Six Things to do Online Instead of Scrolling Through Your Social Media

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Social media can be a big distraction. The way social media sites are set up means that you scroll constantly and will find it hard to click away from them. There are better things that you can do online that don’t involve the major social media sites, so here are some ideas to make better use of your free time. 


  • Gamble online


Playing games online such as lotteries, bingo, or even casino games can be a more productive way to spend your time than social media. If you are unsure what to play, then try LottoWinner for a list of different lotteries you can play and their rules. Playing these sorts of games can be a lot of fun and help you to unwind. 


  • Keep up to date with the news


Instead of scrolling through your timeline and reading people’s opinions, spend some time looking at the facts. There are many great UK-based news sites that cover a range of topics, and there are usually lifestyle sections for those who get bored with politics and world news. Just a few minutes a day of scrolling through the news rather than Facebook will make you more informed. 


  • Have a digital purge


Instead of clogging up your phone by signing up to more emails or downloading more photos, spend some time having a digital purge. You can do this by unsubscribing to old emails, so your inbox is in better shape, or getting rid of old photos, videos and apps. This can make your device run faster and can genuinely make you feel clearer headed when you pick up your phone or tablet.


  • Message people directly


Instead of making vague statuses and posting comments on people’s photos, make some time to reconnect with an old friend directly. WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging apps in the UK, and is handy for sending texts, photos or video. You could also go back to basics and send an email, which gives you time to express yourself fully, rather than sending short, emoji filled messages.


  • Learn something new


The internet is full of places where you can learn something new, whether it’s from watching TED Talks, listening to podcasts, reading longform articles, or even taking free online courses run by universities. If you feel that the internet is reducing your IQ, you can step into the smarter side of the digital world and use your spare time to increase your knowledge.


  • If all else fails, try some different social media platforms


If you love social media too much to give it up but are bored of the usual posts on Facebook and Instagram, then try some of the newer social networks. TikTok is made up of short, fun videos where you can add effects and extras, while Caffein TV is a platform that allows you to broadcast live, so your friends can watch and react. Trying new forms of social media means you can stay ahead of the pack and try new and exciting features.