Choosing a dog costume for their furry family member is a big deal for people who love Christmas. It’s perfect for Facebook and Instagram, and it will make your whole neighborhood smile when you go for walks.

There are many options for small and large dogs, but make sure you read the sizes carefully.  Measure your dog’s chest, and ask questions if you’re not sure.

We rounded up the cutest dog costumes to make your holidays extra fun this year.

Idepet Dog Santa Claus Riding Christmas Costume

The Idepet Santa Claus Christmas costume is so cute! This is the perfect doggy costume to bring Christmas cheer to your family.

Santa will ride down from the North Pole to bring the spirit of Christmas to your neighborhood. This Santa costume is made of high-quality acrylic and comes in a wide variety of sizes.

The Santa Claus riding costume comes in a variety of sizes, from extra-small to extra-large. It will fit Shih Tzu up to Pit Bulls, so it has something for everyone.

SUNTRADE Christmas Pet Costumes Dog Cat Christmas Santa Suit

The SUNTRADE Christmas pet Santa suit is perfect for holiday pictures with your family.  

This is sure to grab everyone’s attention on visits to the pet cafe. If your pet loves being the center of attention, this is a sure bet.

This costume works best for small dogs, and you’ll want to make sure that it fits comfortably. Don’t be afraid to make some minor modifications to get the perfect fit! 

BINGPET Dog Christmas Costume – Xmas Reindeer Scarf and Hat Set

The BINGPET reindeer scarf and hat are super-cute and ready for a white Christmas. This is a costume that can last all winter, making it a great value.

A scarf and hat set is the perfect way to warm up your short-haired dogs in the winter. A hat goes a long way. 

A quick note: If you get the message Amazon cannot ship to your location, take a look at our guide to fix the problem. If your heart is set on a fabulous look for your furry friend, make sure you order early and use a high-quality reshipping service.

Rypet Dog Santa Hat and Scarf – Christmas Dog Costume

You can’t go wrong with the Rypet dog Santa hat and scarf. This is a classic look that everyone will love. 

This hat and scarf set is a better fit for the stronger breeds. It looks great on german shepherds and Dobermans and won’t restrict their movement.

Bigger breeds have a harder time wearing tight-fitting costumes, so a simple scarf and hat can make them feel more comfortable. 

Yoption Christmas Tree Dog

The Yoption Christmas tree dog costume is a unique option that your dog will love. Everyone will stop for photos, and maybe your friend will even get a present under the tree!

Smaller dogs need warm clothes on cold winter days, making this a practical gift for your puppy. It helps limit their shedding and gives them extra security.

Extension of gym hours part of Renfrewshire Leisure’s ongoing work following impact of Covid-19 on charity’s services

Gyms at three of Renfrewshire’s most popular leisure centres are to be open for longer in response to customer demand.

Hours are being extended from Monday, November 29, at the Lagoon in Paisley, ON-X, Linwood, and Renfrew Leisure Centre. Session slots are available now.

The move is part of operator Renfrewshire Leisure’s ongoing recovery of services following disruption caused by the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Mark Tokeley, Head of Leisure and Community Services, said: “We’re listening to our members and customers all of the time and tailoring our services as best we can to meet their needs. We’re delighted to be able to offer this increase in hours at the Lagoon, ON-X and Renfrew. We hope they will give more people the opportunity to use our services to lead better, healthier lives.”

From Monday, Renfrew Leisure Centre will be open from 7am until 9pm Monday to Thursday. Services are currently not operating between 10am and 3pm. A Covid-19 vaccination centre currently operates there each Friday.

Both the Lagoon and ON-X will be open from 6am until 9pm, Monday to Friday. Weekend sessions at Lagoon will start an hour earlier at 8.20am. Currently, each only opens at 6am on two days of the week, opening at 7.20am on the other days.

At all of the venues, the first and final sessions of each day will be longer. For the final session of the day, that gives users the flexibility to arrive later than 7.20pm for the session. The final entrance time is 8.20pm.

For the latest details about all Renfrewshire Leisure services, go to

A key footbridge across the White Cart has reopened to the public after more than 25 years and will soon form part of a new walking and cycle route from Renfrew to Paisley.

Originally a rolling lift bascule bridge built by Scottish engineer Sir William Arrol, the bridge at Abercorn Street in Paisley had been closed for more than two decades before Renfrewshire Council commissioned works earlier this year to strengthen and refurbish the structure.

Repairs included strengthening of the steelwork, coating with protective paint, new lighting, and landscaping around the entrances to the bridge on Carlile Street and Abercorn Street – with the works carried out by W.I. & A. Gilbert Ltd and overseen by Sweco UK Ltd

The bridge will form a key part of the Renfrew to Paisley cycle route, planned for construction in 2022, as well as complementing the Clyde Waterfront and Renfrew Riverside project and Glasgow Airport Cycle Route.

The refurbishment of the bridge also precedes £38million of investment from the Levelling Up Fund for the area, which includes a new road bridge over the White Cart, an east-west road linking Renfrew Rd and Love St, and enhance links with Paisley town centre, Glasgow Airport and the Advanced Manufacturing Innovation District Scotland.

Depute Provost Cathy McEwan cut the ribbon to officially re-open the bridge and is looking forward to seeing it being used by the local community.

Councillor McEwan said: “I’m delighted that this bridge has been brought back into use for the community as it gives people a new option for crossing the river on foot or by bike.

“It’s been out of commission for far too long and credit must go to the team for completing the project to restore it.

“We want to encourage people to use active travel methods wherever possible as we seek to reduce emissions, tackle climate change and encourage healthier lifestyles.

“We know we need to provide the infrastructure to support people to do this and this bridge will be part of a new cycle route connecting the town centres of Renfrew and Paisley set to be built next year – one of many active travel projects that the Council is taking forward for the benefit of people in Renfrewshire.”

Sustrans Scotland part funded the project as they aim to make it easier for people to walk, wheel and cycle as part of their vision to create a society where the way we travel creates healthier places and happier lives for everyone. 

Tim Aeberli, Infrastructure Coordinator for Sustrans Scotland, said: “We are delighted to see the reopening of the White Cart Footbridge to the public after three years of planning and construction works.

“Places for Everyone has worked in collaboration with Renfrewshire Council and Sweco to provide a new strategic walking, cycling and wheeling link over the White Cart river.

“In addition, residents can now enjoy a new enhanced public space providing new benches, bike parking, trees and flowers.”

The project was jointly funded by SPT as part of their support for active travel.

SPT Vice Chair Councillor David Wilson said: “SPT is pleased to have been able to give funding support to Renfrewshire Council for the refurbishment of the White Cart Footbridge. “Having been closed for many years, we are delighted to see the bridge now brought back into use, and we recognise the benefits the reopening will bring for wheeling, walking and cycling trips linking local and wider communities”

Renfrewshire residents joined local activists to honour those who have lost their lives due to domestic abuse and sexual violence.

Co-ordinated by Renfrewshire Council and partners in health, police and fire services, and the Paisley branch of Soroptimist International, the Reclaim the Night event saw local people gathering to lay white ribbons and a wreath as part of a silent vigil.

The event marks the beginning of Renfrewshire’s 16 days of action, echoing the international campaign by the UN to eradicate violence against women that takes place every year between 25th November and 10th December.

Women, men and children at the event placed white ribbons beside a wreath on the fence at Dunn Square, Paisley.

People are urged to pop by and place their own white ribbon at any time during the 16 days of action.

Renfrewshire Provost Lorraine Cameron attended the event and said it was good to see people get together to raise awareness of gender-based violence.

Provost Cameron said: “Gathering each year to remember those who have lost their lives to violence is always poignant, and after having to miss the event last year due to the pandemic, it was good that we could continue to honour their memories together.

“Gender-based violence remains an issue in our society and that’s why it’s important we speak out against it. Our streets and homes should be safe places for women, regardless of clothing, or time of day or night, but it is more than just a women’s issue.

“Educating people about violence that people experience in their daily lives and ensuring that we all take responsibility for the problem of violence is essential to creating real change in how we behave.

“It’s time to end the stigma around violence and stop blaming the victim. If you are experiencing domestic abuse, reach out and tell someone.”

Anyone suffering from domestic violence can get help via two national helplines, which are available 24/7 and are free to call from a landline.

Scottish Domestic Abuse Helpline – 0800 027 1234

Abused Men in Scotland Helpline – 0808 800 0024

Locally, Women and Children First can be contacted on 0300 300 0345.

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A memorial to the 71 children who lost their lives in one of Scotland’s worst ever human tragedies is to be unveiled in Paisley town centre next week.


The Glen Cinema Disaster of 31 December 1929 remains known as Paisley’s Black Hogmanay – yet until now the town centre did not have a permanent memorial for the victims and survivors.

Artists Kerry Stewart and Rachel Lowther were commissioned to work with the local community on a suitable memorial as part of the 90th anniversary of the tragedy.

And their now-finished statue – entitled Rattle/ Little Mother – will be sited in the town’s Dunn Square, across the road from the site of the former cinema, in Dyer’s Wynd.

The tragedy happened when a smoking film canister caused a panic during a packed children’s matinee with more than 600 children present.

The metal gates on the main exit doors had been pulled shut, stopping it from opening, leading to a crush where 71 children died, and more than 30 were injured.

The memorial will be unveiled at a small ceremony led by Renfrewshire’s Provost Lorraine Cameron next Tuesday (30 November) at 1pm, joined by members of the local community.

To create the memorial, Kerry and Rachel met with community groups including the STAR Project, Paisley Community Trust, and pupils from Paisley Grammar School, with a working group formed to help drive the project.

An important part of the process was meeting with the two remaining survivors of the tragedy, and their families.

Community activist Tony Lawler – one of the organisers of the annual ceremony to mark the tragedy which takes place every Hogmanay – was a member of the working group.

He said: “It’s important the town centre has a memorial – as it’s about more than remembering the 71 who died, it’s for the survivors and their families too.

“For a long time, people didn’t really talk about the Glen Cinema – the survivors were sent away to convalesce and didn’t get the support they would have if it happened now.

“The existing memorial at Hawkhead isn’t accessible for everyone, so having one in the town centre is important as it will give people a place to go to reflect.

“Since the 80th anniversary we’ve held community-led memorial ceremonies at the Cenotaph but it has a different purpose. This memorial will provide a new focus dedicated to the Glen Cinema.”

Artists Kerry Stewart and Rachel Lowther said: “Having met with survivors Emily Brown and Robert Pope and processed, through research and community engagement, what happened on that terrible day, we wanted to produce something that spoke to and of the children.

“We have tried to create a sculpture that is playful yet serious, that hovers between a nostalgic lost object – a portal to the children of Paisley, 1929 – and a sacred or devotional object, carrying the story of the children as their own protectors.”

The memorial was funded by the Rotary Club of Paisley and through Future Paisley – the council-led programme of events and activity using the town’s unique culture and heritage to transform its future.

Provost Lorraine Cameron said: “The Glen Cinema remains printed in Paisley’s collective memory as perhaps the darkest day in the history of the town.

“It is important the events of that horrific day should never be forgotten and that’s why this permanent memorial means so much.

“This has been a real community effort – the artists and the groups they have worked with have done a fantastic job to create a sensitive reminder of the tragedy, and all involved deserve praise for their efforts.

“I would invite any members of the local community to join us on Tuesday to see the memorial unveiled.”

Tonight The Bungalow has been booked for a special birthday party. Local well know musician Drew McCormick who was responsible for revitalising the Paisley Music Scene when it was all but gone two decades ago. The movement was called The Bungalow Bar Revival Nights. The success of these nights led to the opening of The Bungalow where it is today in Shuttle street. So The Bungalow is the perfect place for Drew’s 21st (that’s what he told me) If you would like to say Happy Birthday to Drew then pop in for a song or a drink or both. Doors are at 7pm.

Tomorrow night Internationally acclaimed Scottish singer-songwriter JJ Gilmour who made his recording debut in 1989 with The Silencers, one of Scotland’s loved bands is playing a solo gig. ‘Jinky’ enjoyed great success throughout Europe and America after joining the band as a backing vocalist though later in the bands career JJ progressed seamlessly to join Jimme O’Neill sharing lead vocals.

Seven action-packed years of gigging and recording ensued during which The Silencers had gold albums and sold almost a million records for BMG/RCA. After this successful period with the band, JJ decided he needed to take on new challenges and embarked upon his solo career.

He recorded his critically acclaimed debut solo album ‘Sunnyside P.A.L’ in 2002. The album became the catalyst for establishing his now fiercely loyal fan base and gained wide spread acclaim from his peers as an ‘outstanding debut album’. Now album number five is in the pipeline for JJ. Looks like the gig is a sell out. 

Local singer Leana Zaccarini is appearing tomorrow afternoon from 2pm with the Moonlighters. She is the perfect answer for a ‘pick me up’ after a heavy week at work.  It’ll be a fun afternoon filled with laid back Latin, smooth Swing, ballsy Blues and fabulous Funk.

Littlest Chicken the Tiktok star is heading to The Bungalow on Thursday. He has over half a million fans that follow his online videos. The social media platform TikTok has catapulted the popular Ayrshireman who got the whole of Scotland laughing through the last two lockdowns. As well as performing online comedy, he writes and performs his own songs, and released his first single Hey” last year to much acclaim. He released his second single “Homegrown” in June which he was inspired to write after a drive back from Ayr (where he lived for three and half years) to his hometown of Stranraer. Doors 7pm and tickets are £10/8.

The Cave has another packed ‘Four in a Row’ this week again starting with tonight: Overdrive at 9pm, Tomorrow at 6pm Fire In followed by The State Blues Band at 9pm. On Sunday it is Los Perros. From 6pm.

In the ‘Shoppers Slot’ at The Old Swan tomorrow they have Distant Sun at 4pm. Cammy Millar is back in his usual slot at 4pm on Monday. Lee James on Tuesday at 3pm with Swing, and he’s back on Thursday at 3pm this time for a Trip Through the Decades.

There is a bit of rock going on in the East End at 9pm in Harvies with Midnight Moses. Kennedys ‘Sunday Sesh’ this week is Crackerman at 4pm. The Keg have The Proposal in tonight at 9pm. The last time they played The Keg it was standing room only. Tomorrow night at 9pm it is Warren Capaldi back by popular demand.

The fantastic Mod Life Crisis are playing at Rocknrollas tonight.  The popular band who are well known in Paisley due to their appearances at March of the Mods and ModStuff are sure to fill the dance floor. Doors 7.30pm. Tomorrow night the West End Venue welcomes back The James Experience Born of Frustration doors 7.30pm.

Open Mic Nights this week are Dunky Hunter at The Abbey on Monday from 8.30pm; Stevie D 9pm on Tuesday at Gantry. Wednesday is The Keg’s Open Mic with Johnny Barr and starts at 8.30pm.

Coronavirus, widespread quarantine, as well as self-isolation in nearly every country, have caused changes in the worldwide gambling sector, including the online component of casinos in Norway. 

Many operators have attempted (and continue to attempt) to adapt their businesses to the new reality. All of this has resulted in the niche’s slow growth and bettingsider norge.

Impact of the Pandemic on the Gambling Industry

And as per the iGaming Business portal, the modern concept of the global internet gambling industry began in March 2020, when the coronavirus outbreak swept practically the whole world and numerous sporting events were halted. Read on to know more about the future of the gambling after the end of the pandemic.

It was at this time that an intriguing trend began to emerge: the majority of participants in online casinos began to rise every week, and it continues to rise day by day. As a result, the average investment at online casinos around the world grew by 3% in March 2020 compared to February 2020. 

Aside from that, consumers began to gamble more on their smartphones than on PCs. As a result, online gambling companies have been compelled to rethink their casino settings and make them more mobile-friendly.

At the very same time, there hasn’t been much of a shift in gamers from brick-and-mortar casinos to online gambling sites. However, things are about to change. 

The coronavirus pandemic, according to H2 Gambling Capital, has resulted in a major decline in the worldwide gambling market’s volume. According to their projection for the market’s expansion in 2021-2022, the market would shrink by at least 1% compared to 2019. 

The Future of Casinos After the COVID-19 Pandemic

Experts agreed that, given the existing situation and its trajectory, online casinos will become even more prominent in the next few years, lessening the significance of land-based clubs.

 Although wagering websites will gain in popularity, the gambling sector is projected to return to its “traditional look and feel” once the risk of coronavirus infection has been reduced.

Large gambling companies will also actively use the timeframe 2021-2023. What impact will the new competition have on the players? Since there are presently thousands of online gambling companies on the internet, they will all compete to attract new clients and maintain existing ones.

 As a result, players can expect the following benefits and will be able to select the most appealing offers:

  • Bonuses for registration, cashback, as well as other promotional incentives will become more lucrative. 
  • Online casinos will actively employ promotions to bring in new customers; virtual hall development will provide additional slot machines, live games, and other high-quality gaming content
  • Tournament recurrence will grow and tends to increase drastically. 
  • The increase in audience size will help to boost gambling interactivity, which will keep players interested in the game.

Overall, in order to attract new consumers, online casinos will provide excellent bonuses to players and improve their service. And your aim would be to identify a reputable online gaming site. 

According to our casino expert Benjamin Reppersen, there are certain things beginners should avoid. You can read more about Benjamin Reppersen’s expertise here. Visit the profile website to learn about the finest casino bonuses, casino games, and reputable online gambling companies.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, As you can see, several factors influence the active development of the gaming industry during a pandemic. As to the reason, it’s vital to remember that gambling at an online casino may be a source of great emotions as well as a decent source of revenue if done correctly. 

As a result, become a client of a reputable and time-tested online casino. And do not forget to gamble responsibly and play safe. 

You should never pay more than you can afford to lose and remember you must surely make your bankroll management skills up to date in order to survive the fierce competition. Everything in gambling after pandemic is going to change.

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Bh This Saturday 27 November will see cheeky elves, giant nutcrackers, Christmas candles and more appear on the streets around Houstoun Square, spreading some seasonal cheer.

The giant characters – produced by arts company Bridgeman Arts – will be handing out tokens that can be exchanged in participating local businesses for special offers or discounts, giving residents a chance to sample the best local food or get a head start on their Christmas shopping.

The team from Johnstone Sound radio station will be in the Houstoun Square bandstand and there will be a selection of carnival rides on offer for the thrill-seekers in the family.

The festive fun event will be on from noon until 4pm. Our festive friends will be heading to Renfrew on Saturdays 4 and 18 December but you can catch them again in Johnstone on Saturday 11 December.

The events – organised by Renfrewshire Council – are taking place instead of the usual Christmas lights switch-on events. The lights in each town will be turned on separately.

They have been designed to encourage residents to spend local and support businesses in the area – research shows around 65p from every pound spent in the local area stays in the local area.

Pauline Allan, Renfrewshire Council’s events manager, said: “We are thrilled to be bringing festive fun to Johnstone and Renfrew over the next four Saturdays.

“There will be loads going on to keep the family entertained and the Christmas characters will make a stunning spectacle.


“We are also delighted to be working with local businesses as part of the event – and our thanks go to all who have signed up to take part.”

To find out more and to see a list of the businesses taking part, visit:

Locals and visitors will be able to collect one token from each character to be redeemed in participating local stores on the day of the event.


Renfrewshire Council will hold a recruitment event next month as it launches a search for people to join its Soft Facilities Management team. 

The council currently has vacancies available in the team for Caretakers, School Crossing Patrollers, Housekeepers, Cleaners and Facilities Operatives who will work in schools covering various duties, including cleaning, catering and compliance. 

Vacancies for part-time drivers who will deliver school meals are also available. 

It will hold a recruitment event to fill these vacancies at Park Mains High School, Erskine on Thursday 16 December from 10am-12pm and 2pm-4pm. 

Candidates will be able to apply for the vacancies at the recruitment event. Successful applicants will then be offered an immediate interview and can complete most of their recruitment checks on the day. 

Applications can also be submitted in advance through MyJobScotland, with successful applicants being invited to interviews at the recruitment event.  

All applicants must bring proof of identification and two work related references with them to the event. 

Councillor John Shaw, Convener of the Council’s Finance and Resources Policy Board, said: “This is a great opportunity to join a fantastic team.  

“Our Soft Facilities Management Team make a difference to the lives of our residents, communities and schools every day. 

“Renfrewshire is a Scottish Living Wage employer and has a lot to offer anyone considering a career in Soft Facilities Management, from development opportunities to competitive terms and conditions. 

“If you are interested in joining our team, please come along to our recruitment event or apply online at MyJobScotland.” 

For more information on the recruitment event, including what documents to bring and how to travel to it, visit

If you have any questions about your application or the recruitment event, call 07483 318 963 or email

To apply for these vacancies in advance of the event, visit 

Retinol or also called vitamin A1 is a popular ingredient in skincare. It’s known to prevent the early signs of ageing and also helps even the skin tone. It usually comes in cream, gel, and serum. By now, you may have heard of various information about retinol, and some of them may be conflicting, which is why it’s hard to determine which is true. So, to straighten things out, we listed some of the most common retinol myths and the truth about them.

All retinols are the same

Not all retinols are the same. Some are mild, while others are more potent. The side effects of the milder ones may not be as harmful as those that are more potent. However, it may also take longer to see the positive effects compared to the faster results of the stronger ones.

You should only apply retinol when your skin is dry

There is still a debate about the efficacy of applying retinol on dry skin over wet skin. Some believe that it would not be as effective if you use the product right after washing the face without drying it. The good thing is that there are time-released retinol products that gradually absorb into the skin, so you can be sure that you will get its benefit whether you apply it after drying your skin and even when your face is still wet.

Severe skin reaction is normal

The use of retinol is often associated with severe breakouts, irritation, and peeling. It’s the reason why many people scare away from it. It may indeed happen, but you can avoid this by starting with a low dose, allowing your skin to adapt to its use, and gradually increasing the amount or frequency of its use. SkinCeuticals retinol, for instance, is a product that can help reduce fine lines, blemishes, and dark spots. It’s recommended that you use it two times a week for the first couple of weeks, then gradually increase the days of use until you can do it nightly.

You can’t use retinol if going on a holiday

Going on a holiday may expose you to a sudden change in weather or temperature. It may have some effects on your skin, including dryness. However, it is not due to the use of retinol in that country or place. If your skin has already adapted to its use, it’s unlikely that you will have side effects because of the change in environment. Nevertheless, ensure to take extra care of your skin to prevent various skin problems during your trip, such as applying moisturizer in cold places where your skin turns dry.

It takes six weeks to see the effects of retinol

Although some over the counter products claim that you will see the effects in six weeks, it may take longer than that to see noticeable changes in your skin, like an average of 12 weeks. So, if you don’t see visible changes in the first few weeks, you may need to wait a little longer for the result to show.

Now that you know the truth behind the myths of using retinol, you will be more confident in using the product as you will know what to expect. 

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Online football gaming has continued to gain increased popularity. For most gaming enthusiasts, this is a great alternative to make extra cash as you get entertained. With a click of a button, you can access your preferred games and play from the comfort of your home. Choosing the right team and the game is vital when it comes to online gaming. However, another significant aspect you must consider is to ensure that you choose the right gaming website. There are thousands of websites, and new ones are launching every day. But, you need to know that not all sports sites provide equal services. You must do proper research to select the right one suitable for your needs. Below are significant tips that will help you to identify the best gaming site,

1. Security

Above all, you want to register with a gaming site that provides you with maximum protection. You must confirm the security measures that the site has to keep your personal and financial information safe and secure. Although there are many legit gaming sites in the market, some are there to scam you. They will take your details and use them in the wrong ways and can also swindle your money. Ensure that the particular website protects your information such that no unauthorized individual can access it. 

An ideal sports betting website should have a license. This is important to make sure that you are working with a legitimate gaming site. In case of any misunderstanding, you can file a legal complaint and have the issue legally solved by the relevant authority. Otherwise, if you risk working with an unlicensed website, you will be the loser in case of any problems or a disagreement.

2. Reputation

Most popular gaming websites like football betting (แทงบอลcan attribute their success to having the best reputation. Find a gaming website that provides fair betting odds and also a vast selection of gaming options. The particular website should be consistent when it comes to making payouts and paying on time. 

Always read the reviews, comments, and feedback posted by other online players. Such information helps you to determine the rogue gaming website from the good ones. If many players negatively review the potential gaming website, watch out; these are red flags that you shouldn’t ignore. 

3. Available Offers

The gaming industry is quite competitive. Numerous websites are available, and new ones are opening almost every hour. Because of this, most gaming website owners are using different incentives to attract new players and retain the old ones. One way of doing this is through promotions and bonuses. Therefore if you want to register with a particular gaming site, you have to ensure that they provide a welcome bonus and other incentives that can increase your bankroll. Always consider the best bonuses and look for other offers that suit your gaming needs. 

You must choose a website that has the best customer service. If you want an exceptional online gaming experience, you need to register with a gaming site that provides prompt and valuable customer care services. Popular sites like football betting (แทงบอล) offer support via emails, live chat, text, phone calls, and other online platforms. This way, players can get 24/7 customer service, and they won’t have to keep waiting whenever they need urgent assistance. 

EARLY-BIRD shoppers can take advantage of the Black Friday bargains at the Braehead Centre as it opens two hours earlier than normal.

Store bosses throughout the malls are giving shoppers an early Christmas present by slashing prices, as Braehead opens its doors at 8am instead of the usual 10am on Friday, November 26.

The popular Currys electronics store in the Braehead Retail Park also opens at 8am – an hour earlier than usual.

Many retailers started their sales early this week in the run-up to the now-traditional Black Friday bargain bonanza – and some will continue until the end of this month.

There are huge discounts available from a wide variety of stores at the Braehead Centre including up to 60 per cent off fashion at Joules; up to 50 per cent of jewellery stores Beaverbrooks and Thomas Sabo; up to 50 per cent off Unique Clinics treatments; up to 40 per cent off at Kids Cavern and Kiddie Boutique, while H. Samuel say they have offers that are better than half price.

Braehead Centre Director, Peter Beagley said: “Shoppers recognise that there are some fantastic offers on during Black Friday and beyond. This is encouraging them to get into top gear for their Christmas shopping.

“Fears of supply chain issues and a desire to beat the rush has meant shoppers are coming out early to do their Christmas shopping to make sure they get the gifts they really want for family and friends.”

Peter added: “We’re hearing that big ticket items like jewellery and watches are doing well this year and our new luxury concept Goldsmiths store had an exceptional first weekend since they opened last week.

“We’ve also seen our restaurants and cafes a lot busier this week as people combine ‘me time’, or meeting up with friends and family with their Christmas shopping.”