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Within the offer linked to online games, one above all has conquered the general public, during these last times, taking advantage of a change of guard that has made poker less attractive, for all those users who prefer the game size in smartphone version.

casino smarthphone

This game that is climbing the popularity rankings, from Europe to the United States to also enter the Asian market, with Japanese data in evidence, is blackjack. Although from a legal point of view this card game falls into the category of luck games in online casino NetBet and not of skill games, it is equally interesting to note that the strategic level needed to play well at blackjack greatly exceeds that necessary to play slot machines, in which the whole game process is automated. Having said that we can say with certainty that blackjack is halfway between a game of skill and a game of luck as the distribution of the cards is a totally random fact while the decision to stop or ask for other cards is a prerogative of the player, and in this decision the strategic part of the game is all contained.

Blackjack: strategy and memory, are useful for winning

A game of skill like poker and baccarat, whose simple yet so peculiar rules, give the size and stylistic figure of this game which is commonly called 21 both in terms of live casino, and as regards the patrons of the its offer and proposal online.

Assuming that it is not easy to interpret and talk about an adequate and 100% winning game strategy, we are going to discover some tricks related to the game of blackjack, which will affect both novices and more experienced players who want to know new tricks and effective game strategies.

What is a deuces in blackjack

Let’s take one of the aspects that can determine a hand of blackjack, which in technical jargon is called deuces, a true saying of the game of 21, which entered for obvious reasons into the collective imagination. As you well know, the possibility of having a double 2, as an initial hand is certainly not congenial, in a game where the two cards that have the greatest value are precisely the 10 and the ace, which together can form the optimal and winning combination, that is precisely that of 21, the maximum limit in theory impossible to beat, both because of the fact that it is formed simply by two cards, and because there is little chance that in the same hand it will be replicated for two players. Going back to the probability of playing with a pair of 2, there are two possibilities that arise in front of you in the game of blackjack: take a card, a more plausible hypothesis, or divide the game. What does it mean?

How important is the expectation of winning in the game of blackjack

The game is based, as everyone knows, on the expectation of winning, given that already while the player is receiving the cards, there are already different and different options that can be developed and resolved. Now, it depends a lot on the number of decks that are in play, based on this you have to make an obligatory choice: take a card or not, in a six-deck blackjack, there are therefore some variables that we must evaluate to get to the point. If the dealer’s face-up card in the game of blackjack has a limited value from 4 to 7, you will therefore have a number of choices. Although the pair of 2 can theoretically be considered disadvantageous, in the game with the DAS rule, with two or more decks, the player who received the pair of two is favored, compared to the possible combinations of the dealer, as the chances of doubling will increase your bet.


In the game of blackjack it is good to evaluate when is the right time to stay or to ask for another card. It may seem obvious and trivial, but one of the most frequent mistakes of those who play blackjack consists in not understanding when to ask for cards and when not. A bit because with a cold mind, in a game situation played in demo mode, we are all lucid and conscious, on how to play, while in real life the situation becomes more complicated, given that the emotional and psychological factor comes into play, given by the possibility to win or lose real money.

Why not learn a new instrument, develop your skill and keep yourself occupied during this time!

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You might think a recession is one of the worst times to start a business. However, even during a financial crisis, there are some sectors still thriving. The key to becoming successful is to see the opportunities even during darker times.

If you’re looking to set up on your own, here you’ll discover some of the best small businesses to start in a recession.

Bulk sales

It may seem like a bad idea to invest in bulk sale items, but during a crisis, people do tend to buy more. The recent coronavirus outbreak has caused panic buying across the world. Those left without who face nothing but empty shelves, are going to want to start stockpiling once the crisis is over.

Setting up a bulk sales business could prove particularly lucrative. It is also a business that doesn’t require too much investment. You can buy at wholesale then make a profit on everything you sell. If you don’t have any capital to get started, you could take out Liberis business finance.

Accounting services

Another type of business that’s good to get into during a recession is accounting. Businesses and sole traders still need accountants during tough times. Not only will you be helping clients to stay on top of their books, but you’ll also be a source of financial reassurance. People tend to feel much better about their finances in difficult times when they know they have a professional to turn to for advice.

Car repairs

Another secure start-up idea during a recession, is car repairs. People are much less likely to have the money available to buy a new car. This means, they are going to want to get their current car repaired and checked over more frequently.

It does take a bit more effort to set up a car repair business. However, if you’re looking for start-up idea that’s going to earn you a steady and secure income, it’s one of the best you can start on this list.

These are just a few ideas you can utilise when looking for business ideas during a recession. Those who come out of tough financial times and become successful, are those who see the opportunities in adversity. Not sure if any of the above careers are right for you? Take a look online to see what other types of businesses are doing well in today’s economic climate.





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Getting a car loan can be complicated, especially when you have bad credit. You are confronted with loans that come with high-interest rates, as most lenders would review your credit before approving your loan. How herculean as this can be, it is still possible to get an auto loan. In this article, we will discuss several steps to follow to get a car loan, even with a not-so-perfect credit score.

One of the factors lenders consider when processing your loan application is your credit score. This score comprises a three-digit number, similar to a GPA. According to FICO, your credit score falls within any of these five categories:

Very Poor – 300 to 579

Fair – 580 to 669

Good – 670 to 739

Very Good – 740 to 799

Exceptional – 800 to 850

A credit score of 669 or less is considered either fair or poor and would make you ineligible for all types of loans. However, you can find a loans for bad credit that works perfectly for your auto needs when you plan and conduct your research properly.

Steps Preceding A Loan Application

Here are some of the steps to take before you apply for an auto loan application. By following these steps, you can be guaranteed a hassle-free application process.


  • Go Through Your Credit Scores


Before you shop or apply for any loan, you need to evaluate your credit score to know where you stand. You can get a free copy of your credit reports from the three major credit report bureau, namely, Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax. This report can be generated for free once every 12 months.

With your credit report, you can determine where your credit falls on the FICO score spectrum. Whereby you have bad credit, run through your credit report for negative items. It is important to check for errors on these reported items. If found, you can report them to the credit bureaus requesting that they are changed or removed from the report.

If your purchase is not urgent, it can be kept aside while you improve your credit. You can request the service of a reputable credit repair company.

To avoid your credit score from dipping, the following tips should be taken:

  • Pay all your bills on time
  • Lower your debts as much as you can
  • Crosscheck your credit report for erroneous details



  • Check Out Various Auto Lenders And Their Offers


In a situation where it is difficult accessing an auto loan from major lenders, you can narrow your search to those who provide loans for individuals with low credit scores. Although, bear in mind that you may be required to pay higher interest rates. However, you can be assured that your loan will be processed with ease.



  • Save Enough Money For A Down payment


This is very important as well. Setting aside a substantial amount of money as a down payment can help lower the outstanding balance you would have to pay later on. Also, it provides you with a better interest rate while reducing the term of your loan.

Regardless of your credit status, having a large down payment helps you secure an auto loan. Such an individual would be easily considered by lenders.

These are some of the tips to getting your loan approved by lenders even with bad credit. If you would like to apply for an auto loan, please visit this link: car loans for people with bad credit.

If you are living in Paisley and you have a friend or family members birthday coming up then, what better way to celebrate their special day than with a surprise birthday party? When it comes to planning a surprise birthday party there are a lot of things that you will need to take into consideration so the surprise doesn’t get out. Since there is a lot to take into consideration it can make it hard to plan but – don’t worry, we are here to help you through the planning with this quick guide.

In this article, we will discuss some of the top tips on planning an unforgettable surprise birthday party in Paisley. If this is something that you would like to do then, make sure you keep reading on to find out more.

Get Others Involved

If you have decided that you want to plan a surprise birthday party then, one of the first things that you will need to do is get other people involved in the planning. This is because it is difficult to make sure you get everything done yourself. However, if you have some help then, you can get planning the party and make sure that you get all everything organised. It is better to make sure you have some help when it comes to planning a party because it means you can get some ideas from other people and can make the planning a lot easier. Just make sure the people know that the party is a surprise so it can be kept a surprise for the person the party is for.

Choose a Venue for the Party

If you are planning a surprise party then, the next thing that you will need to make sure you do is find the right venue for the party. This is because when you find the right venue, you will be able to decide how many guests you can invite, plan the date, see how you can decorate and much more.

Make sure that when you chose a venue, that it is easy enough for everyone to get to and that it is not too far away for people to travel. If you are in Paisley then, you will find that there are plenty of venues for you to choose from so, make sure you have a look at some that might be close to where you live.

Choose a Date

When you are planning a party, the next thing that you will need to do is make sure you choose a date to hold the party. It is always better to have a party at the weekend because this makes it easier for people to attend than what it would be for them to attend during the week. Make sure that you send out invitations in advance because you want to give people as much notice as possible so they can get to the party.

Get the Essentials

The next thing that you will need to do when you are planning a surprise party is to make sure that you get all the essentials that you need. For example, you will need to make sure you have snacks and drinks available for all the guests. For drinks, you can get hard seltzer, beer, or jungle juice. Of course, don’t forget to serve non-alcoholic drinks as well. If you are looking for some party snacks then, have a look online and try and find the ones that will be suitable to have at the party for all the guests. It is always better to have a selection of snacks both sweet and savoury so your guests can choose what kinds of snacks they would prefer to eat. Consider having the party catered as a buffet can go down really well at this kind of event.

Choose the Right Kind of Entertainment

Another thing that you will need to take into consideration when it comes to planning a surprise party is to make sure that you have the right kind of entertainment at the party for everyone to enjoy. For example, you will need to make sure that you have music, either hire a band, a live singer or a DJ.. This is because you want to make sure everyone has a good time at the party and that they can enjoy themselves. If you are hoping to make the party even more of a surprise then, there are some other kinds of entertainment that you can consider booking such as getting a photographer, having a firework display set up as well as much more.

If you are looking for some ideas for party entertainment then, you should make sure that you head over to the site There, you’ll find plenty of suppliers for the big event.

Decorate the Venue

When you are planning a surprise party, decorating the venue is one of the best parts. There are many different ways that you can decorate a venue for a party, for example, you can buy some balloons and banners, confetti as well as decorate with other things. It might also be fun to go for a theme such as a beach theme or a particular decade. This way, you can find the right decorations and encourage your guest to dress up!

Reveal the Surprise

When it comes to the big day and you are revealing the surprise party you will need to think of the ways that you can do this. For example, you could say you are going out for dinner or going to drop off something at a venue and reveal the surprise to them when they get to the venue and see everyone there.

Use This as a Guide to Help You

there are a lot of things that you will need to take into consideration when it comes to planning a surprise party in Paisley. There are so many great venues and suppliers in this area that you’ll be sure to host the perfect party. Make sure you have a read over this article and keep it in mind and use it as a guide to help you plan a surprise party this year.




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The issue of migration in the global arena has stirred much political discourse. Countries are compelled to evolve their approaches to the people knocking on their borders, asking to be let in. Labor surplus nations, most of which are Low and Middle Income Countries (LMICs), benefit immensely from the remittances sent back by emigrants. However, most LMICs have hitherto overlooked the longer term impacts of emigration, particularly with regard to one important stakeholder group, the families of emigrants.

The size of the issue

The economies of many countries in Asia, Africa, the Caribbean, and Latin America are greatly stimulated by remittance inflows. These important contributions are sent by migrants living in developed countries such as the UK. Reliable services like Ria Money Transfer UK create the support systems for worldwide remittances to flow smoothly. The number of migrants worldwide now exceeds 272 million. Many of these are men and women who have left their families behind. Although remittances help, they cannot be a substitute for the physical proximity of one or both parents. There is an inevitable long term social impact for the millions of children of migrant workers.

Psychological issues

Several studies have been conducted on the physical and psychological health of the children of migrants. One of these is research conducted on migration health by Dr. L P Jordan and Prof E Graham. This study focused on children in Indonesia and Thailand. It showed that children in families where the fathers were working abroad showed poorer psychological outcomes as compared to children in households with both parents present. Most of the psychological issues the children displayed were related to conduct and emotional outcomes. Female children were less likely to manifest conduct issues than male children. A similar study was conducted by Wickramage, Vearey, Zwi, Robinson and Knipper in Sri Lanka. Their findings showed that nearly 40% of the children in families with at least one migrant parent suffered from social maladjustment, sometimes resulting in mental disorders.

Mitigating negative effects

The conclusions of several of these studies recommend mitigation measures and coping mechanisms. The psychological impact of children left behind by migrant parents can be addressed by taking the following measures:


  • Families are encouraged to maintain regular communication with the migrant parent through means such as email, voice chat, text, and others.
  • Greater involvement on part of the people who assume the roles of caregivers for the children can help. Better preparation for caregiver roles can help them be better substitutes for the missing parent.
  • Building capacity in childcare and effective management of remittances to enhance the welfare of the children also goes a long way.

Nutritional issues

The migrant parent fulfills an important responsibility by sending remittances and providing for the family back home. However, this is not sufficient for creating holistic positive outcomes for the children. Migrant workers’ children are often forced to perform some of the tasks of the missing parent. Thoughtful re-allocation of tasks in migrant households may reduce the time burden on children who have to perform duties such as preparing meals. Also, in the absence of parental authority, children are less likely to care for their nutritional needs. In the Sri Lankan study by Wickramage et al, 30% of the children from migrant households showed poorer nutritional outcomes as compared to those from non-migrant households. The most affected group comprised children aged 6-59 months, which showed signs of being underweight. Despite the positive economic outcome of remittances, children of migrants are prone to suffer from several setbacks due to the absence of one or both parents.

In conclusion

The nutritional and behavioral health of all children is important. A multifaceted approach is necessary to counter these issues. Communities can play a big part. One solution can be the collective care of migrants’ children by communities that understand the needs and challenges of these kids. In this way the vulnerability of children due to the psychological and nutritional issues caused by parental separation can be mitigated significantly.


About the author:

Hemant G is a contributing writer at Sparkwebs LLC, a Digital and Content Marketing Agency. When he’s not writing, he loves to travel, scuba dive, and watch documentaries.




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From Roman dice players to the dawn of online casinos, betting has been a popular pastime in the United Kingdom for hundreds of years. Today, statistics show that the UK gambling industry is worth around £14.5 billion. Scotland, England and Wales are home to a total of 8,000 betting shops, 650 bingo halls and over 150 casinos – not to mention the thousands of virtual casinos with the best online slots in the UK we can access via our phones. But how is the government regulating these premises? And what are our rights when it comes to using them in Scotland?

One of the earliest attempts to regulate gambling came in the year 1541, when Parliament introduced the Suppression of Unlawful Games Act – and we’ve essentially been seeing legislature designed to relax, strengthen or modify this law ever since. For the most part, Scottish betting laws have mirrored those in the rest of the United Kingdom. This post will explain what the current betting laws are in Scotland, and how these relate to the UK.

The Gambling Act of 2005

The Gambling Act of 2005 applies to England, Wales and Scotland. It was introduced to control all forms of gambling, both on and off-line, as well as to pass the authority for licensing and regulating betting from the magistrates to local authorities. In England and Wales, these authorities are generally councils and boroughs, while in Scotland, the responsibility falls to Licensing Boards. It was through the Gambling Act that we saw the creation of the governmental Gambling Commission, the public body which supervises Great British gaming laws.

How did the Gambling Act affect betting laws in Scotland?

According to the Act, its objectives were:

  1. To prevent gambling from being a source of crime or disorder, or being used to support crime.
  2. To ensure that gambling is conducted in a fair and open way.
  3. To protect children and other vulnerable people from being harmed or exploited by gambling.

While these objectives suggested that the Act was the first step in a governmental crack-down on betting, its terms also allowed betting companies to advertise on TV and radio, and even sanctioned the building of various super-casinos throughout major UK cities. However, this was controversial, and the plans were eventually scrapped after Gordon Brown was elected as Prime Minister in 2007.

The Scotland Act of 2016

In the aftermath of the 2014 independence referendum, the Scotland Act of 2016 gave more power to the Scottish Government and Parliament. The Act included amendments to the earlier Scotland Act of 1998, giving Scotland the power to overrule matters which had previously been decided by Westminster.

One of these was amendments concerned the regulation of Fixed Odds Betting Terminals (or FOBTs) – touchscreen machines which enable customers to place bets on events with fixed odds. With Scottish studies dubbing FOBTs as a £4 billion-a-year problem, and the ‘crack cocaine of gambling’, the Scotland Act introduced an amendment to ‘prevent the proliferation of Fixed Odds Betting Terminals’ in bookmakers’ shops. This gave the Scottish Parliament the power to limit the number of authorised gaming machines, or not to authorise them at all.

The rest of the UK has since followed Scotland’s lead in regulating FOBTs more harshly. From 1st April 2019, the maximum bet which customers can place on an FOBT has been reduced from £100 to £2 – resulting in the closure of over 700 William Hill shops throughout the UK.

While Scottish betting laws are currently the same as those in the rest of the UK, the power to regulate gambling no longer lies solely with Westminster.







The hydraulic principle is used in industrial equipment and systems. Hydraulic components must be robust and durable to fulfill their function.

Nonetheless, your equipment may tear over time and, you will need to fix or remove your hydraulic part shortly. When it comes to fixing or removing your hydraulic parts, you can contact knowledgeable and properly-trained hydraulic engineers or technicians.

Moving parts are more susceptible to degrade than static components which cause a hydraulic system to fail gradually or even suddenly. You need to hydraulic fix by night. Here are the signals.

Unusual or abnormal noises

Hydraulic equipment and machining failure can be your worst nightmare. Strange noises from your system’s hydraulic pump might signify an immediate problem. You might hear banging noises during combustion if air enters the hydraulic fluid. This noise means you need to fix or upgrade your hydraulic system. You should schedule hydraulic maintenance at night so that the hydraulic machine will be ready for strenuous business for the upcoming day.

Slow hydraulic repair and maintenance operations

A problem may persist by poor efficiency due to machine failure. However, you can identify these issues as they provide signs that warn you before the operations. There can be issues with your hydraulic system if you experience a large drop in productivity. Quick maintenance operations in your system need to be vigilant that no system failure stops the whole project.

Increased hydraulic fluid temperatures

Fluids can maintain different temperature levels in your hydraulic pumps. As they are in a liquid state, they need stable temperatures to perform in your system optimally. Temperatures above 83 degrees Celsius can damage the hydraulic seal and accelerate the degradation of fluid and the whole hydraulic system, which reduces the life cycle of the hydraulic fluid.

Of course, increased fluid temperatures could harm the efficiency of the system. A fluid temperature change will, therefore, be handled when you immediately detect them. You possibly would call your hydraulic technician or specialist to visit your hydraulic power units in the night time to prevent any drawbacks that might have a detrimental effect on efficiency.

Hydraulic fluid leaks from the system

Leaks also mean that you should repair your hydraulic system at the soonest possible time. The cause of the leak can be a loose hydraulic seal or a broken valve. Each leak inside and outside the hydraulic pump can cause a problem and you should address this immediately. If this is a small leak, inspecting the machinery or system at night is not necessary. However, you should consider repairing major leaks of your hydraulic system in the night as this is the most ideal time to repair your systems, especially if you won’t be using your equipment or machinery for the next day.

These reasons will help you determine or identify potential problems so that your project will not fail in the long run. Calling a nearby hydraulic repair service operator during your night is ideal for checking the machinery or system during its idle state.



Glasgow Airport exterior

The strict travel restrictions put in place by various governments in response to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic have, understandably, resulted in the widespread grounding of flights.

Glasgow Airport exterior

With many of our airline partners having completed their repatriation flights and in line with passenger demand, there are now only a limited number of services available from the AGS group of airports (Aberdeen, Glasgow and Southampton). In light of this and to protect the health and wellbeing of all the staff who work so hard to keep our airports running, we will be introducing temporary restrictions on our operations from 1 April 2020.


To support our country’s response to this accelerating pandemic, Aberdeen and Glasgow airports will continue to support essential services. These will include lifeline links to remote communities in the Highlands and Islands, NHS and air ambulance services, and helicopters for the oil and gas industry. Southampton Airport will similarly support lifeline services to the Channel Islands. Our airports will also cater for those airlines who are continuing to operate. At this stage, it is difficult to say how long these measures will remain in place, however, we will continue to follow all government advice and keep them under constant review.


We are facing extremely challenging times and like all organisations, we have a duty of care to our staff, our business partners and to all those who use our airports. Introducing temporary operating restrictions will allow us to significantly reduce the number of staff who must travel to work.


Alongside this, we are working with our people and their trade union representatives to ensure those employees who will be furloughed during this period will have access to the Government’s Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme. We have also proposed other measures to support the business at this time including temporary pay cuts for all staff including our Board and leadership team, an end to bonus payments, the option for staff to take unpaid leave and the option for reduced working hours.


These have been difficult decisions to take, however, I am absolutely clear they will enable us to protect jobs, protect the health and wellbeing of our employees and ensure AGS Airports is in a strong position to aid our country’s recovery when we emerge from this crisis.

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Writing can cause lots of problems. We want to help students with that, so the appearance of this article is no coincidence. If you need to write your report, essay, research paper, or any other type of paper, you may get help following this link. Also, with essay writing, the sample can be in handy that you will find below. 

Has it ever happened to you that when writing an essay, you noticed that you didn’t know how to structure a paper, cite sources, or present ideas in the proper way? To avoid such a situation, you have to read through essay samples. As a result, you’ll get a paper that will meet your expectations. We present an essay example in which many valuable ideas can be found. 

Coronavirus – Is It So Dangerous?

With the recent outbreak of COVID-19, which started in China and spread further into the world, we often ask ourselves the question of how dangerous is this situation we are all currently in? However, for this question to be answered, we must pay attention to the many other issues it brings. What are the symptoms, how does it spread, and how do we stop the pandemic.

 It is necessary to take all precautions, due to the stealthy nature of the coronavirus. The symptoms of the virus may appear in two days or approximately two weeks, and even though the symptoms have not come to the surface yet, the virus is transmittable. “It’s clear that asymptomatic infection surely can fuel a pandemic like this in a way that’s going to make it very difficult to control,” Michael Osterholm explains. If it comes to a peak, the infection includes fevers, coughing, and respiratory problems. Otherwise, milder cases have a flue-like resemblance. It is transmitted through droplets, and it is not yet confirmed how long it survives on the surface.

Knowing this, we come down to the question, how do we protect ourselves, and is it necessary for quarantines for the virus to be contained and eventually stopped? It is essential for us to wash our hands regularly on a daily basis and basically follow the same precaution routine, just like for flue seasons. We must respect each other and stay away in cases of sneezing and coughing. For the virus to be contained, quarantine is the most likely way to go, raise the awareness of people and deal with it. We must point out also that the situation necessarily doesn’t have to be dangerous, but if we look at it from an aspect of ignorance and fear and avoid the necessary precautions for whatever foolish reason, it will most certainly be dangerous. It is crucial not to panic before all. It is ok to be concerned about the news, but for many people, it can make existing mental health problems even worse, as Kirstie Brewer wrote. We should keep this in mind, that personal responsibilities influence collective safety. 


Everyone is feeling the effects of Coronavirus right now, whether you are a business owner or a key worker working on the front line, huge changes are being made to stop the spread. But as the number of cases continues to rise, so too do the concerns surrounding the effect that this virus could have on stock markets. 


The Effect Of Ongoing Uncertainty

As Covid-19 forces over a quarter of the world’s population into lockdown, there is a vast amount of uncertainty. This has led to many selling their stocks out of fear thus leading to a huge drop in several markets across the board. This led to the FSTE 100 falling by 10% on the 13th March lower than it has ever been since the 1987 crash. 

The Current State Of The FSTE 100 

However, it is important to note that whilst this crash did occur the FSTE 100, as well as other global markets, has begun to recover. Though this is only a slow positive impact at this time, it is beneficial to have this in the long term. As of 8 am on the 27th of March, the market was at a high of 5,815.73 however as the day has continued, this has taken a sharp fall of 6.48%. This is a direct result of the breaking news that both the British prime minister Boris Johnson and Health Secretary Matt Handcock have both caught the virus. 

Though this is only early days, the level of uncertainty and the rising death toll in the UK could suggest difficult times ahead for the FSTE 100 as well as the global economy. However, this should not be a problem for those seeking financial aid at this time, with numerous government schemes available to aid you in a financial emergency as well as the ability to compare guarantor loans online, you can find an affordable loan repayment.

The Impact On The Global Economy 

During this time of financial difficulty, there are multiple governments pumping trillions of dollars not only into their own economy but into the global economy also. As flight have been grounded, holidays cancelled and trading services running in a restricted manner, there is a vast amount of revenue being lost. In addition, the ongoing financial uncertainty has had a huge impact on businesses big and small around the world. 

But as this continues, governments are having to do more to not only monitor the economy but also provide money to businesses and individuals that need it in this unusual time. As a result of this, the global economic bailout has reached a total of 7 trillion dollars and is showing no signs of slowing down. 

This is just the beginning in the fight against Covid-19 with multiple governments claiming that they will do whatever is needed to maintain the economic balance of their individual countries. 

With this in mind, as uncertainty continues could we be seeing permanent changes to our everyday way of life? Only time will tell. 

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MEMBERS of Renfrewshire Leisure’s Active Schools team have created an amazing video showing them juggling a loo roll then appearing to pass it on to each other in their own homes.

They’ve used some clever video editing to create the illusion and then posted it on their @RLSportServices Twitter feed.

Now they are challenging the Active Schools teams from local authorities all over Scotland to match their efforts at the #ASCoordinatorChallenge.

Fourteen of Renfrewshire Leisure’s Active Schools team took part in the video, which has had more than 4000 views since it was posted on Tuesday evening.

Chairperson of Renfrewshire Leisure, Councillor Lisa-Marie Hughes said: “Since most of us are being asked to stay at home during the coronavirus pandemic, it’s good to have some light relief in our lives.

“I have to admit I laughed out loud when I saw the video. Well done to the Active Schools team for coming up with the idea and using some technical wizardry to put the video together.”