Chainlink is a decentralized oracle network. That is designed as the cryptocurrency in 2017. It provides real-world data for blockchains. Chainlink is the 12 largest cryptocurrency in the world. It creates to enables universally connected smart contracts. You can securely interact with extra data feeds, events, and payment methods with the help of Chainlink. It provides the critical off-chain information that is the basic need for complex contracts. That becomes the dominant form of digital agreement.

Chainlink is driven by a large open-source community. It can be used by data providers, node operators, smart contract developers, researchers, and security auditors. It can play a very important role in blockchain technology.   That can provide you input on a variety of external sources of data.

Price of Chainlink

Today price of Chainlink cryptocurrency is USD 18.32. The trading volume of Chainlink in the last 24-hours is USD 1,447,792,907. The price of Chainlink is not good in the last few days. Its price is down -5.9% in the last 24-hours.

History of Chainlink

Chainlink cryptocurrency is developed by a private smart contract company. They start with a small amount of money. But it can cover more than USD 32 million in 2017. 

What is Link and What is it Worth?

Link native token is helping finance to grow with the Chainlink. This link token was launched in 2017. The price starts at 20 cents. And its price rose and became USD 1 in 2019. It reached USD 2 in 2020.  

Who Uses the Chainlink?

There is a large number of users who can you the Chainlink cryptocurrency. But the main users of Chainlink is project developers. Who wants to integrate chainlinks into their projects. Some of the Chainlink users sell their data and become part of the participating nodes. There are many ecosystems to become the part of the notable participants.

  • Aave
  • Synthetix
  • Yearn
  • Finance
  • Google

How Many Chainlink Coins Circulate in the  Market?

The price of Chainlink is down in the last 24-hours. But the popularity of Chainlink is no less. There are 430 million Chainlink coins are circulating in the digital market. The maximum supply of Chainlink coins is 1 Billion. 

Can I Create a Long or Short link with Chainlink?

Yes, you can create a long and short-term link on Chainlink. You can use derivative exchanges to direct the position on the link.

Derivatives Exchanges

  1. BitMEX
  2. Binance
  3. Bytbit

You can use some leveraged ETF on links from spot exchange platforms.

Spot Exchanges

  1. Binance
  2. FTX
  3. Huobi Global

Who is the Founder of Chainlink?

Sergey Nazarov is the co-founder and CEO of Chainlink labs. He passed graduate with business from New York University. He can focus on philosophy and administration. He started his professional career as a teacher at NYU Stern school of business. After that, he became the co-founder of ExistLocal. ExitLocal is a peer-to-peer marketplace that works for authentic locals. After that, he became the co-founder of CryptaMail in 2014. CryptoMail is a completely decentralized, blockchain-based email service. 

In 2014, he formed a team with Steve Ellis. Steve Ellis passed their computer science degree from New York University. After that, he becomes a software engineer at pivot labs. In 2014, he becomes the co-founder of secure asset exchanges. This company facilitates easy web access to decentralized asset exchanges. Then, they launched a new platform of smart contracts. They connect them with external data and acceptable bank methods. 

What Makes Chainlink Unique?

Chainlink is the first integrated network. That can allow you off-chain data into smart contracts. Chainlink has many trustable partners. That can play a major role in the data processing field. Chainlink attracts many trusted data provides with the help of integration off-chain data. 

Some Data Providers

  1. Brave New Coin
  2. Alpha Vantage
  3. Huobi

Chainlink can buy informative data directly from data providers that are listed above. Chainlink work as a decentralized network. That can allow Chainlink users to become the node operators. And helps to earn revenue by running critical data infrastructure. That is the most important and required thing for blockchain success. 

How is the Chainlink Network Secured?

Chainlink can use the proof-of-stake (PoS) consensus mechanism. This mechanism can help chainlink to becomes a secured network. This proof-of-stake system can use the PoW system. That can consume a vast power.

The PoS model becomes the most popular model in the online market. Because it is easily scalable and less electrical power consumers. On the other hand, PoW proves herself as a reliable consensus mechanism. 

Where Can You Buy Chainlink?

Chainlink is the 12 largest and popular cryptocurrency or network in the online market. That’s why many platforms can offer Chainlink for investment.

  1. Binance
  2. Houbi Global
  3. Coinbase Pro
  5. Kraken

Should You Invest in Chainlink?

I will tell you about the importance of Chainlink from the start of this article. I hope, now you can understand what this network is. And how it becomes beneficial for you. But, now I give you some more facts. 

Chainlink is the best platform for investment. The value of Chainlink is volatile. So, it gains huge popularity in 2020. It can use underlying technology to give you the best support system. Without underlying technology, the volatile system may be too much to bear for investors. Chainlink technology is the most important technology in cryptocurrency. You use Chainlink for long-term investment. It can provide you the stability and viability. That can gain investors’ trust who believe in cryptocurrency. With the help of Chainlink, you will become the industry standard. That is the most widely-used decentralized oracle network.


I hope you will understand what is Chainlink (Link) cryptocurrency. I give you the latest price criteria. That can help you to know about chainlink value in the market. I also give the history of chainlink that can give you more idea about it. You can also learn about some of the chainlink platforms that can give you the trading option. Now, there are many users of chainlink. Because it is one of the most popular crypto networks in the world. I believe my article about Chainlink (Link) is helpful for you and easy to understand. If you have any questions about this Chainlink (Link) topic, please ask them in the comment section. For more information about trading platforms check this site