How to monitor traffic from social media using Google Analytics

Keeping track of what social media strategies are working can be quite a task if you are not monitoring its traffic. 

The traffic that you are getting on your platform tells you how people are liking your brand. Marketers use a lot of their resources to increase brand awareness and find themselves stuck when it comes to giving the numbers. 

Google Analytics is one of the most come tools for monitoring every type of online traffic. Many people hesitate using it, thinking that it is a hard nut to crack. 

To be honest, it does not take one to have prior coding knowledge to be able to use Google Analytics. 

Here’s how to monitor your social media traffic using Google Analytics:

Getting started with Google Analytics:

For those of you who have never used Google Analytics, you need to sign up, of course, to get started.  Sign up with your name and add the URL of the website you want to monitor the social traffic of.  Once the sign-up process is complete, you will be taken to your Google Analytics account.

In the left-side navigation bar, there will either be ‘Acquisition’ written in the text form or three arm symbol representing it. 

Tap on it to expand the Acquisition menu. 

From the expanded/drop-down menu choose ‘Overview.’ 

From the overview menu, go to All Traffic> Source/Medium. 

The graph paints a general picture of the trend of traffic from different social platforms. 

Scroll down for the detailed report. 

The Source/Medium column tells you about the places you are getting the traffic from. It will include social media platforms, as well. You can have a collective overview of all the sources generating traffic.

After behaviour, the conversion section is valuable to those who have set up goals or targets. If you have set up any targets, you can analyze their progress in this section. 


Do not just reach a conclusion only by looking at the numbers. Majority of the numbers might be disappointing (hoping they are not), traffic on a specific platform might have a positive trend. Look at the trends of each of the source/medium in isolation to better analyze where and how you need to improve. 

The statistics give you a chance to figure out whether your current strategy is working out for you or not. 

As much as it is crucial to monitor your website for broken backlinks (head to Healthy Links to buy spam-free backlinks), keeping an eye on your social media traffic is also necessary. 

Since getting the report is not as hard as you anticipated it to be, why not monitor it right away?