The Most Anticipated Computer Technologies 2020

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With enhanced and modern smart technologies, we have entered the fourth industrial revolution. It has brought about the chances of rolling in several new and hi-fi technologies. Until now, whatever technologies have been brought up has made life simpler. Furthermore, in 2020, more advanced science will get the jump on a smarten up life. 


With more and more funds being invested in the research and development area, professionals, as well as computer scientists, are improving extant technologies along with bringing up a few more. Whether it is a new programming language, patch, library, or plug-ins, you will find something new every hour in this area.


Computer technologies are also advancing the gaming industry constantly similar to other areas of life. From land-based casinos to online free casino games, a player gets everything at their place through modern technology.


Let’s get through this article to know more about foreseen technologies in 2020 and the forthcoming years.


  1. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been growing in its area since 1997 and until now made various achievements, which are still continuing. The aim behind AI is to mimic human intelligence to accomplish complex tasks such as speech recognition, pattern recognition, medical diagnosis, and weather forecast.


Most people are accessing AI services globally in different ways. It could be either smartphone personal assistant, navigation apps, streaming services, smart home, devices, together with personal home assistants. The Internet of Things (IoT) and 5G together automate different jobs and will ride high soon.


Currently, some of the companies using AI are Google, Amazon, as well as Windows. By 2020, various other companies will be included as an important part of their work.


  1. Internet of Things (IoT)

Modern technology has connected various devices to wifi. This means you can access your devices remotely. These devices are built using a computer chip that enables it to share the data of its surroundings or how it functions.


Presently, air conditioners are one such device that uses this technology. You can switch on your room’s AC from your office to chill it in advance. It could also be used with geysers, doors’ lock, oven, and various other objects. 8.4 billion devices were supporting IoT until 2017. This is expected to reach 30 billion by 2020.


However, this industry is lacking skilled professionals as well as experts in this area to work upon, and this is the biggest hurdle in its development. This is why it shows less development than it should have. 


  1. BlockChain

Most of the transactions are now taking place virtually, whether it is for an online casino or a shopping site or any utility bills. You need a secure way of transaction. For this, most of the people are switching to cryptocurrencies such as bitcoins and dash. These cryptocurrencies are powered by blockchain technology. Thus, it makes safe transactions by preventing large scale prevalent information leakage as well as internet fraud.


Blockchain will become one of the massive adoptions of the year.


  1. Edge Computing

Edge computing is making a splash in the industry nowadays. As more and more businesses are shifting towards cloud computing for processing and storing their data. But in some situations, a few shortcomings of cloud computing have been realized. To overcome this problem, edge computing has been introduced.


It bridges the gap between computation and data that, in turn, reduces latency along with bandwidth and increases processing speed. This is the main reason why most of the time-sensitive data stored in remote locations are controlled by edge computing. This technology will further enhance the processing speed of IoT devices and cloud computing. It is anticipated that this technology will develop in the medical, manufacturing, and retail industry in 2020.


  1. Virtual Reality

This technology places you in a virtual environment. This is especially used in gaming where what you see on screen, you feel it in your surroundings. Touch, smell could be sensed in a simulated environment. VR gears will give you a simulated environment.


Not just gaming but other industries such as medical also use this technology to train their students. Moreover, the US navy, as well as coast guard, receive training through this with a VR game named VirtualShip. 


Google, Oculus, along with Samsung, are some of the leading players of VR while others are about to enter this world. By 2021, it is expected that the global VR market will reach USD16 billion by 2020. 


  1. Computer Vision

Computer Vision is the fastest growing industry where you upload a picture you want to get identified. This is used to find out the meaning of an object, recognition of an object, and you can even find jeans of the same type which a celebrity is wearing in a picture. Thus, this technology is not restricted to a few fields rather spread through various areas. Moreover, autonomous cars will use this technology to see and navigate. 


In 2020, a wide range of computer vision tools and equipment are going to be used. Face recognition is one such example that we are using today, and more such are about to get added to the list.


  1. 5G Data Networks

By 2020, more people are going to experience super-fast download and upload speed on their mobile devices using 5G data networks. These networks will provide more stability and efficiency than the previous ones. 5G has already entered the market in 2019 but with expensive plans and limited accessibility. But in 2020, it is expected that it will be accessible widely with affordable plans.


Its great speed leads to lesser use of wired networks at our homes. Live broadcasting and music streaming are coming at a higher quality. A full HD movie will get downloaded in a handful of seconds. With increased bandwidth, autonomous vehicles, robots, and machines, it will send and receive more data than ever; this creates a good development opportunity for IoT and smart machinery.


Closing Thoughts

With cut-throat competition in the IT industry, it is throwing much-advanced technology that, in turn, offers a cutting-edge product or service. It seems that 2020 will bring another industrial revolution in terms of technology and automation. Thus, offering a simplified and serene lifestyle.