So you have finally decided to visit the world’s 2nd largest country for the first time. You might have even searched for all the popular destinations and past times in Canada. However, with so many places to go to and a number of things to do, you must be overwhelmed. Well, the country has got a lot to offer when it comes to first-time travellers. Nonetheless, there are a few places that you can definitely not miss on your visit.

Visiting Canada means getting your documents, following the government’s health advisory, and planning itinerary for you stay. So, after you apply for eta Canada, you must check the COVID guidelines that you can find online. These will help you stay safe and health during your trip. Finally, it’s time to plan the itinerary for which you should know which all places you should go in Canada. To help you with the same, this article will enlist all the destinations that you cannot miss. Let’s dive right in!

Cities You Can’t Miss

Each Canadian city has its own charm so deciding which ones you can’t miss is a great deal. To begin with, you cannot forget the following cities.

  1. Toronto

The biggest metropolis, end number of activities can be performed in Toronto. Whether you are a fan of art and wish to visit an art gallery, or you love history and would like spending time in a museum, Toronto has got it all covered. You can also take a trip to the Niagara Falls or watch over the city from the peak of CN Tower.

  1. Vancouver

Situated on the country’s Pacific Coast, Vancouver is surrounded by parkland, mountains, and bays. In fact, the capital of British Columbia is also home to art scenes as well as amazing music. In case you are visiting the country during summers, this is definitely a go to, considering the outdoor adventures and attractions that the city has got to offer.

  1. Montreal

How can one miss the French culture even when they’re in Canada? Montreal is the perfect city for experiencing the bilingual nature of the nation. In fact, this city, which is the largest in Quebec, also holds a number of national historic Canadian sites that consists of Notre-Dame Basilica. Moreover, the famous Cirque du Soleil is location here – you can watch the local preview of the latest show prior to its launching in the entire world.

  1. Calgary

You might be less interested in this city as compared to others, considering the extent to which the remaining in the list are famous. However, since the international airport is here, you can consider staying in for a day or two – it will be worthwhile. A mile-wide artistic streak, a craft beer galore, modern architecture and beautiful parks are what you will experience on your stay. In fact, if you’re a fan of music (who isn’t), you must consider visiting Studio Bell National Music Centre, where you’ll see a number of instruments of wide variety.

The city also consists of festival grounds comprising rodeo events, animals, stalls, beer tents, live music, and fairground rides. Even though Canada is not viewed as this experience, but it’s the most Canadian that you can be when in the country.

Okanagan Valley

As vast as 155 miles, Okanagan Valley is situated in British Columbia and has about 84 per cent of the vineyards. In fact, there are over 200 wineries – you can finally go wine tasting. In case you wish to go for an outing along with tasting them, you may consider going to Naramata Beach. It comprises of a number of wineries along with outdoor adventures like mountain biking and kayaking. Irrespective of the area you end up visiting, you are going to enjoy the beautiful sceneries of the wine region.


The name itself is so intriguing that you might have already made up your mind to visit this place. Well, also called as the small city with a big backyard, this capital of Yukon has got to offer a number of outdoor adventures. Whether you wish to visit the natural wonder of Miles Canyon or go watch the wild at Yukon Wildlife Preserve, this city has got your back. In fact, in case you happen to visit the country during winters, watching the northern lights in the first couple of weeks in Whitehorse is worth the cold.

The Bottom Line

Canada is a country full of culture, historical attractions, scenic views, and music. The cities of the nation have got all kinds of activities and you can visit the places based on what you wish to do while you’re here. The places mentioned in this article are just a few, which can definitely not be missed. But you can consider looking for more based on what you’d like to do.