Eaten by Mamoru Iriguchi
Independent Arts Projects presents
Eaten by Mamoru Iriguchi
The award-winning performance artist, Mamoru Iriguchi, is back out on tour this autumn with Eaten, a show for children aged 6yrs+ about food, eating and being eaten!
What if your food started talking back? Meet Lionel McLion. He’s just eaten a human called Mamoru. But Lionel hasn’t chewed his food well. So Mamoru’s alive and well in his stomach, and now wants to say hello. A strange friendship between the eater and the eaten starts to grow. Eaten invites children to the fascinating world of food chains and digestion. 
Eaten by Mamoru Iriguchi

“Whimsical hi-jinks” The Herald ★★★★ “Big Cuddly and Clever” The Times ★★★★ “Daringly inventive” The Stage ★★★★
Donning a lion costume, Mamoru simultaneously plays the roles of the eater (Lionel the lion who dreams of being a vegetarian) and the eaten (Mamoru the human who loves meat) resulting in a dialogue about food between the predator and his prey, locked in one body. 
With a surrealist and humorous storyline, Iriguchi, together with director Ivor MacAskill and co-performer Suzi Cunningham, invite children and grown-ups to the fascinating world around food: eating, being eaten, digesting, defecating and everything in-between and beyond, in nature and on our dining tables. Eaten encourages young audiences and adult audiences to carefully examine what they eat and re-think their relationship with food and nature. 
Paisley Arts Centre
Sun 15 Sep | 2pm | £4
BSL interpreted performance
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Security setbacks can be devastating in the business world and must be avoided at all costs. It can be incredibly frustrating to be going through a period of growth and success only to have this stunted by an issue like a virus or data loss, which is why every business owner needs to know a few key steps to prevent a security setback. Unfortunately, cybercrime is a huge problem in today’s digital world and one which will only get bigger over the next few years. It is possible to protect your business and stop any setbacks from occurring with the following steps.


  1. Education

First, you need to educate yourself and your team on what security threats there are and how you can stay safe. Employee negligence is the most common reason for a security issue, so when your team is aware of what the dangers are and how they can avoid them, it should help to prevent any security setbacks. This training should include:

  • Creating strong passwords
  • Not responding to unsolicited emails from people that you do not know
  • Only downloading applications from trusted sources
  • Not sharing sensitive information online
  • Making regular backups of data


  1. Use Secure Networks

In today’s digital era, many employees work remotely, whether this is at home, in a cafe or on the train on the way to work. While this brings many benefits, it can also be dangerous if they are connected to public WiFi as this is a network which is not secure. As it’s not secure, it means that a cybercriminal could gain access. Therefore, it is important that staff only use secure networks for working and using a cheap for VPN for UK when working on public WiFi.


  1. Security Software

Security software can protect your business against a wide range of digital threats like ransomware. This software should always be obtained from cybersecurity specialists like, and the software should be kept up to date so that you are always protected against the latest threats.


  1. Create Regular Back-Ups

Backing up important data is an important security practice that every business needs to do. Backing up data to an external device will ensure that no information is lost if the original version is damaged, lost or stolen. This is a simple security measure but one which is often overlooked and could prove to be incredibly costly if not followed.


  1. Ethical Hacking

Once you have a cybersecurity system in place, then it is a good idea to hire a company that offers ethical hacking services. This is a safe way of testing your security system and identifying any weaknesses which could be exploited so that you can strengthen and create a watertight system.


These five steps should help your company to prevent any security setbacks. There has never been a time where security has been such a big issue for modern-day business primarily due to the continuing rise of cybercrime all around the world. Fortunately, it is possible to prevent a security setback when you know how and make security a priority throughout your organisation.

Dee Dental Paisley

5 County Place

Dinah is a friendly happy and energetic Dentist who always has a smile for her patients!

dee dental paisley

She has been a qualified Dentist since- 2013 is also qualified in Botox and dermal fillers since 2015 in Perth and Glasgow. We also provide private adult braces, mini smile makeovers and also implant restorations with a strong link with the Centre for implant dentistry.

In June 2019 Dr Dinah Naasan followed her dream and took over the practice at 5 County Place in Paisley and willing to make it one of the best dentists in paisley! With her kind and caring nature putting new and existing, anxious or nervous patients at ease within the first appointment of meeting her and starting treatment.

Our practice features 1 Dentist at the current moment even though we are a 3-surgery practice, in the future we will expand and have more Dentists available for a wide range of treatments.

Elaine who has been a massive part of this practice for 25 years is a Qualified dental nurse and Practice manager with a great rapport with our existing patients who have decided to stay with us after the takeover to our delight!

Jackie who has been a part of the practice since July is a Qualified Dental Nurse since January 2018 and a Qualified Childsmile nurse since June 2019.

All of our team are bubbly friendly and approachable individuals who are able to give a wide range of advice and information on all treatments we offer here at our surgery.

So why not contact us today to get registered with us either by telephone on 0141 889 2741 or book on our website at

Also please like our Facebook page – Dee dental paisley to keep an eye out for our competitions for your chance to win dental goodies that can’t be missed!

Since Boris Johnson took over from Theresa May as prime minister, there have been a number of ‘tax and spend’ commitments that he has announced. Some Westminster observers have already detected some minor push back on some of Johnson’s ideas from HM Treasury, now in the hands of the former Home Secretary Sajid Javid. Given that the new administration is yet to fully cost all of the ideas the new PM has come up with, some think that Javid is likely to have his work cut out by the time he has to finalise all of the figures in his first budget. And yet, Johnson – who appears to be setting the government on a footing that looks increasingly like a general election is coming – continues to operate in a manner designed to win votes, including his ideas for revitalising the UK’s property market.

It may be easy to understand why Johnson is running his premiership in a way that feels like an election is underway already. With the overarching issue of leaving the European Union hanging over the government – the central plank of his leadership campaign was to deliver Brexit by the end of October, ‘do or die’, after all – he may have an election forced upon him even though he has stated repeatedly that he does not want one. The new PM has already pledged to raise the threshold at which income tax is paid at the higher rate from £50,000 to £80,000 and proposed a similar rise in the level at which National Insurance Contributions are made, for example. However, he hasn’t stopped there and Johnson’s plans for stamp duty could also have a significant impact on those who have investments in the property market in the UK, too. 

In fact, it was long before he became PM, that Johnson said an economically stimulating budget would be needed in 2019 – something that would aim to breathe new life into the housing market. While he was in the hustings for the leadership of the Conservative Party, he said that he would ‘make significant cuts’ to property tax in order to revive the growth of house prices which have stagnated somewhat over the last couple of years in some areas.

Of course, a pledge or an aspiration that is made in the heat of a leadership election campaign may not turn out to be government policy when in office. Many a prime minister has seen their plans thwarted by a more fiscally prudent Treasury team over the years, after all. That said, the question many professionals in the property market are genuinely asking themselves is whether or not the government will honour his promise to lower stamp duty land tax – or SDLT – as it is officially known.

At the moment, only homes that come with a price tag below £125,000 are not subject to any form of SDLT. The only exception comes for first time buyers who are allowed to purchase a home that is free from the tax so long as it is priced under a £300,000. During his election campaign, Johnson said that he wanted to stimulate the upper echelons of the housing market by bringing down Osbourne’s SDLT rates on residences valued over the £1.5 million by lowering the stamp duty rate from 12 per cent (where it remained under Philip Hammond) to a much more affordable seven per cent. 

However, Johnson did not leave his plans for overhauling stamp duty there. He also said that he wanted to raise the thresholds for all types of stamp duty from their current position to £500,000. Given that the country’s average property price currently stands a little over £243,000, this would make a big difference to the average house buyer, whether they are new to the market or selling up and moving. 

Some press reports have said that Johnson’s idea has not been properly funded because there would be an obvious hit to Treasury receipts if the policy he suggested were to be enacted in a budget. The Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS), for example, said that the income the government received on housing transactions below the proposed threshold of £500,000 over the course of the last financial year was £3.8 billion. The IFS went on to say that the drop in tax receipts to the Treasury of the policy would be slightly higher if it was rolled out because of the number of residences that are worth just over £500,000 would have asking prices just below the threshold to avoid the tax. That said, if the policy stimulates the market, then more houses will end up being worth more than half a million pounds in time so it is not yet clear how successful the plans might be.


Johnson has already indicated that an emergency budget may be required in the autumn in order to prepare the UK’s economy for Brexit. Whether that is put together prior to a managed departure from the EU or as a result of a so-called no-deal scenario in November remains anyone’s guess. Indeed, whether the SDLT thresholds and rates will be changed significantly is also a matter of speculation at the moment for much the same political reason. However, it is clear from Johnson’s rhetoric where is fiscal instincts lie.

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Whether you are an on-screen actor or a voice actor, you need the right tools to help you grow and become a pro. As an aspiring actor, you may not have the resources to create a professional video or audio material to audition for a role, which is why we rounded up the best apps for aspiring actors.

Scene Partner

As an actor, memorising your lines is one of the most important skills that you need. The ability to do this makes it easier to make a character believable. All you need to do is first upload your script into the app, then you can choose a voice that will help you read the lines. Another thing that you can do with this app is record. The app lets you record your voice and practice your lines before going on a real set, or a recording studio. The app is only available on iOS devices.


Actsophia is a fun app for actors who are just starting their acting career. The app is a kind of resource that contains all that you need to know about being an actor. With this app, users can learn about submitting, training, performing, auditioning, and engaging in networking activities.  If you are looking for an app that is easy to use, then you should go for Actsophia. It is also an iPhone app.


This popular app has all that an aspiring actor needs to manage their activities. The app lets users keep track of auditions, expenses, bookings, contacts and more. The app serves as a personal assistant that helps aspiring actors to better plan their day. You can also store your photos including headshots on the app, andget directions to your castings.

Actor Genie

Actor Genie and similar apps are very important tools in the life of an actor. These apps help organize an actor’s schedule and areworth having. This app allows users to find representation, what and who is casting, tips from writers, directors, and established seasoned actors. Actor Genie also provides actors with a list of gyms, photographers, theatres, cinemas, and a host of other important information that actors need to progress in their career.


Research is an important aspect of your job as an actor. You must know everything about a project you are auditioning for including the people involved. You can do a Google search on your computer, but having the IMDb app on your phone can help find auditions. The app is completely free.

Stop Acting

Margie Haber is a top acting mentor who is considered one of the best in the industry. Her coaching skills are known and employed by popular actors and actresses. The Stop Acting app offers Margie Haber’s coaching nuggets and years of tested and trusted methods to aspiring actors who may not be able to book sessions with her, which is great news, right? The app boasts that it can improve aspiring actors by teaching them how to perform their lines and take on a character with confidence. Visit  if you want to learn more about taking your acting career to the next level.




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Granted, a night of peaceful sleep is the key to a happy life. You wake up stronger and more energetic than you slept. With proper sleep every night, you can overcome mood swings and fatigue. It is also the perfect time for your body to rejuvenate for the next day’s activities. However, not everyone enjoys a sound sleep every night.

With so many benefits of sleeping, everyone should chase after a peaceful night. This means that you have to find ways to encourage healthy sleep patterns during the day. If your lack of sleep at night has nothing to do with a medical condition, then there is always something you can change or improve to better your sleep. Here are a couple of tips to help overcome sleep anxiety and improve your sleeping:

  1. Keep your bedroom sleep-friendly

The state of your bedroom can promote or compromise sleep. The lighting, sound, and temperature in your room are all critical factors in your sleeping habits. For one, make sure you do not have any distracting noises in your room, whether from electronics or the neighborhood. However, some people have been known to enjoy calming sounds like a flowing river in sleep. If you are one to do so, go for soothing noises that are not in any way disturbing.

On another light, make sure your room in the dark when you sleep. Light works against sleep and could keep you awake all night. Get rid of any TVs, iPads, and laptops that could light up the room in any way and compromise your sleep.

  1. Get a good quality mattress

The quality of your bed plays a very significant role in your sleep patterns. A mattress should adequately support your weight, promote proper body postures, and accommodate body movements during sleep. If your old mattress is not doing that for you, then you may want to learn more on what to look for when buying a mattress online oh yes indeed at The mattress you buy should not be too firm or too soft, because both situations can significantly hurt your sleep. Also, consider an allergen-proof mattress if you are allergic to different material, or dust mites presence in most beds.

  1. Establish a routine

The human brain is really good at adapting habits. If you can determine to sleep at a particular time every night and wake up a set time each morning, then you will enjoy much better sleep than ever before.

  1. Reduce stress

Stress is the number one inhibitor of sleep. Therefore, before going to bed, make sure you detox yourself of any stress. Do several fun activities that help you unwind. If it is too severe, consider talking to a therapist to get rid of the stress that is toxic for your health and sleep. You can also try meditation to help you calm down and pull yourself together.

  1. Exercises

Exercising is not just good for your overall health. There are benefits of physical activity when it comes to encouraging sleep. For one, the moment you exercise, you unwind and get rid of any anxiety that could build up and cause stress. Further, exercising helps with blood and oxygen circulation in your body, which not only keeps you happy but also helps promote proper health. It is also an excellent way to get your body all worked up so you can be tired enough to require sleep.

  1. Limit screen time during the night

The brain s always fascinated by screens. If you are always on a screen every time you go to bed, then you may never enjoy your sleep. Set time for sleeping and that alone. Do not bring your phones, tablets or phone to bed, because you will only want to keep staring. Remember, you are also working to reduce noises and light when you sleep.

New life is set to be breathed into an underused play park in Elderslie following a £50,000 award from the Green Spaces, Parks and Play Areas and Villages Investment Fund.

Elderslie Community Council submitted their application to reinvigorate Queens Road Play Park after extensive consultation in the local area showed a desire for new equipment for young people and families to use locally.

New dynamic, inclusive and exciting equipment will be installed in the park, with local children having their say on what they’d like to see as part of the newly-refurbished park.

Anne-Marie Balfour, Elderslie Community Council, said: “We were looking at what people wanted for the village and after a survey revealed that a large majority wanted a play park, it became clear that this was a project we should take on.

“Having no decent park in the village means there are children growing up here without opportunities to play and socially interact with each other outside of school, so we have made a conscious effort to make the park inclusive so that children of any ability can come and play with their friends and enjoy the park once it is built.

“Residents have engaged with us and attended fundraising efforts which have resulted in over £10,000 being raised so far.


“Elderslie Community Council has worked hard to make a difference in the village, installing planters and procuring Christmas Lights and we see Queens Road Park as the next milestone in our journey.”

The group hope to entice local families to use the park and plan to host community events in the area including an Easter egg hunt and Halloween activities.

The Community Council are also active members of Renfrewshire’s Team Up to Clean Up campaign and regularly clear unwanted vegetation and litter pick the area, something they pledged to continue as part of their application.

Councillor Marie McGurk, Convener of Renfrewshire Council’s Communities, Housing and Planning Policy Board, said: “I’m delighted to see that this park will be brought to life with fantastic new play equipment for young people and families in Elderslie to enjoy.

“So much work and commitment has gone into making this idea a reality and it’s great that the fund has been able to reward the efforts of the group and this will make such a difference for local people in the area.

“If you’ve got a similar idea, please get in touch with the team and we’ll support you to make your application.”

The £1.87million fund aims to regenerate and make physical and environmental improvements to areas across Renfrewshire identified by the local community.

Awards from the fund will assist in bringing in external funding, increase community participation in local areas and encourage the process of transferring assets to local communities.

Each application must show it has consulted the local community to ensure there is a need and desire for the project and that it would improve community life.

£370,000 has been ringfenced from the overall £1.87million fund specifically for investment in Renfrewshire’s villages, through the Villages Investment Fund, and applications for this must show that they will strengthen the unique identity, heritage and character of village life.

For more information and to find out how to apply, visit

Renfrewshire is set to sparkle as hundreds of volunteers show their support for the latest event in the Team Up to Clean Up campaign.

Every town and village in Renfrewshire has been challenged to make it a Spotless September by hosting a clean-up in their area, whether that’s through a lone litter pick or every class in a school taking part.

Litter pickers, bibs, bags will be provided by the council to allow volunteers to take part in their clean up, with the collected rubbish also being cleared away by the council’s StreetScene team afterwards.

Lyle Brown, Principal Teacher at Lochfield Primary, said: “The Spotless September initiative has been fantastic at getting the children more involved within their own community and helps to foster care and respect for their local area.

“The children loved taking part last year and are always astounded by the volume of litter collected during the campaign. It helps them recognise the impact that litter can have on their local and wider community and as teachers, we can use this as a catalyst for further learning around the topic of living in a more sustainable and eco-friendly way.

“We are all excited to be taking part again this year and doing our bit for our community.”

The campaign has proved a success with the local community and saw a 474% rise in community clean ups in its first full year, with more than 7000 volunteers having taken part in the campaign so far.

The Big Spring Clean in April saw more than 1750 volunteers take part in 103 events across the area, with more than 1850 bags of rubbish cleared from the streets.

Councillor Cathy McEwan, Convener of Renfrewshire Council’s Infrastructure, Land and Environment Policy Board, said: “I can’t wait to don my bib to take part in events throughout September and I hope that everyone can join me and the hundreds of other volunteers in making a difference to Renfrewshire.

“We continue to see so many enthusiastic people making our area cleaner and brighter and Spotless September is a chance to bring more people into the campaign.

“It would be fantastic if every community in Renfrewshire could host a litter pick. We were close to seeing this happen in April’s Big Spring Clean so fingers crossed that we see this happen in September!”

The Team Up to Clean Up campaign forms part of a five-year, £2.5million investment across five years to make a real difference to the cleanliness of the streets in Renfrewshire and improve the local environment.

As well as the support from local communities, an enhanced programme of operational activity is underway to clean gullies, sweep the roads and repair the roads infrastructure to ensure the campaign is a joint approach between the council and its residents.

If you’re keen to take part in the Spotless September Challenge, call 0300 300 1375, email or visit

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E-cig users planning a trip to Manila need to plan their trip accordingly. Those who vape are probably not surprised to encounter laws and regulations restricting their ability to use vape products, but traveling to the capital city of the Philippines – particularly when doing so from outside the country – is a nuanced affair in terms of when and where it’s okay to partake.


Read on to find out what e-cig users need to know before visiting the City of Manila:


In the airport and on the plane


E-cigarette users might be surprised to learn they can bring their vape products onto commercial aircraft. The act of flying with your vape and e-liquid is a simple matter of packing these items in your carry-on luggage. These products cannot be packed in your checked luggage.


While smoking and vaping is prohibited in most parts of most major airports, many of these facilities include a series of smoke and vape lounges throughout each concourse. As long as you’re in one of these designated areas, vaping in the airport is okay.


You’ve got your e-cig with your on the plane, but that doesn’t mean you can vape while on board. Just like with traditional cigarettes, vaping is absolutely prohibited on most commercial aircraft. 


The reason you’re allowed to have it within reach is due to the rare but dangerous tendency for lithium batteries to explode. When it happens inside the cabin, flight attendants or passengers are able to quickly address the issue. If it happens in the cargo hold, the inability to reach the affected area can lead to fire.


In public


You’ve arrived in Manila safe and sound. Unfortunately for e-cig users, vaping has been banned in public since the beginning of 2019. This includes government facilities, restaurants, schools, and workplaces. Other parts of Manila where it’s unlikely you’ll be allowed to vape include public parks, museums, historical sites, shopping areas, and entertainment venues.


The inability for e-cig users to vape in public is not absolute. Certain establishments are able to include designated smoking areas, which include vaping, as long as these areas meet strict standards laid out by the government.


In private


Vape enthusiasts planning a trip to Manila can find comfort in the fact they’re still allowed to use their e-cigarettes in private places. For example, it’s perfectly okay to vape in an Airbnb in Manila where the host allows guests to do so. If you’re attending a house party, feel free to vape. The only stipulation would be if these places are within a certain distance from places where smoking and vaping is prohibited with no exception, like hospitals.


The capital city of the Philippines and home to nearly 1.8 million people, the City of Manila is a densely-packed crossroads of culture, history, and urbanization. Like most major cities around the world, Manila is not without a variety of laws and regulations restricting the use of vape products, but all-in-all it’s a metropolis which ranks high on the list of places worth visiting whether you vape or not.

MFG Bucket intu Braehead

THE iconic cartoon character Oor Wullie has been given a new name.

He’s been dubbed Oor Buddie after his statue in the middle of one of Scotland’s largest shopping centres had his shirt and dungarees painted in the famous Paisley Pattern design.

MFG Bucket intu Braehead

Staff at the intu Braehead shopping centre then gave Oor Wullie the new nickname and yesterday Renfrewshire Provost Lorraine Cameron visited the mall to see the Oor Buddie statue after its Paisley Pattern makeover.

The statue is on display in the mall until the end of this month after intu Braehead became one of the sponsors of the Oor Wullie’s BIG Bucket Trail to raise money for the Glasgow Children’s Hospital Charity.

The charity has also been given space in the mall to raise awareness and collect donations towards the vital work they do.

Provost Cameron said: “I’m proud to be a Buddie and it’s great to welcome such a famous character to our ranks.

“It was a great idea to have Oor Wullie dressed in Paisley Pattern clothes and to paint the wall behind the statue with iconic buildings in the town.”

Provost Cameron added: “I’m sure we’ll see Oor Buddie along with PC Murdoch, Fat Bob, Wee Eck and Soapy Soutar walking along Paisley’s High Street every weekend!”

As part of the sponsorship, intu Braehead also received a smaller statue that they have gifting to Riverbrae School, in Linwood for the pupils there to decorate with their own designs. This has also gone on display in the shopping centre before going back to the school.

Community development manager for intu Braehead, Lydia Brown said: “We thought we would jazz up Oor Wullie’s dungarees and shirt by giving them a Paisley Pattern design.

“And when we saw the fantastic results of the makeover it was obvious he needed a new name.

“We’ve had lots of people taking selfies and photographs of family and friends sitting on the bucket we’ve placed beside Oor Buddie, so he’s certainly been a very popular attraction in the centre.”

Glasgow Children’s Hospital Charity supports babies, children and young people being treated at the city’s Royal Hospital for Children. Other charities benefitting from Oor Wullie’s BIG Bucket Trail in other parts of Scotland are Edinburgh Children’s Hospital Charity and the ARCHIE Foundation.

Kirsten Sinclair, Chief Operating Officer at Glasgow Children’s Hospital Charity, said: “Oor Wullie’s BIG Bucket Trail has been such a hit with the public this summer, and we’re incredibly grateful to intu Braehead for their support in bringing a sculpture to the centre.

“It’s thanks to the generosity of sponsors that the trail has been made possible, and we hope that lots of trail-goers manage to visit the centre before the trail closes at the end of the month.

“The vital awareness and funds raised by the trail will help Glasgow Children’s Hospital Charity support nearly 200,000 patients each year, and we’re very grateful for everyone’s support.”

Prints and postcards of the statue have been created by the artist, Shona Heaney, which are on sale at charity’s pop-up shop at intu Braehead.

howwood playpark

Young people and families are set to benefit as £50,000 is invested in Howwood Public Park for brand-new play equipment.

Skateboard ramps, a zip slide, football goals and an outdoor gym are on their way after Howwood Community Council’s application to the Green Spaces, Parks and Play Areas and Villages Investment Fund was accepted.

howwood playpark

The £1.87million fund aims to regenerate and make physical and environmental improvements to areas across Renfrewshire identified by the local community and, having consulted local residents, the Community Council found there was a strong desire for improved equipment for young people in Howwood.

Gillian Whyte, Howwood Community Council, said: “When the Green Spaces, Parks and Play Areas Fund became available from Renfrewshire Council, it created an opportunity for us to acquire the facilities the park has been lacking.

“We consulted with the community to find out what facilities they wanted to see in Howwood Park and they told us they wanted play equipment for older children, new football goals, an outdoor gym, ramps for scooters and skateboards, and new picnic tables and bins.

“We believe the introduction of these facilities will result in the park being used significantly more by the community and will provide many health, well-being and social benefits for the villagers, along with increased social cohesion.

“The future of Howwood Park is a positive one, thanks to the catalyst that was the ‘Green Spaces, Parks and Play Areas Fund’.”

The funding award follows a £50,000 investment by Renfrewshire Council to improve the play area surface, as well as upgrading the drainage and perimeter fencing in the park.

Councillor Marie McGurk, Convener of Renfrewshire Council’s Communities, Housing and Planning Policy Board, said: “It’s fantastic to see the enthusiasm behind this project and it’s going to make a huge difference to the park when the new equipment is in place.

“We want to ensure that families and young people have a place to visit and play in that’s close to where they live as it forges a real community spirit in the area and this new equipment will mean that they don’t have to go further afield to enjoy time with their loved ones.

“Projects like this are a prime example of how the fund can benefit our communities so if you’ve got an idea then get in touch and we’ll support you to apply.”

Awards from the fund will assist in bringing in external funding, increase community participation in local areas and encourage the process of transferring assets to local communities.

Each application must show it has consulted the local community to ensure there is a need and desire for the project and that it would improve community life.

£370,000 has been ringfenced from the overall £1.87million fund specifically for investment in Renfrewshire’s villages, through the Villages Investment Fund, and applications for this must show that they will strengthen the unique identity, heritage and character of village life.

For more information and to find out how to apply, visit

Pals of the Privies

Glencoats Park in Paisley is set to be transformed after local volunteer group Pals of the Privies secured a £50,000 investment.

The group applied to Renfrewshire Council’s Green Spaces, Parks and Play Areas and Villages Investment Fund to upgrade the play area within the park with a new surface and new equipment.

Pals of the Privies

Focus groups were held with the local schools and nurseries, as well as youth clubs, to identify what type of equipment they would like to see and these plans will now be taken forward by the group as part of the first of three phases to reinvigorate the play opportunities in the park.

Demi Donnell, Pals of the Privies, said: “We’re elated to have received this funding to kick start our play park project.

“We are now able to begin to introduce accessible and age appropriate equipment to meet the needs of our entire community.

“Our group is so thankful to Renfrewshire Council for this help it has made all of our hard work worthwhile.

“We hope to continue with our play park improvements with two further stages, introducing parkour style equipment in to the park much to the delight of the local children and the commencement of stage one of the improvement has given us such excitement for the future.”

The group were established as part of the Team Up to Clean Up campaign which aims to enhance community pride in Renfrewshire and the park has been transformed as a result.

Through hard work and dedication, the volunteers litter picked and cleared overgrown vegetation to return it to a welcoming environment for families in the local area.

Councillor Marie McGurk, Convener of Renfrewshire Council’s Communities, Housing and Planning Policy Board, said: “The Pals of the Privies group have been an inspiration since they were established, and they have transformed Glencoats Park back into a thriving community space.

“This funding will allow them to continue this transformation and provide young people and families with a place to play and spend time in as a community, and I can’t wait to see it progress.

“If you’ve got a similar idea and enthusiasm, please get in touch with the team and we’ll support you to make your application.”

The £1.87million fund aims to regenerate and make physical and environmental improvements to areas across Renfrewshire identified by the local community.

Awards from the fund will assist in bringing in external funding, increase community participation in local areas and encourage the process of transferring assets to local communities.

Each application must show it has consulted the local community to ensure there is a need and desire for the project and that it would improve community life.

£370,000 has been ringfenced from the overall £1.87million fund specifically for investment in Renfrewshire’s villages, through the Villages Investment Fund, and applications for this must show that they will strengthen the unique identity, heritage and character of village life.

For more information and to find out how to apply, visit