Faster Internet Means a Better Career as a Gamer

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Are you into gaming? Well, join the club. Most of the UK has given in to the gaming craze and have become obsessed with all the merchandise and gadgets associated with their favorite games. Alongside getting yourself eager and ready to play your best game, you also need an internet speed meant for heavy broadband users. If your internet speed is not geared up for the act of gaming, your gaming experience will be severely affected. 

A serious gamer will require a seriously fast internet connection, or else…

  • The Lag

If large amounts of data cannot be processed fast enough by your connection, you will experience a lag during play. You will be pressing the buttons but the responding action will be slightly delayed. This can be a source of much frustration especially when you reach the climax of your game.

  • Contention ratio

If no one in your home is using the internet other than you, why is your internet speed so slow? The reason may be because of the many people on your street that are using the internet at the same time. If you want real-time speed, you need to ensure that you step up your connectivity.

  • Freezing and Pausing: 

Freezing can occur due to data being lost to the server. One of the main causes of gamer frustration is when a game freezes mid-way. There are internet service providers who minimize the chances of freeing occurring. Some freezing will be inevitable but it can be limited.

How to know which internet service provider is best if you are an avid gamer

You choose an internet service provider that offers speed. To make the most of your gaming experience, you need to make sure that your download speed is at least about 50Mbps. If there are more people in your home competing to use the internet, your download speed needs to be far higher.

Data limits are something that you also need to consider. Many internet service providers recognize that weekends are meant for downloading so you will experience no data limits at certain times of the day and night.

You mostly opt for internet service providers who offer ideal customer services. You need to read reviews about internet service providers. You can also look at various surveys conducted that show the results through customers’ eyes of the best service providers. You need helpful service providers who will be able to assist should technical difficulty and setback arise. It’s far less frustrating dealing with an internet setback with the help of customer service representatives who are ready to answer all your queries than one who is simply not interested.

Your best bet is to go with pure fibre optic as opposed to your regular ADSL type of connection. Just by getting pure fibre optic internet, you can ensure that you get faster internet at a better speed. With fibre optic cables the internet is reaching directly to your premises, therefore there will be no unexpected delay or lag. If you have fibre but your connection is an FTTC (Fibre to the cabinet) connection, your neighbours may surely be a reason why you will experience slower internet speeds at a certain part of the day. If you like to play games in the thick of the night, this type of connection will still prove to be valuable as the internet speed is usually faster once everyone has gone to bed. 

You may want to try internet service providers like BT Broadband that offers a range of fibre internet packages. Hyperoptics on the other hand is one service provider that is offering very high-speed internet packages. There are several other internet service providers that you can check out so as to compare prices, speeds and packages.