Neil Bibby MSP is backing calls at Holyrood for an increase in Carers Allowance. Mr Bibby has said that the Scottish Parliament could use its new welfare powers to reverse welfare reforms and ensure the Carer’s Allowance and the Carer’s Supplement will be uprated in line with the higher Retail Price Index (RPI) instead of the Consumer Price Index (CPI).

That would see carers in Paisley receiving a boost in their incomes to better keep pace with the rising costs of living. The Scottish Parliament Information Centre shows that uprating by RPI would leave 82,000 carers better off. This week in a vote at the Scottish Parliament the SNP failed to back the call.


Neil Bibby MSP said:

“82,000 carers are being short-changed and that needs to change. For years the Scottish Government have said they will deliver a social security system based on dignity and respect but unfortunately they have failed to reverse the pernicious change in uprating from RPI to CPI.

“Day-in, day-out carers in Paisley work tirelessly to care for their loved ones but since 2010, they have lost out on almost £1000 because of the switch to CPI – a loss which gets worse every year. Uprating in line with RPI would see a modest increase in Carers Allowance but taken over time those cumulative rises would add up and leave carers in a stronger position.

“It’s disappointing the SNP failed to back Labour’s call this week and voted against our proposals. The Scottish Parliament has the powers to take a different path, to show that social security is an investment in the people of Scotland, and to give carers the support they need.”


Renfrewshire to receive £1.4million to support town centres.


Renfrewshire is set to receive over £1.4million as part of a new Scottish Government £50 fund to help boost town centres.

A £50 million fund to help boost town centres has been launched.


The Town Centre Fund, which has been set up in partnership with COSLA, is supporting councils to ensure their high streets are more diverse, sustainable and successful in the face of changing and evolving retail patterns.

It will be for local authorities to allocate this fund against the themes of the Town Centre Action Plan.

The money will fund a wide range of investments which will make town centres more vibrant, enterprising, and accessible.

This could include the re-purposing of empty buildings for housing or social and community enterprises.

Speaking as he announced the launch of the fund in Renfrew Town Centre, Renfrewshire MSP and Economy Secretary Derek Mackay said:

“Town centres are facing challenges across Scotland in adapting to a changing retail climate, and it is important that we help them to diversify and adjust to overcome these challenges.

“I want to make sure we can keep life in our high streets, and ensure they continue to be thriving places for communities to live, work and enjoy.

“This fund, which Renfrewshire will receive £1.4 million from, will enable local authorities to stimulate and support a wide range of investments which will encourage town centres to diversify and flourish, and create an increase in footfall through local improvements and partnerships.

“It is part of a wider boost to the economy through providing more than £5 billion of capital investment to grow and modernise Scotland’s infrastructure, and a wider package of support to businesses, including maintaining a competitive business rates package and providing the most generous package of non-domestic rates reliefs anywhere in the UK.”

paisley pirates



Pirates put on a scintillating show in Tayside on Sunday night as they beat the defending league champions in their own backyard, including a stirring two goal fightback when they trailed early in the match.

The visitors were caught on the hop and found themselves facing an uphill task almost from the first whistle as Pokorny scored twice in the 4th minute to give the Comets a lead which they held on to while Pirates found their feet. Skipper Chris Turley led the recovery from the front and beat Michie in the home goal in the 10th minute to pull Pirates back into the match, and a second strike from Marty Guy, assisted by captain, two minutes later, had the game tied at 2-2 with 11 minutes on the clock. The visitors continued to heavily outshoot their hosts but were unable to find the net again in the remaining minutes of the session, leaving the scores tied at the first break.

Paisley pirates

Pirates came out for the second session with a will and were ahead after 23 minutes as player/coach Adam Walker took a pass from Spiers to put his team ahead for the first time in the match, but John Dolan equalised less than three minutes later to tie the scores once again. It didn’t take the away side long to retaliate, however, as ace sniper Daniel Abercrombie restored the lead inside a minute, and Marty Guy helped himself to a second goal with three minutes of the session remaining to put Pirates ahead by 5-3. Dundee weren’t done, however, and with Thorp sitting out a penalty they took advantage of the extra player to score, again through Dolan, with five seconds of the period remaining, to pull it back to a one goal game in favour of Pirates at 5-4 at the buzzer.

Pirates were continuing to outshoot Michie by two to one, Meechan in the away net having a comparatively quiet evening, but they couldn’t quite find the insurance marker they were looking for until the 54th minute when Thorp linked with Henderson, who gleefully put the puck away to secure the points for the visitors at 6-4 and round off a notable performance by the visitors, who succeeded in blending solid defence with good attacking play throughout the 60 minutes.

Pirates are back in action this coming Sunday (3 March) at Braehead Arena when they go head to head with Kilmarnock in a match which will decide their playoff opponents in a few weeks’ time, in their last regular season fixture, which faces off at 5.00pm.



Paisley Pirates can clinch the runners up spot in the Scottish National League this Sunday if they can overcome opponents Kilmarnock Thunder in their final league encounter of the 2018-19 season at Braehead Arena (face off 5.00pm). Pirates have already ensured their place in the playoffs, but their opponents will not be known for certain until the completion of the final round of league fixtures which will determine final placings. The first round of playoffs will be played over the next few weeks on a home and away basis over two legs, the winners of each tie proceeding to the playoff finals weekend in Dundee at the end of March/beginning of April.

After recent excellent displays, the most recent being a 6-4 win over the reigning league champions, Dundee Comets last Sunday, their young side, coached by Ian Turley and Adam Walker, will be looking to finish the regular season with a flourish before making their bid to win the playoffs, a feat which has so far eluded them. Their squad has continued to improve throughout the season, and in spite of various challenges arising through injury and other factors which on occasion has left them short handed.

With a run of wins behind them, the club will be hoping to finish the regular season on a high with a convincing victory against their near rivals, one which would continue their momentum as they enter the playoffs.

gavin newlands mp



Gavin Newlands, SNP MP for Paisley and Renfrewshire North, has said Tory MPs have “betrayed Scotland” by voting to keep the threat of a devastating No-Deal Brexit on the table – despite knowing it could cost 100,000 jobs in Scotland and cause a recession worse than the 2008 financial crisis.

gavin newlands mp

With just 30 days left until the UK is due to crash out of the EU, all thirteen Tory MPs with Scottish constituencies voted against the SNP amendment to rule out a No-Deal Brexit, which received cross-party support from Labour, Lib Dem, Independent, Plaid Cymru, and Green MPs. The amendment was defeated narrowly by 288 to 324.

Speaking after the vote, SNP Westminster Leader Ian Blackford MP said time is running out to prevent a disastrous bad-deal or no-deal Brexit – and called on Labour to “unequivocally and explicitly back a new referendum” to put the decision back to the people.

Analysis has shown that any form of Brexit will be damaging for Scotland’s economy. A report by the Scottish Government’s top economic adviser, published last week, revealed that a no-deal Brexit could result in a recession worse than 2008 – causing Scotland’s GDP to fall by up to 7%, and leading to unemployment rising by around 100,000.

Speaking after the vote, Gavin Newlands said:

“This week MPs had the opportunity to finally protect Scotland’s interests by agreeing to take No-Deal off the table, but Westminster voted against this- including thirteen Scottish Tory MPs

“We now face the real danger of crashing out of the EU, with a devastating hard Tory Brexit that could cost 100,000 Scottish jobs and cause a recession worse than the 2008 financial crisis.

“Time is running out to prevent a bad-deal or no-deal Brexit. Either outcome would be deeply damaging for Scotland – destroying jobs, and inflicting lasting harm on our economy, public services and people’s living standards.

“It is shameful that all thirteen Tory MPs with Scottish constituencies betrayed Scotland by voting against taking No-Deal off the table, against the clear interests of their own voters who will be left poorer as a result.

“It is now time for Labour to join the SNP in unequivocally backing a new referendum, with Remain in the European Union on the ballot paper.

“Scotland did not vote for Brexit and we should not be dragged out of the EU against our will. Whatever happens now, it is crystal clear that the only Scotland can protect its intersts is with independence.”

Students often get a task of persuasive essay writing.

Among the factors that students have to deal with include the element of academic writing. The writings that students have to do include to write persuasive essays.  Persuasive essays, which are also known as argumentative essays entail the use of reason and logic to prove the legitimacy of a point of view. Persuasive writing is used to expose clear arguments and support them through convincing reasoning, facts, and logic. Persuasive writing is viewed as necessary by the fact that it is used to communicate and argue ideas. accordingly, the understudy  explores the tips that are useful in writing and the determination of how persuasive writing is used to convincereaders to adapt to points of views of awriter.

Helpful tips for writing a successful persuasive essay

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Persuasive essay writing forms part of the academy and general writing where the author has to convince the audience to subscribe to their viewpoints. It is a type of argumentative writing where the author may only be able to convince the audience based on how they present their arguments. For this reason, it is necessary that the author conducts enough research before starting the writing process, adhere to the format of writing and be concise in presenting their points. Also, the writer should take a stance and ensure logic as a way of convincing the audience.


The town of Paisley has teamed up with prestigious French fashion house Hermès – to help reconnect the town to the global design icon carrying its name.


In what is thought to be a unique collaboration, the Paris-based luxury goods manufacturer has used original Paisley Pattern designs owned by the town to create exclusive ‘Paisley from Paisley’ items for its silk and accessories 2019 spring/summer collections.


The name Paisley became known around the world in the 18th and 19th centuries when its weavers perfected the iconic patterned garments which became a fashion craze among Europe’s wealthy middle classes, with the Pattern motif remaining popular to this day.

Paisley Museum retains the world’s largest collection of Paisley shawls plus thousands of original designs – which have inspired new items now on sale in Hermes stores around the world and online.

A team from Maison Hermès last year visited Paisley’s Museum and 850-year-old Abbey, and selected designs now adapted into a cashmere chale scarf, a silk gavroche scarf, and a bangle.

Versions of the gavroche and bangle are being donated to the town, to be displayed and archived at Paisley Museum, set to reopen in 2022 after a major £42m transformation.

The Hermès collaboration is a major step forward in the wider push to transform Paisley’s future by retelling its internationally-significant heritage and cultural story.

That includes work to commercialise the Paisley Pattern, including plans for a digital archive of original patterns – opening up the town’s unique collections to the fashion industry and consumers around the world, and boosting ongoing work to build new business based around the textiles, design and creativity which made the town’s name.

The project was born thanks to Penny Martin, editor-in-chief of The Gentlewoman magazine, who contacted Hermès after a visit to the town to view its collections as a keynote speaker for 2016’s PaisleyMake textiles and fashion conference and festival.

Christine Duvigneau, Directeur du Studio-Dessins et Création Graphique, was in charge of artistic direction and the development of this project alongside the Hermès silk department. Mme. Duvigneau said: “We were delighted to collaborate with Paisley and hope our designs will serve as an ambassador for Paisley worldwide.”

Dr Dan Coughlan, textiles curator at Paisley Museum, added: “During the 18th and 19th centuries, Paisley was one of the leading towns in Europe for the manufacture of high-quality fashion fabrics.

“The fine silk gauzes and figured muslins of the 18th century, followed by the 19th century shawl, were in demand in all the fashion circles of Europe. Much of the legacy of this great textile tradition is now preserved in Paisley Museum.

“The textile collection in the museum holds what is thought to be the largest collection of shawls in the world, together with many pattern and sample books, including those which so inspired the incredible Hermès design team.

“This collaboration shows the extraordinarily rich and varied collection can be used by today’s designers to continue Paisley’s tradition of creating beautiful high-quality textiles with provenance, while raising awareness of the town’s internationally-significant story.”

The collaboration with such a prestigious name in the fashion industry is a boost for Paisley’s growing reputation as one of Scotland’s top destinations for culture, heritage and events.

The flagship project is the £42million transformation of Paisley Museum and Art Galleries into an international-class visitor destination retelling the unique story of Paisley, its heritage and pattern.

The museum is currently undergoing a four-year refurbishment – led by award-winning international architects AL_A – with the building expected to almost quadruple current visitor numbers when it reopens in 2022.

The town’s internationally-significant museum collections can be viewed at Paisley: The Secret Collection, thought to be the first-ever publicly-accessible museum store on a UK high street.

The earliest books in the collection from 1770 contain a variety of delicate silk and gauze samples produced by local weavers in the town, are now very rare and the only known survivors of this trade.