Provost Lorraine Cameron

The Leader, Provost and Board Conveners of Renfrewshire Council have praised the dedication and hard work of staff, as well as the patience and community spirit of residents during the Coronavirus pandemic.

In a video posted to the council’s social media channels, Renfrewshire Council Leader Iain Nicolson paid tribute to the “incredible sacrifices” being made by local people to continue to care for the most vulnerable, while Chair of the Renfrewshire Health and Social Care Integration Joint Board, Councillor Jacqueline Cameron, saluted the council’s care staff saying “we really owe them a debt of gratitude.”

Education and Children Services Convener, Councillor Jim Paterson, praised the “imagination and creativity of our teaching staff in creating new and exciting ways of learning”, while Councillor Cathy McEwan, Convener of Environment and Infrastructure, called the continuation of a full waste collection service “an incredible achievement.”

Convener of Finance and Resources, Councillor John Shaw, celebrated the work of the council’s Customer Services team as they answer, “tens of thousands of calls every week to ensure that help and support is available for people, as and when they need it.”, and Chair of Renfrewshire Leisure, Councillor Lisa-Marie Hughes, spoke of the amazing job Renfrewshire Leisure staff are doing to “help all of us with our physical and mental wellbeing at this incredibly difficult and stressful time”.

Communities, Housing and Planning Convener Councillor Marie McGurk praised the community spirit in Renfrewshire saying of volunteers that she is “delighted that these people call Renfrewshire home”, while Renfrewshire’s Provost Lorraine Cameron declared the actions of local people made her “proud to be part of this community.”

The council’s response to Coronavirus has included setting up a local helpline – 0300 300 0230 – to ensure that those being shielded are able to access essential food and medication – with more than 37,000 meals and essential supplies delivered already.

Health and Social Care teams continue to care for the most vulnerable in the community, while emergency repairs are still being undertaken for residents who need them – with the appropriate PPE and distancing measures in place.

Key workers have received childcare places thanks to qualified staff from across all services volunteering to work in childcare hubs and teachers are continuing to provide a positive, engaging education for pupils in their own homes.

Businesses have been supported to access funding and receive detailed guidance, with more than £15million in grants awarded to local businesses so far.

A full waste collection service is still being provided at this time and the Council’s Community Meals Service continues to operate for those who need it.

To protect people’s mental and physical wellbeing, Renfrewshire Leisure is keeping people active via online classes and resource, and Youth Services are keeping in touch with young people to ensure they have an outlet should they need it.

The video can be viewed via, and is also available on Facebook @renfrewshirecouncil, Twitter @RenCouncil and Instagram @Renfrewshire_Council.

For the latest advice and guidance on Coronavirus, please visit

chivas delivery

Hundreds of litres of free hand sanitiser have been delivered to Glasgow care homes thanks to Scotch whisky producers, Chivas Brothers.

The Coronavirus pandemic has prompted the Dumbarton distiller to produce supplies of hand sanitiser for charities and frontline health and social care staff.

chivas delivery

In just one week, the company has distributed more than 7,500 litres of hand sanitiser to 166 organisations in Glasgow, Ayrshire, Renfrewshire and West Dunbartonshire.

Supplies are being manufactured at the firm’s parent company, Pernod Ricard’s gin distillery in England before being packaged and distributed by staff at the Chivas Brothers site at Kilmalid, Dumbarton.

Contact-free deliveries were made to Glasgow Health & Social Care Partnership for use in its care homes across the city.

chivas delivery

Liam Donegan, Manufacturing Director at Chivas Brothers, said: “It has never been more import to come together as a community, especially to help the most vulnerable and at risk amongst us. I’m proud to see our teams working so hard to package and distribute essential hand sanitiser to those who need it most. We will continue to work closely with our partners to ensure we can keep providing for our communities during this difficult time.”

Councillor Mhairi Hunter, Glasgow’s Convener for Health and Social Care, thanked the company for its support.

She said: “It’s great to see businesses like Chivas Brothers rallying round frontline social care staff who are working hard to protect people in care homes and in the community who are most at risk of this appalling virus. Their donation is very much appreciated – not only because it will help tackle the virus and safeguard staff and care home residents – but also because the gesture is recognition of the tremendous work being done by our dedicated teams.”

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Gambling is a risky way of filling your time or trying to make more money. However, if done sensibly, it can open doors to endless opportunities. It can be a fun and exciting addition to watch any sport. But how do you make the most out of every wager you place? How do you get around the bookies’ tricks that try through all means possible to pull you into their traps? It’s all about going a step further and finding the best value for your money. The following strategies should help you increase your winning chances whenever you bet online. Before long, you’ll have a considerable bankroll, but only if you follow these tips. Take a look!

Know the sport you want to bet on inside out

Betting is not as easy as most people think. You can’t be placing bets without having a plan. For instance, you can’t be betting on a particular football team because it has won its last five games. Instead, check things like how well they played offensively and defensively, and if they know how to keep possession or they just get lucky. Know things like a tennis player that might be at longer heads with their coach and so on. Knowing such details enable you to make an informed decision before placing any wager. It will also allow you to spot some good value markets.

Take advantage of betting tips 

Betting online is quite popular now all over the world. You can bet on any sport. However, if you intend to win anything, you have to do adequate research and find out all you can before making any decision. That can be a daunting task, and that’s why some reputable sites such as provide gamblers with betting tips to help them make a good selection out of the available markets. When betting online, it should be your priority to make the most out of your money. With betting tips from reputable sites, you will notice that your win percentage keeps on growing, and you’ll end up making more money.

Manage your money

If you are betting online on sports, you have to set aside a specific amount of money that you should never exceed no matter what. It’s referred to as a bankroll that you can afford to lose. When gambling never bet with money that you don’t intend to lose because if you do, it could have some severe consequences. One of the best strategies when betting is to place bets worth 1%-5% of your bankroll. Avoid bigger bets because they can lead to huge losses very fast. Betting with a lower amount allows you to keep betting for longer, and not only do you enjoy the whole experience but also increase your chances of winning. If you get down on money and still feel the urge to continue trying your luck, don’t. Most people fail to realize when to quit and end up making losses on end.

Don’t concentrate on the past or celebrate for too long

When gambling, sometimes you will win and others you will lose. You might even experience a losing run but never allow it to throw you off your game. Put it behind you and concentrate on your analysis and trust that luck will be with you again. Likewise, you should never let a winning streak to give you false courage and make you place some impossible bets. Always stick with your plan, no matter what.

There’s no shortcut when it comes to online betting. You have to put in the hard work. The sooner you put behind the idea that you can win without doing your research, the better. Find all the information you can on the sport you want to bet on. Most importantly, remember there’s nothing as safe bets in gambling, and nothing is guaranteed.






The world of gaming has reached new heights in recent times, especially with the emergence of the internet and, subsequently, online gaming. The progression in this space has been frankly obscene.  


We’ve seen consoles come to the fore with more sophistication than ever before, the likes of VR gaming has entered into the space, coupled with the introduction of various puzzle apps you can download for your phone, alongside the ability to surf the web and explore the hundreds of slot games on offer at Then there’s augmented reality with games like Pokemon Go proving hugely popular, alongside the emergence of handheld devices such as the Nintendo Switch. The options are endless.


Mobile phone gaming is the focus of this particular article, though. Its surge in popularity has been impossible to ignore, especially in a world where consoles are better than ever before. Why is it still so popular? Here are a few key reasons as to why. 


Easy to access while on the move 


The main thing mobile phone gaming has over other forms of gaming is that it’s easily accessible. Everyone has a mobile phone these days, right? Throw in the fact that they’re portable – meaning you can game pretty much anywhere – and it’s easy to see why mobile phone gaming is more popular than ever before, even here in Paisley! All you need is a smartphone, and with that comes the option of accessing the vast array of mobile games that are out there. It takes a matter of seconds to download a game, which is a hugely attractive proposition for gamers who like to try out a wide variety of creations. Compare this to the likes of owning a Playstation – which is far from hassle-free – especially if you buy a game that isn’t to your liking and you need to take it back to the store. 


Console-quality titles

Thanks to the modern world and the sophistication in technology, mobile phone games have had some console-quality titles added in recent times. The likes of PUBG Mobile has proven to be hugely popular and is certainly a far cry from the days of Snake on a chunky Nokia phone which imitated a brick. Developers are also releasing mobile games simultaneously with their PC and console versions, demonstrating further just how influential the mobile gaming market is. Developers are doing everything they can get in on the action.

Cheap, sometimes free games


Another huge factor that works in favour of mobile gaming is the fact that many of the games available for download are either free or incredibly cheap, especially when compared to Xbox or Playstation games. The gulf in price is humongous. Of course, you do get what you pay for, and many mobile games are seen as short, quick fixes, but there are more and more detailed, longer games available these days too. Yes, the graphics might not be as good as their console counterparts, but they’re still more than acceptable and highly entertaining. A quick search on AppStore or Google Play leads to thousands of games, all at your fingertips. 


Fun and easy to grasp


(Image via


Mobile phone games are fun and easy to pick up, too. From your grandma to your little cousin, everyone has a game on their phone, be it a puzzle or a shooter. From RPGs to MMOs to simulators, there’s an abundance of fun creations to attempt, with many being easy to grasp. It certainly helps when appealing to a wider audience. You don’t need to be a dedicated gamer to play a mobile game.


A NEW online TV channel has been launched to help keep everyone fit, healthy and entertained during the coronavirus lockdown.

Ren TV is the brainchild of the team at Renfrewshire Leisure who are broadcasting a series of programmes on their website.

The TV channel was launched on Saturday, April 25 with four bands performing an online gig after a live music festival had to be cancelled.

The Sma’sh Hits all-day festival was due to take place at Paisley Arts Centre that day and four bands – The Vegan Leather, Drift, V.C.O and The Gateway Clash –each recorded a set on video that was broadcast.

Programmes featuring health and fitness, dance and football skills sessions are being shown along with a film about Renfrew Juniors reaching the Scottish Junior Cup Final in 1962.

A wide variety of TV programmes from Renfrewshire Leisure’s Sports Services and Leisure teams, will be broadcast and there will also be more music events, short films, book readings and Bookbug sessions from Cultural Services featured on Ren TV.

Councillor Lisa-Marie Hughes, chairperson of Renfrewshire Leisure said: “People may not be able to come to our leisure centres and venues for events and classes, so we’re bringing as much of what they would enjoy to our customers in their own homes.

“We’ve already had some fantastic heath and fitness sessions broadcast online from our Sports Services team and although we had to cancel the Sma’sh Hits festival we’re still able to showcase some of our talented local musicians online.”

Councillor Hughes added: “We are trying to be as innovative as possible so people won’t miss out on the services we provide. Having our own TV channel makes it easier for people to find what they are looking for with all the different videos in one place.”

People can go to to see Ren TV.

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The Doctor of Business Administration degree isn’t as famous as it’s more well-known sibling – the MBA – but it is an increasingly popular degree option for those who want to better understand the principles that underpin business management. Anyone who already has some experience in working as a business manager and is now looking to secure new long-term employment should consider studying for a DBA degree.

What Skills Does a DBA Teach?

Successfully completing any university degree will require you to harness and refine a variety of skills. There are some skills that are specific to a particular industry or subject


  • Problem-solving: Succeeding as a business leader is all about solving problems. These problems can range from the most insignificant and minor everyday occurrences to the major complicated decisions that need to be made about a business’s long-term direction. Over the course of studying for a doctorate of business administration degree, students will sharpen their problem-solving skills and gain a new appreciation for what it means to solve problems in a professional management context.



Of course, any business would prefer to have workers on staff that they can trust to assess and solve problems efficiently rather than having to hold their hands and solve problems for them. This is part of the reason that businesses generally like job applicants who have university degrees. Even if the degree is not directly required or even relevant to the work at hand, it can still demonstrate to an employer that you have a base level of organisation and initiative.



  • Resilience: Completing a university degree isn’t easy. Even media studies require a basic level of commitment and competence from students – earning your DBA will demonstrate to an employer that you have the necessary resilience to make it through the entirety of your studies. Even if you aren’t the most resilient person going in, completing your course successfully will toughen you up and leave you more resilient by the end of it.




  • Perseverance: There are a number of challenges that are inherent in studying for any degree. For many students, these challenges are an essential component of the learning experience – overcoming these challenges and navigating them successfully is often what separates the most talented managers from the average.




  • Good communication: It is impossible to effectively lead if you are not a good communicator. This is just as true for entrepreneurs and business managers as it is for politicians and other leaders of industry. Employers know that managers who have the kind of formal training that an MBA or DBA provides will be proficient communicators. Not only will they have a good understanding of what to communicate to the workers beneath them, but they will also be able to judge the best method to use.


Improve Your Value to Employers

Job applicants who possess university degrees are worth more to employers than those who do not. Having a DBA under your belt will make you a much more valuable prospective hire for a number of different reasons.


  • Formalise your business administration skills: In order to enrol on a DBA course, applicants are required to have some level of managerial experience already. Studying for a DBA will, therefore, give students the opportunity to take what they have learned from real-world experience and formalise their competence in the form of a degree. 


Having lots of prior experience working as a business manager definitely looks great on a CV. However, while having lots of experience is usually a good indicator of competence, we’ve all encountered those people who inexplicably survived in their roles for a long time despite having no apparent interest in or affinity for the work that they do.


  • Show that you can be trusted: Deciding who to hire is a big decision for any business. No matter how large your business grows, it is always important that you are hiring the best people for the job – people who you can count on when you need them. Having a DBA under your belt will demonstrate to any potential employer that you are someone they can trust to run their business properly.


Someone applying for a managerial role who has experience but no formal qualifications represents a bigger risk for an employer. That’s not to say that you have to have a DBA-style degree in order to work as a manager, but employers definitely prefer to keep their risks and unknowns to a minimum.

Demonstrate Your Initiative

Businesses love workers who are capable of showing initiative and taking responsibility for their own professional development. Of course, any business worth their salt should be looking to nurture their most promising talent. But it helps a lot if the talent is capable of seeking out its own opportunities as well.

The advent of online degrees has meant that anyone who wants to add a new string to their bow and earn a new qualification that will enhance their value, can do so whenever they choose.

Earning a DBA degree is always an impressive feat and prospective employers will take you more seriously with a DBA under your belt. You can click here to find out more about what an online DBA degree actually looks like and what it entails compared to a PhD. If you can show an employer that you have sought out and earned such a degree on your own initiative, it will reflect well on you and your overall value.

Earning a new degree or qualification is a fantastic way of improving your value to potential employers and increasing your chances of finding a job in times of need. The doctorate of business administration is not the first degree that most people think of when they are looking for something to study. However, while the DBA is not as well-known as the MBA degree, it is rapidly catching up in terms of popularity. The DBA is a much more academic degree than the MBA and is more suited to those who want to understand the principles that underpin modern business theory, but it is just as useful for opening new doors.

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This is a meticulous process to format and find out an accurate information for science homework or essay. For you to do a scientific writing, you’ll need to provide factual information confined within the boundaries of the context at hand. A scientific essay differs from essays in other disciplines in that you’ll be required to give a precise analytical answer. It will hence require you to put in some effort which should not stand as a stumbling block on your path to being a successful scientist.


It is quite encouraged that you use relevant scientific publications for an example. Below are best tips for writing a scientific essay.

Meaning Of a Scientific Essay

Having a clear understanding of what a scientific writing is will help you know what is expected of you when writing a science related essay. A scientific essay means writing of the description of some analysis of a given concept, identifying a problem and what you do to solve the problem with the acknowledgement of some facts regarding the topic.

Choosing a Topic

You need a topic before you start writing. Your lecturer may give you one or you figure out your own. It is always advisable to choose a topic that you are well versed with and that is not so sophisticated. This way you’ll get enthused as you write and you’ll get enough literature to refer to. You can easily get a topic by reading sample articles which is highly encouraged.

Draft a Plan

The next thing you’ll need to do is to draw a structure of your article where you outline all the sections you wish to include in your writing. This way, you’ll know where to slot everything and also save time while writing. As you plan, be sure to have an introduction section, a main body part and a conclusion.

Actual Writing of the Article

Having determined your road map, writing can now kick off quite easily. Always strive to give an interesting introduction that can catch your reader’s attention. It is this section that you portray the theme of your writing. Give enough back background information then state the question your paper tackles and the way you tackle it.

In your bod, be sure to follow your initial skeleton to ensure you don’t miss out anything. Employ transitional phrases throughout your writing for cohesion purposes.

The conclusion should entail a brief summary of the major points and a reinforcement of the effectiveness of your findings.

Editing Of Your Article

Always cross check your work before handing it in. this way, you will be able to spot and correct any misspellings, missed points adhesion grammatical errors and any other errors that you could have made while writing. This ensures that you evade poor grades. You may also ask someone else to help you cross check your work.


A scientific paper is normally different from other papers as it requires well researched facts presented in a precise way however the structure simulates other article including an introduction, body and a wrap up.


With so many industries cropping up in the digital age, it can be difficult to know which ones are truly going to flourish and which ones are going to carry us forward to the next age. AI is no longer the dreams of sci-fi and is a real concept we are studying and bettering with every new discovery. Here are some of the reasons why the future looks bright for those in the AI sector.

(Image Source: Pixabay)

AI is Becoming Widely Used

Many of us don’t realise it, but we are slowly integrating AI into our everyday lives. There are so many products reaching the market that now have AI as an integral function. For example, many of the home assistants like Google Home or Amazon’s Alexa have a powerful AI at the heart of it. Speech recognition is not easy, and these devices are able to interpret what we are saying and relay back complex requests. Even our smartphones have these abilities, thanks to assistants like Siri.

These technologies are getting ever more complex. There is even a function of the Google Assistant that can make calls on behalf of its owner, and it sounds just like a real person when it speaks.

Plenty of Investment

Due to the rapid advancement in this industry, and new companies and start-ups appearing everywhere, this sector is ripe for investment. Knowledgeable investors like Tej Kohli, Jocelyn Goldfein, and Jim Breyer are always looking for the latest and greatest start-ups that could potentially change the world.

Tech development is incredibly expensive. Many firms need the backing of investors like these to be able to meet their goals. They need to be able to afford specialist equipment or software, and the input of investors can help them to fund the next round of development that could lead to a world-changing discovery. With the development of a full humanlike AI coming ever closer, the role of these investors is becoming ever more prevalent.

The Rise of the Digital Generations

While AI was first developed by a pre-Internet generation, it is likely to be finalised by a generation that has known nothing but the digital age. The insight they could bring could lead to new developments that not even sci-fi has yet dreamed of.

As these new generations begin to enter the workforce, they could make a serious impact on tech-driven industries like the AI sector. While every generation brings something new to the working world, they are likely to make more changes than ever before.

While some technologies we can’t live without right now will fade away and die, it is likely that AI is one that will flourish in the future. With so much to offer the world, those working in this sector are likely to enjoy breakthroughs and opportunities unbound. The pursuit of AI is one of the most exciting developments in the tech world as of the moment. Who knows where this pathway could take us eventually?

Bereaved people in Scotland may be able to receive a contribution towards the costs of a funeral to help ease the financial pressure during COVID-19.

Funeral Support Payment is available to people who are on certain low-income benefits or tax credits and are the nearest relation to the person who has died.

The payment can help towards burial or cremation fees, some travel costs, and other expenses such as funeral director fees, a coffin, or flowers.

Introduced in September last year, the Funeral Support Payment replaced the UK Government’s Funeral Expense Payment in Scotland.

The Scottish Government Funeral Support Payment widened eligibility so that around 40% more people can access this benefit.

Social Security Secretary Shirley-Anne Somerville said:

“We know that during these unprecedented times, many people on low incomes will require financial support and I want to encourage people to access the benefits they are entitled to.

“I understand that coping with the death of a loved one is one of the most difficult events any of us can face. It’s even harder when there’s extra stress trying to find the money to pay for a funeral.

“We worked with stakeholders who have supported bereaved clients in accessing funeral support so our service is as straightforward to access as possible. One way that we’ve made it easier is by creating clear pre-application advice and an interactive online application process.

“To ensure organisations managing funerals can cope with the increased demand during the current pandemic. The Scottish Government is also asking families not to delay organising funerals for their loved ones.”

Social Security Scotland Chief Executive David Wallace said:

“We want to get the message out there that if you think you qualify for a DWP benefit, you may also be eligible for a payment from Social Security Scotland. There’s no need to wait for a decision from the DWP before applying, we can check with them later.

“Don’t delay in getting in touch. We know that dealing with bereavement is already stressful and that it can be hard to talk about. That is why we have specially trained team who can help you through the application process and we can go at the pace that is best for you.”



  • Funeral Support Payment can help cover: burial or cremation costs (these costs vary throughout the country, therefore reasonable local costs are published on
  • the payment includes a flat rate for any other expenses – £1,000 for the majority of applications and £122.05 if the person who died had made provision for their funeral through a funeral plan. It can also cover some travel, document, and medical costs
  • The average amount of the payment is around £1,500.
  • those eligible for the Funeral Support Payment must be living in Scotland, have had the nearest relationship to the person who has died, be financially responsible for the funeral and be on a qualifying benefit or tax credit (e.g. Income Support, Jobseekers Allowance, Universal Credit, Employment and Support Allowance, Pension Credit, Housing Benefit, Child Tax Credit, Disability or severe disability element of Working Tax Credit)
  • over 1,500 payments were made from mid-September to late January to help people in Scotland pay for funerals according to latest Funeral Support Payment statistics published in March
  • clients can find pre-application advice which includes eligibility and award amounts, and apply at
  • clients can choose to apply online, via a paper application form or by requesting a call back from specially trained advisors working within the dedicated Funeral Support Payment team by calling 0800 182 2222.

renfrewshire bin lorry

Renfrewshire Council Leader Iain Nicolson has issued a heartfelt thanks to all Renfrewshire residents for helping to support the continuing waste collection service and the local environment.

Despite operating with a reduced workforce, the Council continues to provide the normal waste and recycling collection service – collecting 141,000 bins a week.

That includes brown bin collections for garden and food waste, the blue recycling bin for paper and card and the green bin for plastic, cans and glass.

In line with the national guidance to stay at home and help to save lives, our Household Waste and Recycling Centres remain closed and residents are asked to store bulkier items and any excess waste safely.

Renfrewshire Council Leader Iain Nicolson said: “I would like to thank the waste collection teams for their incredible commitment and hard work at this really difficult time and I know from the kind messages we’ve received that our residents recognise and appreciate their efforts too.

“We understand people may have more waste than normal and unfortunately we cannot open recycling centres as it’s vital we follow the national public health guidance asking residents to stay home and save lives.

“Thanks to all our residents for their patience and understanding as our teams continue to work through these challenging times.

“Please do your bit wherever possible to assist us by recycling correctly, and you can increase the amount you can get in your bin by flattening cardboard for the blue bin and squashing any plastic bottles, milk cartons or cans going into the green bin.”

The Scottish Fire and Rescue Service has issued a plea to residents to store refuse safely, their website highlighting simple measures to protect residents from the risk of fire at this time.

Councillor Cathy McEwan, Convener of Renfrewshire Council’s Infrastructure, Land and Environment Policy Board, added: We know it’s the time of spring cleaning, but we’d ask people to avoid activity that results in generating additional waste at this time.

“With your help we can keep Renfrewshire clean and safe for everyone. Use our usual collection service and store any additional items safely away from any heat sources, ideally in a safe locked location or if outdoors, keep it away from your property.

“In line with advice from the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service, please do not get rid of garden or other waste by burning bonfires. We want everyone to be able to enjoy their garden during periods of nicer weather and the smoke can pose a risk to people’s health, particularly the vulnerable and those with respiratory problems.

“We haven’t seen an increase in fly tipping and our CCTV patrols continue to visit hot spots and take enforcement action. It is not only illegal; it’s damaging to the local environment and any incidents should be reported by calling 0300 300 0300 or online using our website. Please remember that if you hire a contractor to take away waste, you must ensure they are SEPA registered and ask where they will dispose of it.”

Staff from the Council’s Environment and Infrastructure service are currently deployed in a range of roles to support the ongoing effort to support Renfrewshire residents during the Coronavirus outbreak. This includes teams delivering more than 37,000 meals to residents during lockdown, packing bags and managing the request hotline.

Councillor McEwan added: “I’m so proud of the many teams deployed in different roles to ensure support reaches those most in need at this tough time.

“We are following the national guidelines and staff are only deployed to deliver essential frontline services, which means a number of day-to-day environment and infrastructure services such as road resurfacing have been suspended, but we will still respond to essential emergency repairs.

“Renfrewshire residents have been brilliant in following the vital public health guidance to stay at home, protect the NHS and save lives. I’d urge everyone to keep up the good work and continue to exercise in open spaces close to home. Visit the council website for all the latest information and top tips to help maintain your health and wellbeing.”

All the latest information, help and advice on Coronavirus is published on the Council website:

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Nobody expected this, but the new coronavirus has changed everything. The world-wide quarantine affected everyone. Today, all students study at home.


For sure, remote education isn’t new. However, nowadays, it is crucial as never before. Let’s check how the forced switch to the home-based education changed the e-learning niche.

Coronavirus Pandemic

For starters, let me drop a few words about the COVID-19. The virus affects the lungs. Moreover, it spreads by airdrop. That’s why it is so dangerous. Unfortunately, isolation is the only way to stop it.

Virus Spread Timeline

It is an unknown virus that has come from China. After this, it has spread to all of Asia. Within a month, it has appeared in Italy, which become the European virus outbreak center.

For now, the virus has reached all countries in the world. Consequently, the whole word is fitting together to overcome it.

E-Learning Before COVID-19

The distance learning niche was growing quite fast before the virus outbreak. A lot of students used the benefits brought by distance education. Shortly, the Internet erased borders and brought the ability to connect with tutors and get new skills from any location.

Therefore, there is a lot of e-learning platforms and software products that help students to study at home. For instance, those learners who experience any problems doing their homework can use the help of the, an online assignment writing service. If you want to learn more about this service, examine the PaperHelp review.

Changes in Distance Learning After the Outbreak

For sure, the forced switch to remote education significantly affected this niche. Fortunately, web services for distance students were ready-to-use. Also, the Internet providing companies were ready for fast growth of the amount of transferred data. All these helped to cancel all the physical classes and start distance education effortless.

Anyway, according to the UNESCO statistics, it affected more than 1.5 billions of learners around the globe. Due to this fact, distance learning is changing extremely fast these days. Let’s make a deep dive and review all the changes.

 Government Support

Firstly, the government of each country is supporting distance learning. They started investing the e-learning programs and startups. Consequently, a lot of software products, online courses, and mobile applications for remote were released in shorten terms.

Secondly, the countries where a lot of students don’t have access to the stable Internet or don’t have electronic devices started transmitting lessons on the TV and radio.

Discounts and Assistance Programs

To support students at the age of the coronavirus, a lot of e-learning platforms reduced prices for their services or made them free. For example, assignment writing platforms lowered their rates. Therefore, any student can get a leading-edge paper for really cheap. Don’t know some good sites? Check out the TopEssayServices and find the best one!

Moreover, a lot of cellular carriers and Internet service providers in the US started offering assistance programs. Briefly, they provide low-cost Internet access or additional gigabytes of data.

Focus on Online Services

Since the demand for online education services extremely high at this period, all software developing companies started to focus on e-learning projects. It boosts the progress in this industry. As a result, new products and innovations in the remote learning niche appear every day.

Mutual Support

Everyone understands that it’s impossible to overcome the virus without mutual assistance. A lot of countries support each other and provide help to resolve problems.

For instance, Estonia, Denmark, Finland, and five other Nordic countries share their software for distance learning for free. These guys have a high level of digitalization. Therefore it’s about time to expect innovations in the e-learning industry.

Anyway, if you need some help with your homework right now, do not hesitate to contact an essay writing service and order a top-notch assignment. In case you don’t know some reliable platforms, explore the top writing services on scam fighter, the most trusted review website on the Internet.

World-Wide Digitalization

There is no need to visit physical classes anymore. Furthermore, distance students don’t use copybooks, paper books, and printed assignments. Everything is digital these days.

Students connect with their tutors by using one-a-one sessions. They receive tasks and send their papers via email.

Updated College Programs

Nowadays, colleges focus on remote learning and update their education plans. For sure, when the virus will over, most of the universities will have well-thought-out programs for distance students.

Gadgets for E-Learning

All the students changed physical classes to desks at home. Therefore, everyone needs a particular number of devices. For instance, the demand for low-cost webcams for desktops, microphones, and noise-canceling headphones has increased multiply times from the outbreak.

However, hardware development companies are working hard to release new products that will be helpful for distance learners.

Closing Words

The students’ life has changed in a few months. Briefly, it was a turnaround. Every student study at home now. Someone enjoys remote education, but others don’t.

However, the COVID-19 epidemic boosted the e-learning industry. Nowadays, a lot of companies and governments make significant investments in this niche. Education will never be like it was before.

For sure, remote education has a lot of benefits. I assume that distance learning will be the preferred way of getting a grade for students in the future.


tartan lisa

Lisa Kowalski and the Accord Hospice are working on pulling together an online music event to raise funds for the hospice. It’s on 25th April and will be called Chords for the Accord.

We have pulled together 10 local artists who Lisa has worked with before to take part and they will be livestreaming their sets into a 5 hour music session with any donations to go to an Accord just giving page.

tartan lisa

Chords for the Accord Rosta


Artist Time FB Link
Liv Dawn 4.00 – 4.30
Liam Doyle 4.35 – 5.05
Charlene Gordon 5.10 – 5.40
Jordan Stewart 5.45 – 6.15
Graeme Kerr 6.20 – 6.50
Hollie Robinson 6.55 – 7.25
Lisa Kowalski 7.30 – 8.00
Alan McKim  8.05 -8.35
Laura Murray 8.40 – 9.10
Johnny Barr 9.15 – 9.45



Liv Dawn

Although from the Bonnie Banks of Loch Lomond, Liv is a friend of the Paisley music scene and recently wowed the audience with her pop/ country styled set at a gig at CCs – Callums Cavern. 

Liv started off 2020 with a bang by supporting Tom Walker on his U.K Home Run tour and was a finalist in the BBC Scotland Singer/Songwriter competition last year.

Liam Doyle

Liam Doyle graces the streets of both Paisley and Glasgow with his wonderful voice.  His singing ability has won him a number of national awards and a strong fan following. He is also an accomplished song writer, who writes from the heart and has released a charity single for Alzheimer Scotland. 

Charlene Gordon

Paisley based singer Charlene, of Rock Choir fame, is a polished performer and accomplished vocalist. Charlene’s vocal ability means she needs no accompaniment and can hit all notes, genres and eras.

Jordan Stewart

18 year old Jordan has already been a fixture of the Paisley youth music scene for a number of years and is a real rising star. With her flawless voice, impressive work ethic and warm heart, Jordan is sure to continue to grow her audience.

Graeme Kerr 

Graeme Kerr is a dedicated acoustic performer from Paisley. His set list is wide and varied and includes songs that are rarely heard but are instantly recognisable.


Hollie Robinson

Hollie is a, fun loving but 100% professional 16 year old singer/songwriter who loves to perform and entertain people.

Hollie represented the UK at the World Championships of Performing Arts in Los Angeles in the summer of 2017 returning home with 3 bronze medals and an Industry award in her vocal categories. Not long after this she won Paisley’s Got Talent 2017, singing her way to the win with ease. 

Lisa Kowalski

Lisa’s music career really took off with the launch of the Paisley 2021 bid in 2017 and the release of her EP and Hearts of Gold video, which was about busking in the town.  Lisa has since been honoured to perform at many great venues, from St Mirren FC to an open top bus on 6th Avenue New York.  As NYC Tartan Week 2020 has been cancelled, this week she sang Hearts of Gold live on Scott Mill’s Radio 5 Live show.


Alan McKim


Paisley singer-songwriter Alan McKim is a passionate performer. Alan possesses a refreshing back-to-basics and gritty approach ideal for these austere times whilst succeeding to keep his sound wholly new and fit to fill city stadiums. Alan is a past winner of the highly prestigious Best Acoustic Scottish Alternative Music Award and is a fine example of why Paisley is considered to be a richly talented music town.

Laura Murray

Laura is a Paisley born Singer/Songwriter with a pop-orientated, soul twist. 

In November 2018 she was flown to Germany to represent the UK in Project Aloft Star 2018, performing her original music to many industry professionals. A subsequent single was quite a hit on Spotify and in Germany.

Johnny Barr

Johnny Barr is a Paisley Singer/Songwriter, Music Teacher and Events Organiser. He is member of the London based singer/songwriter collective Winter Springs ( and is capable of performing a wide mix of songs ranging from Motown to Modern. If you enjoy a musician that is capable of creating a performance totally based on where the mood takes everyone then this is not to be missed. Get your requests in!