Something that is “getting under your feet” is not typically considered a good thing. But if you are looking for the best car mats to protect your car as well as add comfort and beauty to your vehicle, something that suitably “gets under your feet” is exactly what you want. 

The right car mats for your car will sit nicely under your feet and even make your journey a bit more comfortable. So, where can you begin to shop for such a high-value item? If you aren’t sure where to begin the quest for perfect car mats, here is what you need to know about selecting the best car mats for your needs. 


Consider what the car mat is made of and how it is manufactured. As you may know, not all car mats are made the same and some will be able to provide you with better service. If you are looking for something hardy and tough that will withstand the rigors of off-road adventure, the all-rubber options could be the best thing for you. Not only are these 100% water resistant, but very easy to clean as well. 

Look at the shape and fit 

Furthermore, the shape and fit of the car mats you have chosen for your car will determine their capacity to protect your interiors and will even feel more comfortable underfoot. Not only will they cover your floors properly, but they will look like they were tailor-made to fit the car. The right-sized car mats from Mr Car Mats will also fit the car design so there will be no squishing on one side, curling up or danger of interfering with your feet working the pedals.  

Have the best of both worlds 

If you spend plenty of time in down-and-dirty activities but also like your car to be prim and proper when driving about the city for leisure reasons, you will need the best of both worlds. A brawny set of all-rubber car mats will protect your car completely during difficult work. But when it is time to dress up and have some fun, you can whip out those fancy plush car mats.