More than 60 volunteers have been working with staff from Renfrewshire Council and partners to support people in the community at this time.

Officers, partners and volunteers are working together as one team to support people in a flexible and innovative way from the council’s Neighbourhood Hubs.

The hubs are run by the council in partnership with key local organisations such as the Health and Social Care Partnership, Renfrewshire Leisure and local voluntary and community groups, to provide general support and information to residents who may need extra help in coping with the effects of coronavirus.

The volunteers, who have been recruited through Engage Renfrewshire’s Volunteer Reserve, are undertaking a number of roles to support the local community.

Volunteers have been carrying out a variety of tasks including; doing doorstep deliveries, helping with daily errands such as dog walking and posting letters, keeping in touch with residents by making friendship calls or becoming email pen pals.

One volunteer said: “I decided to volunteer at the local hub to help make people’s lives a bit easier during this virus situation. Everyone needs a little bit of support, some more than others, and I wanted to be that person who could lend a helping hand or even a listening ear to those in need.”

Another volunteer commented: “I am retired but still fit and healthy and wanted to help make a difference in my local community. At the moment there appears to be much more of a sense of community with many people looking out for each other and helping out where they can. This can only have a positive effect on local communities which will hopefully last.”

Renfrewshire Council Leader, Iain Nicolson, said: “We have been overwhelmed by the number of people wanting to volunteer to help those in need in their community in these difficult times.

“It is truly inspiring to see how our community has pulled together to support and look after one another. With next week being Volunteer Week across the UK I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has volunteered to help during this crisis for the important role they are playing in supporting their community.”

Volunteers’ Week takes place from 1-7 June 2020. The annual celebration marks the contribution millions of people make across the UK through volunteering. This year, the focus of the week will be to thank volunteers for their work.

Those looking to volunteer can still sign up for Engage Renfrewshire’s Volunteer Reserve by visiting:

Lawrence Newton

A father-and-son golf duo were first off the tee at Barshaw Golf Course when the course re-opened yesterday.

Greig Martin, 48, and his 24-year-old son, Dean, from Renfrew were delighted to finally get a game of golf after the ten-week lockdown forced the course to close.

John Patton and Alan Scoular were one of the first to take advantage of Barshaw Golf Course re-opening.

But with the Scottish Government easing restrictions and moving into Phase 1 of the route map out of the coronavirus pandemic, Renfrewshire Leisure were able to re-open the popular golf course along with two of its bowling greens at Lochfield and Robertson Park, Renfrew.

After his long-awaited round of golf, Dean said: “We hadn’t played since the day before lockdown began and it was great to get back on the golf course at Barshaw.

“My dad and I are regulars at Barshaw and we play there at least once a week, so we’re looking forward to getting back out there a lot more often.”

Lawrence Newton gets in the swing of things after Barshaw Golf Course re-opened.

Within hours of an announcement that the course was being re-opened, all 36 tee-off slots on Friday were booked. Saturday is also fully booked and yesterday there were only a handful of tee-off times available for Sunday.

Renfrewshire Leisure has reduced the annual memberships of Barshaw for 2020 to reflect the lost playing period from April 1 and will be valid until March 31 next year.

Dean and Greig Martin were first to tee off when Barshaw Golf Course re-opened.

The membership fee to play on the course all year round is now £152 for adults, £106 for concessions and £75 for juniors. Family memberships are the total price for all individuals minus a 25 per cent discount.

Renfrewshire Leisure chairperson, Councillor Lisa-Marie Hughes said: “It’s been a long haul through lockdown, but with the Government easing restrictions, we’re delighted to be able to offer people the chance to enjoy a game of golf or bowling.

Reopening of Barshaw Golf Club 29.5.20

“And being able to open our golf course and bowling greens has come at the right time, as it looks likes we’ll be having sunny weather for a good few days.

“I’ve no doubt people will be keen to get out in the fresh air and enjoy a game of golf or bowls.”

Councillor Hughes added: “We are asking players to support our staff and those around them by adhering to social distancing and hygiene rules. Details are displayed at each facility and on our website.

“It’s important for the entire community’s health that everyone makes themselves familiar with the rules – and follows them.”

Go to for more information on the health guidelines.

Dee Dental Paisley

We just wanted to send you a quick update regarding our new payment plan. We have been busy behind the scenes formulating an affordable payment plan to minimise the costs when coming into the practice.

Dee Dental Paisley

Dee Dental smile plan includes:-

2 * check ups/year
4* hygiene visits/year
Discount of 10% on fillings and oral hygiene products
5% off Enlighten whitening👌🏼

All for only £15.50 a month

Follow the link or visit our website and click on plan – takes a minute to sign up.

Virtual consultations are still available so contact us today to book in your free consultation for braces, Invisalign, facial rejuvenation and smile makeovers.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our front of house team who will be more than happy to assist you.

We look forward to hearing from you

Yours Sincerely,

Dee Dental Paisley

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We often consider essay writing a useless task. Why should we write on the topics that were used dozens of times before us? Shall we write something the teacher wants to hear from us? Why shall we do that at all: are there any chances of us writing essays after the graduation?

These questions are completely understandable, but essay writing really helps us in later life. It makes us take a level in creativity. Let’s see how it happens.


  1. Writing something new on an old topic

Often the essay topics are standardized. It may look as a huge drawback, because sometimes it seems that there is nothing new you can say about the given theme. But this is a great challenge for your creativity too! Sometimes, there is new data that turns around everything that was known before, sometimes it’s an unusual approach that makes people look at things from a new angle. Even if the topic is as old as history, you always can try and make it shine with new colors.

Of course, you should be careful with that. The conservative teacher may not appreciate your creativity, because that’s not the thing they want to hear from you. But if you discuss your approach to the topic with your teacher and they will let you work on it – be sure that you’ll both get a high mark and boost your creativity and ability to see something new and unusual in old things.


  1. Trying the new writing styles and creating your own one

There are lots of cliches that are used in the essay. You know the structure that should be in this or that paper, you roughly know which words are necessary for the introduction and for the conclusion, as you can search for different examples on websites like Ozzi Essays, – but even with all those limitations you may try to write creatively. If it isn’t a strictly scientific paper, you may use your imagination and skill to fascinate the readers and make them read your text until the end just because they are genuinely interested.

You may not be really into writing, but even if you don’t think about literature as a career, you will need to draw people’s attention with a written word. A cover letter may be a good example, as well as a motivation essay. You need to show your feelings and colors to the people you know nothing about. A good writing style and knowledge of literary tools may come in handy.


  1. Investigating the topics you aren’t an instant expert in

We rarely get the essay topics that we genuinely like and have expertise in. But still we gather information, classify it, make our own opinion about it and finally present this opinion in the form of an essay. For example, you have to write an article on law topic, but you don’t have enough knowledge to be confident in what you write, that’s why you can use as an example essays from websites like LawAspect.  In future you’ll have to do a lot of that stuff. Sometimes you don’t really know the subject, but you need to learn it quickly and sometimes even to explain it to the others.

The essays are basically the written form of doing it. Maybe, you don’t know the relationships between Romeo’s and Juliet’s families or have no idea about the statistics of charity and religion connections, but while you are preparing for an essay, you’ll find several sources, analyse them, present the issue from the different sides and gather everything into the one great paper. This ability may save your career later.


  1. Seeing the big picture

Some essays demand accommodating the different points of view. Sometimes it may be even uncomfortable if you need to look at things from the angle that contradicts your own values. But the idea that every problem has several sides – some still may be wrong, but were justified from some point of view – is essential for the strategic thinking each leader needs.

Such tasks help us learn that people seldom do evil just for evil’s sake. Each deed has a reason, each philosophy has a reason and understanding them and agreeing with them are different things. You don’t need to betray your own values to try and walk a mile in someone else’s shoes – just to understand the causes of the whole situation.

The essays are a big part of any course and later – of some aftergraduate activities. You’ll write essays each time you search for a job or ask for a promotion. The ability to write captivating texts and present the issue objectively will help you well beyond the essay writing. So try to see this task as a training and deliberately train the qualities you may need later!



First stage of recovery for Renfrewshire Leisure services closed because of coronavirus pandemic

Renfrewshire Leisure will reopen a golf course and bowling greens tomorrow (Friday May 29) after First Minister Nicola Sturgeon today confirmed the first phase of easing Scotland’s coronavirus lockdown can begin.

Barshaw Golf Club and Lochfield bowling green in Paisley and Robertson Park bowling green in Renfrew will each promote social distancing and strong hygiene measures among players  after the Scottish Government said that non-contact outdoor sporting activities could restart.

Today’s announcement marks the first phase of recovery for Renfrewshire Leisure’s sporting and cultural services, which have been closed since March as measures to protect public health and slow the spread Covid-19 came into force.

Other facilities will reopen – with appropriate safeguards in place – as and when the Scottish Government deems it safe to do so as part of gradual measures outlined in the country’s route map through and out of the coronavirus crisis. Details will be shared when available.

Victoria Hollows, Chief Executive of Renfrewshire Leisure, said: “We are pleased to be able to reopen our golf course and bowling greens from tomorrow. We know how important they are to those who play there and hope this announcement will help their health and wellbeing.

“In line with Government guidance, we are asking every visitor to these sites to ensure they support our staff and those around them by adhering to social distancing and hygiene rules, details of which will be displayed at each facility. It’s important for the entire community’s health that everyone makes themselves familiar with the rules – and follows them.

“All players will be responsible for their own personal hygiene and should provide their own hand sanitiser.”

Councillor Lisa-Marie Hughes, Chair of Renfrewshire Leisure,  said: “The reopening of the golf course and bowling greens is a small but significant step back towards a degree of normality, both for our staff team and the community. It’s important that we get this right and, by working together with the people who use our services to stay in-line with all Government guidelines, we can ensure a positive experience for everyone as these facilities and others are allowed to reopen.

“As the First Minister also confirmed, people will now be able to sit in our parks and meet people from one other household outdoors. While we are all keen to be able to spend time with our friends and loved ones in person, we would echo the Government’s message for everyone to please remain physically distanced.”

While phase one of Scotland’s route map out of coronavirus allows the reopening of the golf course and bowling greens, it does not currently allow for clubhouses or pavilions to return to use. Changing rooms and toilets will therefore not be open until this guidance changes.

Arrangements have already been made for Barshaw Golf Club members to safely collect their equipment, while one-off – carefully-controlled – access is being allowed for bowling club members to collect their bowls. After this, all players must store their equipment and other personal items at home until these buildings are allowed to reopen.

At each bowling green, bowlers will be responsible for the sanitisation of bowling equipment before and after use. Bowls, jacks and mats must be sanitised at the end of each play and before the start of the next playing day. Discussions have taken place with club committee representatives.

Barshaw Golf Course, Paisley

The course will reopen at 9am on Friday, May 29. The pavilion will remain closed to general access, apart from payment. The course will be operated by two members of Renfrewshire Leisure staff, one located at the pavilion to take card and contactless payment for memberships, take tee time bookings and provide support. The second will be located close to the first tee and car park, reminding users of health and safety guidance, social distancing and ensuring golfers begin their round at the correct time. Initially, bookable tee times will be restricted to two-balls at 10-minute intervals from 9am to 3pm. Any rule breaches may result in the player/s involved being restricted from accessing the course. To book golf, call 0141 848 7907.

Lochfield Bowling Green, Paisley

No public pay-as-you-play will be available without a sponsoring member. Non-members will require to join one of the three clubs associated with Lochfield and/or be signed on by a member. A storage box with a numerical Digi-padlock will be provided on site for players requiring to borrow bowls, jacks and mats. No members of Renfrewshire Leisure staff will be present.

Robertson Park Bowling Green, Renfrew

No public pay as you play will be available without a sponsoring member. Non-members will require to join the club and/or be signed on by a member. No members of Renfrewshire Staff will be present.

For more details, go to Members of the public with any queries can email

multan big

Scottish Curry Award winner Restaurant of the Year in the South West of Scotland 2019

Multan Tandoori are doing a wonderful gesture for our NHS Heroes when at the end of your order you add NHS247 15% (not on set meals).


Feel free to share this to friends and family who are curry lovers but also NHS workers…

Multan are only offering orders for delivery at the moment.

Delivery Note: Our aim to deliver between 40-60 minutes, however at peak times on Friday and Saturday evenings, this may extend to 60-90 minutes therefore we do advise you to order your food earlier. Orders for collection are usually available within 20-30 minutes unless otherwise stated. (Please note that all our dish is fresh cook to order, and can take longer at busy time)

multan big
If you have any food allergies please contact us prior to ordering, we’ll do our best to advise you.

Telephone: 0141 889 4426 – 0141 561 7155


5 George Street, Paisley


Give your staff peace of mind when returning to work after lockdown.


Local Paisley business 1st Choice ChemDry is offering commercial sanitising with their hospital-grade formula.

1st Choice ChemDry also uses APT testing, which can tell the team in just 10 seconds whether something has been effectively sanitised. It is used by the National Health Service. Using APT testing means you can be sure the area is sanitised and disinfected.

1st Choice ChemDry can sanitise surfaces and treat whole areas with sanitising fog.

The team can also clean carpets and soft furnishings, such as curtains and chairs.

Their formula is safe for humans and the environment. Your office will be safe for staff to re-enter after just one hour, and their team is available Friday evenings and Saturdays to ensure minimal disruption.

The team sanitise their equipment, wear PPE, and socially distance when on site.

Get in touch and arrange a FREE consultation today.

Dee Dental Paisley

Daily life for everyone around the world has changed dramatically in a short space of time. As things begin to normalise it is important that we reflect and try to adapt to ensure that we take control and change the things we know will keep us safe. Things like washing your hands regularly and thoroughly and avoiding unnecessary travel or contact with others.

Your oral health continues to be important and although we should be more cautious going forward, we should not let recent events cause us to neglect this.

At Dee Dental Paisley the most important thing is patient safety and comfort, and that is why we have introduced the following measures to keep people safe while at the practice.

We will be booking your appointments to ensure that the Practice and waiting areas are not overcrowded. We will do this by leaving suitable gaps between appointments, making sure that you can attend the practice while maintaining a suitable distance from one another in accordance with government guidelines.

We will also be creating clinics for patients who are most vulnerable, to help minimize contact with others for this group whilst they are at the practice.

To further avoid overcrowding when you arrive at the practice, we ask that you attend alone for all appointments.

You will be required to fill in all relevant forms on your mobile phone or computer and links will be sent for this with your regular reminder email and texts days before entering the practice. This means that you will not have to touch a pen, paper, or any electronic device other than your own when you attend your appointment. This crucial step greatly reduces touch points at the practice so please carry this out.

To check in you will have a QR code generated after filling out the above please use this to check yourself in at the main reception desk on the tablet. Please let us know of any issues filling out the above.

And finally, as you leave the practice, we will ask that you pay by card, preferably contactless. We also have split payments schemes in place and finance so let us know if you require this service.

If you have any further questions about these measures, or anything else prior to your appointment, please contact us.

Please remember that for dental emergencies you can contact the Practice, where we can advise you on the best course of action. For your complimentary virtual consultation contact us today for Invisalign, braces, facial aesthetics or smile makeovers!

Yours Sincerely,

Dee Dental Paisley

paisley from drone

Cyber bet is a fairly new bookmaker platform that has many odds for players. In this review, various features of this site will be discussed. Cyber bet betting doesn’t have the high status that other esport betting sites have. But it assures players of esport cyber bet coverage and a generous welcome bonus.  

People who want stakes on esport matches can use Cyber bet esports betting because it’s a great start. Many players don’t want to register with a site that’s dishonest. And that’s why this Cyber bet review is useful to you. It’ll determine whether or not you’ll decide to gamble using this site. 

eSports Cyber bet Games 

With the numerous multi-player games, you have so many to choose from. Games to play include League of legends, Dota 2, and others. Bids you can place are map winner, odd/even kills, match winner, 2nd team handicap win, and many more. 

These games are popular in the gambling world, and you’ll get great offers. Another set is the live eSports betting games. 

Live Games 

In this Cyber bet review, we can’t leave out live games. Customers have the opportunity to use the live platform. There are few games available, but that experience is convenient for lovers of live dealer games.  

New bookmakers hardly have live streaming services, but this website proves to meet up with higher standards. Cyberbet also offers customers links to their Twitch and YouTube networks to stream live games. 

Cyber bet eSports betting Bonuses and Offers

Ranging from welcome bonuses for new players to low wagering requirements, this eSports site has something to offer. Their welcome bonus is small, but it’ll lure you into signing up on their esports site. After registering, players get a 100% match deposit with CAD10.

Only a verified new account can qualify for the bonus. Another thing to know is that you don’t need a promo code to acquire a bonus. Within 2 weeks of registering, you should make a qualifying deposit of CAD10 (minimum). Bonuses come with extra tokens that you’ll use in full odds of 1.50 or more, while extra stakes are valid for 2 weeks. 


eSports Stakes

When new players receive a bonus amount, they aren’t able to keep the stakes. And that’s because the stakes are subtracted after settling. This is part of receiving free stakes. That way, players keep only their profit. 

Looking away from the stakes, the welcome bonus offer is guaranteed. All you have to do is complete your sign-up and deposit the minimum amount of CAD10. Users will get the bonus immediately and use it to meet the wagering requirements. 

Cyberbet Odds and Promotions

Odds in Cyberbet are all easily predicted. While gambling, a player realizes that the odds stay the same or have a related figure to the previous. Good thing is that this site has a live update that shows the odds. This way, players can know what odds to consider. 

As the platform progresses, this website will meet up with top bookmakers. An instance is when a test was done on odds. It showed that you can win a maximum of $10,000 after betting just once. 

Payment methods and Customer Experience

On Cyberbet, there are credit and debit card options like MasterCard and Visa. You’ll also find prepaid cards like Paysafecard and e-wallets like NETeller. Payment methods here are safe to use. Clients receive secure support from trusted operators.

Their customer service also supports customers. Available is an email system and a 24/7 live chat. All questions are answered, and agents are online to receive concerns. 


Looking at it, this Cyberbet review has shown that eSports lovers will enjoy this bookmaker. With numerous multiplayer games and live dealer, you’ll enjoy the interface. Whenever you have concerns, their representatives are always available. 

glasgow clan paisley pirates

The Glasgow Clan and Paisley Pirates are jointly delighted to announce a new working partnership that will see both clubs further strengthen their links. 

The Clan, who compete in the Elite Ice Hockey League, and the Pirates, who compete in the Scottish National League, both play out of the 3,500 capacity Braehead Arena in Renfrewshire. 

glasgow clan paisley pirates

The new partnership will see the Clan provide the Pirates with commercial and marketing support while ultimately providing a pathway for young Scottish players in the Greater Glasgow area to progress from junior hockey to opportunities to train and play with the Clan.


Clan Chief Operating Officer Gareth Chalmers commented: “I’m delighted to be able to confirm this new working partnership with the Paisley Pirates.

“It’s something we have been discussing for a couple of years now and will not only benefit both the Clan and the Pirates, but I believe the wider West of Scotland hockey community.

“With the Pirates rich history and the fact they’re right on our door step, this is really something that should have happened a number of years ago, so it’s really exciting to get it finalised.

“We’re looking forward to working with Adam Walker, Jackie & Ian Turley & everyone at the Paisley Pirates.

Pirates Operations Manager Jackie Turley commented: “I’m delighted that we are able to solidify our relationship with Gareth and the Glasgow Clan. This partnership will bring hockey and the local community closer together and provide a platform for our young players to strive for. The Pirates are dedicated to developing top level British players and are excited to see what the future holds for both clubs.”

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A reflective essay is a piece of academic writing in which the author reflects on their experiences in life. One of its important parts is the reflective essay introduction. This is the first paragraph of your paper and the one that should define it. 

To create an eye-catching intro, you have to know about some dos and don’ts. Also, if you’re short in time, a professional paper writing service can create a top-notch intro for you. Expert writers know just how to captivate people’s attention, and it doesn’t cost a fortune!

Dos of a Reflective Essay Introduction Writing

These are the major dos of intro writing:

  • Make the reader want to see your point.
    Your introduction either makes the essay interesting and exciting or boring. Turn on your creativity to make sure it’s the first option.
  • Write an engaging thesis statement.
    Even a reflective essay needs a thesis statement. You’re talking about your life and don’t have to prove anything to anyone, but the essence of the paper should be present in the intro.
  • Keep it simple and brief.
    Make the introduction easy to read and follow event-wise. Throw in a joke or a pun if it’s allowed and fits the tone of your paper. The lighter you start, the more prepared your audience will be.

Don’ts of Reflective Essay Introduction Writing

There are more don’ts to writing an engaging, interesting intro to your essay and keep the format in all other parts. So, here’s what not to do:

  • Don’t provide a personal point of view from the very beginning.
    The purpose of an introduction to an essay is to give some background information on the topic. You’ll have plenty of space to pour your thoughts out in the main body. 
  • Don’t make it long and boring.
    In the intro, avoid long explanations. Impress the reader with a bold claim, given you prove it later in the reflective essay.
  • Don’t open all the details.
    There’s no point in an essay if you give a brief description in the introduction. Leave a cliffhanger at the end of the paragraph, something so exciting, dangerous, or extraordinary that anyone gets chills and hurries to the next part.
  • Don’t get too emotional.
    It’s best that emotions increase in the main part. You can scare the audience by pouring your heart into the first couple of sentences. Everything should be organic.

No matter the topic, your reflective essay should start in a way that will make any reader want to continue finding out about your experience and lessons learned. Be consistent, keep a tone that will engage any reader. Be sure that your idea is relevant and the flow of the paper is organic. And follow these dos and don’ts, of course, to create a top-notch intro!


THE team at intu Braehead have been going mall out to support doctors and nurses on the frontline, charities and local communities during the coronavirus pandemic.

The shopping and leisure destination has donated cleaning supplies, toilet rolls and personal protection equipment to the St Vincent and ACCORD hospices in Renfrewshire and the Ronald McDonald House Glasgow charity, which provides accommodation for parents of seriously ill children in hospital.

They also organised for the centre’s Hotel Chocolat store to donate more than 100 boxes of luxury chocolates to the critical care team at the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital as a thank you for the work they are doing during the current health crisis.

Staff from intu Braehead have clocked up almost 300 hours of volunteering in their local communities helping people who are self-isolating and shielding by delivering shopping and collecting prescriptions.

The centre’s operations manager, Paul Lucas has been providing an emergency radio communications system to voluntary groups across the west of Scotland including the Salvation Army, Red Cross, Scottish Emergency Rider Volunteer Service and Glasgow The Caring City charity who supports vulnerable people in times of need.

And charities like Ronald McDonald House and Glasgow Children’s Hospital Charity have been given help with their recent fundraising appeals.

Community development manager at intu Braehead, Lydia Brown said: “The NHS frontline staff along with local charities and community groups have been doing amazing work during the coronavirus pandemic.

“We’ve been doing all we can to help them help others and to create a strong community spirit.

“I’d also give a shout out to our teams who have continued working to keep the centre open and making ensure the essential stores can provide a vital lifeline to our communities. They’re doing a brilliant job.”

Lydia added: “I know lockdown can be hard for everyone, but if we all work together and look out for each other, we will get through this crisis.

“We always try to bring positive change in our local community through strong relationships with charities and community groups.”