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Home improvement is the kind of thing that many homeowners want to go for, but are often discouraged to undertake due to the misconception that it has to be a drastic change. While it is true that many home improvement projects are often drastic and can be expensive, not every single improvement is like that.

The crucial part is to focus on what matters most and ensure that you are doing what you can to make the improvements that you want. For example, for a small house, one of the biggest advantages is that the smallest change can have the biggest difference. That said, some homeowners are discouraged by the fact that they can’t make their house feel spacious enough. Learn how to breathe new life into a small house with these tips.

Maintaining an illusion of space

This tip operates on the assumption that you’ve done what you can to arrange the furniture in such a way that this provides as much space as possible for your house. If you haven’t done any spring cleaning, it might be a good idea to do so before going for these tips, as it might be the only thing your humble abode needs.

Without a doubt, trying to make a small house as spacious as possible is much easier said than done, as there is only so much you can do. Instead of trying to go for physical space, it would instead be a better idea to go for the illusion of space. One of the cheapest ways to do so would be to go for mirrors, as the reflection can easily make areas of the house appear much larger than they are.

Those who want to spend a little more money can go for rounded furniture to help alleviate the feeling of being boxed in by all the edges. It’s the kind of feeling you get when you can see all four corners of a room and the edges of furniture pieces don’t help.

Making sure the home doesn’t have asbestos

Small houses are particularly hazardous if they were built around the 70s, as there could be asbestos used to help insulate the house. If you are unsure if your house has asbestos or not, it would be best to go to the professionals to have it checked. You can look into quality local asbestos removal company like if your house happen to be in the southeast.

A splash of colour

Last but certainly not least, the best part about living in a small home is that colourful changes make a significant impact. If you want to ensure that your house has that wow factor, why not go for colourful throw pillows, wall art, or even wall decals?

Breathing new life into a small house is a straightforward process if you know where to look. As a bonus tip, look into parts of the house that will elevate the rest of the room if you make improvements to it, such as beds for the bedrooms.