises and appreciates the work that the team at Erskine Community Garden is doing and has provided funding to support the project, which can be found at Barwood Road, Erskine, PA8 6AB.


Paisley celebrated the return of its award-winning Halloween celebrations as thousands of visitors enjoyed a spectacular Out of this World experience.

Over 17,000 people flocked to the town for the free, immersive trail of intergalactic installations and light displays around some of Paisley’s most famous buildings, with the extravaganza taking place across five nights from Thursday 28 October – Monday 1 November.

Paisley Halloween Festival presents Out of this World also formed part of Scotland’s Year of Coasts and Waters 20/21 celebrations, with the area beside the town’s White Cart River becoming a centrepiece attraction for locals and visitors.

An eye-catching sight on the family-friendly trail was the striking alien invasion of Paisley Town Hall, with an enormous Creature from the Cart bursting out from the front of the iconic structure.

Visitors were left dazzled by the ‘Nova’ and ‘Ursula Lassos the Moon’ sculptures at the heart of the trail, with many taking the time to capture selfies and photos at the mysterious and enchanting light displays. Meanwhile, ‘Orionids’ echoed the breath-taking beauty of a meteor shower across the White Cart River, creating a stunning, luminous effect on the water.

Young people’s hopes and dreams for the future of the planet were showcased on the spectacular Earthship1 installation, with many event goers taking the time to marvel at the spacecraft’s beautiful lighting, music and special cargo of hopeful messages and artworks created by youth and community groups across Renfrewshire.

Cheryl Fraser from Linwood said: “As soon as we pulled up in the car, the kids were saying ‘wow, this is amazing’ because we could see the big tentacles at the Town Hall. We’ve really enjoyed it all, took so many pictures and the kids have had a great time.”

Jodie Murray from Edinburgh said: “It’s been really cool and something different getting to see all the light displays – it’s really lovely. My family come every year and say it’s always amazing, so I thought I’d come and have a look too.”

The Paisley Halloween Festival presents Out of this World trail was delivered by Renfrewshire Council and curated by sustainable, not-for-profit creative contractor, Cirque Bijou.

Pauline Allan, Events Manager for Renfrewshire Council, said: “It’s been fantastic to welcome so many visitors to our Halloween celebrations in Paisley once again, as they were greatly missed by all last year.

“The festival is one of the highlights in our events calendar and has really cemented the town’s position as a key destination in Scotland for Halloween.

“We’re delighted to see such a positive reaction to this year’s five-day Out of this World spectacular and we’d like to thank everyone who came along and enjoyed the festival, as well as all of the talented artists involved for making it such a huge success.”

Julian Bracey, Artistic Director of Cirque Bijou, said: “It’s been a pleasure to work on this year’s Paisley Halloween Festival and make it a truly ‘Out of this World’ experience for everyone to enjoy. It’s been a massive team effort between the Cirque Bijou crew, Renfrewshire Council and the many local people involved.

“We’ve loved working with young people and community groups in the area to be part of the creative process and their contributions towards the artworks and installations have made the whole event really special.”

Paisley Halloween Festival was supported by EventScotland through Scotland’s Year of Coasts and Waters 20/21 and Scotland’s Events Recovery Fund.

Paul Bush OBE, Director of Events at VisitScotland said: “We are delighted to have supported Paisley Halloween Festival through the Year of Coasts and Waters 20/21 and Scotland’s Events Recovery Fund. It is great to see the event was so well received by those who got to experience the spectacular light displays and installations, with the White Cart River playing a starring role in the trail.”

Paisley Halloween Festival is widely regarded as one of the best events of its kind in the UK and was named Best Cultural Event or Festival at the 2019/20 Scottish Thistle Awards West Scotland regional finals, organised by VisitScotland.


Waste collection teams in Renfrewshire will wear carbon-neutral PPE as part of Renfrewshire Council’s plan for net-zero emissions by 2030.

The carbon emissions created through the manufacture of safety equipment and clothing for bin collection staff and drivers will be offset by planting trees in the Amazon rainforest, as well as the provision of trees to be planted in Renfrewshire.

The Council will work closely with suppliers Greenham to use their carbon calculator and ensure that the purchase of the PPE is sustainable, with discussions to take place as to how future procurement could also be carbon-neutral.

Renfrewshire Council Leader Iain Nicolson said: “We’ve set an ambitious target of Renfrewshire becoming net-zero by 2030 and to reach this we will need to make major changes across the region, but within the Council we want to take every opportunity possible to make a difference.

“It’s great to see that our waste teams will be in carbon-neutral PPE and I look forward to working closely with officers to see how we can make our wider procurement process more environmentally friendly.

“It’s important that every decision we take considers climate change as a key factor and we’re committed to reducing our emissions wherever possible.”

Following the declaration of a climate emergency in 2019, Renfrewshire Council created a working group with members of all political parties to make recommendations on how Renfrewshire can become net-zero by 2030, which has now been formalised as the Climate Change Sub-Committee.

The Climate Change Action Fund was created to support innovative projects and initiatives being developed by Council services in response to the climate emergency, with an initial £1million committed to a range of research, feasibility studies and immediate projects.

The Renfrewshire Climate Panel will bring a representative group of residents together to help shape the direction of the Council’s climate change planning and ensure that a collaborative approach can be established between the community and the Council.

For more information on the Council’s work to tackle climate change in Renfrewshire, visit


We’re going ahead with the event tomorrow (Weds 3rd November).

Times: 3-6pmLocation: McKerrell Street Play Park, McKerrell Street, PA1 1NJ.


The Jenny’s Well nature reserve in Paisley is to be further transformed after volunteers were awarded more than £14,000 to continue their environmental work.

Having removed more than 300 bags of litter and all fly tipping from the site, the Friends of Jenny’s Well group have been awarded funding to create wildflower areas and plant bulbs and bright foliage to encourage biodiversity and wildlife.

Picnic benches and seating will be added, repairs made to fencing and tools purchased for the group as they continue to transform the reserve into a community green space.

Matthew Smith, Chair of Friends of Jenny’s Well, said: “I have always enjoyed nature and wildlife and, having a new puppy in our family, I began walking more at Jenny’s Well and it really is such a beautiful location which I did not fully appreciate before.

“There were a few things that I and a number of volunteers have done to improve the park, with very little funding just hard work, including tidying the place up and reclaiming a number of paths which were disappearing.

“This money will help us to make further improvements, and I would encourage anyone who loves nature to come down and enjoy this nature reserve, and maybe even give us a hand!”

The funding has been provided by Renfrewshire Council’s Green Spaces, Parks and Play Areas and Villages Investment Fund which has already supported more than 60 projects with £1.7milllion since it was launched.

Councillor Marie McGurk, Convener of Renfrewshire Council’s Communities, Housing and Planning Policy Board, said: “The Friends of Jenny’s Well group have carried out fantastic work already and I’m glad we’ve been able to support them as it’s so important that we value the work of volunteers in Renfrewshire.

“With climate change such an important issue, it’s brilliant to see this nature reserve being enhanced and the funding will help improve biodiversity and conditions for wildlife in the area.

“It’s projects like these that make a real difference and I’m looking forward to how it progresses.”

Other projects to be awarded funding at the latest Communities, Housing and Planning Policy Board meeting included £35,000 for Klas Care to create a new playground for young people which would see the current area resurfaced, games areas added and a cycling proficiency section added.

Inchinnan Community and Social Association were also awarded £8,900 to resurface the Bowling Club car park which has provided a free parking facility for the village of Inchinnan for a number of years.

For more information on the fund, visit


A UNIQUE arts trail around Paisley town centre shops will literally shine a light on the climate issues facing people in Renfrewshire.

As world leaders gather only a few miles away in Glasgow for the Cop26 Climate Change conference, more than a dozen shop windows in Paisley will feature illuminated window displays highlighting various environmental issues and what people can do to help save the planet.

Renfrewshire Leisure is collaborating with the Paisley First group to create the Paisley Windows on Cop26 trail.

The displays have been designed by three artists – Jane McInally, Jennie Bates and Rebecca Johnstone – who were commissioned by Renfrewshire Leisure to work in partnership with local shop owners.

The artists worked with the shop owners to create striking visuals that match the ethos of their business.

The illuminated shop windows display event takes place from November 5 to November 12 each evening between 5pm and 8pm.

To add to the illuminated artists windows, neon artwork ‘Electricity Will Make Angels of Us All” from Jessica Ramm will be showcased, and the ‘Fate and Fortune Lumia’ can be seen under the bridge in Gauze Street.

Rikki Payne, Arts Manager at Renfrewshire Leisure said : “This fascinating trail, featuring artistically designed shop window displays, will not only be very eye-catching, fun and entertaining, it will also be educational.

“Hopefully it will be a catalyst for discussion among families about the current perilous state of our environment and highlight why we need to adapt to climate change, take action and make changes in our lives to help the crisis.

“We also hope the trail will encourage people to recognise that even small actions on their part can make a difference.

“Although the big decisions will be made for all of us at COP26, this project gives local people a voice at the same time.”

Muriel Ann Macleod, Creative Producer for Place Partnership at Renfrewshire Leisure added: “We designed the project to tie in with COP26 and highlight the climate issues that are important for people in Renfrewshire.

“The artists involved worked closely with the local shops taking part and it was the shop owners who chose a theme for their window.

“It’s been a very worthwhile collaboration with local business owners through Paisley First and working together we have created something unique that people can enjoy and learn about the environment in a fun way.”

Colette Cardosi, Chair of Paisley First, said, “it’s been great to see our local businesses working together with the artists to highlight issues that are important to the local community as well as the businesses themselves.

“Good things can happen when people work together and hopefully this can be part of the COP26 legacy.”

Go to to see the trail map and find out which shops are taking part in Paisley Windows on Cop26. People are also being encouraged to give feedback on the window displays through an online survey on the website, as well as uploading photos of the trail and tagging @rl4leisure on Twitter or @renfrewshireleisure on Instagram.

With the cost of rent rising around the UK, many first-time renters are finding that the homes they choose are not big enough to fit all their belongings. This leaves them with two choices – downsize or find alternate storage arrangements.

If you’re not looking to downsize at the moment, a self-storage unit is perhaps the best option. These units are accessible to you at any time you wish, allowing you to store your stuff without the worry that you won’t have access when you need it. 

However, if you’ve never rented a storage unit before, one of the most common questions is – how do you ensure that you have enough space in your unit to fit your needs? If this sounds like you, keep reading for tips.

Conduct an Inventory of Your Home and Belongings

Before you can decide what storage unit size you need to rent, you need to know what you’ll be storing in it. In order to know this, you need to know two things:

  • What you own
  • The storage capacity of your home

Knowing how much you can store at home will allow you to determine the “overflow” for the storage space. You can also use this opportunity to look for creative storage ideas so that you can increase the number of things you can store at home. Once you’ve determined what will be going in storage, it’s time to move on to the next step.

A quick tip: If you’re finding conducting an inventory of all your belongings challenging, one easy way to estimate how much space you’ll need is to identify the largest items that you’ll be putting into storage. Depending on their dimensions, you may find that your unit needs to be a particular size. For example, if your bed will be going into storage and is 15 feet long, you’ll need to ensure that your unit can fit it, regardless of what additional items will be going into storage as well.

Research Sizes

Depending on where the storage unit is located – indoors, outdoors, or covered storage – you’ll find that you have numerous size options. Before you make the decision to start renting a storage unit somewhere in the UK, you’ll need to know which of these you’ll be choosing. Additionally, you’ll also need to decide how big the unit will be. 

Depending on your storage needs, it may be that one or more of those options are not relevant for you. For example, if you’re storing expensive electronics, you’ll probably prefer an indoor option to others. Once you’ve chosen which of the three options is right for you, you can start researching what unit sizes are available for you to rent. 

Consider Your Requirements

Choosing from the three types of unit locations is only the first decision you’ll have to make. Once you’ve made that decision, you’ll also need to consider additional requirements that you may have of your storage unit. For example, you may need a unit that is climate controlled or one that has video monitoring capabilities depending on which area or city in the UK you’re going to use for storage. 

Whatever you decide you need, your options will likely be cut down further by this series of decisions. 

Visit Facilities and Talk to Companies

Sometimes, you’ll find that the bare minimum is not enough. Depending on what is going into storage, you may need your unit to have enough space for you to move around inside comfortably. 

For example, if you’re storing work documents and plan to visit your unit once a week, there should be enough space for you to not only walk around but also pause and go through the documents without feeling claustrophobic

While measurements can help you narrow down your options, they can only tell you so much. Once you have an idea of how big your unit will need to be at a minimum, it’s a good idea to visit storage companies that are well known around the UK, take a look at empty units that are about the size you’re considering, and speak to experts. 

This will give you a better idea of what the unit will look and feel like once everything has been put inside. It will also allow you to determine whether you’ve made the right choice or you need to move up one (or several) rungs on the size chart.

The need for extra storage is quickly becoming the new normal, especially among young people moving out and renting their first property anywhere within the UK. While choosing what size self-storage unit you should rent may seem like a challenging task, you’ll soon find it’s actually as easy as can be!


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