“The objective of cleaning is not just to clean, but to feel happiness living within that environment.” -Marie Kondo

Keeping your home clean means far more than tidying up. It’s about creating a place for you and your loved ones to feel peace. Still, just like your home, sometimes your home maintenance tips need some sprucing up too.

Here are the 10 top items for your home maintenance checklist so you can keep your spick-and-span.

1. Wipe Down Baseboards

One of the last places people think about cleaning is their baseboards. “Out of sight out of mind,” right? Wrong.

Baseboards accumulate dirt, dust, and grime. You may remember to mop and vacuum your floors, but the often overlooked baseboards have ledges that are perfect for debris to settle and stay.

To have a truly clean home, be sure to wipe down your home’s baseboards on a bi-weekly basis. Just make sure you choose a cleaner that’s safe for whatever your baseboards are made of.

2. Change Your Air Filters

The air you breathe is essential to a fresh home. Not only that, but it’s important to your health and safety. If left too long, air filters can become so clogged that dirt and dust begin circulating through your air system.

In a worst-case scenario, heavily clogged filters can even breakdown your air system or cause a fire. 

Once a month, it’s wise to clean or change your filters completely to prevent air pollution in your home.

3. Check Your Windows

Excess moisture can enter your home if your windows are not sealed properly. This leads to home damage and possibly mold. Check your windows often to make sure the caulking is secure around the edges.

You should also clean screens along with wiping down the glass regularly. This will make your windows sharp and clear to see through.

4. Vacuum Your Floors

This may seem like an obvious one, but vacuuming your floors should be done far more often than most people realize. Think about it, every time you step foot inside, your shoes and feet track in everything from the outside world they have come in contact with.

That means dirt, chemicals, even feces could be brought into your home daily. 

When vacuuming your floors you mustn’t forget to move furniture and vacuum beneath each piece. It will also keep your floors free from contaminants if you remove shoes when entering your home.

5. Clear Your Garbage Disposal

Got a funky smell coming from your kitchen sink? It may be time to clean out your garbage disposal. 

One of the best ways to clean your disposal is to get an empty ice tray and fill it with vinegar. Once the vinegar has frozen, empty the cubes into the sink. 

The vinegar will freshen and cleanse the disposal and the ice will work to sharpen the disposal’s blades. It’s a win-win and much safer for your disposal than dropping lemon peels down the disposal.

6. Clean the Stove Range Hood Filters

This is a device many people don’t even realize they can clean. Carefully remove your stove range hood. Likely, the thing will be filthy.

One of the best ways to effectively clean it is to use a degreaser from an auto store. Mix the degreaser with hot water and soak the filter for several minutes until the caked grease is easy to wipe off.

Your kitchen will thank you and once you replace the hood you’ll have a satisfying feeling of being one of the only people on your street with a clean stove range hood filter. 

7. Check Behind Your Washing Machine

Lint can be a serious danger if it accumulates behind your washing machine. It may even become a fire hazard if it sits trapped behind the hot dryer.

Besides cleaning the lint off the machine’s hoses, you should also inspect them to see if they need replacing. Any excellent tips from a plumber will include replacing a washer and dryer’s hoses if they are rubber.

Stainless steel hoses are much better at protecting your home from flooding or leaks–a vital aspect of home maintenance.

8. Clean Your Home’s Gutters

You can prevent serious damage to your home by checking your rain gutters every few months. Leaves, twigs, and debris gather there more quickly than many homeowners realize.

Too much buildup of junk in your gutters can bring them crashing down or sudden bursts of water pouring along your home’s exterior.

Be especially sure to clean your gutters after a big storm or in the autumn and spring when gutters tend to fill with debris.

9. Re-grout Your Tile

Kitchen sinks, bathrooms, anywhere you have a tiled surface will inevitably need to be re-grouted at some point. 

The constant exposure to water wears on your grout and can end up causing flaking and deterioration. Not only can tiles fall apart if this happens, but it leaves your counters and sinks looking old and dirty. 

Grab some grout and the proper tools and you can reapply some grout yourself. It doesn’t take a pro to do this simple home maintenance and it will help prolong the life of your tile.

10. Repair Driveway Cracks

Does your driveway have a few, sneaky little cracks developing? During cold winter months, melting snow and water can freeze inside those cracks.

That frozen water will expand and widen the cracks in your driveway. Over time, if you leave your driveway cracks unrepaired, great damage can happen to your driveway.

Maintaining the exterior of your home is just as important as maintaining the interior, so take a look at your driveway and get it re-sealed before winter so any cracks don’t widen.

More for Your Home Maintenance Checklist

A true home maintenance checklist will include all 10 of these tips, but still many more. If you really want to maintain the quality and cleanliness of your home, you will have to make home maintenance a regular part of your routine.

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