The Wolfson Foundation has announced Paisley Museum will receive £200,000 in capital funding towards its transformation into a world-class cultural destination.

More than 80 grants were announced by the foundation with Paisley Museum receiving the highest heritage grant outside London.


When Paisley Museum reopens it is expected to attract 125,000 visits each year from Scotland, the UK and overseas and provide a £72m economic boost to the area over the next 30 years.

The £42m redevelopment of the museum is the signature project in Paisley’s radical regeneration which also includes refurbishments of the town’s A-listed town hall and a new learning and cultural hub housing library services on the town’s high street.

The redesign of the museum campus, being led by an international team including architects AL_A and exhibition designers Opera Amsterdam, will allow the number of objects on display to be increased by 100%.

Interior 1

Few places of Paisley’s size have had such a global impact, and this is reflected in the museum’s internationally-significant holdings, which include an unrivalled collection of 1,200 Paisley shawls and vast natural history collections. They are currently being held in Paisley: The Secret Collection, the only publicly-accessible museum store on a UK high street.

The Museum’s final phase of fundraising is now under way, with the recently-launched museum website reimagined.paisleymuseum.org showcasing the project’s ambitious vision.

Councillor Lisa-Marie Hughes, Chair of Renfrewshire Leisure Ltd, said:
“We are delighted the Wolfson Foundation is investing in the future of Paisley Museum. The museum has been beloved by generations of Renfrewshire people and this significant sum brings us a step closer to radically transforming this prominent symbol of Paisley’s past into a central part of our town’s future. Investing in our venues is key to our recovery from the pandemic, as it will create jobs, support new and existing businesses in the area, and drive new footfall to our town centre.”

Shawl 53 Kashmir

Eric Grounds, Capital Appeal Director of Paisley Reimagined, said:
“Paisley Museum has remained at the heart of the community since being founded in 1871. This £42m project presents a once-in-a-generation opportunity to ensure our world-class collections are safeguarded, and the museum continues to be a source of knowledge, enjoyment and pride for everyone living in or visiting Paisley. We look forward to connecting with others who recognise the national significance of this project and the positive outcomes it will bring to Paisley.”

Paul Ramsbottom, Chief Executive of Wolfson Foundation, said: “The Wolfson Foundation is committed to funding widely across Scotland and so we are delighted to be supporting Paisley Museum, especially at such a challenging time for cultural life generally. The scale of the ambition is extremely impressive – and the new Museum campus will tell a glorious mix of local and global stories, all based on superb collections.”

Paisley Museum Reimagined is supported by Renfrewshire Council, the National Lottery Heritage Fund and the Scottish Government’s Regeneration Capital Grant Fund.

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic might have put pay to many summer events, but the St Vincent’s Hospice Car Fest managed to go ahead in virtual form. 

This annual motoring extravaganza usually takes place in Paisley town centre. But with ongoing social distancing measures, Car Fest organisers had no option but to make the event into the virtual domain to raise money for an excellent cause.

The 2020 St Vincent’s Hospice Car Fest took place from 10 am until 4 pm on Saturday 20 June. The event was hosted on the SVHCarFest Facebook page, and it featured an eye-watering selection of vintage and specialist cars ranging from Corvette C7 Stingrays and classic Citroen 2CVs to a 1970 Harley Davidson Electraglide motorcycle.


Other highlights featured more modern vehicles like a delightful 1998 Lexus LS400 and a heavily modified Mazda 2 that are a marked difference to the likes of the Auburn Speedster that won 2018 Best in Show award.

Although the event was forced to take place online, it proved to be a big success with £150 raised for St Vincent’s Hospice on the Facebook page alone.  

This was mainly due to the quality of vintage and muscle cars on display. For many people, it was the closest thing that they’ll get to see cars that have become iconic through their use in popular culture.  

Classic cars like the 1964 Aston Martin DB5 were made famous through their use in the James Bond Goldfinger movie, while a significant number of video games that feature such prized vehicles. And legendary muscle cars like Shelby GT500 have made several appearances in the Need For Speed game series. 

Even games that aren’t directly related to motor racing have featured plenty of excellent cars. Classic rally cars from different eras have also made an appearance in slot games like Rally 4 Riches featured at big number of UK casino sites such as Unibet, offering players a unique way to spin and drift to glory.

Nevertheless, we all know that for a car enthusiast, seeing cars in real life brings different emotions. But, this year, the car viewers of the Paisley Car Fest had to settle for seeing some classic cars from their computer screens and discover which entrepreneur made tractors before entering the sports car business.

Not that there were any disappointed car fans for this event as it proved to be a similarly fun way to enjoy ‘hitting the road’ from a virtual space. 

There was plenty of fun to be had in admiring the classic cars, and participants were allowed to vote for their favourite vehicles in various categories to win a range of prizes. 

Highlights included a fantastic 1936 Chevy Master hot rod truck, a sumptuous 1967 Ford Galaxie 500 XL, and a particularly stylish 1997 Pontiac Trans Am WS6. 

Some of the previous Car Fest events have featured a procession of over 100 classic cars making their way through the streets of Paisley, along with a range of fairground rides and family-friendly stalls. 

car festival

While this year’s Car Fest wasn’t able to recreate the full scale of previous years’ events, it was thanks to the assistance of Bill’s Automotive Detailing and the Paisley First business initiative that the motoring extravaganza was able to take place at all. 

Such an event has proven to be a hugely important source of funds for St Vincent’s Hospice. The hospice has been inundated with extra work in the community due to the effects of the coronavirus crisis. 

The fact that the 2020 Car Fest was able to go ahead shows just how much love there is for classic cars in Paisley, and thankfully there are already plans to bring back the motoring festival to the town in 2021. 

egg and spoon 3

YOUNGSTERS at three Renfrew Primary schools got the chance to take part in their annual sports day – even though they were still in lockdown.

Thanks to the team at Renfrewshire Leisure Sports Services, pupils from Kirklandneuk, Arkleston and Newmains Primary schools competed in a virtual sports day.

egg and spoon 3

All the usual summer sports day events were held in the pupils’ own gardens as the individual houses in schools competed against each other. Events included Egg and Spoon, Wellie Toss, Limbo, Speed Bounce, Human Pyramid, Transfer the Water, Bowls, Plank, Obstacle Course, Laps of the Garden, Keepie Ups, Burpees and Standing Long Jump.

The winning house at Kirklandneuk Primary was Spartan; Arkleston house winner was Viscount and Newmains winning house was Wallace.

Olympic athlete, Eilidh Doyle sent pupils a good luck video to encourage them to take part. The youngsters were also asked to design flags and banners to put up in their gardens, or the windows of their homes.

The Renfrewshire Leisure Sports Services team paid tribute to Kirklandeuk principal teacher, Mrs Gillian Stafford and teacher Mr Darren O’Hanlon; Newmains principal teacher, Mrs Gillian Hall and Arkleston principal teacher, Mrs Kajla for their help in organising the event.

Chairperson of Renfrewshire Leisure, Councillor Lisa-Marie Hughes said: “Lots of pupils and their families look forward to their school sports day and it was a great idea from our Sports Services Team that they shouldn’t miss out this year.

“Lots of things have been happening online since the lockdown began and it was an inspired move to create a virtual sports day for the three schools. I want to thank all the teachers and pupils for getting involved and making virtual sports day a success, they have been brilliant.”


Your How To Guideline For Moving To Paisley Amid The Coronavirus

Paisley is among the largest towns in Scotland with a rich history. The historic town rose to prominence in the 12th century with the establishment of the Paisley Abbey, a key religious hub. Paisley’s charm is its peaceful life in a Victorian setting with modern amenities and entertainment. 


Located just 25 minutes away from Glasgow and one hour from Edinburgh Airport, Paisley is easily accessible via the M8 and the M77.

Home Prices

Perhaps the most important consideration individuals and families need to make before moving is home prices. Scotland’s national currency is the British pound and those coming from the European Union and abroad should do the necessary research on currency exchange rates and trends. It is important to understand in advance if life in Scotland will be cheaper and the key to compare how to save money is by working with an online money transfer service to bring down housing costs as much as possible.


Large detached and townhousestypically range from £250,000 to £500,000 while detached houses range from £130,000 to £250,000. Semis offer a more budget-friendly option at around £120,000 to £330,000 while terraces and cottages can offer more savings at an estimated cost of £110 to £160,000.


COVID-19 Concerns: Moving Plans On Hold

The global COVID-19 pandemic impacted nearly every country and every industry, especially the real estate market. According toofficial guidelines from the Scottish Government, the residential real estate market remains in “Phase 1.” Current law (as of June 2020) states:


“Aside from the work needed to progress reasonably necessary home moves, no home visits should take place by any other person or business in relation to anything connected with the purchase, sale, letting or rental of residential property.”


The law further adds “members of the public are prohibited from engaging in any aspect related to the purchase, sale, letting or rental of residential property, other than for a reasonably necessary move.”


The government’s “Phase 2” stage calls for the relaxation of restrictions on the real estate industry. Only at this point can members of the public view (social distancing rules still apply) and purchase properties.


There is no specific date for the commencement of “Phase 2.” The government notes it needs to see “evidence of transmission being controlled.” In the event that the virus “remains suppressed, and the evidence allows us to do so — then gradually, more restrictions will be removed.”


Beyond the COVID-19 pandemic, standard rules and regulations for immigrating to Scotland apply. British citizens and those belonging to one of the European Economic Area (EEA) neighbors don’t need a visa to live and work in Scotland.


It is important to note the United Kingdom officially left the European Union in January 2020 and will continue following European Union rules through the end of the year as part of a transition period. 


Further details will be updated as they become available although it would be reasonable to assume the COVID-19 pandemic might postpone the deadlines.


Lastly, Scotland is known for welcoming people from all across the world. Anyone who isn’t a European Union citizen isencouraged to consult with a registered immigration advisor or even find a private solicitor through the Law Society of Scotland.

While Waiting: How To Transfer Money

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it is currently impossible to move to a new home in Scotland. But the financial aspect of the moving process can still be completed online.


The national currency of Scotland is the British pound sterling although the Bank of Scotland, Royal Bank of Scotland, and Clydesdale Bankissue their own banknotes. Foreign currencies, including the euro and U.S. dollar are likely accepted at tourist hotspots at an extremely unfavorable exchange rate.


It is highly recommended to open a bank account at a branch that is physically located in Scotland. Most people living outside the United Kingdom but within the European Union can do so online with relative ease. 


After opening up a bank account, anyone can use an online money transfer service to transfer funds at competitive rates traditional banks can’t come close to offering. Typically, online money transfer platforms offer savings of around 4%, especially on large transactions. So, transferring the equivalent of £250,000 to pay for a new home could translate to savings of around £9,000.


The process is quite simple. First, take time to research the multiple money transfer services, and don’t be afraid to inquire if there is a special rate for large transfers. After selecting the best platform, all that is needed is to fill in some forms, confirm bank account details, and submit photo identifications.


At this point, a transfer can be made from the home bank to the new Scottish-based bank. Typical transfer time is less than two days but actual time can vary.


Many online transfer services offer a unique feature called a forward contract. This would be an ideal option for anyone that is moving in one or more years but want to lock in an exchange rate.


The way it works is simple: a forward contract lets anyone buy or sell a currency pair at a predetermined date at a set exchange rate. Doing so all but eliminates potential losses from being on the losing side of exchange rate fluctuations.


Anyone outside of the European Union might want to sign up for one of the British pound “virtual wallets” offered by many of the online money transfer companies. When the time is right, the funds can then be transferred to a Scottish bank account.


If someone is just visiting Scotland and not yet ready to commit to buying a home, some money transfer services offer a prepaid credit card. In fact, most allow for multiple currencies to be loaded onto one card at the same time and it is used just like a standard credit card.

Bottom Line: Be Patient, The Time Will Come

The COVID-19 pandemic makes moving to Scotland nearly impossible, but the time will ultimately come when dreams turn into reality. Stay positive, and keep in mind the decision to limit certain aspects of life is due to public health measures.

paisley from drone

Everyone who lives in Paisley or around Renfrewshire knows how important modern technology is to our lives. This has become truer since the COVID-19 pandemic, which saw more Paisley residents than ever relying on the latest tech to live, work and learn. Of course, the major element of modern technology that underpins our way of life now is the internet.

abstract, personal, technology, tech, hi tech, sci fi, security, secure, safe, locked, password, user, data, fingerrpint, scanning, identify, corporate, business, innovation, system, innovative, login, padlock, private, safe, background, backdrop, website, cyber, loading, digital, communication, protection, guard, telecoms, design, concept, info, infographic, graphic, theme, blue, black, gradient, power, energy, dynamic, perspective, dimension, icon, buttom, app, hexagon, pattern, line, vector, illustration, space, composition, copyspace,

Websites are the backbone of the internet and help connect users with businesses, platforms and news sources. With cybercrime an ever-present threat, though, it really does pay to ensure any website you use is safe and secure. Entering a site that is not safe could see your computer infected with malware, cause you to fall victim to scams or have precious personal details stolen.


But just how can Paisley residents tell if a website is legitimate? 


Check it out with independent sources online


A great place to start is looking at reputable online review sites. This will help as you can check to see if the website you are thinking of using is listed there as being trustworthy. There are many top-class online review sites, which make it easy to do this check across all industries. SuperLenny is a great example of this concept in action and gives honest reviews of online casino sites for consumers to read. A spokesperson at SuperLenny said that “one of the factors we value highly when reviewing online casinos is how secure they are.” This illustrates just why looking at sites such as this is worthwhile. 


Look closely at the site URL 


While entrepreneurs around Scotland know the key cybersecurity steps for business, ordinary people in their personal lives may not. Another very easy and effective way to verify whether a site is safe to use is to look closely at the actual URL address. If the address of the website begins with ‘https’ and contains a padlock symbol, this means it is encrypted and safe to use. It also lets you know that the site uses high-end SSL technology to protect your data when using the website in question. 


Check their website privacy guidelines 


The importance of looking after your personal data when using websites is nothing new. 2016 saw Renfrewshire locals urged to take care when shopping online and this is still valid. All reputable websites that are secure should have a privacy policy that is clear and easy to find on the site itself. In simple terms, it tells you how your data will be collected, stored and possibly used by the website. A robust privacy policy not only means you can be sure the site in question operates within the law but also that it looks after the people who visit it. 


Are contact details easy to find on the website? 


This is another simple yet effective way to verify if any website you are on is safe. Put simply, if the site is a scam and operated by criminals, they will be unlikely to put contact details anywhere on it. This is because they do not want people to get in touch with them or to leave a trail for the authorities to follow. If a site does have a good range of contact details (such as email, postal address, social media accounts, live chat and a telephone number), this is normally a sign that it is honest and safe to use. Of course, as an extra check, it is worth getting in touch with them first to see if they respond in a professional way.


Do they have the right licences and regulations? 


While not all businesses need specific licences or regulatory accreditation to operate lawfully, those in industries such as online gambling or the financial sector do. To check if a website is safe to use, have a look on the site for details of any required licencing or accreditation. If a UK-based investment website does not hold FCA approval, for example, then it is best not to sign up and invest money online with them. Even if regulation or accreditation is not needed for a website to operate legally, those that are recognised by the relevant bodies in their sector are worth looking out for. 


Stay safe when surfing the web 

Recent cybersecurity statistics show that cybercrime is projected to cost $6tn annually by 2021. This shows just why keeping an eye on what sites you are using and how safe they are is crucial. If you live in Paisley and needed a few tips to get started with this, the above should help. One thing is for sure – you will certainly not regret taking cybersecurity seriously and being able to surf the web with total peace of mind.


Love Towels products are designed to last, sumptuously thick and absorbent.

Love Towels offer luxury white towels, bathrobes and bathmats direct to your door. Have you ever fallen in love with a Hotel’s thick, fluffy white towels and bathrobes and for a split second been tempted to take them home with you, if so, these towels are designed for you!

At Love Towels, we invest in quality products manufactured in Europe that are designed to last and we recommend you buy the best you can afford so they will last for years to come.  We don’t mind this may impact you regularly re-ordering as we value long lifecycle and the environment. We prefer this to today’s throw-away culture.


White is a classic neutral colour that matches any décor making these towels and bathrobes a fabulous ‘gift that will keep on giving’ and they are great for engagements, weddings, anniversary and housewarming celebrations.

Every order is beautifully packaged in our signature Love Towels gift box and to help you look after your investment we include a complimentary Love Towels laundry care kit comprising of washer and dryer care magnets and 2 pure new wool tumble dryer balls. Call it a ‘little gift of laundry love’ from Love Towels to help you keep that new towel feeling for longer. Your order is lovingly handpicked and packed in Historic Paisley, the Town that thread built. Love Towels aim to make every day a Spa day.

See links below for more detail



This is a new business and would appreciate the support of as many local People to our premises

Web www.lovetowels.co.uk

FB @lovetowelspaisley

Cathy teamup pick up

Local volunteers from Renfrewshire’s award-winning Team Up to Clean Up campaign have caught fly tippers red-handed as they look to protect the local environment.

Cathy teamup pick up

Six £200 fixed penalty notices have been issued by Renfrewshire Council since April following reports from dedicated volunteers who have encountered fly tipping while cleaning up their area – with 22 issued in total across the area.

Waste found in Renfrew identified the same person’s details on numerous occasions which led to a fine being issued, while a van was caught red-handed dumping waste in Erskine.

Other occasions saw fly tippers fined in Paisley and Erskine woods after they were caught on camera illegally getting rid of their waste.

The notices require to be paid within 14 days, otherwise the council can pursue court action against the offenders.

Any residents using a ‘man with a van’ type companies must ensure that their waste will be disposed of legally by a registered waste carrier as it is still their responsibility if it is dumped illegally.

Councillor Cathy McEwan, Convener of Renfrewshire Council’s Infrastructure, Land and Environment Policy Board, said: “Fly tipping is not only illegal, but it ruins the appearance and harms our local environment.

“We need people in Renfrewshire to take responsibility for their waste and recognise that dumping it in our countryside, neighbourhoods or laybys is unacceptable.

“The fantastic Team Up to Clean Up volunteers are prime examples of what we should all strive to be, and they are making a tremendous difference to our local area.

“If you see someone fly tipping, or find evidence as to who has done it, then please report to us and together we can stop this happening once and for all in Renfrewshire.”

For more information on the Team Up to Clean Up campaign, or to report fly tipping, visit www.renfrewshire.gov.uk/teamuptocleanup.

Sma shot day 2020

This weekend marks the digital debut of Paisley’s annual Sma’ Shot Day celebrations as a series of virtual events and workshops will take place to mark this important date in the town’s calendar.

Sma shot day 2020

The online event will take place on Saturday 4 July – the time when the weavers and their families would traditionally always take their holidays.

The move to take the event online for 2020 is in response to the current COVID-19 pandemic, to ensure celebrations can still take place in adherence with national guidance.

The traditional Sma’ Shot holiday in Paisley takes its name from a famous dispute between the local shawl weavers and manufacturers in the 19th century. In 1856, following a long dispute, the manufacturers backed down and an agreement was reached to pay for the Sma’ Shot, the invisible stitch which bound the Paisley shawls, with a new table of prices published on 1 July 1856.

This year’s event will not only mark this important date in the town’s history but will also celebrate our fantastic key workers.

The event always offers plenty of opportunities for people to get involved and have fun and this year is no exception.

The day will kick-off in style at 12pm as The Charleston Drummer himself, Tony Lawler, will lead a mass online drum-off where the public are being encouraged to make as much noise as they can and share their celebrations on social media.

Aerial dance theatre company, All or Nothing, will be performing dance and music project – Connecting Threads – inspired by the background and history of Sma’ Shot. Everyone is invited to join in and dance along to the new Sma’ Shot inspired music track by Dave Boyd.

In the run-up to Connecting Threads local groups and individuals have been participating in online classes and creative tasks with the group and have submitted videos that will feature in a short film that can be viewed online on the day.

Local theatre company PACE will be hosting live drama workshop sessions created especially for the day – an interactive storytelling workshop suitable for 3-7 year olds and an activity-based session aimed at children aged 7 and above.

Sma’ Shot Day favourite – The Tea Dance – will also take place this year, albeit it from the comfort of your own home, as Renfrewshire Leisure and Paisley FM bring a special Sma’ Shot Day radio broadcast of this popular event.

For those who want to be fully immersed in the day’s events, local upcycled fashion innovators ReMode have put together some online video tutorials to show how people can get crafty and make their own costumes or window decorations to celebrate the day.

It would not be Sma’ Shot Day without the popular Poetry Slam. This year the spoken-word event will be known as the ‘Dooslan Staying Hame’ where people can enjoy some poetry written during lockdown and performed by some of Renfrewshire’s finest contemporary poets and spoken-word artists.

In addition, Renfrewshire Leisure and The Bungalow are partnering up for the Sma’sh Hits Sma’ Shot Special music event, showcasing a selection of local musicians.

For those looking to start Sma’ Shot weekend off early join CREATE Paisley and host Jordan Stewart for an unplugged Live Open Mic night on Friday 3 July featuring young singer/songwriters from across Renfrewshire.

This will be followed on Saturday 4 July by ‘Paisley in Song’ where people can enjoy five songs from young Renfrewshire songwriters in this exclusive online showcase. The youngsters worked alongside Paisley-songwriter Michael Cassidy to develop a set including two new collaborative songs celebrating our key workers and NHS, and three songs exploring Paisley’s incredible history of song writing and poetic legacy, written in 2019 as part of Renfrewshire Council’s THCARS2 project.

Renfrewshire’s Provost, Lorraine Cameron, said: “Sma’ Shot Day is such a popular date in the town’s calendar and it’s excellent that we can still celebrate it this year through a series of fantastic online events.

“The digital programme is packed full of fun, interactive and creative activities that the whole family can participate in and enjoy – helping to create the amazing sense of community that is always so present at this event.

“I can’t wait to welcome you all to Saturday’s event and I look forward to logging on and enjoying some of the great activities planned.”

For all the information on what’s taking place as part of this year’s digital Sma’ Shot Day and how you can get involved, please visit www.paisley.is/featured_event/sma-shot-day/.

cotton street

Councillors have committed to researching Renfrewshire’s history and links to the slave trade as part of stand against racism and hate crime.

Renfrewshire’s Provost Lorraine Cameron opened the first-ever virtual full Council meeting by outlining her desire to reflect on the area’s part in the slave trade as part of its support for the Black Lives Matter campaign.

cotton street

Provost Cameron said: “As an organisation, we value diversity and will not tolerate racism in our schools, workplaces or communities.

“The killing of George Floyd shocked and sickened us all and has marked a turning point for the anti-racism movement. We must work to eradicate racism in all its forms now and be prepared to examine the role it played in our past.

“Renfrewshire’s thread-making was part of an international industry built on slavery, a part of our history that we must reflect on and come to terms with.

“We were, however, a community that had an active abolition movement in the late 18th and early-mid 19th centuries, embracing diversity and campaigning for equality in all its forms.

“It is that sense of fairness and justice that has shaped our present and that we must draw on now, but we must also move away from that comfortable place where we have positioned ourselves as abolitionists – because that position is not enough anymore.

“That is why we are committing to researching the past and links between Renfrewshire and the slave trade. It is vitally important that we have a conversation about how we ethically address this part of our history, represent all the voices within our community and ensure that racism has no part in our future.

“It’s what we do next that matters. We must look to our past, stare it in the face and claim it. Only then can we begin to move forward.”

Following discussion, councillors agreed to support Black History Month each year and to support both cultural and educational events outside of the designated month, with consultation completed with the black community on how this should be done.

An anti-racism discussion group has also been established by Renfrewshire Leisure’s cultural team and will build on their ongoing research into Renfrewshire’s past and look at how museums can be decolonised moving forward.

Also at the meeting, which was attended by 21 of the 43 elected members to limit potential connection issues, councillors received an update on the current situation in Renfrewshire relating to Coronavirus, as well as details of the area’s recovery plan to restart, recover and renew services in line with national guidance with partners, businesses and communities.

Councillors also approved the move to undertake virtual meetings for the scheduled policy boards in August and September, as it is not yet clear when meetings of this nature will be able to take place in the conventional manner.

Council meetings will now move into recess until 14 August, although to ensure required decision can be made, the Emergencies Board will continue on a fortnightly basis and its membership has been extended to 15.

paisley from drone

Driving at night is a lot more dangerous than driving during the day, that much is for certain. Lack of visibility on the road, reckless nighttime drivers who have consumed alcohol, potential fatigue on your part — these are just some of the hazards that you will be liable to face should you ever embark on a journey after the sun has set.


Fear not, however, as there are ways to make nighttime driving a whole lot safer. Here are two things that you can and should be doing to stay safe while driving at night:


Make sure your vehicle is visible


Should you ever decide to embark on a nighttime journey in your vehicle, a lack of visibility will be sure to pose you a number of problems. Once the sun has gone down and darkness has befallen the roads, you will find it difficult to notice all of the small dangers that you wouldn’t have any problem spotting during the day. Pedestrians, animals, other vehicles, roadside objects — they all become difficult to see once they are shrouded in shadows.


You’re not the only driver that is going to struggle with this lack of visibility. Your fellow road users will also be blighted with this plight, which means that they could fail to notice your vehicle at any moment. This could result in them crashing into you, which could then have a devastating impact on both your health and your vehicle’s wellbeing. 


To lower the likelihood of another road user crashing into you because they didn’t see you coming, simply make an effort to ensure that your vehicle is visible. You can achieve this by ensuring that your headlights and brake lights are in good working order, by making sure that you turn off the interior lights within your vehicle whenever you’re driving, and by investing in LED light bars. The latter will act as a hazard warning should you ever breakdown, which in turn will help your fellow drivers to notice you whenever you are forced to pull up either on or near the road.


Be extra vigilant and defensive


You might not be able to control the poor visibility or the fact that other drivers may tend to be more reckless at nighttime, but you can control your own driving ability. By being extra vigilant and defensive whenever you get behind the wheel at night, you will be far more likely to stay out of harm’s way.


Here are a few things that you must do if you want to become a more vigilant and defensive nighttime driver:


  • Remain focused on the road at all times
  • Maintain adequate clearance space
  • Be aware of your surroundings
  • Never put your trust in other drivers
  • Stick to the speed limit


Whether you drive at night on a regular basis or not, it’s always good to prepare yourself for this difficult and dangerous task. The more prepared you are in this sense, the less likely you will be to encounter the various pitfalls of the nighttime driving that have been touched upon above.

love local love paisley

Paisley First has launched a new shop local campaign as businesses start to reopen from the COVID-19 lockdown. 

Love Local Love Paisley aims to build on the renewed community spirit as people pulled together to fight against the pandemic which has seen much of the country closed down for the last three months. 

love local love paisley

Most retail businesses will begin reopening in Paisley town centre from this Monday, 29th June. 

Hospitality businesses with outdoor seating areas will be reopening from Monday 6th July. 

Hospitality businesses, including cafes, pubs and restaurants, will then be able to reopen their indoor seating areas from Wednesday 15th July. 

And who doesn’t already know that our hairdressers and barbers will also be reopening from 15th July! 

love local love paisley

Now Paisley First, the town centre Business Improvement District, is hoping that those people who relied on local businesses during lockdown will return the favour and continue to shop local as restrictions are eased. 

Colette Cardosi, Chair of Paisley First, said: “Local people relied on local businesses during lockdown, businesses have been there when people needed them most. Now we’re asking the public to be here for them! 

“Our town centre businesses have been working hard to get their premises safe and secure to welcome customers back, with social distancing measures all in place. 

“Of course, some of our amazing local businesses have remained open throughout lockdown, in order to serve the local community and we are so grateful to all their hard-working staff! 

“We have a great range of independent retail businesses – food, florists, jewellers, giftware, fashion, homeware and more and they can’t wait to welcome back customers, both regular and new. 

“You can still support your favourite hospitality or hair and beauty business before they reopen by leaving them a good review online or why not contact them via Facebook and see if you can buy a gift voucher, help support a local business now and give yourself a treat to look forward to!” 

Colette added: “My message to the local community is that our local business owners can offer you a safe way to shop. While many things have changed, our town centre remains the heartbeat of our local community. 

“Don’t queue around the block elsewhere, support our local businesses who need you to shop local like never before and together we can make Paisley a stronger and more vibrant town centre. 

“With summer well and truly here, we have plenty of fresh air and wide-open spaces, we look forward to welcoming you back safely to Paisley town centre soon. Love Local, Love Paisley!”


Mirren Business Centres – Offices To Let
Mirren Court Three, 123 Renfrew Road, Paisley

A bright third floor office to let at Mirren Court Three in the size of 150 sqft. The space has central heating and lots of natural day light. The office has also a break out / tea prep area. Ideal as a space for 1/2 people. To get more details please visit our website at www.dpgroup.org.uk or contact us by phone on 0141 843 4211.