Ask any gambler for three things that spring to mind when they think about a casino, and we would make a bet that 90% of them include Blackjack. It’s an absolute belter of a game – nothing is more satisfying than trying your luck at getting the winning hand. It used to be pretty simple – blackjack was blackjack – but these days in 2021, we have all sorts of variants of the game available to play online at king casino. All a bit overwhelming? Don’t worry – we’re going to go through our favourite casino variants of online blackjack in this article – read on to find out more! We will be taking a look at:

          American blackjack

          European blackjack

          Blackjack Switch

American vs European Blackjack

You are probably aware that the game of Blackjack differs slightly depending on where in the world you are. Here in the UK, we’re most likely to encounter European blackjack. In this variant, the major change lies in the fact that the dealer does not receive their hole card until after the player makes a decision based on how to play their cards. This differs greatly to American blackjack, where the dealer gets their hole card before the player even decides on their own movements.

Another big difference is restrictions – American Blackjack has far less restrictions when it comes to various gameplay mechanics. This can be a good thing or a bad thing depending on what kind of player you are – if you don’t want to fuss over extra rules, then American Blackjack may be more your cup of tea.

Blackjack Switch

We’ve covered the two most common variants you are likely to encounter: American ‘classic’ Blackjack and European blackjack. Not much is different really, so are there any variants that have significantly different game mechanics? There sure are, and Blackjack Switch is a great example of this – the rules are as follows:

Step 1: First, remember to apply the standard rules of classic Blackjack

Step 2: Take note of a very important change – the player has not one hand but two hands available at any given time.

Step 3: When it comes to place your bet, choose between which hand you will use – you will always have this option available.

Weird right? It’s sort of like playing two game of Blackjack at the same time, but personally we love it! Now that is my kind of multi-tasking.


Overall, its no secret that you just can’t beat a good game of Blackjack, but it’s important to be aware of all of the different variants of the game. Depending on what kind of Blackjack player you are, you could be currently playing a variant that simply doesn’t suit you. Check out the examples we’ve discussed, and even more importantly remember to do your research and keep your eyes peeled for the latest new variants. There might just be something that we haven’t mentioned that becomes your new favourite way to play Blackjack!