Top 5 tips to choose the right casino games for you

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Choosing the right casino can be a difficult task, even for seasoned players. Here are some tips that will allow you to choose the proper casino with the games that you like.


Tip Number 1: Understanding how RNG works in every game

Probably somebody has already told you to choose the right casino game all you have to do is understand how a live casino works and memorize the winning patterns. Someone might have also told you that “Play this game, it can be hacked easily”. To put it forward in plain language – there is no such thing as a winning pattern in online casino games. Why? Because every online casino game has a Random Number Generator or RNG.


The RNG is present at the heart of every online casino game. It is present there to make sure that every outcome the casino game delivers is random and hence, the possibility of winning the game by cheating is basically next to none. The complex formula of the RNG pushes out random numbers every time and there is no known method to beat the system till now.


Tip Number 2: Do not pick flashy games or which offers huge jackpots

When you open an online casino, you can find a number of games at the top of the homepage. These games offer huge prizes and are placed strategically on the screen for players to click on them. This might be a bit controversial, but do you think that these games will pay you the most? The developers of these games have put a lot of money to the online casinos and live casinos to push these games at the top of the screen.


To be honest, the online casinos, as well as live casino studios, are here to take money from you, not give you. If everyone won the huge prize, the casinos have to pack up their business for the time being. Our thinking is that choose the underdog game. Research them. It may surprise you!


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Tip Number 3: Check which game offers the best casino bonuses

You can always use the online casino or live casino bonus efficiently even when you pick the less flashy or popular games. It is legit to enhance your chances of winning and casino experiences.


Make sure you read the terms and conditions carefully emphasizing on maximum cashouts and wagering requirements.


Tip number 4: Research the volatility of each game

The risk involved in playing a particular game is measured by volatility. If a game has low volatility, then the wins are more common but smaller. Higher volatility signifies rarer wins, but bigger rewards.


Tip number 5: Choosing the games which give higher payouts

Beginners usually make the mistake of going to best live casinos without prior knowledge about the online games. To begin with, the player needs to find a machine that offers them more money than the other casino games.  This is usually measured by RTP or Return to the player percentage.


The RTP helps the player to calculate the percentage of the total wagered money that a game pays back to the player. This does not imply the amount of money the player will get back.