League of Legends is a game that contains players at so many different levels. While there are hundreds of beginner players, there are also hundreds of experienced and highly skilled players. This is because LoL is a competitive game; it is not simply a game that you would play for 20 hours and never open again. Therefore, there are many differences between accounts. When compared to a beginner account, a medium-skilled player’s account has generally much more value due to the reward system of LoL. It has much more experience, Blue Essence, probably more skins, and more countless privileges. To go into detail, we will compare a purchased LoL account with a fresh one in our article. A full guide brought to you by buyalolaccount.com. Let us begin…

1- Level Difference

Perhaps the most important thing that LoL players care about purchasing LoL accounts vs. fresh ones is the level difference. This is because you need to reach a specific level, which is 30, to play ranked games in League of Legends. You also need to obtain or craft at least 20 champions to be able to play ranked games. And since ranked games are the main thing about League of Legends, you would definitely want to play ranked games. But as you may have guessed, it is not easy to reach level 30 and to craft 20 champions. You have to play so many games and spend so much time to reach level 30. If you are a player who is thinking of smurfing, then starting a fresh account and grinding to 30 summoner levels would be very boring for you. This would be the case only because you would be a highly skilled player, and playing with or against lower-skilled players will be very simple for you. However, if you do not start with a fresh account and purchase a LoL account, then you will not have any trouble with this as you can purchase a 30 level LoL account and start playing ranked games immediately.

2- Unlocked Champions

Not many competitive games have locked playable characters, and unfortunately, LoL is one of the ones that you have to unlock champions to pick and play with them. Surely, there are a few champions that can be picked and played every week but if you want to master a role or a champion, acquiring a champion is a must for you. If we compare fresh vs purchased LoL accounts for this matter, purchased accounts will definitely have much more unlocked champions. So you will not have to worry about unlocking champions one by one. But you should also keep in mind that all accounts might have different champions than others. So one account might include Ryze, Ashe; but the other one might not. Just make sure that your desired champ is unlocked before you buy the account!

On the other hand, whether you are a new player or not, if you start with a fresh LoL account instead of purchasing one you will have to spend so much effort and time to unlock champions. This can be very frustrating especially if you are an experienced LoL player. However, it can also be annoying to beginners who just want to play with more champions. Unfortunately, Riot Games does not allow beginners to select whichever champion they want. But if you are a beginner player, after practicing with free-to-play champions, you can go ahead and purchase a LoL account.

3- Items and Skins

As we have stated earlier, fresh accounts start with no summoner experience. This also means that there are not many rewards for a fresh LoL account. As you level up, you will get more and more rewards. But leveling up is not that easy… On the other hand, if you purchase a LoL account, there will most probably be many items on it. Not just items but also skins. The price of the account can be higher if there are expensive skins in the account. However, if there are cheap skins, the price will not differ much and you will be able to play with different skins, costumes. Not just skins, but some other items or stuff like Blue Essence will also be on the purchased LoL account. For example, there will be bundles that you can open and get some rewards. If you start with a fresh LoL account, you will have to grind so hard to get this stuff.

4- The Opponent

When you start with a fresh LoL account, you will see the enemy team playing badly. Not just the enemy, also your allies will play terribly as they have no idea what to do in many situations. This is only due to Riot Games and the game’s matchmaking system. Since your account will be a beginner account, you will always be matched with other beginner players or players that have just a little bit of knowledge of the game. This can be beneficial if you are a real beginner in MOBA games and League of Legends. But if you have even a little bit of experience, you do not have to play at this bottom level. The reason is that you may get some habits while playing against low-skilled players. These habits can be hard to quit and can be harmful to you in the long run. Even a simple habit could be devastating in higher ELO games. For example, if you see a champion in the jungle you can directly rush to him and pick him off -if you think that he is much weaker and easy to kill-. However, if you do this action in higher ELO’s, it is most probably a “bait”. Since you gained this habit, you will not think that it can be a habit and your brain will force you to rush to get a kill. Unfortunately, you will be counter-ganged by other enemy champions.

To wrap up, we can say that fresh accounts can be a bit beneficial to beginners in League of Legends. But if you have some experience, you do not have to deal with the trouble of reaching 30 levels and unlocking champions; you can just purchase a LoL account!