We are absolutely delighted to let you know we’ve added 6.30am weekday runs into our schedule now spring/summer is coming and wait for it …Graham Ogg is back on Thursday nights ! Don’t all cancel at once team NEW SCHEDULE STARTS Monday 25/03/19


the filthy tongues

March 22nd The Bungalow Paisley

Jonzip supports The Filthy Tongues who have been at the heart of Scottish Alternative music over the years in various bands from Goodbye Mr McKenzie to Angelfish and both bands still hold a very special place in Scottish music lovers hearts.

the filthy tongues

They have toured and worked with some of the top acts including, Talking Heads, The Ramones, New York Dolls and Scotlands very own Aztec Camera. Critics liken their music to Echo and The Bunnymen, Joy division and Pixies but still a very individual sound. Tickets £10

teenage cancer trust fundraiser

Paisley’s annual charity gig…
We are delighted to announce the line up:

teenage cancer trust fundraiser



Sat – £12
Sun – £7
Weekend ticket – £15

Tickets available online and at The Bungalow box office – No booking fee @ the Bungalow Box Office

iconic yoga

Mothers Day Special Event

iconic yoga

Range Shot Pattern Back ground

Introduction to the Paisley Drinks Co.

Brian at Paisley Org has asked me to do this blog to tell the fine people of paisley more about the Paisley Drinks Co and what my ambitions are for the brand.

I’ve worked in the Food and Drink industry for a number of years now and the Scotland Food & Drink scene is booming, In 2016 it generated £13.9 billion to the Scottish economy and the Scottish Government has set out an ambition to take that to £30billion by 2030.  During my role as a supermarket buyer I was lucky enough to visit a lot of businesses in this sector across Scotland so I have seen the growth of the industry first hand.

Having now lived in Paisley for over a decade now I am proud to call it home. I was inspired by how the whole town got behind the 2021 bid even though the bid was unsuccessful it has put a lot of positivity back into Paisley and there are lots of great projects being carried out to move Paisley forward.

In Spring 2018 I started work on developing a range of premium sodas after seeing the rapid growth of the craft beer and gin markets, with new brands popping up all over Scotland. I looked at the Soda market and felt there was a gap for a high quality range of craft sodas created using only natural ingredients. It felt right to recognise Paisley in the name, Paisley as been at the start of many great things and my hope is that the Paisley Drinks Co will follow suit.

  • Something New – We produce great tasting craft sodas as exciting alternatives to the traditional big brand flavours. We’ve created unique recipes with real fruit flavours which are delicious to drink and unrivalled in the marketplace.
  • Our 100% Natural commitment – We use only the best, natural ingredients in all our products, blended with pure Scottish water. Using unrefined sugar, our sodas are completely free of artificial colourings, flavourings or additives such as aspartame, making them a healthier option.
  • We’re leading the way in the Real Soda Revolution – We believe drinking soda should be fun, enjoyable and totally guilt free. We want to spread the word – and taste – that our quality craft soda is a real, better and healthier alternative to chemical fizz.
  • We’re a small local business with big ambition – Born in Paisley, we want to become the most popular soda label in the land. Our elephant brand reflects our enormous ambition to grow and develop into a strong market leading company.

Range Shot Pattern Back ground

And last but not least here are our flavours

Very Berry Raspberry Lemonade

One of our most popular flavours, our Very Berry Raspberry Lemonade has a taste of summer in every sip. Zesty, tangy and a gorgeous deep pink, this refreshing soda is a perfect mix of fruit and fizz. Made using only the best natural ingredients and no artificial sweeteners, there are just 73 calories in every bottle. Relish and enjoy over a tall glass of ice.

Dreamy Strawberry Coconut Soda

Quite simply divine, our Dreamy Strawberry Coconut Soda is a match made in heaven – rich strawberry and creamy coconut blended to absolute perfection. Made using only the best natural ingredients and no artificial sweeteners, there are just 78 calories in every bottle. Feel the fruit burst through with every sip.

Mystical Rhubarb Cream Soda

Full of nostalgia but with a contemporary twist, our Mystical Rhubarb Cream Soda is fresh, sharp and perfectly sweet. With just enough bubbles to let the flavour burst through, it’s crisp, classy cream soda at its very best. Made using only the finest natural ingredients and no artificial sweeteners, there are just 55 calories in every bottle. Reminisce with every delicious mouthful!

Darkest Blueberry Ginger Soda

Our boldest flavour in the range, our Darkest Blueberry Ginger Soda is lip-smackingly good! Guaranteed to tantalise your taste budsit’s also subtly sweet with a distinctive scent too.  Made using only the best natural ingredients and no artificial sweeteners, there are just 86 calories in every bottle. Delicious on its own or mixed with your favourite spirit.

Follow us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and look out for our drinks when you are out and about in Paisley… Enjoy”


Guinness World Record holder and the first Scot to receive a double hand transplant, Cor Hutton, has joined St. Vincent’s Hospice today to celebrate the grand reopening of their charity shop in Lochwinnoch.

Cor, who has made headlines all across the globe with her inspirational accomplishments, is a long-time supporter of the Hospice and was delighted to join with members of the Change Lochwinnoch Project and Hospice staff to mark the culmination of months of hard work, fundraising and renovation to the village store.


Cor said: “I’m so delighted to be here to celebrate the opening of St. Vincent’s Hospice. Charity and community are two things extremely close to my heart and this is a celebration of both. I’m certain the shop will be a success because of the fantastic locals and I’ll be popping in whenever I can.”

The Change Lochwinnoch project was launched by a group of volunteers in the local community who have close ties to the life changing work of St. Vincent’s Hospice and the importance that donations to their charity shop make to their services.

After months of extensive fundraising efforts and generous contributions from supporters and businesses, renovation works began at the start of March to completely transform the shop, creating a modern and warm environment for the community to enjoy while continuing to raise vital funds for the charity.

One of the organisers of the project, Christine Midgley, said: “It seems like the whole village has supported the Hospice shop refurbishment! There are far too many people to name, but we want to thank everyone who has given their time, services, materials, money or even just dropped in with snacks or well wishes to keep us going.

“Special thanks has to go to Eric Whitfield. The entire refurbishment was his idea, and he ran with it, planning, organising and managing the whole thing – begging, borrowing and chasing support from anyone we could get to make this a reality. He is our hero.”

St. Vincent’s Hospice is a specialist provider of palliative and Hospice care for individuals and families affected by life-limiting conditions from across Renfrewshire.

Chief Executive of St. Vincent’s, Kate Lennon, commented on the project, saying: “We cannot put into words how much this means to everyone at the Hospice and the people who rely on our care. The time, dedication and efforts of the community in Lochwinnoch to make this shop renovation a reality has been absolutely unbelievable.

“The Group involved in our shop renovation have worked tirelessly for months on end to raise the funds, liaise with organisations, contractors and supporters to get the support and materials necessary. Many of them even went that step further, taking up tools to physically help with the construction work. Every year our Hospice shops raise more than £400,000 towards our services and the renovation of Lochwinnoch will make such a positive difference to so many people in the community. On behalf of all of us, from the bottom of our heart, thank you!”

Every year, the Hospice shops raise more than £400,000 towards the life changing work of the Hospice. Please, drop in and visit the Lochwinnoch store, or find your nearest St. Vincent’s shop by visiting: www.SVH.co.uk.

Renfrewshire Classroom Assistants

It’s been described as “the best job in the world” and is benefiting school pupils right across Renfrewshire.

And thanks to a partnership with experts at the University of Strathclyde, classroom assistants in Renfrewshire schools are now even better equipped to support pupil development.

Following a successful pilot last year, the latest cohort of 33 classroom assistants from 22 primary schools have just completed a professional learning programme run by the University.

Renfrewshire Classroom Assistants

The comprehensive six-month programme was delivered in schools and covered a range of skills to support reading, writing, numeracy and mathematics.

“I’ve been a classroom assistant for 19 years and have always said this is the best job in the world,” said Alyson Bright, who works at East Fulton Primary School in Linwood.

“This programme has been great, I’ve enjoyed meeting up with other classroom assistants and hearing their experiences and also building my own confidence and learning new techniques has been really invaluable.”

Jackie Docherty has been a Classroom Assistant at Woodlands Primary School in Linwood for 11 years. She said: “The biggest part I’ve learned from the programme is about how best to work with the teacher, using the same language with pupils and working together as a team. I just love my job – nurturing young people is very rewarding.”

The programme saw classroom assistants keep diaries to reflect on what they learned, with opportunities to practise each approach in the school setting.

It also covered new techniques on how to use play to support effective learning.

Evelyn Hart, Teaching Fellow at the University of Strathclyde, said: “The University is delighted to have worked with such a committed and knowledgeable group of staff.

“Classroom Assistants do crucial work in schools and build trusting relationships with children. This helps the wider ethos of the school, as well as children’s learning and their health and wellbeing.”

This programme is part of Renfrewshire’s work as a Scottish Attainment Challenge authority, a national initiative to close the attainment gap between those living in Scotland’s least and most deprived areas.

Last month, Renfrewshire became the first local authority rated ‘excellent’ for its progress, achieving significant year-on-year improvements in listening, talking, reading, writing and numeracy, with the attainment gap closing across all measures.

More than 3800 pupils have benefited from the PATHS programme in partnership with Barnardo’s, which has seen a significant reduction in antisocial behaviour and improved classroom concentration.

Some 300 parents, carers and pupils enjoyed tea-time study sessions and 1000 staff have completed Stages of Early Arithmetical Learning training to improve confidence in teaching numeracy.

Councillor Jim Paterson, Convener of Renfrewshire Council’s Education and Children’s Services Policy Board, said: “Supporting the professional development of our education staff is central to our sustainable approach in raising attainment in Renfrewshire. I would like to extend my congratulations to all the classroom assistants on completing this programme and I am sure they will put their new-found knowledge to great use in the classroom.

“We want to give every child in Renfrewshire the best possible start in life and are very proud of the progress being made in raising attainment and improving learning.”

paisley from drone

An Introduction to Offshore Injuries

Offshore Injuries can be called some of the worst types of Injuries there are, but at the same time, they are also some of the most common types of Injuries there are, as hundreds of thousands of people get Offshore Injuries every year. For these people, life becomes very hard, as most types of Offshore Injuries are serious ones that prevent one from finding employment and being able to support one’s family, a point at which many people begin to feel desperate.

And the surprising thing is that for most of these people, it wasn’t even their fault: their injury came about as the result of the negligence of other workers, or maybe perhaps it came about as a result of faulty equipment and unsafe working conditions, in which case it is the fault of the company for which the person worked. In these cases, one should never feel desperate, as you are legally entitled to compensation from the entity whose fault your injury was. And this compensation is facilitated through the use of an Offshore Injury Lawyer, which can be called your only way of getting any sort of Justice for your injury whatsoever.

Choosing An Offshore Injury Lawyer

There are many Offshore Injury Lawyers that you can hire for the prosecution of your case, but the thing is that one must be careful before settling on a single lawyer as the one for their case. The best thing is to do a little research on a lawyer before choosing him or her: reading testimonials, contacting former clients, and other such ways through which you will truly be able to know about the operating proficiency and excellency of the Offshore Injury Lawyer.

Another field that one must be careful of is experience. Ideally, you want an Offshore Injury Lawyer who has been working in the field for his time, and has many such cases under his belt. As we all know, practice makes perfect, and this is all the more true when it comes to practicing Law. An Offshore Injury Lawyer with about 3-4 years of experience is probably the least amount of experience you would want in your lawyer.

OffShore Injury Cases

Offshore Injury Cases are known to be some pretty complicated cases, as both the prosecution and the defense push pretty hard against each other. If you want to win the case, hiring one of the best Offshore Injury Lawyers is probably something you should consider, as who wins the case is almost entirely dependent on who has the better lawyer (though this stands true for more than most types of other cases as well).

After you manage to choose a good Offshore Injury Lawyer with an acceptable amount of experience in the field, a good Offshore Injury lawyer will basically ensure that you win the case. This is one of the reasons why Offshore Injury Lawyers are so famous, as they help the otherwise disabled to be able to live their lives in peace.


Families are to get a new discounted rate when they hire Tweedie Hall, in Linwood.

The move by Renfrewshire Leisure to create a new community rate – lower than the normal commercial charge – comes in response to requests from local residents to look at a community rate, in addition to the existing commercial and charity rates.

The new reduced rate is available to residents from all over Renfrewshire who want to use the Tweedie Hall for family social events, such as birthday parties, anniversaries and other family celebrations.


The reduced charges will be introduced from April 1 and is a one-year pilot to assess the viability and impact on hall lets of the new community rate.

Chairperson of Renfrewshire Leisure, Councillor Lisa-Marie Hughes said: “We listened and took on board what the local community had to say. The new hire rates and Tweedie Hall is now our most affordable town hall for family events.”

Tweedie Hall has seen steady business during the past three years with more than 1400 events held there last year.

Councillor Hughes added: “Tweedie Hall is a fantastic modern venue with easy access for buses and by car from the motorway along with ample parking.

“It has an excellent range of spacious and flexible halls and rooms of varying sizes that is suitable for any event or family gathering.

“And the hire rates at Tweedie Hall are well below similar community halls in places like Glasgow and in the commercial sector.”

There are now three rates for hire of Tweedie Hall – a commercial rate, the new community rate and a rate for registered charities to hold events.”

Many people struggle with debt strictly because they don’t know how to put their finances together. When a person gets used with a certain pattern of earning and spending money, it becomes a habit. In most cases, these financial habits are the main cause of why people accumulate debt.

Financial literacy became a highly discussed topic in the past few years, as people could change their situation by getting informed about what habits are beneficial and what habits just ruin their budget. As in any other domain, doing thorough research and gathering relevant information about this topic should propel you to the right path. This short guide explains which habits should be adopted in order to handle finances better, without encountering unpleasant situations or accumulating even more debt. Here’s what any person who’s not familiar with good finance practices should do:

Spend less than you earn – the basic principle

This is basic knowledge – to stay away from debt, you can’t spend more than you can afford. Figuring out the numbers and staying within the limits is not as difficult as some people consider. You just have to build a consistent monthly budget plan and stick to it in the future. Expense tracking starts with separating the needs from the wants. People end up drowning in debt because they don’t know when to stop spending money for their own entertainment. Start by calculating your monthly income, from all sources. Once you know how much money you can spend each month, separate the fixed expenses from the variable ones and notice what amount is left. Keep in mind that paying debt faster involves making some financial efforts that can get inconvenient at times. You can also use mobile apps where you can add both your income and expenses. This automates the process and it will become a habit easier.

Always have an emergency fund

Even though you are currently struggling with debt, you can’t skip your emergency fund. This fund can save the day when the most unexpected events occur. Without an emergency fund, you will have to obtain a loan or borrow money from friends and family. Such a situation will send you back to the hellhole where you’ve come from. No matter how small the amount you save each month is, having an emergency fund prepared is mandatory. Instead of eating out two times a week, do it less often. The money you save can go directly to the emergency fund and you will possess some extra cash for an unexpected situation. This way, you don’t need to borrow more money and you get to keep the expenses on the same line for a while.  

Use the avalanche method to pay off debt

When you have multiple debts to pay, you need to focus on the interest rate. The interest rate determines how much money you are going to pay in the end. By paying the debt with the highest interest rate quicker, you repay less money. Moreover, prioritizing your debt and paying the high-interest ones first should help you get out of debt quicker. To form a habit out of this, determine which one of your debts has the highest interest and focus on it until it is gone. Do that for the other debts you need to repay and you will get used to the avalanche method in no time.

Get informed about IVAs

If you can’t figure out which debt you should pay out first, there’s a more convenient method that will spare you the effort. IVAs, or Individual Voluntary Agreements, are an alternative for people who don’t want to go bankrupt. Bankruptcy comes with many downsides, while IVAs have a series of benefits that could be convenient for any person struggling with too much debt. IVAs can write off up to 70% of a person’s debt, once the debt is managed. What is so convenient about IVAs is that you decide how much time you allocate for repaying the money. IVAs bind creditors to freeze debt interest, so the amount you pay each month will remain fixed. You can understand how IVA companies work by accessing this link.

Create multiple sources of income

Relying on one source of income only can be dangerous, especially for those who need to repay debt. You can get informed about various methods to produce passive income. The second source of income could keep you away from bankruptcy if an unfortunate event occurs and you no longer have enough money to pay off debt. In this situation, you are one step closer to bankruptcy. Think about methods to generate money from different sources and focus your attention on debt consolidation, IVA companies, and other similar solutions to make sure that you can afford to repay the amount you owe.

Automate bill paying

Another habit that could help you handle finances better is bill payment automation. Bills are part of the fixed expenses that you will have to pay at the end of the month, regardless of how much money you won. Many people end up having debt without even realizing it because they postpone paying their bills. The amounts add up to a bigger, unaffordable one and you find yourself in a very uncomfortable situation. Check with your suppliers and see if they have an option for automating bill paying. If yes, it would be recommended to opt for this method instead of paying the bills yourself. It will seem inconvenient the first couple of months, but it should become part of your financial planning quite soon.  

Implement a spending freeze

Starting a spending freeze challenge could change your life completely. Spending freeze involves buying just the things you need to survive and redirecting the rest towards paying debt or contributing to emergency funds. In order to stick to a spending freeze challenge for at least three months, you need to come up with a plan and set clear goals for this period. If you live alone, the spending freeze challenge shouldn’t be complicated. If you live with your family, you must ask the rest of the members to join you Always keep a positive attitude during spending freeze periods and don’t get discouraged after each obstacle that you encounter.

Cancer survivor Erin McCafferty with David Walliams at Britains' Got Talent auditions

COURAGEOUS teenager Erin McCafferty who beat cancer has been chosen with her twin sister Nicole to launch the 25th birthday celebrations of Race for Life in Scotland.

The twins shared almost everything together growing up but never the same birthday. Despite entering the world just 25 minutes apart, they were born on separate days with Erin arriving at 11.50pm on November 1 while Nicole was born in the early hours of November 2, 2000. But after Erin was diagnosed with leukaemia only three days before her 15thbirthday, Nicole vowed to do everything she could to share that heartache, standing by her every step of the way through treatment.

Cancer survivor Erin McCafferty with David Walliams at Britains' Got Talent auditions

Now Erin has been given the all clear, the twins are marking another milestone – the 25th birthday of Cancer Research UK Race for Life in Scotland. Scotland’s first Race for Life event was held in Glasgow in spring 1995. Since then, millions of pounds have been raised to fund vital research in to gentler and more effective treatments for cancer. Thousands are set to take to the streets again to take part in Scotland’s biggest Race for Life at Glasgow Green on May 19. Money raised will help scientists find new ways to prevent, diagnose and treat the disease, helping save more lives.

And there’s a chance to join the Race for Life 25th birthday celebrations at a special event on Argyle Street, Glasgow on Saturday March 30 between 10am and 5.30pm. Shoppers can decorate a sign to say who they’ll join the Race for Life for this year as well as submit their entry for this year’s event and take part in some fun glitter face painting.

Erin, now 18, said: “I’ve just celebrated the first year of being cancer free and it’s been the best year of my life.

“Nicole may be my little sister by 25 minutes but she’s also been like a best friend.  I’m lucky to have a twin sister who I’m so close to. When I had my hair shaved off after I was losing it due to the side effects from chemotherapy it was Nicole who held me for ten minutes as we cried in the toilets. But I didn’t actually cry the first day I was told I had cancer. I think I was just in shock. When you’re a teenager you feel that you’re invincible. Cancer was something that happened to other people. It didn’t even enter my head that I might get the disease.

“Cancer made Nicole and I grow up very quickly. We got through it and now if we can help other people get through it then we’ll do everything we can.”

Every day, 88 people are diagnosed with cancer in Scotland and the number of people being diagnosed with cancer has now reached around 32,000 people every year.*

Erin of Carluke, South Lanarkshire, knows exactly how vital the power of research is. Erin was in her fourth year at Carluke High School when she first started feeling unwell, developing unexplained bruises and fainting on the way to school. She recalls vividly the moment her life was turned upside down on October 29, 2015, at the Royal Hospital for Children in Glasgow after tests revealed she had acute lymphoblastic leukaemia.

Erin endured two and a half years of treatment including eight cycles of chemotherapy in total. Her lowest point was in May 2016 when a chest infection led to pneumonia and Erin was in the intensive care ward, watched over anxiously by her parents, Yvonne McCafferty and Vincent Mooney, both 47.

Erin in Race for Life tshirt

Erin said: “I thought I was going to die.

“I felt so terrible. I remember even saying to my mum that if this was really it then she should just let me go. I felt so unwell then but my consultant Dr Brenda Gibson was amazing, very calm and explained what we were going to do to get me well again.”

As Erin slowly recovered there were good days too. Her twin Nicole rallied family and friends to raise more than £31,000 for the Teenage Cancer Trust. It was fixed up for the twins to meet the Britain’s Got Talent stars including Simon Cowell, Amanda Holden and comedian David Walliams and they also jetted to London to a gig where they met singer Olly Murs. But the greatest highpoint was on February 27 last year after Erin took her final chemotherapy pill and was able to ring the ‘End of Treatment bell’ at hospital. Now Erin is keen to train as a nurse to help others.

Erin said: “I was very scared in the early days when I got cancer and there were some really special, highly skilled nurses who stepped in to help me saying just the right thing at exactly the time I needed them to.

“I’d love to be that special person for someone else in the future and to give something back.”

Cancer Research UK has funded pioneering research in to understanding different types of childhood leukaemia, which has improved the way children are treated today, meaning more survive.

Organisers are appealing for Scots of all ages and abilities to stride out to help beat cancer with Scotland’s first Race for Life 5K and 10K events of the year kicking off in Stirling and South Queensferry on May 12, closely followed this spring by events across the country, everywhere from Edinburgh to Irvine, Falkirk to Fife. Scotland’s biggest Race for Life event is on Sunday May 19 at Glasgow Green.

Lisa Adams, Cancer Research UK’s spokeswoman in Scotland, said: “We’d like to thank Erin and Nicole for helping us celebrate Race for Life Glasgow’s 25th birthday this spring.

“Our Race for Life events are fun, colourful, emotional and uplifting. They help people with cancer by raising money for research, including clinical trials which give patients across Scotland access to the latest treatments. You don’t have to be sporty to take part. You don’t need to train or compete against anyone else.  All you need to do is go to the Race for Life website, pick an event, sign up and then have fun raising money in whatever way you like.

“Taking part in our Race for Life events enables like-minded people to get together and remember loved ones lost to cancer or celebrate the lives of those who have survived.  At the same time, they are helping to make a difference to people with cancer, right now.  Our Race for Life events were women-only when they started, over 25 years ago.  But we now feel the time is right to open them up so that everyone – women, men and children – has the chance to participate together.

“One in two people in the UK will be diagnosed with cancer, at some point during their lifetime.  Sadly, this means nearly everyone is touched by the disease, either directly or through a loved one or friend.  To make a significant difference in the fight against cancer we need to harness as much energy and commitment as possible – so what better way than involving everyone in the community in our events.

“This spring, we’re urging mums, dads, nans, grandpas, brothers, sisters, friends and workmates to show their support by joining the Race for Life.  It’s a perfect example of everyday people doing an extraordinary thing – uniting in a common cause to beat cancer.”

Cancer survival in the UK has doubled since the early 1970s and Cancer Research UK’s work has been at the heart of that progress. Thanks to the generosity of its supporters, the charity was able to spend around £38 million last year in Scotland on some of the UK’s leading scientific and clinical research. Glasgow is home to the Cancer Research UK Beatson Institute where a thriving community of cancer scientists and doctors are working to reduce the impact of this disease around the world. An exciting programme of work has been established to look for ways to tailor treatment for pancreatic cancer. Our scientists in Glasgow first manufactured the brain cancer drug, temozolomide. Thousands of people now benefit from treatment with this drug worldwide.

Cancer Research UK’s Race for Life, in partnership with Tesco, is an inspiring series of 5k, 10k, Pretty Muddy and Pretty Muddy Kids events which raise millions of pounds every year to help beat cancer by funding crucial research.

To enter Race for Life today visit raceforlife.org or call 0300 123 0770.

gavin newlands mp


Gavin Newlands, SNP MP for Paisley and Renfrewshire North, is backing the Lift the Ban Coalition campaign to restore the right to work for people seeking asylum who have been waiting for a decision on their asylum claim for over six months, unconstrained by the Shortage Occupation List which details many professions that are desperately needed in the UK.

gavin newlands mp

The Lift the Ban Coalition is made up of over 170 organisations, including faith groups, businesses, trade unions and NGOs from across the UK.

One of these coalition members is Ben & Jerry’s, who campaign on a range of social issues at a local, national and international level, and are vocal supporters of restoring the right to work for asylum seekers.

MPs have been receiving unexpected deliveries from Ben and Jerry’s. In support of Lift the Ban’s campaign they have sent out ice creams tubs with nonsensical flavours to MPs. Ice cream of these silly flavours, like the current policy preventing people seeking asylum from working, doesn’t make sense.

The campaign hopes that these nonsense pints will help this issue get the attention it deserves.

Gavin Newlands received a tub of ‘Sprout of your Rind’. Backing the campaign he said:

“We in the Scottish National Party have been arguing for a long time that the UK Tory Government’s inhumane current rules that ban people seeking asylum from working don’t make sense – just like this Ben & Jerry’s Sprout of your Rind ice cream flavour!

“I’m proud to support the campaign to #LiftTheBan. It makes sense and it’s humane!”