In the town of Paisley, we have three fantastic tattoo parlours, Chameleon Tattoo, Link D Tattoos, and Mohawk Tattoo Studio. If you have been thinking about perhaps getting a tattoo yourself, but are short of ideas, then allow us to present to you the 5 best casino tattoos we could find. 

Obviously, Chameleon Tattoo and the others will be able to create and design their own pieces for you. These are mere examples of what can be done to capture the thrill of gambling and how you might wish to put it on your skin – for life!


Finding inspiration for your tattoo

Many classic tattoos are clearly invoking a memory or an appeal for the state of Las Vegas. Now, you might like the aesthetic, but at the same time ask yourself where you can get the best design ideas. Not to worry, because there are many ways to capture casino games in unique ways and styles without actually going to Vegas. If you like the idea of a gambling related tattoo and you need some ideas, you can research sites like, where you find casino games with superb graphics that translate beautifully to ink. 

There are many games you can use as a tattoo idea with cards, roulette, slots, and even sports can be captured if you wanted to produce something more unique. 

Take any thoughts and ideas to your tattooist and allow them their creativity to do something that projects their talents, rather than limiting them to a must-do approach. And if you decide to take the step, remember that the town of Paisley takes this art-form very seriously – we even have charity days dedicated to tattooing!


Best Casino Tattoos

TattoosThe Sleeve and Chest piece here captures all there is about Las Vegas. The tiger over the chest and overlapping the famous Las Vegas Nevada sign is a warning to all those that dare enter. It boasts of the state’s 24/7 entertainment that goes on from the days of Sigfred and Roy shows to musicians getting 6-month-long residencies in one of the many vegas venues. All this captured in the sleeve that encompasses all that vegas is and what perhaps was the experience of the canvas, given the specific nod to the jack daniels bottle which is not exactly key to the ideas of what Vegas holds. 






This full 360 sleeve is a damn fine piece of work that is excellently finished, with great technique and clean lines with the saturation perfectly executed to separate the features to make it all flow nicely without being over the top or too muddled together. The Las Vegas sign again at the top allows everything it offers to flow underneath. The skin breaks to act the movement of the chips is really classy, and the addition of the Flamingo casino and the dancer throw out more vibrancy and detail. Everything about this screams perfect, even the addition of Route 66 is a nod to old Americana that adds more class to what is one of the best casino tattoos you will find anywhere or on anyone.





TattoosIf you are going to go classy, when it comes to colour tattoos, then go simple. Too much and your piece could look too messy and too confusing. This tattoo is again the Las Vegas sign that encompasses all that a casino tattoo should stand for. This piece was clearly an add-on addition to the sleeve that fits in with pre-existing tattoos without over-clashing the styles. 





TattoosGo big or go home, the very moto of a true Vegas player. This full-body piece is on the list because of its scale and also because it doesn’t over complicate things. You have a full canvas to work with and only 6 key images that capture the values of Vegas, the sign (again) Money, Showgirl, Cards, Lucky 7s, and the Roulette wheel. By placing the sign at that angle, you’re not turning the human canvas into a billboard which would happen if this was placed in the centre of the chest. The montage of images are soft and well placed on the body that allows it to flow and be read well by those seeing it. 







TattoosThis is a sleeve that is 360 on the lower are but only half inked by the upper arm. This is a lovely smooth tattoo that works from the dark spots being that deep black which helps the surrounding imagery to pop out. This will still be strong in 10 and 20 years because of the black being punched in. the female face on the lower are is incredible wilt the champagne glass and merging into the chips and cards works to capture a memory or idea without going over the top. The upper arm carries on the soft realism approach, with the hand throwing the dice but also beckons the viewer into the game. A good tattoo that is excellent in its application. 






Happy inking – it’s never too late to get that first tattoo, as superstar Madonna has shown us by getting inked at the ripe old age of 62! So get that moodboard going, and before you know it you’ll be visiting one of our tattoo parlors.