Paisley Halloween Festival 2019

Paisley’s annual Halloween Festival launched tonight with plenty of thrills and chills for visitors.

Paisley Halloween Festival 2019

The two-day spectacular is one of the largest festivals of its kind in the UK. This year’s event has a Dark Circus theme and promises to be the biggest and best yet with internationally acclaimed outdoor theatre specialists, Cirque Bijou, helping to transform the entire town centre into the perfect Halloween playground.

Paisley Halloween Festival 2019

The festival continues on Saturday with a whole host of frighteningly fun, free activities for everyone to enjoy including the spectacular Mardi-Gras style parade, with the entire town serving as the stage.

To find out more visit:

Cllr McEwan with Paisley Taxis and Renfrewshire Cabs

Taxi drivers across Renfrewshire have backed the campaign to stop roadside litter blighting the local environment.

Paisley Taxis and Renfrewshire Cabs have both shown their support for the Team Up to Clean Up campaign by pledging that their drivers will give their litter a lift and take it home.

Cllr McEwan with Paisley Taxis and Renfrewshire Cabs (2)

Drivers have been provided with car litter bags to keep their own and customer’s litter in until they reach a bin and air fresheners too to advertise the campaign to their passengers.

Craig Allan, Paisley Taxis, said: “It’s important that all of our drivers are aware of the damage to the environment that littering can do and we are encouraging all of them to use the litter bags provided to give their litter a lift home.

Cllr Cathy McEwan supporting the roadside litter campaign

“We’re happy to support the Team Up to Clean Up campaign and will work hard to ensure we do all we can to keep our streets free of roadside litter.”

Posters on local lampposts will also highlight the issue and two specially-designed funnel bins provided by Keep Scotland Beautiful will be placed in known hotspots for vehicle littering which allow litter to be thrown into them from a vehicle.

Hannah McCulloch, Renfrewshire Cabs, said: “We are committed to helping the community and our fleet of 500 drivers are on the road 24/7.

Cllr McEwan with Paisley Taxis and Renfrewshire Cabs

“We always discourage and sanction any driver found to be discarding litter from their car.

“The council have worked hard on this campaign and we should all do our best to keep our community litter free”

Renfrewshire Council’s Team Up to Clean Up campaign aims to challenge the culture of littering and inspire people to take care of their local area.

John, Renfrewshire Cabs taxi driver (2)

Councillor Cathy McEwan, Convener of Renfrewshire Council’s Infrastructure, Land and Environment Policy Board, said: “We’re delighted that the taxi companies in Renfrewshire have shown their support for the campaign as roadside litter can be a big issue.

“People may think that one piece of litter thrown from their vehicle won’t make a difference, but if everyone does it then it can cause serious damage to the local environment and also puts the road workers who have to clear it up at risk.

Craig Allan, Paisley Taxis

“It’s important that people recognise how important it is to dispose of their litter correctly and I’m delighted that our taxi drivers have made this commitment.”

Roadside litter is a key strand of the Team Up to Clean Up campaign, which has seen a five-year, £2.5million investment to provide an increased programme of road sweeping, drain clearing and litter picking in Renfrewshire, an enhanced Rapid Response Team and the facilitating of local communities to undertake clean ups within their local area.

John, Renfrewshire Cabs taxi driver

Keep Scotland Beautiful’s Roadside Litter campaign encourages road users to give their litter a lift and take it home, countering the alarming statistic that 50 tonnes of litter is abandoned on Scotland’s roadsides every month.

For more information on both campaigns, visit and

paisley from drone

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diane mitchell
The Diane Mitchell Music School offers one to one lessons in instruments such as Piano, Guitar, Vocals, Drums and more!
diane mitchell
With classes for children in Piano, Violin, Musicianship, Theory and more taught in a fun, interactive way while promoting literacy and numeracy skills.
If interested please contact the music school at or 07896689816
If you’re in the Christmas spirit why not come along to our concerts?
Paisley: The Life Church 38 Moss Street – 14th December 3.30pm
Barrhead: Barrhead Evangelical Church – 11th December 6.30pm
Laura, Convener, Lily and Anne Marie playing with mud - St Margaret's ELCC Johnstone

Parents of young children have praised the positive impact of 1140 hours of Early Learning and Childcare (ELC) on their child’s speech and reading development.

Almost 1,600 three and four-year-olds and eligible two-year-olds across the region are now receiving 1140 hours ELC and parental feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.

Laura, Convener, Lily and Anne Marie playing with mud - St Margaret's ELCC Johnstone

All children are currently entitled to 600 hours of nursery provision in council-run and funded private and voluntary providers, however a number of nurseries have been able to offer earlier access to the extended childcare ahead of the Scottish Government deadline of August 2020.

Depute Leader of Renfrewshire Council and Education and Children’s Services Convener, Councillor Jim Paterson, visited St Margaret’s Early Learning and Childcare Class in Johnstone and Glendee Early Learning and Childcare Centre in Renfrew to see the impact 1140 hours has had on around 150 children.

He said: “The expansion in Renfrewshire is focused on providing high-quality experiences for children. It’s positive to hear parents already telling us they see a difference in their child’s speech and reading abilities since they’ve had access to 1140 hours of early learning and childcare. At St Margaret’s and Glendee nurseries, I saw for myself the variety of quality learning experiences that encourage children’s understanding of the world and that takes place in nurseries across the region.

“We will continue to offer parents whose child could benefit from the additional hours early access within their nursery centre or class where there is space and staff in place to support this ahead of the August 2020 timetable. From August 2020 onwards, eligible children will receive 1140 hours of early learning and childcare, and we continue to work towards that deadline by recruiting staff and expanding our nursery estate.”

The council has now recruited around 200 early years staff to support the 1140 ELC expansion and existing provision in nurseries across Renfrewshire, including nine modern apprentices and 23 graduates.

Training and development opportunities are available for current and future early years staff working in council and approved provider settings to help them progress on their career pathway, such as SVQs, leadership courses and development centres. There is also funding support to meet Scottish Social Services Council registration required for jobs in early years.

Refurbishment work at nine nursery centres and classes has already been completed and the final 17 are all on track for completion on their target date.

Headteacher Gillian Miller said it’s been positive to trial 1140 hours ELC within St Margaret’s Early Learning and Childcare Class. She said: “High-quality early learning experiences are vitally important to support children’s development. Our nursery class focuses on supporting children’s development and learning through play experiences.”

For more information on 1140 ELC, visit

paisley from drone

While there’s plenty to see and do in Renfrewshire, when the cold weather hits, you’ll most probably be looking for an excuse to stay indoors. 

So why not ensure that your home is fit and ready for winter, and for those cosy days and nights spent at home?

Here are a few ideas that will make you feel warmer in no time. 

Light Up Your Fireplace

Nothing says winter and the Christmas season more than a crackling fire. A fireplace can often make or break a room if you’re looking for an attractive focal point. If you’re looking for home improvements to be made this season, a working fireplace should definitely be at the top of your priority list if you’re searching for a more inviting home. 

Or, if you already have a fireplace and it’s fallen a little to neglect, spruce it up a bit with seasonal candles and ornaments and direct your furniture towards it for a better winter hideaway.

You could even consider a balanced flue gas fire; this energy-efficient option eliminates all drafts, meaning you can stay warmer for longer. 

Roll Out the Area Rugs

If you don’t have carpet in your home, this can make your home feel a lot colder in the winter months (unless you have underfloor heating, of course!). Area rugs replace the need to get a new carpet fitted entirely and allow you to place something soft and warm beneath your toes. Area rugs also help to make your room look more comfortable, especially in warm colours like red or orange. 

They can easily be rolled up and stored away during the summer if you don’t want rugs laid down all the time. 

Pillows and Throws Galore 

There’s nothing that a good squishy pillow and soft throw can’t do when it comes to improving a room. Kit out your sofa and living space with large, comfy cushions, perfect for those winter nights in watching a movie or reading a book. 

If you have a leather sofa, large fluffy throws are great for eliminating the cold material and making your sofa a little more bearable during the cold weather. 

Keep Cosy Clothing by the Front Door 

It can often be unbearable to step into your cold, dark house after a long day at work before it’s had chance to heat up properly when you arrive home. Why not keep some cosy attire in easy reach for as soon as you walk through the door? That way you’re best prepared as soon as you arrive back. This could be a pair of fluffy socks, slippers, cardigan, or dressing gown, ready to pull on and hide away from all your responsibilities (for as long as you can, at least). 

There you have it! Now you have no excuse not to make your home the cosiest and most inviting it can be this winter. Just do whatever makes you happiest (and warmest) and use soft furnishings to bring out the comfort.

Old Village Library, Kilbarchan

Volunteers are set to renovate the Old Library in Kilbarchan as they aim to maintain its status as a thriving community space if their plans are approved by councillors later this month.

With more than 5000 visitors using the hall every year for activities such as yoga, Pilates, Spanish lessons and amateur dramatics, the hall is key part of village life in Kilbarchan and has been for over 120 years.

Old Village Library, Kilbarchan

Kilbarchan Improvements Project would receive £22,000 to carry out repairs to the roof and top floor windows to help secure its position as heritage asset within the village and would be the first project to receive funding through the Villages Investment Fund.

£370,000 has been ringfenced from an overall £1.87million fund specifically for investment in Renfrewshire’s villages and applications must show that they will strengthen the unique identity, heritage and character of village life.

Councillor Marie McGurk, Convener of Renfrewshire Council’s Communities, Housing and Planning Policy Board, said: “We want to ensure our villages have the opportunity to enhance and protect their assets which is why we have committed this funding to allow them to tell us what they need and give them the opportunity to make it happen..

“We want to see more and more projects follow Kilbarchan Improvements Project lead by applying to make changes to their community and we’ll support everyone to make their application as strong as possible so please get in touch.”

Four projects have been awarded more than £13,000 under delegated authority from the wider Green Spaces, Parks and Play Areas and Villages Investment Fund as they look to make physical and environmental improvements to their communities.

Erskine Community Garden have received £4800 install a labyrinth, plant fruit trees and create a sensory area in the garden, while the West End Growing Grounds Association have been granted £2609 to carry out grounds maintenance which allow their popular allotments to continue to flourish.

Elderslie Community Council have been awarded £1200 for dog fouling materials, including dog poo bag dispensers located across the village, and the Darkwood Crew in Ferguslie will use their £4810 award to create a community garden for the area which will be used by Falcon Day Centre and Darkwood Court Sheltered Housing Complex, subject to a successful planning application.

Terry McTernan, Darkwood Crew volunteer, said: “We are delighted to have been awarded this funding as it will allow us to progress our plans to establish the community garden and growing area.

“We truly believe the village green has the potential to address the many social economic issues which persist in the community, such as isolation and loneliness, and this builds on the success of our recent Ferguslie Flourishes community planting project and our path improvement plan – all designed to increase usage of this beautiful space.”

Awards from the £1.87million fund will assist groups to bring in external funding, increase community participation in local areas and encourage the process of transferring assets to local communities.

Each application must show it has consulted the local community to ensure there is a need and desire for the project and that it would improve community life.

The fund is open all-year-round so for more information and to find out how to apply, visit


If you are heading to Paisley’s Halloween Festival this weekend, don’t forget to check out the town centre’s Halloween Sculptures. 

You may have already seen the fantastic animal sculptures dotted around the town centre this year, but have you seen them dressed for Halloween yet? 


To celebrate Paisley’s Halloween Festival, these sculptures made from recycled materials have been transformed into witches, ghouls and a pumpkin to name just a few. 

Their new outfits have also been created with recycled materials, all with a resin coating to make them waterproof. 

Created by local artist Kevin Cantwell, there are seven stunning sculptures including a unicorn, highland cow and a heron but you will need to visit them during October in Paisley town centre to see how they have been transformed! 

Our visitors are dotted around the town and are available on a new Halloween trail map for those wishing to find all of these unique sculptures. Pick up your leaflet from either the Piazza Shopping Centre or the Paisley Centre today! 


Plus pick up a Golden Ticket and you could win £500 towards your Christmas shopping! 

We have £500 each of Paisley town centre gift vouchers up for grabs for four lucky winners in the run up to the festive season with our Christmas Golden Ticket Competition! 

Receive a Golden Ticket with every purchase in Paisley town centre, post it in one of our Golden Post-boxes in the Piazza Shopping Centre Paisley and The Paisley Centre and you could be one of our lucky winners! 

Around 65p from every pound spent locally, stays local – so by picking up that coffee, going for lunch or buying that gift, you can do your bit to support the local community and its businesses. 

Golden Tickets are available now in Paisley town centre businesses with our draws taking place on 23rd and 30th November and 7th and 14th December, just the thing to help you with your Christmas shopping! 

Just one of the perks of shopping and socialising in Paisley town centre this Winter! Good Luck!

3 PAC auditorium

The first images showing how Paisley’s iconic arts centre will look after a £2.8m transformation have been revealed – including a new extension and public space at the heart of Paisley’s nightlife district.

The Paisley Arts Centre stage has hosted some of Scotland’s biggest names in the three decades since the 250-year-old former church building was converted into one of the country’s most vibrant small entertainment venues.


The building is being upgraded as part of a wider investment in Paisley’s venues and outdoor spaces aimed at using the town’s internationally-significant cultural and heritage story to change its future.

And plans have been submitted for the work, with images revealed today showing:

– a redesigned public space around the arts centre, removing railings and bringing the street to the building – creating a new outdoor area for events and for people to dwell;

– how the building’s location at the junction of New Street and Shuttle Street means it is perfectly placed to add new vibrancy to the surrounding already-busy nightlife area;

– a new-build extension to the existing entrance – creating more room to expand facilities inside – including an improved café-bar;

3 PAC auditorium

– improved auditorium with retractable seating offering a capacity of 150 (seated) and 200 (standing) and creating the flexibility to offer more events, bringing more footfall to the town;

– better audience and performance facilities – retaining the intimate atmosphere the building is known for but adding more comfortable seating with better legroom, improved sightlines, better sound and lighting, upgraded toilets, and better disabled access and facilities;

There will also be new back-of-house facilities expanding what the building can do and making it more attractive to performers – including a new kitchen, improved dressing rooms, and workshop space for rehearsals and other events.

1 PAC Front Approach Evening View

The arts centre is due to close in summer 2020 to allow the transformation to take place, and is expected to reopen in summer 2021.

The venue is home to a year-round performance programme and last week hosted several events as part of Paisley’s Spree festival, and will be packed out again for the ever-popular PACE Youth Theatre panto this festive period.

While the arts centre had a number of improvements to the outside of the building in 2012 the facilities inside had become outdated and needed more than a makeover to change that – but the planned work will create 21st-century facilities inside the historic building.

The project is being taken forward by Renfrewshire Council and the venue will continue to be operated by Renfrewshire Leisure Ltd.

2 PAC extnded reception area

Cllr Lisa-Marie Hughes, chair of Renfrewshire Leisure said: “The images revealed today show how Paisley Arts Centre will be transformed into a unique and intimate performance venue capable of hosting a greater range of events and performances than ever before.

“The council is investing in Paisley’s venues as part of a wider push to use the area’s unique heritage and thriving cultural and events offer to bring people into the town and create new life and footfall.

“The revamped arts centre will be more than a building – it will be a place where the town’s next generation of talent can learn, be inspired and have their first time on a stage.

“It will also complement other investments happening in Paisley’s venues around the town – both council and community-run – helping connect, build and support the growing creative community already active in the town.

“We expect the improved performance programme the new facilities will allow us to offer will see increased numbers coming to arts centre shows day and night – and boost the surrounding pubs and eateries while here.”

Other major investments happening in Paisley town centre just now include a £42m transformation of Paisley Museum into a world-class destination showcasing the town’s internationally-significant collections and story.

There’s also work to preserve Paisley Town Hall’s place at the heart of life in the town by turning it into a landmark entertainment venue and a new learning and cultural hub offering library services to be built in a modern facility at the heart of Paisley High Street.

For more information, visit or

m8 fleet training

We’re expanding! Into the world of fleet training. Been working for numerous companies now for around 7-8yrs and therefore decided why not do what you do for yourself instead of for others.

m8 fleet training

If you have more than 5 members of staff driving for your company you may want to check health and safety in regards to driving for work. We offer one to one training on safe and fuel-efficient driving to you at a time and venue that suits your everyday working schedule.

Give us a call if you want to improve your staff’s fuel consumption, wear and tear or safety and receive a written report and certification for insurance purposes or proof you take their safety seriously. 07747 600 672

7 World Wonders

Do you love traveling through different worldwide locations? Are you excited about possible visits to historical locations? Check out the following competition and get the most of it!

7 World Wonders

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