5 of the Best James Bond Casino scenes ever

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As the 25th James Bond movie will be released in the upcoming months, this character is surely one of the most iconic movie protagonists of the modern age. We first got a feeling of the 007 agent in Ian Fleming’s novel Casino Royale from 1953. But we truly met Mr. Bond on the big screen in the movie adaptation Dr. No from 1962.

Over the years, James Bond movies have become a well-known and respected franchise in the industry. With the anticipation of the last Bond movie, No Time to Die, starring Daniel Craig as the timeless character, it’s time to go over some classic scenes from the movies.

As the casino represents a huge part in almost all Bond movies, we’ll focus our attention on the iconic casino scenes from five of them. Take a look and even if you can’t visit those casinos at present you can always play online. To help you out a little, we have come up with a Top Online Casino Reviews list.

1.   Dr. No — Chemin de Fer

This Dr. No scene set the premise for the entire franchise. As the first James Bond book centers around a casino, so does the first movie. It starts with a scene set in a casino with Sean Connery as the iconic character.

There hasn’t been a more elegant Bond portrayal than that of Mr. Connery’s. As Bond enters an old-fashioned casino in a luxurious surrounding with glamorous people and never-stopping cocktails, he opts for a game of Chemin de Fer. If you’re not familiar with this game, it’s an older version of the classic baccarat game.

This is when we first hear the character’s signature line “Bond. James Bond.” As many people had a negative attitude towards gambling in the 1960s, this scene has changed many people’s perceptions about casinos.

2. Diamonds are Forever — Craps

Diamonds are Forever is considered to be a classic Bond movie from 1971 and one of the fan favorites. Starring Sean Connery and the beloved Lana Wood, the premise is set in Las Vegas. However, this movie brings much more than the typical Las Vegas glamour and bright lights.

The scene with Wood’s character, jokingly named Plenty O’Toole, at the craps table is probably one of the most memorable scenes from the franchise. Bond tries to seduce O’Toole, and he does so by raising the stakes to win $65,000. With his seduction technique on point, he passes $5,000 from his winnings to O’Toole.

3. Octopussy — Backgammon

Another classic movie from the franchise, Octopussy, features Roger Moore in his sixth Bond role. We know that backgammon is not a classic casino game, but bear with us.

While searching for the villain Kamal Khan, Bond ends up in India, where he indulges in backgammon. It’s not a traditional casino game, but Bond in his white tuxedo makes it look as the scene is set in the most luxurious casino in the world.

Here, Bond makes a bet for 500,000 rupees and a Fabergé egg, making this scene even more excited. Naturally, he walks away with the prize money and the egg by using the villain’s own loaded dice to win.

4. Goldeneye — Baccarat

In this 1995 James Bond movie, Pierce Brosnan takes his Bond character to Monaco — the world-class gambling location. This movie scene with Bond playing baccarat against a Russian agent Xenia Onatopp is set at one of the most prestigious Monaco casinos.

The scene is filled with Bond’s iconic one-liners, as well as the ever-present sexual tension and innuendos that are greatly anticipated in any Bond movie.

5. Casino Royale — Texas Hold’Em

Casino Royale is unofficially the best 007 movie of the 21st century, so it would be difficult to leave it off of this list.   It would be a great inspiration for betting tactically at the real ku casino.  All the more, it features every gambler’s favorite game — poker. Daniel Craig’s Bond wallows in a high-stakes Texas Hold’Em poker game with a $115 million pot prize.

Consequently, Bond puts everything on the line as he’s willing to risk it all to beat the villain Le Chiffre, portrayed by Mads Mikkelsen. Of course, there is a girl in the picture — Vesper Lynd, played by Eva Green. The combination of all that makes Casino Royale one of the highest-grossing Bond movies of all time.

Final Thoughts

Casinos are the perfect place for movie scenes filled with fast-paced action, hope, risk, tension, and thrill. That’s why filmmakers often select them for the movie’s pinnacle location. Moreover, the casino’s rich setting and glamorous clothing add to the scene, while gambling often symbolizes the star’s challenges.

For those, and many other reasons, James Bond is a movie protagonist that will forever be associated with jaw-dropping casino scenes.