It can be a tricky decision to choose between running on a treadmill or taking it outside to run around the park or streets. Many are influenced by time, money, and motivation levels. Here we will compare the treadmill and running outside and point out the differences you should consider.

The differences between running outside and on the treadmill

You don’t actually need to choose between running outside and the treadmill, you can always do both depending on your mood throughout the week. Morning runs outside can be refreshing but if you’re working remotely, it might be more convenient to jump on a treadmill running machine at home, particularly if you don’t have long breaks or much time.

As you most likely already know, running can help you lose weight quickly and provide amazing mental health well-being advantages. The number of calories you will burn will all depend on the speed you’re running at, of course you can change this up and down on a treadmill. It will also be easier to track your progress on a treadmill as you have the minutes and calories right in front of you on the screen. The only way you can track your calories successfully while running outside is with a smartwatch or fitness band.

Think about where you live

Location can help you decide whether you’d like to run outside, or not. If you live near a beautiful big park or beach, for example, running outside could benefit you hugely if you like the area. However, you might live in a very urban community and not have convenient places you’d enjoy running, perhaps a treadmill would suit you better. Unless you would like to get to know your surroundings better by running. If you would prefer to stay in the house, you can find many treadmills available online to order, but you could still run outside on the odd occasion when you fancy it.

Benefits of running

There are many benefits of running, whether you’re outside or on the treadmill inside. You will only reap the advantages if you are consistently getting into a routine of running a few times a week. It’s a great idea to plan out the days and hours you plan to run, as this will maximise your motivation and keep you on track. If you’re getting outside to run you will be getting fresh air, but it may be harder to push yourself, especially in the cold months when the weather isn’t on your side. Investing in a treadmill might mean you will run more often as it is in your home, consequently easier to access and jump straight on before or after work, or even in your breaks.

Now that you know the differences between the treadmill and running outside, you can work out the best method for you and invest in a treadmill if you need one. Perhaps a new pair of trainers to start you off on your fitness journey?