Members of the Merchant Navy, both past and present, are being encouraged to come along to a flag-raising service to mark Merchant Navy Day on Tuesday 3 September.


Merchant Navy Day honours those men and women who served during both World Wars, and recognises the contribution made by today’s Merchant Navy, which we rely on for 95% of our imports.


The Red Ensign will be raised outside Renfrewshire House at 11am on Tuesday to mark the occasion.

Renfrewshire’s Provost Lorraine Cameron said: “We are an island nation and depend heavily on the Merchant Navy. It is important that their contribution to the country is recognised and I would encourage all members of the public to come along and support our seafarers and veteran community.”

The campaign to raise the Red Ensign across the nation each year on this day has been organised by Seafarers UK.

Seafarers UK helps people in the maritime community by providing funding to support seafarers in need and their families.

A total of 31 of Renfrewshire’s 62 schools will be up and running with ParentPay by the end of November.

The system takes money out of the classroom by allowing parents to pay for school lunches, fun days, trips, events, activities and equipment online.

Healthy eating at Johnstone High School 20.6.18

ParentPay originally launched at six schools in Renfrewshire in January 2019, with a further 13 schools moving onto the system in the spring.

The next stage of the roll-out will begin in September, with Gallowhill Primary & Nursery, Arkleston Primary, Ralston Primary & Nursery, Inchinnan Primary, Langbank Primary, Kirklandneuk Primary, Newmains Primary, Barsail Primary, Bishopton Primary, Rashlielea Primary, Park Mains High and Renfrew High all introducing the system by the end of November.

It is expected that all Renfrewshire schools will be live with ParentPay by the end of 2020.

Councillor John Shaw, Convener of Finance, Resources and Customer Services at Renfrewshire Council, said: “I am delighted we are launching the next stage of our ParentPay roll-out and making even more schools in Renfrewshire cashless.

“This system takes money out of classrooms and lets parents and carers pay for everything from school trips to lunches online, providing them with a record of all the payments they have made.

“We want to make every school in Renfrewshire cashless by the end of 2020. The next stage of our roll-out will bring us a step closer to achieving this and will mean half of all schools have introduced the system by the end of November this year.”

ParentPay, which is already used in more than 9,000 UK schools, allows parents and carers to make payments into their child’s account 24/7. They will also be able to see what their child has ordered for lunch and keep a record of all the payments they have made.

Parents and carers who don’t use online banking can put money into their child’s account at their nearest PayPoint, usually located in newsagents and other local shops.

Activation letters with step-by-step instructions on how to register for ParentPay will be sent out to parents and carers before their child’s school moves into the new system.

Parents and carers will need to set up a MyGovScot MyAccount to use the new payment system.

To register for MyAccount visit https://myaccount.renfrewshire/gov.uk/

paisley museum

The first images showing how Paisley Museum will become a world-class destination telling the town’s globally-significant stories and bringing huge volumes of new footfall to the town centre are today revealed.

The museum is undergoing a £42m transformation into a leading European museum telling the stories of Paisley’s people and Pattern, and home to its internationally-significant collections.

paisley museum

When it reopens in 2022, the reimagined museum is expected to draw audiences from Scotland, the UK and abroad – almost quadrupling visitor numbers to 125,000 a year.

And today sees the first reveal of images, showing how international architects AL_A – led by Stirling Prize winner Amanda Levete – plan to restore and reinvigorate the museum, including:

– fully accessible entrance courtyard and a dramatic red glazed entrance hall, creating a dynamic and inviting presence on the High Street and a contemporary face for the museum;

– a new wing to the west of the existing building providing step-free access through the museum up to the Coats Observatory (the oldest public observatory in Scotland), containing learning spaces and with views onto the new museum garden;

– an attractive outdoor garden, creating a new public space for the town, and opening up previously-hidden views of the observatory while reconnecting it and the museum to the town’s High Street;

– internal renovations will improve accessibility and circulation, deliver international environmental standards for gallery spaces, and allow the museum to more than double the number of objects on display to 1,200;

– an interactive weaving studio keeping alive the town’s traditional textile skills;

paisley museum

The renovated museum and library buildings will be in conversation with the new. Together they create a cohesive museum campus and a visitor experience of international quality.

The project is expected to create a £79m boost for the local economy over 30 years, with 138 jobs supported during construction, and 48.5 jobs per year through revenue and visitor spending.

Cllr Lisa-Marie Hughes, chair of Renfrewshire Leisure, said: “The transformation of Paisley Museum will create a world-class destination right here in the heart of the town, delivering huge volumes of new footfall to our High Street, and boosting local traders.

paisley museum

“The work is part of a wider investment by the council in Paisley’s venues to transform the town centre, and take the work already making us a key destination within Scotland for culture and events to a new level.

“Paisley is a town whose people and pattern influenced the world – the revamped museum will use our unique – and in some cases untold – stories to put Paisley back on the map.

“The project team have already worked with hundreds of local people and groups to capture their stories. And we will be working closely with neighbours and surrounding businesses to make sure they are involved throughout construction and ready to benefit from the massive boost this will bring.”

paisley museum

Amanda Levete, principal of AL_A, said: “The brief for Paisley Museum is one of the most radical I’ve encountered. Paisley has a proud industrial past and a history of innovation and radical thinking. We have embedded this into our design to create an extraordinary place for the community of Paisley.”

Professor John Hume OBE, former Chair of the Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historic Monuments Scotland, said: “I am thoroughly impressed by the thoughtful and sensitive approach of the architects to a remarkable group of buildings in a critical location for this unique place.

“At a time when there is a real risk of erosion of cultural experience, such interventions are of the utmost importance, and it is fitting Paisley should be at the forefront of what will be not just regeneration but also in the best sense, renaissance.”

The Paisley Museum Reimagined project includes Round One funding from the National Lottery Heritage Fund and the Scottish Government’s Regeneration Capital Grant Fund.

Paisley Museum was opened in 1871, designed by renowned Glasgow architect Sir John Honeyman. The building was gifted to the town by Sir Peter Coats of the Coats family, whose Paisley-based thread-making empire stretched around the world.

Renfrewshire’s collections are among the best in Scotland and include the world’s largest collection of Paisley shawls and pattern books, artwork from the world-renowned Glasgow Boys, one of Scotland’s best collections of studio ceramics, and a unique offering of mediaeval manuscripts dating back to before the Reformation.

The project is being co-designed in partnership with the community – the project team have already worked with hundreds of local people and groups to capture and help tell their stories.

The museum transformation is the flagship project within Renfrewshire Council’s £100m investment in venues and outdoor spaces aimed at using Paisley’s unique and internationally-significant cultural and heritage story to transform the area’s future.

The programme includes turning Paisley Town Hall into a landmark entertainment venue to preserve its place at the heart of life in the town, and finding new cultural uses for former retail units – including a new learning and cultural hub offering library services at the heart of the town’s High St.

Paisley’s collections remain available to the public while the work is happening – at Paisley: The Secret Collection, the only publicly-accessible museum store on a UK high street.

paisley from drone

The UK has been experiencing record-breaking heatwaves in the past few summers. In fact, the latest bank holiday weekend was the hottest one yet. A heatwave can be irritating; however, it can also be made into something enjoyable. In this article, we will go through the best things you can do during a heatwave. 


  1. Play Online Bingo


One of the best ways to enjoy the sunshine is by playing online bingo. This is a game that is highly beloved by so many people because of its simple rules and engaging gameplay. In recent years many bingo sites have emerged to offer an immersive online experience. You can benefit from playing online bingo on a desktop, laptop, or tablet. This means you can sit back in your garden and enjoy the sun while having mobile bingo fun. When the sun is out, it can be the best time to enjoy the thrills of bingo. If it gets too hot, you can always go back inside and carry on the bingo fun on your mobile device.


  1. Enjoy the Shade


The best thing to do during a heatwave is to avoid the sun during the hottest hours. This is usually between 11 am to 3 pm, and during these hours you can cool off in the shade. One of the best places in Paisley to enjoy the shade is Barshaw Park. It has many benches to sit, and a relaxing vibe to enjoy. You can enjoy your ice cream or lolly while sitting on a bench in the cool shade. 


  1. Go to the Beach


A day out to one of the beaches in Scotland can be one of the best things to do during a heatwave. However, you must be sure that you bring along plenty of water and apply sufficient sun cream. Scotland’s beaches come alive during the heatwave, and they tend to be very crowded. This makes it essential to get in early so that you can get the best spot. For beach lovers, a heatwave provides an excellent opportunity to enjoy the beach and to cool off in the sea. 


  1. Play Some Board Games


A heatwave is also the perfect time to get some family round and get involved in some indoor fun. With the fan on, you can start enjoying some fantastic board games. Games such as Monopoly are always guaranteed to be engaging for the entire family. Moreover, it gives you a chance to enjoy an activity as a family which doesn’t involve phones or tablets. When playing indoor games, you should make sure that your house remains as cool as possible. In particular, this is important for older people and younger children as they can be particularly at risk when a heatwave strikes. Therefore it is crucial to make sure that everyone remains hydrated, and that they are comfortable. 


  1. Visit a Waterpark


One of the best places to cool off is a water park or a swimming pool. It can be great fun to cool off in a waterpark, and it is a perfect family getaway on a hot day. There are quite a few water parks in Glasgow that provide fun for the entire family. Alternatively, you can check out some swimming pools in Paisley. An escape into water always feels better during a heatwave, and it is a fantastic way to cool off in warm weather. 


Closing Thoughts


The most important thing to do during a heatwave is to stay safe. You can do this by remaining hydrated and sticking to cool spots. Once you have checked off these safety requirements, you can start having some fun in the sun. It is important to make the most of it since the hot weather usually never lasts long. 

With the increased use of electric gadgets, children are under the risk of not knowing how to play and thus socialise. You can imagine where the world is heading to if the existing generation lacks the communication skills required to run and sustain personal and business growth. As a parent, you should consider installing an outdoor playground and decorate it. The decoration will be a factor that will be encouraging your children to play outside.

For instance, you can start by installing decking boards. These boards will be applicable as a children playground, and if you have visitors, you can host them on the deck. The idea is to decorate the playground beyond imagination to ensure that your children would prefer playing outside rather than staying indoors with television. So, how can you achieve a refurbished playground? Here are tips to consider while decorating an outdoor playground for children.

Planting Artificial Flowers

Children are fast learners, and this enables them to gain and retain the knowledge of something they’ve seen. If your child has attended a wedding or saw a ceremony that involved flowers, they’ll try the activity. Therefore, plant artificial flowers on sandbox which will be used by your children over and every day. Their creativity will mesmerise you, and you’ll discover their potential by watching them play with the flowers.

The advantage of artificial flowers is they’re recyclable and safe for use. Find flowers containing colours attractive to children, which include yellow, red and blue. These colours are appealing to children, and it’s the main reasons why they are used to decorate children playgrounds in schools. Fill pots and plastic containers with sand. Artificial flowers will decorate a child’s playground, will be planted or plucked as children wishes.

Buy a Mobile Mud Pit

Why do children love playing with mud? First, clay can be moulded to create various images. Similarly, it can be destroyed to make other moulds too. Buy a mobile mud pit in which your children will be mixing mud to mould various items. It is easy to assemble the pit and clean it, which makes it convenient for your child creative activity and cleaning for you. You can move the mud pit to a position away from the house to prevent it from dirt. Also, when your children are through with the mud pit, you can put it away. As much playing with mud is involving and fun, you have to ensure that you incorporate other things to exemplify the experience.

Do you have a whiteboard? Well, it’s a suitable device on which your children will paint with mud and later clean it for new drawings. A whiteboard is ideal for expanding children creativity because they’ll be drawing what they imagine or see.

Homemade Waterfall

Another thing children love playing with is water. If you have empty plastic bottles, cut them through to create a passage for water. The good thing is you can work along with your kids to design a waterfall at home. Therefore, let your children connect hose pipes to plastic bottles. Fix the jars on standing wooden support. Your imagination will be the limiting factor.

So, imagine how a waterfall looks like and fix the bottle identically. For example, the containers shouldn’t be straight. You can put one bottle on the left and attach the other on the right but slightly below the one on the left to receive water. Arrange the bottles to look like stepping stops up a mountain and let the child colour the bottles using different paints.

Ensure there is a basin to collect water under the bottles from which the kids will draw water and put it back through the first bottle. First, children will put mud and other items in the containers and watch them flow through the waterfall. It might block the waterfall system, and it will be up to the children problem-solving skills to unblock the passage. Designing a waterfall outside the house will ensure that the invested material used to build your home remain safe because children will be engaged most of the time outside playing.

Composite Decking Boards

It is an ideal way of decorating an outdoor playground. First, it is safe because they are fixed firmly from beneath them. When children are playing, there will be nothing to trip them. So, order the decking boards from Ultra Decking, a reliable company whose goal is to design and install the decks at affordable prices.

However, there are various factors to consider before you order them. For instance, some colours of composite boards absorb heat. So, ask the manufacturer about the best colour to use for your deck, especially if your deck will remain uncovered from direct sun rays. Other factors to consider are the size, fastening methods, quality, and add-ons.


Seesaw is one of the activities that would make you miss your childhood. The thrilling feeling that comes with bouncing up and down is unimaginable. If you want your children to experience the stimulating nature of seesaw, take a tire and cut it into two. Put each of the halves on opposite sides but should be parallel.

Find a wedged pivot and put at the centre of the two halves of a tire. Place a board on top of the pivot and hit a nail through to the pivot. Each end of the board should be above the tires. The tires increase the energy which pushes the board back up, and thus your children will enjoy the experience. Ensure you teach the children how to use the seesaw and implement safety measures.

Balance Beam

Designing a balancing beam is easy because you need old boards or timber. Balance beam can be used on any flat surface, including composite decking boards. Children can use a balance beam to exercise and practice gymnastic activities they’ve seen on television. Design an intense beam on which even an adult can use because it will be best if you practice using it along with your child.

A balance beam is ideally a play station, but it’s advantageous because it helps in the development of children and it’s an outdoor activity. Therefore, design and decorate balance beams of 4*4 or 4* 2s and demonstrate to your kids on how to use them. Alternatively, if your child is conversant with balancing on the beam, incorporate wheels.

Train your child to balance and ride through a small surface like a composite deck. Ensure the floor has rails on which the child will support himself. Consequently, let the child ride the beam through the compound before allowing them to walk with it on community pavements.

Tire Swing

Have you come across adults swinging? Well, swinging is one of the relaxing activities you can involve yourself. Once you are given a push for several rounds, you can swing until time runs out. You can never tire from swinging if the sitting equipment is designed to prevent sore.

So, find a material ideal for sitting and assemble it to sturdy rails. For example, smoothen an old tire and fit a chain through it. Ensure there is nothing that undermines the safety of children while swinging. Especially, if they have been to a party, make sure that the children suit they wore for the occasion are all removed before they jump on mini-trampoline or any swing. Decorate the chains and ensure the surface is flat and has no stones which can harm the kid in case of a fall.

Take away

Children are required to play to ensure that their brains develop correctly. However, if you restrain them from playing outside because they’ll get hurt or disorganise your compound, you’ll be depriving them healthy brain development. Therefore, consider the above tips while designing and decorating a playground for children.

The ideas are ideal because you can disassemble the equipment when the child is through with playing. Additionally, they are cost-effective and easy to clean. For example, cleaning a deck and mud pit is easy.

coats memorial

The Official Most Haunted Experience (as seen on TV) are very proud and honoured to hold their event at this magical building. They are entering virgin territory, never investigated before to such a degree. What will they uncover in the dead of the night at Coats Memorial in Paisley..

coats memorial

Click Link below for more information and ticket purchase



Dates 2019

  • Sat 5th Oct 2019 – 9pm – 2.00am
  • Fri 18th Oct 2019 – 9pm -2.00am
  • Sat 9th Nov 2019 – 9pm – 2.00am
  • Sat 30th Nov 2019 – 9pm – 2.00am
  • Sat 14th Dec 2019 – 9pm – 2.00am


Dates 2020

  • Friday 17th Jan 2020  – 9pm – 2.00am
  • Friday 7th Feb 2020 – 9pm – 2.00am
  • Sat 8th Feb 2020 – 9pm – 2.00am
  • Sat 7th March 2020 – 9pm – 2.00am



‘Coats Venue is managed by CMPT (Coats Memorial Preservation Trust) a registered charity Coats Memorial Preservation Trust SCO48088. Proceeds from Events and Venue Hire will be used to maintain this Grade A listed building for future generations.  Any excess profit will be used for community projects.

renfrewshire, buisness park, paisley

A new manufacturing district in Renfrewshire which will create thousands of new jobs for the sector took a step closer today as work started on site.

The Advanced Manufacturing Innovation District Scotland (AMIDS) will be based next to Glasgow Airport and is expected to put Renfrewshire at the heart of Scotland’s manufacturing industry, estimated to create up to 6,000 jobs and boost Scotland’s manufacturing sector by £535million in GVA a year.

renfrewshire, buisness park, paisley

Renfrewshire Council is leading the district’s development in partnership with Scottish Government and Scottish Enterprise.

A 52-hectare campus at the heart of the district will house companies harnessing new technologies and accessing cutting edge research. With 1.6million square feet of available floor space, the site is already confirmed as the location for the National Manufacturing Institute Scotland and the Medicines Manufacturing Innovation Centre.

renfrewshire, buisness park, paisley

Work has now started on constructing the enabling infrastructure, which includes new roads, bridges, cycling routes and pedestrian walkways, funded through the £1.13 billion Glasgow City Region City Deal, jointly funded by the UK and Scottish governments.

Derek Mackay, Scottish Government Cabinet Secretary for Finance, Economy and Fair Work joined Renfrewshire’s Provost Lorraine Cameron, Scottish Enterprise Chief Executive Steve Dunlop and local Inchinnan Primary School pupils at the official groundbreaking.

renfrewshire, buisness park, paisley

Cabinet Secretary for Finance, Economy and Fair Work, Derek Mackay said: “I am delighted to celebrate work starting on the new Advanced Manufacturing Innovation District Scotland (AMIDS).

“Building on our rich and diverse manufacturing heritage, this development will help Scotland develop the clean, green, technologically-advanced industries of the future. The first tenants of this new district will be the Scottish Government’s £65 million National Manufacturing Institute Scotland and the £56 million Medicines Manufacturing Innovation Centre which will both provide an attractive proposition for further inward investment.

“Manufacturing is vitally important to the Scottish economy and AMIDS, and the companies it will attract, will help realise our ambitions for Scotland to become a global leader in advanced manufacturing.”

renfrewshire, buisness park, paisley

UK Government Minister for Scotland Colin Clark said: “I want to see the Glasgow City Region thrive as a powerhouse of economic growth.  It’s vital that we invest in the skills, industries and infrastructure that will help businesses create high-paying jobs for the future.

“The UK Government is contributing £32 million to unlock the region’s potential through the Glasgow Airport Investment Area and Medicines Manufacturing Innovation Centre. Across Scotland our £1.4 billion City and Growth Deals programme is helping to create opportunities and sustainable growth for generations to come.”

Renfrewshire pupils were also on hand to plant a tailor-made time capsule packed full of local manufacturing mementos together with the children’s ‘dream inventions’ – covering everything from glasses that can see emotions to a self-navigating bike.

The ground breaking also included a reception and tour of family-owned Inchinnan company Peak Scientific, who design and manufacture the world’s leading gas generators, used for laboratory analytics across a wide range of sectors including cancer research and screening newborns.

They have embraced manufacturing innovation to grow the business, now employing more than 450 employees worldwide, with major operations in North America, China and India and exporting to more than 110 countries.

Provost Cameron said: “Renfrewshire has a rich manufacturing heritage and right now 9000 people work in manufacturing roles across the region, generating more than £1billion in exports.

“The Advanced Manufacturing Innovation District Scotland will provide fantastic employment opportunities and support companies of all shapes and sizes to prosper. Its success will be built on close collaboration and cooperation.

“We know that from great connectivity to a highly-skilled workforce, we have the right ingredients in Renfrewshire to deliver on its amazing potential and place Renfrewshire at the beating heart of Scottish manufacturing. I am personally very proud that new products for a new world will be made in Renfrewshire.”

Scottish Enterprise has committed £2.47million grant funding towards the project and is also providing its expertise to help shape the district masterplan, creating a high-quality environment that fosters collaboration, supports sustainability and promotes health and wellbeing, with places for work, leisure and socialising.

Scottish Enterprise Chief Executive Steve Dunlop said: “This site represents one of the most exciting and important developments for Scotland’s manufacturing community in a generation. Once completed, it will significantly enhance Scotland’s excellent worldwide reputation for attracting inward investors.

“Working collaboratively with our partners, we can help build more resilient and agile manufacturing businesses, offering high quality jobs for local people that will positively impact their communities, Renfrewshire and all of Scotland.”

The enabling infrastructure is scheduled for completion in early 2021 and will also strengthen connections to nearby Westway Park, Scotland’s largest fully enclosed industrial distribution and office park, and to Inchinnan Business Park, home to more than 30 businesses including Rolls Royce PLC, Peak Scientific and the University of Strathclyde’s Advanced Forming Research Centre. Learn more about automated guided vehicles that will enable these businesses in the manufacturing industry to create more efficient operation processes.

Professor Sir Jim McDonald, Principal and Vice-Chancellor, University of Strathclyde, which is the anchor university of the National Manufacturing Institute Scotland and research partner in the Medicines Manufacturing Innovation Centre, said: “The University of Strathclyde is proud and excited to play a key role in the development of Scotland’s burgeoning manufacturing industry.

“The Advanced Manufacturing Innovation District Scotland will play a hugely important role in attracting investment in research and development in the manufacturing sector and in developing and sustaining the skills required by industry. This is a pan-Scotland activity and we are enthusiastically involving universities from across the country to bring engineering and technology expertise to bear in achieving the enormous potential of AMIDS.”

Dave Tudor, Managing Director, Medicines Manufacturing Innovation Centre, said: “We are delighted to be part of AMIDS. The Medicines Manufacturing Innovation Centre promises to enhance Scotland’s reputation as a trusted centre for high value manufacturing while transforming the UK’s standing with the global pharmaceutical industry. Being at the heart of what promises to be a hub for advanced manufacturing and leading innovation is what makes AMIDS the location of choice for the centre.”

paisley from drone

Paisley Abbey” (CC BY 2.0) by paisleyorguk

The internet has improved our lives in multiple ways. From finding information to enjoying the latest movie releases, the online world has changed the physical world around us. However, even in an age where digital technology reigns supreme, it’s nice to have something tangible. With Paisley being well renowned for its prowess in the world of weaving, visitors are always looking to take a piece of the region home. However, there’s a lot of potential beyond the famous Paisley shawl.

With more people now visiting Greater Glasgow and Clyde, Paisley is starting to reap the benefits of increased tourism. However, when you delve deeper into the statistics, spending across Scotland is down. According to the Scottish Tourism Industry report for 2017/2018, day visitors spent 8.7% less than they did during the previous year. Moreover, total visitor spend was down 7.4%. In essence, what the stats suggest is that more people are coming to the area, but they’re spending less. Although the reasons for this will be varied, the internet could play a part in the spending slump.

Make Use of Picture Perfect Paisley

Think about it; today, you can take your own photos and store them on your phone. In days gone by, visitors would either have to get them developed at a local shop or buy postcards as souvenirs. Obviously, separating people from their smartphones is impossible at this point. However, thanks to modern technology, you can encourage people to turn their digital photos into physical products, a possibility many welcome. Using an online service, you can create high-quality postcards in a variety of styles. From standard formats and bookmarks to premium paper cards, the possibilities are almost endless.

For individuals, that’s great as it means they can have a tangible reminder of their time in Paisley. However, it’s also something retailers can use to their advantage. As well as shooting and printing their own postcards, local businesses could also offer printing as a secondary service. In other words, a local shop can become an affiliate of an online printing service. Not only would the additional affiliate revenue boost their bottom line, but it would also give customers a way to have a physical reminder of their trip.

3d printed objects by westonhighschoollibrary, on Flickr
3d printed objects” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by westonhighschoollibrary

Alongside similar lines, 3D printing could also provide another high-tech way for Paisley businesses to increase tourism and, in turn, spending. While an industrial-sized 3D printer is by no means cheap, the cost of owning one is starting to fall as they become more common. Something such as the Monoprice Select Mini V2 comes in at under £200 and has the ability to create desktop-size 3D prints with a surprising degree of detail. Naturally, you’re not going to be able to create a truly lifelike representation of something for that price. However, you can print something that’s a nice memento of a local landmark or setting, potentially even customising it to the visitor’s preferences.

Using this technology, shop owners could offer standard printouts of attractions such as the Town Hall or Paisley Abbey. Alternatively, the truly entrepreneurial could give visitors the ability to turn their snapshots into figurines. The process itself may take a day or two. However, if it’s organised correctly, visitors could collect their 3D model at a later date or have it mailed to them. Either way, it’s another way in which businesses could create something lasting and help generate more income from the glut of tourists that visit the area.

Embrace New Business Models

Of course, we’re not suggesting that you totally forgo the idea of using the internet as a way of making money or encouraging people to visit Paisley. In fact, we actively encourage it. However, with so many things on the internet available for free, it seems it may not always best for business. As we’ve shown, though, you can still use it to your advantage. With a little bit of thought, it’s possible to harness the power of modern technology to create something tangible and, in turn, drive business. Printed postcards or 3D models are a great start, but there’s so much more you could do.

Paisley has and always will be a must-see place for visitors to Scotland, not least because of its famous fabrics. With the number of tourists on the up, more opportunities are set to present themselves in the coming years. For businesses and the local economy, these are opportunities not to be wasted. The average visitor spend may be down, but that doesn’t mean things have to stay that way. By finding innovative ways to combine the power of the internet and new tech with our inherent love of physical objects, there’s no reason Paisley can’t set the trend when it comes to providing physical gifts in an online age.

St. Mirren needed the Premiership playoffs last season to save their top-flight status. After finishing 11th in the Scottish Premiership, the Saints overcame Scottish Championship team Dundee United to preserve their place in the division. Now, after that dramatic penalty shootout wins, according to hardbonuscode.co.uk St. Mirren have started the new season in the top flight. Yet, the Saints haven’t got off to the start they had hoped for.  if you are a St. Mirren football fan in Scotland, you can wager on the Saints every matchday in the Scottish Premiership by entering this exclusive Totesport Promo Code. 

After three games of Scottish Premiership play, St Mirren sits eighth in the table with three points from nine possible. A loss to Hibernian and Rangers were close-run affairs. Meanwhile, a home 1-0 win over Aberdeen was a solid result from the Saints. 

Now, St. Mirren have plenty of room for improvement with winnable matches on the horizon.

Goodwin can be a fine coach at St. Mirren

Former Saints player Jim Goodwin took over the squad in the summer following the departure of Oran Kearney. The manager added 10 players to the St. Mirren squad ahead of their loss to Rangers over the weekend.

Although the attack has only scored one goal in three matches, Goodwin’s defense has received praise for conceding twice in 270-plus minutes of football. Rangers’ goal in game week 3 came from a moment of brilliance as Borna Barisic’s free-kick landed in the back of the net from an unlikely distance.

Goodwin was always on a tough road at St. Mirren this season. The player turnover and the loss of first-team coach Jimmy Nicholl, who left to coach at Dundee, were frustrating. The manager has had a lot of work to sift through since his arrival. 

Can Morias fill the goalscoring void?

St. Mirren scored 34 goals in 2018-19, which was the third-fewest of any team in the Scottish Premiership. Goodwin has attempted to rectify the Saints’ goalscoring problems by signing three forwards. 

Tony Andreu arrived from Coventry City, Jonathan Obika joined from Oxford United, and most recently, Junior Morias was added from Northampton Town. Morias is perhaps the most exciting of the three. Even Goodwin described his signing as “very lucky”. 

Morias spent time in the Fulham and Wycombe Wanderer’s youth systems before moving onto an assortment of lower league and non-league teams. In 2017, he popped up at Peterborough United scoring 10 goals in 45 matches. As is the case with many footballers, Morias was a casualty of a new manager taking over the squad in 2018. He went on to spend one season at Northampton Town where he scored six times in 19 League Two matches.

At only 24, Morias is a solid forward St. Mirren were shrewdly able to sign. Although Morias hasn’t got off the mark yet, Goodwin knows the striker’s quality should shine through as the season wears on. 

St. Mirren have plenty of room for improvement. With Morias and the other nine players signed thus far, the Saints should ease their way away from relegation.


Glasgow Airport restaurant plates up support for homeless charity


It was a case of daylight crockery at Glasgow Airport today (Wednesday 28 August) as big hearted bosses at one of the travel hub’s restaurants donated dozens of dining sets to a city-based starter pack charity.


Popular airport eatery Frankie & Benny’s recently changed crockery supplier and was left with hundreds of surplus plates, bowls, saucers and cutlery – all brand new and still boxed.

Rather than simply dispose of the crockery and cutlery, the restaurant’s manager Graeme Emslie asked Glasgow Airport’s sustainability team if they knew of any way the dining sets could be put to good use.

The airport’s sustainability assurance manager Kirsty Webster said: “As a responsible business we are committed to reducing our environmental impact and being a good neighbour. We were determined not to just dispose of the cutlery sets as there were so many of them and they were brand new. Luckily, one of my colleagues told me about the charity Starter Pack Glasgow, which is based in Govan.

“The charity helps new tenants, many of whom have been previously homeless, get started with household items they may struggle to afford when moving into a new home.

“It was a win-win situation really. We were really chuffed that staff from Starter Pack Glasgow were happy to take all the items and put them to use and in doing so Glasgow Airport could further cut down on waste.”

The reuse of the Frankie & Benny’s crockery is the latest move by Kirsty and her team to reduce waste and ensure Glasgow Airport continues to build on its green credentials while also supporting local charities and organisations.

In June this year, the airport donated a surplus bus to Help the Homeless Glasgow to be transformed by the city-based charity into a mobile drop-in support unit.

Kirsty also issued more than 5000 branded reusable water bottles to staff across the airport in February to help cut down on single-use plastic. To help get the message across, she enlisted the support of anti-plastic primary school pioneering pupils the Sunnyside Ocean Defenders.

In March, the airport invested more than £200,000 to introduce an eight-strong fleet of Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV hybrid vehicles and charging stations to its operation.

Gavin Dunbar, general manager at Starter Packs Glasgow, said: “We are so very appreciative of the donation of crockery from Frankie and Benny’s facilitated by the folks at Glasgow Airport.

“We’re supporting 25-30 households a week currently, and with every pack containing a minimum of four place settings to help people settle into their new homes, this is a huge help to us in supporting folks making a fresh start. Thank you so much!”


To find out more information on the charity visit: www.starterpacks.org.uk

It may only be August, but RAMH have already announced the date and venue for their Christmas Fair! The event will be held on Saturday 7th December from 11.30am-3.30pm at Holy Trinity & St Barnabas Church (between Paisley Sheriff Court & Gilmour Street Station).
We will have shopping, live music, a festive bake sale, refreshments and various other entertainments still to be confirmed. It is family friendly and free to attend.
We have had lots of interest so far, but we are still looking for some more local businesses who would like to take a stall for the shopping part of the event (boutiques, jewellers, gifts & crafts, etc)
 *The stalls are £15.00 each*
For more information or to book a stall, contact jade.gallagher@ramh.org
We hope to see you all there!
Skye Crescent Play Park

Families in Glenburn will have a new place to play after a £50,000 investment from Renfrewshire Council’s Green Spaces, Parks and Play Areas and Villages Investment Fund.

Skye Crescent Play Park will have a new lease of life thanks to an application made by local community group, Stronger Communities Glenburn.

Skye Crescent Play Park

The group plans to develop and upgrade several play areas within Glenburn to increase community spirit in the area and ensure that young people and families don’t have to leave the area to spend quality time together.

The children of Glenburn were invited to choose the final equipment to be installed into the park and the group will ensure it is new, dynamic and inclusive for all young people.

Skye Crescent Play Park

Laura Brown, Stronger Communities Glenburn, said: “We’ve been campaigning for the past four or five years to get the park upgraded and all our hard work has now paid off, we’re ecstatic to get this funding.

“It’s going to make a massive difference to the community in Glenburn, not just for the kids but for their parents too as it’ll give them a place to interact with other adults while their kids are playing and learning.

Skye Crescent Play Park

“We’re looking to install a nest swing, mini trampolines and climbing frames among other things after we went to the local nurseries and primary schools to ask the children what they’d like – so what’s going to be in the park is exactly what they’ve chosen.

“It’s going to make such a difference and hopefully this is only the beginning!”

The group were awarded the maximum award of £50,000 following considerations by councillors at the recent Renfrewshire Council’s Communities, Housing and Planning Policy Board.

Skye Crescent Play Park

Convener of the Board, Councillor Marie McGurk, said: “We were delighted to support this project which will make a huge difference for families and young people in Glenburn.

“The redeveloped park will ensure they have a place to go locally and don’t have to travel further afield for quality play equipment and this is thanks to the tireless work of the Stronger Communities Glenburn volunteers.

“I can’t wait to see the new equipment installed and the benefits it will bring to the local area.

“If you have an idea which could benefit from investment, please get in touch and we’ll support you to make your application.”

The £1.87million fund aims to regenerate and make physical and environmental improvements to areas across Renfrewshire identified by the local community.

Awards from the fund will assist in bringing in external funding, increase community participation in local areas and encourage the process of transferring assets to local communities.

Each application must show it has consulted the local community to ensure there is a need and desire for the project and that it would improve community life.

£370,000 has been ringfenced from the overall £1.87million fund specifically for investment in Renfrewshire’s villages, through the Villages Investment Fund, and applications for this must show that they will strengthen the unique identity, heritage and character of village life.

For more information and to find out how to apply, visit www.renfrewshire.gov.uk/greenspacesfund.