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If you have set out on the exciting journey of purchasing your very first home, you may be under the impression that your realtor will handle any negotiating, which is often not actually the case. While the act of negotiating may not even be on your agenda, as a first-time buyer, the right knowledge can help you haggle down the asking price of the property of your dreams. After all, why pay more than you may have to?


Closing Cost Negotiating

One of the first things that you can effectively negotiate on is a percentage of or the total costs of the closing price. Closing costs often catch first-time buyers by surprise as many people are unaware that they will need to spend extra on the costs of completing the transaction. Usually, you should expect closing costs of between 2% and 5% of the total asking price for the property, although, you could also negotiate these costs and have the seller pay them for you.  Make sure you go over your purchase and sales agreement contract very carefully to avoid and mistakes.

In order to manage this negotiation, it is vital that the seller of the property is eager to sell their property faster.


Repairs And Improvements

It is crucial to do a home inspection, which may require you to hire a home inspector, as you will essentially be able to lower the asking price according to the additional funds you may have to spend on repairs and home improvements that may be necessary. You can reduce the asking price based on the potential need to repaint the home, cost of replacing the flooring, and several other repairs. When you are inspecting the property, it is best to have adequate knowledge regarding the costs of each repair so that you have the upper-hand when negotiating on these costs. This is often the reason why many property investors opt for homes that need a bit of improvement as they will be able to purchase the property at a much lower price.


Once you have purchased the home, there are plenty of methods of renovating and remodelling without having to spend a fortune. Purchasing a home that needs to be remodelled is often the smarter choice as you can remodel over time as your budget allows. 


Remain Within Your Budget

Even though it is highly likely that you will be able to negotiate the asking price, you should still remain within the limits of your budget by only viewing homes that you can afford at the initial asking price. This will ensure that you will be able to save rather than having to negotiate to a price that you can afford. While you are determining your budget, you can evaluate the costs of mortgages with services offered by Habito that will help you find and compare deals. It is not uncommon for first-time buyers to forget the limits of their budget in a moment of excitement, although, remaining focused is vital for the process of finding the most suitable home and being able to negotiate on every detail.